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  • Summary: Beast Boxing Turbo features a totally unique fighting system that focuses on the zen of attack and defense, with deceptively simple, challenging gameplay, like the way boxing games used to be. Laptops, keyboard & mouse, and gamepads are all supported!
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  1. Jun 3, 2014
    It is not bad game for what it is, I had some fun with it, not really super hard game though,, so if you are great gamer don't expect overwhelming challenge even in new game+, personally found it just a tad too easy but not by much. Anyway, it is kinda Boxing game where you fight against better and better opponents and gain experience from matches to improve your stats. Boxing itself worked pretty well and when you gained more experience and got more points it actually made some difference to your boxing. It is really extremely short game though but price is also cheap so kinda fair? no? Expand
  2. Feb 15, 2013
    Given that its currently 2 pounds on Desura, this is pretty good. Its a well presented boxing game in the style of Punch-out (or Frank Bruno's Boxing!) but involves you taking on a series of monsters. The gameplay is slick and you feel like the punches you give and take have some weight. In between fights you can level up various attributes to enhance your preferred style of fighting. It does all get a bit repetitive and I read some reviews that said they felt it was too easy, but I guess I suck, because I didn't find that. I can't see myself playing this for a massive amount of time, but its good in short bursts, and given the price its excellent value. Definitely worth buying. Expand