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  • Summary: Blaze & Blade is a pointless PC conversion of a substandard console role-playing game.
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  1. Jul 3, 2012
    I recently met a mutual friend in a bar and we began talking about videogames. I have no idea how, but we ended up talking about this little oddity. I was amazed that anyone else had even heard of it.

    Blaze & Blade, back in the day, gave me and my cohorts everything we so desperately wanted. A full length, co-operative RPG with a range of classes, dungeons, monsters, boss encounters and treasure. We loved it, and although we never finished the game, we clocked around 100 hours of gametime.

    Recently I rescued it from a dusty box in my attic. A mistake I would soon compare to the Nazis opening the Lost Arc in Indiana Jones.

    The levels are unintuitive and confusing, the loading scenes are extraordinarily long. Despite being 4-player, only one person can damage an enemy at a time. Combat is slow, and several of the classes are dead-end choices, leaving several of your team frustrated at the weakness of their avatars. Leave well alone.