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  1. Sep 20, 2012
    I tried to love this game, I really did. Being a huge fan of Borderlands 1 when it first released, I had no choice but to purchase the sequel. I put about 12 -15 hours into the game so far...and I cannot help but feel bored. I feel like I've already done all of this before..three years ago. Yes the graphics are better and color schemes have vastly improved..but I cannot give this game any higher than a 2/5 at this point. I know many players right now are enjoying the hell out of this game. I truly envy all of them. Expand
  2. Sep 19, 2012
    If I had to sum up Borderlands 2 in one word, it would probably be "mediocre". "Repetitive" might be another good word to use though. If all you're looking for is a bit of new content from Borderlands 1 then I guess this game could be for you. They are almost exactly the same, and after an hour or two just as boring. Originally I wasn't even going to buy the game but it was gifted to me by a friend. After playing for a couple of hours I gave him the money he spent back on my copy that way I didn't feel like I had to play this boring game anymore. That's right, I spent $60 to NOT play the game. Also, apparently there is day 1 DLC? I'm very disappointed and was hoping from something new from gearbox on this release. Just a big disappointment. Their "new" menu/inventory system is a lot more annoying than the last as well. Looks nicer but I'd much rather have the old one back. The game ran well, and the fact they added more options in this one that you had to tweak manually before via the config files (ie: FOV), was a nice change. The commentary from the NPC's/characters in this game however are definitely hilarious and made the boring gameplay a bit more enjoyable. Expand
  3. Sep 19, 2012
    The game has quite a few redeeming qualities, good graphics, it's fun with co-op... but it's just borderlands 1 redux. I felt like I got ripped off.
  4. Sep 20, 2012
    A really bland lifeless shooter with horrible bullet sponge enemies, unfunny humor, poor artstyle and graphics as well as "Billions" of weapons which are just a few weapons with different stats on each one which makes everything a poorly made FPS version of Diablo just like the first and 2K paying off reviewers doesnt help the game either.

    What happened to the old Gearbox?
  5. Sep 19, 2012
    I played the first game about halfway through until the constant respawning of enemies really killed the fun for me. I was hoping they'd at least make it optional to not have everything respawn behind your back (like, only respawn on new games) but no, the second installment is exactly the same in that regard. Maybe some people like this, I find it highly frustrating! The game is pretty but apart from a clearly upgraded Borderlands 1 in some ways, it's quite literally the same game and plays just like it. I give the game a 4 because it's a good game in many ways, but for me the constant enemy respawn is such a game breaking feature that I cannot get in to it. Pity. Expand
  6. Sep 19, 2012
    Borderlands 2 is a game where you shoot guns at stuff till it dies. This is enjoyable and a fun way to blow off steam. It has a co-op mode so you can play with your buddies or with people on the internet. Borderlands 2 is mostly made to be played with your friends and have a great time. Its a great concept except the online features work about 50-50 for players. Some get to play the game online and others don't. The only real way to find out if the online is going to work for you is to gamble $60. Gearbox made a game that looks fun to play but it doesn't work. Collapse
  7. Sep 29, 2012
    Being a Borderlands 1 veteran with over 200 hours (stopped counting), I expected a little bit more. The humour has become more awkward rather than cynical as in the previous game. I didn't get the point of the character called Tiny Tina at all. "Deadliest 13 year-old." Seriously Gearbox, did you completely sell-out to appeal to kids? The lowest form of humour in the game is pandering internet memes like "got an arrow to the knee". That train has already departed, it's not funny any more if it ever was. I gave this game a 10 before finishing it, today I've finished it and came back to adjust my rating to a rock solid 7 only to see my previous spoiler free and completely positive comment to be deleted. Way to deal with customers. I don't care if this was done on the action of 2K or Gearbox, I'm done. If you enjoy item hoarding games with a mediocre coop go buy it. If you want a quality single-player rather get Fallout if you want multiplayer get Left 4 Dead 2. I don't care about random stats items anymore. Expand
  8. Sep 20, 2012
    Borderlands 1 was a blast, although i only enjoyed Mordecai (weak active skill) and Lilith (super OP active skill), now that Borderlands 2 is out I have to sadly say i am disappointed, sure graphics are a bit bettter, but there are no more revolvers, they are now merged together with automatic pistols, they way their shoot animation looks is terrible. Weapons are somewhat boring/useless most of the time, humor is somewhat forced, the game overall fells kinda meh, and the characters are absolutely boring, useless, there is basically no diversity... Expand
  9. Sep 21, 2012
    Short and sweet: No improvements over Borderlands 1 (same unreal rendering engine, no dx-11 support), a blatant console port. This should have been a DLC for the original Borderlands game, and not a standalone.

    The fights get repetitive, and all the same negatives that were associated with Borderlands 1 are here again. Less bugs, but that's it.

    No way worth $59 + $29 for the
    "premium" package. Blatant ripoff by 2k games/Gearbox. Expand
  10. Dec 9, 2012
    Extremely repetitive game. If you have played one quest in this game you have played them all. Go to x get b kill everything. YOu kill the same enemy types the entire game over and over.
  11. Oct 2, 2012
    One word review: BOREDLANDS...
    Oh my god, it IS boring...

    An awful sad, boring to the teeth game. Even worst than the ridiculous first installment, this train wreck of a game is dull, predictable and generic to the extreme. Same old same old mediocre FPS game disguised as a very bad written RPG. Avoid at all costs.
  12. Oct 30, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Borderlands 2 is a decent game. Unfortunately it finds itself in the uncomfortable situation of being compared to Borderlands. The world is small, the enemies are repetitive and few in variation. You spend half the time fighting one type of enemy and the other half another type. Every now and then you come across some animals to fight. The weapons and shields were designed so that children would go crazy, because the higher the numbers the better. When an average weapons does 20.000+ damage, things get silly. What's wrong with weapons doing at best around 400 damage? When you create your character you find yourself on a train, that explodes. Apparently some bad guy named Jack blew it up because he don't want vault hunters on the planet. The planet is a in a crisis. A huge crisis. Hyperion is taking over. Apparently Atlas, a company richer than any nation went bankrupt. General Knoxx and the Crimson Lance were defeated in a Borderlands DLC. I've never heard of a nation going bankrupt because they lost a battle. Anyways, Jack is bad and is threatening Pandora. Things are really bad. Where is this feel of a threat? Nowhere. Borderlands 2 tells you how bad things are, but doesn't show it or make you feel it the slightest. The weapons are linear and dull. Everything in Borderlands 2 is dull at best. But they did something right. I honestly don't know what it is. If you consider playing Borderlands 2, make sure you don't play Borderlands first, because Borderlands will completely ruin the Borderlands 2 experience. Expand
  13. Oct 17, 2012
    Finished this game in 8 hours or so. I found it fairly repetitive, and feels just like the sequel. For me, this game lost all of it's redeeming qualities after the first hour, and a tiresome chore after that. No replay value whatsoever, unless you're a perfectionist who wants to collect guns and stuff(I know I don't). Verdict: Rent it, don't buy it. And don't even think about the Season Pass. It's just a waste of money. Expand
  14. Sep 29, 2012
    The game moves very slow. I like to call it "Borederlands 2." This game simply doesn't appeal to me. They needed more time to fix it and fill in empty spaces.
  15. Sep 26, 2012
    Bored after a few days, game play gets super repetitive. Wait 'til next Steam Summer Sale to buy this game. Definitely NOT worth $60. Blah blah blah, my review must be at least 150 characters long but this game does not need that much said about it because there is nothing to say.
  16. Oct 30, 2012
    "Art style and presentation is fantastic. Works very well on PC and, voice acting helps drive the story forward. The decoration of the areas, for want of a better word, is lush and interesting."
    Things like this is why the PC is f****d, 2d games with bad graphics that have a bit of a story & some (term used loosely) fun game play.
    People never learn that bad console ports only harm.
    sooner sit on a wasp nest than play this again! Played once, un-installed! Utter tripe!
    It gets "1" for the sound, about all it's worth.
  17. Nov 12, 2012
    Really mediocre game. I expected a lot more after Borderlands 1, but it couldn't hold up to the name. Repetitive action and bosses along with boring ability trees and average player characters (where is the hunter ?) Scenario is too shallow and everything seemed like .... "been there, done that". Better luck next time !
  18. Feb 17, 2013
    Borderlands was disappointing.Amazing trailers,cool idead,but it ended up being a boring repetitive shooter where guns had no feel whatsoever.Borderlands 2 is the same game.A long boring hallway praised by the critics.
  19. Feb 12, 2013
    Borderlands 1 had some charm to it being new and aspiring cross between rpg's and fps's. This helped a lot when over looking its short coming as there was little to compare it to. Borderlands 2 doesn't have this, even if the only game we can compare it to is BL1. Here lies the biggest problem with BL2, it is BL1 but without the charm. It not only has lost the charm of being the new kid on the block but in many ways its actually worse. Now I'm not going to go down that road of supplying fanboi's with technical specifications on how or what is worse in BL2 over BL1 since I know better than that. I know for example that the whole does not equal the sum of its parts. This is especially true with pretty much any creative work. Borderlands 2 lacks the creative element that the first one had, it certainly doesn't feel like you even have a purpose unlike its predecessor. Its meaningless and dead to put it bluntly, it feels empty. Worse than a beta test product, because this is meant to be a sequel to a pretty good game that had a lot going for it. I found it frustratingly underwhelming to the point of wishing for my money back (and I got it for 50% off). Its games like this that leave me seriously wondering what kind of people would honestly encourage their friends to buy this as did mine to a lesser extent.

    How on earth does a game like this get such high ratings? The only answer can be the lack of any substantial good games out there these days. Hence, this game sits on top of the pile. Not a very proud accomplishment in anyone's books. My score 1
  20. Nov 30, 2012
    I don't usually do this, but Gearbox made a big deal about how much they were going to optimize for the PC, especially with all that special NVidia stuff, and now it's just busted. Installed and re-installed this game twice and all that happens is that it crashes 5 seconds after launch. I have the HD 6670 and FX-4100, and all my drivers are up to date. Paid full price too. Damn shame its near impossible to resell pc games. Thanks Gearbox Expand
  21. Dec 28, 2012
    This is MMO-lite. You really need to play with friends online. I was interested in this as an offline, single player game and was severely disappointed. There are a lot of fun character builds that interested me and sure anything is "possible" single player, but its just really not fun by yourself. Reviews and feedback from friends were misleading on how online dependent it is and I felt mislead. Between the pacing, repetitive nature, and a number of solo-challenged builds make this game rely on online far too much if you're not expecting it. Expand
  22. Oct 5, 2012
    *pros* *the game runs well* *Graphically they really tried and you can see that over the first game* *some intense moments* *nice range of bosses* *Dlcs to come Cons* *slow moving* *pointless a-b missions to fill plot gap* *tedious to play* *boring after a short while* *bazillion guns? pff there all just a few models with different stats( like the first game)* *the ending seemed better then last game but still dissapointing*
    *some of the characters skills have not been well thought out*
    *item menu, glitchy scroll lock ups are regular* *Conclusion worth £29.99? not to me*
    *seems more like a huge dlc for the first game then a brand new game*
  23. Feb 3, 2013
    Borderlands 2 is a terrible game design. It’s boring, tedious, repetitive, and it never actually rewards the player. It’s obviously a successful design because people continue to play and enjoy it. But can you really, honestly say that it’s a great video game?
    It’s the same post MMORPG find-and-fetch or kill X number of Y kind of affair. It’s still boring as hell to drive way the hell out
    to a way-point and trundle around looking for an item you’re supposed to retrieve while shooting a bunch of bad guys that pretty much just run at you.

    This game simply sucks... I have nothing more to say.
  24. May 17, 2013
    Exactly like Borderlands 1. Also boring and repetitive. I only bought this because it was on sale and I heard they improved a lot. They improved nothing. If you like Diablo 3 you will like this game. It's equally repetitive, mindless, pointless and boring. I tried to like this game, but I kept wanting to quit playing, I forced myself to play some more, hoping that the game woudl start to become fun. It didn't. It sucks, borderlands 2 is a sucky game. The fact that so many people like this kind of game is worrying to me, what are gamers becoming? Expand
  25. Nov 26, 2013
    Everything you find now will be useless in 15 minutes completely killing your desire for you, the "treasure hunter". to pick up the "treasure". Fail safe check in the form of "save your life" to check if you've been slaving away at picking up the soon to be useless loot. Don't bother with that one gold in the locker, in 15 minutes, lockers will have 10 times as much gold in them. Only one real active skill and the rest are passive useless skills that barely do anything when compared to how quickly your new item damage scales. Put your one point in your active skill and feel free to ignore the rest of your skill tree. The game also requires no skill required. Add that all together and you have a perfect little hamster wheel. How long will you keep running inside the hamster wheel is all up to you. Expand
  26. Jun 18, 2013
    Time to give this game a proper review, not one made by sponsered company's that are being paid to give this game either a good or bad review. This game sounds nice to start of with, lvling and loot combined with a first person shooter. There are however some major mistakes in this game which make me give this game a 4/10. First of all there is the engine, im not talking about the graphics and the style of it im talking about the numerous bugs in the engine almost a year after release.
    Constantly getting stuck behind small ledges of 1cm or 1 inch high and also mobs sticking through objects.
    Lets not forget loot being stuck under mobs.

    Then there is the game balance which is far from balanced, if you cant even balance out a single player game like this you have some serious problems with your development team.

    The time i played this game i played this game as zero and with this you have 3 tree's you can spec into.
    I mostly tried the sniping and the melee tree's and those 2 are just so unbalanced compared to eachother.
    With the sniping tree you can easily one shot any same lvl normal mob from a save distance and kill the difficult ones with a few more before they get near you.
    If you have some luck the mobs bug and you basicly shoot them while they dont shoot back.

    Then there is the melee tree which is like it says based around melee, however after you one shot a normal mob you get one shot yourself by the elite mob because you cant get somewhere save.
    Simply because you dont have any survivability after you destealth.

    When a game as simple as this already shows those kind of major flaws in game design and character balancing it doesnt deserve a high score.

    Right now its 40 euro's on steam which is if you ask me overpriced, if the game is like 20 or less you could buy it and see for yourself im right.

    You will however be lured into buying the dlc which are basicly just content patches trying to milk out the franchise without giving any service after you buy it.
  27. Jun 15, 2013
    Can’t remember why I bought this game. Same tedious gameplay from the first game except the developers make you feel profoundly ineffectual. The gun goes bang but nothing seems to change except your ammo counter. 0/10 for some tedium.
  28. May 23, 2013
    It should have been a fantastic addition to what was one of the most fun co-op games I've ever played, but in the end it was bogged down by pointless MMO-additions (boss lockouts) and silly marketing gimmicks, like trying to make everyone camp their twitter feed for "free" golden chest codes. The worst sin of all: They took what was an already borderline-usable UI for PC gamers and made it even worse. A game all about picking up, comparing, and seling items that has a terrible inventory interface is ultimately more frustrating to play than not. 3/10 Expand
  29. Dec 15, 2012
    Very silly game. Really (like, really) enjoyed the first version, this one though, makes being killed multiple times a part of the game. Not much fun really. Obviously, one dies, but here, it seems like it's designed to do that, as opposed to you feeling like you could have actually done it without your character dying.
    Very disappointing, spent $120 on copies for my daughter and I;
    really, really wish I'd tested it out from torrent first, as it's just not a very fun game at all, and we totally wasted our money. Expand
  30. Aug 5, 2013
    I pre-ordered this game because my friends had hyped up how cool it was going to be, lesson learned never listen to uninformed consumers opinions. First of this game has great PC options custom FOV, runs well, supports good resolutions......I just don't find the game fun, 8hrs in and I still have where is the fun moments dropped at 8hrs in and never picked it back up.
  31. Jul 18, 2013
    Great graphics, a huge improvement over the first borderlands. Which was one of the favorite games on the PS3! But something was missing. I felt, the worlds, were bigger. But that was just it, they were just bigger. I didn't have any fear of my character dying. The graphics were just too colorful. The whole experience just felt like a "game". I put in over 40 hours into this game. and its painful for me to give this game a 4 out of 10. But Borderlands 2, just did not do it for me. Not serious enough, too childish, too colorful. Expand
  32. Jan 22, 2013
    I am disappointed with Borderlands 2 when playing on a single player game. The unbalanced weapons and the strength of the robot enemies seem to get over whelming at times. Needless to say I had reached endless amounts of boss events and the game glitched out and caused me to restart from the check point. All the new DLC's are based on getting the gamer to spending more money on a game that already isn't worth $59.99. This game is made more for coop then playing solo, thats sad. I really enjoyed the first borderlands but borderlands 2 missed the mark and I will be less interested in a borderlands 3 if such a game is to exist in the future Expand
  33. May 17, 2013
    Sorry to buck the trend, but preferred BL1. The art style here is even further away from what I want and expect. Comics are for looking at and reading, not for playing. Call me old fashioned....
  34. Aug 25, 2014
    0/10 because in the opening trailer you can see Zer0 using a sword and slashing his enemies. thats why i had choose zer0 at the begining. but there is no any sword in borderlands! only guns...i can no longer play this game.
  35. Jun 26, 2014
    Terrible company that sells lies, like a "season pass" that includes less than 1/10 of all DLC released for the game. Avoid buying this game, no matter how cheap it is. Gearbox and 2k don't deserve your money.
  36. Oct 12, 2013
    This is by far the best co-op game I've played to date. The level progression is a grind at first but gets powerful later on. Both the theme and story were greatly improved from the first borderlands. Taking on a comedy theme has put color on the harsh world of pandora in a way that make it shine. Of all I can tell you the only thing i need to say is if you have friends to play with and you love co-op games I recommend this game to you.

    If you are still reading you're probably wondering why I gave this game a bad score. Well it is because I highly disagree with how Metacritic bases there reviews. Instead of taking the collective scoring of all their reviews, they take the reviews that were voted most helpful. For example: a game gets the reviews, one 1/10 and six 10/10. If the one 1/10 get lets say four positive votes and the six 10/10 get none, the end score will be 2/10 for the game. I do highly recommend this game I just hope people read before finding a review helpful.

    If you agree with me please up-vote this review, and may I wish you a wonderful day.
  37. Aug 22, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Each of my attempts to play through this game have been met with failure. I have beaten the first game and this one is essentially identical in every conceivable way but with a few new shortcuts. Here are the problems I had with the game.

    STORY: First of all, excuse me while I attempt to understate my opinion here so that I can make a review that will actually be published on this site, but the writing is annoying to say the least. If you'll remember, the only thing in the "vault" at the end of BL 1 was a giant Lovecraftian monster called "the Destroyer." The whole premise of this sequel is that a president of an arms manufacturer supercorporation wants to find some McGuffin to open the vault again and control some ad-hoc creature that suddenly dwells in there which was not mentioned before and which is capable of destroying all life on Pandora, so that he can essentially set markets and rid the planet of economic uncertainties like raiders. While this motivation is sound (though cliched), it doesn't make sense for one simple reason. During the course of the game the characters repeatedly state that the antagonist's easily killed henchman was capable of easily killing all the protagonists from the first game, and I dunno about you, but I easily killed the vault creature from the first game by myself. So basically, the mere henchman of the main bad guy can easily kill the guys that can easily kill whatever is in the vault, so what kind of harebrained plan is it to use something in the vault to take over the world? Are you kidding me? If this weren't bad enough, just about every other second of the story missions is occupied by people shouting into your radio, System Shock 2-style, but in this game they only repeat internet memes like Redditors or 9gaggers or spew the most cringeworthy empty 12-year-old threats you can imagine. The antagonist Handsome Jack won't shut up, constantly buzzing you to tell you about the pretzels he's eating, or how he got married, or how he's about to go check his mail, or that there's nothing on TV. Not only is his comedic timing awful but the very things he's saying are the sorts of things you hear out of your 14-year-old nephew or niece whom you woefully know is gonna get bullied in high school, and they still think they're funny just because the adults have given them courtesy laughs for their cuteness, but now they are just annoying. In fact, this comprises about 90% of the dialogue of the game; when characters aren't talking about how midgets aren't people and other such intellectual insults, they're spouting tired old internet memes like arrow in the knee, all your base etc. There is no character development whatsoever, and most of the "story" unfolds without your participation through office workers screaming into your speakers while you perform repetitive actions. I could stomach the stupidity of the writing if it were not for the rest of the problems:

    BALANCE AND DESIGN: Inexplicably, the game is easiest when played alone. When I say inexplicably, I mean that the enemies scale unreasonably with additional players so by the time you have a 4-person game going, the enemies are essentially invincible and will kill you in 3-4 hits, and with the entropy of having 3 additional people, most of whom are probably 5 years old and have never played a video game in their life, it effectively disincentivizes multiplay. Further, every weapon you will pick up will have something wrong with it, like it fires projectiles at the speed of a tennis ball serving machine, or 95% accuracy means 95% accuracy at point-blank range only, or the damage type is wrong, or the clip size is 8 so you spend 2/3 of your time reloading. You will only get a serviceable weapon if you grind for hundreds of hours, and it doesn't matter if you are a xX420NoScOpEsXx master either, because critical hits still do garbage damage with your nerf guns. Every fight consists of shooting generic bandits or invincible aliens or robots from 100 or more meters or dying and every quest is a fetch quest or a go-here-and-kill quest. Utterly repetitive and not even that satisfying.

    GEARBOX: These guys are wieners. When the company embezzled money from Aliens: Colonial Marines and instead spent it on Borderlands 2 (why), everyone downrated the former game, probably because it was filth. In an "apology" to the public, Randy Pitchford had his mother defend him on Twitter and then called everyone stupid dumbheads whether their criticism was constructive or not. Gearbox themselves makes only mod-quality games so my only explanation for their popularity is asymmetric information.

    If you understand that your purchases form expectations about demand in the video game market, and you don't want to encourage self-important and unfunny manchildren to continue making intellectually insulting and undignified games, do not buy Borderlands 2.
  38. Dec 15, 2013
    It is a simple game. The mere fact that things reappear in each new game takes away a lot of excitement to the game. The RPG elements are very poorly included, have virtually no relevance or projection within the game. It is an ordinary shooter I think.

    Aesthetically it is an attractive game. But neither has characters too intriguing to excite. Perhaps the most interesting are
    psychopaths, but are irrelevant. Expand
  39. Aug 24, 2013
    I'm sure this review will get bombarded with downvotes by blind fanboys, but the truth must be told.

    Being a huge fan of Borderlands 1, i couldn't wait to try out BL2. A few hours into the game, however, I realized this wasn't the sequel I was hoping for. In fact, it is much, much worse than i could have anticipated. I'll start off with the good: The graphics are upgraded and the
    locations are more varied and stylized than BL1. The story is better and the characters are more likeable. Weapon variety is increased and there are even more weird bonuses to keep your weapons interesting. And that's about where the good ends. Everything else in BL2 is a downgrade from BL1.

    Yes the story is good, but it tries to be emotional but the nature of this game doesn't support it. There is so much childish humor and stupid jokes that I can't take what's happening seriously at all. They totally wasted the effort of the story writers by making this game so childish. Normally I can take a joke or two, but every other minute you're bombarded with toilet humor that it just ends up getting annoying and it's a shame. Enemy AI has been seriously screwed with. Enemies move around so erratically that it makes landing shots on them more of a chore than an enjoyment. There are also enemy spawns everywhere and Gearbox made absolutely no effort whatsoever to hide them. See a black abyss? That's a spawn, you better watch your back! This game was released in 2012, there is absolutely NO excuse for this crap. I can't even count how many times a suicide enemy spawned right next to me and cost me a death. Speaking of deaths, they come so cheaply, especially in singleplayer, that you'll often feel cheated. You'll rarely have a "good" weapon, and if you do, it's by pure luck. So you'll either have to waste tons and tons of ammo on enemies, or spend hours farming bosses.

    The game is also clearly designed only for Coop. The difficulty for someone going solo is so immense, it's ridiculous. You'll have to spend hours upon hours farming good weapons to advance in the story on the harder difficulties. I can't remember any point in BL1 where i felt the need to actually farm a boss for a good weapon because i had nothing that could take out enemies that were the same level as me. Grindlands 2 would more a more proper name for this title.

    PC optimization is terrible. I have a mid-range PC and it struggles to keep the framerate above 10. I viewed forums and this is a common theme I've found. The ingame UI (which is supposedly made for PCs) is insanely glitchy and frustrating to use. There are tons of bugs and glitches present, I've been caught in the ground, fallen through terrain, etc, so many times i can't even count. The sad part is that this has happened right along the quest route for main missions. There has been little to no effort put into ironing out these bugs. There's more flaws I'd love to mention, but I'm running out of room in this review.

    I've read all these positive reviews by critics and users and I find it surprising that so few people are able to realize the flaws in this game. People should be ashamed of themselves for rating this crap above a 5/10. It's reasons like this that this industry is lacking initiative and individuality. If people keep praising broken garbage like Borderlands 2, we'll keep receiving the same recycled crap year after year. In closing, if you're interested in this game, get Borderlands 1 instead. If you already own Borderlands 1, stick with it and forget about this "game."
  40. Sep 7, 2014
    No idea why this game has raving reviews, I must be out of a touch or clearly most gamers like boring rubbish. I've been forcing myself to play this game and I've finally gave up after just less than 20 hours in. Wasn't worth my $7.50

    - Boring a Tedious Questing Adventure, Yes the old and outdated WoW Style.
    - World is completely static, predictable and boring, with a few roaming
    - Main story and characters have been boring.
    - Abilites and Talent points mediocre & boring, (Based on Zer0 only)
    - Single player is very boring.
    - No need for a loot system, it's not an MMO. With that said not much reason for replayability.
    -Cringy attempts to recycle areas with revisits and constant enemy respawning.
    + Awesome Art Style.

    Conclusion: Like a boring game with the old game mechanics of MMO's in a first person view with great stylized art? This game is for you.
  41. Nov 7, 2013
    I love the original borderlands. This sequel is a failure.

    First off, guns on B2 look too cartoony as compared to B1. It's so bizarre in designs that you'd think it's an alien gun, unlike in B1 where it's more or less recognizable and familiar.

    Claptrap and General Knoxx were funny in B1, now in B2 you get this really annoying bad guy named Jack that tells you tasteless jokes,. not
    funny but plain irritating. On top of that they added some things that I felt to be completely out of line, like the first recorder and it's story(google it). It just sets the tone for a really depressing game. I can only play through it once, as it is that depressing and tasteless. It seemed the sense of humor of the devs got sucked out by some aliens or something.

    Also one of my biggest gripes is the huge downgrade of backpack capacity. You can tell from the excuse that Gearbox posted that the writer was trying really hard to come up with a reasonable response to the small backpack. They really screwed the pooch there.

    They would have had more success and revenue if they followed the B1 formula or just release B1 DLCs.
  42. Jul 29, 2013
    The first 10 hours were pretty cool, the graphics were special and new for me, the wide palette of guns seemed to be great, falling from any height without die was interesting and the chance to get back to life with one single kill is awesome. In nutshell I enjoyed the game a lot in the begining and I thought: I'll buy some more DLC for it.

    But after few entertaining hours it's became
    boring and annoying.

    The AI sometimes was so stupid that NPCs does not even attacked me (therefore boss fights were easier than dealing with some simple soldier). Also the game loves to spawn enemies behind your back which is really annoying. (AI couldn't fire under a particular angle so if you are under them you won't be hurt.) The collective AI is "hyper sensitive" so if you shoot one soldier each of them will attack you in no time in a particular radius. (Combine this with spawning behind your back).

    I loved that "invisible walls" are rare but after few missions I've realised that this is just a mark of lazy level design. There are lot of unfinished part of the game and sometimes I've to jump 3-4 time in order to get forward.

    The missions became boring and repetitive which means you have to do the same each time.

    About the huge number of guns: It's impossible to get a perfect gun that perform well in every aspects. There will be always something wrong. Seriously!

    I've tried to force myself to finish at least the main story but i couldn't. This game is not hard but some annoying feature ruins the whole feeling. Pleasure was relevant only in the early hours. (After that period "rage quit" became a more common event.)
  43. May 18, 2013
    Pretty Meh game.

    I played for about an hour and unfortunately just couldn't take any more.
    The game feels flat and empty.
    Really weak humour. (I didn't even chuckle, its more annoying than funny)
    Good idea with the graphics but badly executed.
    Not really sure what all the hype was about, its probably the worst FPS I have played in quite a few years.
  44. Jul 22, 2013
    Season pass doesn't include half of the DLC available. in my opinion, if the season pass is sold on the idea that you will be getting ALL the DLC included in the coming season charging for like a level cap increase is
  45. Mar 15, 2013
    i love this game but it has too much bugs!!!!! I just lost three legendaries that took me forever to farm because of the bugs!!!! fix the bugs!!!!!! and i lost them in home base as well which is incredible. on single player the game works fine, but multiplayer has bugs that will cripple the experience which is incredible. if they fix them bugs then it will be perfect.
  46. Mar 23, 2013
    Extremely buggy. This is my first review at metacritic, why? Because I usually don't bother to quit playing to visit a website and post a review. But I got really sad and angry now, after having to use hacks to get through a door that doesn't open (and was supposed to be open). Then I get to the bad guy at the end of the phase and... great. Instead of dying, the enemy keeps stuck at one place. You can try everything, nothing happens. You check the internet, people have reported this error back in october 2012 and now it's march 2013 and no fix was made.
    Save the game and quit. It locks down your computer. You hard-reboot the computer and turn on the game. Great, now you have to restart the whole phase (about an our gameplay before getting to the same enemy), it locks up again.
    In this same phase, it constantly turns off sound, probably a bad instruction. Only comes back after rebooting the computer.
    I don't know why people sometimes compare this game with Fallout 3 totally different game. Not bad, but seems much better at teaser videos.
    If it wasn't buggy, could get an 8. But it gets 4.
    If I could, I would return the game and get my money back.
    If you didn't buy it yet, look for something else.
  47. Jun 5, 2013
    Its broken I don't die because enemies shoot me, I die because I either fall off a cliff or by my own grenades, games overrated as because of its idiotic fanbase after putting over 6 hours I just quit good bye lvl 18 Zer0 god why they give you the option to snipe when I fall off a cliff everytime I try (Battle with Wilhelm) it does have its good point put its just too broken for me to play. I'm returning this to where I bought it BECAUSE ITS BROKEN Expand
  48. Jun 24, 2013
    I had put a five year freeze on video games because of school and work. Now that I have more free time I thought it would be a great time to get back into video games. After playing some amazing indie games, I read some amazing reviews on Borderlands and decided to try it out. First of all the art direction and character design is fantastic. The cell shading is possibly the best I've ever seen in a video game other than Jet Set Radio. Everything isn't cell shaded, yet there is a good balance of black outline. Sometimes I'll be walking through a vista and be struck by the beauty (only then be interrupted by an annoying character's voice).

    The story and personality they try to push isn't so much immersive as it is trying to be comedic, video gamey, and "extreme". The story is barely held together. Even though there are four different characters to choose from your character has no effect on the story. It's like the story is happening around you instead of involving you. Your character has no character. All of the others characters are obnoxious! I can accpet the bad guy being an egotistical villain, but everyone I met deserved a grenade lobbed at their face. Claptrap is one of the most horribly talkative characters I've encountered in a video game. Sometimes the character dialogue can be humorous and witty yet they overdo it. Throughout the game characters will talk to you via radio. It's so annoying! I went to settings and lowered the voice chatter down to a two. It feels like the writer was too self indulgent with the script. THERE'S NO FILTER.

    I was intrigued by the gameplay at first. After playing it for 10+ hours it just feels like a combination of games cut up and sewn back together. Most notably: Halo, Zelda, Timesplitters, Serious Sam, and Banjo Kazooie. Borderlands borrows heavily from others yet it doesn't excel in any single area. In the end Borderlands 2 doesn't feel very original or fresh. It actually feels like a game that was made in 2000. The idea that there's millions of guns to collect is at first fun. That's until you realize that most of the guns are crap. Testing out guns and trying to decide which ones are good is very tedious. I loved the inventory in Baldur's Gate and Diablo, but Borderlands 2 inventory needs an overhaul. Just swapping guns for use is difficult, plus it breaks up the action. Additionally there are certain guns that do better against certain enemies so you'll have to constantly change which gun you're using. You can only use two guns at a time and carry about 8 guns in your backpack. Broken!

    Missions are horribly repetitive. There are a lot of side quests except all of the missions are just disguised versions of "turn on the switch" and return a lost item. There's no escort mission, racing mission, time sensitive mission, or anything else interesting. You kill, turn on switch, return. It's so boring.

    The combat is very repetitive. The easier bad guys aren't that fun to fight because somehow they have godlike aim, move fast, and have the health of an ox. When you finally level up and learn how to effectively kill them the designer thought that it'd be great idea to respawn all the characters when you return to an area. I don't really mind this in games like Zelda. Borderlands 2 on the other hand respawns entire hordes of enemies you just killed. Instead of respawning perhaps 2 characters per area, they respawn about 5-12 enemies whom you cannot avoid or run away from. I think the designers did this because they realized they built too large of an empty world. Therefore they have to populate it with something. This doesn't really work. The world feels big, empty, and monotonous. The world is so hard to navigate through while trying to remember what boring objective you're trying to fulfill. There are little to no visual landmarks. And if there are some, they've decided to put it everywhere. Yeah they've added a mini map, but it's close to useless when point A looks exactly like point B.

    There's a great game buried in here somewhere. Some of the guns can be fun and the gunplay can be satisfying. Nonetheless, simple things are broken. Like why do I have to constantly press a button to pick up ammo and cash from a box that I just opened. There are thousands of boxes that I have to open and yet I have to press more buttons to pick up each individual piece of ammo and cash in a box. Just pick it up automatically. There are many more problems just like this. Instead of intelligently designing solutions into the game, the game designers decided to focus on adding more the low burning fire. Quantity over quality.
  49. Oct 8, 2013
    Okey look, i didn't like the first game. It was way to repetitive and just boring. Slow intro and for me it was a bad experience. Even COOP, was boring. But i gave B2 a chance, to justify if I really hated Borderlands as much as i hated the first game. Now..Borderlands 2 also starts with a incredible boring intro, not as bad as the first but it was still bad. After you've gotten like 2/3 of the games story it starts to get interesting, but its never an engaging ride. I don't feel a connection to any of the characters at all. But then again i shouldn't take the game seriously. The humor is ok, its not hilarious. (Just smiles)
    The gameplay isn't that fun to play, takes the average FPS shooter gameplay add some boring enemy's and there you have Borderlands 2 main structure.

    The Good:
    - Lead cast has a great voice actors
    - Great music
    - They keep the same visual design

    The Bad:
    - The minor cast has a pretty bad voice act..
    - They have a LOT of Low-Res textures
    - Boring enemy
    - Not engaging
    - The ending
    - Its boring to play coop.

    I know a lot of people might disagree, but this is my honest opinion. And i didn't have any fun with the game just as the last game.
  50. Sep 27, 2014
    The horrible down state system destroys the whole experience. The AI is also bad, the highest difficulty consists only of getting one-shotted and trying to get out of down state. Weapons are way too unprecise, it's obvious that the game was made for consoles. Why bother aiming for the head if the bullet spread makes you miss half the shots even at close range?
  51. Sep 14, 2014
    Die Grafik dieses Spiels ist ein Witz. Eine echte Frechheit angesichts dessen,das selbst 5 Jahre alte Grafikkarten hier vor sich hin schnarchen. Man hat es geschafft eine gute Architektur (Spiel wie auch PC Hardware) auf billigst Daddelkisten Niveau zu drücken. Bäh ! Für diese Optik investiere ich nicht hunderte von Euro in einen PC !! Dafür gebe ich nur eine 0 ! Sowas will ich nie wieder sehen müssen. Expand
  52. Oct 18, 2014
    Beautiful game with outstanding game play. HOWEVER, saving and continuing your game is a NIGHTMARE. It feels like no matter how far into the game you get the load game point is always at the "shelf" location. Leaving you to fight your way through every enemy again and again, unfortunate....
  53. Sep 19, 2012
    Borderlands 2 is a game where you shoot guns at stuff till it dies. This is enjoyable and a fun way to blow off steam. It has a co-op mode so you can play with your buddies or with people on the internet. Borderlands 2 is mostly made to be played with your friends and have a great time. Its a great concept except the online features work about 50-50 for players. Some get to play the game online and others don't. The only real way to find out if the online is going to work for you is to gamble $60. Gearbox made a game that looks fun to play but it doesn't work. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 37 out of 38
  2. Negative: 0 out of 38
  1. 92
    It’s addicting, full of creative gags and amazing battles (especially in co-op mode) and it keeps dangling that loot-carrot in front of your face. Add that crazy humor on top and you have a synonymous for the world ‘entertainment’. [November 2012]
  2. Dec 3, 2012
    If you're looking for something with a ponderous story full of morality and contemplation – one best savored alone – then you'll need to look elsewhere. Borderlands 2 delivers tons of lighthearted, occasionally juvenile fun with immense replayability, and is best approached with a few buddies in tow. It doesn't revolutionize the concept pioneered by its forebear, but it refines it to a razor-sharp edge and offers some of the most fun you can have in a cooperative action RPG this side of Diablo II. And if nothing else, it's got lots of Claptrap.
  3. Oct 30, 2012
    The moment at which my endearingly annoying robot companion Claptrap fashioned himself a Mohawk out of some animal fur I collected he earned a spot on my all-time favorite robot list.