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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
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  1. Scores high marks due to the retro-type feel of the game; it’s a reminder of why early RTS games were so fun.
  2. The game has a short learning curve and the AI ramps up nicely to present a very solid and challenging experience.
  3. AceGamez
    History buffs will delight in the wealth of historical accuracy and strategicians (no it's not a word, but if we use it enough it might become one…) will find much to enjoy. It takes a quick mind and distinct tactical dexterity to outwit the crafty snares of Rommel.
  4. The choice of following General George S. Patton’s campaigns was both logical (as the best US Tank General ever) and engaging. The Blitzkrieg system works well with no flaws experienced, in a graphics rich environment.
  5. The enemy AI has been tweaked and this helps to make the title a little better and just that bit harder too. Plus placing the emphasis on General Patton takes you through several important WWII battles. Not a true classic, but one to get especially if you like the Blitzkrieg series.
  6. A quaintly pleasant WWII RTS that offers little new but makes up for that deficiency with an incredible passion for subject matter and meticulous accuracy within its remit. Rommel would be proud.
  7. Pelit (Finland)
    Enough is enough. Concentrate on Blitzkrieg 2, please.
  8. If you enjoyed the original, I would recommend that you pick this game up. If you are looking for more graphical flare and less strategic planning, then you may be better off with "Codename: Panzers." If you want to spend time planning and executing, then this game is for you.
  9. The new elements are intriguing but not quite enough to make the game more than slightly above average.
  10. 77
    And while fans of the Blitzkrieg model will obviously enjoy these new missions, the recent "Codename Panzers" and "Soldiers: Heroes of World War 2" are more satisfying and original.
  11. The fans of the series will gladly play this add-on. On the other hand, I don't know if they will enjoy the few changes in terms of gameplay and graphics.
  12. For those non-history buffs, but who are RTS fans this is not a bad little RTS game, this game focuses less on construction and defense than most RTS’s, and more on the combat aspect.
  13. Fans of the Blitzkrieg series will probably be pleased. There is a great deal of challenging RTS gameplay, and the WWII flavor is quite strong. Still, the more casual RTS gamer probably won’t be able to overlook the frustrating control and less-than-stellar AI.
  14. The original Blitzkrieg was excellent, Burning Horizon continued the brand building, but Rolling Thunder is somewhat drab.
  15. It offers a solid new campaign, as well as some new units, textures, and AI upgrades, but it also neglects to address some old problems.
  16. 70
    To really enjoy this game you have to be a fairly avid RTS fan. Second, you also have to be an RTS fan that really couldn’t give a rat’s ass about gathering supplies.
  17. PC Gamer
    A rehash with a flawed engine, but its sense of battlefield tactics is appealing. [Feb 2005, p.53]
  18. 69
    I would not suggest that hardcore RTS fans buy this game, as it is mediocre when compared to recent releases in the genre. But if Ol’ Blood and Guts gets you in the mood for smoking cigars and killing Nazis, Blitzkrieg: Rolling Thunder is the title for you.
  19. The gaming family will refer to this game as a slightly deranged aunt who need only be humoured. It¡'s quite entertaining, no doubt about that and a bargain for what you get out of the box but you'd be better off spending your time looking for travel insurance or something similar.
  20. PC Format
    Functional WWII strategy! Again! Gah! [Feb 2005, p.93]
  21. A great look, a compelling historical storyline and an emphasis on in-depth strategy and tactics contribute to a fun gaming experience.
  22. 70
    It takes far too many clicks to get a unit's attention. Units and icons are sometimes too small, and the camera system is still unfriendly when moving over tall terrain.
  23. Computer Gaming World
    Just like the last Blitzkrieg. No, really. [Feb 2005, p.89]

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  1. MartinC.
    May 28, 2007
    The best game of the Blitzkrieg series. Forget Blitzkrieg2.
  2. CC_commander.
    Jan 27, 2005
    Better than BK1 !
  3. SteveC.
    Dec 11, 2004
    Great gameplay, old style RTS, but thrilling missions.