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  • Summary: Winter of the Wolf takes place seven years prior to the events in Battle Realms. The Wolf Clan has suffered under the lash of its Lotus slave masters for three decades, toiling endlessly in the brutal depths of the shale mines. As Grayback, new chieftain of the Wolf Clan, players must unite the scattered Wolves and win their freedom from tyranny. At their disposal are slaves wielding shale-breaking sledgehammers strong enough to shatter iron; hurling burning pitch to sear the flesh from their enemies' bones; even brawling two-fisted with massive slabs of stone. Grayback must use his knowledge of the mines to defeat superior forces, rediscover the powers of the lost Druidesses, and convince his fellow slaves to risk everything for their chance at freedom. [Ubi Soft] Expand
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  1. The campaigns are dynamic to an extent, but it’s very similar to many other “destroy everything” games such as Warcraft. Like that’s bad.
  2. An above average game that doesn't rock the boat. [Feb 2003, p.84]
  3. Every scenario features a chain of dynamic events that will keep you alert and busy almost constantly. In addition, the storyline is well-structured and has amazing character depth.
  4. Technically a pretty solid add-on to last year's distinctive martial-arts-themed real-time strategy game.
  5. Rounds the original game out nicely, providing a surprisingly un-chilling reception to those burnt out on battle.net. [Feb 2003, p.81]
  6. It offers little incentive to reinstall the rapidly ageing masterpiece.
  7. A year later, the presentation isn't dazzling anymore, and the shell is even emptier. [Mar 2003, p.108]

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