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  1. Apr 8, 2011
    In short: Broken. At least it was for me. My team could not hold on to the goddamn ball to save their life. In fact, none of my abilities seem to work at all for my team, but freaking ALWAYS for my opponents. I don't know if it'll be a problem for you, but remember you received fair warning.
  2. Oct 4, 2011
    Deep strategy and a heavy tome full of rules are involved in Blood Bowl. The mechanics are as close as they can get to the original Tabletop rules, so veterans will feel right at home.
    Don't buy it if you expect quick action, though, as turn-based games usually don't provide that type of fun
  3. Oct 25, 2011
    Nonsense results of dices, bad and repetitive IA, awful camera controls, confused menus, very bad random dices, lot of bugs. A complete disappointment if you like the board game.I have tried several times but seriously play is very hard when you're entire game without taking the ball from the ground.
  4. Apr 9, 2011
    TheangryOne speaks the truth to this game. I feel like it has such potential, but I get stomped every game. My players drop the ball, get clobbered by the other team, and get completely rolled by the other team. Whereas my players don't do anything, the other teams abilities seem to ALWAYS work. Literally like every time. It is so one sided that it really does feel like it is bugged.

    read some strategy guides and game information online, but it didn't really give much insight. The community itself just states things like "this is an adaptation from a tabletop game, and tabletop gamers are just smarter than computer games."

    I really wanted to like this game; as I have been a huge fan of Games Workshop games...even having been a tabletop gamer myself back in the day. Unfortunately the game is literally impossible to play and be able to even put up a fight against the easy AI.
  5. Jul 5, 2011
    Never played the "Blitz" mode - only board game mode and well, it's a faithful recreation of the Blood Bowl board game - it does however have a couple of major flaws. 1: If you own the Dark Elves edition this doesn't really add anything new, some more (arguably unbalanced - *coughs Khemri*) teams but that's about it. 2: the RNG is absolutely, totally broken. The odds on rolling a double red skull should be 1 in 36 (effectively double 1) - so to re-roll and get a double red skull AGAIN should be 1 in 1296... I've had that happen twice in a single game before. At times it just feels like the game it out to get you with statistically highly improbable rolls, normally just when you need to roll anything BUT. It gets to the point where you daren't take ANY risks at all because you KNOW you'll fail. Now I remember getting crappy rolls on the board game but seriously - the PC version seems to take the piss - so it goes between being a brilliant, faithful recreation of arguably the best game GW ever made to being the most frustrating, irritating piece of crap ever invented - normally bouncing between those two extremes several times within the same game. Only worth buying if you enjoyed the board game, have a masochistic streak and don't already own the Dark Elves edition (or you pick it up on Steam for say £10). Expand
  6. Dec 26, 2011
    If you are looking for a faithful recreation of the board game, it's a great game. If you don't know the board game rules, which have been getting more complicated over the years, forget about it. The game doesn't even try to explain them to yourself. There's no help at all. Only a clumsy tutorial which barely touches the surface.
  7. Apr 10, 2011
    I love this game. It's a great version of the board game. All the teams are there and all the rules are there, so I am really happy with it. I saw that others rated this game bad for not being able to win and have to say: yes, Blood Bowl is kinda hard. It has a certain lerning curve. But if you're willing to spend some time and learn the game it is very rewarding, especially in multiplayer. My rating is given since I already liked the board game and consider this a very good and faithful computer game conversion. Expand
  8. Jun 23, 2011
    This game is absolutely great. I've been playing the campaign (turn-based) for 50 hours and yet the game feels 'new'.

    There are a lot of races to choose from and play against and they do feel different; Every race have their own strengths and weaknesses. Wan't to beat your enemies - take orcs. Wan't to outrun them? Take skaven. Wan't to bypass them by throwing the ball around - choose
    elves etc. Players gain experience and new stats and skills from matches. Chaos teams also get mutations. You as manager can also equip players with better armor. There is a huge roleplaying aspect that is done very well. But it's not just going up. Your player can also suddenly die on te game pit.

    Animations are very well done and as for the sounds I especially love the commentators remarks, which vary with the teams on the field.

    The UI is well done and everything work as I as a new player would think.

    The AI still seems very intelligent. Every match is a challenge, and I think that as the campaign progresses the AI becomes more intelligent? For example at first I didn't notice much of a passing game from AI, but later on you really have to watch those throwers and catchers.

    Only negative is that the game rules are not explained within game. So at first it might be hard to win matches.

    I think it is not good that many people here give 0, based on that they dont know how to play the game! "I get stomped on every game" should be a positive sign in terms of game AI.
  9. Aug 22, 2011
    A solid and sensible recreation of the Games Workshop Boardgame, but without the hassle of having to roll dice and count tackle zones or measure distances yourself. For those of us who never had the patience to paint our models it is a perfect fix.

    That being said, there are a couple of oddities and flaws. Internet play in the large leagues is cumbersome and feels like 1998. However if
    you wish to set up a league with friends, or just play 1 on 1, it is perfect for creating an arena for bragging rights.

    In an era where RTS/FPS/RPG are dominant, this is an excellent turn based game which reminds us of how a steady game with time for more considered thought can be a great pleasure. It isn't perfect, but it is very good and an excellent way to spend time with friends.
  10. Nov 22, 2011
    Great and very faithful implementation of the Blood Bowl rules, though as you would expect with a game of this sort on-line multiplayer is where the game shine, the AI (as usual) simply can't keep up with a human mind.
  11. Feb 2, 2012
    As a long time gamer, QA and Warhammer fan. I must defend this game.

    While not going overboard the game is damn good and it punishes you buy killing your players, so if your the kind a guy that tries to make something work flawlessly don't play it. It's true, your players will die, stumble and drop the ball ruining your perfect plan and will occasionally lose a limb or two or die a
    gruesome death at the hands of something way bigger or a spell.

    Also quick note: I hate the real time, this is a boardgame... Real time sucks in and doesn't work at all. For me at least.

    But defending all the irrelevant points made up till now, I'll just quote some of the horrible and unfair reviews here and respond for you people as to reveal facts. The choice is still yours:

    1) "My team could not hold on to the goddamn ball to save their life. In fact, none of my abilities seem to work at all for my team, but freaking ALWAYS for my opponents."

    My take: This game's tutorial is out right bad (this is a really bad point), why it lost 2 points in my book. But this is a boardgame. You need to read the manual, you need to understand what affects your players, when, why and how. If your going to try to pass a ball while your hugged by an enemy player, throw it long distance, to a team mate how is not heavy on "Agility" and is also next to a opposing player and you have another player attempting to intercept your pass... SPOILER: It's gonna FAIL!... Read the rules, understand the game. WIN!

    2) "I feel like it has such potential, but I get stomped every game. My players drop the ball, get clobbered by the other team, and get completely rolled by the other team. Whereas my players don't do anything, the other teams abilities seem to ALWAYS work."

    My take: See 1, and also I have to go through how many times, I just happen to fail a dodge and drop the ball, only for my opponent next turn just failing at picking the ball up and letting me go for the counter tocuh-down. Or how they're "ogre class" player just fails to move because of the "really dumb trait" and basically costs them the mid-field fight. It equally happens to you and the enemy.

    3) "Nonsense results of dices, bad and repetitive IA, awful camera controls, confused menus, very bad random dices, lot of bugs."

    My take: In the same order. Whats nonsense about it ?!. maybe...but he also states as the previous that you cannot win if your life depended on it. I just can't see it or why you would want to move the camera around. pretty straight forward unless your playing on another language you don't know. Oooooh, I see nonsense = random...well who would've expected ...dices that are random...I'm sorry but I can't keep a straight face at that.

    4) "This developer, Cyanide Studios, are the ones also responsible for taking the incredible George RR Martin Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones universe and making a poorly done strategy game out of it"

    My take: I don't see the words: "blood","bowl" or "warhammer" there. I'm sorry, personal vendettas are not welcomed here.

    Well those where my 2 cents. A good game, definitely if you get it on sale. I won't bother with the last of the list since. This game has not crashed once, you can only get a limited amount of players because of BALANCE issues, so you can't spam a team of "ogre class" players, because it is a remake of the boardgame to the letter.
  12. Jan 9, 2011
    Legendary Edition, just like Dark Elves Edition, is just one more Blood Bowl that should have been a DLC to add to the original Blood Bowl release and not a full priced game that makes any previous purchase regrettable and very painful by money-gobbling Games Workshop. Played as the turn-by-turn strategy game is like the table-top game without having all the drunken friends and fun pun some dr.Perv(ert) can think. Collapse
  13. Oct 2, 2011
    I tried for a long time to think of a game that was worse than this, I couldn't do it. I can picture a game in this universe being done well, but this one isn't. This developer, Cyanide Studios, are the ones also responsible for taking the incredible George RR Martin Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones universe and making a poorly done strategy game out of it (Genesis), a game that is a disgrace to both the author of the books and the HBO series.

    Short story: Avoid this awful joke of a game, as well as any current and future Cyanide Studios games.
  14. Jun 13, 2012
    Blood Bowl: LE seems to take a perverse pleasure in kicking me in the balls whenever I play it... which is in keeping with its nature, I guess. I could play a game as the orks' best team against the worst halfling team, and I'd always miss tackles and wind up breaking my guys neck, while the halflings basically made all their tackles, catches and interceptions. Something is definitely up with the RNG, and it's not Nuffle. I'm not a fan of real life football and I've never played BB tabletop, but the game has some promise if you're a masochist. Expand
  15. Aug 4, 2011
    Very nice and fun game to play even if you are not a fan of the Board Game.
    To people who complain about sloppy teams that drop the ball - well, yeah, the starting teams is indeed unprofessional and sloppy. The beauty of the game comes in in precisely developing your players and growing with them, strategizing each player.

    I loved this game.
  16. Oct 6, 2011
    TL;DR: Multiplayer: 8/10, Solo: 2/10. Playing Single Player is 80% frustrating, 20% fun.

    Let me begin by saying I am a veteran Blood Bowl player and GW gamer, so I am not new to the game, and I agree with the clear statistical oddities I find when it comes to rolls made in solo matches AGAINST the AI. I emphasize the against because I find Exhibition matches with two human players, or
    multiplayer games that I've tested so far, don't have these same statistical anomalies. What's worse and doesn't bode well for keeping new players is the community noticing/noting that in a campaign one must simply bare with the first 10-15 games because the AI doesn't know how to properly level their players, at which point one wins simply by being human. I do agree that the AI is designed to be a competent, experienced player (but also one who carries blessed dice), but that's not what everyone is looking for, and that's not characteristic of the average player. Easy should pruposefully give greater statistical advantage to the player on purpose for those who want to win every match 3-0. Medium should be statistically even but still typically end 2-1 given a human player should be able to defeat an AI player on Medium. Hard should represent those who wish the challenge of a statistically advantaged (or even just strategically advantaged) AI, and one should fight for a 1-1 draw. If a patch were developed that solved the oddities that seem prevalent and balanced out the difficulty levels, I'd be much more willing to put this review into the Green, but for now I have put this game aside unless someone is interested in a multiplayer match. That being said, I do agree the UI, the Manual, the Commentary, the Graphics, the Sounds are all MUCH better than I was expecting, so kudos on that, and the transferring of everything we loved about Blood Bowl into an electronic form is an amazing gift for first timers and those who do get tired of all that tabletop math. For that I give infinite props to GW and Cyanide. Just FIX the AI Guys! Come on! =)

    So in solo-player what we have here is a game with an obvious core of devoted players (many of which I have noticed in the forums are WAY too quick to chastise new players, a problem tragically endemic to GW player groups) that should have been an easy 2+ pass for a Touchdown, but unfortunately the AI decided to roll a 1. Fortunately, if it's another player on that side, then enjoy your Touchdown, I'm sure your friend/foe will enjoy their own soon enough.
  17. Nov 29, 2011
    This game is broken and you will be wasting your money buying this, please ignore the shills who gave it a good review. I bought this game on a steam sale so the game should have been patched by now if ever, but it is buggy to the point where the game will usually crash or at least the ai will stop responding during at least every other game played in RTS mode. The basic premise is simple: Pick a race, buy players of various race specific classes according to predetermined max numbers (you do not get to decide what kind of players should be on your team), join a league, play games, win, and advance to harder leagues and repeat. The game has pretty graphics that you will only see during the frequent replays as the camera is locked in top-down mode. The game features 2 broadcasters who keep yelling the same 10 lines over and over nonstop. The gameplay itself during a match can either be turn based or in real time. Regardless of which you pick it is heavily dependent on luck for everything that happens. In the turn based mode you get to make 10 turns and then the game is over, so it is hard to do more than, say, 2-3 goals during a match if the game doesn't crash before then. In Real time however your ability to give orders is lower, and the AI needs some major micro management as path finding is non-existant. I have actually never been able to complete a real time game as my players will just randomly stop responding to my orders and instead stupidly stand still and keep doing what they were doing for all eternity, but if I had been able to a typical score would probably include 5-20 goals.
    The game has a theme of violence, so I was quite disappointed that for the most part players just keep pushing eachother around or get knocked out. Players do get hurt or die on occasion, but you wouldn't know it from the animations. All in all I think that this game could deserve an honest 5/10 as it is mildly amusing, but because it is unplayable I advice everyone to avoid this trash.
  18. Nov 29, 2011
    I am just giving this 10 because it seems like most the people who gave it low scores did not understand the game rules and would likely buy a game like Battlefield 3 for the single player experience. It is solid turn based RPG / strategy / football game, with a deep learning curve that isn't for those who had trouble reading in school. There is no real time play like there is no single player in Battlefield 3 worth mentioning. The rule book is given to you, but it isn't read aloud to you. You have the internet research what you are buying before you buy it rate reasonably. 8 out of 10. Expand
  19. Mar 19, 2012
    This is a bit of a niche game, but I've enjoyed the 30+ hours that I've put into it so far. For me, it's a game where I can just relax, turn the in-game sound off, play whatever music I want in the background, and move some fantastical football players around the field. Blood Bowl is meant to be played as a turn based strategy game, just like the board game (which I've never played), and the pc version feels a lot like an animated board game. It even has dice rolls that determine whether you do things like catch a pass, dodge a tackle, or even pick the ball up off the ground. Because these rolls are based on player attributes, and can go wrong for you at any moment during the game, there is bit of a frustration factor here. The learning curve for this game also seemed very high. Still, once I figured out how things generally worked, I found myself playing a deep and enjoyable (if not perfect) strategy game. Expand
  20. Nov 28, 2012
    For Warhammer fans and for openminded people,
    I really liked it. It is fun and comical sometimes even.
    I keep coming back to this title every so often to try out another team.
    One of my favourites.
  21. Mar 22, 2013
    The Positive: For a fan of turn based strategy games Blood Bowl was a breath of fresh air. It is a really engaging way to use a familiar set of rules (grid based combat) due to the football 'gimmick'. Additionally the consequences of play (experience, income, injuries and death) have very real effects on the game and your strategy has very tangible effects on your teams success or failure all exciting for a fan of hardcore games.

    The Negative: The game is glitchy, it is laborious, it is ponderous. The controls are clunky, the dice rolls can feel incredibly arbitrary, the game sometimes feels poorly designed. Many of the features seem under thought out and/or irrelevant to winning. The teams don't seems that well balanced. It can be hard to really feel like you are using your time on a game that has any pay off. The tournament and campaign modes both feel more sandboxy than they need to. Takeaway: Worth picking up on sale if and only if you are a fan of turn-based-RPG-strategy-type games and want a change of pace. Otherwise there are better places to spend your money and time.
  22. Oct 17, 2013
    After you get past the tutorial section where the announcers sound like Arnold Rimmer recounting his Risk victories what you actually get to is a really enjoyable turn based fantasy sports game with a lot of tactics and depth. Great stuff.
  23. Feb 5, 2012
    This game has some intense strategy, and some fun customization, but the gameplay is choppy, and there aren't enough things to do once you get border of playing match after match after match. Maybe you can go online and play match after match after match, or try another game mode that will have you playing match after match after match. What I'm getting at here: Blood Bowl is an initially fun game that loses its novelty slowly but surely. Expand
  24. Apr 22, 2012
    Para quien sepa jugar al juego de mesa esto le va a encantar, le faltan detalles pero es indispensable para los amantes de los juegos de tablero. A veces las tiradas no parecen aleatorias y tienden a favorecer a quien llevar varios partidos perdidos o quien va perdiendo el partido, también estaría bien poder tener más opciones de tiempo para elegir.
  25. Jul 22, 2013
    Blood ball is very good tabletop game but this port on PC is pretty bad. AI is really bad, camera is and very large number of bugs. The saving point of this game is multiplayer in classic blood bowl mod, but vs AI it really sucks. The RTS mode is also total as everyone expected.
  26. Dec 14, 2012
    This game is the worst game out there and for $20 dollars + expansions! WHAT? this game should be in the 5 dollar bin. Absolutely no skill required AT ALL.
    The random rolling is far from random, you will find 1 of 2 scenarios while playing (1. you roll disgustingly amazing and decimate the enemy or 2. you get utterly DESTROYED by not being able to roll a 2+. THERE ARE MUCH BETTER GAMES IN
    THE GENRE for cheaper.

    Constantly rolling double 1's or 3 attacker downs then reroll and get ANOTHER 3 attacker downs.
    This game is meant for 3-6 year olds that are just getting into gaming. Most of the game is broken, bonus' not applying to limit the amount of failures etc etc.
  27. Dec 27, 2012
    A great version of a great game. Unlike most games people are used to playing nowadays, Blood Bowl never was nor will it ever will be an "easy game to learn, difficult to master." It's a bloody difficult game to get the hang of and you'll never "master" it because there's always going to be some wanker who is better than you. Unless you fully understand the rules and how the dice work, you'll get frustrated and rage about how terrible the game is in just a few turns. After playing two games it became patently obvious that most of the low reviews were from people who have never played the tabletop version because if you had, you would understand how frustrating a game of Blood Bowl can be. The RNG is not broken, you just think it is because you've never had the experience of rolling eight 1s in a row in real life! If you are having trouble "getting it," there are PLENTY of sites with great advice all over the internet. Avail yourself of their wisdom. The only thing I found lacking was the repetitive commentary. It's one thing to have the same stock sayings about action on the pitch, but I really don't need to hear how Bob wants to check out the "elf cutie" selling pies four or five times during one match. As I type this, I can't wait to get home and play another game or two before dinner. Expand
  28. Oct 18, 2013
    Bad footbal simulator. Madden is far better. Has bad graphics, bad gameplay, bad responsiveness, bad menus, and is just absolutely awful as a game overall.
  29. Jun 10, 2014
    Interesante juego en el que se transfiere tanto las mecánicas del juegos de mesa original como las que se acercan más a los videojuegos actuales. Buen entrenamiento para el offline.
  30. Jan 9, 2011
    Legendary Edition, just like Dark Elves Edition, is just one more Blood Bowl that should have been a DLC to add to the original Blood Bowl release and not a full priced game that makes any previous purchase regrettable and very painful by money-gobbling Games Workshop. Played as the turn-by-turn strategy game is like the table-top game without having all the drunken friends and fun pun some dr.Perv(ert) can think. Collapse

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  1. 60
    American football without the Americans but with a lot of fantasy characters. It's not exactly the simplest game in the world but if you try it you'll have hours of fun. [Issue#200]
  2. Feb 2, 2011
    There are still bugs and little really new on offer here. [Feb 2011, p.108]
  3. Jan 30, 2011
    Not one to buy if you own the original. [Feb 2011, p.82]