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  • Summary: Battlefront features the power of battalion-level combat in some of this period's most bloody and intense conflicts: Saipan, Market Garden, Novorossisk, and Gazala. Players have realistic control over their soldiers, with a tactical scale just large enough to make a telling difference in the strategic picture. Features include: Improved Strategic AI enables a more flexible response to fast changing battlefields; Improved user interface simplifies unit information; Command and control system that rewards correct employment of military assets; Close combat routines have special attack modes such as Banzai, Surprise and Infiltration; Indirect Fire from artillery and air assets can directly attack enemy units; Direct fire from AFVs can attack enemy units at range; Counter-battery fire can eliminate enemy artillery; Eliminated units can be rebuilt as cadres and returned to battle; Sighting, command, supply and danger zone rules encourage sensible use of artillery; Complete Unit, Map and AI editor allows users to create scenarios from scratch. [Matrix Games] Expand
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  1. For most, wrestling with Battlefront's sprawling intricacies will be an approximation of hell, but for some it will be a strategy-bong heaven. [June 2007, p.74]