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  1. Nov 9, 2011
    This game has been rushed and butched. They lowered the treshold for casual player and now it no longer feels like a true BF2 sequel. More like BC3, but worst... A lot of bugs and glitches. Their mouse input code is flawed. This is pretty bad for a FPS. The art direction is really annoying: High contrast everywhere and blue tint. Lack of colours. DICE lied to their customers about many things. They dont care anymore, they just pretend to care. They made a game to make money by reaching COD community but they lost their roots by doing that. VERY sad... R.I.P. Battlefield series. Expand
  2. Nov 9, 2011
    I like the self- affirming idiots who haven't actually played this marketing scam but give it 0's anyway. It is brain dead button mashers like these reviewer's who are so "awed" by trailers, special effects, "perks", ranks, ladders, etc. who sway the game developers to market this drivel. No squad voip? Who else remembers getting in the zone, in a good squad on a weekend and sneaking behind enemy lines, while talking to the commander about spotting in the back of 64 player Karkand on your favorite server where you recognize everyone? You can't do any of that in bf3. The interface is complete trash. Don't buy this game until they patch the crap out of it. Expand
  3. Mar 27, 2012
    Untill you bring us back the previous way to play the game is COMPLETELY useless!!! Guys don't let you be blackmailed by the game dev. Simply because the wake-up one day and thought:"Oh, lets make some more money, from the gamers!!!" Great game, ruined by its creators!!! TRAGIC!!!
  4. Aug 24, 2012
    Screwed over by EA/Dice, changed in game content drop to pure content drop and gave us PICTURES.
    Obviously could not be bothered and have made their money - now just going through the motions and delivering any old tarp in an effort to meet their commitments. Glad I found out now about to pre order MOH, special editions not worth anything anymore.

    Never again.
  5. Nov 12, 2011
    general assessment: the graph of the game is simply fantastic and the sound is just as good.
    The interesting thing about this "revolution" is that it pushes the next game to another level and that is good for us players. Regarding the sound, I just remember another game that made â
  6. Nov 13, 2011
    I had a lot of high hopes and did fall into the wave of hype. Now that I own the game and have played it since release, I feel that I've been taken for a ride. It may look a little better than BFBC2, but it really is the same game. Yes there are different maps and I can see my boots when I jump over a fence....but..... The single player campaign is terrible and very very very short. The only thing that made it feel longer was the stupid keystrokes to get through certain maps (hit space, then left mouse botton). Man I miss the old BF days when you had the enemy AI drones running around. Multiplayer is larger, but that is it. The interface is awful, looks and feels disjointed from the game. Since there are so many other posts about gliches and poor release quality, I'm not going there. Overall, diappointed. Expand
  7. Nov 14, 2011
    Battlelog ruins this game. I understand that the singleplayer is little more than an extended tutorial.I would have loved to write a review about the actual game because I'm sure it's quite good. Lack of server browser and so on. R.I.P old BF welkome new COD friend.
  8. Nov 14, 2011
    I do not understand why everybody thinking that game is nice, super, great itc. In my opinion this is medium game. I do not like bf3!!!!! Sound effects is so bad, but graphics is ok.
  9. Nov 15, 2011
    Dissapointing short single player mode , so the graphic i expected better.
    Nice climatic multiplayer mode. I thing the things reach limits are to small.I would like to play longer to ecomplish a target. Very hard to fly jets. Very easy to destroy a tank with bazooka .
    Why soldiers survive hit in chest with dragunow ?
  10. Nov 16, 2011
    Battlefied 3 - is a pathetic parody of Call Of Duty. The plot is identical to the campaign in Call Of Duty: Black Ops, special operations copied from Modern Warfare 2. The only plus is the multiplayer, but it's full of bugs and flaws. EA and Dice have to work and work.
  11. Nov 16, 2011
    Realism just doesn't seem to work for a game. It ruins all the fun, which is why I chose MW3 over BF3. MW3 is fun and fast-paced, and you'll play it a lot longer than you think. As for Battlefield 3, there's nothing to unlock. Basically the game remains on the same level from start to end. You start to feel frustrated along the game, because it feels like you're stuck and you're not reaching anything. You're not being rewarded. No titles, no emblems, nothing. It's boring. Expand
  12. May 16, 2012
    Battlefield games used to be about using your skills, the vehicles and the environment to play a strategic way to finish of a round so that your team will get the victory. Now with Battlefield 3 that is thrown in the dumpster. Now Battlefield is about as strategic as a fish bowl animation. Bought the game at launch and it took almost 2 week before the game was playable during to the fact that you must have a online connection to play the game, Even the singleplayer mode yes. The multiplayer is almost Modern Warfareish with bigger maps and not that fun to play actually. +Graphics

    -No commander mode
    -Server issues from hell
    -No strategic gameplay elements
    -Horrible game balance between vehicles and infantery, yes it's more real but less fun because it takes a billion rockets to blow up a tank.
    -No battlerecorder even thou it's announced
    -Non interesting singleplayer.
  13. Nov 19, 2011
    I buy this game from pre order, and i feel now like i waste a lot of money. I usually don`t have much time to play, so i prefer to play 3-4 games in MW3 multi than run 8-9 miles straight to see 5 peoples... This game have horrible high system requirements, i have great computer, but i don`t like when i shoot someone because my opponent plays on low setting... MW3 maybe is on old engine etc. but it`s much faster and more enjoyable. ; ) Expand
  14. Nov 19, 2011
    This game has graphics so divine, that in order to run it smoothly, it appears that no other programs that may come into conflict with it can be installed on the machine. The multiplayer gameplay and graphics are amazing, the best I have seen in any game, but these are worthless if the game takes 10 tries to join a server, and crashes occur frequently. This game also has the unique ability to "generate" crashes based on calendar dates. Your machine can be sitting idle and one day it would have no crashes, and the next it might generate a cool crash, and some time later, a new unique crash would occur. This program has expanded my computer knowledge by showing me legendary-pokemon-rarity crashes of great magnitudes of awe and amazement. I am truly blessed to witness a failure in such unmatched proportions.

    On top of this, the amount of security clearance required to run the game is ridiculous. You must disable antivirus for battlelog to work and lower User Control Settings lowest to stop any potential crashes, and despite all this, the game's ability to generate crashes prevails. I have not spent more time "fixing" a game than this one.

    All in all, the game is a good, but before you purchase it, you need to assess your risk. There is a high risk that your machine will not run the game, or will run the game, but crash out frequently. You also run the risk of being hacked (unlikely, but very possible). If your machine runs the game fine, then the game would score a healthy 8-9/10, but if there is any technical difficulties (highly likely), that score would decrease to 0. Weighing into it the probability of technical difficulties, I give a 2.
  15. Nov 19, 2011
    Given the state of this game, now I understand why BF3 released a Beta before the BF3 or MW3 release. BF3 is loaded with bugs, to include serious video issues; I cannot play using SLI. Very demanding game as hardware is concerned. Spawn camping makes multiplayer unplayable. I just wasted 60 bucks for this garbage that looks great!
  16. Nov 20, 2011
    I'm a big fan on Battlefield but both Bad Companys and this abomination are not worthy enough to wear the name Battlefield. Everyone who voted 10 have obviously never played real FPS games.
  17. Nov 21, 2011
    I enjoyed previous BF titles and was looking forward to getting my derriere kicked in this one too. However I do not pay £30+ for the privilege of EA giving me a digital cavity search. As long as spyware and ham-fisted installation procedures are compulsory with EA titles I'll take my business elsewhere.
  18. Nov 22, 2011
    10 points why it's 0 1. BF3 is no successor of BF2. 2. Single Player feels like a Movie sequel's, there's no depth just a sell out of big explosion and lots of disorientating camera movement that tricks the average joe. 3. It's using Punk buster 4. Battlelog 5. Origin 6. Exploits are welcomed in this game and not quickly patched 7. Bugs are not patched up in a timely manner, the service to the game is poor
    8. Disconnections
    9. Stuttering
    10. Character movement and feel is inferior to Call of Duty. It is heavy and very slow.

    There's little to make up from this game and I don't care about how graphically insane it is. Unplayable is just unplayable.

    This game does warrant a demo and try and buy, however, let me warn everyone their service is lousy and it took them 6 months plus to clean out Bad Company 2 and that started off better than BF3. BF3 started off way warned it maybe a year and a dead community before it can be considered clean.
  19. Gar
    Jul 14, 2012
    So I waited nearly 9 months to buy this game, finally I would get to play a Battlefield game that has been balanced with patches. Well, thats what I tought. Reality is this is my worst battlefield expirience ever. First of all, it took me 3 days to actually get the game started. Since Origin is a worthless piece of junk, my account registeration failed 2 times in a row. I made an account, no error messages. I couldn't login so I tought they must have sent me a confirmation email of something and waited a day for that. Nothing happened so I made another account. Same thing. I decided to disable my firewall and try again. Magically a new screen appeared after registeration and it worked. How incompetant do you have to be to write a piece of software that doesnt work with a firewall and doesn't give an error message when it fails to connecto to EAs servers? Fine EA, I wont ever use Origin again. Steam FTW.

    Now to the game. You would think that after months of patching the game would be pretty balanced and good. NOPE. Battlefield players always complain if their precious tank/helicopter can actually be destroyed. DICE has once again folded and made jets/helicopters impossible to hit with an RPG. Maybe the balance would be ok IF the pilots were newbies playing with a keyboard and mouse. Guess what DICE. After 9 months only hardcore players are left and pilots are using joysticks and know every trick in the book after playing the game for 100-300 hours. If you are like me and want to play battlefield as infantry, STAY AWAY from this game. To make matters worse, EA/DICE dont run official servers anymore so most servers are fan run servers with rules that make the balance even worse. Rounds that last for hours, faster vehicle spaws, ban if you use and RPG and so on.

    But perhaps the worst offender in this game are the maps. They are so large that you cant do anything without vehicles. There are also so few maps that you cant arrord not liking a map. A map can be used with 3 different names for different modes, but the level is the same. Metro for example is just a camp fest, because of poor design. The game always stops in the same hallway, because there arent proper flanking possibilities. EA did the same as Activision did with COD. Start the series by shipping with tons of maps and only sell a few as DLC. Now both have started shipping the game with less and less maps and ripping you off by selling overprice map packs. I'm not going to buy back to karkand, close quarters or BF premium, because I hate the game. Give me more free maps and I might actually like the game if they are any good. Then I might buy DLC. I wont however support you ripping me off, EA.

    Coming in as newbie is made even more frustrating by the awful unlock system. Not only am I playing an unbalanced game, I'm playing it against players with hundreds of hours of expirience and way better equipment. NO anti-air RPG is really nice when the enemy has air dominance. Need to play for hours to unlock even the most basic equipment. Reflex sight for example is a weapon specific unlock.

    - Looks nice

    - Origin...
    - Unbalanced (air vehicles are overpowered)
    - Frustrating, because of ridiculously slow unlocks
    - Not nearly enough maps and vanilla version maps are bad (be prepared to pay for back to karkand if you want any content)

    So my advice is, buy all the content you can for Battlefield Bad Company 2 instead of buying this awful sequel. I put in over 100 hours into BC2 and loved every minute of it. BF3 at its best struggles to match BC2 at its worst. Bad Company is the proper refined version of the BF formula. BF3 goes back to a broken BF formula. Pretty graphics don't make up for a broken game.
  20. Feb 19, 2013
    That is not game at all, that's a trademark, a beautifully wrapped piece of s**t, a game with zero fun. There is no difference between beta version and finished game over year after release. Same bugs, same little glitches. Feels like developers only cares about sellings. Players? F**k them they are just wallets, they already bought game and will buy all 5 stupid dlc's for price of full game. Total destruction? Hell no, only holes in some walls. No campers? Lol, this game is about camping, campers are everywhere. Disgusting SP and Co-op. "LOOK! THERE IS WAVE OF ENEMIES! KILL THEM ALL FROM YOUR CAMPING PLACE!" or "SHOOT BY CLICKING ONE BUTTON FROM THE HELICOPTER/JET As always on metacritic, rating was bought and only user score is almost correct. It must be 5 or 6. P.S. Fu*k EA for stupid buggy battlelog and origin. i would never buy EA games again and will distribute pirated version of EA games Expand
  21. Dec 22, 2011
    Graphics are good,love campaign and location, but bf3 on console is a flopp, and no matter what platform the sound is horrible it is the worst sounding fps i have ever played i felt like i was at the carnival trying to shoot out the entire red star they all sound like pellet guns WTF!!environment destruction seemed to be turned down and all the hype ea (not dice) and the bf die hard try hard fanboys and trolls shoved down everyones throat was all for nothing...movement is horrible at least for console and the overall fun factor( being in gunfights which is the whole point of a FPS) is completely lacking with the majority of my time running to the action just to be sniped or laid out by a 9 yr old prone just camping away or trying to get teammates to actual help complete objectives so unless they are friends it is every man for himself 95% of the time..this was a complete waste of money i def expected more this is EXACTLY just a newer MEDAL OF HONOR 1.5!!!! same sound same movement same look down to the T... Expand
  22. Mar 24, 2012
    I was always a heavy DICE fan, right since the early days and before with Codename Eagle. But I've been saddened to see them let themselves go, and turn away from creating new, exciting, original and inspired content, and instead have got on the "if it sells, then milk it" bandwagon. Yes, Battlefield 3 will sell, and BF4 and BF5~ will sell, but this game lacks all the love and soul of its predecessors, and if I were a DICE developer, I would try to remember why I started making games in the first place.

    Battlefield 3 is formulaic, gives the player no control over what they want to do, repeatedly puts you through ridiculous scripted events where your only goal is to "HIT E NOT TO DIE".

    The SinglePlayer campaign is also ridiculously short. I started and finished it within the space of maybe 4 hours.

    This is not a Battlefield game. Don't be mistaken by the title. This is a CoD clone. If you really love the way CoD is going, then you'll like this. If you want something that makes you feel alive to play it, look somewhere else.

    I beseech you, DICE, next time scrap the SP campaign, and replace it with the AI version of multiplayer, as you had in BF1942 and others.
  23. Mar 27, 2012
    This should have been the best FPS ever. Single player is average, but I only bought this game for the multiplayer. And at first it met expectations, plenty of unlockables the steep learning curve I love it gives a real sense of satisfaction, rare in games today. HOWEVER this game was far from finished before release and full of bugs. Where to start issues range from niggly-not being able to join a online game as a squad with friends, crashes plenty too, Annoying-lag and hit detection.. To damn RAGING the game became unplayable due to glitching - spawning WITHOUT a gun. This is the worst experience of gaming in my life. I am not alone, the battlelog forums are crammed with complaints and can only advise not to touch this game. Shame. one word review-BROKEN I personally feel DICE have taken a big dump on their customers heads and an apology/explanation is long over due. Expand
  24. May 22, 2014
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  25. May 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It is always saddening when a game over-hypes itself. Not only will it be impossible to live up to the expectations, but the workforce will also have to try to create this "perfect" game. This is exactly the life style of Battlefield 3. Between the flame wars they started with Activision, and EA quickly becoming more and more greedy, the idea of a perfect game was much more fantasy than reality. Now, with that said: the gameplay is mildly solid, the maps are fairly good, and the weapons are far more diverse than ever. However, the game's multiplayer itself is not at all solid. The game boasts several animation glitches, very poor servers, and the same amount of overpowered weapons as the Call of Duty series. In addition, the destructibility of the maps are nowhere near the usual amount for a Battlefield game. Bad co. 2, the prequel if you do not know, had the ability to obliterate entire buildings with explosives, crush walls with tanks, and destroy several walls with vehicle guns. In this game, all buildings will remain standing magically. While I can understand this from some perspectives, this adds more problems then it solves. Campers are now a problem in Battlefield, the battlefield becomes stoic and unchanging, and hiding from vehicles is easily possible. Now, when it comes to story, as interestingly told as it is, it's still the same thing as every single modern game just rehashed and labeled "Battlefield 3." Here it is: Soldier goes to some war-torn place, gets evacuated, enemies steal a nuke, there's a betrayal, one nuke goes off, other is sent to NYC, you chase it, defeat the person who stole it, and walk away as the only survivor... The end. See? The same story as almost every single FPS game. It gets boring.

    While the game is fun for a while, on PC, that is, it gets boring, stoic, and less than fun. Unless the price goes down immensely soon, or it comes to steam, I would highly not recommend it.
  26. May 20, 2012
    Cowboys-Rednecks-Evil Russians-Evil Muslims-Good Guys American Army-Hollywood story is so bad image that this game radiates is just sickening you can see this in movies in music Mtv... where is the art?
  27. Jun 1, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. My Rectum was bleeding after playing solid 70000000000000000 hours of BlattleFlied 3 and then my pengois got hard and i came,TITIES TITIES TITIES ASS ADD **** Expand
  28. May 19, 2013
    Save money, this game is a disgrace to battlefield. You will spend half the time wondering how the hell did that drop you in 3 rounds when you literally just spent half a mag on some retard only to find out you did 42 damage on an assist because of client side lag. Look at user score, and critic score, it is obvious the critics got paid.
  29. Nov 25, 2012
    The ones giving this game anything above a 5 are most likely call of duty converts and finally see the light. Sadly for them they realized it one game too late. B3 is a horrible hybrid of call of duty and what used to be battlefield. Battleild 2, 2142, bad company, and especially bad company 2 where some of the most amazing and fun games Ive ever played and each one had the traditional battlefield signatures such as huge maps, great class variety and importance, a large focus on TEAMWORK and STRATEGY and WORKING TOGETHER, but not in this one! Nope, instead what you get is a free for all slayer match every round despite what the objective is. They made health realstic like COD and the gameplay very "twitch" like. Strategy is meaningless in this game. If you like COD get this youll feel at home, if you hate COD like I do dont waste your money like I did on this crap and just wait for bad company 3 playing BC2 while you wait. Expand
  30. Oct 27, 2013
    If you enjoy playing with 63 snipers per game, you should buy this game.

    Snipers are extremely overpowered, and no one plays anything else than sniper.
  31. Sep 14, 2012
    Another bad game made by EA With useless support, The game is almost unplayable and even if you can get to play, the game soon crashes along with origin half the time, another useless idea by EA, Origin doesnt work, and their game doesnt work.. It's constantly crashing and bluescreening my system and a few of my other friends systems,
  32. Feb 27, 2013
    The single player is so bad its a disgrace, some of scenarios are just so poorly scripted that you want to cry. I deeply regret buying this game and supporting such a miserable piece of work.
  33. Jun 30, 2013
    It makes me cry. Such a good franchise, just milked by EA. BFBC2 was already something different from the BF series, well that was ok, because it was a spin off.
    But BF3, which is the original sequel to BF2, is just rubbish. Well ok, you can have fun like in Call of Duty, shooting people mindlessly.
    So the good facts: Graphics, yes, those graphics are good, which makes a 8/10, why?
    Because of those unnatural effects.
    Destruction, It is scripted and nothing new, but anyways it is one plus point.
    Sounds, they are the best in the game.
    But all that "atmosphere" doesn't count as much as gameplay.
    Bad things: Gameplay: Compared to the other Battlefields in the series, its gameplay is the worst. It is really like Call of Duty, just with recoil and vehicles. But well. Far too dynamic, HP regeneration. Only positive thing is the destruction.
    Marketing: Yes, I count the marketing, sell price etc. as something important, so it will get a score of 0 out of 10, because of these DLCs, and the Ripoff Premium Version. (110€)

    I know many will hate me, but I wanted to give this game a chance, give it a 3 at least. But nope. DLCs is one minus, the another minus is just for the balance here, because everyone is rating it 10, without real reason.
    1/10 from me.
  34. Nov 4, 2012
    If this game was called Bad Company 3 I would give is an ok rating.. Unfortunately as it is meant to be a sequel to Battlefield 2, it got everything wrong.. I cannot think of anything in this game that I truly like, so much so I stopped playing it after about 60hrs of forcing myself to like it.. This from someone who racked up thousands of hours on BF2 over the years.. Bad Job EA..
  35. Dec 17, 2012
    I preordered this game hoping to get teamwork. It felt balanced to me and I played this happily with my friends. Then DICE started patching this game and it has gotten worse ever since. They claim that they fix stuff that they dont fix. Sometimes Í fall from 2 meters and die, other times I can jump from the third story and survive. Then they did the complete overhaul making every weapon behave differently than I had gotten used to. The release of Premium made me quit playing all together after playing about 400 hours. DICE screwed me over by telling me it was developed for the PC first, even though it was not. It does not have ingame VOIP, no dedicated servers, and no moddability. Last I heard they where going to release a patch to remove the blue tint, but they canceled it. If the game would have been developed for the PC it would have been the best BF to date, and I would probably still play it. Expand
  36. Jan 21, 2013
    EA last purchase for me. They've completely killed the team play, cooperation and epic battles for which the battlefield series are known, and put great graphics for all the COD kids to be happy with. No commander? No general orders? No voice in-game? Cya EA.
  37. Dec 24, 2012
    Эта игра явно показывает,что современным игрокам кроме графики ничего не нужно,никакого сюжета и геймплея,просто очередной распиаренный продукт,каких много. Expand
  38. Dec 28, 2012
    For the amount of money you spend on the game, one would expect it to work. I have spent more time figuring out bugs rather than playing it. They should advertise it as an online multiplayer game because it certainly isn't a singleplayer game. My experience with BF3 leaves me only to say, this game sucks.
  39. Jan 4, 2013
    This game is terrible,one of the most regretted purchase i've ever made in my life,let's start with pros:Beautiful graphic,gun attachments,many guns and that's all. Cons:Unplayable bugs,memory leak,laggers. BF3 is just pure unplayable,its gameplay is bad as call of duty,campers are everywhere camping the base with a barrett,a very frustrating bug would be another bullets never registering laggers,yet 2 bullets could kill you. And worst of the all is that the game is unplayable itself because of the random CTDs,not only it has extremely high CPU,it lag spikes really bad and even CTD. Save your money on that game. Expand
  40. Apr 22, 2013
    Horrible singleplayer and coming to the game at this stage the dlc and additional "catch up" packs that have to be paid for mean that to stand any chance at all in current multiplayer games you have to spend at least another 30 F(*&ing way i'm paying extra just to play on a level playing field, GJ EA...FU
  41. Jun 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. After being disgusted with Bad Company 2. I was very dissapointed with Battlefield 3 and the way the Battlefield franchise is going. Just so you fanboys can flag this and leave here's a summary:

    +Good Graphics and Sounds
    -Bad SP storyline
    -dull gameplay
    -Rent a Server
    -MP not staying true to the series
    -Overall Fanbase

    Let me say that the graphics are at it's best, though I had a problem running it on high, I was still immensly satisfied with the looks of the game. But good graphics don't make or break a game. The single player campaign is a bland storyline where you play as a marine in custody in New York as your main character. The story is flashbacks of his recent career as a marine with every generic thing we've seen in a Modern Military FPS: Nukes and Russians. The story of blackburn is really taken from Call of Duty: Black Ops and every major moment in the game is inspired from a Call of Duty Game.

    The Co-op was very enjoyable with a friend, though very short. Each mission requires much teamwork and strategy. You play through a series of 6 missions each requiring you do different things from different milliaries.

    The multiplayer was very dissapointing, many glitches and hackers can be found. Teamkillers and trollers are often always present. And when they aren't, you can often be expected to be spawn-killed and quickscoped. The health system is terrible. If you stand 100m away, you can spray a full clip into your enemy and he will survive. If you stand 50m from your enemy, we will die with 2 bullets to the legs. Very unrealistic and just flat out bad hit detection. Though weapon balancing is okay, many players will hide in front of walls so their legs can be hidden in the walls, very easy to solve but DICE doesn't have any attention to solve it.

    In conclusion, if you're a long time fan of the Battlefield Franchise, you will be very dissapointed with this game. DICE has made the game to attract casual audiences to attempt to make a "Call of Duty Killer" which is very dissapointing considering Battlefield was very good in it's own way before BC2.
  42. Mar 6, 2013
    Should be renamed to call of field bad company 3.
    Plays nothing like the pre- bad company battlefields.
    Trying too hard to make itself look serious by attracting casual audience from call of duty.
  43. Apr 19, 2013
    Terrible game. horrible balence of kits, assualt is op, engineer sucks, "support" is for metro camping and recon is underpowered. Game stutters and runs choppy on my gtx 660ti on ultra. Even with over 60fps, not optimised very good. Every time i play this game i just get angry, the people who play this game also make me sick, total fanboys. And half of them cheat. Your better off buying arma if you want a "teamwork based game" there is no teamwork in this game, the pc version has no in game voice chat, and you have to play on servers that ban you if you speak bad langauge, use a certain gun, or just find a glitch in the map or just be good at the game, admins will ban you at will becuase its "their server" childish game. Dont buy into the whole "its better than cod" cod is better and funner, this game is bland and will get you bored after just a couple of weeks like i did. Expand
  44. Ndi
    May 6, 2013
    When I first picked up BF3, I was pretty amazed. Dynamic campaign, starts off strong, with a few linear stuff to show off, the throws you into jet, tank, on foot, plenty of weapons, and with a decent framerate. Wow, I thought, where have you been all my life?

    But then it started to show how much they really put into it. It's a bad port. Controls revert to defaults mid game, in
    cutscenes, in quick time events. I HATE quick events. HATE!!! When I mapped my keys to arrows, right shift, right control and mouse and you ask me to quickly press "E", I am going to miss it. Again. And again, And again.

    Here's the thing. If you make me mash the keyboard in anger, you are not a fun game. Period. I don't care you threw in a SP just to make a dent. If you wouldn't have, I would never have picked it up. I want single player to see the game, then, if all is right, I go on multiplayer. And SP is a disappointment. Unfinished story, annoying characters, tons of names, what is this? I died 4 times in the story. Who am I? Why am I fighting? Am I Miller? Jim? Bob? Jim-Bob? I'm Jim-Bob, aren't I? Dear God, I'm Jim-Bob.

    The Russian guy said to shoot the other guy and all I thought was "Ok. Who's he?" Then other people start screaming. "Go left". Who are they? Seriously, I need a notepad to keep up. Also, they give bad advice. I died doing what they said. Also, what is this "left mission area" stuff? You sent me to flank and the side of the road is off-limits? What am I, 7 again? I'm not allowed to the end of the driveway?

    By the last mission, I died 3 times. In the last mission, I died maybe 20 times. Poor scripting, poor controls, someone simply could not be bothered to finish it.

    And I don't agree that you are a multiplayer game so I should eat the SP and shut up. You used that as a selling point and now it sucks. If you serve me a nice steak with moldy potatoes, I'm sending it back. I don't care the steak is the selling point.

    I guess multiplayer is OK,which is why it gets a "barely" score. 8 for the MP, 5 for the SP, and a big fat zero for not taking the time to make sure CONTROLS WORK in a game.

    Seriously, game has been out a year and a half. I STILL have to go to the forums to find a way to pass a 4 hour campaign. Can anything be any more of a middle finger to me giving you my money?
  45. Oct 2, 2013
    Finally decided to play the game to see if its any good, well its not. I got a game breaking bug and had to download a savegame to get past it. (airfield bug, you can find it on youtube easy). The game also has audio problems. Missions are annoying at best, you get bounced around different characters and in the end don't know who you are or what's going on any more. If it weren't for the bug that breaks the game I would of given it an average score instead of 0. (there are far worse games out there). Expand
  46. May 27, 2013
    The game itself is decent, but the online servers that they use to run the game is very poor. A lot of times, you try to log in to play and you get all kinds of errors, and there is never any information or help. Until they fix these problems, buyer beware. Expect to be frustrated.
  47. Jun 22, 2013
    Absolutely pathetic, bought the game and it literally took a whole week to download from origin. Their content servers are insanely slow. By the time it was finished, I couldn't launch the game. Verify download and it downloaded and extra 2 gb that took another day. It was finally finished, I ran the game and it was initializing forever. It didn't work. It took ages until I found a fix where I had to manually edit registry and remove the TM from file name (wtf right?). The game finally worked. What's worse than origin is the 'battlelog' interface which is nothing more than a website half covered with ads. To launch the game you have to go through a web interface (pathetic). It doesn't even show server pings for me (known issue for a lot of people). Most of the time I try to play coop with my friend it says no friends found online. Overall, the actual game is good but I can't get past the terrible interface and the glitches. Expand
  48. Jun 30, 2013
    Getting Stuck on Rocks: The Game
    Tanks Slowed Down By Hills: The Game

    No single player
    Childish server admins
    3rd world trash hackers ruining your experience
    Hyper Stacked servers with no balance
    ZERO new-player friendly servers.
  49. Aug 11, 2013
    I've already posted a review, but I'll get more in depth.
    Battlefield 3 multiplayer... Everybody that likes it, has never played Bad Company 2. The big maps, the destruction, the good community, the INCREDIBLE good expension pack are all gone in BF3. DICE did not include these things in their new game. Battlefield is known for the big maps, destruction and all those things, but since it's
    not included in BF3, it's changes the gameplay in a negative way.

    Single player... Most boring experience ever. I have NOTHING goods to say about it. The campaign was way too scripted, you can't even use a vehicle besides a tank in the most boring mission of the whole campaign, and a jet that you can't fully control.

    Graphics... How do people say that this is the best looking game ever? It's NOT. There are much better looking games out there, even more underrated once, even released in 2011.

    Co-op... The sniping mission was the only one I enjoyed. The other once were just running and shooting with scripted events.

    Origin & Battlelog.. Origin is the worst copy of Steam EVER. EA is talking about how popular Origin is, but they are just forcing us to use it, since their games are not on steam anymore.
    Battlelog is just stupid and annoying.

    DLC's... B2K were just old maps, so nothing to talk about. CQ shows how Close Quarters should be, to transfer CoD players to Battlefield. Which destroys the community. Battleflield 3 was released with Close Quarter maps, so everyone who expected the same kind of maps like OP Metro, Grand Bazaar, Seine Crossing, will be disappointed. Armored kill has large maps, but the Gunships just kills the fun in Rush and Conquest, that's why it's almost never played so it's a ghost town. Aftermath is fun with a fun new game mode, but it's not a real expansion like Vietnam. But it's acceptable anyway. End Game has an unoriginal game mode called Capture the Flag. Because there are ALWAYS people with helis killing people from the other team from their base, it's just kills the fun again. The only good expension was Aftermath.

    When the game was first released, it was just a bad game. Aftermath doesn't change that. Aftermath was good, but not good enough to give a whole new experience, unlike Vietnam did with BC2. Aftermath is basicly the only positive thing I can say about Battlefield 3. The gun sounds are good, but that's a little thing that don't change anything about the gameplay. A nice 0/10 for Battlefield 3. Biggest fail of 2011.
  50. Sep 8, 2013
    I have BOUGHT Battlefield 3, and have possibly been able to play it for a few hours in the last few months, entirely due to the utterly frustrating and completely useless "Origin" program that controls it. For those that don't know, Origin is the equivalent to Steam, except, instead of managing your playing stats and launching the game for you, it keeps opening a website which requires you to log in, in order to play the game. However, only twice in the possibly 2 dozen times I've tried to play the game that I BOUGHT, has Origin actually allowed me to play the game. Otherwise, it either tells me I need to install the game, or simply farms me to another login window, despite me ticking the box to remember me. The only thing that I am guaranteed to see every time I TRY to play the game, is advertising for Battlefield 4, which I will clearly never buy since I have not been able to get any reasonable time in for Battlefield 3 that I PAID for. Which is why I am writing this review, to warn everyone that this is most likely going to be a frustrating experience. If you don't believe me, read many thousands of other reviews in Google about Origin. Expand
  51. atd
    Oct 11, 2013
    Well DICE is on the wrong horse: called EA The Winner of the worst company trophy in the past 4 years in the row! The game is all about milking the customers! DICE wants your money or the game, but not your feedback's or criticism! On ''Battlelog froum'' DICE continuously censorship`s most of the negative comments just pathetic! - the worse hit detection ever - poor net-code
    - Visual glitches
    - Poor Map designs
    - Cheaters
    - Hackers
    - nubs
  52. Jan 25, 2014
    Launching a game from a browser with special plugins is beyond ridiculous. First EA makes you install Origin because they refuse to use the way superior Steam, but then their own DRM doesn't seem enough so they have to add yet another DRM? Can't play when EA's servers act up again.

    Sabotaging your own modding community to sell more absurdly expensive and content-lacking DLCs is in poor

    Everything needs to be unlocked, casual gaming is incredibly boring.

    The campaign is mediocre at best. The storyline is absurd, the quick time events misplaced and annoying, the close combat is staged and the enemy doesn't seem to do anything else than run wave after wave in my sights. The dogfighting was repetitive and not exciting at all.

    Only good thing I can name are the sound effects, they are absolutely incredible. Most realistic gunshots I've heard in a game.

    All in all, they should have stopped at 2.
  53. Sep 23, 2014
    This game is horrible on PC and full of stupid bugs that do not make any kind of sense. I have never been so frustrated on any single player campaign on my life. I also have the game on my Xbox 360 and guess what, there are no bugs and even if the graphics are not so good on Xbox the playability and everything else works better console. I have heard a lot from PC gamers so I decided to test the game also on PC and what do I get?

    Here is small list why this game sucks on PC; Glitches that prevent you from opening door or some NPC can’t boost you over a wall because next waypoint does not trigger for some reason. NPCs can and will go through objects and leave you in locked room with no way out so you need to reset to last checkpoint in order to get out of the room. Enemy NPCs have sometimes aimbot directed only to you and none of them are shooting at other NPCs. Even the game interface sucks because you need to have a certain web browser installed that you can install a plugin to it so you can access EA website and you will have to create account or use your old one even to play single player. This kind of DRM is why I hate EA.

    At least on Xbox version you have a main menu and you can play single player without any kind of delays and stupid browser add-ons. Also on Xbox the multiplayer accessibility is much easier. This leaves me to wonder why PC players get second rate product compared to console players.

    There are only two things that PC version has that Xbox version lacks. Better graphics and ability to use keyboard and mouse that’s all.
  54. Jun 13, 2014
    I seldom give a ugly 0 to any game indeed, but I have to give BF3 a 0 because I really can't start a game properly. Internet in Australia is metered, and I spent 21GB of data to download this game. Fair enough, I got it for free. I can't help my thrilling to start the game, and it opened a browser window? Battlelog? WTF? Oops looks like they think start the game with browser is cool, although I can't agree with them. I started to get annoyed when the game asks you to install a plugin for browser. And I can't start a game. The game simply crashed. I asked my friend they said it's pretty common and they encountered different error message so just try logging in for another some time. Alright alright fair enough fair enough. But the problem resisted. I tried searching for remedy for this issue, and they said battlefield 3 has some compatibility issue with operating systems whose system locale are not in English. I switched my "language in non-Unicode software" to English. Although it caused some troubles but so far so good, I logged into the game! Hooray! Then I tried to queue for multiplayer, and I got kicked for some "PunkBuster" issue? The game asked me to go to a site called evenbalance to update my PunkBuster, I bloodily just installed my copy today and you asked me to go to a site whose design is like in mid-90s and manually update this bloody malware-like stuff which was released on 2012? Fine, fine. Even it's like 10 steps to update this stuff I still proceeded with great effort and humblest patience, with several restarts and file-copying. And PunkBuster itself crashed constantly with a dialog with a lot of question marks which is totally unreadable. I just couldn't bear so I gave it up. Maybe if I didn't get it for free I'll try harder to tackle these problems. I am totally surprised for the amount of bugs it contains even it has already been released for 3 years, EA still hasn't fixed them. Although SimCity for which I paid $60 was a nightmare, BF3 seems has a reasonably higher critic score. But I spend like 3 hours trying to start playing but I can't. I didn't get this game for training my skills to find solutions to various bugs. Goodbye EA I wouldn't buy anything from you in the future and good luck. Expand
  55. Aug 16, 2014
    I cannot seem to recall a worse single player experience, ever.
    It's a claustrophobic experience where you are denied any choices of your own. The entire game is like an cinematic scripted event.
    If you even at all think for yourself, you're punished. You're not allowed to explore the map, if you kill enemies in any other order than the script wanted you to, they'll respawn. If you try
    clearing a mission differently or walk ahead for the same destination, it won't work.

    This review does not include any opinions on multiplayer. But I'm guessing the game would have been better off as multiplayer only.
  56. Feb 17, 2012
    the singleplayer have good graphics and gameplay.
    but the multiypalyer are just awful with full bugs and feel like World War 2 combat.
    vehicles and tanks not gives realism feeling and the physics are very not real...
    totally spend of 50 bucks
  57. Mar 19, 2013
    Looks beautiful, but gameplay is not very well thought trough. It allows teams with squads supported by voice communication and superior unlocks simply steamroll the team with random players. No effective autobalancing, no voice chat for the random team... simply turns them into sheep for slaughter for the sake of several people's fun. Also cheap fun... cause winning against team who struggle to do even smallest of cooperation is hardly fun... its as fun as winning tennis match against blindfolded opponent. Also the overnerfs of stuff in this game making it only cosmetic (like the new plane AC130 or something like that... overnerfed main gun is as strong as throwing pebbles from very far on the vertical move on moving targets instead of making the plance a monster above battlefield even if only for a while now and then; or the snipers halogens mounted on scopes). But the poor autobalancing is the main thing that kills the game for any non-hardcore player that is playing with "clan". Expand
  58. Mar 15, 2012
    If you've played Battlefield 2 and/or 2142, and not just the Bad Company spinoff series, you will be dissapointed with the way the franchise is headed with Battlefield 3. The game is by no means made for the fanbase that helped DICE get big as a company, rather it has become a generic shooter without any teamplay features or depth. Singleplayer: ------------- The singleplayer campaign is one big ripoff of all earlier CoD campaigns, and even so it's lacking immersion.
    It's simply too linear and too restricted in it's gameplay, and you'll find yourself being a spectator while the game plays itself before you. At some point you'll complete an entire mission just by pressing space...

    I found the difficulty to scale alright, although the AI seemed quite clumsy, a fact that DICE has tried to correct by giving them aimbot. - They'll basically oneshot you from across the map with shotguns...


    Is fun during the first playthrough, but get bland very quickly, as there is very few missions, and the ones that you get are very little creative, not to mention the fact that you'll have to grind them in order to unlock some weapons. - All in all this gamemode seems unfinished and should probably not have been in the game at all, coop can by no means be compared to the "specops" of CoD.


    This is where DICE/EA really went wrong, in my oppinion.
    Instead of taking the features that made the Battlefield series great, they've thrown 80% of the features out of the window and simplyfied the rest to uselessness. I'll list a few of the things that made the game fail, as far as I'm concerned:

    - Only way to play the game is to start it through Origin, EA's alternative to Steam, no biggie you might think, but you'll actually have to allow said program to scan not only the game folder, but your entire computer for who knows what reason. Also if you want to get the game listed in Steam, you'd end up having to start Steam which would then start Origin, which again would start Battlelog and only then you'd be able to start the game, that is if both Origin and Battlelog decides to work that is.

    - With the Commander position out of the game, only the Squadleader would able to organise the team, but all that the role is given is giant bullseye on it's back; tools for giving orders and even a useable map are nonexistant in the game.

    - The game of course has vehicles, but they have been weakened to the extent that they are now little more than a quick "killstreak", and no longer an important tool that might help a team win.

    - The game is all about the fast paced closequarter action, and this would be fine had they finally gotten the hang of getting hit recognition to work, but alas this works as bad as in all earlier installments. - No VO-IP and an unfinished Commo-rose makes it next to impossible to communicate with your team, at least to the extent of making a tactical difference.

    - If you plan on playing with buddies you're in tough luck, as it is next to impossible to get all on the same team, let alone in the same squad.

    As mentioned the battlefield series is no longer for people who wants a casual war simulator, but is now more and more becoming a generic CoD clone. A fact that becomes more apparent with each DLC. If you're part of the Call of Duty fanbase this game is actually made for you, and as such you could very well consider this game, though in my oppinion youd probably still be better off with CoD, as they simply are better at what they do. And this pains me very much, the fact that had DICE continued to improve on the features that made them great, they could probably have made the best shooter of all time, but instead they decided to go for the casual crowd, and through them some easy money. The result of this is at best a mediocre game, that attempts too much but accomplishes too little.
  59. Apr 9, 2012
    I played this game trought in singleplayer. I also tested out Multiplayer. Let´s go over basics. This game has awesome graphics and overall layout over. It´s pure eye candy and lovely in that. Why such low rating? Well singleplayer started out amazing...Sick start that caught attention...Sadly that´s it. Another "terrorists has the nuke" game. I choose normal difficulty and most of the time i got myself killed. Quess that is the reality of war, you are stupid and die...It was boring. Overall campaing left me bored and i quited it couple of times before finishing. Like bad company 2, most of it just repeated itself over and over. Multiplayer wise game is awesome, sadly i dont enjoy that type of gameplay. It´s awesome, but not for me. Was some solid action for couple of hours, but that´s it. Expand
  60. Nov 21, 2011
    Where are the bots? Where is the 4+player coop?

    I feel I need to write this view as a big group of gamers are being ignored in relation to this game and many other FPS games. COOP gamers that want to play as a team against the computer.

    I greatly enjoyed playing the other games in the franchise, particularly 1942 and Vietnam as I would play the vs bot modes with my friends for many
    hours. This latest version has a pretty dreadful 2 player only coop mode and no bot mode like the other games had. I find this disappointing. I admit I am not the best player in the world, nor the worst but I find the player vs player modes too frustrating on this game and get fed up of being killed without even seeing where the shot came from.

    EA if you want to see what consumer base you are missing out on having as customers, look at world of warcraft for example. It is a game with both player vs computer and player vs player modes. Which is more popular? Player vs computer.

    This is made all the more frustrating by the fact this game looks incredible, sounds incredible, has great vehicles and weapons. Unless I am willing to partake in the steepest learning curve ever and get repeatedly destroyed by some 'uber' 13 year old I am basically unable to take advantage of this.

    This makes this game the most frustrating currently in existence.
  61. Mar 20, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game bothers me so bad! I am one of the most die-hard fans of modern war games out there but this game was just a major disappointment... I think the lowest point is the part where you are forced to take part in an air assault that begins with a 15 minute uninterruptable cutscene where you are forced to perform mundane manuevers. This is then followed with a level that is unexciting and annoying at the same time. Really you mean I can't control the plane? Just fire flares when I'm shot at and try in vain to shoot other planes down even though I can't aim at them. Stupid! The ground combat is fun and I think the portion involving tanks is great, until they have you get out of the tank to do someone else's job. This is just dumb because in real life a tanker would not get out to blow up mines while the rest of the army stays safely behind him. I know this is supposed to be a heroic story but come on....

    I know that the multiplayer is where this game is supposed to shine but it just doesn't do it for me. I am annoyed that they still use a health bar that doesn't regenerate. I understand the need to be different but that sure seems like an outdated way to do things. Especially for a top of the line game like Battlefield. There are not enough people out there with team spirit to allow me to believe that when I"m hurt a medic is going to come along and heal me. I played this game for like 3 days and don't think I was once healed by a medic when I was close to death. I found that it was just easier to run off and die and just try to respawn closer to the objective. Played the campaign once and played the online for like 3 days. Now the game is on a shelf collecting dust and it will stay there for a long long time.
  62. Apr 15, 2012
    Downgraded Battlefield 2. This game was to be continued where Battlefield 2 ended. However, this game was truly great in the alpha. There was no blue layer, it was more yellow/brownish saturation which everyone loved, but DICE thought it was a good idea to make it more consolized than it already is.
    The suppression was balanced and most of the guns were close in terms of balance. Now when
    this new patch released, the entire game went to a horrible direction. It makes no sense whatsoever to introduce bullet spread during suppression.

    To Summarize: DICE really went to hell.
  63. Nov 21, 2014
    This game was a 9.5/10, but that was is 2013. Only get this game if you want to play Conquest on the stock maps, there are hardly any servers actually running this game.
  64. Oct 2, 2012
    Battlefield 3 was supposed to be the game of the century. It was supposed to bring with it the best graphics and the best story of any first person shooter in recent history, but it didn't. Electronic Art's Digital Illusions CE (EA- DICE) has long led the sector in realism, drawing you into the war, evoking emotions previously reserved for games scripted almost as much as movies. In Battlefield 3's campaign mode, however, the gameplay is slow, predictable and doesn't make you feel as though you are making a difference. The multiplayer game is sculpted so carefully that it would be concievable to forget that it was pre-made at all.
    The multiplayer game is incredibly chaotic, often trancending the constraints of a traditional video game, with small actions radically changing the simulated world and rendering some strategies and equipment useless, while simultaneously granting opportunities people using others. Many items in the maps are destructible, so a well placed RPG can destroy almost any sniper nest, an accutate pistol shot can destroy a helicopter, and a exellently piloted helicopter can take on a small army. Boats, Planes, Anti-Aircraft Guns, Helicopters, Tanks, JAVELIN missiles, and hundreds of guns are ready for use, a well put together social interface (BattleLog) allow for infinite combinations, and the scoring system favors teamwork over kamikaze raids.
    Battlefield 3 brings with it many annoyances, and thousands of quirks. The beautiful graphics and chaotic multiplayer almost outweigh the lack of a decent campaign mode, but alas this game fits into the category filled with thousands of games made for quick and easy fun, lacking challenge, and full of cliched elements. Battlefield 3 was expected to be the next iteration of the interesting and innovative game-play of the previous Battlefield games, not the repetitive and annoying habits of cheap action books, movies and games. The wow factor of the graphics can almost overcome the problems, but DICE has grown weary of the fight, and has decided that one botched campaign cannot possibly cause them to lose their grip on the gaming battlefield.
  65. Dec 5, 2012
    Battlefield 3, for me was a huge waste of time. Sure the graphics were pretty, but the single player was an utter bore and a shadow of a familiar plot line. The plot line reeks of "we couldn't really be bothered". As for the multiplayer, I purchased the Limited Edition and found I could not activate back to Karkland. When I tried to get it activated they never bothered to do anything about it despite contacting them about the issue. Furthermore, the comments about how great the multiplayer is are a fantasy cooked up in the minds of those craving another battlefield title. Battlefield 1942 was amazing and innovative on release, Battlefield 3 is another same old, same old with the added ability to fly planes and drive tanks. While entertaining at times, I'd hardly call it 'original'. It really was nothing special for me and has further disinterested me in the first person shooters that are spewing out of the publishers these days. Expand
  66. Jan 13, 2013
    I want to like this game, I really do, but there is ONE thing that keeps that from happening: I can not play it on my computer because I use an Intel HD graphics card. It says it can run at around a medium-high setting, but it lags horribly, even with the graphics settings as low as they can be. Sure, most games don't recognize the card, but they still run very well when I adjust the settings to what the card can do. The last time a game lagged like this it was because of dust getting on the card. You could have a card+processor that can run Total War: Shogun 2, but if it's Intel, you will have 3 FPS on low settings. While looking at the ground. Expand
  67. Jan 31, 2013
    What"going casual" means: to refocus from enjoying the challenge and competition of a game to unlocking items and gaining [redundant] levels in the form of "ranks"; neither are tangible, but only one brings me back, again and again.

    I don't even know why you'd change a game so, did they think it'd be capable of competing with Call of Duty? Terrible.
  68. Mar 7, 2013
    This game can deliver some great moments particularly in multiplayer. Graphics are fantastic also. The thing that lets it down is the client side collision detection, which makes things a lot more of a lottery than they should be. Ducking behind a wall only to die afterwards just creates a sense of dissatisfaction that is hard to work with.
  69. Mar 27, 2013
    Multiplayer is boring and rife with wallhacks and aimbots. Single player is basically a movie you get to participate in occasionally. I got it for free as a bonus for another purchase, so I guess I didn't waste anything but my time. I might play the upcoming BF for free!
  70. Nov 18, 2013
    Nothing of this game is good. The story is written so poorly, with a cut scene every five minutes. This game is filled with Quick Time events, and even if you fail the quick time event your buddy will come and save you. The game is so easy, I died only once, due to unfair enemies just to make the game seem harder. The voice acting is poor. I feel like I am playing a dumbed down version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, yeah, I said it! The story is the same as all First Person hand Holders, bad people kill people so we have to kill them. I feel as if I am controlling a robot, this game feels like I am incapable of doing anything myself and has to hold my hand. This game is so short, it is sad. I could spend more time in the first level of Deus Ex than playing this entire game. They pad this just to make it longer. AI characters have to follow you everywhere, treating you like a child! They have to open doors for you! The enemy AI is even worse, walking into your gun fire.
    There is a mission that makes you think you are going to fly a jet, but it is just on rails shooter! Not a good one either. I got so board after five seconds of this piece of crap! I am so offended by this game, why did I spend money on? I want to destroy this game.
    I feel like my computer is about to shoot itself for me just playing this game.
    The shooting just sucks, there is no power to the weapons. All of the weapons are the same, they all fire the same, take the same time to reload, the same amount of ammo to kill an enemy. They all sound as if a cat is sneezing.
    There is regenerating health, are you a star fish x10000 or something?
    Your AI partners are so incapable of killing anyone, I don't even want them there! All they are doing there is just to further the story.
    This game has none of the wakey over-the-top stuff from Call of Duty. Most of the time in this game you are ducked behind cover because the enemy AI shoot a never ending stream of bullets at you. Not that it matters because you are a starfish x10000.
    I feel this game is a step back in human evolution. Yeah the reverse of the Theory of Evolution.

    I know a bunch of fan boys will say "Oh this game is for the multiplayer that is what it is the multiplayer is good it is good play the multiplayer it is good"
    I played the multiplayer, it sucks. It is the normal multiplayer of this generation of First Person Hand Holders. You start with a load out. One thing I can say is load outs suck! Play Half Life's multiplayer where you have to pick up weapons on the map, and if you die you start with a pistol. Load outs make it so you don't have to look around the map. It also gives higher level players an advantage over others because the have better equipment. The whole leveling system sucks anyway I wish games would take it out. They should take a Que from Halo which had a good multiplayer (For this gen)with no load outs!
    It is the same thing over and over, you die, respawn, you kill someone, die, respawn, die, respawn, you kill someone, die, respawn, kill someone, die, respawn, die, respawn, die.

    I think this game should be renamed 3"
  71. May 16, 2012
    Battlefield games used to be about using your skills, the vehicles and the environment to play a strategic way to finish of a round so that your team will get the victory. Now with Battlefield 3 that is thrown in the dumpster. Now Battlefield is about as strategic as a fish bowl animation. Bought the game at launch and it took almost 2 week before the game was playable during to the fact that you must have a online connection to play the game, Even the singleplayer mode yes. The multiplayer is almost Modern Warfareish with bigger maps and not that fun to play actually. +Graphics

    -No commander mode
    -Server issues from hell
    -No strategic gameplay elements
    -Horrible game balance between vehicles and infantery, yes it's more real but less fun because it takes a billion rockets to blow up a tank.
    -No battlerecorder even thou it's announced
    -Non interesting singleplayer.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 61 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 61
  1. 86
    It's all a matter of taste, after all. They each provide a certain type of entertainment – when talking about Battlefield 3, it involves a bigger game, more open in its possibilities and more spectacular. But on a longer timeline, less frantic and with fewer Bruce Willis scenes than the mass appeal beast it set itself to dethrone.
  2. 80
    No, Battlefield 3 is not the best game of today. But good looking – definitely. It also has an absolutely addictive multiplayer. Who needs more? [Dec 2011]
  3. Dec 4, 2011
    Both a triumphant leap forward and a return to form for the Battlefield series. This is the best multiplayer shooter on PC. [Christmas 2011, p.58]