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  • Summary: A murder has been committed in an old English castle. As Inspector Parker, it is your job to find the culprit. Investigate 12 suspects and a castle full of booby-trapped rooms in this engaging whodunit! Unlimited, unrestricted gameplay. Explore 37 booby-trapped room levels. Play both Adventure and Puzzle modes. Map your progress throughout the castle. Add your name to the high score list. Save your game to continue later. [Oberon Media] Expand
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  1. A good, very well-written, snack-sized adventure for fans of Laura Bow games and Jane Jensen's writing—but only those who can tolerate a heap of casual game elements in their adventures. Don't bother otherwise.
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  1. TommyR.
    Nov 29, 2004
    I was hoping for a more logic oriented puzzle, ala Inspecter Parker, however was subjected to a poorly done Minesweeper clone with what barely amounts to a "story" that you have absolutely no effect on. Not highly recommended. Expand
  2. K.Richardson
    Oct 2, 2009
    I agree with the review by Tommy R. in every detail, except that a 6.0 rating is too kind. I just finished the earlier "Inspector Parker" -- and thought it was the best (cheap) game I'd bought in months. Plan to leave it on my computer and play again.

    This "follow on" could easily have been improved by making it less linear, and by having clues commensurate with level of difficulty and danger. I don't agree with Adventure Gamers -- the good writing in no way makes up for the game play -- I realized immediately that I wasn't going to be interacting with the game plot -- and my level of interest in the writing dropped to zero.