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  1. Jul 19, 2011
    This is just one of those games where you can tell games journalists, the so called "professionals" are full of it, likely full of the money they're stuffed with to write their reviews, something that indie developers can't do. Look at those reviews, just look at them, now compare those with reviews from the same sources of puzzle games with AAA puzzle games that are markedly worse. - This is a fantastic little game, it has character, and it has charm, the developers clearly cared about what they were creating and the puzzles are a lot of fun. What we need to realise is that we don't need a commercially branded character to enjoy a game or find a cute little game hero charismatic. It's just kind of sad that this game is getting 70%s instead of 90%s because the character is an unknown rather than, say, Mario or Pokemon. What a sad state of affairs. Expand
  2. May 23, 2011
    Just bought this game off Steam and decided to write a quick review for it.

    This game involves controlling a robot with the keyboard and mouse in a 2D world. The world contains physics which allow you to move many objects around the environment with a grabbling gun that the robot has.

    The robot also has a gun that can shoot enemies. This gun features auto-lock so once you are in
    range and hover over an enemy it will lock on and you can jump around without having to reaim. The autolock works through ledges but you can't shoot or be shot through the ledges.

    I found the controls to be spot one. One nice feature is you can move the mouse to the edge of the screen to see ahead which allows you to view enemies that are coming up before they get in range to attack you. I was playing with a laptop touchpad so this feature made the game playable and any time I found myself on a ledge having to aim, the results weren't good. Probably would have much more success if I was just a mouse and was in the same situation.

    The requirements for the game do seem high but as stated by the developer on Steam forums, the physics require some optimisation. While we are talking about the gamer, I read a review of this game that states he left Lucasarts to make this game as an Indie developer and I must agree with that review, this developer has made a good career move. This game deserves to succeed and is more complete than a lot of indie games on Steam. The only flaw I have found is a lack of options to change graphical quality in game or full screen but the game ran fine on my laptop except when I paused when the menu had an odd behavior where the mouse movement became jittery. I would think it is due to how the menu is displayed with the game in background requiring too many resources and this laptop is on the exact minimum requirements to get a good gameplay experience. For your reference, this laptops is a core duo 1.6GHZ with 2GB or ram and Intel integrated graphics.

    Moving from level to level uses a quirky space ship flying which you control to the next level by using the mose and keyboard. This seems a little unrequired but adds to the quirkiness of the game and does make use of the physics for gravity on the levels as you fly around them.

    The developer has also stated that Mac and Linux versions are coming which is good trend among indie games on Steam of Mac and Linux support which considering some of these games are niche is a good thing. I can't say this game is niche though. I would imagine many, even most gamers would enjoy this game particularly if you like games that are a bit different. There is a demo available on Steam to try.

    I gave the game a 9/10 here, one mark deducted for lack of graphical options, other people on Steam forums also state it doesn't support controllers but the controls are very well implemented for Keyboard and Mouse so you probably won't need your gamepad for this game. The developer stated rightly that the game doesn't lend itself to controllers as the mouse movement requires precise movements which don't really lend themselves to controllers so I have not detucted a mark for it but something to keep in mind if you like playing games that way.
  3. gmb
    Nov 26, 2011
    BEEP is very well balanced and just plain fun to play. You know these games where you feel the dedication of the developers? BEEP is just that! Instead of playing clones and remakes of old 2D platformers why not play a modern game that brings new things to the table? Well, i wouldn't say BEEP is very innovative with it's features but it feels polished from the beginning and will surprise you here and there. For some reason, it's easy to fall in love with this game. Expand
  4. Jul 20, 2012
    I first bought BEEP on steam not really sure what to expect (I'd bought about 10 indie games at the time, disappointed by some, impressed by others, so I was fairly unbiased by the time i got to BEEP). When I actually played BEEP, i was surprised that it didn't cost more.The game has so much character and theme about it. Despite "hearing about" problems with performance, I and everyone I know who has it, runs the game fine at a smooth 60FPS. The game is mostly Physics/Puzzle platforming, and it pulls it off excellently. The controls are incredibly responsive so it's very easy to feel like BEEP is an extension of yourself. Unlike other puzzle platformers, BEEP doesn't feel like a sprite sliding along surfaces when you move. BEEP is very well "stuck in" the environment and you always feel totally in control which, considering the genre, is absolutely critically important.

    The Anti-grav gun for picking up objects is one of the core "themes" of the game. A few things that impressed me here is that you can pick up just about anything (rocks, dead bodies) and use them for cover OR throwables. Even the enemies that aren't supposed to be moveable can be moved if you're creative enough, and another is that you can pick up objects grabbing specific points, for example, picking a block up at its center makes it slightly more luggy to move around but picking it up on the corner is slightly more maneuverable(sp?). One part that I've been itching to comment on is the audio. The soundtrack is very catchy, the sound effects fit the theme extremely well and there are other little quirks such as when using the gravity gun, the greater the range away from BEEP, the higher frequency the sound, and it also pans the sound to the sides depending on where the cursor is on screen. Small quirks like this really show that the developer cared about every aspect of the final product. To summarize: Beep is an incredible game, especially for it's price. Good audio, good performance, fun puzzles, good theme, great for all ages, and very nicely packaged into a safe and very (i mean VERY) portable game. I'd recommend it to ANYBODY.
  5. Aug 25, 2013
    This game is perhaps one of the first 2D puzzle/platformer games that really drew me in. the graphics are very pleasing to me, they are simple yet very bright and welcoming. i actually really enjoy the soundtrack especially fungi forest and lava lakes. they game is aesthetically wonderful for me in the way the worlds and soundtrack go together. it also adds different challenges to each new planet, this is perhaps the best part about the gameplay because it doesn't get old. highly recommended. Expand
  6. May 4, 2012
    In BEEP, you are in control of a small robot that is used to explore other planets. It is mostly a platform game with slight action and puzzle elements. There are basically zero options provided to the player as far as graphics are concerned, and the game engine seems to have serious problems with frame drops and performance on a modern computer. The general presentation is basic, upbeat, lighthearted, adorable, and for all ages. The world map is amusing, as you are allowed to navigate through space with your ship and bounce off asteroids or space debris. Each planet looks different than the other, and the levels appear to have been designed well. The controls are implemented adequately, and are quite responsive even in the more dire platforming situations mixed in with some shooting or the tricky anti-gravity device. The robot's wheels also have an excellent grasp on terrain, which makes for some forgiving moments if you are new to the genre. All of this is not without some major problems related to performance. The game runs terribly on a modern computer that more than meets the minimum requirements. The massive frame drops, excessive lag, terrible slowdowns, and extreme choppiness make it unplayable. Others have experienced similar problems, and proof of it can be found in the game's Steam forum. This is actually quite unfortunate, as BEEP seems to be a good game at its core, if it weren't for the performance issues that break it. Perhaps with some developer tweaks and patches, BEEP will live up to its full potential and be enjoyable. Expand
  7. AWG
    Jul 29, 2013
    "BEEP" is a simple but interesting game with some cute graphics and good physics. Nice example of how to create an indie game without being pretentious. Nothing less, nothing more.
  8. Nov 19, 2013
    Un juego muy limitado, solo trata de ir navegando con tu nave por el espacio, muy simple. Jugabilidad: escasa, aburre a los cinco minutos, es siempre lo mismo... Gráficos: no se podía esperar gran cosa... Sonido: nada que destacar...sonido también simple, como todo el juego. Innovación: es verdad que hay pocos juegos de este estilo...(gracias a dios) Conclusión: Un juego muy simple y aburrido que no merece la pena jugarlo. Expand

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  1. Jul 11, 2011
    There's some nice, quirky puzzles here, but ultimately very little else.
  2. May 31, 2011
    Graphically Beep is quite simple, but you know from the start that its physics and gameplay will force you to play level after level. The control system it's not customizable as we would have liked, but aside from that, Beep it's a worthy new asset in the ever growing Steam indie scene.