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  1. Sep 26, 2010
    While it was similar to its predecessor Bioshock 2 still came through with a new and interesting experience. While gameplay was more or less the same, the story that they came up with was as interesting as it was engaging. I felt very satisfied with the amount of gameplay (about 8-10 hours), where I was content with the story ending when it did but also at a point where I was not sick of the game and just wanted it to end. I actually feel like playing through the game (taking different actions this time too). Now while the graphics where more like the first Bioshock that didnt bug me. I liked the look of rapture and this gave me more of the same. I didnt feel like I was playing a different game, I in fact liked the idea of being able to play Bioshock then start playing Bioshock 2 right away and feel like Im still in the same decaying city of Rapture. I dont see why a game series always has to up the graphics in each game to the point where there is a significant difference. Now I see it as a good thing if theres a significant difference between games but we see games from other companies (IE valve) where continiuing with the same graphics really give you sense of the environment. Now I also see it as a good idea to update when you change that environment such as with Bioshock Infinite. There was a few story elements that I didnt like but not to the point that it bothered me. But I really liked how you learn more about Rapture and they even tied in the main character from Bioshock. I went in expecting a game similar yet different from Bioshock, and I got that and more. Expand
  2. Jan 30, 2011
    To all the people that can't understand the masterpiece behind this game just can not call your self's true gamers, and would be lie-ing if you did. Now i understand its similar to the original bioshock, but the story line brings you too an entirely different side of the game. The sounds bring you back make you feel like you know the area but at the same time you feel like it has something more to it. I applaud the designer behind the remarkable game and you deserve every dollar you received. keep up the amazing work. Expand
  3. Sep 17, 2010
    One of the greatest games ever made. For me better than Starcraft I, II, better than Warcraft I, II, III, for me this is the game of the decade. Bioshock 1, 2 have got such a plot, such a great story. And the endings are also fantastic. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first started to play it's predecessor. Bioshock is so thrilling so intense so "deep", with faith, moral, everything. The only bad thing with today's games it's their longevity. You can finish the game at Hard in about 7 hours. I hate when a game is short especially when it's about this game. I hoped that such a great game would last longer. But what can you do?? The conclusion is this: Short lasting Perfect Masterpiece of a game. Expand
  4. Sep 24, 2011
    Love. It was everything amazing about the first Bioshock, atmosphere, battle system, ect. So yeah, it was very similar, they basically took the first one and decided to make it far manlier by replacing your wrench with a drill and replacing your tommy gun with a Gatling gun. Not much more has to be said about how satisfied I was with that... I hated that wrench. Anyways although it was similar, it was still a fantastic game that was completely worth the play and is surely in my top favorites. I'm looking forward to Bioshock: Infinite, that should mix it up while still keeping the great things about Bioshock. Expand
  5. Nov 14, 2011
    Similar, but more brutal than the previous game, and continually asking the question of humanity. The story is again, dark, splendid, and often intriguing. The combat system has been slightly changed, but only enhances the experience into a different and better way, although in the last 1/3 of the story you will feel invincible even in hard difficulty thanks to your new role as a Big Daddy. The graphic is slightly enhanced, more detailed. I actually do think this is a very different game from the previous one, again, Game of the Year!! Expand
  6. May 11, 2012
    I really love how they created a big city under the sea. It's like an whole new culture was created in the game. This game has very good voice acting, like the first Bioshock. The plasmids, weapons and hacking are better than the first game. The story is not that good, comparing to the first game, but still very enjoyable. Some people complained that the game is a little too short (And yes, it is in fact shorter than the first game), but I think it is the perfect length a game can have. You can finish the game before you got bored of it. BioShock Infinite is coming, and because of the fun brought to me by BioShock and BioShock 2, I am really looking forward to BioShock Infinite. Expand
  7. Nov 17, 2011
    Bioshock 2 is similar to the original in many respects, but perhaps not as good, admittedly. That said, I don't agree with a lot of the relatively negative reviews of this game, and would argue it is a decent addition to the series. Honestly, I think people just had unrealistically high expectations for this game due to their experiences with the essentially perfect original Bioshock. I would suggest that if you liked the original Bioshock, you should definitely give Bioshock 2 a try - just don't expect it to be as unique and interesting (obviously) as the original was. Just think of it as a very well made FPS/RPG, and don't expect it to be so amazing like the original was, and I don't think you'll be disappointed. Expand
  8. Jul 29, 2011
    It isn't often that a sequel surpasses the original, and BioShock 2 does just that. It carries over the extremely high production values. The sound, the voice acting, the ambience and forboding are all there in spades. The gameplay is just as compelling as before, with added layers and possibilities that broaden your options without saddling them. This was to be expected, as the original recipe was ripe for exploitation. What I didn't expect was a truly immersive, heartwarming story that took my breath away at the end. Maybe being a parent helped with that, but I don't see how anyone with an ounce of compassion could not be moved by what unfolds.

    BioShock 2 is a masterpiece in every sense of the word.

    Maybe its because I played a patched version, but I encountered none of the technical issues many other reviewers alluded to. I ran the game at 1050x1680 widescreen with no trouble. Loading times were under 10 seconds, often just a couple of seconds. How people can say Bio 2 looks worse that Bio 1 is beyond me, it may not be better, but it most certainly is not worse. And looking the same as the first game was probably intentional, it is after all the same place is it not? It does take place ten years later, which is why Rapture now appears to be falling apart, so in that way it is different. It is also a measure of just how well thought out the game, as a sequel, is and I believe it was executed extemely well. The only real complaint I have is that it can be a hassle to manage all those weapons and plasmids in the midst of combat, and that ammo to be found is a bit too plentiful. Other than that the game absorbed me from the beginning and kept me engrossed for several days. Those of you finishing the game in 8 hours simply are not "experiencing the game", you are merely playing it at a superficial level, probably so you can brag about how fast you completed it and get to writing a cursory review that imparts nothing of substance.

    I really wish people would put more thought into thier reviews, if you say "it's buggy" then tell us how its buggy....if it's "a great game" tell us why its a great game. And this notion of "the game has no innovation" claim is crap. When you think about it honestly...what was the last FPS game that was truly innovative? Remember, you are doing a service by posting a review, make it worthwhile.
  9. Apr 24, 2011
    This is the best sequel I have ever played, because it's everything a great sequel should be. It stays true to the original game, yet enhances every part of it, while doing it in an original way, that makes it feel like it is its own game, not just a quick way to cash in on the first game.

    This is a game that has a message, that makes you think on the way you live your life, and does it
    in a way that supplement and builds on the first game

    It tells an incredible story an every part of the game help telling it, even the great level design. The ending gave me goose bumps, and the best part of it is that it all depends on the choices you make through the game, without sticking the actual choices in your face. It does it in a subtle way, and the result of your choices result in consequences you wont have anticipated.

    It's true that you are a lot more powerful than in the first game, but it just makes the actual gameplay that much more entertaining,because the balance an pace is great. As you get more powerful, the game gives you more challenges that makes using your powers that much more enjoyable and fun. And you do get very powerful.

    One of the greatest moments in the game is when you actually get to experience what a scary and horrible place Rapture really is. It made me drop my jaw on the floor, and this is something you don't want to miss out on.
  10. May 18, 2011
    I am going to compare this to BioShock 1 instead of other games, because both of these games stand leagues above almost every other game released in recent times in terms of storytelling and character. Gameplay-wise, BioShock 2 is great, surpassing BioShock 1. The gameplay is much more refined, and being able to wield a weapon and plasmid at the same time makes the game feel less clunky compared to its predecessor. However, some parts get repetitive, such as protecting the little sisters as they harvest the ADAM from "angels" (you can skip this almost entirely, but will not be able to get as many plasmids or gene tonics). Besides that, expect similar gameplay to BioShock 1. Story-wise, both games are about equal. BioShock 2's story is more emotional and personal, and has better pacing and stronger endings (almost every single person I've talked to, including ones who prefer BS1's story, agree), while BioShock 1's story is more intriguing and mysterious, and has the character of Andrew Ryan, which by itself is a huge plus. Both games have side-stories (and one in particular in BioShock 2 which I found very depressing) that you can uncover through listening to audio diaries. BioShock 1's story collapsed on itself in the last act, whereas BioShock 2's story has a build up of tension to the very end, and the resulting end levels and sequences are some of the most memorable moments I've experienced in a video game. I've spent much more time thinking about BioShock 2 after finishing it than I did with BioShock 1, and very few games remain in the back of my head after finishing them (BS2 is one of them), so I must say it impacted me much more than the first. I made a thread on the official forums discussing the story of the two games that has gotten many well-thought and detailed responses (includes spoilers, however): The atmosphere of the second game will not be as memorable as that of the first game if you've played both, since you'll likely have seen everything before. There are bugs. The mouse control, like all Unreal Engine games, is not perfect, and needs to be tweaked in the configuration files to feel right. I also had a persistent bug where graphics options (or just the vsync option - I'm not certain) would not save. Also, widescreen FoV is improper in the multiplayer... but hopefully you aren't buying a BioShock game for the multiplayer. I personally enjoyed BioShock 2 much more than the first, and would give it a perfect score if the bugs were ironed out. Expand
  11. May 20, 2011
    this game is **** still cant force myself to play it, feels nothing like original bioshock and you know it. Not buying from this studio ever again. Cant wait for Bioshock Infinite. Go Irrational Games!
  12. Aug 14, 2011
    Technically sound (though Games for Windows Live was a burden to make happy), I didn't experience any glitches or crashes during game-play. Story wise I was a bit leery of a sequel to the impressive work of the original Bioshock. For my thoughts on it, in many ways I enjoyed the story of the second one better. Don't get me wrong, the first one had impressive characters and some unique twists and turns. However the first one always seemed to keep the heart of the story at arm's length, never full investing the player in the plight of the protagonist. At the end it came together nicely. Bioshock 2 kept me going, eagerly devouring levels to complete the next step on the journey. As someone else posted, perhaps it's the difference of theme of what it is to be a parent. Playing as a dad, perhaps I could identify more with Delta and the drive that keeps him going. If you truly enjoyed Rapture from the original Bioshock, you would be remiss to skip playing the second. Take the critical reviews with a grain of sea salt and jump back into the depths with both feet. Expand
  13. Sep 3, 2011
    So good, never a dull moment in this one. Sadly, one bummer was that I blew up the "F" on my keyboard from collecting SO many items but w/e I needed a new one anywise. Blew out every 2011 game that I have played this year. Thanks 2K for giving us a very enjoyable sequel.
  14. Jun 15, 2011
    First off, I'm giving this game a 10 because it is a single player game that not only pulls it off wonderfully, but manages to throw in a decent multiplayer component at the same time. Multiplayer could seriously use some dedicated servers though, I've played games where 1 person would literally be almost impossible to hit because their connection was so bad that they warped when they tried to strafe around me. But overall it's fun and rewarding to play multiplayer. Single player, there really isn't much to say, it's just fantastic, a lot of people who were fans of Bioshock 1 may not like this one, simply because there's not really a whole lot that is new, you've been to Rapture before, you've seen the citizens before, you know about all the denizens of rapture already, why this new single player is so good is because of the story. A lot of people criticize bioshock 2's story as being worse than the first, I respectfully disagree, I think this one is so much better. Back when I was following the bioshock 2 forums I remember someone trying to argue about the characters and moral decisions to be more intense in bioshock 1, I really did not think this was true, BIOSHOCK 1 SPOILER AHEAD when Sander Cohen appeared in person in the first game, I always killed him, why? It wasn't because I thought he was crazy, it wasn't because I had extra ammo and just didn't care, it was because I thought I had to. He looked like a splicer, he sounded insane and I simply assumed I couldn't progress unless I killed him, to me it was just another kill in the walk through rapture, SPOILER END. Bioshock 2 keeps me emotionally invested in the characters, so the moral choices are actually there, and I don't instantly kill someone because I thought I had to, there's no confusion. Bioshock 2 may have had a shaky launch (lots of crashing/graphics issues) but it's a solid game, it doesn't FEEL like a terrible console port, best of all, and it is for someone who wants more of Rapture, not just some new gimmick. It's another story in the Rapture world, not necessarily a sequel. Just a great game. Expand
  15. Jul 2, 2011
    Super game, even though it took me two weeks to get it to run. Finally, I got it to work when running as an Administrator. Bioshock 2 has great graphic as does Bioshock 1, and the story line is equally compelling. I would recommend this game to anyone.
  16. Jan 13, 2012
    As always - Bioshock kick arse! Perhaps not as pleasant as the original (but common - let's face it - it was awesome because it was so new, and unique) the second part still is a fun shooter-walker! :) enjoyed it a lot. Can't wait to play Dead Space 2!
  17. Mar 16, 2012
    In my opinion, the GOTY 2010! The ending was the best I've ever seen in my life, and everything has been improved in the sequel, only bad in multiplayer with some problems.
  18. Sep 19, 2011
    Great game. I dont why people are bashng it for being like Bioshock 1. I mean hellooo...thats why its called Bioshock 2. you want a different game, buy a different game. i got what i wanted. and i had a blast. the only quirk was the too much time spent collecting stuff...and the PC version was tougher since you didnt get that pause&select weapon/plasmid menu that you get on the console version. it was all real time switching during fights and man that was Fun. Great game. great fun. period. Waiting for Bioshock Infinity. Expand
  19. Oct 11, 2011
    While the game IS lacking something that Bioshock 1 had (probably that feeling when you discover an excellent new fictional world) it's still visually stunning, thematically wonderful, tremendously presented and has extremely high production values. The ideals it presents and journey you take are unmatched in any game this generation, except the original Bioshock.

    DO NOT play this without
    playing Bioshock 1 first, but please do pick it up. Expand
  20. Oct 12, 2011
    Although the story didn't quite live up to Bioshock 1, it was made up for be the amazing graphics. I also loved how you could wield both a weapon and a plasmid at once. It made the whole combat system a bit more interesting as you could fire away with your rivet gun at the same time you scorched and shocked your enemies.
  21. Jan 17, 2012
    Excellent game, the story is its strongest point. With touches of role on the management of items / powers / enhancements, this first-person game one of the most engaging, although it is recommended to play the first one to understand and enjoy 2. The game very well optimized, has excellent graphics and an incredible atmosphere, addictive gameplay and duration of the campaign is quite long (about 20 hours and a bit more). The changes between the previous (That was one of the best games of 2007) are not very noticeable, and this does not mean it is bad, and that remains the highlight of the first delivery. The only criticism is the multiplayer, not because it is bad (although I miss a bit to at least be "addictive"), but that all servers are empty. But the singleplayer and is a gem, so it should not be a problem this. Expand
  22. Mar 10, 2012
    Being the Encore to one of my favorite games of 2007 I had high expectations for this game, this is inevitably the downfall of ND 3RD Et Cetera of games. This expectation of a better game than the first brings down many games or at least for me it does. But Bio shock 2 managed to pull it off. The story telling was much more in depth and holes where few and far between almost unnoticeable in some areas. It excels in this area that Bio shock struggled to get around. But the gameplay is not as good, the first game put story aside to bring you into this mysterious and powerful place where pretty much everything can kill you with ease if you don't use tactics. This changed in the second one where practically the only thing more powerful than you and you might struggle with is the big sister but any any gamer with OK hand eye co-ordination will not struggle at all. The plasmids are brought to mind whilst playing Bio shock being just one of the many defining features, in the first they had this method of one at a time where you would have to change from plasmid to weapon, this brought a new level of tactics to the game as you must think before you act, Bio shock 2 turned this feature into a button mash as you through as much at your enemy as possible with the knowledge that they will die.The weapons themselves however have been smartly updated and changed to fit a big lumbering monster. This brings me to the final point I wish to make the little sisters, they turned the most annoying part of Bio shock 1 into a common place event. But now for the rating 9/10 because even through all its flaws I still play it over and over because of it amazing scenery, epic story line and gameplay that just makes you feel like your the boss and everyone else has to work up to your level. Would i recommend it definitely. Should you think of going for infinite yes and if you have not played Bio shock 1 yet I think you should give it a go, but don't go in expecting to rampage through everything like your a tank it doesn't work on the original. Expand
  23. Feb 18, 2013
    There is no other game that I felt compassion and protective love against a character eventhough I am not a father myself. I'm not gonna talk about the gameplay its obvious and its not the winning side of this game. Its the FEEELINGS that this game made me taste that is worthwhile. (Maybe the walking dead came close to the same feelings)
  24. Jan 26, 2014
    There are very few differences between Bioshock 1 & 2. They both share the same graphics engine. However, PC gamers cannot properly enjoy the new particle effects featured by the DirectX10 support without encountering major stability issues. Therefore, the graphical improvements made from Bioshock 1 are rather incremental. Both games both share the same audio problems and issues with the mouse sensitivity and controls. However, as long as you know what files to open and which values to change, the crazy mouse sensitivity and skipping sound should plague you no more than it did in Bioshock 1. This sequel did not take the franchise in a new direction the way Mass Effect 2 or System Shock 2 did. However, much like God of War 2, Bioshock 2 had a nearly perfect prequel. As a result, they took an already winning recipe of extraordinary level design and phenomenal combat, and cleverly refined and modified this formula into another incredible experience in Rapture. Bioshock 2 delivers a less memorable experience, but certainly not an all-around worse experience. This sequel takes place 10 years after the events of Bioshock 1 and places the player in the glorified fish tank of Rapture. Evolution has taken its toll on this underwater utopia, and has become a darker and creeper place with incredibly impressive aesthetics. Bioshock 2 handles moral choice and its consequences incredibly better than the first game. It focuses more on personal confrontations and less on the philosophy behind Rapture. The ending is much more meaningful and emotionally overwhelming as the repercussions of your choices unfold into an incredibly satisfying conclusion. The secondary goals of finding and defending Adam stuffed corpses offers incredibly rewarding challenges. In addition, Bioshock 2 features new and overwhelmingly powerful enemies that keep the gameplay fresh. Exploring the underwater skyscrapers in Rapture has never been this much fun. Expand
  25. Oct 29, 2014
    Outstanding game. Great story. Great script. Great voice acting. Great graphics. Great replay value. I mean we all have different tastes but this is a Great first person shooter with RPG elements that I highly recommend.
  26. Nov 13, 2012
    Bioshock 2 is a worth successor to Bioshock 1. It improves upon a number of the issues with Bioshock 1 (e.g. you can use weapons and plasmids, you can use more tonics, and they changed the hacking game). The story line is not as strong for this game, but it is still the driver in this game. I can't say anything bad about the game, except that it is not as groundbreaking as its predecessor. Highly recommended. Expand
  27. Mar 30, 2013
    Bioshsock 2 is the sequel to its first game. However story is not connected, you take the role this time as a citizen of rapture A big daddy, 10 years after the happenings in the first game. Once you entered the game you know what to expect from being a big daddy. Story is good but its not as engaging as the first one was but still its quiet interesting This time you can protect little sisters as your a big daddy. The guns are different and you have a wide variety if choices among the weapons. Plasmids are still the main feature of the game and they work as awesome as they did in Bioshosck one. Story still takes place in the Rapture but you will be going to new places that we did not visit in Boshsock one. SOme of this places have familiar sens due to the nature of Rapture but it never feels the same. Every area as a large amount of loot and places to discover. New enemies have been added to game such as the big sisters and new splicers. General the gameplay follows the same mechanism as the first game along with some new features. Eventhough the new features may not that be much but having a new and sequel to what we had in Bioshsock one is still amazing, The gameplay is still awesome. Graphics are much better than the first game, textures are not much more detailed thanks to new techs. The environments are sometimes bigger but still they have much as nice details in themselves. Finally you dont wnat to miss this game Expand
  28. Nov 14, 2012
    The game might have been pretty much "recycled" from the first release, Bioshock 1, but a formula that works perfectly shouldn't be altered too much. All our favourite plasmids are still there, like electro shock, incinerate and so on, but with vast upgrades, as well as completely new and fun plasmids, like the cyclon trap. The game's approach to fast paced shooting sequences is still there, with your character packing some serious heat, but also being extremely vulnerable to shotgun shell right in the face, which makes you feel like a glass cannon; in my opinion the perfect feel.
    What I liked the most, though, is the freedom given to you in this game. Within boundaries, of course. You are entitled to different approaches to problems. You can set up traps, sneak around dealing devastating sneak attacks or just come bargin in, kicking down the door wielding plasmids in one hand and a rocket launcher in your other hand and mashing in faces with drill attacks. Playing this game really took me back; I really felt like a kid unwrapping his first pc game and being totally immersed playing it.
    The story is also pretty grand, with consequence system resulting in a superb twist and with an ending that really nails the spot and makes you smile :) Not gonna spoil anything, so go try the game out ;)
    Although the game play and immersion might seem flawless, there are matters that deserve some criticism. The rpg elements are superb in this game, giving people the freedom of altering the character just the way they like it, but after some upgrades your character feels quite overpowered for the content. The only thing that saves it is the fact that you still take loads of damage from enemies, creating fast paced action with little time to react, with emphasis on the proactive game play. Early releases of the game also included some nasty bugs, but as of today, these seem to be ironed out and the game should run flawlessly.
    A big thumbs up from me; just finished the game and I want more!
  29. Dec 20, 2013
    When I first bought bioshock 2 I was very disappointed with the lack of controller support, but they recently added it! The game is much more enjoyable now
  30. Jun 19, 2013
    Rapture, the second time around, loses a little bit of the awe factor since the environments look familiar already instead of something new and yet-to-be-explored. The story is kinda iffy, in my opinion, but there are a good amount of new things to use and to do. I do really love the combat gameplay since I find it fun to play and it is much improved over the first game. I still found it rather enjoyable and the relationship between the character (Delta) and Eleanor was actually well done in my opinion, so while it isn't as excellent as the first game it is still a good one. Expand
  31. Feb 10, 2013
    BIoshock 2 is amazing. It has a smarter story than the first one, with some real amazing moments and a better ending. All that and the game has a much slicker interface. You can wield the better plasma options alongside your weapons against the more imaginative enemies. The bosses are more interesting (well, Sander Cohen withstanding). Big Sister beats Big Daddy any day. The upgrade system is also more enjoyable and deeper. I loved the first game. But I saw the twists coming. I think it's because I played System Shock 2. Bioshock was excellent. Bioshock 2 is a masterpiece. Expand
  32. Apr 28, 2013
    this game is a masterpiece. everything about this game is great. the combat is unique and fun. the dual wielding of powers and weapons really make it good. the story is fantastic as well, its one of the best videogame stories ever!!!! the game also has much more player choice which affects the ending.
    rapture is still super awesome and provides one of the greatest videogame locations
    i dont have any complaints about the game. this game is just perfect!!!!!!!!!!! this is a must buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    bioshock 2 is one of the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  33. May 9, 2013
    another great shooter and more of bioshock which was an amazing game the story is good but not as great as the previous one but the gameplay is much better and you get to play as a big daddy how great is that simply a great successor to the first game
  34. Nov 17, 2013
    The continuation of one my favourite games. It lacks a lot from the original game, but it also a great game, especially for Bioshock fans. It expands the world of Rapture and now some of the unanswered questions are cleared, and the ending is perfect again.
  35. Mar 30, 2014
    BioShock 2 spoiler-free review.
    BioShock 2 is a sequel that proudly carries the name, with enough tweaks and changes to make it worthwhile.
    Let's start with the world. It's more of the same from the original but with upgraded graphics and effects, making it a lot more enjoyable. In BioShock 2 you controll a Big Daddy, and it's gratifying. That's the problem as well. While in the first
    BioShock you were killed with ease, here, the enemy A.I offers from little, to no challenge. They introduced Big Sisters, which come after you harvest or save the 3 little sisters in an area (and you will, because Big Daddies are not a challenge anymore). They are the toughest enemies in the game, but I think they must have killed once or twice throughout the whole game. The sound and music are just as good, delivering an overall better experience (mostly the music, it's brilliant). The hacking element is much better, and I never got tired of it. Harvesting or saving Little Sisters do the same in BioShock 2 than in BioShock 1, they change a few plot points, but not much else. The difference with Little sisters is that each Little Sister can take ADAM from especific bodies before harvesting or saving them. This addition is genius, as it consists in keeping the Little Sister safe while she takes the ADAM. This requires planning and strategy which is a really nice change for the game. The story. Now, many won't agree, but I considered it better and also much more relatable story than the previous. It was more focused and more engaging, and I enjoyed every bit. There's also the mutiplayer, which is fun, but I don't really see myself playing it long-term.
    After all, BioShock 2 keep itself fresh and innovative enough to make a more enjoyable and focused game than the first.
    Average Score: 9.1
  36. Mar 23, 2014
    Amazing sequel and the best atmosphere of all time!
    - Excellent Atmosphere
    - Excellent Story
    - Excellent Gun Play
    - Excellent Voice Acting
    - Too Short
  37. Jun 22, 2013
    What I have been reading on Metacritics disgraces me, this game deserves a lot higher score, not just from the critics but from the users as well. Critics say the game doesn't have the mystery and thrill of design that the original had and people say that it lacks its unique appeal. These people should be banned from metacritic! Sure the design isn't unique but I think it's better, and who wouldn't want to come back to good old Rapture. By the way, the ending is great with multiple endings suiting the players who want to play the way they want to. Rapture looks beautiful, level design is interesting and it has the best bad guy I have ever seen. So don't put this game down, it deserves a 10 out of 10, be smart enough to realise that with no denying it. The beginning is great and the length is great. Do me a favour and score this game 10 out of 10, do it for justice and the lord. Expand
  38. Edd
    May 15, 2013
    I really love this game,Best textures,graphics,sound effects,storyline,characters and all of IT TOO FANTASTIC I mean Come on THIS GAME IS SWEET SUBJECT DELTA WILL BE THE BEST
  39. May 30, 2013
    I give the first bioshock a 10/10, but i would give this a 9/10.
    It feels like a little boring though, but i still like it.
    The game isn't that bad, if the first Bioshock never existed. XP
  40. sft
    Jul 4, 2014
    Big Sister knows best

    Bioshock was a wonderful game (5/5) and BIOSHOCK 2 is no less an achievement. 2K have taken all the elements that made the original so great and have tweaked them in all the right ways to make the second game even better than the first. The inventive story behind Rapture is further developed and the weapons, combat, hacking, and upgrade progression have all been
    improved. The various classes of hysterical splicers still wander around chattering hilariously to themselves and several new enemies have been introduced to add range to the combat. The plasmids and weapons have been improved and you can now wield both at the same time (although you can’t use them simultaneously -- that would make things too easy). The voice acting remains excellent as does the writing, and the story of Rapture is wrapped up nicely in an unusually poignant ending. A true AAA game -- highly recommended. Expand
  41. Jul 13, 2013
    The good: Not going to lie.... Best game I've ever played. When playing the first Bioshock, I felt the controls were very "clunky". It was just annoying to switch between weapons. Bioshock 2 added dual wield. The plasmids were fun and all. But my favorite part by far was the weapons! The drill was amazing. The characters were amazing, and seeing through the eyes of a little sister added to my total infatuation with Rapture. The thing that made this game that almost made me cry was how sweet the little sisters are. The say the cutest and sweetest things to you. The graphics are amazing too. My FAVORITE thing about this game is that there are different endings. That's my favorite thing ever in any videogame. And apparently there are 6! This may be why I didn't like Infinite as much. The bad: The problems I have with this game are things that take out immersion. Drill fuel. The drill fuel was annoying because apparently you're the only Big Daddy that needs drill fuel. The rest can drill away while in the beginning you can only hold a drill spin for 5 seconds. While the Little Sisters were adorable and all, there was just something that really bothered me. After you kill her Big Daddy, she starts crying. But if you walk close to her she acts like nothing happened and smiles at you. When you step away she immediately starts crying again. It's not too important but it still took me out of the game a bit. All in all this game was amazing. Even with the few things wrong with it I still had the most fun I've ever had in a videogame. Even Infinite wasn't as good as this. Expand
  42. May 31, 2014
    How good is this game? Well, even with 745 positive reviews, I still feel like it deserves more praise! I personally like BioShock 2 more than its predecessor. It's longer, with less jump scares and a more elaborate story than #1. This allows you to really soak in Rapture's atmosphere, get to know characters more intimately and being a Big Daddy gives you more freedom to explore rapture at a slower pace.

    Gameplay has improved since the last game, too. Not only does it allow for plasmids and guns to be used simultaneously, but the developer has also added means to play a more tactical game with traps and devices, thus adding more variety to how one approaches a situation.

    Dialogues and monologues are solid, levels present more variety and are designed to be more open instead of only having small rooms connected by tight passages. Sound effects are also top notch, leaving nothing to be desired.

    Overall, after playing a ton of games over the past 20+ years including all games of the BioShock series and DLCs, BioShock 2 still remains my favorite game of all time and I would very much recommend it to any fan of fiction and FPS.
  43. Sep 6, 2013
  44. Jun 11, 2014
    This game is quite solid but is not as good as the first one. This is the one to skip in the series. However, it stands as a beautiful game which can be quite enjoyable if you are a fan of the series.
  45. Dec 30, 2013
    The biggest con of this game is the save system. The game doesn't auto save on certain events, just the level beginnings and you know what it is very frustrating. The game sometimes crashes and you have to start at your latest save. You can manually save the game but I don't want to save game every 5 minutes.
  46. Dec 9, 2013
    Ah, yes, a return to Rapture is just what I needed before taking to the skies in Bioshock Infinite, and what an emotionally charged return to Rapture it is. Bioshock 2 took every gameplay and story element from it's predecessor, and improved them greatly. The new hack mechanic, the new dual plasmid and weapon combat, all combined with feeling like an unstoppable force in the suit of a big daddy make this an engrossing gameplay experience.The interactions with some of the characters, specifically the decisions whether or not to kill them, is engaging because you are instantly rewarded or penalized based on your decision. The father-daughter bond between you and Eleanor is one of the most important parts of the game; she is seriously a driving force, and is center-stage in a beautiful, unforgettable ending. Expand
  47. May 29, 2014
    Awesome game but delta is just the worst and weakest big daddy ever but I do like him it's that his armor is like a pillow and I have played hundreds of shooters and I was good at it but when I got out of mission 2 that's when it all went to hell my ass was being kicked by the splicers and I meant the weakest they are how can a pipe attack take a quarter of my health it's a good game but be ready to visit the chamber or what ever it's called a lot. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 36
  2. Negative: 0 out of 36
  1. Similar and slightly improved mechanics make this a worthy sequel, despite a sadly less-memorable story. [Mar 2010, p.70]
  2. A conservative return to Rapture, but full of quality.
  3. If 2K had managed to tell a story that equalled or bettered that found in the original, we'd have been left with an unquestionably better experience, rather than just a more exciting, smarter shooter.