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  • Summary: Take control of any one of "The Chosen" -- four extraordinary characters who inhabit a dark near-future world reminiscent of Blade Runner and The Crow. Become Caleb, the vicious protagonist from the original Blood, his cold-blooded love Ophelia, the ruthless Ishmael, or the unrelenting warrior Gabriela. Blood 2: The Chosen uses Monolith?s LithTech - one of the most advanced next-generation 3D engines in gaming. Blood 2?s weapons let you kill and be killed in more ways than any other 3D action game. Burn, electrocute, shoot, stab, voodoo, blow up, slowly dismember, or flay the skin from your opposition, and expect the same treatment right back! Take on a virtual army of enemies, from homicidal cultists to otherworldly horrors beyond imagining. Blood 2 has over 20 all new enemies to fight, as well as one returning fiend from the first game. [Monolith] Expand
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  1. Simply put, Blood II is more of the same: more guns and more enemies. Although it's not quite as pant-browning as we would've hoped, it's a stunning achievement considering the time Monolith have had to put it together. [PC Zone]
  2. The levels are fairly exquisitely designed. The textures on the buildings are quite nice, and there is a multitude of signs that call up a smile every once so often. The only problem is, in order to read them you'd have to be in the 'High' detail level - and for that you'd need a pretty nice machine.
  3. The first one had some things about it that made you play it and say, “Wow, that was cool. I have never seen anything like that before.” This installment will have you sitting back and saying the same thing.
  4. Another "could have, should have" game. While it follows the old school formula a little too much, it can still be enjoyable if you like to annihilate things with big guns.
  5. But Blood II lacks some of the innovation of the original; the horror-theme is less pronounced, and the level design doesn't stray far from the average...But it's hard to fault Blood II for not doing anything new; it sets out to be a traditional shooter and does a good, if not great, job.
  6. There are a lot of fresh components laboring to make this a different game, including the engine, but the end result is not at all frightening. Too much emphasis was placed on puerile humor, which I am all for in most games, but I needed something different here.
  7. 40
    Corridor-shooter gamers in general should be pleased with Blood II, but bloodthirsty fans of the original game may be disappointed. Spilling Blood is still a thrill, but it was more fun the first time around.

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