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  1. Nov 6, 2011
    A uniquely disappointing campaign unless you enjoy the philosophical aspect of death out of the blue. The campaign is buggy, kludgy, and denies you any sort of satisfaction. Nothing is worse than pressing the wrong button during one of the close combat scenes, well aware that you're now condemned to passively follow half a minute more of fighting, followed by your death and another half a minute with the loading screen.
    The multiplayer mode may or may not be ok, but after the campaign I don't want to see any more of this game.
  2. Nov 4, 2011
    People who are rating this game 8+ must be playing a different game than me. No one was more anxious for this game than me. After a year of hype and trailers I was really waiting for this. I've been playing BF2 constantly for the past year. I stopped buying MW after the mess that MW2 had become. infinity just rewraps the same bullsh*t add a fresh coat of paint and shoves it at you an call it innovation. When BC2 came out it was like no other game. You could do and destroy anything!! You think you're gonna camp here for the whole game? WRONG, there's no wall behind you! Drive tanks, fly ATTACK helicopters, 4 wheelers, UAVs and turrents! You name it BC2 provided and then. BF3 was announced and we got word of all the wonders that would befall us in this game. And show the COD franchise how real developers and networks stand by their fanbase. I refer to all this is to emphasize how utterly disappointed I am in BF3. I realized from Beta that this is NOT the BF I knew and loved. This felt cheap. And EA chose the absolute worst map to allure players from COD as it was not displaying BF's to its truest. We all know of the annoying network outages and glitches that happened in the beta stage and EA assured us that what we were playing was not the final product so I shrugged it off. Now that the final game was released I hoped it would be the same as BF2, IT IS NOT. Those users saying the game play is the same WRONG. The game play is no where near as smooth as BF3 and that game could have been smoother. This game is a pretty mess. I will only be referring to Multilayer as Campaign got me so angry I had to take 2 xanax (I think I've made my point here).

    From a simple thing as the inability to walk over a tiny object on the ground to the daunting task of getting out of a room, this game has become what I hoped it wouldn't... COD with vehicles. EA if you cant do something right, dont bother doing it at all. How is it that you can shoot a person square dead in the head emptying TWO clips one from you main and the secondary after switching to you side arm and your opponent will have enough time to stop. turn. shoot you once and you are dead.? EA can you PLEASE explain this cause I am stumped. I have had folks massacre me on 0%. 0%!!!!! I was killed by a ghost y'all!!!! Why can't I cook a grenade?? Why is player mute either you mute the entire squad or none so if I have a team member that is actually benefiting to the team and a kid screaming at his mommy I have to deal with all of that or mute them all? HOW do I end up in an entirely different class when a new game starts? WHY the **** does it take to goddamn long to get up from prone!!??? WHY all the theatrics to knife someone??!!! You have to ensure NO ONE is around you if you're knifing someone cause the length of time it takes to do that crap will get you shot! I have to wonder if EA just focused all their energy into just making the game look pretty and sounding fantastic and just left out the heart of the game. Cause that is what I got from the store. So thanks EA, thanks for ruining a great game! And replacing it with cheap, marketing MESS! Xoxo!
  3. Nov 4, 2011
    battliefield series is a game that promotes team play how ever a lack of in game communication have rendered team play as non existant

    vechiles upgrades are a problem as you need to play in that vechile to get them this is noticeably a problem in jets as you have no counter for the lock on missles that come your way. vechile control is useless more noticable in the air craft however you
    can get a tank stuck going up a hill that has less then a 10 degree radiant the commander fuction has gone come on guys this is not a battliefield game this is a console cod Expand
  4. Nov 6, 2011
    Graphic is astonishing despite moderate system requirement. All other aspects of SP are plain, boring and inexcusably worthless. MP at a first glance is good, but not excellent.
  5. Nov 6, 2011
    This is quite possibly the worst first person shooter I've ever experienced. The controls are choppy, the guns are few and far between, it takes 5-8 hit markers to kill sombody (depending on lag), and the sound is awful. Truely pathetic. There is no way to tell your team from another team, there is no way to snap to a target, there is no way to alter your player inbetween matches......I could list 20 other engineering flaws in this game, but I won't waste the time. Save yourself 60 bucks, get it used and turn it back in when you get tired of it (which shouldn't take but a couple of games). Expand
  6. Nov 17, 2011
    Worst ever Battlefield game. I love BF2 and still play it, occasionally BFBC2 as well. Since this game was named "BF3", I expected improved gameplay with new features BFBC2 has presented. But this happened to be BFBC3, not BF3. Except for that, the game itself isn't bad. Maybe it was just my expectations of the Battlefield (not Bad Company) franchise.

    EA should learn how to name their
    games before releasing them. Expand
  7. Jan 31, 2012
    I play a lot of FPS on Xbox 360. I gave this a very low score; here is why:
    1) I bought this to play multiplayer with friends. The servers put us on different teams 100% of the time... there's a "switch team" option, but it typically says "you can't" do it. 2) Big learning curve, no tutorial, rotten interface, no instructions except random online wikis players have written.

    That pretty much sums up why I sold my copy...
  8. Nov 10, 2011
    Well... They said it will be awesome, new and i expected for something more. Game is bugged and it annoys me most. Mouse problems, Graphic problems (i mean green screen, problems with some newest graphic cards) or Battlelog. Im dissatisfied.
  9. Nov 10, 2011
    A disappointment of epic proportions, I was expecting game of the year stuff. The campaign and co-op modes are tacked on just so no one can compain they did not exist. Multiplayer feels good when it works well, but the stupid browser based Battlelog system and the time it takes to get into a game alongwith lack of decent chat options (in a game where co-ordination is so stressed upon) spoils the experience. People rant on about how great the jets are, but no one knows how to fly one and they rarely add to the team's score. Also people rant on about how great the 64-player action is but all it is is really a big chaotic mess where no one knows what the hell to do. Expand
  10. Nov 10, 2011
    O jogo é lento, a história é ruim, falta emoção e a inteligência artificial é fraca, de modo que o jogo é massivo e chato, os gráficos são bons, mas a jogabilidade é ruim.
  11. Dec 5, 2011
    Firstly, single player. In one word: BORING. Lots of scenes, fluid movements, lots of talking but it doesn't want you to play any further. Been there, seen it.
    Next, multiplayer. Firstly, the main problem. Client-side hit register. If your enemy hits you on their screen, you die regardless of your actual position on your screen. This, basically, defeats the whole purpose of having
    dedicated servers - your ping doesn't matter, if they killed you a while ago but you only saw it now because of THEIR large ping, its your problem. Its the reason I stopped playing COD:MW2 (p2p multiplayer, client-side hit register), its the reason I didn't buy COD:MW3 (same p2p). Its the reason I'm trying to get a refund on BF3 now.
    Other things to mention about MP: huge but empty maps, multi-layered buildings that prevent you from seeing the outside (its too bright), tanks that are nearly indestructible to infantry (3 rockets to kill it in hardcore - you'll just die), planes that have no purpose other than fighting other planes (they can't capture points, can't deliver more than 1 player to a point).
    Hardcore is no longer hardcore. You don't get infinite health, but the minimap is ALWAYS on, minimap spotting lights you up as soon as you fire a gun, killcam (which reveals your position) is almost always shown, sniper scope glare makes it easy to find the sniper no matter how good their cover is. And best of all - the most powerful sniper rifle still doesn't kill with 1 bullet. Even assault rifle HEADSHOT won't kill them with 1 hit. What kind of hardcore mode is this?
    Class balance is simply awful. Medic gets it all: infinite health with medkit, 100 points per revive (same as a kill), grenade launcher (replaces medkit), assault rifles (!). Support now has only light machine guns and... ammo packs! And thats it! As a result support is now least popular class, in many cases there is no one to ask for ammo. Recon is same good old sniper, engineer is same good old rocket launcher guy.
    Weapon balancing is simple: the more you progress, the better the gun. Surely you can hit and even kill with anything, but F2000+IRNV = undefeated. Add ability to put a silenver and 3rd attachment to it and you'll know it simply defeats the purpose of tactical gameplay. You can just rambo it all. In BFBC2 we couldn't rambo 24/7 because best gun was in the hands of support and medkit was in the hands of medic, and you could only find cover when being shot at by a sniper - hard to tell where they were. But at least they didn't kill you with client-side hit register (you could run into cover and it did prevent you from being hit).
    I am amused at people who are able to play this game for 100s of hours. I'm trying to get a refund to buy something else.
  12. Dec 16, 2011
    DICE disappointed me with this new version of Battlefield full of bugs.
    It's just unbelievable... How can they sell a game with a huge number of bugs. I've updated my graphic card and sound card drivers. I've updated Battlefield but it still does not work after almost 1 month. Follow my advice : Don't by this game ... As far as I am concerned, my next action in the next hour will be to
    unsinstall this application. Expand
  13. May 17, 2012
    I Played it and enjoyed it for a while. the patches made it difficult to master and now it has gotten to the point where the patches have made the game... suck. i know it sounds dumb but it seems wall glitches and all sorts of fun things plague the game since the patches. it is basically a glorified MW3. i dont like COD either. it use to be fun and rewarded good players but i cant do anything. some guns are awfully OPand stupid. the game is very unrealistic as well. i dont care if you can blow things up it is not realistic. now many light machine guns and assault rifles can out shoot a sniper at great distance so sniping is **** dumb to do. I cant get anywhere with people with light machine guns shooting through walls if i am moving. so i dont play anymore. **** THIS GAME. it was fun but still i hate it now. Expand
  14. Nov 11, 2011
    For those who only play solo, save your money. It is not worth more than $7.00. I'm sure the multiplayer rocks, but the single is quick and boring. Both this and the new COD are not worth purchasing for solo.
  15. Nov 7, 2011
    If you want Cod, buy Cod. That is basically all that needs saying but I am on here for a rant so here goes...its a consol port, its arcadey, the battles are lass intense the aiming is crap, the textures look artificial, it puts up dodgy frames (bright blue or green- ati 6950), worst of all is level design, levels dont blow up like they used to and are designed like cod so fights happen when you see the other guy first and the visibility is such there is too much chance that a guy will see you through chance rather than skill. Played it for a bit and got bored. I regret paying money for this and reccommend others dont. Expand
  16. Nov 9, 2011
    Everyone is crazy about that bf3.Last time i played bfbc2...i didn't enjoyed a bit like i did in mw/mw2.But every single guy of this bf3 fans is trying to give mw3 a less score as possible.I "DAMN" care about graphics.It requires a high end PC to play easily.Yeah....multiplayer is good(although i didn't played mp mode).But i had to upgrade my gpu to play this game.Graphics isn't everything in a FPS game(or any kind of game).Few years ago everybody played commandos(although its a strategy game) and enjoyed it(Like i did)but it wasn't full of lighting or ANT tech....dah dah's true that everyone doesn't like run and have to remember that-----COD IS THE BEST......... Expand
  17. Nov 9, 2011
    They specifically made the game this way to benefit their own marketing and to hurt their customers. I will never buy a DICE or EA game ever again................
  18. Nov 10, 2011
    Unfortunately EA DICE is not able to deliver all of the many promises made by marketing. From a technical perspective this look like an unfinished game. The singleplayer campaign suffers from basic technical issues where story progression is impossible as certain criteria has not been fulfilled. In multiplayer, that is supposed to be the games one strength, the pervasive technical deficiencies is even more obvious. Mainly clipping is a issue where you can be shoot because from you point of view you are in cover, while you opponent has an unobstructed view for a kill. If you are new to the first person military shooters there are other more balanced games available. Expand
  19. Nov 10, 2011
    Ea sux

    bf3 sux

    origin sux

    battlelog sux

    bf3 fanboys sux

    0 for u mr bf3! thats what u deserve! why spend time making a single player that sux with a multiplayer that is worse than bad company 2?
  20. Nov 10, 2011
    The servers are crap. The fact that vehicles are present is crap. The lag is crap. The fact that you have to buy the game new or pay 10 bucks to play online is also a load of crap.
  21. Nov 10, 2011
    This game has the worst fanbase... resorting to review bombing an undeserving game (MW3).... Shame on you. Every one of you that resorting to the shameful tactic of review-bombing MW3 should be ashamed of yourself!
  22. Jun 29, 2012
    This game is 10 times better then COD thats why im giving it a score 3. The biggest thing in this game that bothers me is too much bloom in multiplayer and graphics arent really that good if you look very closely. There are no numbers for mouse sensitivity so i have to guess. No battlerecorder, battlelog is pain in the a**. Also hit detection is broken in multiplayer.
  23. Nov 10, 2011
    This game is more of a prototype than a fully finished FPS. The frostbite 2 engine needs to work out some major kinks. If you're on the fence about which military shooter to pick up this year, do yourself a favor and get MW3. Maybe next time around battlefield will be the better online shooter, but for now there are far too many glitches to enjoy. Truly a shame, game had tons of potential. Little bit of a disappointment, but hoping for a better game next time. Expand
  24. Nov 10, 2011
    Awful game. Not worth buying this pathetic excuse of a game. Save your money for a game that is actually worth playing. I could not get myself to play more than an hour of this game
  25. Nov 10, 2011
    All may be upsets with the fact that the single-player was not up to par with most campaigns in other games but Battlefield has and always will be a multiplayer I recommend this game to everyone, it's the best shooter of the year,graphics, beautiful enviroments, excellent and realistic sound effects. And a really superb, fun, action packed and strategy based gameplay with really good single player and co-op modes and just an awesome multiplayer mode with so much freedom of choice and tons of unlockables.
    Grat game
  26. Nov 10, 2011
    pros: nice visuals. vehicles in mp are good

    cons: singleplayer is lifted almost directly form the mw series, mp battles are slow and only 5 maps? really?
  27. Nov 11, 2011
    Single player game. Looks very very impressive, they are graphics outstanding. Unfortunately game play (which, letâ
  28. Nov 13, 2011
    EA sold out. Battlefield tries to emulate COD, instead of being its own game.Reeks of if you can't beat them, join them. Come back when you're going to make an original game dice, rather than emulating someone else.
  29. Nov 13, 2011
    Waste of money and absolute failure. Lets start with it its not BF type game, it feels more like Quake/Unreal Torunament (run and shoot them) this is how it was designed to emulate CoD,MW.The contrast and bloom in the game is absolutly hideous, it blinds you from every direction and lens flare and laser scopes, flashlights all into your eyes if its not enough to blind you.IRNV scope ruins the game, its a 'Predator mode' forget about hiding people see you with this scope from other part of them map !!!! No need to hide because YOU CAN NOT HIDE - you light up like Christmas Tree, everybody sees you ! Without the scope its very difficult to see enemies because they are too dark and there is too much contrast so everybody runs in the 'Predator Mode' aka Noob Mode.There is autohealing for vehicles and soldiers, game is incredibly dumbed down - just run and spray.No tactics, no possibility to hide,to sneak etc.Maps are very weak and too small.Origin spyware is uncomfortable to use you need to quit/start game anytime you want to change server. And its all because they didnt make BF3 they made some CoD/MW clone to try to make more money. But they failed. Battlefield is dead. Expand
  30. Nov 25, 2011
    If this game actually launched even after their patch, I could rate it on it's merits, but so far it has none. If any sane person was working at EA, they wouldn't of launched one of the biggest games of the year with a spyware like launcher like Origin (beta), yes that's right it says beta, it is software that is still in the testing stages yet, they make it a must have to play BF3, did the Project manager for EA ride the shortbus to work? Really, Coupling BF3 with a beta version launch software is a big fail for EA, and I still can't play the damn game. Expand
  31. Nov 29, 2011
    Let me start by saying that EA is one of the worst companies out there mostly because of their incredibly bad customer support. I downloaded the game when it was half of and was excited as hell since I just purchased a $1000 rig to pay this game and was sorely disappointed when after updating all my drivers and making sure my PC was up to date with the latest software, The game cam up with a "Battlefield 3 has stopped working" error. After over 3+ hours of EA "support" they finally told me that my realtek onboard audio was prohibiting the game from running. In an attempt to call Bull I uninstalled my realtek audio drivers and disabled my onboard audio and it still wouldn't work. I have also tried all the "fixes" out there on the internet but still no dice. Until EA/DICE fixes this, this game gets a 0.

    P.S. I have a 6870 and a Phenom II X4 and 8GB Ram, should run fine.
  32. Dec 2, 2011
    It's incredible to see such a system on a PC game !!!
    Origin, browser, plugin browser, impossible to change your nickname, a EA service.... hummm. I prefer stop here.
    It's not the game which is really bad, it's the global system all around. intolerable.
  33. Dec 3, 2011
    the game started with a lot of potential and I loved it at first. (I solely point my arrows on the multiplayer) everything seemed balanced, I needed to find my place in the chaos.

    but once I found my place in the chaos I found al those little things that bugged me. 1. jets are practically indestructible when there isnt A) a anti air vehicle present B) another good pilot c) a **** load of
    engineers with stingers.
    2. engineers should be nerfed or make all classes engineers. the reason I say this is that they can kill everything. they can equip mines and rockets. there carbines are insane. they are what you say one man army's
    3. recons are raped in this game, I played recon in BC2 and its a difficult class to play I loved the snipes across the map considering the bullet drop and determing the path the player would walk. the mortar was a game turner. what we get now is the soflam only usefull when there is a engineer with a stinger. and is paying attention. and that is the problem with this multiplayer game, they expect it to be teambased combat. but it isnt most of the players are lonewolfs. one can blame the players. I blame the developer for creating a environment which allows this. I am still a fan of minus points. are you being a dickhead and you want to kill a lot of ppl instead of getting to the target you get a penalty. that is what I call realistic. in the army they arent happy with triggerhappy nutsacks.

    last thing I have to say is that the so called destruction in this game is at a minimum, remember in bc2 where you can level almost a whole map.. that isnt in bf3 and that was for me such a let down. if there was lots of destruction in this game I could live with my earlier made points. but the lack of it , I cant play it anymore it gets on my nerves more then I enjoy it. back to BC2 I say.
  34. Apr 24, 2012
    After 400+ hours playing this is my 3rd and final review. I have 1200+ hours playing the excellent BFBC2, but this game does not compare. If you are looking for mindless multiplayer fun, then by all means pick this up. If you have a single competitive bone in your body skip it. Clans and hackers do very well. Casual players are simply ignored by the developers. They don't ban hackers. Many server admins are just plain ignorant on what a hacker looks like, and DICE doesn't give them any tools to catch them. If you want to play this title, wait another 18 months. New games will be out, hackers will leave due to boredom, and the patches might make it balanced in some regard. Expand
  35. Feb 16, 2012
    I'm sad by this game, huge battlefield 2 fan, and reading the glow, I get the feeling allot of people have not played BF2. The graphics are great. the single player is scripted CoD stuffs. and multiplayer is basic. and here is the issue I have, Battlefield 2 MP was GREAT, and Battlefield 1942 MP was GREAT! Where's commander mode? or being spec opps putting sack charges on enemy artilaryand sacoms etc. I won't even go into the awesomeness of driving aircraft carriers in 1942, will DICE ever be able to return to those days? looking like a strong no. I hope one day someone will bring a proper battlefield to those of us that started with the franchise. perhaps a mod? Expand
  36. Nov 9, 2012
    After loading it 3x and spending hours on the phone trying to get to play and researching stuff, it finally played, and I was very impressed
  37. Dec 27, 2011
    This game is extremely high quality. The graphics are amazing, the physics are nice and the combat is just incredible. Everything about this game is absolutely perfect.

    Too bad there are so many millions of errors involved in installing the game few people actually get to play. **** you, EA.
  38. Apr 18, 2012
    The beta was fun even with no destruction and the occasional floor-glitching but once it hit release, it was unplayable with a dozen different kinds of connectivity issues hitting you at the same time along with overall huge amounts of lag and delay.

    Something that Is not welcome in a FPS so I asked for a refund on the same day I bought it. That was 6 months ago. I've now been ignored by
    their support over 4 separate times with no hope of seeing my money. Thanks EA. Expand
  39. Nov 29, 2011
    The game tried to hard to be realistic and gameplay should always come first. There's flashlights that blind your screen from across the map in broad daylight. The particle effects went so overboard the game is one big dust cloud most the time. The muzzle flash from enemies and infared both blind you, If you look face the direction where the sun is overhead you get blinded, and i thought they were wearing helmets and goggles.....

    The maps are too big and too much time is spent wandering around doing nothing, the maps are poorly designed and if they were designed better it would force ppl into conflict more often.

    The knife never works unless you press up against the player, it's like the guy has no arms.

    The biggest issue and what makes this the worst campfest around is you get killed in 2 shots by any gun and the red flash you get when being shot blinds your entire screen so reacting is taking out of the equation.
  40. Nov 16, 2011
    There are no in game menus and it makes you do everything in a web browser. If you can get the game to connect to a server there are tons of cheats and exploits. It has good graphics but the single player story is so bad it made me throw up.
  41. Apr 11, 2012
    A game with great potential, but clearly done in a hurry just to be launched before CoD:MW3. To be honest, this is the best shooting experience I've ever had in a computer game, BUT... the game is haunted by bad decisions, bugs/glitches, balance problems and other rushed stuff. Maps are simply horrible; they decided to abandon the huge maps we've seen in previous Battlefield titles, and now we have close-quarters levels with a terrible design, worse than the ones seen in the Call of Duty series (see Operation Metro if you don't believe me). There is no VoIP, destruction is worse than in Bad Company 2, hit detection fails (you get shot even after entering cover), patches are rare and, until now, have only made the game's balance worse, specially for the vehicles, which have been nerfed to oblivion. And, of course, your character will suicide many times for absolutely no reason. I can't tell you to stay away from this game because it is, indeed, a really nice experience (if you have the Back to Karkand expansion, because the original maps are terrible and the next DLCs will take months to be launched), but seeing what Battlefield 3 is, and the huge potential it has, I must say it's a complete fail, and the developers don't seem to care about fixing the game. As for the Singleplayer/Co-op game modes, well... they're just horrible. Campaign is totally linear and the story isn't good at all. Co-op levels are few, short, and you can't communicate with your teammate; yes that's right, there's absolutely no chat system on the Co-op mode, you can't communicate by VoIP, nor by typing. Expand
  42. Nov 19, 2011
    game is crap , engine is like MOH from dice and with great browser game choosing fail. also you live 1 sec if youi r not using sniper. graphic is crap also .MW3 is bad also so better pass both games if you can.
  43. Dec 12, 2011
    cannot be patched unless you use EA. Also, this is a port to the PC rather than a true build... I don't game on the PC to get the poor quality of a console. FAIL
  44. Sep 20, 2012
    Too many bugs, cheating is rampant, weapons and vehicles are unrealistic. Most of the DLC is worthless, or content that should have been provided with the original version.
  45. Nov 5, 2011
    What a disappointment. I, like many before me, signed up to write this review exclusively! DON'T BUY THIS GAME - yet! On the positive side: 1. graphics look fantastic 2. cool new login system and matchmaking 3. launch of yet another digital distribution system on the negative side: 1. the game is riddled with bugs like graphics, physics, connections to server, lag. 2. the online matchmaking system is as of yet crap as there are no proper servers available
    3. launching from a browser is fine, but if the game is not preloaded it takes time(got a SSD setup and the works) and if the server for some reason is no good (lag, ping, players, map) then you'll have to quit the game and go back to the browser, just to start over again.
    4. did I mention that finding actual servers where there is room to play is limited? Early probably for sure...
    5. The settings do not remember your choices even though you confirm three times that "YES I WANT IT". I simply cannot recommend this game, I have seen no changes from the beta to the launch and distributing this game is way too early. Look at the amount of negative feedback, and look how oddly consistent the review sites are in their praise... bought off? I'm probably a conspiracy theorist, but it seems odd that 40% of users reporting on this game is NEGATIVE and further 10% have mixed feelings.

    Waste of money because you'll either fail:
    1. your computer does not meet the requirements(mine is top of the line)
    2. your location is not close enough to the few EA servers available (free servers are not possible, paid service - to ensure "product consistency" probably... sure it's consistently ****
    3. your particular OS, drivers, chip set, graphics-card makes the game act just the wrong way.

    This game needed another 5 months of re-factoring and code stabilization, as well as some performance measurement and analysis. And the firing what ever sales idiot who pushed this to market ahead of Call of Duty: modern warfare 3.
  46. Nov 8, 2011
    Poor and unsatisfying single player, that feels rushed out in order to beat MW3 to the shops. However the big issue for me is the required installation of "Origin", and offensive and bug ridden piece of privacy-invading software. Do not buy.
  47. Nov 8, 2011
    Look, I know this is a multiplayer game. I do. I understand that the singleplayer is little more than an extended tutorial. Did an hour of multiplayer and it was really great. But you put the crappy singleplayer in
  48. Nov 8, 2011
    Didn't live up to the hype. The graphics are sub-par and the controls are slow. Multiplayer is plagued by 12 year old girls. The UI makes me want to die.
  49. Nov 8, 2011
    Really. Boring. Gameplay. Takes forever just to find a guy to shoot. no, this game is TERRIBLE. At least call of duty is better than this crap. fast and nice gameplay, and MW3 got rated better than this crappy thing. hahaha,
  50. Nov 9, 2011
    battlelog is the most annoying addition to a game ive ever found, and ontop of that i found these reviews are getting more and more unhelpful, on here you have fanboys talks about modern warfare and on mw3 you have kids judging it against bf3, why cant people just give a good review based on the ACTUAL game there playing? anyway, i bought this piece of crap after hearing all the great reviews on places like this site, only to find the single player was possibly the worst ive ever played, its like playing an action game thats just made up of best bits and cutscenes, theres no real backing to it, it just goes everywhere, and the online, well if im honest about it, didnt impress me, i felt id rather have my $60 back and play bf2 online instead, as its just the same game but with nicer graphics, and well, im not a graphics fanboy either, i have to say, first game ive taken back in about 3 years, says alot really. i bought mw3 with it, luckily for me the reviews where wrong, the game is still more entertaining and fast paced, think some kids need to learn that fanboydom isnt cool, and just ruins peoples enjoyment of games aswell as ruins the review industry. be unbiased, give a real review, the game was awful for anyone that has played bf2 and liked it, should get where im coming from

    vitamin C above me, is a prime example of kids that have nothing better to do that trying to somehow offend the company of an opposing game........ it really is a sad world they live in.
  51. Nov 9, 2011
    Art director should be fired.Game is way overhyped.

    - burn out contrast/bloom/hdr and no way to town it down , it hurts yours eyes and its impossible to spot enemies which look most of the time like background (way to dark uniforms) or like your teammates, people shot you out of nowhere, you need eagle eyesight to spot them
    - blinding lights from sun - stupid lensflare, blinding lights
    from flashlights, lasers, even streetlights are too bright - very annoying and lame - most of maps is tiny with chokepoints, lighting is too dark or too bright
    - soldiers and vehicles move too fast - autohealing for vehicles,no cool down for repair tool which makes many vehicles undestructable
    - recon useless - no camouflage for recon, silly scope flare giving your position away
    - ugly gray/bluish color cast on some maps - env. not as destructive as in BC2 !
    - noisy, too much bang-bang, at the same time you cant hear footsteps of enemies Most of maps are tiny, graphics is not gameplay friendly (contrast bloom hdr way over the top) and hurts your gameplay and eyes, difficult to spot enemies because of too much contrast and and too dark shadows.I was big BF series fan owned BF2,BF2142,BFBC2 but BF3 totally sucks, tiny maps make you feel you play Unreal Tournment and not battlefield. Disappointment of the year :( I suggest you stay with BC2 its much better game.
  52. Nov 9, 2011
    The only worthwhile part of the game is the multiplayer --- and even that isn't that fun. DICE abandoned their roots and took on a Call of Duty style.
  53. Nov 9, 2011
    This game is a complete let down, the graphics took a back seat, the multiplayer is laggy and clunky,and the story mode is a rip off from black ops. Don't believe the reviews and save your money, rent it and experience it for yourself. Not to mention the servers suck, i hope EA gets their act together next time.
  54. Nov 10, 2011
    As much fun and action packed as the smaller maps can be, trudging across a map the size of Nebraska, only to be picked off by a sniper, or shot by a seemingly INVINCIBLE helicopter just doesn't seem like an enjoyable multiplayer experience to me. Campaign = YAWN.
  55. Jan 13, 2013
    One year+ after release, ZERO true bugs have been fixed. This is one "AAA" game that hasn't provided any true support. They only provide "balance adjustments" which means, they play with numbers on a .txt file for half an hour with their coffee. Since the release, the entire team moved onto BF4 and fast-made DLCs. As a result, many people paid over 100$ on average. DICE's PR guy said, "this is business" but he meant between DICE and investors. He mentioned nothing about the customers who don't receive any support, but they do receive an unpolished product. Haven't the gamers had enough already? This is how gamers lost the "right" for a properly released game, long time ago. Now, we're gonna lose the right even for after-sale support. They just release games with hundreds of bugs and glitches, and nothing is going on! I won't even mention about the horrible Single Player part of the game. Generally unacceptable and hence the negative rating. I'm trying to objective and wish the best for us, the gamers. I didn't pay for "premium" cause I thought, that way I'd support their model. Expand
  56. Nov 12, 2011
    For a game that's has amazing graphics, DICE has sure made it in a way that it affects playing the game negatively. There is such a thing as too much glare and lightning, there is such a thing as too much screen shaking from a grenade exploding across the map. Campaign was boring, drawn out, more linear than Final Fantasy 13 and it was just utter pointless. MP is alright when it works but with rampant day 1 cheaters and DICE's choice to use PUNKBUSTER the situation wont get better anytime soon. PC port has it's problems, especially for a FPS that's suppose to be played using a mouse and keyboard but the console versions of BF3 are superior without a doubt. I feel as if I paid more than I should have for a game that I know I was only going to play for MP, especially since DICE made it so obvious that they slacked off on the PC port and the single player. Disappointed greatly Expand
  57. Nov 13, 2011
    Great graphics although the constant frame issues, the pathetic unfinished multiplayer, the **** that is Origin and Battlelog give the game a terrible experience. To be honest gameplay can be fun but man seeing everyone run to a damn vehicle is pure stupidity. Then there are constant server issues. You know you pulled out so many Alphas and Betas and could have fixed this. Not trying to be a hater but makes me feel like they focused more on the Frostbite 2 engine then anything else. Expand
  58. Nov 14, 2011
    Only 4/10, Why? Not good singleplayer. Stupid history, but amazing graphic, good soundtrack,good sound.
    I don't like BF's multiplayer, so i rate only singleplayer.
  59. Nov 14, 2011
    I'm just gonna give this review because I'm childish and like to bash other, more succesfull games than the ones I play (end of sarcasm here)

    The developers aimed for a realistic gameplay as opposed to the more 'arcade' type gameplay. To be honest, I don't like it, the graphics are really cartoony, not realistic. You have to pump a whole mag into someone to kill em and get into vehicles
    to be competitive, seriously is this for real? The whole 'everything can be destroyed' is the only thing new in this series, but not even worth one point, because it's about the gamplay, not the ability to destroy buildings. In my opinion it's more worth it to spend your time on the the bigger game in this genre, because unlike what the BF3 fanboys giving 0 points to MW3 seem to suggest, it's a great game. Expand
  60. Nov 15, 2011
    LOL!!!! EA bought critics and hired people for bad user's reviews for CoD MW3. BF3 has Bug on Bug, not finished and still raw, but it have so "Wonderful" reviews. It's so obviously, that EA just use black piar for their money makig machine, parasite on franchise.
  61. Nov 16, 2011
    The game is a gutted shell missing half the best features of the series. The awesome graphics engine is let down by the graphics which have been butchered by overdone contrast, global tinting, excessive light glare, flare, and bloom.
    The game features less of everything that matters, factions, maps, maps are smaller, less control points, less vehicles, less classes, etc. etc. Sure new
    content is there but in no way can it account for what is missing.
    The single player and coop are nothing compared to the original sp and coop of the series. They do little to prepare you for the actual mp gameplay. While they do demonstrate the capabilities of the game, they are a very poor cousin of the original game modes.
    It is much more closer to the Bad Company series and even carries all of the unresolved bugs of the Bad Company series. It's a good game - sure, but that's a let down when an epic game was expected.
  62. Nov 19, 2011
    Terribly superficial and overdone. This game focuses on looking good, very superficial. Graphics are nothing, having played MW3 the graphics may not be the best they can be (it doesnt matter) but the gameplay itself is smoother and MUCH more enjoyable. I dont play a video game for realism thats just plain stupid. Anyone who says BF3 is better cos its more realistic are seriously fools, neither game is realistic get a grip. Expand
  63. Nov 22, 2011
    I was really looking foward to this game, but it kinda disappointed me. It is an OK game but apart from the graphics, there wasn't very much that convinced me to keep playing.
  64. Jul 12, 2012
    This game is not very good. I found it disappointing after bad company 2. Multiplayer maps are not interesting. As a newbie having to play against 500+ hour veterans is very frustrating.
  65. Nov 26, 2011
    I give this a 2, not because of the game play which I find great but because of all technical glitches I have had to play this game when every other game that I have including MW3, works. I haven't been able to play BF3 since the last patch.
  66. Nov 30, 2011
    Wow, what a sick joke this game is. Let me sum it up: Screen is flickering, flashing and shaking like crazy. The gun play feels just wrong. I don't believe one second, that those burst-orgies are realistic. Maps are poorly designed and so are the game modes. Lets take a look at rush: did you remember, in bc2 there was always one mcom station in a destructible house or something? In bf3, its not. Destruction isn't an integral part of the game anymore which leads me to the most important problem of bf3... the camping. Every map is won by camping which makes it a really unsatisfying and boring multiplayer experience. After about 20 to 40 hours of game play you'll manage to get good at this but although, you'll find yourself easily in top 5, you are recognising, that you haven't had any fun at all.

    Considering origin as the most evil piece of software in the history of men, I'll give the biggest fail of 2011 a zero out of 10. Nicely done DICE.
  67. Dec 2, 2011
    I'd like to start saying i wish there was a satisfaction guarantee return policy for this game. I'd definitely use it. Someone in game referred to it as 'a piece of s#!t rolled in glitter'. Pretty harsh, but once you get past how good the game looks, BFBC2 was a much better game. Better maps, mostly better weapons, and sniper class has taken a fall with scope glint, no magnum ammo, and the new bullet drop animation can be a nuisance to tell where the bullet is hitting. The game has frequent issues such as 'stopped working' which i've noticed has been an issue for some people since launch, yet all they offer in response is 'google chrome's fault, or x-fire's fault'. Essentially what could have been a great game is still fairly beta quality, presumably due to trying to release before MW3. While this move may have worked for sales of this game, it will hurt long time followers of the battlefield series who, at this point, want nothing more to do with them. Expand
  68. Dec 6, 2011
    I feel this game was quite a disappointment on many levels... I think you should just stick with Bad Company 2. Might be worth a $20 buy later down the road.
  69. Dec 9, 2011
    Battlefield 3, despite all its flaws, is a pretty neat game. The online play looks like fun, the weapons look like they would be great, and the scenery looks like it would be fun to hide in. I say looks like, because since the release date I've only been able to play for at most 2 or 3 rounds at a time...constantly plagued by CTD's, Lag, Rubber Banding on some servers and disappearing textures. My rig is below recommended but far above minimum. It seems that DICE, defying all logic, has released two client side patches which nerf/buff certain weapons in game, but have introduced a host of new issues with game stability - the game will freeze within a few minutes of entering a server, and then hard lock my system.

    Origin, EA's Steam like service if fine - I really don't care about running it...what bothers me is the restrictive access that EA gives you when it comes to your ownership of the game. You are forced to tie your game account to your origin account, which binds your email to both accounts. Your game is launched through Battlelog, EA's web browser based server system and social network. Here's where the fun really begins.

    Battlelog is, as far as I can tell, the most bloated piece of software ever created. The server browser in a webpage model is utter lunacy. You need to have Origin running, to launch the browser which launches the game. Not too mention that if you should be in breach of EA's TOS on their Battlelog forum, welcome to the banhammer. Swearing or any other minor infraction will get you an unexpected 72 hour forum ban WHICH ALSO MEANS YOU CANNOT ACCESS ANY OF YOUR PAID GAMES FROM EA! In some cases, users have been reporting permanent bans for no reason, other than comments posted on Battlelog. Permanent bans mean YOU LOSE ALL YOUR PURCHASED EA GAMES!

    This for me is the most distracting problem with the game. Please be warned before purchasing Battlefield 3, your EA games can be at risk if you choose to visit their forums and break the rules. In conclusion, wait until this game is in the bargain bin. There are better companies to support with your hard earned cash, and better games which don't have the glaring technical problems that BF3 has.
  70. Dec 13, 2011
    This game is pretty, and has good sound. when you are in a squad of your friends it can be really fun online. The problems is the games story mode is really subpar. When you are alone online the multiplayer feels cold and isolating. Other then everyone running around the world feels lifeless. It feels like you are in a cold computer render world, instead of feeling like you are in a real world.
    The environments don't feel like places people ever functioned in.
    If you love online shooters, don't care about the story, and have a lot of friends online all the time to play with it can be great.
    But that is a HUGE "if"...
  71. Dec 18, 2011
    One of the worst game I ve ever player. Too much bugs !!! It's shame ... Most of the time the characters disaspear. I had to start again each mission because of scripts that didn't launch ...
    What a very bad experience. DICE shows us how they can do very dirty job. Don't buy this game if you don't want to waste your money ...
  72. Dec 23, 2011
    There are very few FPS games I hate. This is #1 of that 1 game list. I can't say that I don't love the concept, but when applied to the glitchy, craptastic software we're given, I'm left disappointed and severely disgusted. Campaign: I began by trying to set up my keys to how I usually bind them. I've always been able to bind mouse keys, until BF3. So now my knife attack is somewhere else on the keyboard, leaving it useless in a melee situation. A bigger problem with the campaign was that I couldn't even play to the ending! For some reason, I have a glitch that kills me on the subway on the last level every time. I played that damn subway about 60 times before saying F-it, I give up. At which point I picked up the multiplayer, which is why I bought the game in the first place.

    Multiplayer: Here's where I lost my shyte. First off, the graphics on a map this large are completely lacking. In fact, I felt the graphics brought me back to 2001 Ghost Recon type stuff. I wasn't happy, but figured it was due to the epic size of the map, so I overlooked it. Then the game play fail started. Let me begin by saying that I'm a good first person shooter on multiplayer. I'm usually a top 3 team player on whatever game I pick up. This game left me with a negative kill/death ratio all the time. I understand there's a learning curve, but the slower I go and stop from "runnin n gunnin" the more I got picked off. The vehicle controls plain out suck, so I stopped using them. Must take a crackhead to figure that crap out and it's totally counter intuitive. I pick up a sniper rifle, take aim, BANG, a bloody hit! But wait, the guy's still running, BANG BANG, two more hits! Wait, still running? WTF? 3 second later, I'm running to cut him off and take one sniper bullet and I'm dead. Really? REALLY???

    Sorry, I will never buy another BF game. Origin can take the money and stuff it, I'm uninstalling and I'm giving the game and my account to someone I hate.
  73. Jan 3, 2012
    Beware. Battlefield 3 isn't a bad game, it can be enjoyable (great graphics/audio, a balanced combination between realism and fun, and the best shooting experience ever seen on this franchise), but it was clearly done in a hurry. The game has huge flaws and is haunted by bad decisions. There is no voice communaction at all on the PC version; they have abandoned the VoIP system, which worked great on Battlefield 2, and all you can do now is talk to people who are on your friend's list. So teamwork = zero. Maps (with the exception of the Back To Karkand DLC) are disappointing: they are few, small, have few vehicles and get boring really fast. The destruction system, which was great in Bad Company 2, is ridiculous; there are way too many walls/buildings that fail to break/go down, and it's nothing like what was shown on the pre-launch videos. Sniper class? Dead. They added a sun beam to the rifle scopes so that anyone can quickly find and kill them. Vehicle collision is horrible; there's no collision damage for land vehicles, and when you hit something, it feels like you're teleporting (that also applies to soldiers on foot, when another player is close to you). Aircraft gameplay is really nice in my opinion, but, again, there's the collision problem. Sometimes they just bounce instead of exploding when you hit the floor/trees/etc at high speed. And the netcode is a joke. I could go on, there are many other bugs/glitches/flaws and, from what we've seen so far, I don't expect DICE to fix them; but that's enough. Some people may not care about these problems. I, however, am not satisfied whith a game that COULD be great but instead was released like a beta (well maybe aplha would be more appropriate) product. If you can't release a decent product in time, postpone it, I don't care, just don't give us crap. Expand
  74. Jan 9, 2012
    Only one Word: Horrible!
    lack of taste, lack of effort, all of the scenes are played at night or at least in very dark atmospheres so with a cheap trick you add more dramatic flavor and a (doubtful) sense of reality. Is just like filming a movie in black & white to increase the dramatics. Horrible. The game is not more than a shooting corridor. I believe PackMan had more options in the
    way to play. The so talked engine... where is it? The enemies are always the same guy and do always the same thing over and over. So much for AI. Ugly, the graphics felt so much better, but so much better in Battlefield Bad Company. The campaign in Call of dutty 2 Modern warfare is a hundred times better and a million times more entretaining. This campaign looks like a game from 1996. How could this happen? O M G what a terrible way to ruin a reputation. Total fiasco. I'm not even gonna try the game on line after this.
  75. Feb 5, 2012
    This game is nonsensical. Spawn, run, gun, die. Repeat ad nauseam. What is the point of having a "game" when there is no actual game - only interaction with an environment? An environment which is pretty cutting-edge with superb sound-effects, graphics and all, but surely you need more than that to make a game?

    I was foolish enough to buy this game because of the hype, and it's really sad
    to see the direction FPS-games are going these days. 20 years from now we'll be playing shooters with built in aimbots and pre-scriptet behaviour making it more like a movie - no game, skills or thinking, just mindless clicking and even more mindless players. Expand
  76. Feb 20, 2012
    Where to start? How about, don't waste your money? That will do.

    The Good: I may be able to sell it. The Bad: Where to start yet again?

    I get a feeling that many who had to pay for this game will brag it up as the loss of money due to owning a digital booger may drive them mad. I feel that's the case with BF3 and the only way I can see anyone thinking this game is great. I play paid for
    and free games, I would not play BF3 even if it was free. Install the game, (plan on coffee) then download another 3.4 gigs? That's just to get the game up and running. When I saw the graphics, I nearly fell over. Looking back at Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, I do believe the graphics were comparable. This game is being run on great gaming computers, the graphics cards alone cost near 500 bucks, all quad cores, DDR3, etc... so it's not a performance lack, the graphics were simply laughable to me. When a player jumps over a wall, what's with the floppy legs?? Are they all Jeff Dunham recruits? It takes more time to get into battle than the time you get actually battling. The weapon effects are near zero, the blood looks like Jello forming, absolutely absurd. I've been gaming for a long time, longer than I care to admit, I was shocked to see anyone give this game a 10 but to each his own and hopefully some truly do get some enjoyment from this purchase. BTW, I tried to run over a stop sign, seems the stop signs are built better than the tanks in this game. Ah yes, the propane tanks, they won't burn leaves or paper but they will shatter cement. Shoot a launcher, watch the projectile disappear into oblivion, perhaps to start it's own life elsewhere far from this game. Aiming? A thing of the past, just point, shoot and hope, you will likely be better off for your troubles. COD MW2 was 10x this game and seems COD 3 will be as well. Enemy Territory Quake Wars was 10X better as well, but my list could go on for some time. Again, I could not play this game without laughing in bewilderment, thinking ridiculous thoughts of brainwashing conspiracies to explain the BF3 fanatical attention. That said, does anyone want to buy a very slightly and never again used BF3? No, I'm not kidding. Expand
  77. Apr 27, 2012
    More of the same, nothing but FPS garbage. This genre has single handedly destroyed gaming and turned the entire industry into one that favors "safe" shallow gameplay with good graphics instead of games that are actually enjoyable.
  78. Feb 16, 2013
    Great graphics. However, this game isn't as great as its the earlier battlefield series. The game was changed many ways to attract COD players. Teamwork is missing. Simply a huge letdown for battllefield fans.
  79. Mar 18, 2012
    Everything that Kislen said +1, apart from i think after this event i WILL be boycotting EA and DICE games, this was their last chance to redeem themselves.

    The netcode is absolutely terrible, and i class the game as unplayably broken. The game is now 6 months old since official release, and still in this poor state.

    I would employ anybody reading this who also suffers form this
    appalling netcode issue to write their own zero-score review... who knows it may actually push DICE to fix the damn client side hitreg.

    Unfortunatly as it stands the game has very favourable reviews, and i was suckered into believeing them on here, as i understand it, not everybody is suffering from the netcode issues, but enough people are for it to warrant some serious attention from DICE.

    But i know from playing for the last 2 months that even if the netcode is fixed, the game is still very boring at heart, it looks good, but thats about it, once you know the maps and have unlocked about 3 guns with each class, you have seen it all really.

    If i were to write a list of things that need to change in this game to make it worth even a $20 price tag it would look like this: LIST OF THINGS THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE; EVERYTHING! Origin client sucks... battlelog sucks..... glitchy hoping over walls not working 50% of time sucks..... getting stuck joging on the spot because a slightly large pebble is at your feet sucks..... glitchy knife not working 50% of time sucks..... really horrible gun recoil sucks....... overpowered vehicles sucks...... unfair net play due to high pingers gaining an advantage sucks...... downgrade in environment destructibility from BC2 sucks...... bland weapon unlocks sucks..... repetitively bland unlocks sucks....... unlocks just suck anyway...... mouse lag in jets sucks..... 99% of players being campers sucks...... no sniper cap sucks.... suppression sucks...... All the things mentioned are issues you will experience all the time in every single server you play on... The game is just bad... Avoid it if you still can, and if you bought it and are having any of the issues, don't forget to rate it negatively, and help warn others unfortunate enough to even be contemplating purchasing this CON of a game.

    The 'game' gets a zero from me, and i usually believe that no game in the world deserves 0 points, however this is an exception for me, because of the false promises that EA and DICE fed the pc community; (the very people that funded their earlier games, and put them where they are today)
    EA announced that the pc version would recieve special attention vs it's console counter parts, that was complete BS! yeah, we get 64 player servers..... that's all... and it's a shame we can't even enjoy those 64 player matches with such bad netcode..... The truth is that EA are just a money hungry corporation, and really don't care about your experience in their games, they have my money now for bf3.. and they don't give a damn about my (or any other customer's) problems, i would give this game a minus figure if i could, and for the experience i've had playing this POS, I don't think i'd even play it if i was getting paid to.... it's just not worth risking my mental health
  80. Apr 13, 2013
    At the moment this game has tons of cheaters everywhere. But this is not as big problems as the game itself. This game is imagine Call of Duty with vehicles.... Yes... This game is nothing more then that.
    Maps are total They are way too small. Bunnyhoppers everywhere. THis is NOT BATTLEFIELD.
    NO TACTICAL FIGHTING NOT TEAMWORK. Just like COD, brainless spraying and jumping

    The only positive thing i have to say about this game is the engine, graphics and sound. The rest is utter
  81. Nov 11, 2012
    Hello, my first time to rate a game I didnt play, because I refuse to buy it. Battlefield is my favourite title and I played the BF2BC like 490 hours... So I was a pretty big fan, but then when the EA started it's massive media massage I lost the interest completely. There were two messages: 1. Battlefield 3 is flat-out superior to COD - which speaks about some very serious complex out there in EA studios. 2. It's the best game and you have to own it. Personally, I don't believe that the best people are those, who say they are best. BF got raped massively, and the result is unbelievably expensive game, which no one of my first-person shooter friends actually plays. It's not on steam. So sure about themselves. Damn EA.

    It was just the dummiest most stupid kind of mass marketing I've ever seen. And behind it a game full of bugs, half-finished at the release, for astounding 50 euros... C'mon, you can't be serious.
  82. Nov 5, 2011
    The Good: Gun Customization, Vehicles, Graphics, Soldier Camo, Individual/Squad Perks, Suppression System (decreases your accuracy/vision when being shot at), Squad System (minor bugs in it)

    The Bad: Hit Detection (major game breaker, no fix yet), Weapon balancing (example: assault rifles beat sniper rifles), Random Game Crashes (no fix yet), Destruction System is decent, but not fully
    implemented yet (wtf, beta part 2?), Map redesigning required (alot of "meat grinder" areas on maps), bad community, user-interface needs a redesign, Vehicle Perk/Unlock rebalance, Server stability needs improvement, more co-op missions needed (only 6 right now) Expand
  83. Feb 17, 2012
    Game simply doesn't work. Punkbuster kept kicking me until the game became unplayable. Lots of people have been experiencing the same thing and DICE refuse to/don't know how to fix it. It recently attempted to make me redownload 4GB of the game files for no reason, there hadn't even been an update released. After weeks of trying to get it to work I uninstalled the game and the terrible Origin DRM that it came with. What an absolute waste of time and money. Also the online community is plagued by rude teenage fanboys who'll attack you at the very suggestion that the game isn't working, possibly on EA's payroll /shrug Expand
  84. May 8, 2012
    I feel somewhat like a cry baby, but this is the third EA game I bought in the last month and they ALL SUCK! This crashes regularly on my 3.16 GB Intel Duo w/ 4 GB ram and dual Nvidia Gforce 9800 GT. When it doesn't crash the single player campaign leaves you trapped in a hallway with no doors to open. It starts out great, don't get me wrong, but the crashing and bugs make the single player a class A turd. Friendlys drop dead for no reason. The sound cuts in and out. Save points are poorly designed. The person in charge of QA should be eviscerated. I'm done with EA. When is Valve coming out with something new? Expand
  85. Jan 13, 2012
    I regret buying this game. First off you should know that this game launches on a 3rd party website. A website not a game, a website that keeps track of all your progress. I bought this game, expecting to play a Battlefield game, yeah didn't happen. All you get is a sad singleplayer experience with a completely unfair, unbalance multiplayer. Where 90% you are outmatch simply because the opposite player has more equipment than you. There is so much customization that it completely destroys balance. Out of all the Battlefield games I've played, no, out of all the FPS multiplayers I've played this has to be the biggest pile of ridiculous I've been on. Where with previous Battlefield games destruction was a staple in the Battlefield diet it's now just a simple appetizer offering barely any destruction. With the ridiculous amount of customization, limited destruction, and huge maps where it would take hours to actually find any action you are left with just the spawn screen due to the incisive problem of camping. You thought it was bad in *insert game* you have no idea how bad it is in this game. You're expected to find someone prone on the ground in a bush on a map the size of Texas and only after you had to run 3 mile to a place just to get killed, sent back to GO, do not collect $200. Some people may argue "Oh you're not playing it right, be patient, don't leave your base", I bought this game for the action element in a First Person Shooter not a First Person Hide and Seek in a bush for 2 hours. Players on other FPS don't nearly camp this hard, not even in Modern Warfare! Save yourself the trouble and DO NOT waste your money on this game! There are plenty other brand new games coming out and if you were thinking about getting rid of Bad Company 2, DON'T!!! Bad Company 2's multiplayer game-play is 100x better than Battlefield 3. Expand
  86. Feb 15, 2012
    Graphics are great, sound fx are great. But the game have a lot of bugs and crash all the time. It is hard to find a good server with people playing and the battlelog system sucks. I paid 50% of the price and still dont worth the money.
    EA and DICE made a good scam with this game.
  87. Feb 15, 2014
    This game is too buggy. There are still many people like me can't even start the game or crash pretty easily after some updates. We are not buying a game to "fix" it or keep finding solutions on the Internet.
  88. wr2
    Nov 5, 2011
    The game's SP campaign clearly represents the rare case when you hate your comrades more than your enemies. Oh, wait, you hate not your comrades, you hate the stupid programmers who scripted them to become unstoppable bulldozers pushing you out of cover and right under enemy gunfire. Seeing a good firing position behind a reliable cover? Wait, don't rush to it yet, there is a very good chance that bot scripting guy saw it too. Because, you know, his bots are more valuable than your stupid character, and he hadn't bothered to think about your natural moves, so you will be squeezed out indefinitely. The real problem is quite simple: there is no advanced AI for NPCs. Or, rather, there is no AI at all. Bots from both sides follow predestined routes, kill each other at predestined times, your actions don't affect anything at all, and playing at hard difficulty means that in tight spots you have to memorize bots' moves, then carefully maneuver among them. If you break the script somehow, say, by staying behind your squad, you will eventually find out that enemy stops moving. They are out of scripted moves and have no idea what to do next. I know this is a multiplayer game, all right. But what's the point of adding a single player campaign if its only accomplishment is total frustration among gamers? Expand
  89. Nov 4, 2013
    Disappointing and falsely advertised. Typical EA.
    Most features which DICE talked about aren't even in the game.
    A huge step backwards from Battlefield 2 in every way.
  90. Jun 28, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. In this review im going to talk about Battlefield 3 and the other 2 "expansions". This game is suppose to be a competitor of CoD, although i havent played that game ( apart from world at war ) so i cant judge that. Battlefield 3 however i can judge after spending more hours then most "professional" reviewers from websites like IGN or whatever they call them. Frostbite 2 Battlefield 3 introduces the new Frostbite 2 engine which is nothing more then a updated version of the frostbite version we seen in Bad Company 2. This engine had serious hitbox issues in multiplayer making multiplayer not worth the effort for a esports community. Frostbite 2 has fixed this issue as much as they can, however since its a update they will never fix this completely. Frostbite 2 did help alot with updating the graphics while keeping the game run smooth, you can run this game on a average pc and still make it look pretty good while having a stable fps. On consoles the fps might be a bit lower and the graphics a bit less, however consoles are pretty much outdated now. So its not really a suprise the graphics are that far behind, this is just one of the big disadvantages console users have. Gameplay This is where a multiplayer focused game like BF3 has to shine, since we all know one of the major rules in online gaming: Graphics last for a week, gameplay lasts forever. It seems EA has never heard of this rule though, since the gameplay is where this game is absolute pathetic. First of all they went with the failed concept in the new so called "FPS" games and that is putting vehicles in the game. Something not a single professional esports game ever had, ( seen any vehicles in counterstrike ? ) Also the so called "normal" mode the game is just pathetic aswell, health points on players is way to large basicly making the game "he who sprays first sprays best" game. Taking about 15 bullets to 1 clip for 1 kill on normal isnt really helping. On hardcore however the game is pretty decent for this and the gameplay pretty much fixes this, making the normal mode more of a "newbie" setting and hardcore the "pro" setting. The 1st "expansion" is nothing more then a DLC with a few maps and guns so no point in going into detail there. The 2nd "expansion" is basicly the same, however this is where they want to directly compete with CoD by making a cqb focused game. EA however have never heard of gameplay it seems, CQB expansion is the biggest load of **** and even worse then the orginal BF3 game. A huge amount of "lucky spawn" happening in the game also not disabling certain weapons. What you can see in the expansion in SC2 they learned one other lesson which is "less is more", they remove a unit because its overpowered combined with a other unit. This is something EA should have done aswell with the latest expansion, by removing weapons like shotguns in the CQB mode/maps you would have created a bit more balanced game. The biggest problem in that expansion however though is the spawning in the maps, its simply pathetic that something like that passed the beta. Clearly shows that EA has put 0% effort into testing that "expansion" with regards to gameplay, they basicly pulled of the same trick activision. Which is release a new "expansion" with just a few maps and weapons and cash in. Community support What makes or breaks a multiplayer focused game also depends on the community support the developer gives. This however is a bit lacking in this game, they could have introduced a bit more support on their website for clans and tournaments. At least something like a ranking system, which basicly every serious multiplayer game has. A game that doesnt isnt a serious game for a esports community. Recap: Graphics : 8 Sound : 7 Gameplay : 4 Community support : 4 Expand
  91. Nov 5, 2011
    Callofdutyfield: Bad Company. Dumbed down in every respect. CoD style gameplay (CoD is a bad word for any serious pc gamer, and deservedly). Might be considered a successor for Bad Company but certainly not for bf2. Hardcore mode feels like easy/normal.
    Singleplayer total joke.
    Killing of medic class worst idea ever. Now everyone has either medpack or paddles. They boast they promote
    teamplay by killing off medic class, the only dedicated team player???!!!!??
    Destruction worse than bc2. Building collapse still heavily scripted and debris is not persistent or interactive. Can't destroy a fcking chair with tank shoot.
    Jets fly at speeds you never know if pilot isn't doing a free fall kamikaze suicide run.
    Sound is realistic. So realistic it hurts the game. Explosions sound a lot worse than bc2 and most guns sound similar or downright same.

    ...and many many many more flaws...

    I cannot see this game be played for more than 2 years from now. Compare that to bf2 which is still actively played today (6 years after release). Mark my words in 2 years time there's bf4, and then 5,6,7,8,9.....lack of mod tools is meant to deny the community to prolong the lifespan of this game by correcting fundamental flaws so that EA can dish out new battlefield every 1/2 years (CoD). The excuse they made for not releasing the mod tools is a total insult....I could go on like that forever. Not touching any other EA game, only through torrents.
  92. Aug 23, 2013
    Probably the most unplayable game EVER. Origin is the biggest pain in the az I have ever seen experienced. Everything bugs out. Why would they use a browser for matchmaking? The browser is something personalized, you can't be a sane programmer and expect to write a matchmaking system that runs inside a browser and works on every browser when you require external plugins!!! Either make a plain HTML5 matchmaker that runs in a custom browser (something like steam's browser) or stay away from my own browser. I'm not going to change the configuration of MY BROWSER to play a effing game.

    Bugs in the keybinding setup, random crashes, doesn't run fullscreen because you are running teamviewer in the background, bugs in the CO-OP matchmaking, friend's list in origin and inside the website doesn't sync properly. TERRIBLE IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY.
  93. Nov 8, 2011
    Played this sorry excuse of a game for a while yesterday. The funny thing is I had yet to realize this was the exact same game I've been playing for two years. New multiplayer modes? Yeah, there are a bunch, none of them interesting tough. How about the singleplayer? Same washed up Michael Bay on steroids you would expect from a game nowadays. Where are the good old days where good gameplay was defined by skill, and not the ridiculous amount of over the top killstreak rewards and perks someone can have? This game, no, this franchise is scarred and beyond repair... A waste of my money. Expand
  94. Nov 8, 2011
    Bland. Single player is just bleh boring and stale; left a bad taste in my mouth. Moving from that into the multiplayer it's just the same as Battlefield 2. Literally nothing new is included in this game that isn't in BF2 or BFBC2. If you've played those games don't buy this one.
  95. Nov 9, 2011
    The singleplayer is unfinished (has a lot of bugs) wait for a year after release hopefully this game will have a patch. I've seen NPCs shooting without the gun geometry in their hands, NPCs walking through metal fences, the worst problem is that your squad NPCs takes cover in the exact perfect place that you need to take cover to progress through the scene and you can't move them (they're pieces of brick video geomotry) even worse whenever they have a path to follow they don't go around you they just push your avatar out of the way, it's the most embarrassing video game story to follow I've ever seen in a game of this generation with all of the spectacular visuals going on around you you can't navigate around your squad and they can't navigate around you. When you see your squad member running right at you then just continue the running animation right in your face as your avatar pushes out of the way you'll know what I mean.

    On the other hand if battlefield war is what you want then the multiplayer is inexplicabaly incredible, the best capture the flag that you can get right on your computer. Nothing like Battlefield: Bad Company 2 it has a completely different flowy feel to it. There's nothing like seeing a squad run across a road you're guarding waiting for cover from your squad knowing they're real people on the other side of the computer and if they see you it's completely unpredictable what any of them might do.
  96. Nov 9, 2011
    This game has been rushed and butched. They lowered the treshold for casual player and now it no longer feels like a true BF2 sequel. More like BC3, but worst... A lot of bugs and glitches. Their mouse input code is flawed. This is pretty bad for a FPS. The art direction is really annoying: High contrast everywhere and blue tint. Lack of colours. DICE lied to their customers about many things. They dont care anymore, they just pretend to care. They made a game to make money by reaching COD community but they lost their roots by doing that. VERY sad... R.I.P. Battlefield series. Expand
  97. Nov 9, 2011
    I like the self- affirming idiots who haven't actually played this marketing scam but give it 0's anyway. It is brain dead button mashers like these reviewer's who are so "awed" by trailers, special effects, "perks", ranks, ladders, etc. who sway the game developers to market this drivel. No squad voip? Who else remembers getting in the zone, in a good squad on a weekend and sneaking behind enemy lines, while talking to the commander about spotting in the back of 64 player Karkand on your favorite server where you recognize everyone? You can't do any of that in bf3. The interface is complete trash. Don't buy this game until they patch the crap out of it. Expand
  98. Mar 27, 2012
    Untill you bring us back the previous way to play the game is COMPLETELY useless!!! Guys don't let you be blackmailed by the game dev. Simply because the wake-up one day and thought:"Oh, lets make some more money, from the gamers!!!" Great game, ruined by its creators!!! TRAGIC!!!
  99. Aug 24, 2012
    Screwed over by EA/Dice, changed in game content drop to pure content drop and gave us PICTURES.
    Obviously could not be bothered and have made their money - now just going through the motions and delivering any old tarp in an effort to meet their commitments. Glad I found out now about to pre order MOH, special editions not worth anything anymore.

    Never again.
  100. Nov 12, 2011
    general assessment: the graph of the game is simply fantastic and the sound is just as good.
    The interesting thing about this "revolution" is that it pushes the next game to another level and that is good for us players. Regarding the sound, I just remember another game that made â
  101. Dec 5, 2011
    Firstly, single player. In one word: BORING. Lots of scenes, fluid movements, lots of talking but it doesn't want you to play any further. Been there, seen it.
    Next, multiplayer. Firstly, the main problem. Client-side hit register. If your enemy hits you on their screen, you die regardless of your actual position on your screen. This, basically, defeats the whole purpose of having
    dedicated servers - your ping doesn't matter, if they killed you a while ago but you only saw it now because of THEIR large ping, its your problem. Its the reason I stopped playing COD:MW2 (p2p multiplayer, client-side hit register), its the reason I didn't buy COD:MW3 (same p2p). Its the reason I'm trying to get a refund on BF3 now.
    Other things to mention about MP: huge but empty maps, multi-layered buildings that prevent you from seeing the outside (its too bright), tanks that are nearly indestructible to infantry (3 rockets to kill it in hardcore - you'll just die), planes that have no purpose other than fighting other planes (they can't capture points, can't deliver more than 1 player to a point).
    Hardcore is no longer hardcore. You don't get infinite health, but the minimap is ALWAYS on, minimap spotting lights you up as soon as you fire a gun, killcam (which reveals your position) is almost always shown, sniper scope glare makes it easy to find the sniper no matter how good their cover is. And best of all - the most powerful sniper rifle still doesn't kill with 1 bullet. Even assault rifle HEADSHOT won't kill them with 1 hit. What kind of hardcore mode is this?
    Class balance is simply awful. Medic gets it all: infinite health with medkit, 100 points per revive (same as a kill), grenade launcher (replaces medkit), assault rifles (!). Support now has only light machine guns and... ammo packs! And thats it! As a result support is now least popular class, in many cases there is no one to ask for ammo. Recon is same good old sniper, engineer is same good old rocket launcher guy.
    Weapon balancing is simple: the more you progress, the better the gun. Surely you can hit and even kill with anything, but F2000+IRNV = undefeated. Add ability to put a silenver and 3rd attachment to it and you'll know it simply defeats the purpose of tactical gameplay. You can just rambo it all. In BFBC2 we couldn't rambo 24/7 because best gun was in the hands of support and medkit was in the hands of medic, and you could only find cover when being shot at by a sniper - hard to tell where they were. But at least they didn't kill you with client-side hit register (you could run into cover and it did prevent you from being hit).
    I am amused at people who are able to play this game for 100s of hours. I'm trying to get a refund to buy something else.

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  1. 86
    It's all a matter of taste, after all. They each provide a certain type of entertainment – when talking about Battlefield 3, it involves a bigger game, more open in its possibilities and more spectacular. But on a longer timeline, less frantic and with fewer Bruce Willis scenes than the mass appeal beast it set itself to dethrone.
  2. 80
    No, Battlefield 3 is not the best game of today. But good looking – definitely. It also has an absolutely addictive multiplayer. Who needs more? [Dec 2011]
  3. Dec 4, 2011
    Both a triumphant leap forward and a return to form for the Battlefield series. This is the best multiplayer shooter on PC. [Christmas 2011, p.58]