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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 37
  2. Negative: 0 out of 37
  1. A seamlessly realised and original hybrid that breathes life into the RTS genre. [Issue#18, p.48]
  2. Concerning gameplay, this game won’t be on top, but the fusion of collecting, trading and gaming makes Battleforge unique. Even if you have never played a trading card game in real life, this title won’t disappoint you!
  3. Aside from some minor flaws in the community system, Battleforge is a highly addictive and very innovative RTS that promises lots of fun.
  4. Playing cards is just something for the elderly? Not Battleforge. The game combines card collecting with fast real-time strategy. After the good tutorial you have to digest a lot of information. Just imagine starting a strategy game with the last mission. But it's worth hanging on, there are a lot of possibilities. The game even looks good.
  5. EA Phenomic has successfully pulled off a surprisingly natural convergence of two very different types of gameplay. The combination is wickedly addictive. BattleForge isn't entirely a flawless victory, but it looks good, plays great, and gives card hoarders something new to obsess over.
  6. 85
    Phenomic Studios and Electronic Arts have done a fantastic job in presenting a game that is both original and fun to play.
  7. BattleForge is a unique spin on the RTS genre, with a fairly strong appeal and a rather active community of players. Break out the mana globes and obliterate your enemies!
  8. The gameplay provides easy accessibility and still manages to be tactically challenging. Too bad that the MMO-RTS-concept of BattleForge is countered by the lack of a story.
  9. As with most games of this nature, you can do well-enough at first using the default decks and some of your free booster cards and good strategy, but to compete at the highest levels it's going to take some of your cash to get the cards you need to build a strong and competitive deck.
  10. Though the idea of micro-transactions in a full-priced game might turn some people off, BattleForge provides plenty of content for the retail price, and doesn't require additional funds to stay competitive.
  11. While BattleForge is quite costly to play and has some shortcomings, it is one of the most thought-out and engaging multiplayer RTS of the last few years. And it is definitely the most original one.
  12. A flawed but irresistible MMORTSCCG. [Apr 2009, p.74]
  13. This novel RTS in a slightly overdone but nevertheless interesting fantasy setting appeals with its fresh approach, especially to those among us who have a bit of a collecting bug. And who doesn't? [Apr 2009]
  14. Take the graphics and easy controls of WarCraft III throw in the addictive and working system from any trading card game and you will get an excellent piece of playability and fun – you’ll get BattleForge. [Mar 2009]
  15. Because of the variety in the card decks, BattleForge is tactically demanding. But the paid content makes us worry about fairness.
  16. BattleForge is a very original game that covers different genres and factors. It can't be compared to any other game.
  17. This fascinating hybrid of real-time strategy and collectible card battling offers a unique and enjoyable take on both genres.
  18. 80
    The genre mixture that gels well together. Good RTS elements and responsiveness compliment the CCG aspects. Just be prepared to potentially get your wallet out for those microtransactions.
  19. Battleforge is a fascinating hybrid of real-time strategy and collectible card battling. The idea of micro-transactions in a full-priced game might turn some people off, but BattleForge provides plenty of content for the retail price.
  20. Battleforge is an interesting hybrid that arrives to the PC market with options to became a game played by lots of people. Mixing elements of RTS and MMO, it packs an impressive number or game cards that the player will treat as creatures, spells and structures. Featuring a cooperative-competitive gameplay, and lots of elements directly taken from the massive online games, it quickly becomes a fun entertainment. Either collecting the cards with the micropayment system or getting them as reward for the gameplay, Battleforge is a fun experience, whose only downsides come from the nonexistent balance of forces at the game.
  21. BattleForge largely succeeds in trying to blend together RTS and card games. It's a fast-paced RTS that really rewards players for being able to adapt quickly in the middle of battle.
  22. Ultimately, BattleForge isn't the embodiment of the next-gen RTS but it's a beautiful, flawed step in that direction.
  23. And although BattleForge doesn’t always perfectly combine the genres it belongs to, with delicate attention and a thorough balancing of gameplay, it could actually become an electronic sport. Maybe one to match StarCraft.
  24. BattleForge spices the RTS genre with aspects from collectible card games, but the whole is less than the sum of its parts: the strategy elements are too repetitive and the CCG side feels pointless. [May 2009]
  25. It's a vivid, rapid, entertaining strategy game, shot through with strikingly smart design decisions... It's problems are, inevitably, of balance. Developer EA Phenomic has accepted an impossible task - weighing all possible combinations of 200 units against one another. [May 2009, p.96]
  26. There's fun to be had, but only if you're playing the game with friends, since playing with strangers more often than not results in a similar feeling of frustration experienced in pick up groups in MMORPGs.
  27. Mix Warcraft with Magic the Gathering and you'll get BattleForge. It's not a bad mix, but you'll have to get used to it. The learning curve is pretty steep and rookies will get their asses kicked within seconds. But, the game rewards the one that keeps trying with some tasteful gameplay and a delicious fantasy topping.
  28. In an attempt to find as much fan favour as possible, Electronic Arts have managed to spread this title a bit too thinly over both the RPG and card playing genres. There is an entertaining game here, but you might struggle to find it.
  29. Battleforge succeeds in reproducing the spirit of the classic card trading games in a modern Real Time Strategy fashion.
  30. It might seem that Battleforge is a terrible game, but just to make it clear: when you hear the term 'card based MMORTS' you instantly get sparkling eyes out of curiosity. It's then somewhat of disappointment when you find out that it's just a simple RTS in which you can needlessly fiddle around with cards that don't differ much from each other.
  31. Whether or not you enjoy BattleForge depends largely on how much of a purist you are. It has the cunning and diverse combos of a CCG, but not the pacing for patient maneuvers. It has the tactics and resource-management of RTS, but not the stability in foes to plan for every possibility.
  32. 66
    The missions themselves repeat the same formula again and again, which severely undercuts the point of having such variety and flexibility in the card system. When you add in the awkward auction interface and the additional cash required to collect the cards you really want, it makes it that much harder to see the value in the few things that BattleForge gets right.
  33. A naturally divisive game, a few will succumb to its slightly wonky charms. Most, however, will find that the gimmicks have only limited appeal.
  34. BattleForge is a combination of strange mechanics and bad design. Units are diverse – and yet none of them are terribly interesting. Missions have a ton of variety on the surface, but in practice they’re variations on the same few objectives.
  35. BattleForge runs smoothly and is pretty enough, with a wide selection of large units to choose from. However, battles see you going up against the same units - the ones players have identified as being the best. So the only real variety BattleForge provides is on paper. [May 2009, p.73]
  36. Microtransactions all but ruin this unusual real-time strategy and its flawed collectible card game.
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  2. Negative: 3 out of 20
  1. Jul 29, 2013
    This could be a nice game if it didn't have collectible cards inside. I like RTS games but I absolutely hate games where you collect cards, say nothing about buying such cards with real money. I actually wonder what audience they had in mind at all. That said, the game itself looks much like Warcraft 3, except you have more unit types and you can cast spell (like a god) anywhere on the map. Unfortunately, there is just no one to play online against. Could be a great RTS game, but trading cards spoiled it. Full Review »
  2. Nov 5, 2012
    Battleforge is an entertaining game for sure. If you like RTS games, you will enjoy this card game hybrid. The game feels like it is missing something or it might just be me feeling burnt out of the RTS genre. Either way, while the game is entertaining, it was only entertaining for a limited amount of time. It is certainly worth a try. Full Review »
  3. May 17, 2011
    i cant believe the lower ratings on this game, often based on paying for additional cards. with just one purchase of the retail version (which you can get on ebay for about the price of an average lunch) you get more than enough in-game currency to buy anything you might need. and if u ever run out you can buy additional copies and add their content to your existing account. in over a year of playing i have spent less than £30 ($45 or so). And for that i have got literally THOUSANDS of hours of top-class entertainement. Compare that to a $50 game that u get 25 to 50 hours of gametime from and then tell me which is better value for money.
    They say that these days its all about the multiplayer, and for me its all about the PvP. BFs PvP is unprecedented. its unique and exciting and gets my pulse racing like no other game.. and ive been a gamer for 25 years. And the beauty is it doesnt matter how bad or good you are because with the ranking system everyone plays opponents of their own level. Someone that levels out around rank 15 can (and will) have matches that are as exciting and fulfilling as somone that levels out at rank 25. Your opponents will always be a balanced mixture of those at your level, those just below youre level and those just above.
    And, unbelievably for an online pvp game against strangers, many of the players demonstrate good sportsmanship and manners. Losers often congratualate their opponent on a match well played, and indeed the standard concession of defeat is "GG" - good game. and to me Battleforge is exactly that - a VERY good game.
    Full Review »