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  1. Dec 8, 2012
    I wouldve given the game 8 in its current state, but gave it 10 to offset the rediculous "0" reviews... Bassically this is the same old game you know and love, if youve played BG1. The core game is largely untouched and the only things changed are the interface, better high res support, bug fixes (get to this one in a minute), and a much better, gutted code base.

    First of all the code
    base basically means the game loads quicker with no load screens at all and should be much smoother. I think it will hopefully make it easier to mod in the end as well, so expect alot of mods to star popping up come the new year. The changing of the code has also introduced new bugs, so while they have fixed old bugs they ve introduced a fair few in their cleaning of the code. Alot of people dont seem to understand that messing with a 12 year old code base for a game is a messy business, difficult to do and in some ways probably more difficult than building a game from scratch in 2012. So basically they resort to calling overhaul "inept, "incompetant", and all sorts of other insults for managing to introduce bugs that werent in the game before. Which is of course extremely unfair. They are a small team though I am confident they can fix all the bugs they have introduced with the EE.

    Im not going to say a huge amount more about the game seeing as most of you already know the story, characters and how it plays, I just wanted to talk about overhauls efforts so far since the game released.

    Over the span of a just over a week, overhaul has released 4 patches of fixes and even new features.

    Ive heard people say on the forums: "I cant set my fps above 30! This game is rubbish because of this!" They included this in the 3rd patch, so everyone can set their FPS to 60 if they want.

    "I dont like the look of the game, widescreen mod + tutu looks way better and sharper!" so trent (director of overhaul games) posted a tweet giving gamers a .ini modification which will essentially make the game very similar to look at compared to the widescreen mod+ tutu. He stated if people liked it, they would tweak it to make it work even better.

    "The spawns are too small (e.g 1 Xvart spawning and lone gibberlings) making the game too easy!" - Fixed in latest patch (apparantly, I havent tested it yet though).

    All the above are valid remarks and feedback from the community, but they have fixed that much, as well as working on crashes and other hardware/software conflicts that customers are having, fixing minor bugs here and there AND working on the iPad version which was released recently... Not bad for a 13 man company in my opinion.

    Im not delusional though, the release wasnt brilliant, bugs still remain and there is still alot of work to be done. But saying Overhaul arent listening at all to their community (they will only delete posts on forums if they offensive and non-constructive. In fact it is likely moderators deleting them, not overhaul employees) and dont give a s**t is complete rubbish.

    Since the release which I was quite dissapointed in as well, I have seen overhaul respond in a way which you dont see many companies doing these days. They responded with an appology to people whos game wasnt working, and then have put in lots of effort trying to get it fixed. My confidence in them has grown, and to me, BG is in good hands for the future.
  2. Dec 4, 2012
    Loving this game! I've probably got 30+ hours put into it already and have encountered no bugs at all. The only reason I give it a 9 instead of a 10 is the lack of certain modern features in its quest tracking journal. Baldur's Gate 2 was one of my favorite RPGs ever, and I never finished BG1 so this release is very welcome indeed.
  3. Nov 29, 2012
    Gave it a 9/10. On the basis of nostalgia alone this game has some very good advantages. It's fully moddable, has a strong community and the content is all properly there. While there is some minor bugs with the release, it's nothing that will stop a person from playing after a driver fix or two.

    Most of all the important thing is that the game is ready to be introduced to a new
    generation, and it does well with meshing all of what the community integrated over the last ten+ years from the original release.

    New content and voice overs are excellent, the black pit was rather challenging and required good tactical knowledge of D&D. (It's not hurting the golem! What's that sword enhancement rating?)

    Mostly I like the new characters, the Djinni, and the new party NPC's both of which have certain shall we say, romance elements. All in all I applaud Overhaul games on a job well done and look forward to Baldur's Gate 2.
  4. Dec 16, 2012
    I will give this a 10 just because they are bring the best game series of all time back to life. It's freaking Baldur's Gate. The best game I've ever played! I can't wait for the following releases especially BG2 and finally BG3. I feel like a kid again :)
  5. Dec 17, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is the old Baldur's Gate, updated to run on your current machine with a minimum of headaches. I have found zero bugs in a full playthrough already (a few crashes, but with the frequency of auto-saves, quicksaves, etc., not really too bad a problem, and they have been fixed with the updates coming out). The new characters are all right, not great, but all right. To those saying, oh, you can get a mod: this release was obviously intended for those of us not into that sort of thing. Many adults would rather pay an extra $10 and not worry with finding the right version, putting it in the right folder, etc. Ability to be on tablets, etc. My 10 score is also to offset some of the ridiculous 0 rankings on here. One zero ranking even reviewed the WRONG GAME. He quoted it as being 40 dollars and talked of rts style armies. Others complained of it not being able to run; may I point out that beamdog did tell people straight up it would have issues on intel graphic chipsets, yet some of those people bought it anyway and then complained. Another guy gave it a 0 rank because it had bg2 weapon profenciences, and he claimed bg had no katanas (don't know what game he played, I had a +1 katana sitting in my inventory at the end of the game; but simple answer: DON'T PICK THAT WEAPON IF YOU DON'T WANT TO USE IT. All in all I thought the BG2 style kits and profenciences were a good pickup; now, if BG2 EE ever gets made, your character from BG1 would go over, with not a single thing changing)

    All in all, this is a great game, the new package makes it convienent for the older gamer wanting to relive the glory days without the hassle of mods, etc. It scales it to modern widescreen and hd. The BG series does hold up btw, still kicks the crap out of modern "rpgs".
  6. Dec 27, 2012
    Although this version costs $10 more than GoG's, I personally think it's a good deal. It runs much better than original game with super fast save/loading which keeps the gameplay very fluent. Additional features such as interface tweak, journal entries, camera zooming etc. are all well-done and make the game even more enjoyable to play. the new contents such black pits are also a very fun dungeon crawling experience. However, I would say if you already had the gog version and knew how to mod the game well then you probably should pass on this version, since the new contents are not worth the cost. Expand
  7. Dec 10, 2012
    I bought this game, like most of you did, for nostalgia's sake and I was NOT disappointed. For $19.99 you get the original classic Baldur's Gate 1 with the upgraded engine from BG2, new high resolutions, the ability to zoom in and out, new characters, new areas, new classes, working multi-player, ability to play it on your tablet and continuous free updates from Overhaul. I see several people complaining that you can just simply buy the original game from somewhere else for $10 and mod it yourself. This is true, you can... but I say good luck to you sir/madam and may the odds be ever in your favor. Coming from a guy who has done just that, I can tell you that this Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition game, brought to you by Overhaul, has taken the arse pain out of installing those mods. They have created, with near flawless execution, a truly enhanced edition.

    Along with the future release of BG2:EE comes the prospect of the long anticipated Baldur's Gate 3. I commend Trent Oster and all the guys at Overhaul for reviving this magnificent game. I will support you for as long as you continue to revive/make great games.
  8. Dec 19, 2012
    I initially purchased the game upon release and was fairly disappointed to find that the frame rate was capped out, among other bugs and whatnot. However, I'm glad I saved my final judgement for a couple of weeks later. Constant patching from Overhaul along with community based mods make playing this game a real treat. Every time I launch it and see the newly re-added Nietzsche quote I'm greeted with that nostalgic feeling of how games used to be. The new content is fairly sparse, but not bad by any means... Just be glad that Overhaul didn't dilute or ruin that past experience. Re-immerse yourself in the golden years of gaming and patiently wait for the mods to shine through... Until then, I'm back to my brain numbingly painful hardcore playthrough ;) ... Expand
  9. Dec 20, 2012
    Okay, first. Stuff the negative reviews lol.

    While the game isn't as improved as I would have hoped it would have been, it remains an exceptionally good game. And the extra's (like the new NPCs) and new styling Overhaul gave the game fits brilliantly.

    WotC put the kybosh on making more wide sweeping changes (like a new engine, 3d graphics etc) sadly, and gave Overhaul a fairly short
    Dev Cycle. And taking that into consideration what they did do with the game was decent.

    Also going forward Overhaul are continuing to patch in fairly major features that didn't make the initial release, on pretty much every platform. So being released as it was was not a "money grab" as some have intimated.

    Given the ridiculousness of the 0 reviews (not helpful guys) I feel compelled to give this game a higher score than I would have ordinarily.

    The remake is not as extensive as I could have liked, but its fricking Baldur's Gate. You simply can not be sad about getting more BG. **** about paying a tenner for new BG stuff is probably the stupidest thing I have ever seen.

    It would have been a 7 out of 10 for me as it stands. But giving higher to offset.
  10. Dec 19, 2012
    I daresay that Overhaul Games has revived a classic RPG. This game takes me back to my childhood fond memories. While it is true that it is possible to install the older game onto new operating systems, I found the process long and boring. Now, I can just log into the internet, download, and play this game. I haven't ran into any bugs although I know others have. Truly I cannot wait until Overhaul does BG2- Enhanced Edition as well. Thanks Overhaul! Expand
  11. Dec 14, 2012
    Those who vote "0" are morons - they vote the lowest possible rating to make the biggest difference. Utterly pathetic.

    I, however, give it a 10. The reason? This is Baldur's Gate - they can release it a million more times and I will "10" it a million more times.

    That is all.
  12. Dec 9, 2012
    People are as whiny and quick to grab the pitchforks as ever. The bugs are overstated. They mostly pertain to intel integrated graphics and multiplayer lobbies. All issues have been acknowledged and diligently worked on since the game was launched (4 patches out within the span of two weeks), and the dev team shows great humility and dedication judging from their statements on the official forum. Just the fact that they maintain a direct line of communication with the fans speaks volumes about their attitude -- and let's face it, in the long run, nothing is more important than that. I think a lot of people don't even realize how small the EE team is at the moment (only 12 people), and that they have to deal with things that large companies with big budgets simply don't have to worry about.

    Buying this game was a no-brainer for me, if only for the continued support (in the form of patches and DLCs) and prospects of BG2EE (and other infinity engine titles, both old and brand new). All the important mods are already being ported over, and very soon BGEE will be the definitive way to play the Baldur's Gate saga, with all of the advantages and none of the flaws of the (brilliant, but outdated and stagnant) original release.

    I couldn't be happier with the purchase, and I must say that my personal experience has been 100% bug-free. Even if it wasn't, I wholeheartedly support anyone who dedicates their time to producing Infinity Engine content in 2012, regardless of any potential oversights (which, as we've already seen, are being corrected in real time with great dedication).
  13. Jul 3, 2013
    After also purchasing and playing the GOG version, I have to spread the word that this version is easily the best version of BG presently available. There may be broken quests in terms of moddable material that hasn't been rendered. There may also be overpowered kits. I find such complaints to be pretty foolish since any reviewer who cared that much about these issues should be able to mod the game the way they like it or bump up the difficulty as a work-around for their personal issues. Graphically this version is SWEET. The added sound files are nice. The add ons are all good. Only TRUE problem is the price. $20 is too much. $10 is perfect. Apparently there are some issues with Atari which mean the enhanced version of BG2 has been delayed. This may not be a bad thing. The GOG version of BG2 is already near-perfect, so Beam Dog will probably have to work a bit harder to create any new value with an enhanced version. Good things take time. This game is a MUST BUY when its on sale at around $5. Expand
  14. Jan 4, 2013
    The game had a very buggy release, but within a month Overhaul games had released 5 comprehensive updates that fixed most (if not all) of the bugs. Plus they fixed some old bugs that were present in the original release that had never been fixed.

    Now you get to experience the original game in all it's glory, with the kits and new weapon specialities from BGII, plus 3 new (very well
    done) characters. The game is EXTREMELY challenging by today's standards, even on the normal difficulty. But you can raise the difficulty to the max setting for a truly challenging experience that few modern games can rival. And you will get engrossed in the world of Faerun!!!

    I think the review scores for this game are much lower than they should be due to the admittedly very buggy release. But now after 5 comprehensive updates, the game in a masterpiece.
  15. Cik
    Jul 3, 2013
    Excellent game, and a first of its' kind when first released. Now at $5 on steam again, it earns itself a 10 becasue it is the absolute best rpg and series of its' time .

    This game set the stage for the genre and giving it anything but a 10 is like giving Alexander Graham Bell anything but a 10 for being the pioneer in communication with the Telephone.
  16. Jan 23, 2013
    This game is NOT broken. It is a great game and a ton of fun for old school RPGers. Unfortunately when I was young I missed this game... However, thanks to the Enhanced Edition I can enjoy it in 2013.
    The plot is interesting, the characters are interesting and the combat method is interesting.
    The game is NOT EASY! Thank God! A game presents me with a challenge, who would have thought?
    Character can DIE...*ghasp* indeed they are expendable. If you want to play hard core you can. You pick your friends and foes. In some ways this game gives you more freedom than Skyrim, and your allies have WAY more depth.... Hell, at one point I went too long without honoring a ally's agreement to join my quest and he turned on me!
    Anyone who gives this game a 1 is just being a spoiled prude.
  17. Jun 2, 2013
    The ridiculously low negative reviews are unjustified. The game is exactly what it says it is: an enhanced version of Balder's Gate. I didn't experience any of the crashes some of the other uses reported and while i do think it is a little overpriced for the slight enhancements it provides, i still think its worth a buy.
  18. Jan 24, 2013
    A very good 'spruce up' of easily my favourite game of all time. Sure there were a few launch bugs (some of which have yet to be ironed out) and the new dialogue isn't in the same league as the older material, but this is a classic game given new life and for that is to be applauded. Any fan of the series will revel in the immersion and atmosphere of the original replete with all the worthwhile changes from Baldur's Gate 2. Newcomers will find the embodiment of a classic, story-driven isometric RPG before the shamefully barren period that followed it. Expand
  19. Jan 30, 2013
    Quite a treat for us infinity fans, the franchise is just the best out there, BG was, is and will be the epitome of rpg story driven adventure of all time.

    At this point - several major patches have arrived making the rather unpolished initial release quite impressive.

    Simply a must for any fan or newcomer of strategy rpg.

    Oh yea almost forgot, ad&d 2nd edition is just spot on.
  20. Jan 18, 2013
    Based on read user reviews ppl are rating this game based on how much it cost (which ofc will drop) and thats not fair in my opinion because in this case most good AAA games at its release would be rated much lower. To counter this im giving it 10/10 although otherwise i would rate it 9/10. BGEE is a great game it doesnt spoil anything that is in vanila game and it just adds higher resolution and few new quest connected with new NPCs that are added in this game and not to mention hundreds of bugfixes.
    Overhaul did what they wanted and that is to bring this great game to new generations and pll who dont bother spending hours with installing dozens of mods before actually playing this great game.
  21. Jan 20, 2013
    Utter nostalgia heaven! Rebuilt using the Baldur's Gate 2 improved engine, including modern resolution support. It's a real treat to return to the game that built a franchise and set the bar for story quality for so many years. Returning veterans will enjoy the game with improved colors and 3 new characters, and newcomers will be pulled into a setting that will absorb days of their lives with its richness. If you've never played Baldur's Gate before, don't miss out. If you played it before, don't miss the chance to treat yourself again. A true masterpiece of storytelling. Expand
  22. Mar 5, 2013
    Excellent game, and honestly, considering the time that has passed, it still looks and plays great. If you're an AD&D or Forgotten Realms fan, it'll be right up your alley. They've fixed about 600 bugs that people have reported since launch at this point, and they're flying through all of the rest as people keep reporting them. Excellent game with an excellent support team.
  23. Apr 17, 2013
    I wouldve given the game 8 in its current state, but gave it 10 to offset the rediculous "0" reviews... Bassically this is the same old game you know and love, if youve played BG1. The core game is largely untouched and the only things changed are the interface, better high res support, bug fixes (get to this one in a minute), and a much better, gutted code base.
  24. Aug 19, 2013
    This game is a polished up version of the original. Others have posted that in some way this version is worse, they obviously don't own it. My only complaint is that not more was added.

    Still remains one of the best rpgs of all time. Get it on sale on steam.
  25. Sep 26, 2013
    This game has been updated. The graphical interface (updates) were the first positive aspect that I noticed in juxtaposition to the original version. I played through the first part of this game with a tinge of speed, satisfaction and immersion that just wasn't possible the first time around (in the original). Steam really compliments this release, a full install, no shifting back and forth between six CD ROM. The new resolutions, textures, zoom out feature, etc all assist in a level of enjoyment not possible with the original. In compliment, there's a few extra characters to expand the roaming level of augmented possibility (especially for when BG2:EE is released). On a downside, the new "Cut-scenes" are hit and miss; they lack the original talent of the talented collaborators Baldur's Gate development team (first release PS Interplay I miss you so much). Also the new portraits are clumsy in contrast to the old. Overall? Who doesn't want to play automated and updated Dungeons and Dragons from the original success story, rendered with a constructive revision?

    Obviously, this is a revamp of an old classic. I still consider Baldur's Gate essentially unparallelled in immersion and depth within the RPG genre; but let's call a spade a spade. This game is great, but not built from the ground up. Imagine what could be possible with the dynamics of this game in a new body?


  26. Apr 5, 2013
    An excellent release of Baldur's Gate along with the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion included, so you get to play in Durlag's Tower, Ulgoth's Beard as well as the Cloud Peaks. I've used most of the new characters (apart from the Blackguard), and they fit in well. The voice acting is great and the story fits in just fine. The game itself has the fastest launch known to mankind, and the whole thing is just really well polished. I'd give it a 10, but the very first quest (to get a scroll of identify) is broken, as is the Doppelgänger quest later in the game. Those are the only two niggles top marks for the rest. Expand
  27. Apr 29, 2013
    This was pretty much the exact same game as the original. I never once had an issue with gameplay or bugs, and liked the simple additions.

    I cannot wait for the release of the Enhanced Edition for BG2.
  28. Aug 28, 2013
    The game has a few wayword bugs still but you can get fixes for them from the main forums (you can just drop the fixes into an easily found folder its far easier and less time consuming than installing Tutu). They are very easy to find if you google them. I'd give it an 8.5/10. Its better than Tutu or BGT, in that it addresses some of the more serious problems that they never could (due to hardcoding). Also it contains all fixes contained in any of the fixpacks released for Tutu/BG2 and modders like Camdawg have been working with the development team to improve the game. So astralphoenix77's statement that BGEE is "obsolete" because of other community patches is actually far from the truth. The game actually uses an updated version of the ToB engine, better than the version being used by Tutu/BGT.

    Overall I'd say this is worth spending the extra money on. The new kits they added are interesting, there are no game-breaking bugs (unlike a lot of the older NPC mods for BG2 that haven't been updated in years like Saerileth), and you'll get plenty of hours out of it regardless of how much you pay. Plus you'll be able to use the new kits when BG2EE comes out.
  29. Sep 2, 2013
    Better than the original Baldur Gate for me.Nice new characters and higher level cup.I also loved the new adventure, The Black Pits.I stil play it.I hope they have a similar adventure to Baldurs Gate 2.I didnt find a lot of bugs.If you liked the first Baldurs Gate you must buy the enhanced edition and play it.
  30. Sep 28, 2013
    This game is a lot of fun, always has been. It's good to be finally able to get to play the game even on a whim, without having to go through the trouble of getting it to work on new PCs, setting up mods to make it worthwhile and so on. In it's current stage, it has no game-stopping bugs; in fact it worked just fine for me even in multiplayer from day one.

    The new characters and content
    are interesting enough, and even though I had some doubts about the Black Pits at first, I found it fun as well, with good gameplay and characters. The best thing about BG:EE is that it will get continued support with new patches and content as we go along... and to me it's also important as a necessary step towards BG2:EE, an enhanced version of what I view as the best RPG of all time. Expand
  31. Jul 2, 2014
    I first played this game at a friends house back when I was probably say 14-15, only briefly. I recently got steam and saw this game and the sequel on sale for I think 7 dollars and 14 dollars respectively. I'm pretty close to the end of the first game and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. I could see myself playing through this game multiple times using different characters and finding new quests and cool npcs. Really don't see why this game is rated at 7.1 at the moment but I guess different people like different games. Expand
  32. Sep 23, 2014
    Don't understand the low review scores, this game rocked when it first came out & continues to rock today. Devs today STILL use the BG formula to make games (check out Dead State, a zombie infested BG-like game set in modern times). The graphics are a bit dated but the story & gameplay are as deep & satisfying as it was back in 1998. Add in the side conversations, romance & NPC's who have their own agendas & you have a game that will keep you up at night just to see what happens next. Expand
  33. Aug 30, 2014
    Beamdog has breathed new life into an ailing and ancient game. No one can dispute how good the original Baldur's Gate was, but I will argue that this edition truly is enhanced. No messy mods to fix graphical issues, a vast array of bug fixes, new quests and new characters with more dialogue go a long way in adding value. If I wanted a junked-up game I had to add third-party fan-made mods to, I would just go to GoG and buy an original copy (or find my six installation CDs from the 90's). The enhanced edition brings me the game I remember with less of the bugs and some truly optimal new features (use of the BG2 engine, spells and class kits, constant patches for continued upgrades, etc.). I am glad to own this game, and I have already logged over 300 hours playing on BG:EE. Expand
  34. Aug 30, 2014
    Now if this was a review of the game after it's release it would be a few notches lower. The game released quite clearly unfinished and the developers admitted so and were committed to continuing the bug hunt and perfecting this game and they did just that.

    This version of Baldur's Gate and it's equal are the definitive versions. Bugs old and new have been destroyed, works perfectly on
    new computers (as someone who used to have to install multiple mods to run my disc based version that if one failed the process would have to be repeated from game install, and that's before windscreen mods - This has saved me endless hair tearing and screaming in my household.)

    The new content is absolutely perfect, the extra equipment a godsend (club proficiency pays of now!) and I personally have to fight which of the new characters accompany me. The three of them are among the best characters in the game, character and proficiency wise and certainly make up for the other characters silence with the BG II level of dialogue.

    IF you are a BG fan and can't be bothered getting those old disc out or sick of headbutting the wall after playing 20 hours to find a mod has messed up a crucial element and you have to reinstall the entire game then do yourself a favour and pick up this copy.

    Anybody new to BG, this is most definitely the copy for you.
  35. Jan 4, 2013
    The game had a very buggy release, but within a month Overhaul games had released 5 comprehensive updates that fixed most (if not all) of the bugs. Plus they fixed some old bugs that were present in the original release that had never been fixed.

    Now you get to experience the original game in all it's glory, with the kits and new weapon specialities from BGII, plus 3 new (very well
    done) characters. The game is EXTREMELY challenging by today's standards, even on the normal difficulty. But you can raise the difficulty to the max setting for a truly challenging experience that few modern games can rival. And you will get engrossed in the world of Faerun!!!

    I think the review scores for this game are much lower than they should be due to the admittedly very buggy release. But now after 5 comprehensive updates, the game in a masterpiece.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 39 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 39
  2. Negative: 1 out of 39
  1. Jun 10, 2013
    It’s not the flawless, refined version that the dedicated RPG veterans were waiting for, but even so, BG:EE remains a solid investment for Dungeon & Dragons romantics. [March 2013]
  2. Feb 25, 2013
    Age may have formed a few cracks in its legendary skin, and perhaps the over reliance on randomness from the Dungeons and Dragons’ ruleset seems rather archaic, but within this slumbering ancient beast lies a mighty heart waiting to be awakened once more.
  3. Jan 26, 2013
    A solid re-release of a classic plus some nice new frills, but not without its problems.