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  1. Nov 25, 2011
    I can't believe people voting this a 0, but I guess there are haters everywhere. Yes the game was a month late, yes DX11 features will slow down your game, when it should, in fact, speed it up, yes there is SecuRom, and yes its on GWFL. However, none of that really matters, a month later? Who fricking cares, yes I had some of it spoiled, but I should have kept away from the batman forums to be sure. Still the story keeps me intrigued, the combat is insanely good, and the atmosphere is amazing. Can't do much about GFWL and SecuRom, they don't make the game worse, they are just bad choiced to safeguard against people playing without paying. The DX11 thing is something that they already are aware of, and they will fix it. So, if your that angered by it, wait before you buy it, or if you already bought it, don't play until the patch is out. Until that patch there are lots of goodies to play meanwhile, like Skyrim and Battlefield 3.
    As stated earlier this games combat is awesome, and works even better on mouse and keyboard than its predecessor. I have had no troubles whatsoever, and the troubles I did have came from me not being used to the combat system, not because it was bad.
    The graphics are gorgeous beyond belief, even in DX9 it looks good, I can also run at almost max with max PhysX on my GTX460, only thing I have turned down is AA at 16x .
    The sound is awesome, including the voice acting, The Joker is especially, like last game, really good. But most all of the voice acting done here is awesome.
    I can't find any fault with this game other than the DX11 problem, and that will be fixed, so a solid 10/10 and this game leaves me wondering what will be GOTY. To me it is between this, battlefield 3 (the MP is sooooo solid), The Witcher 2 and Skyrim. All are 9 or 10 out of 10 in my book.
  2. Nov 23, 2011
    This release was rushed, and DX11 Support and tesselation options are horrible. I am an avid, and dedicated PC gamer, and this release is why PC gaming is on the decline in popularity and quality. I truly cant wait for the day to pay 49.99USS for a game and it actualy works, and is fully optimized from launch.
  3. Nov 25, 2011
    They delayed the pc version for 5 weeks claiming to be making it better. That was 100% a direct lie. The game was compiled in September and not a single file was updated or ever changed. It was completed at the same time as the console version but they wanted to milk that first. They knew many people would be impatient and get for the console and then buy the pc version later. They also knew many people got the game for free with Nvidia cards and would buy it for their console with the pc version being delayed. Not only was the game never worked on in those 5 weeks, its clear not one single person at Rocksteady even play tested the game in DX11. All it takes is ONE minute of gameplay to know that DX11 has major issues. Gpu usage just plummets in areas where it should go up so that results in huge framerate drops and hitching. It is not playable in DX11 or at least not in an enjoyable way. DX9 seems okay for the most part but physx does not seem to be running as well as it should be. The cut scenes are pretty stuttery looking with audio a bit out of sync in them too even though indicated framerate is at 60 fps. And many people, including myself, have had a few crashes too even in DX9. Other than all that the gameplay is pretty good. Still its hard to give the game a good score based on the overall situation that Rocksteady has placed the pc gamers in. Expand
  4. Nov 22, 2011
    Useless buggy unoptimized console port... Rocksteady have really dropped the ball with this release. If you run it with DX11 you will get massive frame drops and lag despite the game being delayed specifically to add it. Plus you get the usual SecuROM with five activation limit that no-one at Rocksteady or WB could even be bothered telling us about. This release is so botched these jokers don't deserve your money, rent the game for a console instead. Expand
  5. Jul
    Nov 24, 2011
    When architects build structures, the first and most important aspect of their work is the stability of the building. If the building collapses, everything else that has been done afterwards is useless. This is pretty much what happens with this game. It's currently plagued by countless issues that I won't bother to describe, as they are very much exposed by everyone here and if you google just a bit.

    I have really lost my respect to a company that I thought was going to be a great success. I was more than happy to pre-order without hesitating, but now, I think I'll just pass on all subsequent games. Something this broken is just unacceptable.
  6. Nov 24, 2011
    lets see where to begin...
    i cant save my game for 1 thing so i guess ill be beginning a whole lot...
    the performance is worse in the cutscenes than it is in game, and it is really not very good in-game.
    the multiple delays CLEARLY were nothing to do with improving performance and my bet it was for no reason other than to add the 3 layers of b/s protection to the game.
    the gameplay is
    pretty repetitive (though you try starting the same game over 5+ times and see how much variety YOU see) and honestly it feels like dx11 does nothing for it at all.

    i loved AA, i really like batman in general, and i do enjoy a good beat em up, but there is no way i can imagine anyone saying the pc version of this game is NOT **** i got it free with my gtx 580 and i STILL feel i got ripped off.
  7. Nov 24, 2011
    Awesome game, DX11 is fine, just spin around so all the textures load first.. Great story and the characters are true to form. BF3, Skyrim will have to collect dust while I play this one over and over.
  8. Dec 6, 2011
    PC Gaming has really fallen from grace. The game crashes within 5 minutes of play on any setting and the crazy amount of anti-piracy software they force on the people that actually bought this game has done absolutely nothing but piss off paying customers.
  9. Dec 3, 2011
    Played only a portion of this on PC now (a little over 15% - I have tried it on the console prior to the PC release) and while one would think the controller would make it better for something 3rd person like Batman AC I'd have to disagree: the mouse and keyboard are actually a pleasure to play with apart from having to double-tap some of the keys to quickfire (but luckily these can be customised and a few quick shortcuts can be created for your favourites). The AR missions were a breeze using the Keyboard/Mouse when compared to the PS3 controller!

    It looks far better on PC too (I only have a GTX295 so DX11 is a no go for me anyway). Only real issues so far are 1) the long startup time when initially firing it up, 2) GFWL (although so far it hasn't lost any of my saves in quite a while unlike with Arkham Asylum), 3) having to keep my disc in the tray (luckily there was a "community" patch to fix that's bad enough I didn't get a proper case with my CE but I guess the book will keep it sort of safe) and 4) having to wait so damn long after the console release (it's true - having played it a little on console before the PC release didn't help my thirst).
  10. Nov 24, 2011
    Batman is the ideal hero for the angry birds and trolls with awesome story&characters and graphics for this sequel.This game "Batman: Arkham City" is a good gift for christmas if you want a lot of fun breaking balls villains of the city.
  11. Nov 22, 2011
    good game, although quite buggy, and sometimes feels like a cheap port, although overall still a very enjoyable title, and quite interesting to play. If you are into action games, and don't mind a game that is a bit buggy untill the next update, get this game.
  12. Nov 26, 2011
    Well, to be honest, this game wins in my personal "disappointment of the year" nomination. It's just a mediocre console port. Gameplay is really boring and involves mashing of two gamepad's buttons. (Yes, I played the game using gamepad, because keyboard controls are horrible.) Unreal engine looks more or less good , sound is weak, gameplay is boring and repetitive. Sorry, Bats, but you do not deserve more than 3. Expand
  13. Nov 28, 2011
    Despite some bugs, I can't give this game less than a 9. The story and voice acting are fantastic, with Mark Hamill's Joker stealing the show once again. The game looked nice, even though I don't have a very fast PC, and am running it on the lowest settings. I'm sure it looks amazing with everything cranked up. The main quest line is only about 10 hours long, but there are plenty of side quests and a challenge mode to keep you busy long after that. The combat system is pretty similar to AA, only with more moves, gadgets and bad guys. Expand
  14. Nov 22, 2011
    I warmly suggest you to play Batman AC on console (xbox360 or ps3). Sadly, the PC version is very buggy: poor graphics quality, flat textures, ridiculous dx11 effects, controls irresponsiveness and 'consolized' interface. This will widely ruin your gaming experience on PC. That's a shame, because this game was a true masterpiece on console.
  15. Nov 22, 2011
    Honestly, Arkham City for the PC is a troubled masterpiece. It's fun, but plays mostly like Arkham Asylum, with very little change between the original and its sequel. The game is open world, and there are new gadgets and combat tactics, but it feels more like an expansion than a sequel. Indoors, the movement is linear and consists mostly of crawling through a vent, running down a corridor, swinging from gargoyles, or fighting a bunch of bad guys before doing it all over again.
    The open world would have been a nice touch, if it were more interactive. You move around and hear everything going on, and it's excellent, but also annoying, when you hear the same conversation 30 different times. The game seeks to let you go anywhere, with a subclause stating "as long as anywhere is HERE!"
    Graphics-wise, the game is astonishing, despite its horrible failure to give the customer a satisfying DirectX 11 experience, a feature which will mutilate the framerate of even a high-end gaming machine. In exchange for the framerate drop, the graphic improvements are negligible, and easily overlooked, which is honestly okay, considering how beautiful the game is anyways. Don't believe me? Watch snow fall on Batman's cape.
  16. Nov 22, 2011
    I took off 1 point for the fact it was ported over with terrible optimizations. DX11 barely adds anything but a 75% fps drop. 1 more point was off for their crumby DLC overload. You are not buying a complete game here by any means. 1 more point off for using too much DRM... I bought this game through Steam (Only $40) so add one more form of DRM to SecureROM and GFWL and who knows what else.

    I'm sure in time, DX11 will be better optimized, and maybe even a GOTY edition will be released next year that contains all the DLC (making it a complete game). But in its current form, it does not have those things.

    At its core though, its a great game. Console port? Sure, I don't care. I use an Xbox360 controller on PC for these games anyway. Money is in developing consoles games, its not practical to sink so much money into PC games as if its will show consoles sales figures. Sure, the PC is capable of better, but thats just graphics and there's much more to this game than just graphics.
  17. Nov 25, 2011
    Do not waste your time or money. Terrible game, especially given the hype, This game is worth maybe 10-12 bucks, Controls are ok for a console port the usual crap camera options, Gameplay is linear and repetitive, especially when you cant save a game. Graphics are subpar, voice acting is fair except the mouth movements do not match what is being spoken. Securom plus windows live - its almost like the don't want people to play the game. Plot and storyline along with the acting is total joke, everything is needlessly contrived. And a theme park with the same set of generic bad guys to kill scattered throughout is not an open world. Combat is boring as hell, involves spamming attack and clicking 2-3 other buttons when your prompted to block or use a combo move. Expand
  18. Nov 22, 2011
    The game is buggy with DX11 support. You will feel frame drops and lags once in a while. But I assume that these problems will go away since the company will fix them sooner or later. That is OK. However, there are five activation limits due to SecuROM. Since Batman Arkham Asylum now has a machine limit revoke tool, they might release a similar tool for Arkham City as well in the future. The concept of the game is very similar to that of Asylum. The difference is that this game use a while city as its stage while Asylum does a while prison as its stage. This is a good thing because the whole events are more colorful and diverse in this game than Asylum. Thanks to interesting landscapes, the game will keep you interested in what will happen next. Overall the game itself deserves 10 score. Since the DX11 problem will go away eventually, a major flaw is the activation limit. I will knock off 1 score because of this. When they release a revoke tool, the score will move up to 10. Expand
  19. Dec 4, 2011
    This is the closest we've come to the perfect video game. It's a thing of beauty. The perfect combination of character, story, idea and execution. It shows the awesome potential of video games in its full glory.
  20. Dec 1, 2011
    HA! Look at all the red reviewer's lack of intelligence. You are supposed to be explaining why this game is either good or not...not that you have a sh*tty PC or something non compatible and are having technical issues. Why don't you wannabes go get a console and leave serious PC gaming to us big boys. This game is an awesome experience from start to finish. You will not be disappointed if you enjoyed the first game even a little. All the red reviews - unless you gave legitimate reasoning on why the game wasn't to your liking....GTFO, you are stinking up my interweb. Expand
  21. Nov 28, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Horrible console port. The game looks OK in DX9. DX11 doesn't work at all. The controls are terrible - its impossible to get past the guys with shields playing with the keyboard . I wasted 30 minutes activating it and then it was crashing every 15 minutes. My drivers were from July 2011. Then I installed the latest Nvidia drivers, those with the Batman: Akrham city ad on them and the game got more stable, but still has crashes. Expand
  22. Nov 23, 2011
    The storyline is captivating and draws you in to see what happens next. As others have said though it can be difficult to navigate to the proceeding sections of the story due to "clunky" controls that were obviously intended for console gamers. Combos can be difficult to execute because of the controls. The graphics I feel are adequate for what is supposed to be a comic based game. The characters are brought to life without making you feel like your playing a movie. It can start to seem repetitive but only towards the end so if the controls had been better I would have given it a 10. Expand
  23. Feb 13, 2012
    I'd love to review this game higher, but it took me almost a week to get the technical quibbles sorted out. I'm not going to review based on that aspect, just know that running smoothly is by no means guaranteed, even if you have a high end rig. As for the game, It's not quite as good as Arkham Asylum. The more open world is liberating, but stressful, as everything feels more cluttered. The focused story of the previous game almost allowed the player to relax more and take their time, whereas this time around the opposite is true. This is still a great game, I just wish they had cut some of the more superfluous content. It's not often that I suggest removing things from a game, but this is one of those cases. Great game, but those with OCD to collect and finish all content be warned - it will take you a while, and likely lead to frustration. Expand
  24. Mar 25, 2012
    Superb! A sequel impeccable, fine, luxury. Entirely correct in all respects. Added the side missions. Totally correct. Played on a pc from 2009 to 60 fps constant. Recommended! (translated by google)
  25. Mar 10, 2013
    I did not actually want to play this game. I kept seeing excellent reviews for it until I finally cracked and had to try it out. As a 28 year old with an "uncomfort" towards men in tights, I never really had a desire to play a batman game. However, this game blew me away. The attention to detail and amazing polished city made me completely immersed in the role of batman. By the time I finished this game my greatest complaint was that I still wanted more. It has been an extremely long time since I played a game until the end and was upset it was over.
    This game was done right. ANY gamer can appreciate its amazing world, writing, and game-play.
  26. Apr 17, 2012
    I personally had no problems with this game. I was pissed off a bit because DX11 just made the game crash but I didn't care. I bought this during the Steam Christmas Sale 2011 and the game ran perfect. The game was fairly long and there is a lot more to do.
  27. Nov 26, 2011
    This game is a serious contender for game of the year. The story is interesting and the gameplay is fun. The only downside is that DirectX 11 is not working yet, and I'm not sure if it ever will (that's why I didn't give it a perfect score). The good news is that the DirectX 9 graphics alternative is also terrific. Definitively a keeper.
  28. Dec 21, 2011
    Horrible performance, decent action, but not as good as assassin's creed, or devil may cry. Good graphics, but not the best I have seen. Best part of the game is the story, but that's over in like 5 hours, and then they expect you to collect a million joker trophies, and do side missions to experience the rest of the game. The game play is not deep enough to support a bunch of side missions, so once the main story is over there is no point. Arkham Asylum had no side missions, and a well developed long story, so in my book it was a lot more entertaining. I really thought this would be one to write home about, and the positive reviews had me convinced, but I think people are taken in by the fact that its Batman. I love Batman, but this game is just too boring. The combat system is very simple, and requires you to do 2 or 3 moves over and over again. I would have rated it a little higher, but the game is barely playable on my Core i7, gtx580, 8GB machine, so I have the feeling that they didn't really want PC gamers to play it. Expand
  29. Nov 28, 2011
    Slight Bugs, but hits many right notes. Amazing story and twists. New Game Plus is a pretty sweet addition that will keep me coming back for more, plus everything you love about Arkham Asylum is back.
  30. Mar 6, 2012
    This is the only game I have ever played that got melee/hack/slash combat right. And I have player a LOT of games. It really is a flawless combat system. Try to ignore the lower ratings based purely on whether it worked or not. I purchased this game 2 months after release and I had no bugs whatsoever so they have clearly fixed the worst problems. The story was perfect, it really drew you in and opened the door into how the comics portrayed batman (not the hollywood version). I recommend anyone to this game and give it a 9 because no game is a 10. It's a beautiful game. Expand
  31. Jun 28, 2012
    Batman: Arkham City took everything that made the first game excellent and expanded on it tenfold: brilliant story, improved combat system, a new range of enemies from the Batman universe, new locations and a new set of Riddler games for collectibles. This game is a great title from 2011 and should be part of your collection.
  32. Nov 28, 2011
    Greatest comic book to videogame conversion EVER. If you've played Arkham Asylum and you were wondering how it would even be possible to make a better Batman video game given the constraints of today's graphics engines and hardware, well you wouldn't be alone. Somehow, WB have done themselves proud and not only improved the combat mechanics, stealth mechanics and core gameplay mechanics, but they've also come out with a much more thorough and amazing plot. This game has to be experienced. Once I started this game I couldn't stop and had to keep playing for the 20 hrs it took me to finish the main storyline and about half of the side missions (took another 6 hrs to finish all the riddler missions). You will get sucked in. You will become batman. You will laugh, you will cry, you will even begin to question whether Batman is doing the right thing. Simply put, this is the single must play for 2011 probably only losing to the Witcher 2 in required gaming. Sure the GfWL requirement is annoying and the failure to release the game with DX11 in a working condition is slightly annoying, but switching over to DX9 on my 2 yr old hardware ran the game at 1080p with everything at max at 60fps with physx off. Even in dx9 this still had a noticeable bump in visual fidelity vs. Batman:AA and for that I commend WB on the extra work done in polishing the PC version. Also the catwoman extra missions and change in combat mechanics are great and work seamlessly with the storyline. 10/10. Cannot wait for the next iteration. Expand
  33. Nov 26, 2011
    Batman Arkham City is the best game of the year, on my mind. I playing this game with very very big pleasure. A I don't like that DirectX 11 working very bad. Wait the patch. But I think that Arkham City is better than Arkham Asylum: new interesting story, many famous persons of DC Comics, new gameplay elements and many many others. It is ideal game about Batman.
  34. Dec 13, 2011
    This is how you do a sequel. Rocksteady took Arkham Asylum and amplified everything to the MAX. One of the finest stories I've ever experienced meets the best superhero gameplay conceived to make one of the greatest games I've played in the last decade. AA got a little repetitive and the end boss encounter was too hackneyed whereas not only does AC fix all that, it expands the arena as well as the challenges. Enemies while based on the prototypical thug almost come in more variations than can be handled by one man. Many hoods come with their own weaponry or else can pick them up when dropped. Each weapon or gadget in use alters the class of the enemy and beating each requires the use of independent solutions. So it gets very interesting when they come at you all at once. Batman has more gadgets than I could dish out and yet you have to use all of them at various points to beat the game. It is in this shifting dynamic during both hand to hand combat and predator gameplay that the game achieves true brilliance. The catwoman segment was interesting while Riddler's puzzles are now more like minigames in their own right and he's not the only villain dogging your footsteps. Every character in this is hugely memorable and the story does not let up one bit, right down to the cataclysmic climax.

    No major technical issues to report. The game chugged at DX11 for me so I stuck to DX9. Authentication was ok but GFW does not agree with my firewall so the game required a prelaunch prep. I really can't think of a flaw to speak of, except that I may not replay the game at the higher difficulty unlocked mode because I don't think my wrists can handle the strain. Buy this game, it's getting seriously underrated here. 9.5/10
  35. Dec 3, 2011
    Truly, I haven't experienced any signs of the game being a "sloppy port" whatsoever - I was surprised to read some of the negative reviews based solely on that fact.

    The game is insanely good - beautiful world of Arkham City, lots of things to do, nice story with lots of side missions. Definitely a game of the year for me.
  36. Nov 27, 2011
    I dont know why are some people acting so crazy cause this is a fantastic game.This deserves a 10.dont listen to the haters.You just need a decent Gpu to run it.It ran fine with my ati hd5850 and with dx11 and no lag at all.Plz dont judge this game without playing it properly.
  37. Nov 28, 2011
    Lemme start by saying this a fantastic game, honestly if it wasn't for the stupid BS with the PC version I would give a 9 or 10. Great story, great action, great stealth, great graphics, just generally fantastic. But they delayed the PC version for over a month for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. That's just shocking to be honest. And then when it is released it is full of issues, much touted dx11 support is completely broken, amongst a plethora of other issues, like CTDs and stutterry cutscenes. Honestly, this is a great game and besides the issues I would definitely reccomend it, but I just can't accept the stupid stuff WB pulled on us. Expand
  38. Nov 27, 2011
    The Game for PC is simply the must yes some texture issues but they gone after few minuets of game time most of my games will be resting till i finish this game several times it seems
  39. Nov 27, 2011
    ok people stop pushing it down this game is awesome play in dx9 yes i do have dx11 so i suffered every problem you guys had but at the end of the day in dx9 its still way better performing and looking than ps3 or 360 here is and idea play on normal first then move to hard when dx11 patch comes out and do all the side missions last
  40. Dec 2, 2011
    This game it´s an incredible experience; with Arkham Asylum, the best games of batman. This version of the game don´t deserve the ridiculous note of zero, if anyone can´t play it ´cause of the DX11 issues just wait for the patch.
  41. Dec 5, 2011
    Did you play Arkham Asylum? Ok, good. That means you've played this as well. There are no big changes to gameplay, no big changes to design. That's not a terrible thing, but it's not a good thing either - you can still have fun bashing henchman's skulls. The problem is that it's all the same henchman - same body on every one, one of 2 voice actors for them all. Details, details, I know, but it's still annoying. Did every supervillain in Gotham pool their resources so they could clone a retarded henchman 20,000 times? But back to the good. A solid cast of villains including the Joker, Ra's Al Gul, Hugo Strange, etc, makes for a fun time. Though it does come at the expense of shortchanging almost every villain in the game. We could have seen more Joker, more Mr Freeze... hell, even more Penguin (and I am not a Penguin fan). The addition of Catwoman as a playable character is a nice touch - but I felt a little cheated when she had such a small amount of game time dedicated to her - she's more fun to play as than batman in some ways. This game seems to suffer from the devs trying to cram too much in without refining what was already there. Combat, level design, gadgets, puzzles, dialogue, all these things could have used some fine-tuning (or, in some cases, deletion - having to do an aerial attack for enemies with shields, or having to use the remote controlled batarang for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, are examples of some of the bad design choices). This game is a case of trying to juggle to many knives and then doing a poor job of dodging them as they fall. It's oddly beautiful in a way, but you probably don't want to see it again. Expand
  42. Dec 21, 2011
    The game itself is fantasic. Great cut scenes, voice acting is off the charts even gameplay is smooth and enjoyable. BUT its once again a console port making it terrible controls. You cannot rebind keys and you must exit the game just to change the graphics. Im tried of paying good money for games when the publishers rather spend all thier time on consoles bugs. Also is you buy it in the shops you must load with DVD to play. "seriouly we are well past that people!" Expand
  43. Nov 27, 2011
    Overall superb game, Rocksteady has again done a great Batman game worthy of great praise. Although some are frustrated at the game from a technical perspective, it still doesn't distract from one of the best games of the year if not the best.
  44. Dec 2, 2011
    Game is fantastic, like the previous Batman: Arkham Asylum the gameplay and storyline is engrossing. I found this a little more challenging than Arkham Asylum and has more replayability, which is a good thing. I found it harder and harder to peel myself away from the game wanting to discover the rest of the story. The game has a few bugs that need ironed out, mainly graphical, but all in all a job well done. Expand
  45. Dec 3, 2011
    ARRRGGGHHH!!! About 10 crashes in less than 2 hours of game play!....And this was me trying to play the DX9 version - yes the framerates fine but what about the crashes every minute! It's simply not playable I've tried, god I've tried... it doesn't metter how good this game is underneath all of the bugs cos if I can't play it, then its worthless - I really loved Asylum, I was looking forward to this. I think Rocksteady made a big mistake on this they should have delayed it further - simply in its current state its not worth it Expand
  46. Nov 28, 2011
    Don't pay any attention to the dribbling morons giving it a 0. This is a superb game. It is true that currently DX11 causes huge stuttering all over the place but just run it in DX9 and it runs beautifully. It will be patched very quickly as the devs are aware of the problem. The game looks a country mile better than the console version even in DX9. Plays excellently with a gamepad which is supported. I've been using the 3D Vision set up which is just wonderful, makes it so much more immersive. Don't waste your time reading this, just go buy it. Expand
  47. Jan 19, 2012
    A very mediocre sequel to a great game, Arkham City only improved upon the formula in one way - it made combat better.

    The problem? The main campaign was not only short but the setup of the city had you hunting down far too many sidequests and joker trophies. This game is a great example of why sandbox games are bad - the story is far more engaging if you just play it straight through,
    but the structure encourages you to faff around, making the game less fun. And if you don't faff around, the game is very short, with fewer areas than Arkham Asylum, and many of them are less interesting.

    The only real highlights of the game lie in combat, particularly the fights with Mr. Freeze, Ras, and Clayface. Many bosses, such as the Penguin, Two-Face, and Strange, are just boring and samey, and there are a number of things which seem like they will be boss-fights but instead are incredibly anti-climatic - several of the sidequests just end in "make a note on the bat computer about someone, but don't actually fight them". Worse, several enemies are alluded to who appear nowhere in the game, even though they are outright stated to be in Arkham City.

    A mediocre game overall, and a major step backwards from Arkham Asylum. These games do far better as more linear ones.
  48. Dec 21, 2011
    This game deserves way more respect than these whiny "PC Gamers" cmon really? a 0 just cause it didnt work on your computers? I played the game all the way through dx11 on high no problem no crash to desktop or nothing. I am now doing a second run on eyefinity as i dont have the hardware to run full DX11 on eyefinity and so far its amazing. The game is VERY fun to play i haven't gotten this hooked on a game in a long time its content is well worth the 49.99 price tag story itself can be beaten in a matter of hours but does offer plenty of side missions aswell as puzzles that surely extend the replay value. I haven't had a chance to get the DLC but im sure its just as fun. So PLEASE dont listen to all these whiny "PC Gamers" go get this game you wont regret it one bit. Expand
  49. KON
    Dec 1, 2011
    This game deserves more respect than usually. Although the PC release was a bit later but I'm sure there is a reason for this push. In this month, BF3, MW3 and Skyrim were all released in this highly populated month. Find something else to do except pickering on when Arkham City comes out. This game is definitely better than the first one because of the vast storyline and more villains to own. Although DX11 is pretty messed up right now, I'm sure they would patch it up sooner or later. This game is actually pretty fun for the free-roam but still, this game is definitely not worth the full points. This is as kind as I can be. Expand
  50. Dec 3, 2011
    I literally have no idea what is going on with people, but I run this game fine on my LAPTOP at high-medium settings and have never had ANY issues except for 2 crashes over 30 hours. No bugs, issues or ANYTHING on my end which may not be indicative of their experience, but they have to be doing SOMETHING wrong to have so many issues.

    DRM? Yeah it's completely stupid to have 3 layers of
    it, but the scores should be about the quality of the game and not the services surrounding it. Speaking as a Batman fan since childhood (again), this game is fantastic and trumps the previous outing by rocksteady in all areas. It really delivers the Batman experience and treats fans and newcomers alike. Massive amounts of content and fantastic turned up to 11 quality all over it. It's not particularly difficult and failure isn't even an option most of the time, but it's the experience of the game and being THE BATMAN that is amazing. You'll spend hours in the campaign before beating it and starting an even harder NG+ and then go to the challenge maps for extra action.

    If you came into this game looking for some deep skillful challenge then I'm sorry you were disappointed, but if you came for an amazingly fun title and being THE BATMAN then you will be pleased and enjoy yourself.

    I'm no professional reviewer and you should take my words with a grain of salt, but don't listen to these reviews focused on bugs or DRM and if that bothers you then pick up a console copy.
  51. Dec 8, 2011
    Arkham City is a fun and a worth while single player game but is not the masterpiece many claim. I enjoyed the open world of Arkham city and found gliding and fighting around at my own leisure fun for a time. The environmental graphics are good, batman also looks good with a great animating cape. The story has a few moments but did not surprise me at all and ends up being completely unbelievable even for a cartoon which is unacceptable for a claimed 'masterpiece'. The combat is good and feels unique (much improved from Arkham Asylum being more fluid and giving the player more options in combat). Most of the Batman franchise is over used in the game with too many villains that are just there for the sake of it without much use or need. unfortunately as its a franchise Batman will never really learn any real lessons about crime or criminals and there never will be an end to Batman's troubles, batman is never going to die which destroys any suspense of danger, he will never totally defeat his enemies either, Joker will always come back again and again and again which does water down any story's significance. Recommened. Expand
  52. Dec 9, 2011
    So far I've not had any bugs, crashes or any other negative game play crippling faults. But aside from the game, and the revised graphics (not too revised, but still) and the switching between characters (who, I should mention don't differ much), the game play is pretty linear, which is not so different from the first part. Granted, there are some side missions and other stuff to do in the city. But in my opinion, beating up henchmen or saving the occasional "political prisoner" (ironically, by beating up henchmen) does have it's limit of being fun. It gets tedious, very fast. Those familiar with the first installment will rejoice in the knowledge that most of the key elements that made it so great, are present here also. The only twist is, there's not much else that's new. You can grapple and glide, and grapple and glide for as long as your heart desires. Though i wish the grappling and gliding was less constricting, like it is in Just Cause 2. In short, Arkham City is a game that follows the footsteps of the original very closely (sometimes too closely), is rich in story and cameos, but leaves much more to be desired in terms of content and gameplay. Expand
  53. Dec 19, 2011
    I previously rated this game pretty bad, but the update changed my mind. There surely are still issues and I can run this game now on maximum settings and the plot stopping bugs have been resolved. However and this especially leaves a bitter taste: All my savefiles were corrupted from updating this game. I think it's fair to give this game 8/10 points for the troubles we've experienced since release. This game is now playable and worth getting. Expand
  54. Nov 29, 2011
    Wow alot of hate over broken dx 11. Yes its broke, but that doesnt mean the game sucks.

    Dx9 runs perfect, even with physx on high and I only have slightly overclocked gtx 470. Seriously, the physx runs perfect on high with only 1 gpu and its looks great, so quit whinning so hard. They will eventually fix Dx11 effects. It probably wont be more than 2 months.

    Ive turned on dx11 effects
    including high tesselation, and I get 25 fps average with benchmark with lots of stuttering.Truth is they dont add that much anyway, so why are are giving the game 0's. The game was only delayed 6 weeks and youre acting like it was 6 months. You should be greatful this game is released on pc as quick as it was with plently of configuration options, including a fully editable configuration ini since game is unreal engine 3. So one part of game doesnt work, so youre score goes from 10 to 0. Its not rocksteady fault you spent 2000 dollars on graphics cards nor is it their obligations to program a game that takes full advantage of that hardware flawlessly.

    I mean come on, can you seriouly say you have seen a better looking Unreal Engine 3 game. This game might be the best video game ever made, and playing maxed out in dx9 with high physx and high AA along with triple 2560x1440 res isnt good enough looking so the game gets a 0?

    You people really need to evaluate your lives and gain some perspective. Ive been playing games since Zelda 1 and Mario 1 were released, and Im fairly sure Im playing the best game ever made when I fire up the PC version of Arkham City.

    It runs flawlessly with ZERO STUTTERING OR FRAMERATE ISSUES, as long as I turn off Dx 11. The only loss is yours if you dont play this game cause you're having a temper tantrum.

    Better than Deus Ex, Better than Half Life, Better than Ultima Underworld, Better than Super Metroid, Better than any Zelda game,better than any Mario game, Arkham City is the best game ever made.

    That said I kinda wish they had brough back Arleen Sorkin even though Im a brony, still easily 11/10
  55. Nov 29, 2011
    Yeaahh it's Great game,,..the best superhero video game ever made,It's the GOTY candidate alngside with Uncharted 3 n Skyrim..,and why they give it score 0??? just DX 11 problem??? no ..they're just some crap haters....Go F*** urself haters!!!!!!!!!!....there a lot things to do, challenges,Riddlles,so many improvements,great graphic, lot of fans service,and also Catwoman already included in this PC version..yeaahhh..the only thing that I dissapointed is just the SuckeROM.... Expand
  56. Nov 28, 2011
    Batman Arkham City starts with good pacing and have many awesome set-pieces through-out the game. Graphics are great even though without DX11. Game not really lengthy but with side-missions, challenge, and new game+ make the game worth to play again. Sometimes I have some frame-rate issue and minor glitches but that doesn't ruin my gameplay experience (my PC is mid-range setting, not monster rig). Gameplay mechanics still using the same fighting mechanics from previous game with some additional combos to use. Easy to understand but hard to master. Riddler's challenge are back with more puzzle to solve. All in all this game is great to play and recommended to all Batman and action game fans. Expand
  57. Dec 31, 2011
    It randomly erases your save games (and encrypts them so you can't make backups!), the performance in DirectX 11 is terrible, it uses "Games for Windows Live" which is this thing that doesn't really do anything but forces you to log in to some system and restarts your game and crashes basically, and this is a port that was released months after the console version. The actual game is pretty decent, it's basically Akrham Asylum but over a larger area and with more batman villains. But the technical problems are inexcusable, if you really can't resist the urge to play it please just pirate it instead of making the mistake of buying it like I did. Expand
  58. Dec 17, 2011
    Great game, I ran the game no problem, didn't run into any bugs. I did use the wireless 360 controller with it, didn't try out the mouse and keyboard. I've no idea what everyone else is talking about with the bugs and the game running **** I think they just need a new rig lol
  59. Dec 6, 2011
    Excellent game, the pc version is truly great no signs of a port and im quite use to seeing such crappy ports from so many other companies. Have not had a single crash since i got it.
  60. Nov 28, 2011
    While this game cannot surpass the glory that was Arkham Asylum, they give it their best shot, and come close, only falling short by a small bit here and there. If you loved Asylum for the combat, let me just say, you are all set, buy it now, that aspect is just as good and then a bit better. While the addition of being in an entire city was nice, the city layout was horrendous. I love having more area to explore, but the fact the entire city makes a giant U shape makes travel across it an immense pain. Of the returning villains, the Riddler fell flat on his face. The game practically solves what very few riddles there are for you, and tried to make up for it by just spewing trophies all over the map, which is a complete shame. The new villains are done well, even if they are short lived. But all in all Arkham City is a good game, and a worthy predecessor to Arkham Asylum. Expand
  61. Dec 1, 2011
    This is a great game. I recommend it.

    I believe the main story line mission was around 10 hours long so that felt kind of short, but there are PLENTY of other things to do (side-missions, collecting Riddler trophies, new game +, challenges) that will keep you busy for a lot longer than that. I felt the characters were done really well and the game's atmosphere was pretty

    If you enjoyed Batman: Arkham Asylum, then I recommend you get this game. It had improved combat mechanics, such as new moves, new gadgets, and new types of enemies, giving it a whole new level of entertainment when compared to the original. Sure, the gameplay can get repetitive....but the combat is entertaining enough that you probably won't mind. The original key-bindings were a little screwed up for my style so I had to change them but I didn't notice anything wrong with respect to controls. I really enjoyed the new style of the Riddler puzzles. I've gotten all of them now, but some of them took me a little while to figure out, hah.

    The graphics looked amazing when ran at high specs with dx11 disabled. I did not have any problems with lag or stuttering, however I did crash once or twice. If you are actually looking to run this game with dx11, I would recommend you wait for the patch because I could not get an enjoyable framerate with dx11 enabled.

    @Matthew_Hayward .... I went out of my way, made an account and posted on here simply because I felt the need to call you a moron, as obvious as it is to everybody else. Just letting you know, j***ass, that you can't possibly beat the game in 10 minutes. No idea what you were trying to achieve coming on here and posting that useless crap you call a review. People like you (morons) need to stop coming on here to rage instead of reviewing because it doesn't help the people who are trying to gather information to decide whether they would enjoy this game or not if they bought it.
  62. Dec 2, 2011
    This game is just PERFECT. The gameplay is just AWESOME. Now, Batman can be played in an open world scene which is very enjoyable. which can't be done in Arkham Asylum. Although there is some issues with dx11, but it's fixed now with the new update 1.1, check it out guys. I can't even rate this game a 9. It just deserve a 10.
  63. Dec 3, 2011
    An excellent game, but not the masterpiece that Asylum was. The plot is very well executed and fun, but has some holes that bug me. The combat system seems like a natural extension of Asylum, and is still excellent. The free-roaming aspect is OK, but the gliding/diving system is hard to control; the advanced AR exercises and some of the Riddler puzzles are all about exiting a power dive into level flight (rather than a slight climb), which is a lot harder than it ought to be due to the over-the-shoulder perspective. I like the system of interrogating inmates to learn about Riddler's secrets.

    It sounds like other people have had worse technical issues than I have. With my 4-year-old computer (Intel E6850/Radeon HD 3850 256MB) the default settings were completely unplayable, taking several seconds between frames. After I turned down the detail level to low and resolution to 1024x768, it runs fine.
  64. Dec 4, 2011
    Great game! can't believe people voting this a 0, but I guess there are haters everywhere. Yes the game was a month late, yes DX11 features will slow down your game, when it should, in fact, speed it up, yes there is SecuRom, and yes its on GWFL. However, none of that really matters, a month later? Who fricking cares, yes I had some of it spoiled, but I should have kept away from the batman forums Expand
  65. Dec 21, 2011
    Low score for techical problens is ridiculous.. this score is for the game... and the game is very good! Over the console version, this runs in FullHD, best textures, PhysX and DX11 set the PC version ona leval above others versions.
  66. Dec 26, 2011
    This is one horrible port, the grafics are oke but what i dont get at all is why Rocksteady didn even took their time to make some controle options, i mean what did Rocksteady do those 5 weeks? Apart form beefing up their security. Well its their reputation i guess. I know im not gone be so easly tricked in buying games from rocksteady anymore that for sure.
  67. Feb 11, 2012
    This game is just too awesome. I played it for hours and hours and didn't get tired in any moment of the game. The main story is awesome, the secondary missions too. I love it, you guys MUST play it, but it goes 8 on my score because it's a little short.
  68. May 22, 2012
    Absolutely amazing, that says it all! One of the best games I've ever played, and I've been gaming for 25 years. The story, the graphics, the gameplay, the combat and the incredible attention to detail all add up to an experience that nobody should miss out on. I put in probably 100 hours playing through the game twice, doing every side mission, and collecting every trophy in the game, and never experienced a single bug or crash. So all the folks giving this game poor ratings because they've had issues need to check their computers. Expand
  69. Dec 5, 2011
    People need to calm down. A 0 score based off graphics for a decent looking game? Skyrim looks worse, did you rate that a 0? Likewise, the 10's are a bit much. Was Arkham City a good game? Yes. I enjoyed it. GOTY? I honestly cannot see that argument. Aside from being a larger sandbox, it actually was much more empty than its predecessor. The highs weren't as high, but the lows weren't as low. There were no scenes or fights that you'll remember a few months from now (unlike the Scarecrow scenes from AA.) But you won't be groaning every time you had to fight the same enemies.... AGAIN (unlike all the Bane-wannabes in AA.) While it started out strong, it felt incredibly rushed at the later 1/3, making the environment incredibly hostile to any exploration. It felt like an MMO, simply telling me to run to talk to/fight the next NPC and come back. Ultimately, I'd give the first 2/3 of the game a 8 or 9 out of 10, and the later third a 5/10. Thus, the 7. Expand
  70. Dec 5, 2011
    Finally got my hands on this title via my GTX 560TI purchase. First thing I did was read the reviews to prepare myself for what comes next. Single player games are typically not my forte', aside from Bioware games for the most part. With that out of the way let me say this.... Batman AC is a spectacular game. It has an awesome cinematic story coupled with an open world feel that lets the player spread their wings a bit to tackle available content on their own terms. Aside from folks complaining about technical issues (I haven't had any, but to each his own) I cant for the life of me figure out what someone looking for a great Batman game would not enjoy about this title. It is stunning visually, exciting mechanically with an engaging narrative. It has a dark tone which I love and expect from a Batman tale that really draws you into the world. I'm not sure what the developer promised that the naysayers were expecting, but I'm finding it hard to identify faults in this stellar game. It is simply put, way fun!

    If you're looking for a great single player game, with top notch cinematic storytelling, character progression, exploration and oh yeah, you're a DC fan..... give this game a go, you wont be disappointed. I'm so thankful I didn't miss the bus on Batman: Arkham City, neither will you.
  71. Feb 17, 2012
    I think better game than Arkham Asylum. I don't have any bug's or something with DX11/ I will tell you: Fight mechanik is the best i've ever seen! Great job
  72. Dec 4, 2011
    GOTY 100%
    Nice game, made me a fan Batman. Good graphics and optimization, Went through the whole, not finding a single bug, the plot is very interesting.
  73. Dec 6, 2011
    This is the first time that I am writing a recommendation to say not to buy the game. Based on critic reviews, you would think this would be a contender for GOTY. However, the PC version of this game is so plagued with bugs that playing through the entire game in 1 shot is completely impossible without a little extra file patching (from modders) on your part. I probably spent more time working on fixes than I actually have playing the game. Even once you get the game working and beat it, you will have to replace all of your switched files back and forth to work towards achievements.

    The game was released a month later so that dx11 worked. Good news! It still doesn't. Additionally, the game only runs in 32bit. If your game launches, it will crash often for no reason. You have to go through drms, including GFWL. I've complained enough about GFWL in other recommendations, but it doesn't add value to this game in any way. Technically speaking, this game is ****

    As for the actual game play, the game play is pretty much the exact same as arkham asylum. I wasn't looking for much to be new here since it is the sequel, but I was looking for something more fun. The boss fights aren't as exciting as Batman: AA. There was only 1 that I found even slightly fun (Clayface). The one shining addition to the game play was the Catwoman story. While she plays similarly to Batman, she has a unique role and style. In fact, she has an alternate game ending, so if you do play it, see if you can find it.

    I don't know if I'm more upset that this game was a complete waste of money and time or that even now, I really hope that the developer patches this game with fixes so that it can become a good game like Batman AA. I had high hopes for this game as a GOTY contender and now am riddled with disappointment.

    Oh, 1 more bit. The same voice actors from the animated series and Batman AA return. That is a small bright spot in an otherwise dark void of horribleness."
  74. Dec 23, 2011
    Freshly finished this game and having played the first i cant really say it lived up to my expectations.
    being a huge physx fan i must say one of the greater dissapointments was the lack of environment featuring said physx. the previous batman made heavy use of tearable cloth, papers, leaves, clothing etc however if i recall correctly there wasnt even a single piece of environment that
    could be demolished except board but that was a cheesy half life style break. the cloth physx was dedicated about 2 rugs and some paper.
    the whole game was in my eyes too short following the main story. not really any attraction to do side stuff. a labouring jourey across the map to punch 4 guys and hide a nurse isnt what i would call entertainment. the story relies heavily on the thrills of "woahhh im actually meeting mr freeze and clayface" etc rather than an actually thrilling storyline. what they did in one building (essentially) they could not repeat in an entire city. alright game but not fun enough.
  75. Feb 25, 2012
    Batman: Arkham City is an unprecedented follower of its predecessor Arkham Asylum. The game moulds itself with an excellent storyline, new abilities of batman with a new character like catwoman as well. The visual scenario of Arkahm City and its narrow roads and buildings make it worth enough to feel like being in a city. The game-play is suitably awesome. Using serial combos of batman and unlocking special attacks in the mid-fight really bear fruit. But, it is true that roaming around the same place quite a few times may annoy the new players. Whatsoever enigmatic puzzles and worth-playing side missions decorate the game really scintillating. Expand
  76. Feb 16, 2012
    This game is fantastic. The combat is effortlessly enjoyable, and Catwoman provides a nice change of pace. The main story has some ingenious puzzle elements using Batman's gadgets, and the overall fidelity of the environment is at times, stunning. Here are the few foibles made to this otherwise excellent game...some scripted instant kills that seem cheap...a boss battle here and there that are confusing and lack any degree of sense (Mister Freeze)...generic 'gamey' backtracking for very little reward (A certain 'helicopter' segment)...

    I played through in a fairly quick fashion, sticking mainly to the main quest line. I would recommend treating the idiotic riddler collectibles like white noise. They are simply constructs to take up game time that could otherwise be kickin' some thug ass...which is why this game still gets a 9.
  77. Dec 23, 2012
    Batman Arkham City is the first high graphics game i played after i bought a new laptop and the graphics delighted me........ I had a small problem of a cut seen which got solved when i checked the internet........
  78. May 18, 2012
    This is a really good game. I loved Arkham Asylum and was somewhat suspicious about whether the sequel would be able to put in enough new features to make it a worthy sequel. Fortunately I had no reason to worry because this is another perfect example of taking the really good parts from the first game and innovate on this; the open world, more upgrades, several compelling stories (although the premise of a city dedicated to contain the most violent and horrible criminals does seem a bit silly). All this plus a really surprising ending made this game one of my top 10 all-time favorite games.

    And precisely because of this I feel I have to address something I would never otherwise do in a review. A lot of these reviews have been positive and some of them have also been negative, mostly centering around technical issues and bugs which I completely understand. I haven't encountered any serious bugs or glitches in this game but I can perfectly relate to having bought a game only to learn that it is full of bugs and crashes, making it completely unplayable - it hurts even more when you have high expectations and the price is high. But giving this game a 0 is just downright lazy. Think about all the games you have ever seen or played in your entire life and then look at the rating scale from 0-10. I would like to see 0 and 10 as the absolute worst/best games I have ever played and I will reserve those scores when they are appropriate and trust me there are a lot of games out there that are far more worse than batman Arkham City.
  79. Jan 21, 2012
    I can't believe i find myself giving this game a four, I eagerly awaited the release of this game like many other fans of Arkham Asylum. The first negative thing i noticed was the horizon scattered with in-numerous Riddler signs. I loved getting the Riddler arrested in Arkham city don't get me wrong, but in this game the frustration that is caused by time wasted trying to solve trophies that require a special gadget wasted plenty of time. A lot of the reasons for being disappointed with Arkham City i cannot recall however i assure you it is a disappointment. FYI i loved the idea of a large scale city map for the Arkham franchise and i still found this disappointing. Expand
  80. Mar 6, 2013
    Games for Windows Live totally ruined the experience for me. Just wanted to try the game that I got with my GPU and no it wont work. Had to enter my CD-key 3 times, the game crashed 2 times while trying to create a profile, could not save without updating "Games for Windows Live" etc... terrible DRM.
  81. Mar 18, 2012
    How long have i waited for this game, Batman Arkham City is the first game which i didn't had any doubt that i will pre order it, and i can tell you this Batman Arkham City is better than the great Batman Arkham Asylum.
    you can see improvements in about everything that Batman Arkham Asylum delivers. This game is a Must buy and in my opinion Batman Arkham City is the Game of the Year of
    2011. At any rate what are you doing here ? Go Now Buy IT !!! Expand
  82. Mar 2, 2012
    I experienced the very same technical issues as all of you had. Worse - even. Since the game negatively scales when running dx11 and AMD crossfire. However slapping an extremely low score on this game due to the poorly implemented dx11 mode - would be reasonable if that meant you where unable to play the game smoothly . Direct x 9 mode runs flawlessly, and runs incredibly well. So even people without the exact hardware needed to run dx11 mode - are still able to play this game at a vastly better visual standard than everyone else. The game itself is incredible, one of the best of 2011. Arkham asylum was already a great game with a great combat system, it was structured almost like an oldschool metroid game. With progression tied to gadgets. This game opens up, and gives you a hubworld, it still has that metroid structure - it just combines it with elements of open world games. And this combination is so great it's intoxicating. Every single piece of this game is individually fantastic, now tie them all together. And you have a game that is truly worth the asking price. And then some. Involving plot. Check. Open world. Check. Enjoyable gameplay. Check. Variety. Check. Poetically mindblowing visuals. Check. 9/10?. Check. Expand
  83. Mar 16, 2012
    If you want to complain about SecuRom and a delayed release date, do it on the Rocksteady forums. We're supposed to be reviewing THE GAME. Bottom line is, if you liked AA then you'll love AC. The addition of Catwoman, improved free-flow combat, a bigger world to explore, and the ability to grapple while gliding make Batman: AC an improvement over its predecessor in every way. Easily a top 5 game of 2011. Expand
  84. Dec 27, 2011
    This game rocks, just about everything about arkham Asylum has improved, the graphics are stunning in Dx11 ultra, bigger playing area, tighter control system, more enemies and unlocks...I don't understand the problems people are having, works perfectly on Dx11 maxed out on mine, not come across any game killing problems at all, maybe the people with negative comments dont know how to config a PC properly or just have rubbish PCs. Expand
  85. May 7, 2012
    One of my favorites; the best ive played in years. Full of rich storylines and areas to explore. Level up
    system enables new weapons and abilities to keep the fun alive even when into the game for 30
    hours. Plus you get to layout the keyboard the way you want it. A feature I dont want to do without.
    Try it; you will love it!
  86. May 7, 2012
    Wow. Here I thought that Batman Arkham Asylum couldn't be topped. Arkham City proved me wrong and more than I thought.

    OK, so there's the aesthetics: beautifully rendered, designed, laid out, composed - whatever you want to call it - it's simply stunning. The costumes and character designs are vivid and imaginative (Catowman = :^O). The locales, architecture and mapping is
    magnificent. I truly felt like I was in Arkham City the whole time.

    Sound: Brilliant. Crisp, reactive and vibrant. The environmental sounds are realistic, the gadgets and weapons are full and quick and the voice-over work - well - there is no other game with such impressive performances as this. Again, Mark Hammill just explodes here with some incredible dialogue and talent. Kevin Conroy, as always is the perfect voice for Batman. All the other characters, including the thugs, are just fantastic. Story: The greatest story ever told in a video game. It's elaborate, imaginative, exciting and entertaining in every respect. Paul Dini and company have written a masterpiece.

    Gameplay: Fluid and simple. Granted, at first, I didn't get it quick enough, but once you get used to the controls it's very easy to play. The fighting system is just amazing with it's one-on-one (or more) tactics and the use of quick-fire gadgets make it direct. The array of gadgets is creative and diverse and they all can be used against enemies as well as the environment. The Riddler challenges and other challenges are just that: challenging: Most aren't but there are a considerable amount of them that are not easy to find or reach. Playing Catwoman is just as fun but limited since she doesn't have as many gadgets or armor. The combat combos are clever and aren't as easy as one would think to implement which gives the game more of a challenge.

    Replay value is excellent with the separate combat challenges for Batman and Catwoman out fo the story arc. The extras like concept art and character trophies are gorgeous. There's also the back stories for all the characters that can be read in game as well as the audio files for their sessions in Arkham with Prof. Strange and the audio messages left for Batman.

    It's all the detail, devotion and attention to the story gameplay that make this such an incredible experience. There are no issues visually but my game did crash a few times, so aside from that there are no programming problems on my end. My PC had no problems running the game at all the highest settings with DX11.

    This folks, is a true masterpiece. Batman Arkham City is a triumph.
  87. Apr 6, 2012
    I'm giving this game a 10. It's not much different from the previous game, Arkham Asylum, but it is still a great game. Given that it is very similar to Arkham Asylum, I'm not sure it was worth the full $80, but I'm not regretting it anyway. Great graphics, smooth gameplay, well-designed. The DX11 sucks, and even with a core i7 cpu & and GTX470 it still stutters occasionally. Some people are complaining that it's not finished, but I've not had an issue with it yet (they did recently patch it), but even last year it was fine.
    CONS: Games For Windows Live (GFWL), the most useless crud invented for PC; DX11 support blows (might have been fixed via the patch); graphics stutter occasionally.
    PROS: Great graphics, smooth gameplay, decent story, lots to do.
  88. Dec 26, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. There really needs to be two different subscores for the PC version of AC. One for the game/story, and one for technical support.

    The game/story, I'd give a 7/10, for reasons that I'll get into shortly. The technical support probably deserves a 3. The PC version was delayed a good month, only to release with completely broken DX11 support. A later patch purported to correct the deficiencies, but the frame rate hit is still massive. On my rig (2600k, GTX570), I would get a solid 60 fps at 1920x1200, Medium FXAA on DX9. On DX11, the max frame rate is still 60 fps, but there are often dips to 1 or 0 fps that are quite annoying. It's too bad, since the DX11 effects - particularly the tessellation - are quite nice, and improve upon the otherwise flat, lifeless textures so endemic to the Unreal engine that powers this game. AC is also infected with Microsoft's GFWL, which is one of the worst things ever to grace the gaming world. SecuROM is also present and seemingly designed only to punish the honest paying customer. The bastardized console interface is painfully obvious - even the main menu screen says "Press Start," and you cannot change video settings or rebind keys without first completely closing the game executable. I suppose it is what it is, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

    If you can get over all that, AC is pretty much AA, with some extra refined bits. There are more gadgets, more combat and predator moves, more complex Riddler trophy challenges, and a sandbox/open-world feel to the main game, which includes side quests that you can undertake at your leisure. The story is typical for something based on comic books - which is to say, it's pretty damn stupid. It suffers from retread-itis - almost every popular villain in the Batman rogue gallery is crammed into the plot, usually for no good reason (much like Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire novel series, which just took the famous characters in Star Wars and recycled their dialogue from the films). I would have much preferred the writing team to create a new villain, but I suppose that'd hurt the cost/benefit analysis. The plot has all your typical gaping holes; in the interest of time and space I'll not list them save one - in real life, if a criminal was indeed deemed legally insane, he'd be locked up in a padded cell and pumped full of anti-psychotics, leaving him drooling in his straitjacket. He wouldn't have time to cook up a complex scheme and employ and arm hundreds of henchmen. Most of the criminals in the Batman world aren't insane, either, by any legal definition, with perhaps the exception of Zsaz. They're simply sociopaths with antisocial personality disorders. They'd go to a normal prison and probably end up getting shivved to death. This would relieve Batman of the painful "choice" to never kill, and instead see his nemeses continue to escape from prison and harm innocent people. But I digress. The dialogue in AC is pretty bland, it generally consists of the villain talking about how tough he is, and Batman responding with a pithy quote. Catwoman especially utters a series of silly one-liners that makes the Arnold Schwarzenegger version of Mr. Freeze and his "Ice to see you!" sound educated by comparison, and takes the edge off of what is ostensibly supposed to be a "mature" "graphic novel"-type story. But to be fair, nobody ever claimed that Batman was Shakespeare. And the silly story didn't stop me one iota from beating the living daylights out of the goons, and enjoying every minute of it.

    I also greatly appreciated the expanded Riddler challenges and trophies; the designers went out of their way to create some really tough, mind-bending ones, especially the ones that involved dive-bombing and bouncing off of walls. With 400 trophies/riddles to solve, obsessive-compulsive types will have something to keep them up at night. The boss fights (there are a bunch of them) aren't nearly as fun, but oh well. They do break up the monotony of having to constantly engage in combat and/or predation. I was hoping to see the ability to drive a vehicle make its way into the game - be it Batwing, Batmobile, Batcycle, Batskiboat, or other - but no such luck. Maybe the third time will be the charm.
  89. Sep 10, 2012
    Here I'm not rating a "game" 'cause there is no such thing in "Arkham City". This is merely a "software", not even entertaining, which suffers from performance issues, multiple bugs, glitches, and so on. Not to mention this is yet another console port, flawed as a console port can be. To give you figures, if you want to judge by yourself : I have an Intel Core i7, along with 12GB DDR3 Corsair, an ATI Saphire 6950 HD; on an Asus ROG motherboard. This is powered by a corsair power supply. So it gives me a reliable, fast and efficient gaming system. hmm, well... not for THIS "game" however. I've had severe lags at some PRECISE parts of the game only (multiple ones, not isolated cases, unfortunately). Specifically while cut-scenes.

    Besides, the "game" itself has consistency and balance problems; as the gameplay has been designed by a some people able to move one finger only (fight is a "push button, receive beacon" action, which has to be timed), and its programming has obviously be done by some inexperienced code-monkey : these timed events don't even work all the times : I have, multiple times, tried to hammer (Y) while the timed-event indicator didn't disappear, and Batman finally got beaten up while I tried to make him counter. How lame.

    So, while it's a shame that so many games are designed for CONSOLES before getting designed for PCs (even Deus Ex 3, which is a sequel of one of the best PC game ever...), I'd recommend you a TON of other games instead of this particular one. If you really want to play it, save your money, and go see a full walk-through of the game on youtube.
  90. May 3, 2012
    If there was an option for 8.5 I would've given it. A few notes first: Do not get a retail copy, get a steam copy. The retail copy will make you put the dvd in the tray to boot it up. I should be able to expect to install a game without having to put in a dvd every time. I mean it's 2012 (2011 when this was released), if I wanted to be a dirty pirate I could be one, don't spit on me because I buy games for pc. Also if I buy a retail copy in a store I don't want it to be sub par to an online distributor like steam.
    Secondly: Games for windows live... yeah... not so great, but I don't think you can avoid it. Other than the aforementioned technical issues the game has a couple graphical issues and I'm running a nvidia card (the game is optimized for nvidia). This game is great aside from being a console port, but the mouse and keyboard mapping isn't too bad. The game fighting dynamic reminds me a little bit of assassins creed, where timing is everything when you are surrounded by a huge group of thugs. There are also good espionage aspects in the game where taking down one opponent at a time is crucial to surviving. I will say that this game made me feel like batman, and that is why I'm giving it an 8. I might suggest to go for the console if your computer isn't a beast because while this games graphics are impressive it seems to take quite a machine to get this to go. I am always finding that when a cut-scene ends or begins there is noticeable lag, perhaps this is the U3 engine (I don't recall mass effect 3 doing this). The story is really good, and you can tell that the makers of this game really did want to make something that would stand up for batman fans everywhere. Currently I have an i5-750 8 gigs of ram and a 560ti and I can run this game smoothly on high. Hopefully new nvidia drivers and updates will make for some more gains in the future. This was worth the money I paid for it, and strikes a very good balance of difficulty and challenge. I'm also considering going 3d in the future, and know this game will be one of the reasons to try it out.
  91. May 19, 2012
    Well...I'm lost for words really. This is a true shining example of how to create a sequel. The improvements on Arkham Asylum are almost infinite, and while Arkham Asylum is definitely a good game on its own merits, it looks silly compared to this. The amount of time it takes to get 100% complete on Arkham Asylum is only a mater of hours. On Arkham City, it will take days of playtime to fully explore and complete just the campaign, let alone the vast challenge modes. Not only has Arkham City added quantity, but greatly improved the quality of the content too. You get a very well-designed city which is much larger than Arkham Asylum- and a lot more interesting too. There are a load of side missions too which were missing from Arkham Asylum. From minute details to major improvements in level design, story-telling and the additional elements to both the combat system and stealth, Arkham City is more than just Arkham Asylum with a bigger map. It's not just the sheer content here- which, by the way, is EASILY double that of Grand Theft Auto IV excluding challenge modes- but also the way it's been implemented. Every single addition and tweak to virtually all elements of the game have made it far superior to Arkham Asylum which in itslef was already a well-designed game. The result is one of the best open-world action games of this generation. Arkham City is a mixture of Arkham Asylum, Assassin's Creed, GTA IV and some of its own creativity. The boss fights, for instance, are so much more varied and really show that the game's full potential has been used. The characters are nicely done and unique, not to mention that there are so many of them. The combat is brutal, satisfying, skillful and with the addition of new gadgets and enemy counter-measures - greatly varied too. The pacing and mix between stealth and mass brawling is perfectly done and satisfying every time. The game never feels repetitive or boring because of the variety in gameplay. The RPG element of being rewarded for skillful combat (through variation and combo bonuses) also help to keep your interest by allowing you to unlock new gadgets and gear. No open-world game today has a better combat system. No open-world game has better boss fights. That's the thing about Arkham City- it's a sandbox game, whereas Arkham Asylum was a short Action game. My criticisms of this game are in the story and characters, because the two don't seem to connect very well. It's not a story-driven game and doesn't feel engaging or particularly interesting until the very end. However, facial details, motion capture and lip-syncing are of Hollywood standard in some cutscenes. The game isn't particulalry challenging on Hard difficulty either; although this is remedied by the New Game plus mode which is unclocked at the end of the game which is essentially a "Hardcore" version of the campaign. The only real let-down for this game is its astronomical failure of implementing DX11 features. Even if you can get very high framerates with everything maxxed, turning DX11 features on in the slightest will lead to a slideshow. That said, the game is already very impressive graphically even in DX9, and although PhysX is quite demanding in this game, the framerate issues don't occur regualarly enough or last long enough to cause any problems. All in all then, what we have here isn't a beat-em-up game with free roam. Batman Arkham City represents the height of game design for open-world action games. The lack of multiplayer is made up for by the endless, varied, addicting and satisfying challenge modes. Aside from the poor implementation of DX11 and some framerate issues, this is a game which is very difficult to dislike or at least criticise. Arkham City oozes quality in virtually all aspects and is one of the easiest games to recommend to any type of gamer. There's something for everyone here. Expand
  92. Jan 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. "spoiler alert"
    Batman: do you want to know something funny? even after what you've dome, i'd have saved you.
    Joker: that actually is.... pretty funny.

    the endurance of such magnitude is practically un-achievable and therefore, is pretty funny. my Batman arkham city's review:
    sound-9 - it is amazing that rocksteady has almost made it feel like a real city with real people dwelling in it. the dialogues from in-mates, the ambiance, ...everything seems as if happening around you. the dialogues in the game may not be the most memorable but then games strong fidelity to comics justifies the way they are written and delivered.
    Graphics-8 - amazing in dx11 and with everything on high (i had tessellation normal and AA off but still you'd be blown away). but dx11 really puts pressure on even the best gpu's so at present you'll definitely need multi-gpu setups to play on high resolutions and with settings i mentioned and then to the best you may get is 50-60 FPS but i've seen the game looks awesome in dx9 and lower resolution too which will give you more FPS. as for the artistic aspect, arkham city, like i've said before, is like any other another city you're in and yet it has enough unique gotham landmarks and a creepy grim nature to it to identify it as a part of gotham.
    Gameplay-10 - WOW! i've been in batman's mind if not his body atleast. the game is strictly to be played on hard for the regular gamers because only on this difficulty you've to work your mind to plan a strategy when approaching any situation. n if you don't use bat gadgets in the fight then man you're so getting your a**-kicked. the combat looks amazing with never feeling repeated in any way because of varying groups of enemies requiring different combos and gadgets to KO them almost everytime. boss fights also are enough stressing to get your palms sweating when mashing the buttons. n if you still find this easy enough or not satisfied with it there lies story+ mode ahead which takes away hints n counter indications.
    Setting and presentation-9 - the story develops and unfolds consistently and well in a manner enough to keep you interested throughout. the characters especially villains used were also designed and voiced in such a way that their personalities totally went alongwith their nature. the only gripe is with the end which is by no means bad or totally disappointing but has been so overwhelmingly presented that it takes your mind away from some of the questions that were left unanswered or it could be very well possible that i still haven't been able to connect all the (so many) dots. then aside from the main story, devs did a great job with side-missions and riddler trophies and secrets. it took me 30 hours or something to finish 60% of game with story being 100%. if you plan to follow main story only then game is about 10-11 hours but the side missions and solving riddler challenges are so fun n intelligent that it easily kept me deviating from my main objectives. and hence throw in another 25-30 hours of that and you almost get an RPG with emphasis on exploration. this is more than you can ask for a game that has been labeled action/adventure only.

    conclusion-9 i'm giving this incredible piece of art and creativity 9 because of some technical issues and some issues with the story that maybe i've but i think few others might too especially with the end and some obvious questions that were left unanswered as said before. otherwise, if there's one thing that this game lets you know about batman then that is that batman's strength has never been his gadgets or the money that allows him to get them or his martial arts which he learnt at places having sub-zero degree environments ...they only help him on the way to reach his goal ...but his real strength lies in his persistence.... persistence to uphold his firm (idealistic) belief that justice is not a personal matter driven by revenge and justified by one's loss but it's a matter of being fair, driven by the goal to stop and punish the criminal for his wrong-doings only and justified by his repentance for his actions and redemption, if possible...... it is this ideal, his firm belief in it and persistence to uphold it that makes batman someone, something else entirely......
  93. Dec 24, 2011
    I've been playing the PC version since the day it launched and aside from DX11 features not being implemented at launch, this game is stable as a table. I respect the other reviewers' saying they had bugs galore, but I think it is important to let folks know that is not the case for everyone. Threrefore the problem seems unique to certain setups. I must be the only one for whom GFWL works flawlessly every time, I've never had an issue with it while playing this game. I always patch my nVidia drivers before installing a marquee title like this, plus they've also released a patch that makes DX11 work MUCH better now (although still not perfect). The PC launch stumbled out of the gate, but I wouldn't avoid buying the game over it. If you can live without DX11, it still looks every bit as amazing as the first game while improving and expanding the gameplay. Being able to fly anywhere across the city without touching the ground, patrolling the city and dropping in on a gang as you see fit is just an awesome, rewarding experience, among others. Expand
  94. Dec 21, 2011
    The game is overall a great experience, but it doesn't really add much compared to the previous game. Gameplay is very simple, which gives a great experience but seems repetitive in the long run. It comes bundled with Games for Windows Live, which only brings trouble, but most of the time it's only that popup in the beginning of the game and you won't see it again. The game seems to run rather smooth even on my mediocre computer, despite actually looking well. So overall the game is good, but the developers have to bring something new for the next Batman game, or else it'll be very repetitive. Expand
  95. Mar 21, 2012
    This game is really fun. The graphics are good and for once the Unreal Engine has impressed me.
    Gameplay is the best. Killing someone from behind and then grappling above and use detective vision to see the enemies rush around looking for you, physics disturb me a bit, I admit that if you kill someone on stairs it screws up and the ragdoll gets stuck. Sounds and storyline are well done.

    Thanks to this game I am now a batman fan!
  96. Feb 5, 2012
    game of the year, easily the best game from 2011 and much better then Skyrim or COD 10/10 batman arkham asylum was epic
    this is EPICNESS to the maximum
  97. Dec 5, 2011
    The game really good. After the first part was left unsatisfied by a large part of what the fans really love the first part. Developers have added new characters, new enemies by what we have new challenges and this sometimes is even harder. To this is the story that is even better than in 1, but it is still not ideal. The game, however, will not be as cool as one because it's not the same impression when we met with the previous part. My rating - 8 / 10 Expand
  98. Jan 28, 2012
    It really pisses me off that the reason people give this game a 0 because of a SHORT 5 WEEK DELAY and because its buggy if its such a problem go to friends house and play it on a console if you have to.
  99. Nov 27, 2011
    I got this game on origin for pc many of you might think origin??? Well it was only 25$ a steal XD now onto the reveiw this game is a mixed bag VERY mixed bag first of all this is a **** port by ALL means it will run ****ty in Dx11 and in dx9 people with gtx 580's are getting framerate issues very poorly optimized lips dont synch with voices cutscenes are choppy and low res, so many of u might be like, Why give it such a generous score? well i played it in dx9 with my gtx 570 everything maxed besides dx11 and got good average 60fps with a tweak but on to the real reason i rated it good was because the gameplay IT IS ABSOLUTLEY TERRIFIC!!!!! its fluid fun and exciting nothing like hanging a guy from a gargoyle its a very fun experience BUT leter in the game nearly everyone has guns and it kinda gets very irratating. also theres alittle repetetion in the end silent takedown hide do it again repeat for the next half of the game. the savior to that is the storys engaging fun and watching joker penguin and twofaces faction fight are AWESOME! with that said sometimes there are puzzles in AC some of them will have you ready to throw your keyboard across the earth and enemys with guns are unbelivablly annoying >.> also some content is very lack luster for open world.. so many of you might be wondering it still gets an 8?? you stated so many bad things!!! Well take it into coonsideration it may be a ****ty port irratating and very repetitive BUT the story is amazing there are many things to do such a the 400 riddler trophies!! catwomen missions voice acting is SUPERB graphics are still very good interesting concept charecter sand most of all the combat mechanics are unbeatable ive never played such a combat fluid game as such well made stealth. in the end it is worth your time after a patch is released Expand
  100. Dec 20, 2011
    Dehydrated review. Despite a few bugs and launch problems this game is solid, enjoyable and a treat for DC fans. One caveat is game copy protection software. This one is a buy none the less.

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  1. 92
    Though the ending is surprising, in a way, the story isn't the main focus of Batman: Arkham City. Exploring and adventuring come first, you have so much to do that you that the hours just slip by you. Yes, the boss fights are probably too easy, the narrative too short, the framerate goes down on occasion and not all the players will appreciate searching through every nook and cranny to find trophies. But it's all up to you and Arkham City offers a variety that not a lot of new games have nowadays.
  2. 92
    The developers should be proud for Arkham City and its precise portrayal of Gotham's mood- at least accordingly to recent films and comic books. A gothic atmosphere is undoubtedly dominant, as the majestic architecture of neoclassical buildings shadows the industrialization and the bright lights of a contemporary metropolis.
  3. 90
    It's hard to create an extraordinary game but to recognize it is quite simple. Arkham City with its cinematic appearance towers high above the rest with its production values. [Dec 2011]