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  • Summary: Blade and Sword, the first PC Game title which combines Diablo-like action elements and Street Fighter arcade combat together, ushers in a new era in computer Role-Playing, that of the Action-RPG with amazing action and breath-taking martial arts from ancient China. [Whiptail Interactive]
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  1. Blade & Sword has style. Style enough to make up for the shortcomings of completely unoriginal mechanics, style enough to compensate for the excessive difficulty and style in such quantities to make other developers turn green with envy.
  2. While the game’s controls are identical to Diablo, even Diablo veterans will quickly realize that this is little more than a hack and slash title only due to the small amount of drops and no pieces of armor or weapons to be found, and the gameplay gets very repetitive very quickly.
  3. 60
    It's not a matter of the game bringing forth 140 hours of fun, rewarding gameplay, but 140 hours of watching-the-paint-dry monotony. You're better off checking out the wealth of "Diablo II" mods than plodding your way through Blade & Sword.
  4. Reasonably competent RPG with over-fiddly combat, an awful manual and graphics straight out of "Lure Of The Temptress" on the Atari ST.
  5. Eventually the battles begin to drag on. It becomes tedious work. Even the severed heads won't lift your spirits like they used to.
  6. One huge disappointment in Blade and Sword is the total absence of a multiplayer mode! Just a few good multiplayer options could have made this game a little more interesting or at least extended the replay value.
  7. Carl "Kung Fu Fighting" Williams would be happy about the addition of kung fu combo attacks (to the hack-and-slash formula), but everyone else will be bored silly by mindless repetition and deeply flawed design. [Apr 2004, p.73]

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  1. Oct 14, 2012
    One of the most underrated and one of the best arpg at all times. It does not have more sophisticated skill system or more classes, neither graphics like Diablo II, but it will give you 200+ hours of amazing gameplay. It is very addictive, challenging. With Diablo 2, Titan quest... this is one of my top 3 arpg at all time. Highly recommended. I beated the game on hardest difficulty and coming back to this game even after more than 200hours in Diablo 3. This speaks for all. Try it, it is not worst like best arpg available. Expand
  2. Dui
    Dec 7, 2012
    Simply beautiful. I can put this on the same level as Diablo II is. Shame they dont make games anymore with an atmopshere like this gem has. Recommended for ARPG fans. Expand

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