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  • Summary: Get involved! Epic 18 mission campaign with the American legend General Patton. Follow Patton from the landing in Casablanca through seven countries: Fight for Northern Africa, Operation Husky (battle for Sicily 1943), breakout from the Normandy bridgehead (Operation Cobra), the Race through France, Battle of the Bulge, Rhine crossing near Oppenheim, Commando Hammelburg (Patton's attempt to free his son-in-law from German imprisonment) and the capture of a secret underground weapon factory in Pilsen. [CDV] Expand
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  1. Scores high marks due to the retro-type feel of the game; it’s a reminder of why early RTS games were so fun.
  2. The enemy AI has been tweaked and this helps to make the title a little better and just that bit harder too. Plus placing the emphasis on General Patton takes you through several important WWII battles. Not a true classic, but one to get especially if you like the Blitzkrieg series.
  3. History buffs will delight in the wealth of historical accuracy and strategicians (no it's not a word, but if we use it enough it might become one…) will find much to enjoy. It takes a quick mind and distinct tactical dexterity to outwit the crafty snares of Rommel.
  4. The game has a short learning curve and the AI ramps up nicely to present a very solid and challenging experience.
  5. Fans of the Blitzkrieg series will probably be pleased. There is a great deal of challenging RTS gameplay, and the WWII flavor is quite strong. Still, the more casual RTS gamer probably won’t be able to overlook the frustrating control and less-than-stellar AI.
  6. It offers a solid new campaign, as well as some new units, textures, and AI upgrades, but it also neglects to address some old problems.
  7. Functional WWII strategy! Again! Gah! [Feb 2005, p.93]

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