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  • Summary: Burning Horizon, throws you in even more dramatic battles of WWII. Burning Horizon offers a huge 18-missions-campaign around General Rommel, giving you the opportunity to play famous battles like Ardennes, Tripolis, Tobruk, El Alamein, Sicily and, of course, Normandy. Furthermore, the add-on contains 8 single missions, with an entire new nation at war: Japan. 50 new units like Zero fighters and Blenheim bombers, the M5 Stuart and many specialized German tanks, US Marines and Afrika Korps units fill the strategy package. Burning Horizon gives the parties a better AI: the enemy seeks weak spots in your lines, clears minefields, handles his air force cleverly. The mission objectives offer a wide range, e.g. airborne assaults, evacuations, covert ops, defense manoeuvres, counter attacks or assassinations. [CDV Software] Expand
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  1. You will be thinking about the game long after you played it, where should I place my artillery?
  2. If pure tactics and the intense fighting that took place in Europe and North Africa in all those years is what you're craving for, then Blitzkrieg: Burning Horizon is exactly what you need.
  3. A very well made game for World War II fans, but a bit too much for the average gamer.
  4. Don't have any illusions: this is simply more of the same. But then as they say, if it ain't broke, carpet bomb it with a Lancaster.
  5. It does a lot to build on the tactics focused gameplay found in the original game with improvements in the enemy AI, this bundled with the difficulty and size of the missions should provide plenty of intense strategy action despite the complete absence of a multiplayer mode.
  6. The 2D graphics engine also allows resolutions of up to 1600x1200 and thus suits even the biggest screen.
  7. The graphics are not as exciting as those found in "Command and Conquer: Generals" and the interface, like its predecessor’s, is rather flat. However, the ability to interact with virtually anything on the map makes up for this shortfall.

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