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  1. Nov 26, 2014
    Amazing game. great graphics, nice and well used music. And most of all, the story was amazing. It make me thing a lot. especially one big events that change bookers life totally. Even if he didn't realize. may be I will meet that moment. or already met.
    Only bad thing is it may be too difficult to someone who play this seris first
  2. Nov 25, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite is the best game I have ever played. Everything that makes a game good is in this game, just like Half-Life 2. It has an amazing story, average gameplay, well-developed characters and a great soundtrack. While the gameplay could be more fun, the story and characters outweigh the flaws which makes this game the best game I ever played.
  3. Nov 23, 2014
    Looking for a fun, original, FPS, that combines exciting, and adventurous gameplay, with deep and layered story telling? Look no further.

    I consider this to be the greatest game of 2013, because I not only had the most fun playing this but I have never felt so emotionally invested in the characters (not even in the last of us). My only complaints would be that the main villain does not
    live up to the great Andrew Ryan, and it seems a little short. But that may just be because I completed it in one sitting. Expand
  4. Nov 20, 2014
    You gotta play the game, if only to watch the breathtaking beauty of Columbia. No other setting in videogaming history can hope to get anywhere near close the sheer awesomeness of the flying city of Bioshock Infinite. Apart from that, the gameplay is good (although not flawless), the longevity is average for the genre and the plot is one of the best ever seen for a first person shooter - that may not sound particularly impressive, considered that the average plot for a first person shooter is nonexistent, but the plot of Bioshock Infinite is actually good, and the game ends with a bang. This game is a must play, period. Expand
  5. Nov 15, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite is not only visually stunning but has a phenomenal sense of storytelling. The dialogue and characters in this game are a clear cut about most contemporary fiction, and it tackles its own themes masterfully.

    This being said I did not find the gameplay and combat in any way spectacular. They were definitely solid, but also boil down to spamming superpowers and the
    standard FPS fare. Even this is greatly redeemed by some expansive battle environments and a constant sense of tension.

    I did find myself wanting to zoom through the game in order to proceed with the story, and ultimately I'm a bit reluctant to play it again. This being said, as a narrative artform there aren't many finer examples than this.
  6. Nov 15, 2014
    This game is a 10. If you didn't like it then you probably didn't understand what was going on. just shootin stuff. That said, Great gunplay augmented with super powers, great exploration, and fantastic characters, levels and plot. Perfect length. Online there are huge dissertations on how this story plays out and how the bioshock universe works. Gameplay aside, the artistic brilliance of this fiction story cannot be understated. It is as detailed and fantastic as a full length science fiction book only you get to see it hear it and play it. If developers put a quarter as much creative thought into their games we would see a mass increase in quality. Expand
  7. Nov 11, 2014
    Graphics are fantastic, there's a kind of poesy but it's not enough

    In fact, this game is an empty FPS, a corridor game

    I can't understand why this game is rated so high, "gameplay" remembers late 90's before Half Life 1
  8. Nov 9, 2014
    Solid game that is carried by its great story, characters, and environment. However it only consists of a main storyline, it has few hidden areas, easter eggs, and no side quests. While the vigors make combat somewhat interesting, it slowly becomes very boring fighting off countless waves of enemies with the best guns in the game. The dull gameplay and little variation of quests limits this game from being great. Expand
  9. Nov 5, 2014
    The hype train, again, left me disappointed - although expectedly so.

    In all, the combat was amusing but extremely easy, even on harder difficulties. The abilities you unlock are either very situational or overpowered. The AI is typical for an FPS, meaning predictable and incapable of being a threat without large numbers. The pacing, however, felt fine to me.

    The world and the
    story was a refreshing change away from Rapture, and the few tie-ins felt good. However, it all felt shallower than Rapture, in how and why it was built, the occurrences in the people, how it continued to function, etc. Additionally, it was stereotypically racist, classist, etc to a point that was simply uninteresting. It would have benefited from a subtler approach, even at the cost of certain players not understanding.

    Many people at the time of launch were unsatisfied with the ending. I did not feel it took away from the game and found it instead inspired and unique.

    Ultimately I feel BioShock Infinite did little to surpass its predecessors and in fact stagnated or went backward. It was an okay experience.
  10. Oct 27, 2014
    Pros: Superb voice acting +Good music +Good artwork/style +Sky-Hooks/sky-lines are fun Cons: -Nonsense story -Little exploration -Inconsistent and poor characterization. Many characters are stupid. -Generally bad combat -Not really useful Vigors/abilities -2-gun carrying limit -Generic, boring (boss) fights I wanted to adore this game. I wanted to recommend it to everyone I knew to play it. The trailers looked so promising, and I liked Bioshock 1 & 2; I just *had* to play the third one.

    Of course, I was blown away by the introduction: the shining, bright, beautiful hovering city of Columbia, and the background choir reminiscent of Amazing Grace. Followers praying in the serene, candlelit water, and an overzealous baptism foreshadowing something profoundly more sinister.

    I enjoyed the game until half an hour after rescuing Elizabeth. That was when the game's problems became apparent. The plasmids, now re-skinned as Vigors, lost much of its usefulness. All you have to do is spam Murder of Crows or fire for crowd control, but even then you rarely use them. Undertow was perhaps the most interesting and unique of the Vigors, and I didn't use it that often.

    The gameplay, particularly in regards to guns, was frustrating. You have about a dozen to pick from, but you can only carry two. That doesn't sound so bad until you realize that 1) you can't buy guns and 2) many fights are optimal for a certain gun, which means you won't have opportunities swap different guns until much later. Also, you can't craft or modify your weapons or ammo in any way, so you're stuck with a generic gun.

    Combat was mediocre at best. Same enemies suicidally bum-rushing toward you and rarely ducking behind cover when injured, with the occasional bullet sponge handyman thrown in. Shoot, spam crowd control, run, duck, rinse and repeat. Perhaps the most difficult part of combat was the Halo-styled shield, and if you were out of supplies you'd have to run to a corpse to gather if Elizabeth didn't give you anything. That was tedious and I didn't need to manage my resources, unlike the first two games. All of this was evident when you had to "kill" Elizabeth's "ghost" mother--not once, but *three* times in the same fight, with an infinite army of zombies. Easily, one of the worst and most monotonous boss fights ever.

    Then, the story. Wow, was it bad, and just behind Diablo 3. This story and plot was clunky and had more holes than a pumice stone. Comstock had the sense to lock Elizabeth in a tower, but didn't bother to groom her to become his heir until much later? She could open up tears in her tower, but never once tried stepping through it? Why didn't Booker and Elizabeth escape that way ASAP, either? Why is Songbird chasing Booker in the 2nd "timeline" when that timeline's Elizabeth is safe elsewhere? You probably get the point, but there are so many holes and problems it'd take a lot more than my character allotment to explain it all, especially the B.S. ending. You might not catch these problems the first time around, but you will the second or third.

    What a disappointment. The wonderful voice acting, the enlightening tidbits of the voxophone recordings, and the Sky-Hooks and the artwork/style are the saving graces from me giving it a 2 or lower. Please, don't believe in the hype and buy this game.
  11. Oct 17, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite is a lovely game. Art direction, graphics and sound are superb. Made me think of Singularity and Dishonored at times. A beautiful first person shooter, and a must-have.
  12. Oct 15, 2014
    I quit this game about halfway through. It was boring. It was just a first person shooter with some right-click flare.

    The above was a mistake. The story really took off at roughly 30 minutes of gameplay after where I quit.

    This game is no gameplay masterpiece. Some of the guns are satisfying, some are frustrating. Stealing stuff from every drawer in sight is always somehow
    entertaining. Zipping around on tram lines is also fairly fun. The real win for this game, though, is the story. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes a good story and is happy shooting anything that moves in the dull moments. Expand
  13. Oct 8, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. i REALLY wanted to like this game. like a LOT. i played through about half of the first bioshock when it came out for 360 with a friend of mine and had a blast doing it. i had heard some really good things about this game and was expecting a very fun time and when it started, i was having a blast. and then i got about 2 hours into the game and found myself, all of a sudden, totally bored. the combat didn't feel satisfying, the vigors felt either cheap and a little bit like cheating or totally useless. the game did make me laugh out loud constantly, especially the whole Founders thing, and the conversations you hear as you walk around (there's a particularly hilarious bit about an artist that you hear from a man getting his shoes shined in the beginning of the game), and the characters themselves: it was all very well-done as far as world-building and story are concerned. but the majority of the game is spent in combat, and really, isn't the combat supposed to be the driving force behind the game? great combat can support a terrible world but a great world cannot support terrible combat, though that's completely just my opinion. anyways, after 2 hours, i quit the game. i just couldn't get into it. about a week later, i decided to try again, and this time to try and really PLAY with the different vigors and weapons and the skyrail. it was actually pretty fun, for a little while. the vigors are fun to use, the weapons are a little underwhelming but they get the job done, and the skyrail was wild fun the first few times i used it.

    here's the problem though: there was just too much wrong with the game's combat for me to really enjoy what was done right with it. sprint being mapped to a thumbstick button and not being toggle-able (or is it toggle-able? i honestly could not tell because it was done so terribly) was a huge mistake, as was mapping iron sights to the other thumbstick button. sprinting from cover to cover was a disaster every time. by the way, lets talk about cover in this game for a moment: it is almost completely useless about 50 percent of the time. the moment you get behind cover you will then realize that there is an enemy right next to you on the OTHER side of the cover. you can't know where these enemies are (because the game makers decided for some reason that this game didn't need any sort of map for players?) until you're hit, and even once youre hit, it's almost impossible sometimes to figure out where the hell that shot came from. the "arenas" you move through (that's the best term i can come up with for them) are a chore, and instead of saying, "ALRIGHT LETS TEAR EM UP!!" every time you see enemies, you find yourself saying, "goddammit i wish there was a way to skip this crap". amazingly enough, the game did fulfill my wish several times: i died and then was resurrected on the OTHER side of whatever enemies i had been fighting, ready to move on to the next portion. i can't say that i didn't welcome it sometimes, but at the same time i still felt a little, well, cheated.

    the biggest problem for me with Infinite was that i simply stopped having fun after a certain point. and it wasn't because of the weird controls, clonky levels, endless waves of boring enemies or the fact that i just didn't really CARE what happened to dewitt and elizabeth.. it was all of these things together that just wore down my patience. by the time i had gotten to the final battle, SPOILER: which is a terrible tower defense stage that goes on forever, i had simply lost interest in playing. after i lost the fight twice, i quit and went to go watch the ending scene on youtube. i have NEVER been so tired of playing a game that i wanted to actually just skip the last fight altogether. i mean, even in the stages leading up to the fight, i consistently had a feeling of, "okay, i'll just keep going cuz this HAS to end soon". that is not how you should feel when playing any game, and beyond that, nothing in an action game should EVER feel like a chore, which is what Infinite unfortunately felt like all the time.

    as far as the story, it was on par with your average big-budget action movie. not amazing, not terrible, but definitely enjoyable. unfortunately it seemed like the deeper you went into the world, through voxophones, etc, the less interesting it became. at the end of the day, the whole thing felt like it was organized around the twist at the end, which is sad because neither DeWitt nor Elizabeth are the most interesting characters in the game - the most interesting one was Columbia itself. i give this game a 6/10 for the fact that it is fun and engaging for the first few hours of play. however, once the initial wow wears off, there's really not that much more to it. it just turns into a poor shooter with an average story and an incredible world that's feels only half-realized. i' d say wait for a good steam sale if you're interested.
  14. Oct 4, 2014
    Pros: -Mesmerizing graphics (It actually makes references to 1900's USA and has rather decent attention to detail.) Best played with decent GPU to maximize enjoyment
    -Unique and interesting plot (It is not a explain-everything-from-the-start game that requires players to explore to learn more. A nice satire of social problems. The ending requires some brain work to digest and should not
    be taken at face value, which makes it amazing. If my professor calls it great I ain't arguing.)
    -Subtle character development (Some argues that they have 'lousy' character which I object. Their actions and conversations speak little by little and build up through the game.)
    -Music (Just beautiful.)
    -Combat mechanics (From shooting to melee to using vigor, it opens up room for creativity in dealing with enemies)

    Cons: -Combat experience (Limited weapon choice and upgrades for a FPS. The shield kind of rewarded players for reckless shooting and hiding.)
    -Lackluster interaction with NPCs (Other than Booker and Eliz, other characters are just part of the story rather than the game.)

    Tips: Read up on 1900's history to better appreciate the plot. Slowly digest the story while playing, people who rush to criticize it usually fail to pause and think. It requires understanding of satire and sarcasm to see the plot's golden value,
  15. Sep 30, 2014
    It's not a bad game nor is it a good game. I cannot for the life of me understand why did it get such high praise. You're thrown into an antiutopian, steampunk setting with scarce explanation and immediately board on the railshooter train. I couldn't understand the protagonist motives or even goals and wasn't sure why I should keep playing. I was told Infinite was a mature, enjoyable story. Well it wasn't. It was a very festive, very bright cartoon for 10-year-olds. Expand
  16. Sep 30, 2014
    Probably the most gorgeous graphics and environment you will see in any game. Like one person said "mesmerising" and they are. I find myself so charmed by the surroundings that I just explore. That's the mark of something truly great. To watch a Hummingbird zip around your head or look at the floating city. It's just amazing, to say the least.The ambience and lighting in this game are second to none. The gameplay is equally good. Zipping around the floating city on rails and jumping off, is just plain fun. Fun is the best word for this game. It actually got a bad rap for the way it portrays Elizabeth as "supposedly" this helpless waif who depends on you for survival. Not so. Remember the period this is set in. Women were "kind of" like that in that era so the authors were just trying to be period correct. She is actually fiercely independent as well. She picks locks, she fights, she tosses you ammo, health, salts and is quite an asset. I would hardly call her a "helpless waif". Fantastic game, polished to perfection and it deserves every good thing people have to say about it.You'd be hard pressed to find a better game out there. It's worth every penny. It is Soooooo fun. Expand
  17. Sep 28, 2014
    This game is one of the most over-hyped and average (at best) games released in years. Pros: -It has a good story progression. Cons: -It's ugly as hell, shadows are half done, and everything is crapped by bloom and other dirty effects. I can put Vaseline on my screen if i want to repeat the majesty that is B:I in any game i own! -Game play is crap. Movement is rollerbladey, guns are boring and ineffectual, shooting is uninspired and map design is boring roller coaster ride.
    -Story is bad. It has endless amounts of holes in it, like all time travel crap.

    This game is worse than most games released 10 years ago. It does not deserve the hype.
  18. Sep 22, 2014
    FPS couldn't get any better than this. its worth the money I spent. Gameplay and the characters will let you into the world. Best game of the generation. You will believe a city can fly.
  19. Sep 20, 2014
    Seeing as this is my first every Bioshock title I've played, I was pleasantly surprised to see how enjoyable the experience was despite being a newcomer to the series. The game is a competent FPS action-adventure with an intriguing storyline that entices you to keep playing more in order to solve the mystery about Elizabeth Comstock and the strange floating city of Columbia. Along with high production values that you'd expect from a AAA title, it's no surprise that this title rated so well when released over a year ago. Expand
  20. Sep 13, 2014
    Im just going to say that is Bioshock. No, joke xD. you just have to see the end to know that this is a masterpiece. A lot of people say that The last of us is better, but NO. and i have also play the last of us, and i also think that is a masterpiece, but not as good as Bioshock Infinite.
  21. Sep 12, 2014
    Infinite is a great game, but I didn't find it to be the masterpiece that a lot of people claim it to be. The story is interesting and the ending will have you guessing what the heck just happened. But it honestly didn't draw me in and make me want to keep playing.I'm a huge fan of story based games but this one just didn't do it for me. On top of that the combat isn't as good as previous games, the graphics are slightly dated (most likely due to consoles holding PC back so i can't really blame the game), the pacing is off, and there really isn't anything to due after you beat the game. In previous Bioshock games, you choices mattered and changed the ending. There is only one ending in Infinite and that's disappointing. However the game still gets many things right. The atmosphere is fantastic, Elizabeth's AI is great and the fact that she actually helps you in combat is something that more games should seek to add. I definitely enjoyed my time with the game and recommend playing it, just don't expect the flawless masterpiece so many people claim it is. Expand
  22. Sep 12, 2014
    Well, from the flawless gameplay to the amazing visuals, from the fantastic writing and extremely interesting plot to the great work of the voice actors - Bioshock Infinite is definitely one of the BEST video games of 2013.
  23. Sep 12, 2014
    a pretty good game which you would probably like if you are a fan of the franchise. game play and mechanics are not dissimilar from previous iterations but graphics are obviously better. many different ways to play through with interesting skill lines (although some feel a lot more effective than others). as with many other games that are not true fps (i.e. just running around with guns), this game should not be played as run-and-gun but in a more measured manner with abundant skill utilization. good voice-acting and a decent enough plot (with some interesting plot-turns). Expand
  24. Sep 8, 2014
    Terrible game, with 10 years old graphics, one of the worst shooting games I've ever seen. You can actually win every fight by dying constantly. AI is non-existant, level design... Is it a Bioshock game?
    Basically you're thrown into a railway car so you could listen to one of the most cringeworthy, infantile, childlish story lines ever created. It may be impressive for 10-years old, or
    people who are mentally still 10-years old. The rest of the game is a cardboard cut out. People are named Citizen 1 or Citizen 2, they dine in... a closed restaurants. You can break havoc and kill every single human being in the level. The Elizabeth will say nothing, she will even throw us pick-ups just when we need them.
    Oh God. The execution of this game is so mindboggling bad, but yet it impressed so many people. This is the reason why we can't have nice things and will never get System Shock game again. Or even Bioshock 1 alike game. The interactive, non-existand gameplay railroaded cheesy stories for teens are the future of the video games industry.
  25. Sep 2, 2014
    The difficulty is poorly balanced, and this is partly because you can only wear two weapons at the same time. The level design is also les slinear, which, for bioshock, makes the game less appealing. In Bioshock 2, powers you could use where muchbetter, you could upgrade more often, and min/maxxing was really addictive. This is no longer true for Bioshock Infinite, whose story, despite being well written, ends being boring. I wont comment the strategy that consist in selling season passes for story related content, sadly this is something common nowadays... Expand
  26. Aug 31, 2014
    I bought Bioshock Infinite at a steam dea and it takes a long time till i finished the game.
    Bioshock is a really strange game. In the beginning i don´t like the graphic (bloom) also the story is very strange. it takes 2 hours of story until i liked the story. After you get to elisabeth the story is going to be interessting and the game is going to be too easy. You have no ammo, no
    problem wait for elisabeth, you have no magic blu stuff, no problem waitt for elisabeth. No health..... (you know).

    So after 2 hours i wanted to know the end. I accepted the graphic, and played the whole game, it tooks about 8 hours of playtime to complete the game. I had fun with the story, Elisabeth saves the game, only during the fights she got disabled.

    -Story: After 2 hours its going to get really interessting
    -Graphic: Bloom Blur wonderland... (don´t like it)
    -Sound was great
    -Not very hard to finish...
    -Playtime: 8h
    -Price: 5,99€ (steam deal)
  27. Aug 30, 2014
    Bioshock infinite is an great game, but it unfortunately doesn't quite match the original. Ludo-narrative dissonance is very evident in this game ruining the immersion. Each area is just a shooting gallery of copy-pasted baddies that u must slaughter in order to progress. The world of Columbia itself combined with the great and mind bending story is the saving grace of the game.
  28. Aug 28, 2014
    This game blew me away. Definitely one of my favorite games of all time. The gameplay is great the story is excellent, pretty much everything about this game is excellent. I highly recommend getting this at full price and its a must own when a sale comes.
  29. Aug 23, 2014
    Bottom line, this game was fun to play. I like games with a good story and this one was exceptional, almost like reading a mystery novel. You had to pay attention. Like all Bioshock games the graphics were beautiful and the setting is unique. The soundtrack is clever. The combat was challenging and fun. The vigors seemed a bit repetitive at times, but not enough of a big deal to take away from the experience. I'm usually not a big fan of followers in games, but Elizabeth was great. You enjoyed her being around and cared about what happened to her. If you are on the bubble of buying or playing the game, do it. You will be glad you did. Expand
  30. Aug 23, 2014
    This game starts and take us to a great journey in a spectacular way and the way it does no movie could do so perfectly as Bioshock Infinite does. It worth every penny you spend and if you have a good taste for amazing stories then this is your game. Prepare to a mind blowing experience.
  31. Aug 22, 2014
    Shame to see these overrated piles of rubbish appearing in this day and age.

    Graphics: Bloom, blinding lightning and smoke/fog covering up low quality textures and poor polymer structuring.

    Sound: Mediocre "christian influenced" music is almost dominating for more than half the game until they start to segment everything into eerie stressful, almost tribal drum music and even some
    quick Irish pub violin later on. This causes everything to have a very plastic feel (even though the ambiance is all good) and when combined with the seemingly random British accents, It serves only to give everything a plastic feel.

    Gameplay: Halo's regenerative shield is given to you on a silver platter (literally) to fend off a moronic AI that excels at nothing but to constantly take "cover" in plain sight. The only time I got even remotely overwhelmed was when they managed to pull off zerg-rush tactics but It turns out that was my fault since I passed the invisible "spawn enemy once he's here" line without killing everything in sight first. It also serves to be a real bummer as the weapons in this game either one-shot everything or have literally no impact on anything at certain difficulties leaving the game to be extremely easy or annoyingly tedious instead of properly hard.

    These maps also have to be some of the most mundanely linear things with invisible walls around every single corner which servers to be the biggest disappointment as the game is advertised to be "open-styled". But hey, gotta get the games on consoles somehow while also slurping it over half-arsed on a PC, right?

    Story: Predictable and incredibly confusing at the same time as the plot throws in space-time continuums like they're verbs. Other than that, the game is simply a massive corridor filled with enemies and the occasional carefully placed camera angles to sexually expose Elizabeth as much as humanly possible. Because hey, only kids will fall into the trap to buy this game... Right?

    Long story short, Buy it at a sale and get in with little in the form of expectations and preferably with two defunct eyes as well.
  32. Aug 20, 2014
    Though not as gritty as the previous two installments, Bioshock Infinate still boasts a brilliant cohesive storyline with well drawn-out characters and a setting that is visually impressive. The graphics are great, the voice acting is great, the ending is convoluted and confusing but its the score that helped me get through the game. The score is none-short of amazing.

    Overall the game
    isn't as good as the previous two but it's still a fantastic game with vast improvements and a great AI system where the AI actually help you out and not get in the way of thing. Expand
  33. Aug 11, 2014
    For me this game was good, only good. But in compare to other games i ever played only Bad Company 2 haves better game play in single player story FPS games.
  34. Aug 8, 2014
    This game is amazing. The the graphic is very good. The storyline is good. The gameplay is very good with fps, vigor, and unique gun. You must try this game.
  35. Aug 6, 2014
    Just a very good game. Nice story, interesting enviroment, graphic on good level. Buy and play, no regret. Just a bit too many brainless shooting scenes, sometimes, which kill climate of this series. Above all - there's no way to be bored with game.
  36. Jul 31, 2014
    Considering all the loads of terrible FPS titles in recent years and my bad experience with previous Bioshock titles, I was really pleasantly surprised that Bioshock: Infinite is an excellent story-driven FPS. Hype is again pretty over the top as it always is with Bioshock series, but Infinite is definitely the best piece of the trilogy that I had by far the most fun playing through. Is it linear, mainstream etc.? Yes, it still is, but it is extremely well done and I appreciate the effort. 8/10 Expand
  37. Jul 29, 2014
    Great game, probably the best in the series. Combat controls are excellent, bugs are nonexistent. The plot, characters, and environment are amazingly well done. A masterpiece of a game.
  38. Jul 28, 2014
    This is by far the best fps I have ever played. The plot is outstanding and the action is great, it was hard to pull myself away from it. The game isn't just horror based like bioshock 1 and 2, it revolves around a breathtaking plot which some points are designed to be scary. There was never a single moment when i felt finished or even frustrated with the game, if you haven't played it yet, get it now. Expand
  39. Jul 26, 2014
    The games looks okay, until people move and talk. In this day and age I expect models that are a bit less 'wooden'.

    Sound is excellent as is the story. Though I am still not a major fan of Bioshock in general (BS1 was good but not a classic) this was better.

    Despite some available DLC, I did not feel any replay value. But then, I haven't seen Sixth Sense more than once. Games and
    movies with major twists often have this problem though. Expand
  40. Jul 25, 2014
    I'm giving one pint for this boring **** because my little daughter like this game. I don't know how.
    I have to recognize one thing. I can't believe the have contrated Daniel day Lewis to make the soundtrack, but in the other side i understand it BECAUSE IS **** AWFUL.
    But for luck the didn't call Bryan Cranston to make the soundtrack...
  41. Jul 23, 2014
    only two issues:

    number of guns and difficulty getting the upgrades right for the weapons I wanted

    story got a dlc expansion, but, I'm not bothering with that.
  42. Jul 22, 2014
    I really love Bioshock series,Infinite was one of the best game I played.I enjoy everything in the game and always ready to start this fantasy journey again.
  43. Jul 18, 2014
    While the graphics environments are quite amazing, the girl is pretty, the story strange. What really bugs me about it from a person who is an American, a patriot and a Christian, I was some what offended by the constant use of Christianity in a negative way and the American founding fathers and ideals in a negative way. Grant it, it is a game and the fictional story is about a false teacher etc using Christian and American ideals to do evil, and this kind of thing can and does happen, but in this game I almost feel the developers are anti-Christian and anti-American. For that reason alone I gave it a lower score and the game play is fairly basic shooter wise nothing really special we haven't seen before outside of amazing graphics. Expand
  44. Jul 17, 2014
    BioShock Infinite was a beautiful game with great story telling and the end blew me away I had sit there thinking about it for about an hour until I finally gave up and googled it.this is a must buy it is probably my 3rd favourite game of all time.the gameplay was fun and fluid,this has really brought back what fps have become with things like cod and medal of honour ruining my love of them anyway haters gonna hate but don't listen to them go and buy this game right now I mean it! Expand
  45. Jul 12, 2014
    This game is better than i thought. Although i thought it was way over rated at first i was wrong. Very very wrong in so many ways. Although i will still say that the gameplay isnt the greatest.
  46. Jul 8, 2014
    This is one of the most truly brilliant games I have ever played its one of those games that cements video gaming's status as an art form and the backgrounds are so insanely complex and detailed.Oh and 1 more thing:Would you kindly go out and buy this game.
  47. Jul 7, 2014
    Had to make an account just to write a review for this game. This is easily one of the best games I have played in the past 10 years. The world, art style, gameplay, voice acting, graphics, and mechanics are incredible and absolutely keep you hooked. The crown jewel of the game is really the story though. Its as good if not better than some of the top HBO shows, movies, etc.. Everything about it is perfection and I would not change a single thing. If you have not played this game it is a MUST. Expand
  48. Jul 4, 2014
    You find yourself in a tea partier's wet dream: a future that looks like the past. It's a whitewashed world with sinister undertones that you can't quite pin down until...Even the games menu pulls you into this world, to which you'll want to repeatedly return.

    Just enough opportunity for exploration without making the levels too open. Great weapons and you'll enjoy the vigor.

    only complaint I can muster is a too convoluted story for the last third that feels mostly like the developers just wanted to extend the game.

    But it's that atmosphere that wins it.
  49. Jul 3, 2014
    just fantastic, the best game i have played in a long time.
    some people's graphics have a couple of issues on the PC that can be fixed but once they are done its just great. the gameplay is easy to get lost in, the story has some truly remarkable moments that will have your mind doing somersaults. its totally different to the first two bioshock games, but also so close that you feel right
    at home. play through and you will see just how close it gets. many little nuances that keep you interested in the background and scenery.
    it manages to be both familiar and completely new, i have honestly never played anything quite so good. there are great games and then there are exceptional games, this definitely falls into the latter. if you are a fan of the first bioshock games then this is a game that you will love intensely.
    if you are new to the series i could see how it could seem a bit bewildering. there is so much intensity to the story, styling and background it could be overwhelming. all i could suggest is to play the others too and you will fall in love with the series.
    10 is not high enough praise from me.
  50. Jun 30, 2014
    Best game i ever played! totally recommended. The story is great, specially the ending (really unexpected, and makes you want to play it again), the characters are great, many powers you can use, good graphics, fun to play, many weapons and Upgrades.
    You should also buy the DLC season pass, which contains two "story modes" about previous bioshock stories, and Clash in the clouds, a mode
    of pure combat which also allows you to unlock more things about the story and the world.
    Highly recommended
  51. Jun 28, 2014
    The best game i've ever played. 100% sure. The best about Bioshock series is the fact that the games have no cutscenes and that makes the experience totally real. The scenary and the graphics are so beautiful you will feel the need to enjoy every second, notice every detail, explore every place. The story is beautiful, the characters captivating and the ending couldn't be more perfect. The gameplay is awesome, allows you to create strategies on your battles and fight in a lot of ways possible. Bioshock Infinite is not to be played, is to be lived. This game is an art piece, it's perfect. Expand
  52. Jun 27, 2014
    One of the greatest games I have played in a long while. I am not traditionally a FPS gamer but was sucked in by the very excellent storyline. I've played it through too many times now and always find something new. The graphics are stunning and is well thought out in terms of game play. Really, who can pass up the chance to play a game set in a steampunk city in the sky (Laputa anyone?). So much fun. So many hotdogs in drawers. I have recommended this game to all my game loving friends. Even if you don't like shooter games you'll like this as the story and visuals are the most compelling element. Just play this game already. Expand
  53. Jun 25, 2014
    The 4 rating is to rank it as a game slightly worse than average. It's a mediocre game with a beautiful shine. Its plot and ideas show promise but never work in action, underdeveloped, and are never given detail or depth. The companion was not insufferable, but lacked detail and development, and never felt vital (despite her powers and role in the story). As does the whole world and story. The game tries to present a "morally gray" situation and problem by presenting two completely black-scale, unbelievable, caricature sides. It's infuriating to see the serious, historical oppression of so many people, or backlash and revolutions - and the problematic imperialism and nationalism of the time Infinite takes place in - represented in such a crazed and stupid way. People do not think or act this way.

    Even Andrew Ryan, as extreme and evil the story made him at parts, had an understandable perspective and view. You could see his reasons and his attitude, you could see that maybe he lost control. He showed regret. And the rebels against him were sympathetic because of their situation, just manipulated by a con artist.

    As for gameplay: the save system is terrible, unless only one player is playing at a time and they speed through the maps. Exploring is almost gone in this game. Combat is just a large spamming of same-y enemies, and the mechanics highly encourage and partly force you to use the same weapons and tonics the entire game. There's no strategy available in this game, you just hack'n'slash through the swarm until it's over. And it's not ENTERTAINING, it'd be fine if it was, but it's just monotonous and tedious. It took out the smart and cool aspects of BioShock, but failed to meet a new standard of chaotic, crazy fun, just blazing away on the targets.

    The game's setting does not meet it's mechanics well either, since they ARE a skeleton of the first game's. The developers failed to integrate Elizabeth's crazy-cool universe-bending powers into the mechanics in a more integrated, interesting, and less gimmicky way, which kills me. And they never explain tonics or the Handymen, or make them make sense in Infinite. The only reason they're there is because BioShock had it. Whereas in BioShock, there was a REASON there were plasmids and Big Daddies, it was completely fitting to its game and story.

    This is why the game gets a 4, not a 5 or a 6. It was a chore to play, unrewarding, and the story didn't do enough to compensate. While it's ideas are cool and ambitious, it's all on the surface. I know BioShock's world like I know myself, I know almost nothing about Infinite's. They didn't ever flesh it out in the same way.

    Infinite was advertised as a game about a city on the edge of falling on destruction, but living and with a gilded gloss. It acts as dead, broken, and crazy as Rapture. While somehow forgetting the more human aspect Rapture's tragedy had.
  54. Jun 23, 2014
    I don't have words to explain this game, It's amazing.
    Any game will be better than the first Bioshock, but this, this game, this epic game is at the same level!
  55. Jun 16, 2014
    The game-play is extremely bland and unsatisfying. However, the story-line can be interesting at times. The graphics are spectacular, but round edges and water could be better. Most of the time, I am completely lost as to why I am being attacked, and who is attacking me. The actual game-play is terrible, a very basic shooter with only 2 or 3 usable guns.
  56. Jun 15, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Bioshock infinite is a new concept, a new theme, a new story, a new city. Not only that, the city of Colombia is rich, meaning that it is alive with it's NPCs. Colombia was an amazing place to explore, and know the story and background of it. You play as Booker Dewitt, a gambler who is in debt, on getting the mysterious girl from the flying city. That girl is Elizabeth, and she is a unique character in videogame history. She has a personality, more than "I HAVE BOOBS AND I AM A GIRL" She interacts with the player; by throwing helpful things to you; ammo, weapons and first aid kits. And also the story is amazing and clever. also *spoilers* it has a shocking turn of events, and explains the hole concept of the game.

    So far this game is Game of the Year 2013, such an amazing product from Ken Levine (he never disappoints)
  57. Jun 13, 2014
    To put it simply Bioshock Infinite is the best game I have ever played. Stunning visuals, a phenomenal setting, enjoyable gunplay and the best story I've ever had the pleasure to play through.
  58. Jun 13, 2014
    Everything in this game have so much thought behind it. Its like a big web of intertwining relationships where nothing is left out to coincidence. The setting and atmosphere of Columbia is phenomenal, the story is soul shattering and the small parts of the game is of more much signifigance than first anticipated. The art and aestethics of the game are beautiful. Its an FPS combat game with a small tweak. And a very well one that is! The feedback makes a very lovely shooting experience. It seems that most people are dissatisfied with the over all combat gameplay and argue that the mechanics are weak. I strongly dissagree and think they consider what they believe is a good FPS combat game and why. Expand
  59. Jun 13, 2014
    I'm another one not getting the hype. Sure, the graphics look good (even though that impression is created more through the use of trickery than actually beautiful textures but that's fine with me) and the setting is very interesting, but you never get to explore any of it. You move through a linear series of shooting scenes against poor AI using a clumsy feeling protagonist. The game is most interesting when you aren't shooting at things and that's a problem for a shooter. The story promises real depth but then abandons all that for shooting and drama, it never reaches real depth.

    If you're a fan of shooters, the action here will likely bore you and feel too easy, if you're a fan of sandbox environments and fascinating settings, you'll be frustrated by how you're not allowed to actually explore anything yourself and if you're a fan of adventure game story-telling, all the useless shooting will probably ruin the experience for you.
  60. Jun 11, 2014
    I can't find anything to complain about in this game besides the moneyhatting DLCs. The game is one of the best looking I've ever seen, it lasts about 10 hours in the main campaign. It is a riveting story which makes you feel like the characters are real people. Definitely worth the cost.
  61. Jun 8, 2014
    the graphics are really poor, the gameplay of the past century and uninteresting story.
    The first and the second was really pleasant (the second less than the first)
    but then I took no pleasure and I had to force myself to finish this game.
  62. Jun 8, 2014
    I can honestly say that this is my favorite game of all time. I can't even explain how good everything is about this, just play it. Worth the time and money, I swear.
    I will say that it does help to have played the original Bioshock first, it just makes the little things better, but it isn't necessary (although I would strongly suggest it!)
  63. Jun 7, 2014
    This game is so awesome. The graphics are amazing, but one thing makes this game so good, that is the story. The story is kinda complicated and you'll have some hours just thinking on that. Although the gameplay is not that much, It's an FPS, with some basic weapons and upgrades, you have some special abilities, magic kind of stuff, which adds much to the game. And the graphics excellent, which I mentioned before. Sometimes I just looked around how cool is this. It's a good game, it needs a try. But don't be disappointed, if you wanted some new things in the gameplay. It's a really good story-oriented game, that's it. Expand
  64. Jun 6, 2014
    with Elizabeth, you can travel fantastic world!
    the fight system was little bit not good, (you can only use few gun)
    but beautiful story and character are make you feel nice
  65. Jun 6, 2014
    Unforgettable game with awesome gameplay and breathtaking story. Its atmosphere, story and gameplay mixed together simply make an perfect game.

    + The greatest game story i have ever knew
    + Incredible atmosphere
    + Good gameplay and combat
    + Good voice acting and sound effects
    + Beautiful graphics

    The most unforgettable game experience EVER!
  66. Jun 5, 2014
    gameplay storyline characters graphics bit to bit adrenaline pumping and exciting a great relief from the fps games. gotta be the game of year 2014. awaiting eagerly for the next edition
  67. Jun 4, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite is good game which offers a interesting complex story explaining the multiple universes concept which presents theories about time travel and such, but fails with repetitive gameplay mechanics. The graphics and the atmosphere is unique and appealing but the game play mechanics gets a bit bored because the game is quite long.

    I do not find the storytelling like a
    masterpiece like others but I still think they made the story interesting for most, but I am not fond of unrealistic theories that are a bit complex for some, so that might be a reason why I do not consider this to be a masterpiece in terms of story telling.

    The story telling of this game is dependent of you having to collect all audio files and also be aware of small details that could explain parts of the story. So it is a good game but it is not a great game or a masterpiece, and absolutely not a game of the decade like most biased Bioshock-fans claim. I still recommend the game because it might be a very interesting and complex story for some but I am sure the repetitive game play can still be boring at times.
  68. May 30, 2014
    As someone who was a big fan of the first two Bioshock games, this game did not let me down. The environment, which in a Bioshock game is also pretty much a character, was stunningly portrayed: the graphics, the ambient sound, the random conversations and music... I did generally find the supporting characters to be less interesting than in previous games, but this was more than made up for by the splendid duo of main characters. The story in which you find yourself is worthy of the Bioshock mantle, though far more bizarre and cryptic than previous titles. Gameplay-wise, it feels familiar enough while still introducing some awesome new features: you still fight your enemies with a combination of powers and weapons, but there are new options for utilizing the environment to your advantage (not to give any spoilers). Definitely a good choice for anyone who likes FPS games, but especially for gamers who love compelling stories. Expand
  69. May 28, 2014
    This game in my opinion is the best game of the best franchise of the generation. So just go buy it now it is well worth it. The story is amazing and complex but in a good way I don't know of any other games that touch on such deep and interesting theory and morals and then there is the ending which I won't go into because it is the best twist of any game story I know of it was worth playing it just for the ending but there is also so much more. Next up are the characters and the world. All of the main characters are amazingly deep and the best of these being Booker and Elizabeth both of which are amazingly voiced. Elizabeth in particular is astounding just the sheer effort and time put it her is amazing and all of this makes her one of the best and most likable characters in gaming. Last but by no means least is the environments and world as a whole it is simply stunning, the concepts and the way it is presented in its unique graphical style just blend together to create one of the most beautiful alive world's of any video game. All of this is backed up by solid game play that is fun fast and unique thanks to the addition of vigors, sky lines and tears. I can't recommend this game enough as it is one of my favourite games I have ever played just go out and play it you won't regret it and it will change the way you look at video games forever. Expand
  70. May 27, 2014
    One of the best games I've played in my life. Bioshock Infinite may be confusing (not for me) sometimes, but it story is perfect. Graphics? Nearly perfects. Gameplay? That's what I call FPS. The details, every character is unique, especially Elizabeth. Super interactive and a beautiful character, she's what gave life to the game.
    I love Bioshock Infinite, the symbol of the generation.
  71. May 24, 2014
    Last Played: May 2014
    PROS: + Some interesting story elements + Power combos feel rewarding + Not enough money to buy all upgrades mean prioritizing
    CONS: - Frequent framerate issues on high end PC - Occasional gamebreaking tiling issues (why is this still not fixed?) - Not all story elements resolved to satisfaction

    REVIEW: I'll be straight up in saying that shooters aren't my
    favorite genre, but all the hype about how good the story was intrigued me and I bought this game for what I heard was an engaging storyline with memorable protagonists. It turns out that this is partially true, in that one character (Elizabeth) is memorable, as is the gimmick of a floating city and dimension-hopping. However, the rest of the story is blah, and all ends aren't satisfactorily resolved by the ending cinimatics. Is this a relatively good story for a shooter? Absolutely. Would the story stand on it's own as a book or even a movie? Never.

    But back to what I liked about the game: the power system works pretty well, in fact it is probably the best thing about this game (a megaman-like dependence on exploiting enemy weaknesses becomes important in late game or high difficulties), and the combos feel powerful, as do purchase-able upgrades. Which speaks to another positive: you cannot afford to buy all the upgrades. This means finding out what your play style is and sticking to it, which is a glimmer of integrity from the increasingly erratic 2K Games.

    What sucks? Well, for starters there are FREQUENT framerate issues on a high-end PC, as well as game-breaking occasions where enemies, floors, walls, etc. are unsee-able because their skins don't show up. Is the air shooting you? It will go away with a restart, but if the autosave was in an inconvenient spot, you still have to play it over, aside from the obvious downside of completely breaking your momentum. I also have gripes about the story. The first 80% of the game explains nothing-which is fine, if you are playing a mystery game. Why doesn't this work here? Because the objectives you spent all that time pursuing no longer exist when you hop a reality. You end up with a Lord-of-the-Rings style question at the end: why didn't we just fly to Mt Doom (or the final Bioshock bad-guy fight, as the case may be) and skip the big nothing in the middle? Furthermore, only one characters motives are explained (Booker's, don't expect ever to find out what is going on with the twins) and many loose ends remain.

    SUMMARY: Was this game good? Well, the last 20% had satisfying gameplay and there were moments of greatness... I'd say it is worth playing if you can get it on sale for $15 or less. Don't expect story greatness, or even bug-free gaming, though.
  72. May 24, 2014
    This game is awesome.
    Columbia is so colorful,charming.(I loved the railsliding part the most.)
    The story is great,and i enjoyed the combat as I rarely play FPS games.
    I think the graphics were good,even on very low setting it gave me a feeling.(not counting the cut animations)
  73. May 21, 2014
    I still have no idea why this games scores so high with the critics. The environment is great, but the plot has many holes, the story moves at a snail's pace, and the gameplay is pretty average. Feels like a step back from the first two.
  74. May 20, 2014
    I am not someone who writes reviews after only playing a hour and then trashes or praises a game. After playing bioshock infinite all the way through and having played the first two games all the way through, I have to say while this game is good it's not as great as many critics make it to be. Is the game pretty? Yes. It makes good use of high end hardware for those who have powerful systems. For a world that looks so gorgeous and seems so open, it's very on the rail, as they say. Speaking of being on the rail, there's no real choices in the game. The first two games had choices and consequence for those choices. You had to choose whether to save the little Sisters and only take enough Adam (in game energy) or harvest them and end their existence, but getting more precious Adam in return. You also had choices whether to spare or kill certain characters (some of which were real scum bags). Every choice had a consequence and depending on your choices your story may have a different ending. I used to wrestle with the choices made as I wanted a certain ending but also because I thought about what kind of protagonist I wanted to be. This game? Nothing. Not only are there little choice in this game but even if you make a choice it makes no difference because there's no consequence. You can kill anyone and it doesn't matter. Is that the message we send in games and entertainment? That choices have no consequence? It's also ironic as one of the games themes is redemption for the main protagonist. At it's core, this game is a solid shooter but the AI is dumb on Normal difficulty. If I got killed it was due to sheer numbers or an unbalanced damage system. Vigors for the most part were useless except Possession, Devils Kiss and Shock jockey. I ended up just getting a sniper rifle and sniping most enemies from a distance with headshots. So like playing Call of Duty in a prettier world. Not to give anything away, but the ending willing probably piss most people off and have you saying WTF. I walked away scratching my head, but after reading an explanation online it made a little more sense. The thing that pissed me off most was again no choice even when you finally face the games nemesis, Comstock. No boss fight leading up to the confrontation and no final boss fight, just an onslaught of enemies who come at you in waves. Just seemed lazily done at the end and was a big letdown for me, personally. Especially for a game series that in the past has stood out in the FPS genre as always having a strong story and solid single player campaign. I wanted to keep playing just to see what happened, but unlock the second game where I took the punishment of cheap kills due to unbalanced play as it had a great story, this one began to feel like a chore. Bottom line? This game is pretty and has lots of polish, but underneath the veneer is a hollow experience that left me wanting more. Play the original game and maybe check out the second as it still was pretty good. Wait until this goes on a Steam sale if you still haven't played this yet. Expand
  75. May 20, 2014
    New world to explore, beautiful world, but while the story and plot are better then what we experienced in Bioshock 2, its not even close to the original game and has many obvious flaws, but for some reason most people don't notice those flaws.
    But the real problem is the gameplay that doesn't makes sense with the story and the plot and is a huge downgrade from the previous games.
    Extremely linear, brainless, simple, it has backtracking, many enemies (especially bosses) are there just for the sake of it and have nothing to do with the story and weren't designed well at all, Vigors (the games' alternative for Plasmids) also make no sense in this world and half of them are mostly pointless, some weapons feel weak and you can only hold two of them (no it doesn't make shooting more tactical), and its too easy. Expand
  76. May 11, 2014
    BioShock Infinite is undoubtedly a fun game. It's setting allows for incredible gunfights that almost never get boring. It's compelling story keeps it from being another generic shooter. I's art style is incredible, making the already good game even better.
    But it does have flaws.
    The game only provides around 10 hours of fun. There seems to be choice, but in reality all your choices are
    insignificant. While this isn't a big problem for your first play through, it removes all replay value. The game completely abandoned the city of Rapture, Big Daddies, and the dark atmosphere of the other games, which made it feel less like a BioShock game than it should have. You can only hold two weapons at a time, which is a problem for some people. (Not for me; I felt like it added to the experience, but what do I know?) Lastly, there's the issue of the ending. I won't spoil it, but let me say it was probably the deepest ending to a game in human history. IF you could understand it. Missing even single lines of speech can make the ending too confusing to understand. Once you do understand it though, prepare to have your mind blown.
    Now I know it seems like I'm hating on this game, but I really already described all of it's flaws. It's definitely worth your $20.
  77. May 11, 2014
    This is the first game of the series I have played, and afterwards I feel ashamed I have not played any of them before.
    The game is purely beautiful; the amount of little snippets put into each scene and every little detail is absolutely superb, being supported by its incredible graphics that really show off the creativity of the developers. Not one location seemed insignificant – each
    had its own unique atmosphere – which could not have been improved upon.
    The story is one of the most complex stories I have ever experienced in a game – probably not helping that I had not played either of the previous games – but the sheer scale of the story is its strongest point. There are so many twists and turns throughout the game, all of which still link together and make sense, which often makes you become awe-dropped. A story so complex as this certainly lets me know that the developers truly loved creating it, as its depth and delivery holds up persistently in the game. However, it is a difficult story to figure out – I had to do some external research after completing the game in order to understand it fully – but it is a puzzle I enjoyed learning about.
    Its gameplay becomes marginally repetitive, but with the customization through gear, infusions, vigors and the broad range of weaponry, it holds up very well to ensure players use different tactics for each encounter. Additionally, the animations occasionally clash with the surroundings, but thankfully that is only a rare fault.
    Concluding, ‘Bioshock Infinite’ is a masterpiece of fantasy, a game that truly delivers in story and graphics, making the game an infinite classic.
  78. May 11, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite totally met my expectations. You start a game as a not so well prospering detective Booker Dewitt with a simple task to bring kidnapped girl back to home from flying(?) city. The more you play the less you really know what the hell is really happening in this idyll in the sky. Irrational Games did extreme job so you can fall in love with two main characters. And everything ends with the jaw-dropping and mind-blowing ending. The only negative I can find is kind of simple enemy AI with for ex. limited area they can chase you, but this game is not much about fighting. Story, beautifully crafted graphics and an enormous focus on details around the Bioshock Infinite mystery will give you a solid campaign experience you will not forget for a long time. Expand
  79. May 2, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite is a decent game which suffers from pacing and gameplay issues. The story is decent enough, but a let down compared to the first game, and not nearly as clever in its commentary about the world or video games. The best part of the game is your sidekick, Elizabeth, who is a sidekick done right and uses a very clever mechanic to make herself useful and meaningful, but the game itself failed to make itself dynamic enough for her to be used to her full potential.

    The story of the original Bioshock is what really made the game special. Unfortunately, this game's story is not up to the level of the first game's story; you don't feel the same drive onward, and, unfortunately, because of the first game's twist, it is more obvious that there is going to be a twist in this one, which somewhat bothered me as I saw the twist coming from the very start of the game.
    Unlike in the previous games, in Bioshock Infinite, your character, Booker DeWitt, has both a name and a personality. Booker speaks up throughout the game, talking to the various NPCs, and especially to his sidekick, Elizabeth.
    The best and worst part of the game is the various transitions between realities; not only do you draw things between worlds, but you actually travel between worlds at various points in the game, to realities where things played out differently, including (eventually) a reality wherein Booker died after coming to the city.
    The problem, ultimately, is that the game never really delivers on the story; it is alright, but it isn't spectacular, and the world-skipping, while a neat idea, never really ends up having the punch that it should, as well as making it so that what we did earlier didn't really matter in that particular world (or maybe it did - who knows?). The whole "dead in one world, alive in another" thing is never really properly explored or followed up on, even though it was built up in significance, and the end result is that while it advanced the plot it really failed to make the game awesome.

    The ultimate weakness of this game lies in its gameplay. Bioshock Infinite is every bit the sequel to the previous Bioshock games, and this isn't a good thing - the gameplay is very similar to what it was in previous games, and while the enemy variety is a bit better in this game, there's nothing quite as exciting as some of the Big Daddy fights were in the first game. The Handymen are alright replacements for them, and make for reasonable enough fights, and your first fight against the various new types of enemies is neat enough, but as with the previous games, the lack of real bosses hurts the game a bit.
    The normal soldiers who are running around in most of the game are not terribly difficult or interesting enemies to fight, and while some of the battlefields are very interesting and dynamic and make good use of Elizabeth's powers, many of the fights are the opposite - very static things where you just hide behind cover and shoot the enemies, gradually grinding your way through the group without changing what you had summoned into the fight with Elizabeth at all. Elizabeth's powers are really neat, but without a reason to run around during the fight (something some of the special enemies provided at times, especially the handymen, as well as some of the more interesting environmental setups) they often didn't end up very interesting as they just were a piece of whatever I summoned in at the start to help me, rather than something I brought in mid-fight to swing things in my favor.
    The actual weapons in the game were very standard for a FPS, with the usual assortment of weapons, and unfortunately the upgrades system really encouraged you to try and stick to as few weapons as possible so that you could make the most use out of your upgrades - this is one of the major flaws of upgrade systems, in that they actually frequently reduce the variety of gameplay by encouraging you to not use a variety of weapons. Some of the weapons were also vastly better than others, and by the end of the game you pretty much had your pick of which weapon to use most of the time, rather than giving you a scavenging feel.
    The vigors are supposed to help mix things up from the usual FPS point of view, and it is nice to have weird weapons in a game, but ultimately I only ended up using a small number of the vigors - really, the only good ones were the ones which temporarily incapacitated foes, including the one that gave me a free ally for a bit, and as a result I pretty much only used three vigors through most of the game. They also didn't fit into the world at all thematically.
    All in all, the gameplay didn't really match the ambiance the story seemed to be trying to create, and the gameplay was too slow for the game itself - the game would have been better if it had avoided making you run around looking for change all the time.
  80. May 2, 2014
    +Stunning graphics +Damn fine story +A.I Companion is not a burden to you +GEARS! WOOOOO! +1999 mode - Loved it! +Huge amount of Easter Eggs and Secrets -Generic shooting mechanics -Vigors isn't useful than the plasmids from the original bioshock -R.I.P Irrational Games *Ken Levine got fired* -Less Exploring than the original. -Scavenging isn't a priority since you can just but ammo on vendos Expand
  81. Apr 27, 2014
    Thought this game was amazing. Beat it from dusk to dawn. Gameplay was a bit repetitive but going through plots of the story was a blast. There were memorable moments and the voice acting and characters were spot-on.
  82. Apr 27, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite is a visual masterpiece with solid and fun game play. The story and outcome is similar to past Bioshock games, sadly Ken Levine is somewhat of a one-trick pony in that regard. That being said, the game on its own is an experience and can be enjoyed thoroughly without the older games.
  83. Apr 27, 2014
    BioShock Infinite is hands-down the best story-driven singleplayer game ever developed in the video game industry. It is also the only game i've seen so far that really pushes all the way out to display the beauty of the ageing Unreal Engine 3. Perfect combination of an ambient and atmospheric environment. Something that i'd also like to point out is the voice acting! Superb, superb voice acting.

    The storyline really very intriguing and tastes really good (slurp..), definitely one that i would remember forever.

    A negative point of the game is it's highly controversial approach to the storyline, with much racism and skepticism that is somewhat off-the-charts ( at least to me personally). Plus the confusing & abrupt ending.

    Overall, i did enjoyed the game a lot, 9/10. A real must-get.
  84. Apr 24, 2014
    The good, the game has probably the best atmosphere I've ever experienced in a game. Certain parts of the game just ooze ambiance and you can tell that the people at Irrational gave total thought into every single set piece that was placed. The game has probably the best environment I've ever seen in a game and its' pretty much the sole reason the game gets a 6. The atmosphere is top notch and you literally can't help but not be awed by the sight of Columbia. The bad, well it has this great atmosphere in a floating city but for most of the game you're exploring confined spaces. In all 8 hours I played in only a ten second span, did I feel like I was in a floating city. This was when the PC had to traverse a ledge to get to another point in the area. Another problem, the game uses checkpoints to save your game. The game prizes itself on exploration to flesh out the world through audio and visual diaries, such as Bioshock 1 and 2 yet at times I noted myself having thirty minutes between saves due to me exploring. I found myself rushing exploring just because I had to go to work or school. Another problem, there's not much variation in enemies or is there much of a challenge. The most challenging enemy called a, "Handyman," is only encountered around six or seven times and its' the only time you'll ever encounter a challenge. The gameplay is distinctly average, which is a shame. The game shares problem with third person shooters, in that it they telegraph where fighting will occur. The vigors also feel like direct rip offs from Bioshock 1 & 2 yet are harder to aim. The games story is decent, but the foreshadowing is literally jammed down your throat. and not only that but its' confusing as hell towards the end and makes no sense. I paid $7.50 for the game and it took ~8 hours. Overall the game's decent but don't expect the second coming of first person shooters. Expand
  85. Apr 21, 2014
    This is one of the most stunningly beautiful games I have ever played. The entire game is phenomenal in it's own regard. The story is in my opinion, one of the most amazing plots I've ever played in a game, or anything for that matter. The characters become real as you progress further into the game, and you really develop a connection to Booker and Elizabeth. The game play is fun, fast, and difficult. This adventure is tough, and makes it challenging for the average game player. I highly recommend this game, especially when you have a PC that can really stretch it's legs and run this game on Ultra. Even if you can't play with it on Ultra, it's still a beautiful game on low. Thanks for reading my review! Expand
  86. Apr 1, 2014
    German ;) : Seit langem mal wieder ein Shooter, der Storymäßig und Atmospherisch unter die aut geht. Vor allem die Liebe zum Detail, die Lebendigkeit der Welt, welche vom Setting her so unverbraucht wie kaum etwas anderes ist (Eine Fliegende Strahlende Stadt über den Wolken im Jahre 1912, durchdrungen von Prunk, Technik, Korruption, Irrglauben und revolutionären Gedanken und einem Hauch Magie und Paranormalem), macht dieses Spiel zu etwas unvergleichbaren. Lediglich der moderne Ansatz den Spieler zu lange am Leben zu lassen macht Spielspaßtechnisch einem Shooter-Fan der alten Schule hier einen leichten Strich durch die Rechnung .... Trotzdem 11/10 Punkten ;D Expand
  87. Mar 30, 2014
    Another modern AAA story "game". The game itself is very basic and cheap: extremely linear tiny levels, poor AI, very short. Half of the game you just wondering here and there, participating in scripted cutscenes, watching something and so on.

    Too bad Bioshock replaced true ingame exploration and adventure by this **** casual "story" crap. I guess 90% of budget went to "story", not much
    left for the game itself. 10$ is a fair price for this game Expand
  88. Mar 30, 2014
    BioShock Infinite spoiler-free review.
    BioShock: Infinite is an amazing game that's incredibly well thought and enjoyable from start to finish.
    Like I started the review for the original BioShock, I'll talk about the world. Irrational Games manages to keep the tradition of making the world a character and make it tell it's own story. Although the world tells it's own story, it has a lot
    more diminished impact, considering that now you are a speaking character (Booker Dewitt) accompanied by a talking character as well (Elizabeth) which distract you from admiring the world and just staring at it at times. The story. This game's shorter than the first BioShock, but much more focused, with better witing (and BioShock's writing wasn't bad at all), much more interesting and relatable. It was filled with emotions that few games achieved last year (The Last of Us, Gone Home). The Graphics aren't as realistic in 2013 as BioShock's were in 2007, but that's because Irrational takes a much more artistic approach and one that pays off. The music in this game is extraordinary, and really make emotional moments 10 times much more meaningful. The sounds are very good as well, no complaints there. The gameplay. Now, everyone thinks that this is a weak part in the game, but it really isn't. Although plasmids (now called vigors) don't make much of a difference in combat, and it doesn't change the first person shooter genre (like BioShock did), it's a satisfying gameplay and it's a lot of fun (although you might want to play it in hard like I did, because normal and easy difficulty don't bring any challenge). AI is great and Elizabeth really changes combat, by helping you with supplies.
    After all BioShock: Infinite is an incredible ride with an ending that will make you want to replay the game from a whole new pespective.
    Average score: 9.7/10
  89. Mar 29, 2014
    Despite the fact that the 2 first Bioshock games were pretty good, they both pale in comparison to this one. The story is much deeper and one of the best ones I've seen in a while and the gameplay is also more interesting and fun with the new ability to open tears and some new powers that are even more awesome than the ones in previous games.

    If anyone out there has played the first to
    games, but still played this one yet, then they definitely should. Expand
  90. Mar 29, 2014
    Great idea, great design, great graphics. It is just let down by uninvolving gameplay. Just a series of go here and press F, then go here and press F. Oh what it might have been...
  91. Mar 28, 2014
    From the very first moment I found this game highly overrated by reviewers.
    The game itself is a bit repetitive, I found myself wanting juts to finish rather than enjoying the game.
  92. Mar 27, 2014
    With far less emphasis on level design compared to bioshock1, bioshock infinite is all about the story and the characters gameplay is watered down with the choice of carrying only two weapons like most of those generic mediocre military shooters on the market. But the vigors/plasmids, the beautiful city of Colombia on the unreal 3 engine and Elizabeth is what makes infinite worth playing.
  93. Mar 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As a fan of story in games, I found myself sitting at the end of the credits of Bioshock: Infinite with many questions swirling around in my head. Some about the game, some about the impact, but one that has stuck with me since: "Why does everyone think this game is a 10/10?"

    Usually, with sequels, developers try to innovate and create unique experiences in a similar universe of a game. They try their hardest to replicate the success of the earlier installments, and to try and make a title worthy of the series' name.

    Was Bioshock: Infinite innovative and unique? No.
    Did Irrational Games try their hardest to create this game? Not at all.

    E3 2011: 15 minutes of gameplay is released. It shows creative features with environment-reactive NPC's and large landscapes with dense setpieces. Elizabeth is also shown to react promptly to the drastic actions you take. You feel immersed in this world. It is beautiful, yet dangerous.
    Did any of this make it into the final product? Nope.
    The NPC's are lifeless and absent for most of the game. The graphics may be wonderful but that feeling of immersion quickly wears off the second you push that rotating blade into a cop's head for grabbing your wrist. And Elizabeth? She'll come later.

    Gameplay: Big question here: Why was this game a First Person Shooter? For a game trying to tell a story about conflicting ideals and the possibilities of alternate universes, why did shooting guards and ghosts in linear gauntlet sequences similar to Call of Duty seem to be the best choice? The "continuation" of the Bioshock name rears its ugly head here, as I feel Irrational was forced to make this decision due to keeping the similarity going. It didn't help, much similar to the gameplay changes from System Shock 2 to Bioshock. The difficulty system in the game is laughable, going up in difficulty means making enemies bigger bullet sponges, and that is it. While I understand the hype around other parts of the game, I believe 10/10 games to be nearly flawless. And the gameplay of this game is anything but, with its dull repetitive shooting galleries that take up most of the game, and with the unforgivable removal of key features that made this game unique to play. Development Hell kicked this poor game down.

    Graphics: This is the only part I can see the love for. The art style really makes the game seem like it was in development for six years. It's refined and has its own quirks. Yet your immersion in this beautiful world lasts for all of ten minutes.

    Story: Oh lord. While many might bag me down for saying I just didn't "understand," you're right. I don't understand. I don't understand the praise for this uninspired, bloated story with one of the most jumbled endings of any game I've seen in all of my life. The game starts with an overdone bashing of old American values, and it sure does bash you with it constantly and barrages you with "BLACK IS BAD" propaganda. It's all "THIS GOOD, THIS BAD" for hours and hours, and the game does nothing with it as you blast the white man down. For a game that is praised for pushing the story-telling medium forward, the story lacks any sort of nuance. Then, the time travel plot kicks in. Infinite realities and such. At the end of the game, you (Booker) are drowned as you eventually become Comstock, the villain, and must be killed to prevent Columbia from ever being made. At this point, multiple universes have been traversed, and it is implied that this certain Booker's (you) death will result in all Booker's dying in every universe. However, this contradicts what the infinite realities theory really is: infinite. Killing one man in one universe does nothing for the again, infinite realities that are existing. The producers tried to put as many confusing elements of quantum mechanics into their game, but failed to understand any of them. I have full faith that the story was being made up as it went along near the end. I could go on for hours on how this story is nothing short of horrid, but that's already been done by various others. Instead, I'll end it with Elizabeth and Booker.
    Booker is your hero, and a very dumb one at that. Completely ignoring all signs for him to not do what he does, he does it anyway. A hero that pushes onward no matter what is heroic, a hero that slays hundreds for no reason to pay off a debt is disgusting.
    Elizabeth is your main objective: you save her from her tower guarded by a beast that serves as her guardian. She is spunky, lovable, and funny. She should not be any of these things. Being trapped in that tower means you are not a Disney princess, you are emotionally detached and volatile. Of course, Irrational can't do this, as spunky female characters are all the rage right now.

    Sometimes I worry about the industry, how these games are praised as the next comings of christ.

    The game is praised for being intelligent and thought-provoking, but does not understand how a coherent story or actual characters should function.
  94. Mar 23, 2014
    Decent Game
    - Good gun play
    - Great voice actors
    - Amazing atmosphere
    - Too few guns
    - Predictable ending
    - Re-Used story
    Basically, it is an ok game although I find Bioshock 2 and 1 to be way better.
  95. Vel
    Mar 22, 2014
    First, let me say I was a big fan of the first bioshock, and somewhat a fan of the 2nd. This one fell short of what it could be. I'll just list it as a set of pro's and con's, but please, PLEASE don't believe all the hype about this game.
    -Graphics are pretty good, nothing ground breaking, but up to competing with what's out there.
    -The story was somewhat clever, kind of reminded
    me of dishonored.
    -The gameplay mechanics were very similar to bioshock 1 and 2, which made it easy to get in to

    -The game was relatively short, with almost 0 replayability. While the game gives you some decisions, none of them feel like they mean anything at all.
    -The gameplay becomes VERY repetitive as the game continues. Move to the next area, shoot all the bad guys. Move to the next area, shoot all the bad guys. By the last half of the game, it was more a desire to finish than a desire to play that got me through it.
    -The story did not really flow. While the main plot was interesting, the sideplots and people you meet just felt like filler to point you to the next area full of bad guys.

    Overall, if you can get it for under $10, it's a pretty good game, but trust me, once you beat it, you will never pick it up again.
  96. Mar 20, 2014
    As a regular game player I like to think I'm in tune with other game players. But this game has proved that wrong.

    I really do not get how such a mediocre linear boring game gets such a high mark from other reviews. I tried to like the game, honestly I did . I wanted to like it. It is a beautiful game which is why it got some points. But it is the same thing over and over again.
    Run a bit enter an arena fight bad guys. Run some more into another arena fight more bad guys. No skill in avoiding them or getting around them. Boring boring boring. Has it really come to this when a game like this gets top marks. Is everyone blinded.

    I really enjoyed the first BioShock. Plenty of options to figure out different ways to get the bad guys. The real need to conserve your precious ammo and health. All that I enjoyed of the first game seemingly stripped away.

    Sorry but I really do not get the hype of this game.
  97. Mar 17, 2014
    The game was fun and all, but I don't get why people are so "touched" by it. I get that it's a triple AAA game but seriously, why? Anyway, the hook is pretty cool. Helped me a lot during the last boss battle. The graphics are nice and you get to have a pretty companion who helps you pick up items when you need them. I can't really remember the rest snce it's been a few months since I've finished the game but I did like it. Expand
  98. Mar 16, 2014
    Good game, good story line and good graphics though i don't kinda like the way it looks.. they just need to improve the gameplay a little bit and make it less repetitive, coz repetitive will bring you to boredom..
  99. Mar 16, 2014
    This is one great experiences, and surely one of the best of last-gen. BioShock Infinite has a unique artistic style and a highly detailed world to go along with a good story. There are parts where it feels like there's just too much combat, but the fact that the combat is fun, and the story is good, you just want to keep pushing through to see what happens next. Although it's not as great as the original, it's still a game that deserves to be played. Expand
  100. Mar 13, 2014
    Is this game as good as what people say it is? Yes of course. The game oozes both theme, style and beauty paired with a suspenseful story with a juicy ending. Gameplay is fun, though not everyone's cup of tea, it is still versatile and fun. Though the story does lack a rather slow sluggish start, when it picks up pace, you will fall in love with this game. A must play.
  101. Apr 6, 2013
    Bioshoke Infinite is a good game. It is also overated, over-hyped and someone less than the coming-of-the-Messiah it pretends to be. Infinite has wonderful ambience and atmosphere. The city of Columbia was built with passion and care. The art STYLING is brilliant. Likewise the main characters are sublime. Certain set-pieces are BRILLIANT. Yet finally this game does not stand up as a product that is worth $60. It is far too short and the shooting/exploring elements are far too limited, a kind of theatrical filler between the numerous set-pieces of this scenic railroad. Good though it is, this is a game to wait for. Wait till the hype blows over and get it when it hits its true value of around $20. The combat is fun but not challenging. Enemy AI is weak. The game is also far too linear and NARROW in terms of both player progress and narrative. The game finally exposes its true weaknesses, after many great moments when the plot falls to pieces at the end with one of the most head-scratching (in a negative sense) and RIDICULOUS conclusions you will ever see in a game. The ending is not deep. It is not a philosphical marvel. It's an incoherent mess that will have you wondering what the team at Irrational Games have been smoking for the last FIVE YEARS. While the anti-American Exceptionism is fairly amusing is is also over-played. Doesn't Ken Levine understand the word subtlety? Bioware Infinite is definitely a game to be enjoyed when the price comes down. I understand the desire of users to praose any game to the heavens. It happened also with Skyrim, which simply was also not very good. Keep waiting boys and girls, a true 10/10 game will get made eventually. Enough dudes are working at it. Collapse

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  1. 92
    Play BSI slowly, relish the moments and don’t rush to the end. It’s certain that you will have lived one of the richest gaming experiences that, as far as narration, lyricism and story are concerned, will take a lot of time to forget! [May 2013]
  2. May 7, 2013
    A very solid, but not revolutionary shooter in an amazing setting, with a story that struggles to convey its authors’ ambitions and is only seemingly complex. The vision is less focused than in previous Bioshocks and it does a worse job on binding the plot with gameplay. [CD-Action 05/2013, p.46]
  3. May 1, 2013
    Problematic plotting and excessive amounts of poorly balanced combat apply friction to what is otherwise one hell of a rollercoaster. [May 2013, p.80]