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  • Summary: The designers have neutralized the fast pacing and complex mechanics that made the first game so much fun.
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  1. Dec 28, 2010
    At release this game was a diamond in the rough; there were many bugs, however 10 years later it is still being updated and improved. It is different enough from its predecessor to be victim of kneejerk reactions from fans expecting more of exactly the same. While the original Battlezone had a strong focus on the FPS elements, Battlezone II more prominently portrays the RTS elements: bases are more dug in and permanent and nearly 100 units may be commanded simultaneously. The game is also very mod friendly with even nearly all aspects of the original Battlezone able to be recreated with little more than the investment of due effort. This game is NOT Battlezone 1, it is a game of its own. Some will forget this. Expand
  2. Feb 15, 2012
    An amazing mixture of RTS with proper action elements, it is a diamond of a game in a lake full of muddy attempts. It succeeds to give importance to all aspects of game-play without sacrificing anything, not even the story. The combination of building an army to support you at the same time you can personally defend your troops in battle is achieved seamlessly like no other game in the history of PC gaming. This was already seen in the original Battlezone, but improved graphics, streamlined controls and fun game-play will pump adrenaline into your system both in single and multi-player modes. Extra fun on lan games! Collapse
  3. Nov 12, 2011
    Pretty much the shining example of what a PC game should be, in my eyes. Awesome single-player campaign, and astoundingly deep, well-balanced, competitive team-based multiplayer. This is my only 10/10 on here, and will remain the only 10/10 short of another miracle of PC gaming. Expand
  4. Jul 31, 2012
    I have been playing Battlezone for 14 years and Battlezone II for 12 years now and have spent many hundreds of dollars on other games, yet I have not found any other game that compares to Battlezone or Battlezone II.

    The current patch version - from one of the original programmers, Nathan Mates - as of August 2012 is The original Battlezone is also currently patched by one of the original programmers, Ken Miller, and is at version as of August 2012.

    Visit for patches and support.

    Ever play Starcraft or any other RTS and wish you could pilot/drive the vehicles as well as build bases while collecting resources? Well, with Battlezon/Battlezone II, you can.

    How would you fare driving a hovertank while fighting off other players - with many different weapon types - in hovercraft, treaded tanks or walkers - yes, walkers - while protecting your resource gathering efforts and building, commanding, expanding, protecting, and upgrading your base?

    Not well, I think. This game is for the serious gamer and not for the faint of heart or casual player at all.

    And then there's the mods, with more races with more weapons and capabilities and more campaigns.

    If you want a unique and challenging gaming experience, complete modability, and support from the original programmers who continue to upgrade it (DX9, Lua, bug fixes, etc.) this is the game for you.

    Game modes:

    Strategy (human vs. human teams)

    MPI (human team versus AI team)

    Deathmatch (human vs human, human vs AI, teams or no teams)

    King of The Hill

    Capture The Flag


    Strategy Capture The Flag (CTF with bases)

    Free For All (2..4 human bases)

    Instant Action (Single human base vs. AI base)

    Singleplayer Campaign

    BTW, it sounds like the so-called "critics" here are biased in the "Summary" - especially without having written any reviews themselves....
  5. Aug 14, 2011
    A good and intensly fun take of the RTS genre with many patches and room for improvment. The game has an intresting plot and the game makes it though without being terrible with the main flaws being the Instant action difficulty annoying.

    Online is a fun experiance and lets you choose who you want to have cmd and the game has some fun elements and Strange graphics similar to halo but with better Framerates.
    Best FPS mix ever and probably one of the most important games because it was the first to have been a mediocre game made better.