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  1. Mar 27, 2013
    Though it touches on topics revolving around racism, religion, rebellion and revenge, these themes take a backseat to BioShock Infinite's primary topic: Love. Whether it be a society in love with its own patented brand of American Exceptionalism, a leader in love with his own self-appointed immortal image, or a pair of people that come together to care for one another, BioShock Infinite is a love story.

    And it's super duper incredipuley impossible story to fall in love with.
  2. Mar 30, 2013
    This game is liberal propaganda with overrated graphics. If you believe the moral strutcture of our society needs a serious overhaul and need to be informed of such with subpar graphics and linear gameplay, then this is the game for you!
  3. Mar 31, 2013
    Over hyped, linear storyline, poor mechanics, choices are mere aesthetics, False advertisement, producers and developers clearly had no idea what they were doing, seems like they spent most of their money getting two people to write song about the damn game then clearly adding to the single player experience then taking away from it. example of why disappointed Expand
  4. Apr 6, 2013
    Great game, good graphics good game play good story... All crippled by an out of date checkpoint save system. If you play this game MAKE SURE you can beat it in a few long sessions because if you want to play it in small increments, you WILL lose a lot of progress, sometimes half an hour or more, because the game designers think an inadequate checkpoint system is as good as letting you manually save.

    Hell I would have been fine with an actual checkpoint system that works, how about every 5 minutes I get a checkpoint, instead of bouncing me back to half an hour ago?
  5. Apr 9, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am astounded by the many positive reviews. Aside from the graphics, this game is lame in every conceivable way. The "story" barely deserves that label. It's just a bunch of very tired time-travel and alternate-reality cliches piled on top of one another, with no semblance of character development or plot. The ending is senseless and depressing. And entirely bereft of logic. Why did DeWitt do what he did? Who were the two people following him around? What was the big bird?? And most important, if everything was predestined, why the should I care?? ASIDE from all that, the gameplay is really weak. The weapons lack precision, the kills are unsatisfying, the combat is poorly paced. And there are WAY too many on-rails segments. (Literally on-rails, not just metaphorically.) This 'game' is a barely-interactive embarrassment. I played it through to the bitter end so you don't have to. Trust me, it's not worth it. Expand
  6. Jun 19, 2013
    While I overall enjoyed my experience playing Bioshock Infinite, it is highly overrated by critics and as such has blinded the gaming community. The graphics have been praised for their great and fresh look, but in fact the graphics are quite mediocre. Elizabeth's backstory and personality could have been fleshed out a bit more as well. One thing I can absolutely say is that A.I. is great in this game and the atmosphere (setting) is great in this latest installment, maybe surpassing the originals. Bioshock Infinite is a good game, but is not perfect. Not great, even. It is highly overrated. Expand
  7. Mar 26, 2013
    This game is a masterpiece. You have to love a game that is built not to please everyone, or to appeal to the biggest demographic of the lowest common denominator. Bioware Infinite is about a development team trying to realise their creative vision. This is a very fun shooter, but by no means is it the kind of shooter that is going to inspire thousands of hours of shooting.
  8. Mar 26, 2013
    I think, after playing this game on Ultra settings, I can die happy now. I may update this after I beat it. Currently 4 hours in and I am amazed at the vibrant, creative, magical world, tight game-play mechanics, and story. Wouldn't be the least bit surprised if this snags GOTYE 2013. Possible contender #2: Watch_Dogs
  9. Mar 27, 2013
    An absolutely beautiful game.
    The graphics are stunning, and the overall mood of the game is fantastic.
    Also the music changes dynamicly if your in battle, and it makes the battles very intense.
    The levels are full of secrets, locked doors and collectibles.
    The world is very beautiful. I often find myself just exploring the world outside of where I'm supposed to go, because it's so
    beautiful. It also helps that I always find secrets when exploring.
    Fantastic game!
  10. Mar 30, 2013
    I very rarely give anything a perfect score, especially to a game that's incredibly hyped. BioShock Infinite, however, deserves the hype machine artillery burst that preceded it, and all the praise it's garnering. It's not the best game I've ever played, but it's AMONG the best, and it's incredibly original and well-written. Technically, I'm stunned by how well it runs on a modest machine, and also how glorious it looks given that it's running on an aging engine. tl;dr Wow, just wow. Expand
  11. Apr 1, 2013
    This game has an absolutely amazing world to explore as well as a very intriguing story, but lets not pretend it is perfect. Do not get me wrong, this game is a worthy buy and a great game, but there are several serious flaws that kept this game from being legendary; Where the graphics can truly be amazing at times, occasionally some textures or models will look like they had been further outdated than the original Bioshock (which was still rather good;) Some scripted events involving NPCs encountered while exploring are downright horrible; Small holes in the story that never get answered take away from what could have been a flawless performance; Excessive overuse of Bloom effects even for a city in the sky; The removal of any save feature outside of checkpoints that was present in the previous games that is just really annoying; and worst of all, a completely useless and unrewarding character progression. Again, this game is amazing and absolutely worth playing. However, it could have been a 10/10 legendary game if it could have addressed several issues that seemed a lot more like lack of polish or development time than anything else. Expand
  12. Mar 26, 2013
    While this game does have big shoes to fill, I honestly think it fills them perfectly well. The graphics are absolutely amazing, the story is beautifully acted, and the plot is extremely intriguing. If you liked Bioshock 1 and/or 2 I extremely recommend buying this game!
  13. Mar 26, 2013
    Absolutely unebelievable. The graphics/pacing/story/voice acting... its like you're in your own little world. I've never felt such wonder and awe before when it comes to a video game. And like several of the reviews said.. .there is no way a movie could have given you this feeling.
  14. Apr 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game is amazing and a pure breath of fresh air. It's still the same Bioshock we know and love but with a new fresh feeling. The graphics and characters are amazing! This is how a game with a NPC helper should feel like. Remember how games in which you had to save someone you had to keep them out of trouble? Elizabeth is nothing like those NPCs, she is actually quite helpful and you don't have to worry about her getting killed. During combat she gives you ammo, salts (similar to EVE or MANA) and is generally as a character quite interesting. You feel like she's a real life character. She reacts to what you're doing and to your choices. Sadly the choices is where this game falls a bit short. In the previous installations you could choose to be bad or good and that had consequences in the ending but not here. The game offers you a few choices but none of them actually have any meaning. There is only one ending and it's a pretty good one. The game is simply amazing and I feel this is how most story driven games should be like. Elizabeth and Booker are one of the most memorable group of characters I've ever met in a game! A definite must-own! Expand
  15. Sep 17, 2013
    [comment no longer applicable, removed by the author] [comment no longer applicable, removed by the author] [comment no longer applicable, removed by the author]
  16. Mar 27, 2013
    This is a wonderful game. I won't say it's on the same level as the original Bioshock was, as that was one of the greatest games of all time. But, this will easily be the game of the year for alot of people and I have a difficult time seeing something else even coming close to its level. There are so many things this game does right and so very few things it does wrong. The gameplay is wonderful. The skyline attacks can feel a bit tacked on but once you get the hang of it, then there should be no problems at all going forward. The atmosphere of the game is unlike anything seen since the original Bioshock. The first time you enter Columbia really sets the stage for later on in the game. The characters are great and Elizabeth has some of the best A.I. for a companion character ever seen in video games. The story is superb. Very little I can say without spoiling something here but it's beyond wonderful. If there's anything wrong with this game it's that the story kinda drags on toward the beginning of the game. In between getting to the city and finding the girl, there's alot of nothing going on here. It's only for a very short time but it does kinda stink. Plus, the powers in this game are not as good as the first games, IMO. I'm sure other people like them, but I found myself using one or two exclusively after I collected them all. However, neither of those things are enough for me to lower this score from a 10. I loved this game and I personally think it's of the best games to come out in a long time. I do not think it's as good as the original Bioshock, for alot of reasons, but this is a game everyone should play. I'd recommend playing the first Bioshock before this to kinda understand the gameplay elements but it's not a super big concern in the long run. Buy this game and beat it as fast as you can, but take the time to stop and enjoy the sights on your way through. You won't regret it. Expand
  17. Mar 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I should probably start out by saying that I am not a fan of the first two Bioshock games, I'm don't dislike them but I wouldn't consider myself a fan, however I decided to buy Bioshock Infinite on a whim, and am so glad that I did. The game is absolutely beautiful, yes it may lack the graphical power of games such as Crysis 3 but the world of Columbia looks absolutely amazing from an artistic point of view, the gameplay is solid but so far seems slightly too easy on medium difficulty I will be trying out 1999 mode on my 2nd playthrough.)

    The story in the game is one of the best I've seen in a while and I've barley scratched the surface of it, so far despite not much happening I am completely captivated by it. I also found the relationship between Booker and Elizabeth to be believable thanks to the amazing voice acting supplied by Troy Baker and Courtnee Draper.

    Speaking of Elizabeth, never before have I cared for a gaming character, but thanks to the amazing talent behind her (AI, Motion Capture, Voice, Model, Script etc...) I think I might actually care for the character. I don't know why but when I (Potential Spoilers) first killed a group of men in front of her and I saw that she was scared of me because of that I kind of felt bad because she'd gone from being really happy and ecstatic to scared and cold. (Spoilers End)

    I could keep writing about this game for a while, but I kind of want to get back to playing it, if you are unsure on whether to buy this game or not, I strongly recommend buying this full price, it's utterly amazing and almost (In my eyes at least) faultless.

    It's good to see that this console generation is ending on a high note with games such as this and Tomb Raider and hopefully more to come.
  18. Apr 2, 2013
    Game is so bland and simple I got bored watching my gf play it for a few hours.

    THeres absolutely nothing exciting in it. Story is immersion is meh, those flying platforms are just shortcuts for level design.

    This title fails as a shooter and fails as a game
  19. May 15, 2013
    A VERY mediocre and average game probably the most over-hyped game of recent times.

    If I see a review on an established gaming site and see a game given a rating of 9.0/10, I'd would expect a game which would capture me from start to end, with plenty of new ideas, amazing graphics and story, a game you simply cannot put down until you played it to the end.

    Bioshock Infinite is a
    very average "run off the mill" shooter where you do what gamers do and did already for decades in first person shooters and there is nothing remotely innovative or new. The combat very quickly becomes extremely boring. The story is "bizarre" while at the same time, just a rehash of other, similar stories in countless FPS. Graphics are overall a joke, someone called it rightfully a "last gen" game. The only thing speaking for it are some "interesting" ways how the engine makes use of lights, but still from a technical perspective the graphics are abysmal, low poly-count characters/objects etc.

    What bugged me most about this game was not only that it was a sub-average shooter with no new ideas, but that the player is forced to play in the same environment (that city) for the entire time. I became quickly tired of the appearance of the city which AT FIRST (right in the beginning!) was full of life, but later on becomes boring with repeated elements, the same mobs, the same weapons etc..etc..

    I only had one "Oh Great!" moment, this was all the way in the beginning of the game where you enter that fair with all the characters and are eager just to stroll around and see the city and interact with the characters. But unlike a great sand-box style game where you would be able to continue to explore, the game then just becomes a mediocre shooter which rally doesn't bring anything notable to the table.

    There is only ONE plus point I want to give the game: As someone else already mentioned, the game has a phenomenal, fantastic sound atmosphere. This worked so great that you can play with headphones and you can literally pin point the location of where a sound comes from, better than what I've seen (I mean: heard) in any other game today. For example: I remember early on in the game I was in a part of town and started to hear muffled, far-away music. I was able to find the source of the music "by ear" just by listening to the sound as only help. This is done exceptionally well.

    As a side-note: This game in particular now will be my final proof never ever again to trust game reviews, including reviews by users here on MC. I see people rating this game a 10 saying "it is truly innovative" (which it is, BY FAR, not) and how the graphics are "fantastic". (They are "ok" for a modern system but far from "fantastic", let alone impressive). I also think its hilarious how so many are making the comparison to HL2, a game which is now 9 (nine!) years old. Ironically, HL2, although almost a decade old, had elements which are much better than this average, extremely overrated little game! Even the graphics of HL2, after about a decade can still stand up against this game, unless you are overly impressed by the better lighting effects of this game. Needless to say, HL2 (and many other games in that genre) did a lot of things better. THIS game is a game which I already forgot since there was nothing (literally) staying in my memory which one would expect from a "9 rated" game.
  20. Mar 27, 2013
    This game is worthy of a perfect review. It has so much attention to detail as well as great gameplay. Easily the best game of the year, possibly the decade.
  21. Mar 26, 2013
    This game might not revolutionize gaming, but still setting a very high standard for other developers. While I do not really llove the setting of Columbia, I have to admit it has an outstanding design. The graphics, the gameplay, the story, the voice acting is great. Recommended.
  22. Mar 26, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is not a game, it is an interactive piece of art that gently tickles your senses before providing a gigantic emotional punch with mind-blowing ending. I fear for other game developers, the bar has never been set so high before.
  23. Mar 26, 2013
    This game is a monument to story-telling in video games. The greatest video game experience you will undertake this year. A must-play-before you die. This game even has the potential to be greater than its predecessor, if not just as good. The ending was the most fantastic ending I have seen in a long time, the gameplay was fun and rewarding, the graphics were top notch and everything else was superb.

    You must buy this game. Right now.
  24. Mar 26, 2013
    Absolutely amazing, there is nothing to complain about in this game. The story is fantastic, the combat is great and fun, and the atmosphere hits all the right notes.
  25. Mar 26, 2013
    Keeps up with the bioshock title really well. It's as good as Bioshock 1. Storytelling, guns, vigors (plasmid subs), characters were awesome. I hope they keep making more of this series.
  26. Mar 26, 2013
    "The greatest adventure of this generation, we have in front of us the new half life, and the new "Alyx Vance" stuning,awesome, a Ken Levine Game Sir!
  27. Mar 26, 2013
    Why are people hating on this game? Bioshock Infinite is amazing, ignore the trolls who just want to put this game down; they have no clue what they are on about. The storyline, the game play, the graphics, and the world of Columbia just make this game unique and memorable than any other game I have played. If you think the original Bioshock was good, then your gonna absolutely love this one. You play the way you want to; use whatever vigors (basically plasmids) you want to use whenever you like, use any weapon (better variety this time over the other bioshocks). Its a fresh start for the bioshock series again and my god have they pulled it off. Going on those skylines makes you feel your actually on a roller coaster and the fact that the devs have put that much effort into the game to make you feel as if you are Booker is absolutely amazing. The amount of effort the art team went to is astonishing as they have put so much detail even in the smallest places. Just like the other two bioshocks before the voice acting is superb, the animations are so fluid and again astonishingly good. The AI i must say are pretty good as they can give you a good challenge since they find ways to get to you even if you are trying to get cover. Combat on the skylines is refreshing and exhilarating, its just so new and fun to just play around with. I could go on and on about how good this game is, but you just need to pick this game up and see what everybody is talking about. This game is truly a masterpiece. Its a sort of experience you rarely ever get in any kind of game, characters like Elizabeth have been made with such care that you connect to them on an emotional level, you just keep learning more and more about Columbia and all the characters and this is what keeps you engaged throughout this epic story. Its much more open, because of this you are able to explore many more areas within the game, and the additional side quests have been cleverly integrated within the game so it inst annoying because of how nothing is forced, you just go along with it. If only this kind of effort was put into every game. This kind of effort is what pleases gamers on any platform. Buy this game, it will be the best investment of 2013. Expand
  28. Mar 26, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite should get Game of the Year! It has been a long time since a game like this has come out for the PC so highly polished. The game is graphically beautiful (no soupy textures), the controls are easily changeable and responsive, the story and atmosphere is totally immersive, it runs perfectly on the computer (no freeing & crashing and has stable frame rates on release day with SLI), there is not an always online or DRM crap, and your savegame is located on your computer. Great job 2K Design Team, you did a fantastic job. Expand
  29. Mar 26, 2013
    This game is hands down the game of the year, it outshines anything i've seen in the past 5 years with not only splendid graphics, but with a intricate story that makes you so engaged in the game you won't want to get off until you are done. And then, once you have finished, you will want to replay it at least one more time. This is, in many ways, a benchmark for games, something people have to strive for, and hope they can achieve, a true masterpiece. Expand
  30. Mar 26, 2013
    This game is simply magnificent. I had very high expectations for this game, and not only were they fulfilled, but I was completely blown away. The story is one of the best of ANY video game ever, which could possibly compete with the first game. The graphics are INSANE. (People giving low ratings, PLEASE don't complain about poor graphics because most likely your not running at ultra) I ran this games at medium and at high at times and still I was overwhelmed. Combat is the most fun I think I've had in any game, the sky rail things are so much fun, and although I would have liked to see more vigorous, they are all really nice abilities to have. I was never short for money, like in the first bioshock, but I wasn't floating in it either, the balance is perfect with this game. The game is a good length, never getting boring of repetitive. ELIZABETH is what makes this game a 10/10 for me, the most sophisticated AI I have EVER seen, along with one of the most interesting and intriguing characters ever seen in a video game. I only have 1 minor compliant. The game has no manual save feature, This not only means that I have to wait for an autosave point (Which are reasonably frequent) when I want to save the game.. It also means that I cant replay levels to see how they would turn out if I picked a different choice. Overall, the game is stunning, emotional, intuitive and revolutionary 10/10 MUST BUY. Expand
  31. Mar 26, 2013
    I've been playing for a good few hours now and must say that I'm although enjoying myself. This is the first game in the Bioshock series that I've played but the game seems to allow for that without issue. Here are some good points I've discovered:

    - Wonderful graphics, running well on my GTX 460 until I get my new graphics card back again with high FPS on 'high' setting
    - Interesting
    characters you can sympathise with
    - Great combat animations
    - Fun skyhooking!


    - None so far!

    This game seems to have generated a lot of positive critic and user reviews, it has however received very few 'mixed' reviews which I take to mean that people either love it, or are placing 'counter reviews' on it because they dislike some aspects of it but want to see it's overall score lowered.
  32. Mar 26, 2013
    Um excelente jogo adoro este maravilhoso jogo. joguei o um e o dois varias vezes, estou muito encioso para começar a jogar o terceiro, pelo que já vi e pesquisei tenho certeza que esta noto 10000
  33. Mar 28, 2013
    The graphic quality of the game is very impressive and really wows you from the beginning. The problems though that I have with this game are numerous. First of all the setting is really not my cup of tea at all with the nazi americans and racism which is uncomfortable to listen to. I do not like the racism, I know its the bad guys saying all that stuff but its a bit much. Next the combat is VERY dumbed down, no hacking, rediculous amount of health and salt everywhere and if you run out Elizabeth just magically gives you more for free, infinite ammunition (I loved the previous games where ammo was sparse and you had to think about what weapon to use and how to proceed). The combat is also painfully easy and I was playing on hard mode. The weapons are not nearly as fun as previous games and the upgrade system is much more basic and limited. If you die you just respawn in the same area and the carry on. The combat was one of my favourite features of bioshock and in this game its heavily nerfed, the game really likes to hold your hand. The game is pretty linear, sure you could explore if you wanted to but there is no real reason to do so. I can see how people would love its but for me personally its overated. Expand
  34. Mar 30, 2013
    This is not what we have been shown for the past 2 years. Irrational tightly controlled images and videos of this game, only releasing 2 supposed "game play" demos over the past 2 years. But, the game that was released is not the game in those demos. I understand that games change during development time, but Irrational continued to accept awards based on these amazing demos, and the back of the box even says "Winner of over 80 awards." Those awards were given based on the 2 "game play" demos, which have absolutely nothing to do with the game that was eventually sold to us. I'm not talking about aesthetic changes or scenery; I'm talking about severe game omissions, which were SHOWN to be in the game. Not hinted, not suggested, SHOWN. Example: In the demo, which was supposedly "game play" Elizabeth is shown creating a storm which Booker interacts with to fry a huge group of enemies. In the actual game, Elizabeth flips you coins and gives you ammo and you tell her to materialize stationary objects. That is a glaring omission, yet Irrational continued to accept the awards and use the awarded status to sell this game to us. Elizabeth was SHOWN to seriously affect your experience, and when the game comes out, she flips you coins. Unbelievable. The game that was released is still a good game, but it's not at all what was SHOWN to us for the past 2 years. This is the biggest bait and switch in gaming history. Expand
  35. Apr 4, 2013
    Very boring and stupid. No comparison with Bioshock and sure SS2. Very weak gameplay, no hacking, no tactics, nothing! Just railshooter. All money was spent to bribe critics.
  36. May 3, 2013
    Like others, I'm confused as to why this game is being glorified as one of the best games ever made. I've run the gauntlet of pc gaming ever since the pre-Windows days and have had the pleasure of enjoying some of the most amazing pc games ever produced in history. With that said, this game is extremely average at best. I'm around 75% of the way through, and I'm struggling through the repetitive boredom to try and finish it.

    Without rambling in to every single thing I'm disappointed in, I'll simply say a lot of the game is repetitive (almost every fight scene plays out the same way), boring (so much down time explaining a story that is too confusing to absorb the first time), and unnecessary (80% of the weapons, vigors, and clothing is rarely used).

    It's a very disappointing game, and it's rather insulting to give something that is nowhere near a perfectly polished game such high reviews.
  37. May 16, 2013
    This was absolutely one of the best games I have ever played. The graphic style is not too cartoony but also not realistic. The gameplay was addicting and always intense. This game is a must own.
  38. Aug 19, 2013
    Exactly the path video games SHOULDN'T be taking. Dumb down every aspect of gameplay, throw in a cliche story to make the simpletons feel smart, and put the rest of your budget into marketing.

    A shallow excuse for a sequel, and an even shallower excuse for a video game. This is a $60 flavor of the month title that will be forgotten within a few year, do not support these kinds of titles.
  39. Mar 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well i can't deny that the story from beginning to end was quite intriguing and nearly brilliant. i use the term brilliant as it caused quite some confusion halfway trough when the first inter-dimensional travel happened. It felt...Forced. First you are in the relatively normal world and suddenly your in the dimension where the Rebellion was already full underway. if the transition was less sudden it would have helped, but alas. There were also the loose ends here and there.
    Game-play wise. it was poor. The details were great but the game-play felt simplified. the world lacked the depth and freedom of the former Bioshock games. The enemies where rather bland (they were fodder. 1 shot to the head with a pistol and done most of the time!) and the few "special" enemies were spread out thin. you encounter the Handy-men a few times trough out the game (they were miniature bosses) and the Boys of silence you encounter in only one level and have no single importance. The Vigor system (tough nicely thought up) wasn't needed most the time and i still have yet to hear where they came from unlike their plasmid counterpart that was properly explained.
    Its a good game, but in the end im afraid the over focus on the story has left the game-play slightly lacking. I did like the Luteces tough. added a little bit of silliness here and there which was surely needed.
  40. Jan 25, 2014
    Game is great. However, it is far from perfect; at least on PC. There are a few notable things that nearly all PC games have that this game simply lacks with no explanation other than it being a port. The graphics are good, but feel like they are targeted towards consoles again since they don't take advantage of many aspects of the Unreal engine that are almost laughably easy to implement even to the most amateur of UDK newbie such as reflections). The art content is very nice.

    The game design is where the game feels lackluster in comparison to its predecessors. The level design and agency of the game feel extremely stifled. There are a few "decisions" here and there that make no difference, all customization items are strewn about randomly meaning that the map and enemy design go unaffected by them in the long run. The characters and bad guys also feel silly. I really wish that there was at least some sort of open worldedness and a way to explore in more ways.

    Another problem that I have is why on earth can you not have multiple saves, let alone being able to save where you want. Bioshock 1 and 2 had this why does Infinite not. I just started another game to let my friend play and had to lose all my previous progress. It is uncalled for. There are other things such as the Vigor wheel obviously being geared towards controller use and weapon limiting but the save problems are the worst. I know this is a minor gripe but this should have been addressed.
  41. May 4, 2013
    Absolute Rubbish. Sorry but this is not some groundbreaking tour de force. It is a VERY boring, very very dull run and gun. It's only "deep and meaningful" if you are a naive teenager and the graphics flatter to deceive. I am stupid enough to have paid over £20 for this on pc and it is a total waste of money. You cannot interect with people you just run about shooting things and suffering patronizing "clever" storytelling. YAWNTASTIC. I give it a 3 because it was interesting for the first hour and it hasn't crashed. All this pathetic hyperbole by reviewers is actually mystifying:- "visionary", "groundbreaking" not at all, in fact very mediocre, unless i've woken up in about 2003. MUST TRY HARDER Expand
  42. Jun 17, 2013
    Honestly don't get why PC gamers in particular would like this game so much. I like(Make that loved) Bioshock once I worked out a solution to the terrible field of view and was a little disappointed by BS but I had high hopes for this. As it turned out it was the first game I haven't been able to motivate myself to finish.

    As it is I just found it corny and lacking in atmosphere.
    Much of the ideology and concepts seem to be aimed at a US audience but in terms of gameplay its nothing special and far more linear than I can enjoy. Not the most linear game ever but still I don't feel like I am making any choices which make a difference. Mediocre at best. The story and atmosphere is no way strong enough to carry a game which so linear for me.

    I think the odd racist comment is supposed to shock us into indignation and feeling something from this game but even that felt too contrived and more marketing gimmic than contributing to atmospherics. The feeling of being manipulated by a governing body which monitors us and controls our information and ideology? Read the news, we are living in far worse times in that regard so what is left to build a story around.

    Even the lead female character is too comic book (and not in a good way) to generate any real emotional response despite some great voice acting.
  43. Apr 4, 2013
    A near flawless game with only the most minor of gripes, not even worth mentioning. If you enjoy quasi-linear tightly focused game play with engaging as well as challenging story and concepts, then this is a must buy. Fantastic Graphics and visuals, esp. on PC. THE single player experience of this generation of games.
  44. Mar 28, 2013
    BioShock Infinite is the latest in the acclaimed BioShock series, and it doesn’t disappoint. This game is more than a simple shooter. Set in the flying city of Columbia the payer is tasked with rescuing the mysterious girl Elizabeth and bringing her safely to a mysterious group in exchange for wiping away the character’s past debts. It is a story driven experience with a great story, plot and characters. The shooting itself is fun and an exhilarating brake from the generic shooters of the last few years. When in combat it is hectic and fast paced as you attempt to fend off or fight through a variety of enemies, each with their own challenges. The powers provided to the player through vigors as well as the platforming elements provided by the player’s sky-hook offer an even greater diversity in gameplay. Unlike most modern games the player’s health doesn’t magically regenerate offering an ever greater challenge. However, many of the weapons and powers provided by vigors do feel too similar to each other.
    The world of Columbia is a fresh, beautiful and lively place that the player could spend hours exploring. The plot itself is also highly engaging and it is something that anyone who is interested in a good story should come back too. Fighting in the game is, at times gory with enemies becoming blood-soaked or screaming with pain as they are incinerated. Gore, torture and other dark themes are also present throughout the game.
    Elizabeth is one of the best characters and companions I have ever encountered in a game. She is well animated, voiced and programmed; she can a times seem like a real person. Her help in combat can also be indispensible as she rushes to provide you with extra ammo and health kits and she has saved me from death many times.
    The game plays well on the PC with great graphics and performance. It also has a full options menu with a wide range of settings that can be adjusted as well as fully rebindable controls. The lack of user controlled saving however is a disadvantage and it at times feels like it is punishing players who have to leave the game. Fortunately this isn’t a problem when dying in combat.
    Overall BioShock Infinite is one of the best games this year. It will be a great adventure from start to end with great characters, story and combat for all those interested. Even if you haven’t played a BioShock game before this is a great place to start and it won’t provide any spoilers to the other games.
  45. Dec 15, 2013
    This is a good game on it's own. But compared to the original Bioshock and System Shock it is crap. As far as a Shock game i was very dissapointed even though I played through it twise (one time on 1999 mode, hoping for a bit of the old feel, but no).
    While Bishock and Systemshock feelt "real" and dynamic in a way few games do, Infinite feels more like a bland rail shooter. It is not
    really a shock game anymore, you don't even have a map! (because you don't need one in this "corridor" shooter!)

    And while the splicers in the original Bioshock feelt very thoughtout and fitting to the setting, they just copied them to what is supposed to be regular humans in Infinite, taking another well thought out game setting and turning it totally unlogical. In Bioshock, crazy splicers jumping at you in frenzy make total sense. In Infinte regular policemen doing the same, not so much.

    They had the good sense to not involve nps:s in the first Shock games to much, in Infinte again, they just screw it up with populating the world in some areas with these "robots", just taking away from the feeling this is a real place.
    The best things about the game are Elizabeth as a character and as an AI. Very impressive. Also the story is interesting, but not as involving as in the original Bioshock. I had to judge this as a 0 to counter the ridiculous scores from people who seem to know nothing about games or what the Shock series is even about. This is a Shock for the CoD generation.
  46. Mar 26, 2013
    Absolutely stunning piece of artwork, it shows that single player games are in fact alive and well. Irrational has yet to make a bad game in my opinion.
  47. Mar 30, 2013
    I owe this game a 10/10, it was brilliantly written, an artistic marvel with an incredible twist as I know only Bioshock can deliver. It had me engrossed from start to finish, but not only the story-line is great, but the game-play is smooth, fluent and wonderfully fun (especially the skylines) and the enemies are intelligent. Can't find a way to knock it, just make sure you play it with everything turned up to max for the best experience of the year! Expand
  48. Apr 4, 2013
    I with all the other negative reviewers.this game is boring.An other reviewer said it best."Just because an idea is overly convoluted and complex, doesn't make it cool". The ending was muddled garbage.I used my ugly guns without needing those cheezy powers.Its too linear and it never too hard.No challenge at all.The person who watched me play said "thats it?" for a game that spends 3yrs in dev.The game should be longer.With no multiplayer?.With the voice of Jax Teller from son of anarchy"you've got be kidding me". Expand
  49. May 30, 2013
    I still haven't finished it yet, not because its difficulty (its a way too easy), but because i got really bored. Where to start:
    Graphics looks good if you stand 2 meters away from the monitor. Once you look at textures and models you realizes how poor it is.
    NPC are just annoying, dumb and lifeless (and poor modelled).
    Game dynamics are just COD-style, nothing that vaguely resemble
    the original BioShock. No real choices, no tactics with plasmids (yes, you have vigors but once acquired electricity they become just useless and repetitive), no real challenge. This game is so easy that you could die only if you throw your character over the cliffs (and then you are reanimated by your annoying companion).
    If you really wanto to complete your BioShock collection, just wait some month and buy it on sale.
  50. Aug 27, 2013
    More like bio**** if you know what im saying....
    it's crap, boring weapons, very repetitive, ending written by a high dog about quantum worlds and ****
    because everyone knows what quantum mechanics mean, you can say al kinds of random and everyone's mind wil be ''blown''. Elizabeth seems to be ignored by al the enemies and just tosses you to make the game easier, because it's already
    extremely easy, you have regenerating shields just like al the modern shooters and the only threat is the boring ghost boss or the handymen who are just stupid bulletspunges. The e3 demo was a lie as well, stealth and choices aren't in the game (choices that change the game's story or gameplay). The weapon upgrades cost a ton so you will be only use the same weapons throughout the game and the upgrades are boring as hell, it's always +10 percent accurcy, damage, less recoil, you name it. People who call this game an artistic statement are just really ignorant. The game touches a lot of ''controversial'' topics, but none of them actually influence the main story. It's is just there to make an impact on people who have never read a good book because this story is Elizabeth seems to be totally shocked when you kill someone for the first time but continues to stop giving a afterwards and just throws weapons to you like it was her job.
    The graphics are rushed with a lot of blooming effects, which is cheap but i actually prefer such cartoon like graphics over realistic ones (although this game runs like even with my titan). Only if you are in to some good voice acting and some pretty enviroments this game can be worth about 10 dollars, but otherwise just stay away from it. I mean really people, how can this game with such a repetitive gameplay and cheap story be rated by some people as the best game ever.
    A huge dissapointment.
  51. Jun 27, 2013
    >2 weapon limit >no special ammo >uninspired generic CoD weapons >all vigors are stun+damage, except that water push one >each weapon has an almost identical variant that doesn't even use the same ammo >Halo shield >no hacking >nothing like neutral Big Daddies, Handymen are just big gorilla like enemies >story was redid 6 months before release >linear as levels, bad design >no storing medpacks/salts to force Elizabeth to be relevant

    Mediocre game that on a great series.
    RIP System Shock 2.
  52. Mar 28, 2013
    This is more of a first impression rather than a full review. So far I've played about an hour of the game but that's enough to get a good feel for every thing except the story which seems twin peakish in nature. I played Bio-shock 1 before playing infinite and a couple of things struck me as I payed: This game was optimized for consoles, not PC's, as the save feature has been removed in favor of a check point system and the game has been dumbed down over all. Graphics are not cutting edge but not that bad either. Characters look plastic and robotic and often go through a short animation loop. Through my play through the character voices didn't sync with the mouth movement of the characters speaking. Guns are much easier to use. Noticed the "infinite" machine gun has no recoil which differs from the first game where the tommy-gun had a noticeable kick back (like a real one would). I encountered my first game breaking glitch about 15 to 20 minutes in at the fair before the raffle. I was at the shotgun shooting booth and when I finished the game wouldn't allow me to exit out. All the other booths worked fine. So far the game isn't gripping me like the first one did. The anti-christian, anti-american under tone is a bit heavy handed and clumsy. Would be nice for a bit more nuance in the story. Games not bad but also no great. Definitely not as good as the reviews are making it out to be. To sum up: The first game was leagues better and this by comparison is over simplified and lack luster.

    On a side note I'd like to comment on the odd influx of 10 scores so quickly since the game was released seems suspicious. I'm guessing a fair number of those tens might be from 2K stooges hired to fluff the meta critic score. Buyer beware I suppose but it's still insulting to me as a consumer.
  53. May 6, 2013
    I found this game, sometimes amazing and sometimes just an average shooter. The difficultly level seemed not to be stable. I played the game at "hard" setting and found it a challenge, but every entertaining until I fought the "bosses" eg. lady Comstock and all of the sudden it became impossible to pass! and had to lower the level to "normal". Graphics were very well done, as were sound and the music.
    Overall I found this game entertaining and interesting, but as a whole. I am giving this game a 7 out of 10.
  54. Apr 1, 2013
    An over-hyped piece of reductio ad absurdum with a deeply disappointing ending. This game does not deserve to be mentioned in the same conversation as the conclave of truly great games of this generation, of which the original Bioshock belongs, along with Skyrim, Fallout 3, etc. While the game does possess fun and interesting gameplay, the story is quite ridiculous and full of logical paradoxes relating to time-travel and other possible worlds that cannot be reconciled. Interesting ambiance and fun gameplay are not enough to make up for the lipstick-on-a-pig of a story. A truly disappointing experience that could have been something worthy of the greatness unperceptive people are lavishing on it. Expand
  55. Mar 26, 2013
    This game is absolutely stunning... In a time where I thought I was simply getting bored of video games, it revived my hope by showing me what a real game is. Truly captivating story, and cartoon-ish graphics that are timeless and give a remarkable atmosphere. It mixes in anticipation, along with unknown and mystery of what might be coming next. My favorite game of the past 5 years.
  56. Mar 29, 2013
    BioShock Infinite is an artistic masterpiece. Beautiful, suspenseful, and haunting at times; it captures a blending of history and myth to create something both wonderfully unique and familiar.

    Story: 10/10
    As we all come to expect from Irrational, the plot of this game is bursting with rich parallels, powerful emotional imagery and an ending (brilliantly foreshadowed throughout) that
    will leave you both satisfied and begging for more.

    Ambiance: 11/10
    This is where the game really shines. Each set-piece alone could be a work of art, each architectural blend, each cultural costume. All of the visual splendor mixed together with a score that perfectly juxtaposes the glamor and grit of what Columbia represents.

    Gamplay: 10/10
    I expected a rich story and beautiful visuals/music, what I did not expect was game-play (particularly combat) that surpassed Irrationals previous games in terms of enjoyment and dynamic action. This game takes everything that we loved from previous BioShock games and adds a whole new level of tactical planning and on the fly improvisation. Each combat area is a stage set for a brilliant play, each enemy adding new challenge, each weapon a chance to master. Never has combat been so challenging and satisfying in a BioShock game.

    Overall: 10/10 Irrational proves once again that you don't have to pander to the lowest common denominator to create a true masterpiece.
  57. Mar 30, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite does look and play nice. It has bright colors, amusing powers and an abundant supply of health kits, salts and weapons/ammunition. But it is also very shallow. The combat lacks tactical depth due to regenerating shield, predetermined tear locations and the overly useful "Charm Object" vigor that works on turrets and automatons. The exploration, although present, doesn't offer any extra options except for an occasional infusion. Your choices do not matter at all (you only have two, to be honest). You get your answers too late to change your perspective on things and the ending is way overcomplicated. Yet it's a merry roller coaster ride with bright colors and amusing vigors that go boom. Just not quite as engrossing as the first Bioshock or System Shock 2. Expand
  58. Mar 26, 2013
    Criticodubioso- All your reviews you give games zeros and 2s, you are not an objective reviewer. There are very few games that truly deserve a 2. You are an immature child and are why user rating on this site don't mean a god damn thing. Hmm a game that deserves a 2/10 would have to have almost no redeeming qualities at all. How did you even come to this score? The graphics suck? They surely don't some muddled textures, but very impressive overall, better than MOST PC ports. The gameplay sucks? Like what, are you talking about the extensive upgrade system, the cool innovative vigor powers, or the spinning hook that you grind people's heads off with? Or what about flying on rails and using vortexes to give you tactical advantage? Yeah that all sucks and is TERRIBLE I agree man. Or what about the terrible lackluster story that actually isn't unbearably corny for once and deals with real societal issues instead of just being terrible dialogue and a michael bay film like most action shooters..that really sucks too it's sure a 2/10 right?? I hate you, and every PC gamer like you, we are not all like this fa g g ot, but PC does seem to have an awful lot of elitist losers like this guy... Expand
  59. Apr 6, 2013
    Well, because I'm not getting paid the game developer, nor working for a company (see: online review "magazine") that is getting greased by the game developer, I'm going to be honest. Bioshock is somewhat ambitious, but comes across as yet another unpolished, rushed, game with an unfinshed feel. A lot of the areas are lacking those little details that impress you without you noticing them, making the game environment feel kinda plain a lot of the time. The lighting effects are superb, and there's some great effects shown in the larger enviroments, such as the range blur, but the skins and textures are really banal.

    I can think of a dozen games way better than this, so I don't see why all the critics are tripping over themselves to gush about it so much. Oh wait, ye$$$ I do. Take it from an experienced, impartial gamer Bioshock is nothing to write home about, save your money and get it for $10, cuz it's not worth $60.
  60. Apr 3, 2013
    Games can be art. This one certainly is. Its beautiful, smart, mysterious and edgy. I loved every second of it. Everyone should play it and i dare you not to like it. It's impossible.
  61. Mar 26, 2013
    Would you kindly play this game? This by far is one of my favorite games of the past 5 years of gaming. When I walked out of that capsule and those lit candles with the soothing music behind it I knew this game was going somewhere. This is art this is what this generations needed for a ending of this generation consoles. I can now say this is added to the list of great games made by a genius company. Great job irrational games. Every bit was worth playing this game. Expand
  62. Apr 15, 2013
    What a great game. I don't have time to play many video games anymore, and when I do have time to game, I mainly play boardgames, which is in a great revival if you didn't know--just check out boardgamegeek sometime. Anyway, this game sucked me. The subversion of Christianity and the racism were just provocative enough for me to keep going--not to mention the visuals are stunning. I am running this game maxed out, so I can't speak for ps3 or 360 visuals, or even PC visuals on medium settings. I loved Bioshock 1, and didn't even bother with Bioshock 2. This is the game to play if you don't often pick up games. Expand
  63. Mar 30, 2013
    This game is ok. It tries to be a thriller like the first games in the series, but the story is far too campy to be scary at all. It has clunky mechanics for a PC shooter. It's a good enough looking game, but you'll have to work the graphics cards overtime to see it. There's a lot of eye candy, but the AI that's sprinkled everywhere is mostly lifeless and lacks any interaction or purpose other than to get in the way. Expand
  64. Apr 3, 2013
    I quite liked the storyline even though it was as obvious as the nose on your face, the end cinemagraphic was really a joy and well worth the praise it has already got. I was however disappointed in the gameplay, it was far too linear and nowhere near difficult enough. Each area was quite small and easily traversed without much difficulty, even towards the end it was far too easy to kill off the Bosses without using all the Vigors, ammo or specials that could Elizabeth could muster.
    Another annoyance was the skylines, they never really went anywhere..a quick trip around the block and that was it. Primarily used to get to another level within the level you were in so no use in navigating Columbia at all which would have been a nice touch.
    Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed this game, it is beautiful (in the near distance) and gripping and nostalgic (for old America (I'm not a Yank)) but I felt that it was all too easy and nowhere near big enough, I wasn't looking for a sandbox game like GTA or Saints Row but a bit more than a poke in the park that we ended up with would have been nice, after all it was just a small floating cloud city.
    I'm really surprised that it gets the huge scores it does but there you go, I can only base my score on what I have played before and I have been around a long time so I have a lot to compare against!

    I think I will play it again but explore everywhere before moving on and see if it changes my mind.
  65. Apr 4, 2013
    Well the shooting is bad, the story is okay and the characters are somewhere in between bad and non existent. So how can i rate it?

    Well as a piece of art, it is pretty good, but as a game, well, it is not a game, you are not supposed to be playing it, you are supposed to be admiring it, with your jaw lying on the ground.

    So as a game, it's... disappointing in every possible way.

    And the ending, I mean seriously? This? It's not even funny, it's just lazy.
  66. Apr 6, 2013
    Too much racism, fascism and chauvinism. second-rate plot second-rate plot copping the idea of the series Sliders (
  67. Apr 6, 2013
    This is an intelligent mans game. The story is one that will be broken down and speculated about for days, or even weeks. Graphically it is top notch. There are very few glitches or bugs. It lacks crippling DRM and is playable within seconds of installing. If you are looking for a story that will make you think, then you owe it to yourself to experience this game before you die. It's a must play. Expand
  68. Apr 11, 2013
    Most overrated game ever. As a shooter it has badly balanced gameplay (f.e. I've completed game on medium (2nd of 3) difficulty level using only one magic type (fireball), but the game gives us lots of them). The scenario is not THAT good. Yeah, the ending is quite interesting, but other story is quite ordinary.
  69. Apr 8, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is a good game. Not great. Just a good game. It is also over-hyped, with many giving it a 10/10 or calling it "Genre Defining" even one I've seen called it "Next to perfect". Those are wrong. What's Good: 1/ It's Bioshock (Yay!) 2/ Fun gameplay (Use of guns and Vigors) 3/ Reasonable graphics 4/ Good set-peices 5/ Good characters 6/ Love the Skyline What's Bad:
    1/ Reasonable graphics that don't really change from max settings to min. (resource whore as well...)
    2/ Can only carry two weapons at a time
    3/ Most of the Vigors are useless and lack a feeling of power
    4/ A couple of Vigors are overpowered
    5/ Easy. Even easier than the first Bioshock
    6/ The new gear system doesn't make sense
    7/ Huge info dump at the end
    8/ Red tears are never explained, what are they? What do they do? We may never know.

    But the worst thing wrong with this game is the ending.
    1/ It's nothing compared to the ending of the first (Unfair comparison, I know)
    2/The ending is predictable (No really, I guessed at most of the ending within the first hour)
    3/ Poorly thought-out ending (It ignores the base rules of time travel, ignores its own logic and is just ridiculous)

    In short. It's a good game but because of the poor ending it is not the "Genre Defining" game we all wanted. Get Bioshock Infinite but give it time to drop in price, it's not long until the Steam Summer sale.
  70. Mar 28, 2013
    The combat was boring. The story failed to create any emotional connection to anything. I would compare it to Inception which was just a mental circle jerk that failed to create any characters or relationships that were interesting. The graphics are decent but not as good as Tomb Raider. Overall I didn't expect much from this game since whenever the media goes crazy and starts throwing out 10/10's its usually a warning sign, but I expected one fragment of goodness from the first Bioshock. Nothing. This game is nothing like the first Bioshock. In Bioshock 1 you get a concrete sense of the world and atmosphere and you enjoy the exploration. Each location had a personality and a character to explore but Infinite is just a mess of boring locations and irrelevant characters. You just kinda wander and fight with no purpose until you reach the ending and get a vague sense of what it was all about only to realize you don't care about anything in the world of Colombia. If the gameplay was amazing I would give this game a 9/10 but it was all just very average, none of the guns felt cool and of the 7-8 vigors only one of them was entertaining. Everything Infinite tries to do, Bioshock 1 does better. Expand
  71. Apr 6, 2013
    I loved the first Bioshock (still think it's the best FPS of all-time) and really liked the second one too. This game is just too buggy and too 'consolized' to be enjoyed on the PC. The mouse feels super sluggish on menu screens and many of the in game menus are designed to be navigated by controllers with the PC as an afterthought. More irritating is the fact that several mouse bugs cropped up throughout my playthrough and prevented me from doing basic things like MOVING THE MOUSE?! There are also sections where you can get trapped on the skyrail with no way off. Compounding this irritation is the fact that there is no quicksave, so every time one of these bugs pops up, you have to redo 15 minutes of gameplay to get back to the point you were at. The game itself seems pretty good but until they fix this stuff it's unplayable to me. I guess other people just soldiered through it or bought it for the xbox Expand
  72. Apr 5, 2013
    I've played system shock 2, Bioshock, and Bioshock 2 before ever touching or hearing about this game. I played on normal first. I am still replaying it on 1999 mode, as I didn't know about the unlock code. I found the combat to be somewhat bland and boring compared to the previous Bioshock titles. However the control over the mouse and movement is better, it doesn't feel like there was any mouse acceleration this time around. The story was IMO terrible, they obviously had the rush a release as the ending was contrived BS, a cop-out as they couldn't think of and actual closing to the game. 1999 mode has made the game much more enjoyable for me and I find myself getting stuck in some combat sections, that's a POSITIVE thing for me. Overall I'd give the game a 6.5. Combat isn't super good, story is terrible. Do not pay full price for this, wait til it's cheaper. Expand
  73. Mar 26, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is the best game I have experienced in 20 years of gaming. This game is brilliant, simply said and raises the bar to a new level of quality never before seen in gaming history. Have I mentioned how much I love this game.
  74. Mar 26, 2013
    Now this is what i call a good PC game. This is not no sad port of a console game, this is a righteous PC game the likes of Bioshock 1. It runs like a gem, beautifully, gracefully, it feels like a proper FPS, the graphics and artwork is marvellous and top-notch. The story pulls you right into it. I could not stop playing for 5 hours. It is just that breath-taking. This is an absolute MUST PLAY title for this year. Expand
  75. Mar 28, 2013
    If you're thinking to yourself "Meh, this is just another generic game" or something similar whoa, hold on. You didn't gave this game a chance at its entirety. I assure you will have extremely spectacular moments when playing this game. And for you guys who are currently seeking out for new solid challenges, be sure to play this game on hard difficulty. Also, if you have time to beat this game again, play on the infamous '1999 mode', which is the hardest difficulty level if you know the 'classic' konami code. This game is a must-have and definitely be on the list of top games of 2013. Expand
  76. Apr 10, 2013
    How anyone could give this game a low score is just mind boggling, Infinite was Just AMAZING. one of the most complex/original story's, its hard to talk about the game without spoiling anything ,so just play the game, it'll be well worth your time
  77. Aug 9, 2013
    I thought this is gonna be different, not disappointing. But I found it so boring, stupid and ridiculous. It should be good for minors if it wasn't violent. I don't like Bioshock at all. And this one I hate. Just another piece of trash. Rising up to another world into the sky this time is a good changing, I'm bored of the sea anyway. Colors and flying buildings impressed me just for a while. then I thought maybe It's a good Idea to uninstall this game and do something else. So I did, and I do not feel remorse about that. Expand
  78. Apr 8, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The only thing that is good is the basic idea of a floating city, not any of the politics. This game is basically a standard "white devil" game that attacks America, Christianity, Whites, and conservatives (and I mean some warped version of conservatives that liberals think conservatives are), the only people it is acceptable to attack anymore (dont forget men and heteros though), its so common that it doesnt bother me that much. I am used to liberal bias in games (for instance bioware but DA1 and ME were good otherwise) and I am not giving it a zero based on that, I just thought Id point this out. I judge people as individuals and believe in merit and personal responsibility, and know that any person could do the things that were done and not just straight white christian male conservatives are capable of evil.

    In the first few minutes you are drowned in your baptism somehow with like 20 people around you in knee deep water with some warped pseudo version of christianity, and that is also the ending you must be drowned in another baptism type scene. It feels like the dev just hates Christianity tbh. I mean can you imagine if this game was about nationalist racist Jews and Isreal? It would never see the light of day and we all know it.

    Its linear, ez mode, consolized trash, with boring powers, boring guns, dumbed down gameplay, trash UI, and a halo shield mechanic. Its like if you made bioshock 1 worse in everyway but also discriminatory and full of liberal propaganda. There is almost no RPG and no inventory. Its just bland, generic, and boring. None of the characters are interesting at all in the least and I had to quit half way through due to extreme boredom. There is no challenge. Elizabeth was interesting at first but it feels like you are just sent off on random tasks with no reason behind it or explanation, and I did watch spoilers of the ending so I know what happened, and its not interesting and doesnt make sense, you cant undo what you did by using knowledge of things that you are trying to undo, not even with multiple timelines because you STILL are relying on information you are attempting to erase, if anything it would just split again into two more multiverses.

    The hard mode is extremely ez and I didnt know about 1999 until chapter 20 (when I quit), and u cant change difficulty mid game for some stupid reason (prob related to, lol, achievements). I mean why lock the hardest mode? Its a trend in gaming nowadays and its very annoying, I guess I need to research everygame and see if it has an unlockable mode that presents any sort of challenge, but not too much wont want people to have to try or adapt, nope gotta be spoonfed and babysat.

    The guns suck and are boring, The enemies are small in number but come in waves so it is chaotic (seems like they spawn behind you at random and Im good at shooters and watch my flank). The abilities are also boring. You constantly run out of ammo so you have to swap to different guns since you can only carry two, or are forced to buy ammo. Girly throws you ammo sometimes but I dont like being forced to use w/e weapons are available if I dont want to waste money on ammo, so you can either be wasteful or have to constantly swap guns and hope they dont despawn on you. Also looting is terrible, there is no point in it b/c you pick up everything, it just wastes our time. The illusion of certain foods adding one state and decreasing another doesnt really matter, might as well let pickup be auto and not waste our time scrounging, since its a rail shooter with no inventory anyway. Low ammo caps just complicates the gun problem forcing you to swap, it doesnt make it harder in anyway, just annoying b/c I'd prefer to have a pistol and carbine.

    There is no tactics or strategy needed, its spam bullets until you need shield or health, then hide, repeat. Summoning in other world isnt even interesting because they dont do much except let you toggle one benefit at a time, rather than do anything exciting. And apparently other universes are broadcasted on old crappy TVs with bad reception. The only thing you need to do is shock any difficult enemy and unload into them, and its EXTREMELY repetitive. Enemies take multiple headshots too, its just boring and stupid with obvious console limitations and terrible AI. The AI is basically path to you if they cant shoot you, and if they can see you they shoot from across the map.

    And the enemies dont do too much damage or have decent aim, but your shield recharge slow and your guns take forever to kill anything and are inaccurate, aiming with ironsights seems to be LESS accurate for some reason and has massive recoil.

    Another trash console money grabbing game not worth anyones time and blatantly discriminatory and offensive. I guess thats the price USA has to pay for being the greatest country on earth.
  79. Apr 8, 2013
    It's a good game. Visuals are there, game's universe is great. Companion behavior technically almost as good as in Uncharted 3. But gameplay itself is just pathetic. It feels like all game-designers has left the projects at the middle of development, and guys from Irrational, or 2K spend all the budget for the previews.
  80. Apr 3, 2013
    Same old FPS mechanics, about the same old gameplay as bioshock from a few years ago, the storylines decent but other than that pretty boring game, there is alot of good liberal propaganda though if you like that.
  81. Mar 30, 2013
    Another run of the mill FPS/RPG. The only thing is has that stands out is the graphics. It is not worth the starting price. The story is decent but its 10 hours... then game over. The game has NO replay value. So if you're ready to pay the big price for a game you will play for 8-12 hours go for it. If you want a avg. run of the mill RPG... be my guest! If you can wait and get it on sale through steam for $15. I have been playing video games for 20 years. The people that are giving it 10's are 16 and haven't been playing RPG/FPS for very long, that's my guess because other wise you won't be able to stomaching giving this game over a 6. There is nothing wrong with being new to the RPG world, but this game isn't a 10. Skyrim isn't a 10, so how could this be a 10? I would give this game a 7.5 at the VERY highest. Expand
  82. Apr 4, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is a solid game, but nothing more. First off, it has literally no innovation whatsoever. second of all, the graphics of this game, while pretty, are really under par and this is obvious when you take the time to simply observe the rose bushes at the beginning of the game. Another issue is the combat, the combat is only fun on hard difficulty, but even then there are a few issues with it. While playing I occasionally noticed that an enemy was having too much fun on the skylines to try and kill me. I also can't stand that when you die you simply lose money, it takes away all the punishment of dying. The game feels as though it was once filled to the brim with interesting content and was actually good, but it seems as though Irrational's long development cycle resulted in them removing all experimental content from the game. This is very obvious if you look back at the demos released over the last two years. The only truly unique part of this game is the story. The game has a unique and interesting story that kept me playing the game when it was at its worse points. (One of these points being when you must fight an enemy that has too much health and can kill you very quickly no matter how tactical you are. The worst part of this is that every time the enemy kills you it gains back a significant portion of its health, making it almost impossible to kill. Keep in mind this was played on hard difficulty so the same may not apply to easy or normal difficulty.) The story, while not as good as the first Bioshock, is not a simple, run of the mill story you find that only fill in the "reasons for this and that" spot. The story is of movie quality, the movie of course being something like Looper, which takes an age old idea and puts its own unique spin on it. I personally don't mind this, although I do value a good story VERY highly. In other words, this type of story may not be for you. As I said, this game is solid. I would recommend you devote your time to more interesting games, such as Dishonored and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, instead of playing a generally general title such as Bioshock Infinite. Expand
  83. Mar 26, 2013
    The quality of this game is almost unparalleled. Graphics that amaze, a winding story that keeps you on the edge of your seat with deep characters that are believable. A game that will be looked back on as one of gaming's greatest achievements 15 years from now. Great job Irrational Games!
  84. Apr 9, 2013
    OK, this isn't a 1* game, but I did want to pull the average score down a bit. Bioshock Infinite is a good game generally, but it falls tantalisingly short of being a classic due to one, single, gapingly large flaw. And that, is the lack of a proper saving system. Bioshock Infinite ticks so many of the PC-Port boxes. You can tweak the FOV (to some degree), re-mapping the controls works well, graphics are decent quality and you can even skip the annoying intro videos (from the second time onwards anyway).

    But instead of the simple and functional saving system of the first two games, they decided to implement a horribly flawed Checkpoint system instead. Sometimes checkpoints are close together, other times there's unacceptably large gaps between them. Take last night for instance, I'd been playing for a while, having fun, then the missus went to bed and I decided to quit the game and sleep as well. Only this was when Bioshock Infinite told me that if I did, I'd lose the last TWENTY MINUTES of gameplay. It then took me another TEN MINUTES of annoyingly trudging on until at long last I FINALLY triggered the next Checkpoint save so that I could exit. Even then, the checkpoint saving icon is woefully small and hidden, so you've often no idea when it last saved until you try and quit and read the time-stamp on the save file.

    Sorry 2K, you got a lot of things right with Bioshock Infinite, but the awful checkpoint system really and badly spoils the game. End result, I WILL NOT pay for a game where the developer can't be bothered to implement a proper saving system. FULL STOP.
  85. Mar 29, 2013
    I'm just going to put a 6/10 since I'm feeling generous.
    Columbia isn't even half the environment of Rapture for one and the world isn't given nearly as much explanation and depth. The map is no longer open like the previous Bioshock games. There's a 2 weapon limit, and you can't duel wield powers and weapons. There isn't special ammo. There's no hacking. You can't use health kits or
    salt kits as inventory items. The father/daughter relationship is really ham handed and was done better in Bioshock 2. The guns are relatively unremarkable. The tonics are replaced by rather boring clothes that aren't nearly as game impacting as the tonics were.
    The vigors are really cool though, shame how they couldn't be upgraded as well as in Bioshock 2 and 1. The heavy hitters were interesting, but could be easily destroyed by RPG fire. The story was mediocre, and the ending was done in many other media as well. The ending of Nier and even EYE: Divine Cybermancy was better.
  86. Apr 9, 2013
    Well.. you Walk and look around, shoot sometimes and thats very much it. The Story is a bit confusing and nothing Special. Here and there it reminds me on Dishonored.
    I really dont understand all the Hype here.
    The only Positive things are Elisabeth, (Its kinda cool to have her around.) and the Steampunk setting.
    But after all its a short and Boring Game to me.
  87. Mar 26, 2013
    I know I gave it a 10, but nothing is perfect. That said, if I could, I'd give Bioshock: Infinite a 9.9 of 10. It's wonderful. Combat is frantic and organic, characters are intriguing and well-rounded (including Elizabeth, who will definitely be seen as one of the best game characters of all time in my eyes), and the story is deeply moving for both the characters and the player. If I had a few nit-picks I'd say that the console graphics are weak and the game sometimes tries too hard to be deep, but because the levels were huge and the story succeeds in its depth (I had a little existential crisis), I'll give those flaws a major pass. Bioshock: Infinite is a perfect example for why games are a wonderful storytelling media, as well as a great source of entertainment. Expand
  88. May 28, 2013
    Everything is brilliant about this game, except for the combat. It becomes way too repetitive and turns more into a chore than a fun experience later on, as you're faced with waves of the same enemies again and again, till eventually you are allowed to walk into another room, where the same thing resumes.
  89. Aug 26, 2013
    Visuals: Basic graphics. Poor animations. Terrible AI you can stand on an NPC and they just look blankly at you. Repetitive unrealistic signage. Crude environments that would actually be impossible to really live in. Obviously designed to be rushed past while you bang bang blam everything that moves. It's all as fake as a chess board.

    Story: Really very lame various ideas are
    thrown into the pot with no attention paid to sense. It's not internally consistent. All of a sudden you get these magical "vigors" with no explanation. Powered by "salt". Very lazy ideas. Vigor dispensers are everywhere, so why doesn't everyone have them? WTF are these patriot machines doing everywhere? The whole story of the lamb why would you build such massively gigantic heavy statues on a floating world? Why is there a need for SO MUCH FORCE everywhere and yet residents act like there is none?

    Shooting: Really all there is to it, bang bang bang. Enemies act completely stupidly and predictably at all times. This game really shows a totally simplistic and ugly American view of life in this world. It's quite sick really.

    I hated it and if you loved it don't expect us to be hanging out together anytime soon.
  90. Mar 27, 2013
    This is probably the best game that has ever been created, and this statement comes from a die-hard Half-Life fan (6 times through HL2 and episodes, 3x through HL1 and add-ons^^) who disliked first two BioShocks. In my opinion it tops any of that shooters by a LOT.

    I have played many good games, but none of them have been as astonishing as BioShock Infinite was. The first seconds of the
    game already give away everything about it, they show how deeply philosophical that game is. These first seconds and minutes in the game made me feel like I was watching a classical movie by Fellini, Kubrick or Tarkovsky, and this feeling only grew to the middle of the game. I was absolutely astonished as I heard Mozart's Requiem as background music on one oft the game locations... honestly, how often do you hear classial music in a FPS?!

    The content is not delivered straight in your hands you have to think about over all the information you notice; and the longer you think, the better you understand the game and the deeper the game seems. Nothing is explained, and you are free to go around and explore to find out what the hell is going on in that city. I spent half of the time on my first playthrough just taking screenshots; I was literally feeling like a tourist in a foreign city, with my jaw dropped. Every wall has something written on it, every note in this game has a meaning to it and somehow reflects Columbia's history or current events, or reveals Booker's or Elizabeth's story.

    Elizabeth's AI is godlike, too. While I scavenged around she usually helped me but not always; sometimes she just leaned herself on a back of a chair or a wall, sometimes she was just adminring a beautiful view.

    I feel like everyone should experience this game... it's just amazingly gorgeus and rich with content. Period.
  91. Mar 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Visual and display is stunning. The background is very interesting and creative that I give 10/10 for those. But in many way, it disappoints me a lot.
    The choices in the game, which appeared a lot in the gameplay trailer, are hardly found and doesn't have effect at all.The title enemy, songbird, has no presence that It rarely come out. Also, fighting with (probably spoiler) mother ghost and trumpet enemy makes no sense. Not to mention that the game didn't much talk about the 10/10 background setting. The conflict between anarchist and patriot were limited and only thing that player can do is 'spectating'
    The game developer also appeared a lot about Elizabeth but the only thing I remember about her was punching my face and scavenging like beggar. Where's the Elizabeth in the gamplay trailer? The ending was surprising truthfully but makes no connection with Colombia and all that fighting I had done. It's like mixture of Taken, Inception, and Stein;Gate.
  92. Mar 29, 2013
    This game is great there is nothing in anyway bad about it. If you don't have this game whenever you get the chance get it. This game is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! 10/10
  93. Mar 30, 2013
    It's pretty. Turn up the graphics and it is oh so very pretty. The combat is well put together and has more depth than your average shooter. The story completely falls to pieces by the end, but by video game standards it's pretty decent.

    Unfortunately it just doesn't work. There's no manual save and checkpoints can be 5 minutes apart, or 2 hours apart. You receive equipment upgrades
    entirely at random, some of which are useful, others completely wreck your character with no way to remove them. There are vigor upgrades you can only ever get using dlc, they're in the game you just can't get the requisite resources any other way.

    If the game was finished it would be a solid but by no means spectacular game. It is not finished. I'm not sure it ever will be.
  94. Mar 31, 2013
    What I find hilarious is the number of people that do not understand the base grounds of the story, the whole its racist, an attack on this and this and this. Of course it might seem racist it takes place in 1912 and actually shows the sort of mindset people had at the time. Its not some sanitized version of things. As for the so called attacks on religion, its not an attack its a story about fanaticism, in religion and in nationalism and how absolute power corrupts. Just as the original BioShock was a capitalism without constraint and science without moral/ethical boundaries.

    As for this game the story was excellent and grabbed me right away and held me through the end. It even makes one wish to replay it once more and once you do there are tons of subtle things that suddenly take on new meanings. The game play is fun, exciting at moments and keeps you on your toes. One of the best games I have played in my 25 odd years of gaming. I have recommended it to everyone of my friends who games and will continue to do so.
  95. Mar 31, 2013
    This game truly be called great, where both great gameplay, story and characters. Surprising how does Irrational Games takes to detail, Ken Levine-and created a world that does not want to leave, which fascinates her beauty and penetrates for long in your mind!
    Outcome: BioShock Infinite this is the greatest work of art.
  96. Apr 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Saying the graphics are mediocre is just a poor way of describing how you don't like the game, the graphics are fantastically colorful and leave a good feeling in your stomach, but that is probably the only decent thing about this game. The engine feels clunky, the fights that were portrayed in trailers didn't match up, the enemies lack originality or depth, the story line went everywhere (the only two remotely interesting parts being the very beginning and the less than climatic ending), and the abilities/mechanics felt watered down. It was a let down for all the hype that "Bioshock" has behind it, titles of which people genuinely enjoyed (you get a major tease of "Rapture" in the end.) I hope "Irrational Games" never has another thing to do with this franchise, or I won't be buying. That's for sure.

    The only way you can say this is a 'masterpiece' is if you know nothing about game mechanics, never played the previous games, or have a less than average comprehension ability.
  97. Apr 3, 2013
    The guys that voted 9 or something are probably coming from console, cause from a PC point of view the game is complete garbage: the model are really simple (console port), the color and caracter are super simple and animated not that well (poor console port) the caracter in the game are a total of 10 maybe, maybe less, and all of them look alike in apparences and behaviour (poor development?)

    And don't let me started about the story, wich is full of holes, meaningless, somehow disturbing and in the end quite annoying (i just liked the SPOIL "10 second" of the story when the finger thing is revealed). The black people are the poor guys, then not, they are the bad ones, then not, all of them are bad, even you! Wow what a development...

    Everything else is really garbage, and this game seems like a incomplete product pushed on the shelfes just for money making. And to use the Bioshock trend to sell a coplete different product is really not good...

    I?m just happy that i got it for free, or i would have really wasted a lot of money for a mediocre game with nothing but hype behind it...
  98. Apr 4, 2013
    BI is ultimately mutton dressed as lamb basically a completely generic shooter in dressed up to look special with amazing graphics, and a plot that is initially intriguing, but ultimately lazy and clichéd.
    Pluses: The graphics, especially the lighting effects, really are excellent on a good spec pc, and the game runs very smoothly.
    Minuses: completely generic shooter game play.
    unbelievable and clichéd plot which involves amnesia, time travel and mistaken identity (the writers clearly don't know the difference between complex and complicated). Expand
  99. Apr 6, 2013
    This could easily have been an interactive story versus a full blown FPS game which ends up diminishing the story with its Sierra (Roberta Williams) adventure-esque limitations and stylings such as invisible walls and very lackluster combat. The sense of chaos and inevitable sense of time acceleration into the final showdown that were in previous shock games are gone and so are the wickedly cool augmentations and hacking.

    Oh well, I didn't make the game....beggars can't be choosers....
  100. Jun 5, 2013
    this review is copied from user Beast_Pot_Pie ecause his review reflects EVERYTHING I think of the game and packs it in nicer written english than I would have been able to write... quote: "- Decent lighting effects (overshadowed by low res textures) - Solid sound design and effects. Music in the game helps support the plot at points in creative ways. - Excellent, believable, voice acting. This is the strongest point of the game IMO.


    - Completely on rails experience. You have this amazing city in the sky, but you can't explore it. You can't use the sky rail to move from one side of the city to the other. There is no sense of exploration. Columbia is reduced to a bunch of kill hallways.

    - No sense of atmosphere. You never forgot for a second that you were at the bottom of the ocean in Bioshock's Rapture. You'd hear creaking noises from the water pressure, and see leaking water from the outside coming in, etc. However, Columbia is not this way. You forget that you are floating in the sky unless you actively stop what you are doing to look at a building move slightly. This is the opposite of immersion.

    - Bland, generic, boring, useless weapons. I used 2 weapons in this game (volley gun and pistol) for 95% of the game. Except for occasionally using the sniper and RPG, you don't need to use any other weapons. They are there as an artificial display of 'weapon diversity'. Even the guns I did use were boring even when fully upgraded.

    - The vigors are completely unoriginal and boring. I did not need to switch between vigors as much as I should of.

    - Atrocious enemy AI. They scream and run at you with a billy club while you have an RPG. They seem to take cover and uncover at scripted times.

    - Key plot details are left in purposely out-of-your-way places (the Voxophones). If you don't stop everything you are doing and listen to them, then you won't understand the story and ending. This is horrible and lazy storytelling. The audio logs in Bioshock 1 complemented the story, they were not essential to it.

    - The story is incredibly convoluted and poorly written, and a lot of complex details are rushed in and thrown at you during the last 20 minutes, so you are sure not to understand. Terrible pacing. Complexity is not a substitute for quality.

    - The game is about 8 hours long. This is just downright insulting. Spend $60 to play an 8 hour game? A horrible, boring, poorly written, game no less?

    - False Advertising: This was a completely different game than what was shown in the E3 demos. I understand developers sometimes have to cut things out here and there for time reasons. But this was full-on Aliens:Colonial Marines-like false advertising. Watered down visuals (no dynamic lighting), watered down physics (small objects in the world don't get picked up by Bucking Bronco like they did in the demo), watered down animations, watered down enemy AI, and watered down textures. Even the sky-rail is better implemented than the final product. I don't care if it was 'because of consoles' or not. No reason is justified for lying to us. I have no idea why Irrational is not getting sued like Gearbox did.

    This is the entire game: You go to an area, shoot some enemies, loot, talk to Liz or have a cutscene, then rinse and repeat. Game of the year? Are you joking?

    If you liked the first two Bioshocks in any way, do not buy this game. It is an insult to the Shock series of games.

    There was not one second of this game where I could say it was "game of the year" and "completely groundbreaking" and "setting a new standard for video games" or any of the other hyperbole tossed around from gaming publications."

    end quote

    seriously, all the superlatives and claims of Bioshock Infinite being "Game of the year" are just a bad joke!
    even worse, those claims made by gaming publications are evidence for the industry buying their good reviews!
    otherwise I couldn't explain how magazines, e.g. Kotaku, Destructoid, GameStar, etc. pp., basically ALL_THE_OTHERS would overlook EERY SINGLE ISSUE this game has and there are just too many, small and bigger.

    but, I have to admit, I even find it more troubling, that so_many_gamers seem to not see these problems/faults for themselves...
    I suspect these are mainly younger gamers and/or this generation has forgotten how to form an own opinion, without being introduced to one by some gaming-outlet.

    it really is SAD! sad and despicable at the same time... maybe I am getting old (sure I am), but I am deeply thankful that I was raised in a time, where PC games looked aweful. this helped me greatly to see beneath the graphics and all the polish (mainly because there wasn't any) and care for the mechanics and the GAMEPLAY of a game in the first place!

    I would NOT say it is a horrible game BUT IT IS NOT A MASTERPIECE either!
    I'd give it 7 points, but it's a 0 to even the score out a bit more

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  1. 92
    Play BSI slowly, relish the moments and don’t rush to the end. It’s certain that you will have lived one of the richest gaming experiences that, as far as narration, lyricism and story are concerned, will take a lot of time to forget! [May 2013]
  2. May 7, 2013
    A very solid, but not revolutionary shooter in an amazing setting, with a story that struggles to convey its authors’ ambitions and is only seemingly complex. The vision is less focused than in previous Bioshocks and it does a worse job on binding the plot with gameplay. [CD-Action 05/2013, p.46]
  3. May 1, 2013
    Problematic plotting and excessive amounts of poorly balanced combat apply friction to what is otherwise one hell of a rollercoaster. [May 2013, p.80]