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  • Summary: NEW All-Time Leaders! Active and all-time career and single-season leaders tracked for over 75 stats. See if Barry Bonds can break Hank Aaron's record. NEW Historical Rookies! Start in any historical season and Baseball Mogul will automatically include minor and major league players for every team. As you build your dynasty, real rookies from seasons past become available for the Amateur Draft. NEW Player Personalities and Morale! Manage the individual personalities of your team to build the right team chemistry. NEW Expanded Contract Negotiations! Arbitration. Free agency. Use player options and no-trade clauses to sweeten the deal and land the best players. NEW Minor League System! Manage up to 100 players in your farm system. From draft day until retirement, you are in control of the entire organization. Track player development using new written scouting reports and stats for high school, college and every minor league level. NEW Rosters! Detailed career stats through Opening Day 2005, including over 10,000 players. [Sports Mogul Inc.] Expand
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  1. This game has evolved from admirable statistical sim to full-on addiction. [July 2005, p.57]
  2. Dreslough and his team at Sports Mogul have made wholesale changes to the design, adding much-needed depth to key areas like player personality, contract negotiations, and historical replay. It feels like this once-great series is finally reaching its potential.
  3. If simulating multiple seasons in a sitting is your dream, this is your game. [Aug 2005, p.85]
  4. Despite some improvements, the series has clearly fallen behind the competition.
  5. The series still sims seasons faster than any other game out there, making it a quick and entertaining play for wannabe Billy Beans. [Aug 2005, p.79]
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  1. AaronJ.
    Aug 21, 2005
    Best PC game ever made cant wait to see what they do with it next year.