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  1. Oct 25, 2013
    Rushed. Unpolished. Glitchy. Buggy. Incomplete. Another shining example of a big-name studio buying up a smaller studio's lovingly polished engine and ruining it with poorly executed design. No options for adjusting mouse or controller sensitivities. Numerous bugs. The only good thing about this is that it is built upon Rockysteady's engine, which was a beautiful thing. This Warner Bros Montreal bastardation does not have the same kind of love in it and is clearly rushed and cobbled together only to make money. Expand
  2. Oct 25, 2013
    Rocksteady put their souls into the first two Batman games, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Warner Bros Montreal clearly is only interested in doing the absolute minimum necessary to make a slightly new game in order to turn a quick profit.
  3. Oct 25, 2013
    Somewhat unpolished. The animations are not as fluid as the first two games, especially during the cut-scenes as the character models reset to a default position before and after they speak. There are also a few glitches where the characters suddenly teleport to get around objects. There are a few grammar mistakes, such as when you change Physx settings it will say "Physx will take effect after the game restarting." Also, the WBID thing is just stupid; don't use it. The new detective investigation sequence replays is an interesting new mechanic. Unfortunately, the game is very rushed and rife with bugs, lowing the rating from a respectable 8 down to a lowly 2. Next time, don't release an unfinished rushed product. Expand
  4. Oct 25, 2013
    The game is broken. Cannot get past main menu due to crashes.
    I do not buy games to spend my times loooking for fixes and work arounds. I spend my money to have fun and play.
    Games that won't work on release instant zero scores.
  5. Oct 25, 2013
    I was really looking forward to this game, because I liked the Arkham games before... But now I am really disappointed. The story is not well and Gotham isn't lively at all.
  6. Oct 25, 2013
    What is it with AAA games being exactly the same this year? The only thing that saves B:AO is the fact that the story is much better then before but still NOTHING else has changed not even the mechanics.
    If you liked the previous batman for the free roaming then stick with it because this is exactly the same as that one with a little bigger city.
  7. Oct 26, 2013
    DO NOT PURCHASE THIS GAME until all the bugs have been sorted out. It was a fun, decent batman game that doesn't offer anything new but does expand on what made Arkham City so great. HOWEVER, the PC version is riddled with bugs and glitches that can prevent you from continuing. I've had to reset my game over 8 times because I was stuck in a position where the exit doors wouldn't open or combat was frozen or even trying to climb through a vent, your hands would get stuck. The larger city doesn't play well with the game either as there are times where it looks like you can obviously walk or jump over an obstacle when you have to walk all the way around a crack in the floor... I would advice purchasing the game for now as there are way too many issues for someone with a fair temper to enjoy. This isn't even mentioning the multiplayer aspect of the game. While fun in itself, there are only 4 maps and one game mode as of current and will likely lose its gimmick value pretty quickly over time. Also, there is a stats reset issue right now in MP where your progress will not be saved upon exiting and returning to the game which is absolutely ridiculous. I've lost hours of progress on this issue and the only thing gamers can do right now is to wait for a patch. With rookie developers like these, it's likely these issues won't be fixed for another few weeks. Great game, too many bugs. Do not buy for now. Expand
  8. Oct 25, 2013
    My fears about new dev team were put to rest as soon as I started to play this game. Excellent original formula renewed with minor additions gameplay-wise, online multiplayer mode (which is actually fun), and quite a strong story makes it a true successor to previous Arkham adventures. I hereby recommend this game to every fan of "Arkham" series, you won't be dissapointed.
  9. Oct 26, 2013
    Game is bugged. Lots of issues while playing. Nothing new from previous games. Was not able to pass through first boss cause it was constantly...disappearing! Completely. Just vanished from game and did not come back. Even characters run from game like this. Some skills do not work properly. Basically time wasted.
  10. Oct 25, 2013
    This game is really a huge HUGE backstep from previous Batman games. I loved Asylum and City. This game is just a semi polished turd..pushed out for money. If you read these positive meta reviews they are all the same people...paid to review and talk about this game. It is horrible. I got it for free with my video card purchase and I wouldnt even invest my 3rd backup SSd's space to even keep its data. Expand
  11. Oct 28, 2013
    I give this game a 0 because it requires you to download extra 7 GB from steam after you just wasted 45€ on the DVD. So if you have a slow or limited internet connection forget playing this game. Sorry but that's just fraud. Next time i'll just get the cracked version.
  12. Oct 25, 2013
    Played 1.5 hours so far. There are a few minor glitches, but it doesn't detract from the game (if you use a controller and have Synergy it may behave weirdly, just disable synergy or put the other computer to sleep my mouse only went off the left screen). Still set in Arkham City, plus a bit more across the bridge, and the Batcave is there. Still has the same combat. Thus far, they seem to have done well. It's very fun to play and has very good dialogue and story.

    I do find it weird having Batman ask who certain villains are, or anyone being like "who's the Batman? You made him up!" or "you're just seeing things!", since we obviously know who Batman is as well as several of the villains that Batman doesn't know yet...

    Very glad I got it. You won't be disappointed. Put your fears to rest, they didn't produce a half-assed game.
  13. Oct 26, 2013
    This is sad!! The two first batman games are epic games. I enjoy em so much.
    This 3. game about batman seems very crappy. I have just played trough first part and got out in the city. Standing on the rooftop and looking at the streets and buildings.. First think that crosses my mind.. Is this game not finish?

    The streets and buildings looks awful. The texture work looks like something
    5 years back. Even seen normal mapping that are flipped. Come one. That's noob stuff. To many trainees on the production? Same with environment debris and probs. Its just looks so freaking bad. I turned the game off and I think i try to look again in a few weeks. Maybe a golden patch arrives. Otherwise i can´t play this game trough.

    But sadly I think that the new team just came from EA or something. Sad sad sad :(

    And what's with the menu? Its so clumsy and strange setup. Same with to many info on the screen at the same time when you play the game. The camera control was great in other batman. Why change it to something that are worse.

    I feel like I could go on with the critic for pages and have not played more that 30 mins. It is just not the game to hope for
  14. Oct 25, 2013
    A very familiar game but one that still manages to build on one of the greatest games ever made. Arkham Origins may not add to much to the mechanics department but what it does add works. The story is fantastic and maybe the best of the series. The graphics aren't groundbreaking but they are still very beautiful. The gameplay is tight and riveting. Everything just comes together. If you had any fun with the other games in the series, you do not want to miss this incredible game. Expand
  15. Oct 28, 2013
    Despite Arkham Origins being an excellent game in its own right, it's hard to ignore the Arkham City comparison. Warner Brothers took no risks with Origins, and the few changes they made were for the worse. Everything in Arkham Origins is an exact replica of Arkham City, except with different buildings that you go into and obviously a younger story. They've added a new combat gadget the shock gloves and replaced line launcher with a supped up batclaw which makes predator challenges better, but everything else is identical. The city is twice the size but is poorly used and there are no riddles to solve. The actual collectibles are still fun to get but the design is pasted from Arkham City. The other change is the unlock system. Instead of earning XP and unlocking whatever takes your fancy, you have to do them in a dictated order for no reason whatsoever! Then there's the challenges, which again also have to be done in a certain order to gain the XP. Side missions are again pasted from City. The only thing that's stopping this game from being completely pointless is the story. Seeing the characters when they are younger is quite interesting, but the story lacks focus it jumps around too much. Then there's the bugs. Performance issues aside, there are a number of game-breaking bugs which can be avoided with caution but persist throughout the game. It's also difficult to tell where to go in some parts of the game. The multiplayer is tacked on, and doesn't even work most of the time on PC. The concept and class system and stuff is all just flawed and tacked on for the sake of it. Overall, Arkham Origins has solid foundations but fails to expand upon them. Unless you're a big fan of Arkham City or Batman in general, I wouldn't recommend this game over Arkham City. Expand
  16. Oct 25, 2013
    The first thing I noticed when playing was the worsening in the quality of graphics. This is strange because it uses the same engine as Arkham City but it has poorer shadows and is glitchier than Asylum. After going through the intro phase of the game, you begin the EXACT same way as City. You must defuse Penguin's frequency disrupters, fight in a gladiator arena and then defeat his ace etc. Did they literally just re-image a few characters, back grounds, and call it a day? It continues down this path and is littered with melodramatic catch phrasing to top off poor dialogue. It feels more like Die Hard than Batman.

    I love the series and I didn't want to think this was just expanded DLC but the story line matches up too closely with the fact that Black Mask, Falcone, Julian Day, and other B listers were set up in the last game (I love the under appreciated villains btw). It is apparent they just wanted an opportunity to cut corners and sell Joker statues. Continuity is all askew until you realize this was meant to take place after Arkham City and be done by Rocksteady.

    Only buy if you HAVE to have Batman, like me. I just hope this doesn't mark the end of a series like Gears of War Eday: a money grab by expanding DLC.
  17. Nov 7, 2013
    Overall it's linear, repetitive, and buggy. The game adds little overall to its predecessor, Arkham City, and is not worth full price.

    The relatively simple addition of blocking and counter attacks adds a great deal to the fight sequences, and makes them more than just a button mashing slog. A few new gadgets are introduced, but the total number is still manageable. The main quest is
    extremely linear, and there are few, if any, chances to deviate from the script. The world is larger than the other Batman games, but it's just populated with more of the same mobs, building types, geography, and trinkets.

    At release time the game is quite buggy. I was frustrated as hell when I realized the door I was trying to bypass at one stage didn't involve some trickery or inventiveness to get around, but just a restart to get past a software glitch. There are also numerous bugs affecting side quests, and thugs you need to interrogate, but can't.
  18. Oct 30, 2013
    It's a rehash of Arkham City, except it's hampered by bugs and a terrible camera system that makes combat and navigating a frustrating experience. The menu system is a huge downgrade from previous games, attempting a minimalistic style but ending up dysfunctional and clunky to use.
  19. Oct 31, 2013
    Playing through the game I can't express how disappointed I am at how shoddy and unfinished it all feels, constant bugs jump out and make the game damn near unplayable. I can't even finish the game because the final battle has bugged out so badly I simply get a black screen and a spasmodically vibrating controller.
    While I've read reviews that call the storyline "great" I can't agree, the
    writing feels amateurish and Batman often comes off as whiny and immature and I don't care how early in his career this is meant to be that's not Batman. On top of the poor writing the decision to change the voice actors from Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill (Batman and the Joker respectively) to new people seems ridiculous as both new actors simply give their best impressions of their predecessors, bringing nothing new but instead being pale imitations of the series mainstays. Secondary voices such as Jim Gordon and the Penguin are cringingly bad as well.
    All up this has been a huge disappointment, and considering that I wasn't expecting much of a rushed cash grab handed off to a new developer in the first place it shows what a stink this has left in the room.
  20. Oct 25, 2013
    Have played this game for 2+ hours on PC now and I must say that it is truly spectacular. Yes, it's not as good as Arkham City but it still lives up to the Arkham name. The game plays very similarly to previous installments but also adds some new features as well. The feeling of having 8 assassins coming after you is compelling and exciting and makes you anticipate the next awesome boss battle. IGN, Machinima and Gamespot may have given lackluster reviews but don't let that sidetrack you from the awesomeness of this game. Those critics always find something to pick on and complain about and I no longer trust in their opinions and have lost faith in their reviews. The game is similar but different and houses an excellent and compelling storyline to go along with it. 10/10 for me so far, and I havent even got up to the good bits yet.... Expand
  21. Oct 25, 2013
    There are no other games like the batman games. The combat mechanics are beyond perfect and the graphics are awe-inspiring.
    Even with all of its great upsides, i have to say this is not much different than Arkham city. Don't get me wrong, it brings new stuff to the table, but I feel like this is just a very large DLC.
    Is it worth the 50$? I would say so. If you're a fan of batman or
    these games (like me) it's worth it.
    Loads of fun, and the characters/story are well developed.
  22. Oct 30, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Two reviews:

    One, the gameplay: Just as great as Arkham City. It's grittier, Batman is a hothead, earlier versions of criminals. I love it. The characterizations are great, especially the Joker. A couple new enemies, a couple new gadgets. It's a blast to play and viscerally satisfying to be the Batman. The holiday atmosphere is a nice addition. I think it's a worthy addition to the Arkham games and captures the philosophy, style, and play of the other two very well.

    Two, the technical stuff: Unlike the other two games, this game was released with game-stopping bugs, glitches, poor AI, and idiotically obvious problems that HAD to be fixed before releasing. I would absolutely not buy this game until they release at least one patch. Maybe two. The only redeeming things I can say about this is that 1.) you can _generally_ fix whatever glitch you encounter by restarting the last save and 2.) the main story doesn't seem to hit a glitch wall. With restarts you can finish it. Forget about the sidequests; from broken comm towers to bugged out disruptor you'll have a tough time finishing the Riddler or Penguin sidequests.

    I have a great time playing this game, right up until I hit one of the many glitches. Then I get frustrated and turn it off and resolve to wait until the patch. Then I convince myself it's worth playing because it's still a blast and try it again. Rinse and repeat. Going to be a great game when they get things fixed. Until then, stay away.
  23. Oct 25, 2013
    No innovation, but who cares. My opinion is that this game is really good. I'm a fan. Not sure what the hell Gamespot is on about with a 6/10. IGN here I come xD
  24. Oct 25, 2013
    Arkham Origins is a fantastic game. It lives upto the legacy of its predecessors and in some cases surpasses them. The first thing fans will notice is that the UI/HUD has been redone and it looks great with a new coat of paint. The game also gives you a cool rating based around what you did in combat.

    The combat has also had some tweaks done to it. I find it to be slightly more fast
    paced, the animation sets are much much better and has a greater impact. I also found counters are slightly easier to pull off. The previous titles had an annoying quirk where enemies would strike you even if you'd countered just because you got too close to the cutoff. This helps the combat feel better.

    Arkham Origins holds up to the previous titles nicely and while they didn't change the formula or style of the game WB did a great job to ensure the legacy of the series goes on.
  25. Oct 25, 2013
    An excellent game so far! You may be disappointed if you were hoping for something meaningfully different from AA or AC in terms of how it plays, but that's about the biggest downside I can see so far.

    I like that the game is paced well and takes its time, and I am definitely enjoying the story. Combat is as excellent as ever, and if you enjoyed the first two games in the series, I
    definitely recommend playing this one!

    I can understand why critics aren't as impressed with the game; it doesn't innovate on the series much and it doesn't have a GTA-style open world that feels alive and vibrant, but who cares? It's Batman, with the same quality gameplay and storytelling you've come to expect from the series, and a solid buy for me.
  26. Nov 1, 2013
    My love for the past two batman games, Arkham Asylum and City, is what makes playing this latest game so hard. I mean it's just an utter crapshoot trying to play this game. I've already hit three game breaking bugs which made it almost impossible to continue. I'm convinced their "reload from checkpoint" functionality is basically broken as it triggers most of these bugs. I'm writing this review after running into yet another game breaking bug that would not let me continue which forced me to throw my hands up and quit.

    Warners Bros had no buisness trying to follow up such an awesome game and this outcome was basically foreseen by everyone. I mean it's gotham on CHRISTMAS and its the most dull, grey, boring, lifeless excuse for a city I've ever seen in a game. I often have a hard time figured out where I'm at with how monotone everything is, a problem I did not have with the previous two games. Combat is the same, though I've noticed they sped up enemy attack rates making the batclaw and ground take down really difficult to use. Characters are really poorly portrayed, missions are boring and desperately try to copy the previous games, like 75% less riddler puzzles, dialog/story is so I'm in disbelief, and everything just sucked.

    Overall the environment is dull and lifeless, the dialog from the main characters to the thug convos on the street is god awful, no new meaningful additions to combat/gadgetry, and bugs/glitches are plentiful and nearly unavoidable.

    What a terrible terrible end to an otherwise awesome set of games.
  27. Oct 26, 2013
    I could generously call this game half finished most of the time but the truth is, it is simply unplayable in its current state. All gameplay and graphically bugs aside, the frame rate drops of the later levels are disgraceful.
  28. Oct 30, 2013
    It's unbelievable what they did with this game. A city without life, without details. Misplaced objects in the scene and amount of bugs I've seen while playing. I had bug's with interrogations, bug's to collect puzzle pack (deciphering code did not work), enemies caught in parts of the walls, the sound was mute in some animations, finally, a game was incomplete!
    A game that was done
    without care, full of problems.
    This neglect could not have another score: 0.
  29. Nov 1, 2013
    Rubbish, dialed-in minimum-effort follow-up to the previous two brilliant games. Repetitive, tiresome gameplay with no originality and the few changes are for the worse. The Gotham City environment is less interesting and less open than previously, the UI (game menus, map, character info &c) seems an afterthought, performance is inconsistent with wildly varying FPS, it's buggy too, and it cannot even reliably remember the chosen video settings from one gaming session to the next. Utter fail, worst game I've played all year, a complete waste of £30. Expand
  30. Oct 26, 2013
    a masterpiece, suck the critics the critics are lying to you, this game is a masterpiece, improved and more challenging gameplay, much better and twisted plot, way more side mission, much bigger world, the multiplayer is awful if you play as a normal solider but if you play: batman,bane,joker or robin its becoming a very fun expierience, the best thing about this game is the story, there is a one big twist that will let you say wtf,what was that, the boss fights are great, not like arkham city that all of the boss fights except from the mister freeze fight sucked. the story is even darker and more mature than the last story, this story is mature as the story in arkham asylum, and arkham asylum had a very dark and mature story, in arkham city they made a very good story but it didnt came up to the mature story of asylum, and this one does.
    amazing game dont skip on this one
  31. Oct 31, 2013
    The presentation, story, and acting is great.

    However, I wanted a living Gotham. I wanted sky-scrapers. Where are all the "non-criminal" people? Why is the whole city filled with only thugs and corrupt cops? You also messed up the combat somehow, I enjoyed the combat in Asylum in City but I found myself avoiding a lot of the groups in Origins.
  32. Oct 26, 2013
    Another great day for PC gaming! What a fantastic day for both PC gaming and Arkham Origins! Everything came together today, we had nVIDIA drivers in WHQL status released before the game, the game supports widescreen resolutions out of the box, and it runs really well too! This is such an awesome game and so enjoyable to play. Congratulations to all involved. Us PC gamers should be proud on this day Expand
  33. Oct 25, 2013
    The cape is finally black, and there are no man panties in sight. Now Rocksteady should learn to make a serviceable Batman by omitting the absurd blue/purple cape and briefs, their Batman design is a walking paradox.
    P.S. The grey belt is nice, keep that too.
  34. Nov 3, 2013
    As of this writing, this game is extremely broken. If it weren't for all the glitches, I would probably give this game a 7 or 8 out of 10, but this has to be the most glitchy game I've played all year. Falling through the floor, getting stuck in walls while climbing a ladder, game freezes up, some NPCs can't be interacted with when you need to for advancing the mission, I couldn't get past a boss fight because the game would mess up during a mid fight cutscene until they released a small patch to fix that specific problem. The list goes on and on. If it weren't for all the glitches, I would say this is a great game. Graphics are amazing, frame rate is extremely smooth on highest settings on my pc, story is pretty good, I love the boss fights. But it's such a broken game, it's disappointing. Expand
  35. Oct 25, 2013
    Best game of the series so far. Best story, biggest world, gameplay improved great. If you liked Arkham City and think a bigger Arkham City with better story and a little polished gameplay: This is for you. And you will get the best Batman Game ever. If you want more than something like an Arkham City 1.5, you should wait for a budget version oder skip it. I thinkt it's great. The developers have changed. And the result if new developers are working on a good series is often pretty bad. So I think it is good to see that the series got even better. Even it is not a step as big as it was from Asylum zu City. Expand
  36. Oct 26, 2013
    I wish I could use only a single word for this review it would be "Superb"... This game is amazing just like it's predecessors. It runs incredibly smoothly (even on my weak laptop)... Superb! And to those complaining that it's too much like the other games why change something that works (well)? If they changed it, people probably would've complained about "how different the game is"...Great game. End of story. Buy it. Expand
  37. Oct 26, 2013
    combat is tight
    graphics is tight
    audio and voice work is tight
    his suit is tight
    the story is tight
    The combat is so good, there is no way to change much other then a great story and ui and added multiplayer.
    I mean CoD comes out same thing every year and reviewers dont get all nasty with that junk.
    This is a great game, believe the hype 8)
  38. Oct 25, 2013
    Like it's predecessors, Arkham Origins is a game in which you play Batman, and you beat up bad guys.

    Unlike Arkham Asylum and City, Orgins fails to meet the high standard previously set, and in many areas falls far short of it.

    Boss fights are basically QTEs where you are locked camera facing the opponent and must click your mouse or press your keys at exactly the right time or be
    punished mercilessly. Side missions also suffer from the same unforgiving, scripted focus. Only after numerous deaths will a hint appear suggesting you might want to try something so hidden that you need the hint to find it. The horrific Mad Hatter section, which uses the Scarecrow platformer gameplay, is a perfect example of this.

    The reuse of basic AI behavior and weapons for both Cops and Thugs also smacks of lazy design. Since when do SWAT officers roam the streets with baseball bats and broken bottles?
    The city itself sacrifices content, atmosphere and immersive value to achieve a slightly larger playable area. Not a good trade in my opinion as the game feels noticeably more empty and unalive than City.

    Fundamentally the game is solid, though some bugs, specifically the vent grabbing bug, have left certain side missions impossible to complete, and the terrible menu controls for PC are just pathetic.

    At least the graphics are nice.
  39. Oct 25, 2013
    As good as the other games, but graphically superior on ever count. Launch bugs mean I have to mark it down But only very slightly.. Impressive stuff.
  40. Oct 27, 2013
    Just completed the main campaign and while I did enjoy the game, I was sadly disappointed, I even lowered my expectations when I heard about the new developers and the change of voice actors, however I still was not impressed.
    Batman Arkham Origins is NOT by any means a bad game, it's a enjoyable ride for any Batman fan, just lacking in comparison to the amazing Arkham Asylum and Arkham
    City, not to mention that Origins is just TOO easy, while in Asylum and City the battles were still easy but had some challenge which required you to use the skills you unlocked, in Origins however, there is no need for skill as you can beat every battle with little effort.
    The Boss battles are a great part of the game, my favorite being Deathstroke, but again, none of them pose that much of a challenge.
    The change of voice actors feels strange, whoever decided to cast Roger Craig Smith as Batman can go shoot himself, good god it sounded like that tool Chris Redfield in the Batsuit, while Troy Baker does a pretty good job as the Joker, rest of the cast is....meh.
    Batman Arkham Origins is a decent game, but a massive disappointment and is not worthy of being in the Arkham series. I just hope the true Arkham City sequel comes along soon.
    6.5/10(Decent Game) for Arkham Origins.
  41. Oct 26, 2013
    Very good game, the open world has a ton of detail put into it, the graphics are very nice, the voice acting, while not the original cast of the Arkham games does a great job. My only issue with this game is that they should've play tested it more, it's pretty glitchy. For instance, a kind of game breaking one on the PC version happens when you try to hack the tower in a certain district, and often during combat when preforming blade dodges the game will switch me to using a gadget instead, being very frustrating. The gun deactivating gadget will also sometimes just not work. If they iron out all the glitches with patches this game could really be wonderful. Expand
  42. Oct 25, 2013
    For the same reason I contend that The Dark Knight Rises is the best movie, Arkham Origin's brings everything that you love into one solid package. I refuse to look at the game against it's brethren, there simply isn't any fair way to judge a game in that light. As it's own entry it is smart, keeps things interesting, and features a beautiful combat system. The only place I have to remove a mark in this title is the fact the world as large as it is seems mostly lifeless. The atmosphere is there thanks to the weather, but it would be nice to see some civilians running from the villains that are sprinkled in.

    I dare say this could even have added a new mode to the game or been integrated with the Crime in Progress Feature that WB Montreal has introduced. In the end, boss fights are fun, Gotham is realistic looking with some beautiful effects on the PC Version, and you still feel like The Dark Knight. Enjoy an early Christmas, this is one of the best gifts I've received yet. I'll take more of the same any day!
  43. Oct 25, 2013
    This game is great, it has almost all of the qualities of the previous batman games, yet there is something missing in the world making it a slight disappointment. That is there is a lack of things to find throughout the world. This is the only thing that made arkham city feel like the world had life and without it origins world feels empty, as much as I would have liked it to be a living and breathing world both origins and arkham city did not accomplish this, but in origin it feels missed more especially without the easter eggs and constant references to other villains and characters that was in arkham city Expand
  44. Oct 25, 2013
    Its jsut awesome, im enjoing this much more then i didi to AC and AA. Batman is absolute badass, enemies are tough o nhard difficalty and fighting overall looks better. Graphics are impressing. I recomend this game to everyone
  45. Oct 27, 2013
    (First sorry my English) This game is essentially more of the same, it means, it's more of the same perfection! Could not be better IMO! Everything I wanted from the game developers! I salute WB Montreal for being respectful for the previous games. The acting is perfect, they combat is perfect, the boss fights are perfect, the sound is perfect, the interface is perfect. Definitely worth every penny! Expand
  46. Oct 25, 2013
    As a huge Batman fan, I have spent hundreds of hours soaring through Arkham City. Upon visiting Arkham Origins, I was pleasantly surprised. An immense beautifully detailed world, amazing characters, stunning voice acting and adrenaline pumping combat, "Batman™: Arkham Origins" manages to deliver both nostalgia and thrill in a wonderfull edition to a now even greater franchise. 10/10.
  47. Oct 26, 2013
    Perfect designing, combat system, free roam and story the things I miss tough is the Enigmas riddles. The voice over on Batman and Joker is really good.
  48. Oct 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is great, it has almost all of the qualities of the previous batman games, yet there is something missing in the world making it a slight disappointment. That is there is a lack of things to find throughout the world. This is the only thing that made arkham city feel like the world had life and without it origins world feels empty, as much as I would have liked it to be a living and breathing world both origins and arkham city did not accomplish this, but in origin it feels missed more especially without the easter eggs and constant references to other villains and characters that was in arkham city Expand
  49. Oct 27, 2013
    I am a huge fan of the Arkham games, and even though this game comes from a different developer, I gotta say that this is a great game and a worthy addition to the Arkham franchise. Story: The story is absolutely fantastic. The game takes place about 5 years before Arkham Asylum. You play as a younger, less refined Batman trying to find and stop Black Mask who put a bounty of 50 million dollars on Batman's head, which automatically attracts 8 of the most talented assassins in the DC universe like Deathstroke, Deadshot and Bane.
    Even though the title says "Arkham Origins", it doesn't have anything to do with Arkham, and it's definitely not an origin story. In this game, Batman meets his ultimate adversary, The Joker, for the first time, and many other villains and allies as well.

    Despite the fact that this is not Rocksteady who developed the game, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the core mechanics and the gameplay are exactly the same as Arkham City's, simply because Rocksteady's work is remarkable and irreplaceable, and it should never be changed. There's a few new gadgets, and I have one minor complaint about the new Shock Gloves that I don't like the idea of because it's too overpowered. You are able to clear a room full of guys in matter of seconds with those. Good thing is, you get them pretty late in the game and they need to recharge. Aside from a few new types of enemies and the new gadgets, everything is the same, and that's good. You don't try to fix something if it's not broken. You don't need to innovate when you already have the perfect gameplay that was in the previous games.

    The visuals are excellent, and are slightly better than Arkham City's.
    The game has a lot of bugs though, and some of them are extremely annoying and sometimes they will not let you continue in your mission. For example: I encountered a major frame rate bug near the end of the game, even though my computer was able to run the game on maximum settings smoothly. I eventually managed to fix it.
    Aside from that, the animations look great and fluid, except for the weird lip movement in dialogue scenes (not cinematic). About the bugs, I believe there will be a patch soon that will fix them.

    The multiplayer can be fun at times, but it's not polished.
    There are 3 teams, Joker's gang, Bane's gang and Batman and Robin. Both gangs are fighting each other while Batman and Robin need to take both gangs out.
    It has a lot of potential but it's not well executed.
    Still, it's always fun to play as Batman and do inverted takedowns on helpless victims.

    Definitely a great addition to the Arkham series like I said, WB Games Montreal did a great job with the writing on this game and the new Batman and Joker voices are a great replacement, especially Joker's which is portrayed by the famous Troy Baker.

    I give this game a 9/10, the things that really bothered me were the multiplayer and the great number of bugs, I wouldn't mind waiting a few more days and get a bug free game instead.
  50. Oct 27, 2013
    Really disappointing compared to previous two games. Right now not ready for PC. 5-button mouse config is missing, no mouse sensitivity settings, no FOV settings. Half the in-game menu (map, cases files, character profiles) can be controlled only with the keyboard and not the mouse, which makes the map much less useful. The game overall is a lot less responsive than previous games.

    Plus the game is lower in quality overall. Batman model for some reason has really short arms, some missions are buggy, combat is just frustrating instead of fun because NPCs teleport around to get hits in or to avoid your hits, combat controls are often unresponsive. You also arbitrarily can't grapple to some ledges. Some missions force you combat where stealth would obviously be simpler, and quite possible. Audio for distant conversations suddenly cuts in & out.

    And don't get me started on mini and full cut-scenes where the PC is suddenly uncontrollable, forcing you to watch a built-in combat animation or dialog or something.

    Just play Arkham City again it's mostly the same map but even the story is much more fun and colorful.
  51. Oct 29, 2013
    Very disappointing. A list: Bugs. A lot of bugs. Bad guys stuck in walls. Dead-end rooms that leave you trapped. The kind of bugs that make you wonder if there was any QA at all. This is a knockoff of Arkham City, with a couple of new gizmos and some different baddies, it should not have been difficult to bring the magic that made that game special, but they missed the mark by a mile. The main story is very, very short, though it had some cool moments. Gotham is big, but the quests use the same three or four locations repeatedly making me wonder why. Most of it is flyover. Side quests are also short and lacking. While Arkham City's Batman was a joy to control, Arkham Origin's Batman gets stuck on things like rolled up carpets or chairs. There are tall, tall buildings which cannot be climbed, and grapple points are missing in a ton of places they should exist. To sum up, it's a very buggy, short, linear game in a giant sandbox that really needed a thorough debugging. My thoughts are that this is what happens when a developer cannot focus and releases versions of a crappy game on every platform in the universe, including for some reason the iPad, but not Android. While the focus is on that platform, the PC game product gets rushed out with bugs and a very short story line.

    Multiplayer: I did not buy Arkham Origins to play a third person shooter. Again, the developer has overextended and should have focused on delivering a great installment in this series. Too bad.

    Now, I would like to chastise all reviewers and commenters that do not actually play the games they review, but base their opinions on YouTube previews, wishful thinking and marketing material from the developer. Anyone who played this game should have thrown up their hands at the gigantic bugs in the side quests about a third of the way through the game. They should have been frustrated by "Batman's" inability to scale small objects and short walls. The reviewers did not. It's very telling. Giving a hugely positive review to a game this buggy and this disappointing does not help anyone.
  52. Oct 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. a single sentence can sum up the game quite effectively:
    -Combat is still the same
    -EXACT same gadgets are in. Gel,Crypto-hacky thingy,disruptor,etc
    -Exact same "Detective mode" and crime scene investigation mechanic.
    -SAME CITY. granted bigger, but i still get way to many deja-vu moments of "Ive been here before"
    -Plot "Twist" revealing the joker is AGAIN the main enemy....
    -Enigma (aka Riddler) devices to seek out in puzzles. is that all he ever does?
    -"Scarecrow wannabee" moment with the Mad Hatter using his device to plunge you into a odd world...again!!!!!
    I know its a series, but nothing has changed from the earlier games AT ALL. all the same ingredients are there, just (sometimes) improved.
    My major pet peeves im getting of the game is that the plot started revolving around the Joker AGAIN FOR THE THIRD TIME IN A ROW!!!
    I know he is the titular villian of the batman series, but i doubt he is the only one who can have a plot revolve around. at first it was kind exciting having Black-mask being the titular villain, but about halfway trough you learn its in fact the joker in disguise... Gee how surprising...
    The game has a selling point about batman being "raw" as this is a game set in the beginning of his career and having him go against the cops as well, but this is quickly made moot by the overly pointing out that every cop you do get to fight is so corrupt its basically a thug wearing uniform anyway (and hence treated as such) and the gadgets are still just as high-tech as first. the new graphics are nice, but its hardly that much better then AC. its just the same as AC and to be frank i think that story was more compelling then this as well.
    I went in with hopes, but they got crushed as the game quickly showed its basically just a slightly expanded Arkham city with the same goons, the same challenges, same plots and same EVERYTHING. it plays like a cheap mediocre Hollywood sequel made for the sole purpose of trying to get more bucks from its audience... *sigh*
    If you have a batman itch, play Arkham city (again). this isn't worth the full price tag
    Personal note: Why is the game called ARKHAM origins anyway?? this has nothing to do with the asylum at all.
  53. Oct 26, 2013
    I am just over 6 hours into the game so far. I loved the previous games, but I felt that the only major difference between AA and AC was that AC was open world. The story in both previous games was great, and so far the story in this game is also great.

    In a lot of ways I like the story in this game more. It has a darker tone overall. Batman is new on the scene, the cops and criminals
    don't really know who he is and most even doubt that he exists.

    When it comes down to it, AO is more of the same with a few differences and on a larger scale. As far as I am concerned, the same applies to AC as a sequel. I'm not sure why AO is being rated down for this while the same critics praised AC for doing the same.

    It's worth bearing in mind that the same critics have praised games like CoD year in, year out for releasing the exact same game, tweaked slightly, not expanded on at all...Go figure. Maybe the reviewers weren't paid off...

    The 100 vs 1 mode is an excellent addition to the challenge mode and pretty tough! The combat is as satisfying as ever, and their interpretation of a younger, less experienced Batman is great.

    All in all, if you enjoyed the previous games for their puzzles, combat and story, you will enjoy this too, as long as you don't have any unrealistic expectations about it being a dramatic departure from AC. It is mostly more of the same excellent gameplay as before, but with improved visuals and a new and compelling story.

    I haven't tried the MP yet, so I can't comment on that, but it isn't why I bought this game...I came for the SP story and the 100 vs 1 combat extravaganza and I haven't been disappointed!
  54. Oct 29, 2013
    For being a prequel to the Arkham series, this really kicks things off with a bang.
    Best story telling out of the series. Phenomenal voice acting. Great graphics, and SUPERB voice acting.
    Oh, and I can't forget the awesome story and even beefier combat system.

    Buy all three, and start with this one. It won't let you down.
  55. Oct 26, 2013
    Arkham Origins takes the tried and true formula from the first two Arkham games and twists is just slightly to present a new story and slight challenge for the player. While it is true that this title does not innovate or make any hard changes for the series, it didn't need to. The series was perfect to begin with. Not every games has to reinvent the wheel every year. Some, if good enough, can just keep it moving forward. Expand
  56. Oct 28, 2013
    What can I say? MARVELOUS, that's what I say. Bigger map; now Gotham is your playgroung, not a portion of it, neither just an Asylum. New stuff and gadgets; more approaches available. Cool villains; simply 8 awesome assassins to come across. Interesting boss fights; meaning you won't be boring by only roaming or doing stuff for the main mission. Even better graphics; not much to say here. It's just beautiful. All this implemented in the fine engine Rocksteady left in Warner Bros. Montreal's hands. They kept the good work done by Rocksteady and I don't see in any way a low standard of Arkham Origins compared with its predecessor. The new voice actors did a great job replacing the old ones. Batman's voice is so good you won't even notice the change. The Joker sounds a little bit different, but it's still incredible. So, if you're Batman fan, don't be disappointed by Rocksteady dropping the game in another studio's hands. They stood up for it and made a good game. If you're a fan of the Arkham series, this is absolutely a must play. The PC version can show minor bugs, but not game breaking. Plus, the game is greatly optimized for PC. I got a pretty crappy gaming PC and I just ran the game in a steady 40 fps, with almost everything maxed out. Don't skip this game, please. You're losing an epic adventure. Expand
  57. Oct 28, 2013
    While i agree that i have my share of fun playing this game i must admit that it brings nothing new at all. I mean Asylum was kind of revolutionary game in my opinion. Great combat system that a lot of games copied later, amazing "silent predator" parts, all that Enigma's riddles and collectives and so on. Next game, Arkham City, wasn't a revolution, but a good evolutionary step forward. You were able to roam the City, do some side quests or even just help random guys in troubles (you are a super hero after all). And now Origins? Sorry, i can't say this game have something new in it because it has even less content than Arkham City. Map is about the same size (plus this huge bridge in the middle just for no reason) and mostly just a reuse of Arkham City assets, Enigma's riddles gone, Enigma's puzzles are a way easier. Well, the whole game feels like just a reuse of Arkham City idea, engine and everything else. Boss fights became almost QTEs (especially the one with Deathstroke).
    And the worst part of this game is bugs and glitches. I can count myself luck i had only one crush to desktop, while some people experience all kinds of troubles (for example see Angry Joe rant on Youtube). But i think everyone know about that room in one of radio towers you can't exit. That really rise a question about were they even testing it? I mean this is a MAJOR thing that completely broken, there is no way you can't miss it not just with decent testing but just with simple walkthrough. And here is the funniest part there is a video on youtube with workaround of this bug and you need to use one of games glitches. Only in our games you fight bugs with glitches!
    So, overall Origins isn't a great game, nothing new in it. You can argue that there are a lot of good games that aren't original. That's true, but in this situation way to success lays with technical aspects of the game. But Origins isn't the case. After (If) most bugs and glitches will be fixed you probably will be able to enjoy it. But right now it's a mess, so i can give it only 7 out of 10.
  58. Oct 28, 2013
    It's more Batman. Basically, this is a far less interesting version of Batman Arkham City; the writing, art direction, world design are all lacking in comparison. Still, the combat is fun, and you still get to roam around the world as Batman, utilizing all his wonderful toys.
  59. Oct 28, 2013
    All told, the developers could have just slapped a new coat of paint on Arkham City and watched the money roll in. But they spent the time to make the game stand on its own with the rest of the Arkham series. It is an enjoyable, albeit Deja vu inspiring title. Being a prequel it manages to set up the other two games in the series nicely instead of a cheap cash in ending. I highly recommend it to any fan of the series or Batman fan in general. Expand
  60. Oct 25, 2013
    As a big big fan of the two previous Arkham games i was extremely weary when it was announced the developer and big part of the cast would change and it would be a prequel. And i was proven right This is nothing but a cash grab that's basically the same game than Arkham City but with a worse story a worse cast and way way way less heart Gotham feels empty the story is boring and uninteresting The gameplay is still very good although it feels slightly off here and there for whatever reason .

    All in all get this in a sale at a discount but not at full price if you played the first two games and if you haven't get those instead. It's not a bad game by any means it's just not very good either.
  61. Oct 25, 2013
    This game is amazing! I only have a few problems with it. The graphics are incredibly well done. The physics are nice, and over all it's a good game. The problems I have with it, is that countering attacks are difficult to do, and then bugs and glitches, which should be fixed in a patch. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.
  62. Oct 25, 2013
    I don't know what it is, and I might be the minority here, but I am enjoying Arkham Origins more than the previous games. I don't know if it's the story (which is more interesting than the utter confusion that was Arkham City), the slightly different/less cartoonish art design, or the new voice actors:

    -I feel like I am experiencing something as Batman in this game rather than playing
    through a predestined story, I know that technically doesn't make sense but I guess feel a sense of purpose in this game that just wasn't there for me in the other games. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the first two games but I felt like I was in Batman's shoes already. In this game he is still learning, he is still building relationships, he doesn't know everything, he is hard on himself, he makes wrong decisions, and he utterly f***s up sometimes. A good example of this would be very early on when Batman has to interrogate someone and he goes overboard and the dude passes out before he can get the information he needs, Batman just goes "Damn" and I feel like that was a genuine response to what just happened.

    -The art style is another thing I am digging. The character models look less cartoonish but still have their defining characteristics, and the ambiance is less overbearing in this game (It bugged me a lot in Arkham City). The facial animations for the non-cut scene parts are a lot better now in my opinion. Overall it has a slightly more realistic look but it fits and it's a welcoming design decision.

    -My last major point worth mentioning is the voice acting. I, like everyone else, was concerned when I heard the likes of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill would not be in the game. Then I heard that Troy Baker and Roger Craig Smith would be doing the voices of Joker and Batman. I felt better about it, but I was still on the fence until I heard Troy do the Killing Joke monologue at NYCC and actually played the game and heard Roger's Batman. Bottom line, they're mastering their craft and this game was like getting five stars on a song on expert in Rock Band for them. It was challenging but they stood up to the plate and delivered on all accounts.

    -The only problems I've had with the game have been very minor technical issues. The only big one that I just ran into was when I was trapped in a room and had to pull down a vent-cover and grapple up and into the vent. The alignment on where Batman grasps the ledge is slightly off and his hands get stuck and I cant get into the vent, thus being actually stuck in the room. Other than that there was a very strange fluke incident where when I was fighting Killer Croc the game audio cut out entirely and Killer Croc's textures started to flicker.

    Final thoughts: I like it, it's grooving to my beat of how I want to play and experience the character of Batman. You might like it, you might not. It is a very technically sound game with great voice acting and a fantastic musical score. If I had to describe it in just a few words I would say Arkham Origins is: A refined, no nonsense, and satisfying experience.
  63. Oct 26, 2013
    If you enjoyed the first two Batman Arkham Games, don't let the "professional" reviews fool you.
    Origins is just as great as the first ones. And has an epic, well writen great storyline.
    Yes, there aren't any great improvements gameplay wise, but why would you need such improvements?
    Who cares?
    So far, i haven't run into technical problems. No crashes or lockups.
  64. Oct 29, 2013
    This game is just epic. The story is the reason I buy these games, and it was really good. Very dark as a batman story always should to be. It explained the psychology of Batman, Joker, and Bane which the previous games didn't do.
  65. Wik
    Oct 27, 2013
    This game took me by surprise. I have the 2 other games in the series. But I found them a little boring.
    This game is much more enjoyable. And the MP is a blast best fun in a long time.
  66. Oct 30, 2013
    Its no Arkham City, the camera sucks and the combat targeting was somehow made worse then the last series, but overall, its still a fun experience. Hopefully the simplistic plot and the glitches will not be repeated in future titles.
  67. Jan 6, 2014
    Do not buy this game! You have been warned. The game is chock full of bugs as I have yet to be able to actually play the game. I have read about so many other peoples problems and we are now 3+ months after release and it is still not fixed.
    The problem that many have is that it simply crashes from the beginning (and yes, I have serious experience with bug tracking and fixing via DLC,
    patches, fxdiag submittal, registry manipulation and new drivers and OS reinstalls).
    Dont support software especially if you cant get your money back!
  68. Feb 17, 2014
    Do not buy! I initially did a review with a 0 score when I couldn't play this game due to large day one updates after a delay and all that magic.
    But now that I've gotten to play it, I'm still not changing my score.
    I'm not factoring this in my review, I just feel it should be mentioned; Hybrid Physx does not work with this game.
    I have never played a game with such awful level design!
    I get a lot of games hold your hand and tell you where to go. I don't like that, I'd prefer to find my own way sometimes. But don't give me objective markers on the map that are completely in the wrong place. Also I have encountered numerous bugs, and animation glitches. To take a game like Arkham City which was soooo polished and release something like this garbage is an insult. Rocksteady: Bring out your next-gen game we know you are doing and show these lame-clowns how it should've been done. Expand
  69. Oct 30, 2013
    Same game as AA or AC. There are some nice new things but it plays exactly as it predecessors (from the few of them i must mention batcave). Luckily, the fights are still great, story isnt as good as AC but still great and the new enemies bring variety to the boss fights. Overally its good but kinda repetetive.
  70. Oct 25, 2013
    Batman Arkham Origins takes the level of excitement present in previous Batman games, and perfects them with a new and perfected system. There has been a vast improvement on game mechanics, including graphics, which are now equally as beautiful and clean as previous games, but do not require a nuclear reactor to run. With any mid-top computer still struggling to run Arkham City, this game is a vast improvement. Storyline is gripping and improving, however I am only part way through, it has kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. There is very little room for criticism, except possibly the stale fighting mechanics, which haven't really improved much upon previous games. Expand
  71. Oct 27, 2013
    This game is getting a lot of crap for being "more of the same", but not only is that not a bad thing, it's not really true. It's true that the game doesn't make massive strides over City like City did over Asylum, but that's mostly because City basically perfected the core combat and predator mechanics, and if you try to mess with that you're likely to do a lot more harm than good. Regardless, this game introduces several new gadgets (which are much better than the ones they're replacing from AC, imo), an entire new portion of the city to explore, an entire new game mechanic in case files, and several more subtle differences, mostly in the way of leveling up and in-game achievements/challenges.

    The game has a much more Nolan-verse feel to it than the previous two titles, which I personally enjoyed. This younger, angrier, more aggressive Batman is loads more interesting than the ones we see in AA and AC, as are the main villains. There are several twists throughout that help to keep it from getting stale or predictable, and it does an excellent job of being an actual origin story and showing you how Batman's relationships are established and developed, as they pertain to both friends and enemies.

    The only problems I really have with this game right now are that it's a bit buggy at the moment, but I'm sure that'll get fixed fairly quickly, and that I kind of felt that some of the villains were underutilized. They brought out some really cool villains that really could've provided some interesting interactions, but they rarely served as more than intermittent boss fights to progress the story. Granted most of the boss fights were awesome, I still can't help but feel there was a little too much quantity and not enough actual fleshing out of the villains. I will say, though, that they all did seem to have their purpose within the story.

    I'll also add that the multiplayer is surprisingly fun. I didn't have high hopes for it when I first heard they were adding it in, but it's actually really well done. It's most fun when you're playing as one of the heroes or super-villains (duh), but it's still fun when you're just playing as a lowly gang member.
  72. Oct 28, 2013
    I honestly don't understand some of these negative reviews. While it is obvious that WB wanted to cash in on the franchise, the same thing can be said for just about every successful video game franchise. This game is by far the best of the trilogy so far. I've even complaints about it having obscure villains...If you don't know who Deathstroke and Deadshot are (btw these are hardly obscure characters) then you should really revisit your batman lore.

    The boss fights are extraordinary and who doesn't want to play batman when he's first introduced to some of the most infamous villains in gotham? Honestly this game deserves a solid 10. If you like Batman, and you liked the other two games then purchase the game and you will not be disappointed.

    Solid game.
  73. Oct 28, 2013
    It's Arkham City with a Christmas theme minus story continuity and character development. That being said, I'm seriously enjoying this game. Voice acting is better than expected and gameplay feels *almost* on par with the previous two titles. The environment design is creepy and it's still fun to roam around and fight crime. Not sure what happened with the cut scenes though, they are some of the lowest quality renders I've seen in a long time. Expand
  74. Oct 29, 2013
    A worthy game for the series. The mechanics are relatively unchanged from Asylum and City, but where there are changes, they are all for the good Excellent story with some nice twists and many of the 'boss' fights have stepped away from the 'dodge the big thing and throw batarangs' which always bothered me about the first two. Loving the Dark Knight challenges and side-missions. All-in-all a fantastic game. I have tried mp and it's not for me, but that is nothing against how they have done it, i'm just not a pvp man. Expand
  75. Oct 31, 2013
    Boasting a stronger story than Arkham City, Origins may not have any new ideas in the Arkhamverse, but it is a welcomed addition in the series. Batman is angrier, Alfred is a little less lax and the status of the Bat is still an urban myth. Combat is still pretty much the same, as is the stealth takedown sections of the game. A few puzzles felt reused and redesigned from Arkham City. And without giving anything away, the Joker level was absolutely brilliant, essential for any Batman fan. This is no way a bad game as some might say, yet it isn't the best Arkham game either. But if you loved Asylum and City, this is definitely worth a purchase. Expand
  76. Nov 1, 2013
    I loved all the previous titles in this series.I think an 8 is what I would give. The game has some major bugs & glitches but Splashdamage has released a fix for that. The mechanics of the haven't change much.But I'm ok with that. Problem is there is nothing much new. So for anyone who is new to this series this game would be awesome but for someone like me,might not be so. But still deserves an 8 you may give it a try. Expand
  77. Nov 1, 2013
    If you enjoyed the other batman games you will enjoy this. There are not that many new features but generally fun to play. I give it such a low score as on release there were several major bugs making the game unplayable such as not being able to leave a room during a side mission (forcing you to restart) and the final boss fight not being playable as the cutscene gets stuck loading (again forcing you to restart as the game autosaves at the start of the fight). Expand
  78. Nov 10, 2013
    It's a shame! This game is bugged, I spent most of my time falling in a black void, stuck in this bug my only option is to start a new game, losing my 25 hours of game. It's a harsh score but we must react if we want them to understand.
  79. Mar 7, 2014
    This game is beyond broken. 5% in and all I get is OZZY fatal crash. I am sick of developers releasing games that should still be in beta testing! 0 is what you get for an unplayable game rushed out to cash in on a good franchise! F U WB
  80. Oct 27, 2013
    weak and unbalanced, full of bugs
    really looks like a quick attempt to cash in on the success of previous titles.
    But no passion and fine crafting went into that one.
  81. Nov 2, 2013
    I got this game after release. Sad to say it was big letdown. If this game would have been released before Arkham City i would have had nothing to compare it to, but now? In this game they truly pulled Activision business model. Release updated game from before and use 90% of the budget into market, instead of making new innovation structures and develop brand new game that will be super good sequel. Quick pointers here:

    Pro's: New hud and more informative menus, good storytelling in lore, Getting level up means you get something very nice and got a lot of options for it, fast travel method (Hate that bridge), detective mode!

    Con's: Story is not catchy at all and takes massive leaps, cinematic's are made pretty badly, voice acting is horrible outside couple of characters. Game is pretty much same as Arkham City, but arkham city had far more interesting story elements.

    This game is okay-ish. You don't miss anything if you don't buy it, but if you buy it you prolly just play it for several hours and forget about it for some days. Also this game is unfinished and rushed to stores. When you gonna pull Activision, you should do it properly.

    I do hope someday i find it in me to finish this game, until such time i hope people who tight on money won't spend it on this product. There are many others worth the money and time.
  82. Oct 31, 2013
    Worthy successor to the Arkham franchise. I have some minor gripes about the game but it captures the Batman experience perfectly. I've seen complaints about the game not bringing anything new to the table, but honestly, why mess with a formula that works?
  83. Oct 28, 2013
    Good: Similar to previous installments in movement, gameplay and design. Voice acting is good and fighting is intense like the predecessors. Bad: Lot of bugs that will be fixed within a few weeks from release, controls can be clunky at times and indicators can be hard to work with at times. Boss fights are fun for the most part but can get tedious and glitch at times as well. All in all, worth the money but I suggest waiting a few weeks to a month after release for game to get cleaned up in patches.

    Upon Release: 7, After First Patch: 8, Die Hard Batman Gameplay Fan: 9.
  84. Nov 2, 2013
    Unfortunately, Arkham Origins has fallen victim to the tremendous legacy of the ‘Arkham’ franchise. Had this game been an original development, I would’ve considered it a fantastic game. However, fundamentally the game is Arkham City, which carries nearly all of the game’s integrity.

    The gameplay lacks the originality and intricacy of its predecessors. The fact that the game has reused
    the open-world map of Arkham City with the addition of some Christmas decorations says a lot for what to expect of the game. The puzzles also use the same framework as AC, but they don’t have the same complexity. It feels like the developers just played it safe rather than pushing the limits of the game’s engine. Instead of going through a process of repeatedly playing through a puzzle and fine-tuning it, they’ve either made it simple with slack timing or used copypasta.

    This lack of play-testing is also very apparent by the amount critical bugs that plague this game. Some of which have been absolutely game-breaking, some have been patched but there are still many that have not.

    The combat is more difficult, but this is due to the fact they have increased the percentage of armed and special enemies are in mobs. Despite the fact that the enemy types remain the same, this is good as it does provide more of a challenge as to not disappoint the seasoned Arkham player.

    Warner Bros have done a good job at bringing the characters to life with a good atmosphere, and great animation and voice acting. It’s not quite as good as the previous two games, but it is good enough that it’s still very immersive.

    In my opinion, if you’re a fan of the series I would hold off on buying it as the game doesn’t quite justify its price. Aside from the cinematography, the game feels like DLC and is worthy of being priced accordingly. If you’ve not played the series before, stop reading this and go and buy Arkham Asylum right now, finish it then buy Arkham City and finish that.
  85. Nov 4, 2013
    The best thing in this game is the story. It's interesting, and explains a lot about the Batman: Arkham universe. Be sure to listen to the dialog during the credits and watch the video after. The game play is great. Very similar to Arkham City, but different enough to establish itself as a different game. The recreate crime feature works very well, but is a little underutilized in the main storyline. On release, there were quite a few bugs, including some game breaking ones. However, since then, a patch has been released that has fixed a majority of the big bugs. While some bugs still remain, they're not unbearable and don't affect game play enough to count off for them. They're a little more severe than Red Dead Redemption's bugs, but not terrible.

    I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who has played the other two Arkham games.
  86. Nov 6, 2013
    Holy crap, this game sucks. It is glitchy, boring, unintelligently designed, and completely not worth your time or money for many reasons. Compared to the last 2 games, which were brilliant, this is atrocious. The combat is one of my worst gripes. It seem to be designed to keep the player in large group fist fights. So far, there is no way to knock out an enemy before you just have to jump into the middle of a bunch of guys and fist fight. Throw some smoke into the fray to conceal your movement as you fight? Don't bother, it last all of 5 seconds and the baddies are still going to find you. Jump on a baddie from 10 stories up and knock him out? Nope, he will get right back up and keep fighting (WTF?). Hell you can drop on a dude 3 or 4 times and he will keep getting up. And the "ground knockout" move where you knock a guy over and then reach down and KO him is worthless if there are any other baddies because the move take SO LONG to complete, it is guaranteed to be interrupted. The fighting and gadgets, SUCK, hands down bad.
    Movement around the city feels extremely restricted. Your bat hook can only attach to, maybe a third of the building ledges and other surfaces that is should be able too. You will get stuck flying AROUND buildings because you can't grapple onto anything on the building itself. You will be looking at the edge of a roof and be getting a positive retical telling you that you CAN attach at that location, you will hit "f" and get the "crossed out" retical telling you there is nothing to grab even tho YOU ARE LOOKING RIGHT AT IT!
    And the glitches are numerous. I keep getting one where I go to drop onto a baddie from a flagpole, but instead, Batman will just lay down on his stomach on the pole and go nowhere. And if there is nowhere for you to hook your batclaw to pull yourself out of it, then you are stuck.

    I am sooooo pissed that they botched this game so bad. I would be happy if it were basically an expansion of the second game, but it is simply not good enough.
  87. Oct 27, 2013
    Arkham City was a great game that could have used some interface improvements for PC. Arkham Origins just a poor copy of Arkham City (Think "Die Hard 3). AC has the same moves with a better story line, better control setup, and better 3D support. Buy it for cheap now and skip AO for a year. I use 3D Vision so the 2D cutscenes in this game kill me (AC was 3D cutscenes btw)! I can't believe the steps backward Warner Bros took. AC's interface was "consolie" but usable in PC. AO's is even worse. You can't even use the mouse to drag objective box around in the map screen. You must pan using aswd. That whole section of the game (abilities, profiles, maps, should be redone. Hell, even the console players would benefit from a rework. Switch it so they can control a mouse and use click and click-drag. It would benefit all of us. This game is an obvious money-grab with no notable improvement on gameplay or story. Now brace yourselves for the onslaught of 3rd-rate DLC sure to come. The multiplayer is nice but won't replace the great online experience brought by Left 4 Dead 2, Payday 2, BF series, COD, and many others. Expand
  88. Jan 7, 2014
    It looks like it might have been a fine game, but unfortunately I have run into a bug that keeps me from progressing and I haven't been able to find a solution to that particular problem.
  89. Nov 3, 2013
    I dont know whats this low score about. But this is the best batman game with stunning graphics, new action packed gameplay and some other new and exciting features nd side missions.
  90. Nov 2, 2013
    A game of highs and lows. The plot is fun with satisfying depth of gameplay. However, the game suffers from glitches (many of which make the game unplayable) that ruin the experience. The game also fails to deliver many fresh ideas on the last two games. Requires fixes.
  91. Apr 22, 2014
    Overall chunky, shtty console port.
    Some of the highlights: main screen space button wont work... Mouse not working on the map, you can't drag...
    Enigma "riddles" are sometimes fkin annoying.
    The grapple sometimes work, but mostly not. Annoying as hell. Sometimes you just can't climb up building, that are not too high, not too erhh, but you just can't go up... Why?
    The buttons not
    always working - bad pc port as usual - if you make it console only why sell it on the pc?
    The update deleted all saves - we are not in the nineties anymore... Lamers :)
    That is when I quit, I won't play this game again from the beginning just because some braindead developer can't fix their own bugs but by deleting my saves. And I will not buy anything from rocksteady anymore.
    And you are one of them if you gave a score above 5 for the PC.
  92. Oct 26, 2013
    I'm about half way through at the moment, and so far I'm really enjoying this game. The Rocksteady Batman games are some of my favorite titles of all time, and I think WB Montreal did a fine job following up the stellar Arkham City. I find it funny that many professional critics are slamming this game as "more of the same" when my biggest fear coming into this title was that the new devs would mess up the perfect formula. Admittedly, the game isn't quite as polished as its predecessors, but the issues I have run into have been very minor. Overall I find this game to be an absolute blast. If you enjoyed the previous Batman games I highly recommend picking this one up. Expand
  93. Oct 28, 2013
    Origins tries to build on a fantastic franchise, but falls short. It relies too much on the magic created from it's predecessors and combines this with nothing of its own. The story is the glue holding all the pieces together, with the new voice actors doing a fantastic job of portraying their characters. I have unfortunately encountered a few bugs whilst playing Origins, some of them show-stopping. I feel they had a chance to take the series in a forward direction but failed to release the potential. Instead Origins is something you'd expect as a final DLC pack, worth £20.
    However, I have enjoyed playing as Batman once again, despite its various flaws in both story and mechanics (bugs), who doesn't? It is worth a purchase just for the story alone, but don't expect to be amazed, as this game is not improvement on the series.
  94. Oct 28, 2013
    I actually accept the fact that it didn't improvise they way Arkham City did but i still feel that this game is hugely underrated .

    The story may feel shabby at start but it get interesting slowly and steadily and at the moment when Joker comes you'll be amazed The visuals seems to be upgraded slightly than Arkham City the new ambient lighting and very small details are good
    for a change. The voice acting seems to be fantastic Craig Smith sound aggressive enough to be young Batman and Troy always shone like Joker Nolan's Penguin and Blanc's Bane is also never-miss.
    The Fighting mechanics seems to be a bit more harder showing the new and raw Bat The side-mission are also a pretty good change from Main-Objective .

    One of the awesome thing was Matter's chase of Alice in wonderland which was pretty point on interest.

    The world is big and beautiful but not pack with tons of point of interest and feels empty. The gadgets and mechanics have not been refined that much The game seems to miss than anticipation of itself and plus the BUTTLOAD of BUGS

    Overall it is a good game don't get misjudge by crappy reviews
  95. Oct 29, 2013
    The game is good but they haven't added much since Batman: Arkham Asylum. The story is good, characters are nice but the progression system isn't as good as in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.
  96. Oct 30, 2013
    New addition to the Batman games really stands up to its predecessors. Although it brings only minor improvements in the gameplay (combat system is so tight, perfect and rewarding, that any changes can do more damage, rather than any improvements), Origins is a must have for any Asylum and City fans.
    Although the multiplayer isn't something that you'll play year after the release, it
    nicely prolongs game time and is pretty entertaining.
    Graphics, audio and overall presentation is on highest levels as usuall, although various minor (weird gliding bug from time to time) and major (crashing, currently unability to finish enigma side quest due to one bugged radio tower) glitches are present.
    Origins story brings something new to the table and takes quite unexpected turns. Much better than previous entries in the franchise.
    Bigger world recycles various locations from City, but is rather dead, filled with cops and criminals. This can be overlooked, because there is something to do around every corner.
    Overall this game doesn't deserve bashing for lack of inovations (remember that City brought only open world and improved gliding mechanics), and is a solid and well crafted addition to the Batman games franchise.
  97. Oct 31, 2013
    I am a huge batman fan-boy, but unfortunately arkham origins cant reach the quality from arkham asylum or arkham city, i wish i could give this game a perfect 10 but with all the game breaking bugs its simply impossible to do so.
    However the storyline is pretty good and fun to play, and the fact that some parts of the map are taken from arkham asylum is in my opinion a good thing because
    a player feels right at home. Expand
  98. Oct 31, 2013
    Batman Arkham Origins once again puts our black-clad vigilante onto the streets of Gotham. Some things to note about the game are that this installment of the Arkham series takes place two years into Batman's career. That's about 7 years before the events of Asylum according to WB, which is the other thing to note, this game was developed by Warner Brothers Montreal, not Rocksteady like the past two games. The game also brings back the Free Flow combat system, albeit with a few minor tweaks, but I'll get to that later. The story in this game revolves around 8 assassins try to kill Batman, since Black Mask put a 50 Million Dollar bounty on his head. Hell, I'd try to kill him for that much... maybe. This story certainly feels more polished than Asylum's and City's stories, but it does seem to be too short. For some reason Deadshot and Shiva had to become sidequests, but I think they would have benefited better if they put the two in there. WB also decided to switch both the Joker's and Batman's voice actors. At first some may want to protest this decision, but don't worry, I think it worked terrifically. Taking on the Bat's role is Roger Craig Smith (know for Ezio Auditore and Sonic the Hedgehog) and to be honest, I think I may like him better than Kevin Conroy (the previous voice-actor) (sorry guys!) Taking on the Joker is Troy Baker (Know for Booker DeWitt, Joel, and Two-Face) who does a FANTASTIC job of Joker- sounding almost exactly like the previous voice, Mark Hamill. The game also features more side-quests, a bigger map, and a new 'I am the Night' mode, a mode where you have one life and no saves, this is the only (single-player) mode I have yet to play, but seems like it would be quite satisfying if I beat it. Of course, this game has quite a few glitches. There seems to be some FPS issue, some texture rendering issues, and sometimes you may fall through the world. Along with this is a gliding model issue where Batman flips up and down, luckily this can be easily fixed by dive-bombing. One of the most frustrating glitch is the burnley comms tower glitch, where you cannot enter a vent to complete a Riddler challenge. Luckily this does not affect the story, so you can still beat the game. Also, on Pc, it seems that you do not have the ability to go fullscreen, doing so and then exiting the game will force you to unistall and then re-install. I'm not quite sure if going to windowed mode before exiting will fix that.

    Overall, I think this game is beautiful, even boasting graphics that (in my opinion,) are better than City's. With a fantastic, though short, story, larger, but glitchy, world, and more, but somewhat glitchy, side-quests, this game earns the right to bear the Arkham name we have all come to know and love. If you haven't picked this gem up yet, I suggest doing it now. There's also a multiplayer, which I have not yet ventured into, but you could give it a shot. All in all, this game deserves a solid 8/10
  99. Nov 4, 2013
    This is a great game, everything you would want from an Arkham game, and the best story out of all three.

    It's the large amount of easily found, game ruining bugs that WB Montreal have chose to release this game with that drags what would be a 9/10 to a 6/10. WBM will fix them eventually (i hope), but there's no excuse for letting such an unpolished game get released.

    Six out of ten
    as of now 04/11/2013.

    Nine out of ten when they wise up and fix the main problems.
    (mainly one bane killing bug, I mean game killing bug)
  100. Nov 7, 2013
    First thing I want to say, is this is not a bad game. If you've played the previous two entries in this series (Asylum, City) and enjoyed the combat, there is plenty to be enjoyed here. The free-flow mechanics are as tight as ever, and there's even a few new enemy types to be thrown in.

    But honestly, that's where the good news ends for me. The entire time playing this game, and even
    through the ending I got a whole "Been there, Done that feeling" playing the game. Some parts of the map are ripped right from Arkham City. The Curfew being enforced over the city makes the streets look empty, and being Christmas Eve, it's even set in the snow..Again.

    Warner took a key to what could be great, and made it mediocre. While Arkham Origins plays beautify, it never gets any near the "Epic" feel of the other games. Especially Arkham City. The story here is an "ok" Batman story, while the story from Asylum was "good" and City was "One of my favorite Batman stories EVER in any media". The whole thing seems predictable and there only a few moments of epic-ness to be found.

    Where Origins absolutely nails it though, are the "Boss Fights". Even in "Injustice" I had a better time fighting Deathstroke, or Bane as Batman in this game. The fights capture exactly how you think they might go from the comic, and are on par with "God of War" as far as boss battles.

    Now that I've completed the game and am writing this review, I can't help but think how blown away I'd be with it, if It was indeed the 1st game in the series. But after playing both Rocksteady's entries, it all seems a bit old. Almost like a yearly "Madden" or "Call of Duty". Even though it wasn't even yearly!

    The voice cast is excellent. And the replacements for Kevin Conroy (Batman) and the Mark Hamill (The Joker) are excellent, and you hardly would even notice they're gone. But one of the main issues I had with the game was believing this was the 1st time Conroy's take on Batman had ever heard of The Joker. Conroy's Batman has been fighting Hamill's Joker so long hearing Bats discover the Joker for the first time, just didn't feel genuine to me, and maybe the story could've been told in a different narrative.

    Again, It's not a bad game by any means. If this were the first "Arkham" game I've ever played it'd be a 10/10 for sure. But Warner really fails to introduce anything new or fresh. So if you've played the last two, this whole game just kind of feels like one long expansion pack.

    If you haven't played any of the Arkham games, play this one first. Then Asylum, and City.. The way this series is meant to be played.

    Rocksteady absolutely nailed the feeling of actually being Batman more than any other game with the character has ever done. I'm hoping maybe surrendering this license to Warner will let them be free to work on some other D.C. characters. Superman is begging to have a great game, and imagine a "Max Payne" style game featuring "the Flash".

    There is some good ground work laid here, and if Rocksteady is indeed done with Batman, I can't wait for their next release.. And if more Batman is coming before another hero, we really need some fresh ideas.. Part of the story lacking here makes me wonder if Warner is missing Paul Dini.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 17 Critics

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 17
  1. Dec 13, 2013
    "You don't want to be the guys who messed up and ran into the ground one of the absolute, top-rated franchises of all time. You don't want that at the top of your CV. 'Yeah, I'm the guy who turned a 96 into a 60, that's my claim to fame,’ said Arkham Origins’ producer Ben Matts a couple of days before the game’s release. Turns out, they did exactly that.
  2. Nov 27, 2013
    There's definitely some re-tread going on with Batman: Arkham Origins, but the combat, the relatively good story (B-list villain aside), the powerful feeling of being Batman in video game form has only muted my enthusiasm for the franchise by the smallest of margins.
  3. Nov 25, 2013
    You can't go wrong with sticking to Rocksteady's Bat-formula, however it is starting to feel a little played out. [December 2013, p.93]