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  1. Apr 13, 2013
    So lets start with the good. Beautiful art does pay off and terrible graphics are not that obvious. Story is somewhat interesting but falls off quickly and in the end turns out to be lazy. Game play is extremely boring and generic 2000 shooter game play. In grand scheme of things this game is absolutely terrible. This game is the biggest joke ever.
  2. May 18, 2013
    It is not a bad game at all. But it is just another FPS. It has no special things on it and the story was only average. The graphics are really awesome. And it was really funny for a long while. But for me it's just another FPS.
  3. May 20, 2013
    Before this game came out, my older brother while hyped for the game told me it was almost too good to be true. Well now his statement is correct as I feel Bioshock Infinite, while not a bad game, really is not as good as others are saying it is. While the graphics are good and the voice acting is good, the gameplay and the story conflict with one another and both have their own faults. The gameplay really isn't that good as the enemies feel like Bullet Sponges, the Melee is rather clunky and only useful for executions. The clothes system was a real downgrade from the tonic system from Bioshock as it really limited what upgrades you could use and a lot of them were not useful at all (mainly any that were used in conjunction with the skylines were worthless.) In fact there are many other things I felt were downgrades from that game but one I'd like to touch that some have not pointed out is that the weapon upgrades really feel lacking as they don't improve the gun visually and while somewhat noticeable in performance just does not feel significant whereas the first game made the upgrades feel big. The Handymen were also a downgrade not only because they had less to do with the story than the Big Daddies did but killing them was most of the time not worth the effort as they only gave you health and salts (at least that's all I ever got) and most times you could skip them, so most times its best to avoid them. There's so much that I had an issue with but for writing this review I probably couldn't fit them all in so basic point is that while not the worst gameplay I've played, I do find its very over rated. I also won't go too much into story to keep this a spoiler free review but while some characters were good (Like Elizabeth and the way she helps you in combat) I just wasn't blown away by the story. I earlier mentioned that the gameplay and the story don't compliment each other and its hard to completely go into without spoiling it but essentially the sheer amount of violence that you regularly do does not coincide with Booker's motivations and desires if hes supposed to be the guy you're rooting for. If I could I would write a lot more but with a 5000 character limit I feel I would hit the ceiling if I tried to fit all my views on the story and gameplay. While this game does have its moments, I find it really is overrated and while it wasn't a waste of time, it was disappointing. Expand
  4. May 28, 2013
    I was expecting something great. I was hoping for a quality game for once. I was disappointed once more.

    Nothing about Bioshock Infinite is exceptional. Everything about it is mediocre. I won't try to compare it to the others and treat it as a completely separate game and take it for what it is. Gameplay is repetitive. Sound is normal. Graphics are too demanding for how little they
    bring to the table. Gunplay feels quite nice but limited ammo and weapons you can carry breaks all the fun. I never even bothered to use the vigors. The upgrades aren't even worth mentioning.

    However what killed this game was the story.
    I won't go into detail because I don't want to spoil it nor is there any point in explaining it thoroughly, however it is clear that when this game was starting its development process, it had a completely different concept in mind. I have no idea how they managed to twist it all into this disaster of an ending but it seems to me like they simply didn't have the mental capability to understand the concepts upon which this story was constructed, which ultimately lead to it's natural collapse into a mess of absolutely unjustified, completely unreasonable and mortifyingly irrational decisions, left indefinitely out of your control.

    Stay away from this if you have a brain and can use it. If you don't, I can easily see how this game would appear as "brilliant" to you.
  5. Jun 2, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Pros:

    - Decent lighting effects (overshadowed by low res textures)

    - Solid sound design and effects. Music in the game helps support the plot at points in creative ways.

    - Excellent, believable, voice acting. This is the strongest point of the game IMO.


    - Completely on rails experience. You have this amazing city in the sky, but you can't explore it. You can't use the sky rail to move from one side of the city to the other. There is no sense of exploration. Columbia is reduced to a bunch of kill hallways.

    - No sense of atmosphere. You never forgot for a second that you were at the bottom of the ocean in Bioshock's Rapture. You'd hear creaking noises from the water pressure, and see leaking water from the outside coming in, etc. However, Columbia is not this way. You forget that you are floating in the sky unless you actively stop what you are doing to look at a building move slightly. This is the opposite of immersion.

    - Bland, generic, boring, useless weapons. I used 2 weapons in this game (volley gun and pistol) for 95% of the game. Except for occasionally using the sniper and RPG, you don't need to use any other weapons. They are there as an artificial display of 'weapon diversity'. Even the guns I did use were boring even when fully upgraded.

    - The vigors are completely unoriginal and boring. I did not need to switch between vigors as much as I should of.

    - Atrocious enemy AI. They scream and run at you with a billy club while you have an RPG. They seem to take cover and uncover at scripted times.

    - Key plot details are left in purposely out-of-your-way places (the Voxophones). If you don't stop everything you are doing and listen to them, then you won't understand the story and ending. This is horrible and lazy storytelling. The audio logs in Bioshock 1 complemented the story, they were not essential to it.

    - The story is incredibly convoluted and poorly written, and a lot of complex details are rushed in and thrown at you during the last 20 minutes, so you are sure not to understand. Terrible pacing. Complexity is not a substitute for quality.

    - The game is about 8 hours long. This is just downright insulting. Spend $60 to play an 8 hour game? A horrible, boring, poorly written, game no less?

    - False Advertising: This was a completely different game than what was shown in the E3 demos. I understand developers sometimes have to cut things out here and there for time reasons. But this was full-on Aliens:Colonial Marines-like false advertising. Watered down visuals (no dynamic lighting), watered down physics (small objects in the world don't get picked up by Bucking Bronco like they did in the demo), watered down animations, watered down enemy AI, and watered down textures. Even the sky-rail is better implemented than the final product. I don't care if it was 'because of consoles' or not. No reason is justified for lying to us. I have no idea why Irrational is not getting sued like Gearbox did.

    This is the entire game: You go to an area, shoot some enemies, loot, talk to Liz or have a cutscene, then rinse and repeat. Game of the year? Are you joking?

    If you liked the first two Bioshocks in any way, do not buy this game. It is an insult to the Shock series of games.

    There was not one second of this game where I could say it was "game of the year" and "completely groundbreaking" and "setting a new standard for video games" or any of the other hyperbole tossed around from gaming publications.
  6. Jun 18, 2013
    i don't understand why this game has a 94 metacritic score.It's a linear FPS with boring gameplay.The story is decent but it's not enough.The only good character is Elizabeth.Booker is bland.It has no replay value whatsoever and thank God it doesn't have MP because it would be even worse

    final score 4/10
  7. Jul 18, 2013
    This game is just another over hyped piece of crap. I loved the first Bioshock and the second was pretty good. This game shouldn't even be allowed to be called Bioshock. The game is pretty but that doesn't make a game good. It was super easy and repetitive. It's nothing more than a glorified shooter. Nothing about it screamed Bioshock. I realize that since this takes place before Rapture, there aren't Plasmids, but "Vigors", but they're all stupid and useless. The AI are dumb and the weapons are terrible. You basically stick with two the whole game. Elizabeth isn't a very helpful AI. She's super annoying. Every 30 seconds I'm being tossed some salts or currency while I'm in combat. There is literally no exploration in this game what-so-ever. If you want to "explore", you need to have lock picks for Elizabeth to unlock doors for you. The story makes zero sense until you get to the ending. I don't understand why people have a hard time understanding it, It's an extremely easy concept to grasp. I understand it better than the people who adore this game, and I hate it. So that should say something about the nitwits who think that this game is a masterpiece. Overall this game was a huge waste of $60. Never buy into the hype for video games, because you will always get burned. Expand
  8. Aug 2, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. graphically it's appealing however it's c,o,d gameplay lack of difficulty and very poor cliche' story bioshock infinite is highly disappointing in both my reviewer sense and personal sense, from it's first showing at 2010 to 2013 most elements of: open-world, story, uniqueness, and "feel" were all taken away in the 3 year transition and the ending was so forced that spending more time on it is pointless and while it looks very great for a 7th gen game, looks can't make a game good, to add on the game's score it was hyped up and only set itself for a hole that irrational will never get out of and now (my personal thoughts) i spent 150 us dollars on pre-orders hoping for a experience much like i had with the first 2 infinite was so bad that only after 2 playthroughs (one for personal, one to make this review, i have been waiting to make this review for months i am planing to a good friend of mine the dlc i am not getting the game is ASS just give the game and everything it came with to Expand
  9. Aug 25, 2013
    As a lot of people have said, overrated and over-hyped.

    The story takes itself too seriously and ends up making no sense, trying to stand out but failing. Gameplay is very bland, giving you limits on how you play the game. Vigors (the new plasmids) are completely irrelevant to gameplay but only a few times. The sky rail mechanics are broken and should not be used at all if on higher

    I hate how people are so blinded by JUST the story and Elizabeth, who is the only interesting character in the game. Booker is a boring, static, and cliche protagonist. The AI are absolutely retarded when fighting. The handyman is the only exception to the bad enemy AI.

    Graphics are bland and covered by bloom, hdr, and lighting effects. Textures are mediocre to poor.

    The BI team obviously focused too much on story-telling to make this a top notch shooter. The only reason I gave this a two because of the good ideas and concepts (floating city, steampunk/dieselpunk style, enemy design). I hate to be writing a review like this, but I just can't get into this at all.
  10. Apr 4, 2013
    I often wondered if I'd ever play a game that I felt deserved an unashamed 10 out of 10. I finally found it with this title. Utterly incredible. Graphics, immersion, atmosphere, gameplay everything absolutely spectacular. Best game I've played in years.
  11. Apr 4, 2013
    It's a pretty enough game, both in visuals and sound, but that doesn't cover up what's fundamentally the same Bioshock gameplay we've had for years (and found lacking.)

    Let's be real: Infinite is the best in the Bioshock series, easily, but the Bioshock series leaves a lot to be desired. They've done a lot to dress it up and go crazy on spectacle, but it's not doing anything Half-Life 2
    didn't do years ago, and it's not even *trying* to do anything Bioshock didn't already do.

    Don't believe the hype, folks.
  12. Jul 25, 2013
    For the mind-bogglingly stupid save system alone, this doesn't deserve more than 5/10. It completely ruins any appeal the game has. Sure, if you're a teenager, unemployed or for some other reason have ENORMOUS amounts of free time, you won't give a about possibly having to play parts over again because you're not quite sure when the game saved the last time. Or maybe you'll even finish it in one sitting.
    But weird as I am, I don't want to play for hours straight. I like to have pauses in between playing. I like to do other things too. Which is why playing Bioshock Infinite frustrated me to no end, since I kept wondering when I can finally stop playing. Until I realized that the save symbol only flashes for like half a second.
    Add the fact that the graphics aren't really up to snuff (the way this game performs on high end machines considering it's fairly low detail models and textures is just not acceptable) and you get to the 3/10 I have arrived at. It's a shame because I really wanted to like this game. I loved Bioshock 1 AND 2 and thought the story of this one really showed promise. But there's no way I am going to continue playing this game until they fix the save system.
  13. Mar 26, 2013
    While I have issues with the pacing and logic of the game, it is still a beautiful and immersive experience. It is fun as well as thought-provoking. It has moments of intense combat and of great emotional impact. It is visually stunning, even more so on a decent gaming rig. It is by no means flawless, but what does work like the Elizabeth AI, the shooting/vigor mechanics, the Skyline, the atmosphere, the minute details such as Dimwit and Duke, et al. is implemented with such precision that I was simply enthralled. Expand
  14. Mar 29, 2013
    It is impossible to play through this game and think that video games cannot be art. From beginning to end, Bioshock Infinite is a wonder to behold. The attention to detail placed on every single aspect of the game is stunning, with everything, from lighting, to timing, to music, and all the visuals in game directed solely toward realizing Ken Levine's creative vision. Bioshock Infinite is the Mona Lisa of video games. Expand
  15. Apr 17, 2013
    It's generic shoot 'em up with a better than average story that goes haywire in the end. I really don't know how critics can give this game so high score. It's 6+/10 at it's best no more!.
  16. Apr 21, 2013
    While not perfect, this game is nearly a perfect blending of story, immersion, and game play, the latter of which is it's only flaw, albeit a minor one. Not since Skyrim and the original Bioshock have I been so immersed within a game world, and been surprised at the twists and turns of such a unique game. The world is fleshed out, the characters have emotion (something somewhat lacking in Skyrim, made up by a massive amount of lore), and the game play...well it's not bad. I liked it in fact, but I've had better. Unlike Fallout 3, or Skyrim, I would not play BioShock Infinite again anytime soon. The story was amazing and so were the characters...but that was it. The game play, and therefore the replay value was somewhat bland.

    In the original Bioshock, they offered the ability to hold ALL of the weapons, so you could switch to whatever weapon was appropriate for that situation. In Infinite, not only are you restricted to two weapons, but your companion will GIVE you ammo, health, salts when you run low. Not once did I have to rely on my abilities or a unique strategy to handle a boss, I just had to press 'F' to succeed in whatever category I was in danger with rather than adapting to the situation. Sure, it was nice to have a companion that wasn't useless, but it could have been done so much better. For instance, maybe she could offer only pistols (since how the hell do you carry a rocket launcher under that dress)? Or maybe she can carry health and salt remedies when you run low, sort of how you did in the original Bioshock but with a companion?

    Long story short, Bioshock executed good game play, great story, and excellent immersion, while Infinite made decent game play, excellent story and great immersion, and I'm glad they made it, since it makes up for Bioshock 2 deviating so far from Bioshock 1.
  17. Mar 30, 2013
    In every way a worthy successor to Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite has a case to even be a better overall game as well. It has a great combination of gameplay, imagery, plot, and characters. The game is simply beautiful and proves that you don't always need more polygons to make a good looking game. The imagery and art design is excellent and really makes me want to argue that video games truly are art. Throughout the entire game I wanted to explore every nook and cranny for all the subtle details in the art and environment.

    The gameplay mechanics are not wildly innovative from previous Bioshock games, with Vigors now replacing Plasmids, but more polished. You same combination of firearms and powers is still as fun in Infinite as it was in Bioshock. However, Infinite boasts sky hook lines, which are sort of rail lines that you can attach yourself onto to travel around a level faster and jump/attack down onto enemies. Furthermore, your ally, Elizabeth, can open tears, which are portals into other dimensions, and bring in stuff from those worlds: such as health, ammo, or allies to help fight your enemies. I should also note that although you are escorting your AI partner Elizabeth throughout most of the game, she never becomes a burden to watch over. Once the shooting starts, Elizabeth knows how to take care of herself so you can focus on fighting the bad guys, and she will even throw you health packs, ammo, or Salts (magic potions essentially) throughout the battle when she sees you are getting low.

    Storytelling and character wise, this is up there with the likes of the Half Life series in setting the tone on how to tell stories in a first person shooter. Booker is excellent as the Player Character, but it is Elizabeth who really steals the show as the story's protagonist. She is one of my favorite video game characters of all time now, Irrational Games succeeded and creating a likeable, personable, strong character in Elizabeth. Gender aside she is simply a great character. From racism, working class struggles, religious extremism, violent revolutions, and metaphysics, Bioshock Infinite covers a whole lot of ground with their themes, and I personally never felt it was too overwhelming. However, the metaphysical aspect is certainly a subject that I could see getting confusing, especially if you have been rushing through the game and not picking up voxophones and other subtlties that realy add to the story telling. It's not until many hours into the game when you discover just why it's called Bioshock "infinite." However, unlike some other recent games I did not feel the twists or the ending soiled the game. In fact by the time I got to the end it felt like the logical conclusion. All in all Bioshock Infinite is a triumph of art and storytelling in gaming. Words like "magnificent," "spectacular," and "amazing" come to mind. Simply put, PLAY THIS GAME.
  18. Apr 3, 2013
    10 for originality. 8 for story. 7 for interesting tear and vigor. 5 for overall combat fun. The combat is fun the first few times. Though as game goes on, the combat design got lazy. Bigger enemies start to become plain invincible to most of your abilities, which means gameplay actually devolve into shoot-n-run-to-cover just like COD. 4 for over-hyped Elizabeth which is actually just scripted banter and cutscenes, and close to zero interactivity. I felt more connected to Bioware characters. Expand
  19. Apr 4, 2013
    I find this game pretty boring and PC version is full of gamebreaking bugs. Twice the game has been impossible to continue in without redoing an entire level due to zero bug testing during development it seems.
    Sometimes Elizabeth just stands there instead of doing what she is supposed to and even resetting the checkpoint doesn't allow you to continue past this point.
    If devs are going
    to continue to release such shoddy products i am amazed it can get such a high review score. Expand
  20. Jun 21, 2013
    Is it left wing propaganda? yes. Ken Levine has admitted so. google it. Is it a great game? well, the ending is fun, cinematic, and unexpected. The rest of the game is kind of first person standard fare: pistol, machine gun, shot gun, rocket launcher, a few spells (vigors)... you have played this game before.... its just got an interesting story and is a "critique of right wing politics" to quote Ken Levine... Expand
  21. Mar 29, 2013
    Pretty mediocre. The gameplay is generally boring, the enemies are stupid, the "vigors" (read: plasmids) are often interchangeable (3 out of the total 8 can be summarized as "stun") and there is far too few of them, and the skylines are a gimmick. The graphics and the level design are neat-o, but graphics don't make a game. The story failed to grip me, perhaps because it is full of cliches or because I was already bemused by the other lackluster parts of the game. Expand
  22. Apr 7, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Bioshock Infinite, building off the largely successful BioShock, and the repetitive Bioshock 2, failed to recapture the sense of wonder, interesting game play and engaging storyline of the original. Firmly placed in the "trying too hard" category, Bioshock Inifinte plays out like a mad mix of Fringe, Deadwood and Looper, except not anywhere near as balanced or well thought out as any of those. Then it was steeped in so much unrelatable Americana that it, for me, caused a disconnect between the the story and the player. The worst part, and that sounds overly dramatic, because it implies it was bad, when merely average is the result, is the combat, which, while technically well implemented, got so boring and uninteresting that I placed the game back down to Easy difficulty to just "get through it quicker", to see if it was going to go anywhere worthwhile, and it didn't, with easy-to-guess time travel results at the end, partly because a twist is expected and therefore everything is taken with a pinch of salt early on, partly because the story devolves so quickly, with such a strong desire to confuse, that it really only leaves one option left to explain it, and partly because the gameplay itself provided insufficient distraction from the story to allow the twist to remain more hidden.

    Tehcnically, it's all well implemented, generally fine graphics, player controls are responsive and clear, good animations, nice textures, generally good aesthetics, stable with no crashing, with only one standout occasion of blatantly recycling a location for four fights, which was disappointing.
  23. Apr 14, 2013
    Definitely not score 10 game. I finished it about 2 weeks ago and I do not remember anything special about it apart from the ending. To those ignorants who do not get the ending: some of in-game objects and phenomenons are based on quantum theories started by Einstein long time ago (read or google it, multiverse etc). With this knowledge, game is getting much more interesting. However it is not as good as Bioshock 1 and 2, it is step back in every aspect. Still a good game. Expand
  24. Apr 5, 2013
    First and foremost: This is a good game, i would say it borders on beeing a great game, but it has some shortcommings to it. Firstly the great stuff: Elizabeth is amazing, i fell in love with her character from the start and i dare say that she rivals Alyx Vance as my favorite female partner in any FPS game ever. Another super great thing about the game is the skylines, it makes combat intereseting and alive, the adition of Elizabeths powers also helps to enhance the combat. The good stuff: The combat is pretty good, "plasmids" are maybe not that diverce and weapons are a bit stock, but overall i enjoyed the battles in the game. The graphics are very nice, some textures made me cringe thou and even thou the atmosphere is preetty good it dosent come close to the feeling you get when playing the original bioshock. Speaking of which, lets go to the bad: They borrow (steal) to much from their own game. I get it, they are paying homage to the first game, but the whole introduction to the game is stolen (yes yes i know it all makes "sense" later), the UI is almost as stolen, the vending machines are stolen, its just all a bit to familliar and just makes sme wanna go on my underwater adventure in rapture. Speaking of rapture, columbia is a great place, but i never really got that "oh hey im in a big flying city!" shure there were clouds around me but i never really got to venture on any vertigo ensuing places. In the first game i was in this claustrophobic place with water all around me, atmosphere so thick you could cut it with a knife, i did not get that feeling at all in this game. Lastly the story, i get a feeling people who praise this game for its "deep and thought provoking story" are the same people who praised the movie Inception. I get what they tried to do, i just dont buy it, and instead of sitting with a satisfied grin on my face when the credits started to roll all i could think was: Where did i put my Bioshock DVD? Expand
  25. Apr 6, 2013
    Solid FPS game. Fell prey to a few FPS tropes: vending machines selling weapons and upgrades in a utopian environment where only you are keeping the company in business (which was very laughable during the factory section when you see hundreds of them being prepared for shipment), long middle section that did very little to move the "storytelling" this game is getting the excessive hype for. Amazing start (first few levels until after the Elizabeth rescue) and a good solid effort at a disturbing twist ending.

    As a personal note, I almost passed on this game because of the "liberal friendly" reputation it was getting in the press. I didn't care to drop sixty bucks to be preached to. I read another review which said that angle of the game was being misrepresented and that it was much more of an equal presentation of extremism tied in with historically accurate depictions of race relations and American culture in the early 1900s. I found this to be spot on. At one point the protagonist observes the only real difference between the Big Bad White Guy and Big Bad Community Leader is how you spell their names.

    Rating of 7 out of 10
    1 point removed because it's at root just another first person shooter. No original gameplay mechanics.
    1 point removed because of the lack of compelling story throughout. The middle section drags.
    1 point removed because of the lazy vending machine insertion to service the upgrade mechanic required in FPS games with not respect to the surrounding "story and environment" the game is getting lauded for having.

    Beyond those points, a solid fun 8-10 hours of gaming for an experienced gamer. 20 hours if you explore every nook and cranny.

    And Elizabeth tossing crap at you is just funny.
  26. Apr 8, 2013
    I will start with writing that I had really hard time getting into the game. I did not like previous installments of Bioshock and I could hardly stand the view of the city in the clouds with tons of glowing graphics with outdated textures. This game resembles Dishonored and The Darkness, but IMHO is not as good as they are. While playing I was waiting for the game to finish and if it was not for the story I would not get to the end. I used a trainer to get infinite amount of money and salts because collecting them was really boring. The idea of objects appearing from other worlds through tears is quite interesting though. Another plus is that the game runs smoothly and I could see no errors.
    I will definitely not call it a masterpiece, but if you like weird shooters perhaps this one is for you.
  27. May 18, 2013
    looks like today for a good game you just need American flag and founding fathers!? This game tries to be serious, but deeply fails.

    Great hype!!!!!!
  28. Apr 22, 2013
    When i first get in the game it was just amazing, the lighting hides really well all the low quality/stylized asset and made them belivable. Even if the corridor roller coaster feeling of modern first person shooters was there i was enjoying the ride. Suddenly a police man approached me and i brutally murdered him! I'm not new to violence, but in that instant the victim was the nice feeling i had few seconds before. It was like they were trying to set for something bigger than a fps, but then the game revolted against them! From there you get a nice looking fps with 2 good features: power and roller coasters. All the storytelling is exposed by set pieces and audiolog. On audiolog i need to state my opinion clearly: they are the lamest means of them all! Who in the fictional world leaves scattered audiologs in cronological order for you to find? It's the worst deus ex machina incarnation! And everybody praise that! I'd prefer even texts, dialogs or nothing at all! They are out of context and cheap, please scrap them next time. Anyway the game is a mediocre fps, just the graphics save it. The ending makes no sense. I just hope this is the end of a era! Expand
  29. Apr 14, 2013
    I went into this game with high expectations. I haven't played either of the other Bioshocks but they are toted as some of the best games ever made. However, after finishing this i am disappointed. The story, which is what seems to be the only redeeming factor is ok. I didn't see the end coming but that doesn't make it any better. The game play, which in my opinion is what the game should be judged by is crap. The guns are essential split between Comstock's Guard's guns and the Vox's, they both do the same thing but one is painted red. The vigors overlap each other far too much or are just not fun to use. I went through using mostly crow storm and devils kiss, neglecting the other 6 for the most part. The spacing between when you get new vigors and guns is terrible. 2/3 of the way through you get 6 of the 8 vigors and only in the last 45 minutes of game play you get the last one. I don't understand it. The enemies are lackluster. You shoot at the blues or the reds, it makes little difference because they're the same enemies. By the end of the game they become little more than bullet sponges. The "special" enemies are little better. The few times they show up they provide little challenge but manage to take up more time than anything else. It is a good story, but not a good game. I would enjoy this much more if it were a book or a movie. Something that i could go back through in little time to pick up on the things i missed but the gameplay is so bland that i have no want to go back and find out more about the Luteces or about Comstock and his wife. If you want to know the story about this game look it up on youtube because for $60 it is not worth it. Expand
  30. Apr 2, 2013
    This game is completely uncomparable to it's ancestor Bioshock. Original game force you to make choices, only choice you can made in B.I. is picture on Elizabet's necklace, which probably don't have any meaning for gameplay. Original game gives us enjoying minigame for lock-picking and hacking. Let's see what we have here "Hey, Elizabeth, take these lockpicks of mine and pick this lock for me, please". It's boring! I was still waiting when the game shows me the full potential, but then it ends... Conclusion: It's good shooter, like many on the marked these days. Nothing special as original Bioshock as we all wanted and expected. Expand
  31. Apr 2, 2013
    I'm totally, totally disappointed by Bioshock Infinite: a lot of good ideas, both in the script and in the gameplay, badly assembled to fit more a teenager-COD-ish audience.

    the whole game is about "run! run! shoot! shoot! get out of the city!" while the script stays there rotting till the last 20 minutes of the game. even though, it's damn full of wholes, just like Mass Effect 3

    game industry, where the are you going??
  32. Mar 26, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is a huge relief in an industry whose releases are saturated with non-inspired and recycled crap in order to make a buck or two. It's not perfect downsides include tedious looting, easy combat and some pacing issues towards the last third of the game. But Infinite shines in its artistic direction, and really pulls you into its environment with so much rich attention to detail. Columbia really is something to behold. The set pieces are massive and will leave you in constant awe of what you just saw.

    It's definitely on par with Bioshock 1 and might even edge itself ahead. Definite GOTY contender. You can't miss this one.
  33. May 10, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is an above average game, but it is not worth the 94 metascore it has received. When I saw this score, along with it's (at the time) 8.9 metascore, I figured I would be in for an amazing game experience. Instead, I received a pretty game with a nice story, with gameplay tacked on.

    What Bioshock Infinite does extremely well, is that it is an absolutely beautifully
    rendered world with a great story-line. I was simply amazed with the graphics and experienced no slow-downs at max settings on my HD7970 it is very well optimized, whereas most games are not. Elizabeth is a character you really can fall in love with during your adventure with her.

    I picked the "Hard" difficulty to play the game with, as I'm somewhat seasoned in FPS games and love a good challenge. What Bioshock Infinite defines as "hard" however, is not actually something challenging. You just die a bit more than you would on the other game modes, with 0 set-backs/punishments for failure. Death can actually be a rewarding experience as you come back to life with more ammo and your health reset, in basically the same location with all enemies you killed still dead. The difficulty setting itself is almost entirely irrelevant.

    Gameplay seemed somewhat similar to a borefest I played recently (again, overly praised) called "Borderlands 2". You get a couple of guns at a time, your character can melee and you get "special moves" such as the ability to possess people, throw grenades or uppercut them across the room. Interesting abilities but not anything that radically change the game. Once you find Elizabeth in the game, she also has the ability to open "tears" of your choice, which can give you access to med-packs, extra ammo, an automated turret, etc... which introduces extra tactics into the game. Which are ultimately negated by the fact that you CAN NOT FAIL at this game (again, my gripe with difficulty).

    When I see "94 out of 100", I expect an amazing gameplay experience. Instead what I got, was amazing graphics and story with gameplay tacked on. If that's what you look for in your gaming, go with Bioshock.
  34. Mar 27, 2013
    First off, I disagree with the fact that a mixed review is considered to be only a 5 and 6 rather than also including a 7. If I had to give this game a number rating, it would be a 7.5. This is not a bad game by any means, but I don't have fully positive things to say about it. Starting with the presentation, this game is nothing short of breathtaking at times. Many small models are very low poly, however the textures and colors do more than enough to make up for that minor complaint. At times I did however encounter draw distance problems when playing on all ultra settings which broke the immersion, but they were more prominently noticeable in the beginning of the game because there was no combat. This game created a new aesthetic very different than Bioshock 1 & 2 with a colorful and vibrant world that exceeds many unreal engine titles. It works very well with the tone of the game, but it would have been nice to see some more improvements for the PC version in the graphics department. The gameplay is where I start to have mixed feelings. This is not a challenging games in the sense that dying has any impact on you, as it just makes you run through an area again. The challenge lies more in how you choose to play. When it comes to the actual combat, it is hard to describe. Many weapons feel satisfying to use, however there are times when cheesing your way through an area seems to be more efficient than exploiting all resources at your disposal. I played on medium for a quarter of the game and then switched to hard which did not seem to solve this problem at all. When comparing the way I played prior Bioshock games with the combat in Infinite, I used almost all the plasmids to their full effect, and not just for their designated area. But in Infinite, I barely had any need to use any vigors other than possession. I believe this can be boiled down to the fact that you may only have 2 active vigors at a time which require you to pause the game and open a radial menu which stops the flow of combat and ultimately does not translate well into a PC game, rather than having them all available using F1 and so on in Bioshock 1. That was also a clunky system, but it did not slow down the game. The lack of saves and quick saves can also be a fairly major problem. At many times, I skipped a tip screen which was telling me something important because I was using the F key to loot containers. There is no delay between showing the tip and then continuing the game. This then requires you to restart at last checkpoint if you want to read it again (The game menu that can be opened with O is not helpful for displaying any information and is largely pointless) and the checkpoint can be in excess of 10 minutes or more back, and it does not save any of the items you collected up to that point. The amount of backtracking that is required is also poorly implemented. If you want to find new gear or stat upgrades, you must backtrack very far, sometimes 3-4 areas back. Since there is no map, and the only way you know where you're going is by using the navigation display by pressing N (which is only for finding the next objective) it can be harrowing trying to find these special locations again. I ended up just skipping many of them because they were not a deciding factor in anything that happened. More gameplay problems exist later on such as a lack of enemy variety and encounters and it usually becomes the same formula each time. Overall, I believe the earlier Bioshock games tackled combat encounters in a better way, however the way combat "felt" in Infinite was better. The story is another area that I did not feel very positive about. Without spoiling anything, the beginning is slow but interesting to the point where you want to get more of an understanding about Elizabeth, while the middle is EXTREMELY flat and lack luster and does not satisfy any earlier curiosities. The ending is where the game really shines, but it feels like everything that you were expecting to see in the middle of the game is at the end. While the ending was well thought out, it did not make up for the entire middle portion of the game which was nearly 60 to 70% of the content. I felt extremely bored during many missions in the middle and just wanted to learn more about the power Elizabeth wields. Instead, you're left with a pretty boring attempt at trying to create emotion between other characters, but none of them are memorable other than Elizabeth. There is obviously more to be said to fully explain my feelings about this game, but they require much more information and knowledge with prior games to get the point across. This is definitely a game that will be looked back at positively, but the fact that is being coined as an "unforgettable experience" is a vast overstatement. Good? Yes. Problems? Yes. A truly unique and inspiring game? Not so much. Expand
  35. Mar 31, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is a Bioshock game, period. I know it looks different and may seem different, but a lot of the things from Bioshock are in Bioshock Infinite. While Infinite has its own look and everything, which makes it feel new and fresh, this is a Shock game through and through, so you have a mix of the familiar with something entirely new. The combat is very similar to the first game, but guns have more of a kick this time around. Plasmids also make a comeback in the form of Vigors, which allow for a lot of variation and experimentation in combat. There's also the inclusion of sky-lines, which make some fights really exciting and frantic. I'd say the combat scenarios are an improvement from the first Bioshock. You'll also be looting the environment and corpses for money, food, salt (for Vigors), etc.

    Bioshock's art direction is simply stunning. It takes a very talented art team to pull off something like Infinite, and the team at Irrational was definitely up to the task. The amount of detail in each and every environment is staggering. You'll definitely understand why this game was such an undertaking and took so many years to create when you see it in action. Then you have Elizabeth, which is one of the most realized characters in all of gaming. Elizabeth's animations and interactions are one of Infinite's many highlights.

    But Bioshock Infinite is ultimately all about the narrative, which it delivers on from beginning to end. This game's story is hands down one of the best in the business, even going as far as surpassing the original Bioshock. While Bioshock was a masterpiece, its ending left a little something to be desired. But this isn't the case with Bioshock Infinite. This game has an ending that'll blow you away.
  36. Apr 9, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite may not have the graphical fidelity of other AAA titles of the time but what it lacks in that department it makes up for in a rich and immersible story that keeps you coming back for more.

    I was constantly torn between exploring more of the world for audio diary's or ciphers and progressing through the story to find out how it would unfold next, in the end I think I
    only picked up around 70% of the diary's which is a shame as I'm sure a lot of the lore and perhaps keys to understanding the conclusion of the story was lost with them.
    The characters were well developed and believable albeit the antagonist Comstock doesn't quite live up to the Andrew Ryan of Bioshock past. The Lettuce twins have some brilliant back and fourths and when you think about what they say a little deeper it's all pretty clever stuff.

    Infinite isn't without it's faults though, I personally wasn't a huge fan of auto saving and no quick saving as on occasion the game wouldn't have auto saved for about 25 minutes and I couldn't really drop it without losing some progress.
    I also don't think the vigor's are quite as fun as Bioshock 1 & 2's plasmids, there is the option to use them all as traps but I pretty much never found myself doing it.
    Lastly the constant coin flipping by Elizabeth kind of got a little annoying, I understand the idea was to physically show that she's helping you out through the story but the repetitive things she would say started to grate after a while.

    Come the end of the day, Bioshock Infinite is an extremely worth while purchase with it's deep engrossing story, rich characters, mind bending ending that'll have you talking about it for days and nice little nods to music throughout the century.

    I'd say, a must buy.
  37. Mar 30, 2013
    Wait till 75% off on steam or even better buy something else. Another average game aimed at the teenagers, its very disappointing that mainstream gaming has become as boring as the movies being made. Every time i play one of these so called 10/10 games i find my self looking backwards in time for the real masterpieces of video games.
  38. Sep 5, 2013
    This game is abysmal. Complete waste of time and I'll apologize, but not worth a long review.
    Game play, mechanically speaking, as an FPS is disgustingly simple and usually bad and inconsistent. The weapons are not good with very little noticeable difference in "upgrades".
    The story is boring and drags on; Columbia is no Rapture. It was so bad I walked away for 5 months and then
    decided to finish it before uninstalling and that was a mistake. The ending is worthless drivel.
    BORING. I can't believe all the people that think this passes as even a remotely good game. Complete waste of time and money in every respect (and I loved Bioshock).
  39. Apr 30, 2013
    the worst and most overrated game in the history of gaming.. it's terrible really, it's extremely tedious, it literally has the most repetitive gameplay ever, You spend the whole game shooting the same people in different places, jeez they even all have the same model, it really feels like you're killing that same guy millions of times, and damn that guy just wont die.. It's below average, the gameplay has nothing special, it's a normal shooter, they added some "super-powers" trying to give a false feeling that this game has something special, but those powers are just a week imitation of mass effect 3 and other ARPG games.. the game is full of redundant missions, just to make more tedious gameplay hours, like that mission where you get the electricity ability, or when that rebel takes your plane, so you go bring her some weapons from a gunsmith, which leads to another useless mission.. Sky city environment is kinda good.. but nothing is really thrilling about the graphics, cartoon-ish graphics can be good but they never can be awesome.
    I was playing far cry 3 for the second time (repeating outposts) while playing Bioshock,, and i definitely enjoyed far cry 3 second-side-missions-walkthrough way more than bioshock infinite.
  40. May 14, 2013
    -------tldr: "Underwhelming"-------

    As someone who played through System Shock 1, System Shock 2, Bioshock, and Bioshock 2 (enjoying each one, flaws and all), I was prepared for another interesting step in the "Shock" series (as advertised to me by every reviewer I've seen) but what I got instead was something closer to "disappointment." Everyone tried to tell me that the combat is
    great... it's not. I personally don't enjoy seeing a series that once gave you freedom of choice as far as character building through either various upgrades & Plasmids/Psychic-Powers (each power is versatile and each weapon has 3 different types of ammunition) just boiled down to "see guy... shoot him with 1 of your 2 gunz. Want cool? Use special power that feels almost like the previous power you were using earlier, except with different graphix." Not to mention that the meaningful fights against mutated humans, many which still hold enough humanity in them to almost make each encounter seem tragic, have been replace by drooling, raving Racists that have no regard for their personal well-being while throwing logic to the curb and suicide run themselves towards your Regenerating-Shielded self. The enemies, with no logic behind it, are just regular humans that can absorb multiple bullets to the face in any difficulty that's higher than "Normal." (The mutated creatures got away with that in SS2/BS1-2 because there was still a in-game Leveling System through the Cyber-Modules/Camera that increase your abilities). The story also left the worst taste in my mouth. What started with a very interesting look at both racism and American "super-Jingoism," is quickly forgotten about. midway through the game, opting out for an episode of Sliders/Doctor Who. They've squandered the city they created, the side-characters they've introduced, the compelling themes at the beginning of the game, and what could've been a great look on the effects of both racism and the consequences of the "Revolution" that has been going on, and rendered them all moot by the last half of the game. I'm still not 100% sure what can be considered "Art" in video games, but in my honest opinion, this isn't it. Nothing is being said. Nothing is learned. Nothing is gained. 7/10 for still being kind of fun most of the time, but failing to meet up with the expectations given to me and having less meaningful content than its predecessors Expand
  41. Apr 14, 2013
    With all the fuss the game has recieved i had to give it ago i would say i am about half way throught the game and its just average the story has you back tracking through levels the female counter part give you ammo ect all the time making the game too easy feel like the dev's where being lazy how ever the visuals are good and sound is great but everythink else just average.
  42. Apr 7, 2013
    Likes: -The unique steampunk scenery and art direction. -The beginning of the game is spectacular. -Elizabeth's gestures and interactivity with the environment. -There are some cool, hidden rewards. -Highly detailed and well designed levels. Dislikes: -Bland, boring combat with little need to plan or switch up tactics. Just point and shoot. There are a few elite mooks beyond the same monotonous enemies but they are never more than bullet sponges.
    -The social themes like racism, unionism, and religion seem tacked on and never explored sufficiently. They seem to be there to invoke controversy and nothing else.
    -Vigors seem weak and unimaginative. Some of them are introduced late in the game so there is little use for them. I recall never having to depend on them except for when i ran out of ammo.
    -NPC's found during the game are useless and non-interactive.
    -Horribly designed boss fights with continually respawning minions. The same boss fight is repeated 3 times.
    -Story was a let down and simply pulled a rug over you at the end.

    Overall, i never found the bioshock series to be amazing games, but i enjoyed the stories and the more slow paced and cerebral gameplay of the previous installments. Bioshock Infinite's presentation and carefully crafted world is really breathtaking, but take away that and you're left with little else but an average shooter with a disappointing ending.
  43. Apr 7, 2013
    The city is beautiful! The graphics and people in the streets are fantastic. Being taken back to what life in 1912 may have been like is great, and I love the idea of a city in the air!! However, I have a lot of complaints about this one and:

    Ken Levine at one point said he wanted people to play this game "their own way" and then be able to tell their friends "this is how I beat that
    part". It was going to be about how we the players played it uniquely ourselves. But that is a joke in Bioshock Infinite. It is completely linear and very minimal sense of your own play style, nothing like Far Cry 2 anyway. The skyline is appealing, but and maybe this is what Ken Levine meant by choose your own style, but to me it didn't add enough to my choice of how to beat the game.
    Far Cry 2/3 can run on consoles, I don't understand why then we are still getting linear games like Bioshock Infinite, where all 3 platforms can handle more. Imagine an open-world Columbia, where you can truly play as you want and complete the game your own way like Far Cry 2/3. Add Infinite to the list of linear, check-point-only-save games that are all so similar these days. What a bore for gaming.

    I found Bioshock 1 and 2 blew me away with how incredible and magical they were, especially the first one. That was a game!! Music, setting, combat, visuals, hacking, EVERYTHING.

    Infinite is good visually but it's not as good or fun of a game I think overall, not nearly as that of Bioshock 1 or 2. Over-rated and I hate that they connected Rapture to the story. Not what I thought it was going to be. Disappointing.
  44. Mar 27, 2013
    Very very visually stunning but none of your choices make any game impacting events nor do they change the outcome of the end.
    the story is MEH at best with out givining 2 much away they go very doctor who on us....
    the voice acting is top notch
    the guns are limited to say the least no real upgrades like the other games and no custom ammo
    the vigors are boring aswell most are exact
    remakes of ones we have already seen and only 2 are useful at best your also never forced to use them burning down a wall charging a generator) environmental interaction is very linear with the rifts.
    you are only doing what they want you to do with very little alternitves i think people are blinded by the clouds and angles to truely compare to the quality of the other bioshocks.
    6.5 at most not game of the year
    farcry 3 much better imo
  45. Mar 28, 2013
    This game truly captures what an amazing video game can be. The world itself leaves you wanting to explore more and see what else there is to offer. On top of the world the level design is brilliant, with various sights to see, reasons to explore and the urge to see what Elizabeth will find or point out. The graphics are stunning as while you walk down various parts of the game the sun glare and just various reflections make it to be a highly immersing world. The combat is very enjoyable, and enjoyable enough that after beating the game twice it still has a lot of entertainment value left in it. Possibly one of the greatest aspects of the game though is it's story, and the themes it touches on. The story mixed in throughout the world always leaves you wanting to know just a little bit more. The development of the story throughout though at a perfect pace where you don't feel bored or rushed through any part of the game. It all coming to a climax at the astounding ending, leaving you left to think deeply about the game, as well as drawing you back into it to play it again. Also Elizabeth, one of my most memorable characters to see in a video game, all credit to the Liz Squad at Irrational for making her feel real. This is an experience I haven't had in a video game in I can't remember how long and is probably going to hold the spot of one of the best video games I've ever played, if not the best. All the praise and credit they are getting is well deserved for this journey that you have to experience for yourself. Expand
  46. Mar 28, 2013
    I haven't got through this game too far yet but I just don't understand why people love it so much. To put it bluntly I'm starting to find this is a bit of a grind. Enter an area, kill the faceless dull enemies, grab the loot, complete task, kill some more faceless enemies on the way out, grab the loot, move onto the next area. Repeat until end of game.
    It is also very odd that the
    Prophet is trying to stop you escaping with Elizabeth but he only sends half a dozen goons at a time to stop you. "What, those 6 goons didn't kill you? Well, just wait till you get to the next zone where there will be another 6 goons waiting".
    The game really lacks the horror and terror I got from Bioshock 2. The first time you encounter a big sister or big daddy in Bioschock scares the crap out of you. I haven't had the same feeling with Infinite yet.
    Bottom line: I just don't find Infinite fun. Usually when I get a new game I play for hours on end until my back starts spasming. With Infinite I play for maybe 30 minutes at a time, at least until I get to the next checkpoint (why can't I save the game when I want, and why can't I save multiple games? Crazy).
    I hope Infinite gets better the further I get into this game otherwise I may end up not finishing it.
  47. Mar 31, 2013
    One of the best or maybe the best fps i have ever played! A story and characters that will grab you from the start and combat that has the old bio-shock feel. And plot twist that will go WTF more then once, You need to do yourself a favor and get this game now!
  48. Mar 31, 2013
    Although I have issues with the story of this game, I found it to be very thrilling to play and filled with marvelous visuals. If you go in for the gameplay you will NOT be disappointed at all. This is an incredibly polished shooter. But the story is a whole other thing. It feels like Ken Levine put too many ingredients in the soup and starts to lose track of what he wants to make the story about. Almost all of the political philosophy is lost a certain way into the game due to a focus on multiverses, which is interesting on it's own but eventually reaches an ending that doesn't have anything to do with the world and politics of Columbia at all. I was disappointed because I was under the assumption that the writers were trying to fix the flaws the original bioshock had, but it does not ruin the whole game. It would be best to wait for the price to lower, but you will not have remorse if you go for it while it's still 60 dollars. Expand
  49. Apr 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Bioshock Infinite is a competent FPS. However, competent doesn't mean greatness, and Infinite has a long way to go before it reaches that pedestal.

    Graphically: The game looks very pretty upon first glance. Once you actually stop to look at what's going on and pay attention to the finer details, you notice some glaring problems. First is the bloom. There's bloom everywhere, and it's far overdone. The entire environment looks over saturated. Then you get up close to the textures, and they look extremely dated. From far away, the apple boxes look full of fruit, but when you get up close you seem some 2006 era textures. Okay, well what about the NPCs? Pay attention to their faces, and you'll find that many of them not only look absurd, but they also share the exact same face. The vigor's showing their effects on your hands is a nice touch, but one is left to wonder why they removed seeing the effects of weapon upgrades.

    Gameplay: The gameplay is an absolute step back from Bioshock 1 and 2. You have access to all vigors at all times, making it so that you don't have to plan your engagements nearly as carefully. The two gun limit is also wholly unnecessary. It would work very well from a gameplay standpoint if ammo was very scarce, and you were forced to use money on vending machines or constantly switch weapons in order to survive. But because Elizabeth is always there to give you ammo, you're never in any real danger of not having ammo. There doesn't really seem to be any point in having a two gun limit. It does absolutely nothing for the game.

    Then you have the issue of Elizabeth. Bioshock 1 was great not just for its story, but for its atmosphere. Infinite doesn't have anywhere near the atmosphere that Bioshock 1 and 2 provided with Rapture. In the previous games, you were pretty much alone in this strange, dark world. In Infinite Elizabeth is not only almost constantly by your side, but she gives you things to help you along the way. You don't have to worry about managing your health, because Elizabeth gives you healthpacks when you're low. You don't have to worry about not being able to use vigors, because she gives you salts. She even gives you money and the aformentioned ammo. Halfway through the game, you have enough money to buy anything you want, even if you don't spend a lot of time looting. How does this improve the game? It doesn't, it makes it very very boring. You never have to worry about resource management, because you can't run out.

    This brings me to the shield. Here is a gameplay element that is entirely tacked on. Why do you have a shield? Why does nobody else have a shield? The shield only serves as a way for you to play like a pissed off teenager. You don't have to worry about dying, because your shield recharges. So you run in, shoot a bunch of people, and then hide while what is essentially a second health bar recharges. The AI is dumb enough to let you do this. This and Elizabeth only serve to make the game easier. Why make the game easier for no reason? Bioshock 1 and 2 weren't even that difficult to begin with. 1999 doesn't even rectify this problem, as it only makes enemies hit harder and sponge more bullets.

    Story: The story is an absolute train wreck. It starts off pretty good, but quickly goes off the rails. It all falls apart when you have to help the Vox. Okay, you don't care about the Vox and just want an airship right? Good, Booker feels the same way. Then you go through a bunch of honestly pointless crap, to show you just WHY you should sympathize with the Vox. Fink is a bad man. Minorities are horribly oppressed in Columbia. Okay, maybe I should care about the Vox. And then their leader tries to kill a child, and they end up killing as many innocents as Columbia's police force. So, wait a second here. The minorities are oppressed because they're "uncivilized savages" and to give Columbia a reason to have an army right? Then isn't the whole message of what Columbia is doing is wrong completely nullified when the minorities do exactly what the propaganda claims they'll do?

    Not only that, but Comstock is a villain who's never really done anything personally to you. The only reason to dislike him is for what he's done to Elizabeth, which honestly isn't some GREAT ATROCITY. The overarching themes here are supposed to be regret and forgiveness, yet NOBODY forgives anybody for anything in this game. Then, you get to the ending.

    Elizabeth is omniscient. She sees all realities and understands them all. If she is omniscient, then wouldn't she have known all of this would happen from the moment she loses her pinkie? If she knew all of this, why not just state it from the start? The only way for her to attain omniscience when the siphon is destroyed is if time is linear. She can attain her powers and thus know everything from that point on. But if time is linear, drowning Booker creates a grandfather paradox. Causality is kind of
  50. Apr 8, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite was no doubt a very pretty game. The vistas that they created with Columbia's floating city were very unique and artistically very beautiful. I found myself looking off in the distance several times in aww of how they came up with this gorgeous landscape. The games graphics are no doubt a step above the other Bioshock games and the story seems to follow with its complexity, trying to connect several different parallel universes with the one your in. Although this all seems good and dandy the game is not what people are hyping it all up to be.
    My biggest problems with the game is how mediocre the gameplay is. It's basically the same as the other bioshock games but with the addition of Elizabeth's powers that can open tears to other universes popping out useful objects/items to use in the environment and the hook that allows you to ride on rails. These additions can be fun but their nothing to get excited about, you basically never need to use them except for a few key spots towards the end of the game. the game was so easy I played the whole way threw on hard and the AI was very bland and predictable. I loved in the previous bioshock game that you could upgrade bullets for the gun making them shock or explode on impact and when you upgraded the gun the look would change a little based on what you upgraded on it. Infinite completely took this quality out including replacing hacking with a simple plasmid/vigor power that you just shoot to hack an object. This thoroughly disappointed me and further limited how you fought a group of soldiers that just blindly came charging at you.
    The game is just way to short at a gameplay time of 8 hours, that alone makes me laugh at the price of $60. The reason why you killed people was questioning It seemed several times in the game that I was murdering hundreds of innocent people for no reason. It felt like their was combat just for the sake of combat in several places of the game and it took me out of the experience making me question why the hell am I murdering all these people.
    Bioshock Infinite is basically a mediocre game with a washed over gameplay style of the other installments with much needed content that was taken out from the previous games, a short story, repetitive combat, lack of material in the game besides the story, and very badly programmed AI that can be predictable on any difficulty of the game. The story is a little unique and left me thinking about it for several days after beating it and the graphics are very beautiful but its not enough for me to say its worth $60. I played 8 hours, beat it, and will probably never touch it again. This game simply just needs more content and better gameplay with the hacking of the original bioshock in it and the upgrading of weapons from bioshock 2. I recommend waiting for the hype of the game to go down and the price to drop to about $20-$30 before buying it. People are influenced too easily by the previews of games and the HYPE developers put on their games that they forget how much your actually getting for your money, but, if thats good enough for you maybe $60 is worth it.
    Check out Fallout New Vegas if you want to see what I mean by having $60 worth of content in a game.
  51. Apr 15, 2013
    The original beats this in every way. The Vigors (new abilities) and gear (New tonics) are crap. The story starts off strong but quickly degenerates into a a bad episode of the twilight zone. The enemy AI is horrid, and the levels are large and mostly empty and dead feeling. I doubt anyone will enjoy the new sky rail as it is nothing more than a novelty. As a Bioshock fan I was deeply disappointed. 1999 mode was a joke as well and easily beaten. Expand
  52. Apr 13, 2013
    The good: it provides about 20 hours of single player monotony, graphics aren't the worst
    The bad: Everything else.

    Being realistic, I'd have to say this game is NOT worth $60. Half that maybe. Luckily I got this game for free so I can write this review without any influence from having purchased the game. I can not understand how or why this game gets reviewed so highly. The
    graphics are in the range of DECENT to GOOD. They are not worthy of being called "amazing" or "incredible". Crysis 3 had incredible graphics. This game looks like its running off the Unreal 3 engine, oh wait that's right it is... I find it irritating that they try to mix realistic lighting effects with over-saturated, cartoon like color pallets and character designs. Nothing fits together in this games design choices. It's almost as if there were multiple art directors each in charge of their own bits of the game and they did not coordinate on anything!

    The sound is pathetic. They obviously spent a lot of time recording their own mish mashed songs that are combinations of their own "creative" writing as well as bits of real world classics, than they did on any of the ambient sounds or weapon sounds. There is a decent amount of dialogue from the primary characters as well as random NPCs but for a game that you supposedly get "lost" in, I did not find the experience very convincing. Oblivian had more natural dialogue than this game. With that said, another big gripe of mine is that there are these collectible audio recordings that you find throughout the game that you can listen when you pick them up. Doing so results in all other sounds being almost muted during the playback. The developers saw fit to place these near areas where hearing the in game sounds would be useful as well, so while you're listening to a recording, an enemy has noticed you and started firing. This is further complicated by the dialogue between you and the Elizabeth character since her dialogue has the same drowning effect as the recording playbacks. Brilliant!

    The story is silly and unoriginal. The game has a real opportunity to go somewhere with it and it flat lines the whoooooole game. Most of the game will be spent searching crates, barrels, and bodies for items and money so that you can buy upgrades for the one or two weapons you'll decide to stick with since you couldn't possibly upgrade all of the weapons that are all VERY similar. Also lock picks will be needed to unlock rooms full of one item and maybe a safe, which you will need more lock picks for so that you can always discover that it only has around $200 in it. Literally every safe has this in it. Never an item or anything. Always around $200. Apparently all people in an alternate past/universe with a safe will only ever store around $200 in them... How exciting!

    This game just feels like Bioshock in the sky, which it is, but that is not a good thing... Game and level design should have progressed in the past 5 years or so. This might as well be a rail shooter. Very Linear. Even the "choices" that the game presents you do not have any impact on the progression of the storyline. This game tries hard to develop characters, but it generally fails. The plot "twist" is a joke and basically defeats the purpose of the game.

    I could go on and on about all of the things that make this a mediocre game but I'll leave it to you to find out the rest.
  53. Jul 30, 2013
    Never understood all the love for this game. In my opinion, this game is just overrated and overhyped. One of the best games of all times? Not even close. Sorry
  54. Apr 18, 2013
    This game is very dull and linear, I loved the first Bioshock never finished the sequel and that one stayed on my hard drive for less than 24 hours.

    Its not a very challenging game, and it gets very shallow and repetitive fast. If you re an older gamer and used to love the first Half Life by example, you may want to pass on this one .

    Pretty graphics dont make a good game.
  55. Apr 27, 2013
    When I saw the trailer for this game I thought it was going to be great. Then it got delayed, Which I have no problem with. When you start up the game its looks stunning! Then gets darker once you progress into the game which also is a good feature to bring the game more alive. The guns, once you found the guns you really like you stick with them. Which made the gameplay really boring near the end sequence say like the Carbine and the Sniper Rifle they worked well together which means you stick with them. Bioshock should of had more guns I do have to say. Next the vigor's, they almost felt like you didn't actually need them and more of like they were just there for show and tell. Plus once you found the right vigor for your style you stick with them which is the same with guns. The plot was really good and a bit confusing at the end. In conclusion I give this game an 7. Expand
  56. Apr 29, 2013
    I don't usually do this, but the score this game has been getting is a flat out lie. Honestly, it should be a 5-7 rating, I'm just trying to weigh in.

    The game itself is not bad. The presentation was amazing, I loved the graphics and audio. And its functional: you run around, shoot things, and use powers. But that's it, as far as game-play goes. It doesn't really add anything
    substantial to what Bio-Shock already did (yeah the skylines were neat, but mostly forgettable). Elizabeth as an AI is nothing spectacular the award winning trailers are a shameful *lie*, none of the cool things they were claiming would be in the game are actually there. She's an invulnerable NPC that follows you around, leans against walls, and gives you stuff.

    All of that would've been fine, but the story... that's where I went from having an "ok" time playing to downright hating the game. The characters lack definition and coherence, I never got a good sense of who they were, what they were doing, and why. They changed their tone and motivation from one scene to another, and the ones that didn't were just flat and one-dimensional. There were scenes that would have been perfectly fine on their own, but there was never any meaningful progression between them due to the inconsistent character development. In the end I just didn't care about any of them, downright despised Elizabeth (I really wanted to like her), and was glad when it was over.

    The narrative itself isn't anything special. It makes no commentary that stands out on it's own, it just basically regurgitates the popular opinion that's already been well established in the mainstream, but manages do it in a way that's both pretentious *and* condescending at the same time! It has no grasp on the subject matter (if there is any) and no grasp on the characters, but pretends to have both. Not every game needs to say something profound through it's narrative, but it should at least *know* what's it trying to do and what it isn't. The problem with BS:I is that it thinks it's something it's not, and is very obviously pleased with itself.

    It seems to me that the reason it's been getting such high marks is mainly due to hype, where people have convinced themselves that this game *has* to be an outstanding artistic success, or else the reviewers themselves happen to align with it's superficial take on human nature and don't mind that it's execution is frankly embarrassing. If you don't mind any of that, then you might have a good enough time running around shooting things. Or maybe you're simply a fan of the series. Either way, I would recommend you buy the game but strongly suggest you not spend $60 on it. It's worth $20 bucks... maybe. But if you care about a well-told story with strong, believable characters that you actually care about, I recommend you only try the game as an example of how *not* to tell a story through a game.
  57. ERB
    Aug 10, 2013
    This game is absolutely awesome!Among all the BioShock games I've ever played,this is the best one so far.I am guessing that this game will be the game of the year I mean the game play is good,the graphics is also good,and everything about this game is epic!And also I am telling you guys to go buy this game and try playing It.It will be worth all the penny you pay to buy this game.
  58. May 10, 2013
    Don't believe the media, this game is just another stylized call of duty clone. The most frequent argument of fans is about storyline, but who cares about it if it's still unplayable? I actually don't want to smash LMB+W for 10 hours just to learn new things about in-game pretty cliche world events. First game of franchise was really awesome, a new word in rpg genre, this one doesn't has anything with original, putting player on railway through copy-pasted bad designed decorations. These pseudo contrasts of blue and yellow colors are also awful, while being crammed on each square meter, making sick after first 10 minutes. Expand
  59. May 12, 2013
    This game is a joke. Easily the most over rated and over hyped game in recent years. The graphics are laughable at best, the enemy ai may as well not exist, which obviously means the game is terribly easy to ONE sitting. Sure up the difficulty to the 1999 mode, then it will take you two sittings to beat. This game rode on the success of its previous titles and relied on hype to make sales. Bottom line, bad graphics, no challenge, takes no time to beat, no replay value. Expand
  60. May 17, 2013
    Extremely overrated game. Combat is a major lackluster it uses a cheap but emotionally stunning plot twist at the end which could last for days until you wake up and realize that this game has major flaws. Apparently all those "official" reviews were still dreaming while scoring it.
  61. May 27, 2013
    I am very disappointed. There are many thing I hate about this game. It was like a Call of Duty. I hate shooting enemies by scope. Enemies are too far, and they have rifles. I loved previous Bioshock, it didn't need to use scope, I like to shoot enemies from close range. I loved the maniac enemies who come to kill with knifes or sticks. I loved the dark, creepiness. BioShock Infinite, too many guns, bombs flying around, places are too bright. The worst thing about this game brought the story about slavery, racist, that just made the game too serious and real.

    I love shooting enemies from close range, but not zombie games, there are too many zombie games and movies. I like enemies who are maniac humans or monsters. Aliens vs. Predator 2010 was like that, but it was a bad game, too many xenomorph,they were too annoying, a player had to run away and shoot to stay alive. And I don't like xenomorph. Metro 2033 was a perfect.
  62. May 22, 2013
    Pros: Good vistas; put you in the air. Story is great but not original. Cons: Generic Shooter. A degradation if it is compared to the first Bioshock gameplay. Upgrading weapons and vigors are no fun. Quantum Physics in a game is not a new thing, please stop saying it is original idea. Many vigor upgrades for railway battle (wtf?) You will almost always miss your Carbine, which is another guns make you feel more like a walking ****

    If you think the story is an original, just please play Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger. This is apply especially for those teenagers out there, not knowing a better story was created more than a decade ago. And for sake of humanity, yes, don't get me wrong, I love Bioshock series! And I love the 1st Bioshock pretty much.
    And one more thing that spins me upside-down, some people cited that half of the budget for this game solely spends on the advertising. Here's the link:
    They don't need to be afraid of the popularity if they believe it is a good game in development.
    Open eyes, and please see it clearly, the gameplay is just too generic.

    Don't believe the hype, money (read: advertising) can almost buy anything, even your ideas and beliefs, and your view.
    Thanks for reading.
  63. Jun 30, 2013
    This very well could be the best game story in video games history.. i loved it, but 90% of the reason i play games is for the gameplay NOT the story... the game play, gun handling and combat mechanics are absolutely doll in my opinion.. in the previous bioshock game the combat was fine but nothing special, and i really expected a good combat from Infinite but unfortunately it did NOT deliver.
    Aesthetically +
    Story and plot +
    World design and lore +
    Lovely Companion (Elizabeth) +
    Average and doll combat -
    2 weapons carry restriction -
    Dumped down game mechanics -
    for me its a 7 out of 10...
    happy gaming
  64. Jun 1, 2013
    People should really know the difference between graphics and aesthetics. The game looks nice, but not really graphics wise. Muddy textures were cleverly hidden by post-processing trickery. The story is shallow and makes use of multi-dimensional to make up for it. Intelligent people would only get the game, people would say. They treat quantum mechanics as magic and use it as cop-out for plot holes in the story. I don't understand the 10s and 9s that people give to this game. The game mechanics is not even that perfect. Why should it even be called a video game if you don't even emphasize the game mechanics. Increasing difficulty increases enemy sponginess? Why can't you carry more than two weapons anyway? The weapon upgrades are meaningless, as the upgrades would only be countered by increased health of generic enemies, I should say. The weapons don't even feel that powerful because they don't stop your enemies on their tracks. All this flaws are then discarded because of the awesome ending? Biggest cop-out in a video game in this generation, more like. Infinite became meaningless with constants and variables. I scored 4 because of the aesthetics of the game, the sounds and the whole flying city thing. Not game of the year or even game of the generation material, as some people that has fallen to its mediocre plot and "mind-blowing" twist and ending. Buy Metro: Last Light instead. Expand
  65. Jun 4, 2013
    Um dos títulos mais overrated que já mentiram sobre meus olhos. Pessoas elogiá-lo para gráficos, pena que eu não possa vê-los através da flor, as pessoas elogiá-lo para o jogo viciante, pena que eu não possa apreciá-lo por ser forçado através de uma meia hora da cidade correndo ou entre o esconderijo obrigatório devido incapacidade de realizar medkits itens de recuperação de alimentos que foi substituída pelo sh regenerativa ield de Halo ou os idiotas decisões de design desajeitado, como alternar agachar ou a quantidade insana obrigatória de paredes invisíveis, as pessoas elogiá-lo para a história, a vergonha que há algo chamado de livros que não necessitam de cutscenes de alimentação forçada para baixo sua garganta ou áudio-logs para baixo seus ouvidos. Pelo que tenho visto até agora durante o jogo, este mais um jogo que tenta levá-lo emocionalmente envolvido e não oferece nenhum mecânica originais ou envolvente jogo-jogo, bem como da Telltale TWD que a única explicação que posso pensar por que as pessoas seria tão ingênuo, com os seus "10/10" pontuações sendo flinged como poo de um macaco com uma fralda cheia. Ter pessoas comparam isso com Half-Life com uma cara séria como eles são entregues um monte de dinheiro em vending-machines para HP & Skills ou dado habilidades regenerativas escudo em uma placa de prata (literalmente) me faz sentir mal Expand
  66. Jun 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Eu caí para o hype e comprei porque de todos os comentários, mas não gosto nada disso. Um atirador medíocre na melhor das hipóteses, com gráficos ultrapassados ​​e desinteressantes cenário e história.
    uma atmosfera colombiana horrivel um lixo completo!
  67. Jun 22, 2013
    This game is not the masterpiece some people would like it to be.

    However, there is no reason to dismiss it. For the positive, it has three amazing main characters with ambiguous backgrounds and emotions, humanistic flaws, and complicated relations (if you get to the ending, the "complicated" element is far beyond what words could express).

    The gameplay is good. It's a bit
    repetitive, but that's standard shooter fair. The gunplay is nice and smooth, with a wide enough variation, but some of the guns feel useless, and others are a bit too strong. The progression is a little weak; sometimes you'll be wondering, "why am I going here? What am I really even doing?" but it's not often and that happens in most games anyways.

    The story is amazing, and that is the reason why it deserves an 8 instead of a 5.

    For the reasons it could deserve a five, there are many negatives. Firstly, there are a few plot holes and confusing elements, especially the placement and relation of this game to the other games in the series. Secondly, there are few characters outside the main trio, and that no-supporting-character bubble can get a little dull after a while. Thirdly, the graphics are nice, but not as good as they could be. The game requires a lot more of a computer than many games with equivalent graphics do, so you wonder how well the engine programming went.

    Finally, there are a few gameplay weaknesses. The low variation in enemies and abilities is what kills the experience. The difficulty is also rather low until the end, where it gets unnecessarily difficult. But other than these somewhat major issues, it's still solid enough.

    Basically, this is a rare shooter where the gameplay is really secondary to the story, and it excels for that reason.
  68. Jul 11, 2013
    This game is a direct attack on Christianity. It is massive propaganda, using Bible quotes, Christian paintings, the whole arsenal to make the people who play it doubt the intentions of Christianity, by portraying an awkward, and even occult image for it. It may confuse children, and it may make non-religious people have a more hostile attitude towards Christianity. I don't want to write a novel here. All in all, the game is playing with some important religious values and messes everything up. If it's not plain brainwashing, it's intensive propaganda wrapped up in beautiful graphics. I would seriously doubt the intentions of its creators. Expand
  69. Jul 30, 2013
    some people just are not too interested in gameplay; specifically creating games for people who don't care about gameplay is just the height of stupidity. Which is why I'm wondering why this game was made. There is a difference between play-testing to find obvious problems that arise in pacing when developers get too attached to their work, and stripping out everything but the most basic elements because one of your testers got stuck walking down a straight corridor. It's what you get when a) the people pulling the strings aren't gamers and b) you are beholden to create a mass entertainment product for as wide an audience as possible, but I'm pretty sure that Michael Bay's films wouldn't sell any fewer tickets if the script wasn't awful, there wasn't product placement every 5 seconds, and they got some decent actors. Expand
  70. Aug 22, 2014
    Shame to see these overrated piles of rubbish appearing in this day and age.

    Graphics: Bloom, blinding lightning and smoke/fog covering up low quality textures and poor polymer structuring.

    Sound: Mediocre "christian influenced" music is almost dominating for more than half the game until they start to segment everything into eerie stressful, almost tribal drum music and even some
    quick Irish pub violin later on. This causes everything to have a very plastic feel (even though the ambiance is all good) and when combined with the seemingly random British accents, It serves only to give everything a plastic feel.

    Gameplay: Halo's regenerative shield is given to you on a silver platter (literally) to fend off a moronic AI that excels at nothing but to constantly take "cover" in plain sight. The only time I got even remotely overwhelmed was when they managed to pull off zerg-rush tactics but It turns out that was my fault since I passed the invisible "spawn enemy once he's here" line without killing everything in sight first. It also serves to be a real bummer as the weapons in this game either one-shot everything or have literally no impact on anything at certain difficulties leaving the game to be extremely easy or annoyingly tedious instead of properly hard.

    These maps also have to be some of the most mundanely linear things with invisible walls around every single corner which servers to be the biggest disappointment as the game is advertised to be "open-styled". But hey, gotta get the games on consoles somehow while also slurping it over half-arsed on a PC, right?

    Story: Predictable and incredibly confusing at the same time as the plot throws in space-time continuums like they're verbs. Other than that, the game is simply a massive corridor filled with enemies and the occasional carefully placed camera angles to sexually expose Elizabeth as much as humanly possible. Because hey, only kids will fall into the trap to buy this game... Right?

    Long story short, Buy it at a sale and get in with little in the form of expectations and preferably with two defunct eyes as well.
  71. Apr 20, 2013
    I hate to do this to one of my favorite franchises around, but i must. This is not an awful game by far, it just doesn't meet with Bioshock 1 standards. Graphically not better than the first. Story not even close to the first. Gameplay... hmmm not better than the first but not terrible. Overall just a fun game and ok story line, nothing great. I'm a bit disappointed
  72. Mar 30, 2013
    A game that clearly shows the developers wanted to make a masterpiece. The story follows many of the strengths of the original Bioshock, but goes even deeper than before. All too often games that deal in quantum physics and science fiction get lost plot holes and contrivances, but Bioshock Infinite welcomes speculation and the more you think about what's happening the more you respect all the details the writers added to the story. While there aren't too many permanent characters throughout the game, Elizabeth is easily one of the best written female characters in gaming. I couldn't possibly list half the things I loved about this game without spoiling it, but this is a game I could recommend to anyone.
    Coming back to the actual mechanics of the game, the graphics are phenomenal. They run well on mid-range cards and rely on beautiful art design and animation to make Columbia one of the most beautiful venues in video games yet. The music is appropriate, but the rest of the sound design (in Bioshock fashion) is excellent, and many of the audio logs are simply chilling. Voice acting is for the most part top-notch.
    If I have a complaint about Bioshock infinite, it's in the combat. Enemy AI is fairly basic and enemy variety is a bit wanting. The vigors are nice, but not as varied or powerful as before. That being said, the setting is much more open and diverse than the previous games. Still, truth be told, I preferred the original game's combat a little bit. Nonetheless, while this isn't a "flawless" game, it is a masterpiece, and it will be looked back on as an important step in gaming. It shows that there are still developers out there who look to their game as a piece of art and are willing to push boundaries.
  73. Mar 30, 2013
    The best FPS I've ever played. And the biggest reason I can give you is Elizabeth. Elizabeth the best NPC in any video game I've ever played. THe gameplay is excellent (though fiddly at times) the graphics are top notch (not the aboluste best, but only a tad under) the sense of "being there" is fantastic as the details is just breath taking. The game mechanics are worked out and smooth. But it is Elizabeth I've fallen in love with a sodding video game character. Please let me buy all your DLC expansions and follow ups. Sign me up right now but if you change her personality Irrational Games... I'm coming after you with a stick covered in dog excrement. Expand
  74. Aug 21, 2013
    Alright all you fanboys and Inception worshipers I'm about to school you hard in why this game is completely 100% basically ok and nothing more. I think I'll rip on the combat first.

    In Bioshock 1 you could carry all your guns at once. Ammo would still be tough to come by for certain guns, but that was ok because you could carry your gun until you found or bought ammo for it. This is
    why it made sense to upgrade weapons you weren't currently using. The upgrade system in B1 made sense because you always had access to the guns you upgraded. The upgrade system in this game is completely stupid because of the 2 weapon limit. I want to use the guns I spent money on upgrading, not be forced to discard them because I can't find ammo. The game also has several variations of the same gun for some reason. Why are there 3 different machine guns when clearly the original machine gun is the best one? These only serve to water down the chances of finding a the machine gun variant I upgraded. This still would have been ok if it were possible to upgrade all weapons in the game to full by about the 1/2 way mark, but you only have enough cash to upgrade a few guns by end game. If you hit a stretch in the game where you can't use your upgraded guns, too bad sucker! You wasted money, and you have to use sh*t tier weapons now.
    Despite this combat has a good feel to it... until you rescue Elizabeth. Don't get me wrong, she is the ideal escort mission, but right then is when the game starts to go from swashbuckling adventure fun to typcial brown/grey modern shooter. There's even health regen. Imagine that.

    Right when you go to the poor district of the city is when the game finally says "screw it, I'm a modern shooter, sort of" and goes complete corridor shooter. You still have magic, but it's not as well developed as I expected it to be from Bioshock 1. B1 had obvious issues with plasmids but I expected them to be rectified, not worsened. You never see the sun for the rest of the game btw. Everything is brown/grey, and color schemes like this for several hours really kills the mood of any game.

    Time for the story. It feels like all the writers were in the middle of writing a story set in a world about Nazi Germany (Everyone is basically Nazis. Hell, they're even all blonde and blue eyed) mixed with the French Revolution when some nutter ran in saying "Hey everyone guess what! I just discovered this great game called Half Life 2! LETS RIP IT OFF!". And so they did. They even have the Gman, except there's two of them, and they're British.
    The game sets up a compelling and organic world about revolution, racism, and showing the folly of violent uprisings. Or at least, it sets itself up to tell this story really nicely. Before it can get to that part, it decides to interject alternate reality scifi nonsense that obviously tries too hard to be deep. The worst part is though, is that the game expects me to be surprised at its plot twists. Imagine watching a gamer who says he's the best in the world, but then you watch him turn on god mode. That is what alternate realities are to stories; They are the story teller's equivalent of god mode. They declared open season on their own story and said to their audience "I can do anything now!". Because of this, I was able to predict every single plot twist. I knew that because the game devs activated god mode, they would try to pull the weirdest sh*t they could get away with, which was anything. None of it surprised me. It was as if a magician gave me the schematic to a trick, then expected me to be surprised even though he gave me the tools to predict the ending.

    Speaking of the ending, it totally sucks. It's some completely forced surreal ending ala Mass Effect 3 or Inception. It makes no sense, but it has to make no sense, because the game set itself up early on to have the ending make no sense. For lack of a better phrase, during the last 30 min of the game, the story goes up its own ass.

    On a side note, something I find really hilarious though is that all the reviewers who say that this story wrapped itself up in a nice neat bow, also called Halo's storyline convoluted.

    This isn't bringing into question the complete lack of relation to B1. There is one part where they make a nod to Rapture, but Andrew Ryan isn't here. I expected Ryan to interject to want you to kill Comstock because he's totally screwing up Columbia, but that didn't happen. I expected Elizabeth to relate to the Jewish doctor from B1, but that didn't happen. There are no ties to Bioshock 1, other than a glimpse of Rapture, but that's it. That scene basically served as a reminder to say "Remember, this is Bioshock". None of the B1 characters were even involved at all.

    Here's what I recommend: The ME3 remedy. Play the game until it starts to get really weird. Then stop and pretend that it ended in a sensible, satisfying way that makes sense for you and coincides with the world setup.
  75. Apr 4, 2013
    This is by far one of the best single player experiences in recent memory. The gameplay is fun, the story is fantastic and well executed, and you actually care about the characters. That's rare in games these days, but Bioshock Infinite pulls it off wonderfully. I am a fan of the Bioshock series in general, and now after playing though Infinite, and again in 1999 mode, I can honestly say this is my favorite of the trilogy. I am an older gamer, of the Atari generation, and still a hardcore gamer to this day. I have played so many games over the years that I am no longer easily impressed or engrossed by a game anymore. So I have to give kudos to the devs on Bioshock Infinite, they did it. An easy 10 out of 10. Expand
  76. Apr 10, 2013
    Best game ever in an artistic sense. Story/ levels/ events/ textures/ animation/ presentation, everything is perfect. On the other hand, it have the worst gameplay that a first person shooter could have. Shooting totally feels wrong.
  77. Mar 27, 2013
    Sorry folks but I've got to bring some reality to the situation here as a warning for early adopters.

    Yes there seems to be a great game hidden under the surface, but even with the latest Nvidia drivers, Bioshock Infinite is running like a dog. Google "Bioshock Infinite Stuttering" and you'll find many others like myself who currently have a game on their hands that still has a lot of
    optimization ahead of it before it's an acceptable release. I'm having to give up on it until the developers can get it to run smoothly on my more-than-capable PC. Expand
  78. Apr 2, 2013
    This is a somewhat fun game. Nice graphics, good action, good controls. However, I am not impressed by the story. It is quite boring. The other thing I don't like is that the whole game is linear and scripted. So, you don't get much choice on what to do or where to go. It sometimes looks like an open world game, but once you start playing you realize that you are on a patch and the game won't let you go any other way... Fans of the series will probably like it, but I will just complete it and move on! Expand
  79. Apr 5, 2013
    Infinite is a competent action game with a layered story and good art design. The introduction is incredible. It leads the player into the sky city of Columbia, and has them experience gameplay mechanics through sideshows. Elizabeth is, of course, a pretty good character. She is not without faults though, including an obsession with coins and the ability to go invincible whenever there is combat. Elizabeth babysits the player, rather than the other way around, as she throws you ammo and health when the game decides you could use a hand out.

    The core of the game is shooting and action. You’ll be unleashing Vigors (Plasmids) left and right. Sky-lines are decent fun to zip around on, but are not used in enough encounters. It’s actually quite a linear shooter against pretty bland enemies. Larger levels take away a lot of intimate qualities of the series. I really miss the Splicers from the first two BioShock games.

    Handymen are basically scripted mini bosses, they show up when the game designer decides they should. They appear about 4 times and aren’t interwoven into the game like Big Daddies. You certainly don’t get the opportunity to pick when to engage. Elizabeth yells “Handyman” and the game is on. The Songbird is barely worth a mention. It basically only appears in cut scenes and cannot hurt the player.

    Disappointingly, for a BioShock game, there are no significant changes to the world based on moral choices. The world shuffles you down a narrow path with side rooms and dull voxaphones. I rarely felt compelled to explore the world of Columbia but there are some decent audio logs near the end. The save system is incredibly disappointing. Checkpoint saves are bad!

    The game loses focus during the middle. It’s clear they intended for these bits to be a demonstration of what they try to explain at the end. However, I lost all care for the world of Columbia after some annoying backtracking. I wasn’t invested in the world and could have done without the Call of Duty scenes. The game would have achieved something greater if it stuck to a more grounded Columbia shown in the intro.
  80. Mar 28, 2013
    I've been anticipating Bioshock Infinite for quite some time. I have to say that it didn't disappoint me in the slightest. I've been reading through most of the negative reviews here and a lot of them are pretty poorly written. I'll try my best to address some of the main points that were commonly brought up in them in my review here. To start, this game looks beautiful. Does it use lots of bloom and god rays and volumetric lighting? Yes. Does this get in the way? No. Are there minor graphical issues occasionally? Yes. Bioshock Infinite isn't meant to have to-of-the-line graphics. It seems like peoples' standards for graphics are ridiculously high after having seen games like Crysis 3. People expect every single texture to have crisp definition and for the game to run on any machine. Bioshock Infinite has a very refined visual style, and the guys at Irrational Games did an amazing job at budgeting the graphics for the most optimal balance between performance and visuals to accommodate the game's art direction. It's superb. Anyone who doesn't really understand graphics won't know that this game looks amazing. Yes it has graphical issues here and there, but every game has that. Nothing is perfect. People have also been complaining about linearity, and seem to be expecting games to always have moral choices that affect the ending ever since games like Mass Effect came out. Sure, Bioshock 1 and 2 had these things, but the different endings were honestly really weak and uninspired. Infinite has a mind-blowingly bizarre and AWESOME single ending to it. I promise anyone who plays this game that they won't see it coming. Infinite has a few "choices" you can make, but they don't really change anything to be honest, and the ending kind of explains why, actually. Gameplay is what you'd expect. I really didn't like the fact that they limit you to two weapons. I love old school shooters much more, so being able to carry 8 or 10 weapons at all times is something I love, but it wasn't enough to make me hate the game or anything. The Vigors (basically plasmids) are pretty damn awesome though. Much more "inventive" than the plasmids from Bioshock 1 and 2. I would have liked to see more big battles involving sky rails, as that was easily my favorite gameplay feature. There's only 3 or 4 really enjoyable battles where you can ride sky lines and drop-attack enemies. Firefights that take place exclusively on ground tend to be a bit boring and tedious after you experience the vertical elements of the environment. They did a good job in pacing you though. There are lengthy segments where you just explore the world without having to fire your gun. In fact your character sort of holsters his weapon during these parts. The first two games were a bit different since the environment was mainly tunnels connecting large rooms. They used AI that would randomly wander around the environment and attack you on sight (except for Big Daddies), so you were getting in to fights more frequently than in Infinite. However, Infinite's environments were sprawling towns with alleys and courtyards and boardwalks that all sort of interconnect with each other, so Irrational had to compensate by scripting battles more often. The good thing is, these battles tend to be MUCH larger in scale. The drawback to this method is that everything feels more scripted in general, whereas the first two games were much more organic when it came to unimportant fights. I personally don't see this as a major issue since Infinite wasn't supposed to be just like the other two games. The brand new setting (which I prefer over Rapture; though I still LOVE Rapture) was only one of the major differences to the game. Regarding the guns, there are upgrades, but they're strictly statistical upgrades. Since you're limited to two weapons at a time, having upgrades modify your weapon's look would be a bit odd since you'd be dropping guns all the time. I really don't understand why they decided to go the two weapons only route. I guess it was to be able to make the vigor system more feasible. In Bioshock 2, you always duel wielded a plasmid and gun, but the system was really wonky and nobody liked it at all. Infinite uses the same essential system, but it's vastly improved on so it's easy to use. I guess limiting how many weapons you can carry was part of fixing the issue...though it was honestly not worth it. Again, not enough to ruin the game, but definitely a downside for me. Lastly, people crying over the slavery theme need to realize that the setting of Columbia was meant to be like Colonial America. During those times, racism was normal. When you combine those ideals with an extreme antagonist, of course it's going to be a prominent theme in the story. Hell, at one point in the game, you enter a building where they worship John Wilkes Booth and portray Abraham Lincoln as a devil. If you don't understand the significance of that, brush up on your US History. Expand
  81. Mar 27, 2013
    An excellent FPS that freshens up the genre like it's 2 predecessors did. This is a work of art that excels in every area, a must buy for action game fans.
  82. May 17, 2013
    BIOSHOCK INFINITE gives you far fetched plot, so so gameplay, good art style combined with some unbelievably bad textures.
    Overall, just a mediocre game with stunning art style. A must buy but absolutely overrated.
  83. Mar 29, 2013
    If you don't bother to pay attention to the story, or search for voxaphones for extra details you will have trouble understanding the story. The game world is one of the best I have been in and most definitely rivals Rapture.

    The antagonists of this game for me personally aren't as like-able as Andrew Ryan was for example but I believe that is because I could agree with some of Andrew
    Ryan's opinions.
    None the less the characters are very interesting and are fleshed out with plenty of history.

    The gameplay is fluid and fun, I'm not sure how I feel about only 2 weapons at a time but this never detracted from my enjoyment. There are less powers then in Bioshock with only 8 in the game but they are balanced so that they all feel different and can work in harmony, using more then one power at a time to dispatch groups of enemies.

    The sky-rail is fun to use and can help to get out of a pinch with easy controls, though to mention people who are prone motion sickness should be cautious because the sky-lines feel very similar to a roller coaster.
    The controls themselves are very nice for mouse and keyboard, with a rebind-able keys and the option to turn off mouse acceleration.
    There is no map and the levels can get very big so getting lost can happen, this is where the navigation system comes in. Press N and an arrow will point the way which will help when you go exploring.

    I want to get invested into the game and story, if you want to feel something for the characters the game allows for that. I wants that but if you just want to play another fps and kill some people, it allows for that as well. Though remember if you chose the latter, don't criticise the story because it will only make you look silly because this game has a great story and won't disappoint.
  84. Mar 28, 2013
    Never before have I played a game that I can describe as beautiful in such an eclectic sense. Columbia looks absolutely stunning on the PC. The story is rich and provoking, keeping you guessing and revising your theories as you play. The final scenes will haunt you, driving you (or at least many) to the forums to absorb and discuss thoughts on the plot possibilities. The music is captivating and enthralling, with all of its drama. With extra orchestral stabs to accent details such as how you finish an enemy, the experience really feels complete and integrated. The gameplay is familiar for fans of the previous Bioshock games, with new innovations to spice things up. Zipping around Columbia and dealing out devastating blows is both effective and immensely satisfying. No game is perfect, as no form of entertainment/art is immune to subjectivity but this game comes so close that it deserves a 10/10 for being worth every single coin spent on it. Expand
  85. Mar 29, 2013
    By far the best game I've played in several years. I made a vow to myself that after a certain game, I would no longer buy games until I felt like the developer deserved that money; this one certainly did and will be purchasing it from Steam.

    The story was brilliant, I was confused towards the end and by the time I finished the game everything wrapped itself up nicely and was overall
    very pleasing. The textures were great even at medium setting, those seeing underwhelming textures should play this game on a DX11 card, instead of a DX10 car like a lot of those complaining about subpar graphics, but having a subpar card... With the amount of abilities and weapons in this game, you can control the game play. Overall an incredible game. Expand
  86. Apr 11, 2013
    Vigors are completely non-relevant to the game. Except for opening a couple of doors, you can do the entire game with guns. Also, after months of hype about the Handyman, making us think he was this game's Big Daddy, he shows up a whopping 3 times. 3 times?!?! Are you kidding me? Story was OK. ..not great....but ok. Action was sporadic at best. Compared to the first 2 games, this was a failing effort. It blows my mind that so many simpltons are praising this when clearly, despite all the delays, this was a very rushed effort. Expand
  87. Mar 31, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is a masterpiece. You can clearly see a lot of time and effort was put into this game with all the small details in the environment and people. The graphics are amazing and runs silky smooth on my PC. The gameplay is fun with fast paced action and using powers called Vigors similar to Plasmids in the original Bioshock. The story is amazing and you will have to play through this game yourself to find out. Expand
  88. Mar 30, 2013
    This game is a masterpiece. You have to love a game that is built not to please everyone, or to appeal to the biggest demographic of the lowest common denominator. Bioware Infinite is about a development team trying to realise their creative vision. This is a very fun shooter, but by no means is it the kind of shooter that is going to inspire thousands of hours of shooting.
  89. Mar 29, 2013
    never been a huge gamer, but played the first one and heard such good things. all i can say is i did the whole game in two sittings (could of easily been one was it not for work) and finished it feeling like i'd just seen a film that's just been put on my all time greats list. The narrative was SO incredible and so engaging that it will probably take a long time for something like this to come out again. Playing this game was like watching a high quality film adaptation of a classic sci-fi novel. just plain awesome Expand
  90. Mar 28, 2013
    Balls out, best game i have ever played. It even tops the half life serie. The game is beautiful to look at. Especially in the first 10 minutes of the game they really show you how amazing it looks. My mouth was open and my eye's were getting dry. I just didn't want to miss a second of it.
    After the first few minutes of looking around en enjoying EVERYTHING, you get thrown into the
    action, AND ACTION IT IS! you get alot of guns and special attacks, and the way of fighting is amazing.
    The storyline is also REALLY good. I"m the kind of person that reads the newspaper on the ground, and listens to recordings. But if you rather play the game and have some action, even then the story is clear. And it's not like this easy half written weak story, no, not at all. It's beatiful :)
    I don't care what 2013 may bring us, THIS is the game of the year right here.
  91. Mar 30, 2013
    Im gonna keep this short.

    Its game like Bioshock that make you happy to be a gamer but more importantly its experiences such as Infinite that make you grateful to be alive...

    P.S Listen to all those people that give this game a low score, read their reviews take it all in, think about it, take them seriously and then when you've done that buy the game and then you can see for
    yourself just how extremely wrong those people are... Expand
  92. Mar 31, 2013
    By now it should be obvious how good this game actually is. everything in this entire game is perfect! its setting, graphics, narrative, game-play and it's mind bending ending, without spoiling anything, i can tell you that the ending is pretty hard to wrap your mind around. and i can't write this review without mentioning Elizabeth at least once, because she is without a doubt the best sidekick you'll ever see in a video game! not only is she a well written character, but she is so useful throughout the entire game, in combat she'll give you supplies without it even bothering you. you owe it to yourself to buy this game, even though i got only 13 hours out of it, you won't regret it! Expand
  93. Mar 29, 2013
    Absolutely awful story and ending. It pretty much ruins the entire game. The gameplay is average and the graphics are not as good as Bioshocks (art wise). Wait for sale instead of blowing $60.
  94. Mar 30, 2013
    One of the best or maybe the best fps i have ever played!
    A story and characters that will grab you from the start and combat that has the old bio-shock feel.
    And plot twist that will go WTF more then once, You need to do yourself a favor and get this game now!
  95. Jun 18, 2013
    How does anyone think this game deserves a 10 or a 0? What was so great or so horrible to justify those scores? This game has ok graphics, great scenarios, an unnecessarily complicated storyline full of plot holes and unsurprising twists, unintersting characters, a repetitive to the point it becomes tedious combat, a poor selection of weapons, a self recharging shield and a health, salts and ammo dispenser for a companion that, paired with a poor Ai, takes away any challenge.
    Even if the word Bioshock is in its title, an average game deserves an average score people.
  96. Mar 29, 2013
    Having loved the first two Bioshock games, I of course had to purchase the third installment.

    This definitely pales in comparison to its predecessors. If anything, it's a dumb-downed version of the previous two that plays the race card with the same story plus an added heavy religious sauce. The zip line system is as another user stated just a gimmick reminding me of the same system
    in Metroid Prime 3.
    The game is completely linear with no alternative endings or decision making; no hacking or minigames.
    Less weapons, less "power" abilities, and less interesting, slightly prettier. As another user already stated looks good from afar, but has poor looking textures up close.

    Elizabeth "Give me something more challenging"
    You Insert #$@is

    Buy this when it's on sale.
  97. May 4, 2013
    I thought this game was really great. I consider myself a strong Christian and I wasn't offended at all. I think that there are cults in the game which much like the first Bioshock, have a tendency to walk along the lines of Christian stories and twist them. That's what makes an enemy a good one, they are false teachers and psychotic in their thinking. I'm getting the jist that Ken Lavine is atheist and his perspective of Christianity is what a person would think from seeing it from the outside. Much like people like Bill Murray and other prominent atheists alike.

    The story arc is somewhat convoluted and can really cause someone to think for a few days after beating it. But with the help of site commentaries I was able to get some good insight and understanding of all that happened. Even with such a convoluted story you do come to peace with the overall story and everything wraps up pretty nicely in contrast to movies like Inception and Prometheus leave you with more questions than answers. You can also go through the game over again and check out video snippets throughout the campaign that give further insight and detail.

    The only bad parts were the middle section of the game that seems somewhat muddied and has senseless parts, but they aren't long enough to disengage you from the final experience.
  98. Mar 29, 2013
    Bioshock lived and died on its sumptuous visual design and smog-thick atmosphere, made up not just of its period aesthetic, but of the sound design, the music and the exceptional use of light and color. Bioshock Infinite repeats the same tricks, and the graphics are even more dazzling. It's a stunning game on console, but on the PC with detail levels and textures set to maximum it looks incredible not photo-realistic in the style of Crysis 3 but painterly, like a moving work of art. Pay attention to the music, too. I don't want to spoil anything, but there's a genius in the way the game takes the familiar somewhere strange and new. In terms of combat, the basic feel will be very familiar. Columbia has its own version of Plasmids in its Vigors; liquors that, when drunk, reveal new psychic energies, allowing you to throw fireballs, send out trails of vicious crows at your enemies or suck in and discharge hostile fire. Most have a secondary fire mode, enabling traps or alternative attacks, and they're fueled by vials and bottles of salts, meaning there's no moral choice involved in getting more. Meanwhile items of clothing take the place of Bioshock's passive tonics, increasing your resistance to damage, adding ammo capacity or hitting incoming melee attackers with a dose of their own medicine. Expand
  99. May 15, 2013
    The game looks absolutely beautiful but it just is repeating itself from earlier Bioshock games. And it ain't half as intriguing or exciting in my book. I had hoped the developer would have come up with some new concepts but it is rather lacking in innovation in comparison to the first one. Where is big daddy..?! Competent game but not a GOTY. Kinda like Diablo 3 from last year.
  100. Apr 13, 2013
    Infinite sets out to be a bioshock game but fails to grasp what made Bioshock 1 good. Bioshock 1 and 2 was set in a city under the sea and this not only made for some interesting environments and Lighting but also gave you a much greater feeling of decay and danger seeing how the city was gradually being reclaimed by the sea. These feelings are lost in infinite largely due to the inabillity to look out of most windows and the fact that thers no real sense of danger if a window or even an entire wall breaks.

    Another thing that this game lacks is the use of plasmids (or vígors as they call it), sure they exist in the game but the only enemies that actually uses any seems to be the Zelot and fireman making alot of the combat dull and generic. They also lack a good explenation to why or how these vigors where invented in ifinite making it feel like they where just thrown in at the last minute.

    One small thing that i miss that you can no longer see the difference on your weapons or plasmids after upgrades. I also think that it is very sad that they dont have puzzles like lock-picking and hacking.

    But even rating the game without looking at the games that came previously in the series does not make it better. The story started ok but made less sense the longer i played and resulted in a rather lackluster ending after a few uses of the plot progression tool known as "rifts". The Graphics are not terrible but lags behind as most console titles tend to do and it only supports checkpoint saving.

    The game is also laughably easy due to 3 reasons: Regenerating Shields, Elisabeth keeps you rather well supplied with ammunition, Health, salt and coins and If you die you will just get ressurected closte to where you died and lose some Money.

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  1. 92
    Play BSI slowly, relish the moments and don’t rush to the end. It’s certain that you will have lived one of the richest gaming experiences that, as far as narration, lyricism and story are concerned, will take a lot of time to forget! [May 2013]
  2. May 7, 2013
    A very solid, but not revolutionary shooter in an amazing setting, with a story that struggles to convey its authors’ ambitions and is only seemingly complex. The vision is less focused than in previous Bioshocks and it does a worse job on binding the plot with gameplay. [CD-Action 05/2013, p.46]
  3. May 1, 2013
    Problematic plotting and excessive amounts of poorly balanced combat apply friction to what is otherwise one hell of a rollercoaster. [May 2013, p.80]