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  1. Mar 2, 2014
    An incredible game. Satisfying kills, a plethora of guns, enjoyable levelling, an interesting open world with non-grindy quests.

    This is a game you could spend hours and hours playing and still want to play more. Even in 2014 it doesn't feel dated.
  2. Jan 21, 2014
    I played this game way after it came out, so being able to talk about the online play will be nearly impossible. However I do find that the single player was done just right. If you hate RPG games that make you do grind quests or random tasks, then this might not be the game for you. Another problem is the plot, I guess that I was partially enthused with the Idea of finding "The Vault" This mysterious treasure trove of weapons, however I stopped to think to my self "What would I do with all those guns" so at that point the story went out the window. However the bread and butter of this game is the guns and the game play. It is a wonderfully stylized FPS with a large load of RPG elements placed in it. The hordes of weapons you collect, buy, sell, drop, and keep are all really interesting. When you find a weapon that has a better fire rate, is more powerful, and is more accurate it really feels like a victory. And constantly finding weapons and checking and comparing states had me excited about this game. After I beat the game I was hungry for more so I bought the DLC for it, I can't wait to play them. Overall I find that Borderlands is a very fun game and is worth a purchase. Expand
  3. Jan 13, 2014
    A great game and series from Gearbox Software. This first title in the series is a nice change of pace from the generic shooter. Great gameplay and great characters combine to form a quite enjoyable game! The lack of story, however, truly hinders the score I am giving this game. If they had spent more time thinking through the main quest, I would give this a 9/10 with no doubt. Even though the main quest is mediocre at best, side quests and DLC truly save this game and make it a must-play! Expand
  4. Dec 23, 2013
    Overall, the game is O.K. if you play it with some friends but otherwise, it's not really worth it. The game play is boring and sometimes annoying. The missions are the exact same, just more stronger enemies in each new mission. The FOV is disgusting and vehicle controls with the keyboard isn't great. The comedy can be funny or mediocre but I never enjoyed. The only thing making me give this a score of 4 than 2 is that it can sometimes be fun playing it with some friends and the music is good. I do recommend Borderlands 2 since it does solve some problems this game has but personally, I would refund this game since it's just sitting in my library but Steam wouldn't do that so yea. Expand
  5. Nov 21, 2013
    For me, this game was extremely dull and repetitive. Played it for 5 hours and then uninstalled.
    Luckily, I got a free copy of Mafia II with it so that purchase wasn't a total waste.
  6. Nov 20, 2013
    I thought that this game will be mediocre based on reviews that I have read.I was wrong.This game is perfect.Too much fun.The only negative that I could find is that the scenario could be better but in this game you just don't care.Keep shooting and looting brothers!
  7. Nov 20, 2013
    Although Borderlands was pretty much designed with multiplayer in mind I was glad to see they offered a single player mode! I personally don’t like multi-player games too much but I still wanted to give this a go! Borderlands although a good enough game to maintain your interest; presented nothing but the same mission style gameplay over and over again! For me the repetitiveness of the game makes it quite a dull experience and it really provides absolutely nothing new to FPS games other than a ridiculous number of weapon choices… I really don’t feel this game warranted a sequel in any way, but if you’re looking for a simple FPS which you can play with friends or casually over a fairly long period of time, this may be the game for you! Expand
  8. Nov 19, 2013
    Without a doubt, one of the best "Shopping Simulator" games ever made. Do you enjoy killing a bunch of things, picking up lots of "loot", then going to a shop to sell and buy approximately 4,678 times in the course of a 50+ hour gaming experience? Then this is the game for you. If, like myself, you would prefer to only kill one type of enemy about, oh, 800 times over, rather than 8,000 times over, the preposterously lengthy and repetitive game-play might wear a little thin after a while. Personally, I enjoyed about the first 30 hours, and only kept going all the way to the end out of principle (having reached the point of no return). And the best part of all? If killing the final boss isn't enough for you, the designers have kindly offered the opportunity for you to KEEP PLAYING, even though the plot is finished and the credits have rolled. But hey, you still have MILLIONS more enemies to kill and BILLIONS more things to pick up and sell. So why stop. EVER..???

    Think I'll give myself a slight rest before Borderlands 2. Don't get me wrong...this game has tonnes of personality, fantastic graphics, a great world, amusing characters, and enough good ideas for a good many games. But you really, really, REALLY can have too much of a good thing. And whatever you do, don't even HUMOUR the notion of tackling it single player. If ever a game needed friends with headsets, this'd be it. WAY too much brainless "fun" for one person to endure alone.
  9. Oct 27, 2013
    Top game with many hours of game play in it. Replayabilty... loads. Best to be played a group rather than solo. It is repetitive but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Looting for weapons is very fun. If you're expecting a decent story line I'm not sure that there is one there, I was to busy shooting spider ants and gaining XP to care.
  10. Oct 17, 2013
    Great game system, nice ability tree but unfortunately weak characterization so you just end up playing because th mechanics are good rather than as part of the experience.
  11. Aug 1, 2013
    Borderlands is a very funny coop first person shooter. It has a level system, looks like a comic, has an atmospheric environment and has tons of different weapons. But the story is uninteresting, you get a quest, do it, submit it and that's it. The enemies attack brainless and the environment is monotonous on time. Take a (or more) friend and have fun!
  12. Jul 30, 2013
    Bonkers futuristic setting? Check. Cool bounty hunters storyline? Check. Wild West ethics? Check. Hilarious dialogue and other tidbits? Check. Endless replayability? Check. Massive scale gunfights? Check. Utterly epic random loot generator? Check. Skill trees that actually change gameplay? Check. Best coop mode ever? Check. I cannot sing enough praise for this game but then I don't have to this thing is a legend. Definitely try it out if you have even the slightest bit of interest in it. Expand
  13. Jul 22, 2013
    This is a fun game, until about 3/4 of the way through then it gets repetitive, Then weapons vending machine/store does not give very good weapons. The charterers are unbalanced and in multi-player you can really see the differences. Playing in Co-op makes the game more challenging and I like that other than the characters unbalance issues. The best thing about this is that Borderlands 2 seems to have addressed these issues. Expand
  14. Jul 20, 2013
    This is one of my favorite games to play with a group of friends. There’s enough unique loot to keep you going from start to finish and the comic book/cartoon visual style with it's hand drawn textures looks amazing. The plot isn't great, but it doesn't take away from the experience since all I ever wanted to do was run around and shoot things anyway. Plus, even the DLC is worthwhile (aside from General Knoxx’s Armory and, to a lesser extent, Moxxi’s Arena). Definitely worth looking into if you don’t already have it! Expand
  15. Jul 15, 2013
    Borderlands is a boring game with the most repetitive gameplay possible. Shoot enemies and collect loot, that's all there is to it.

    There is little enemy variety, they only scale in level, so you'll be shooting the same enemies over and over and over in the boring wasteland that is Borderlands. Combat AI is just meh, enemies are pretty stupid and their bad AI is guaranteed to give you a
    disadvantage. Most enemies require little to no strategy for killing them, just shoot them. This game relies so much on leveling that you can't even kill enemies that are 5 levels above you, and what do you do to gain levels? Do missions (or shoot enemies for XP if you feel like torturing yourself for something even slower)

    The missions in this game are incredibly pathetic. They're given by some NPCs (AKA quest menus because you can't interact with them at all) and involve going to random places to grab items or shoot more enemies (because you can't get enough of that, right?)
    Just in case you don't feel like doing every single one of these thousand fetch quests, a little annoying robot will message you about them every minute, and it's really freaking annoying.

    Plenty of this game revolves around finding better equipment to kill the same enemies that keep increasing in level. The amount of weapons you can find in this game is diminished by the fact that every gun is a recolor with random generated stats. The best word to describe the looting system would be 'bland'.

    I don't care much for graphics, but most textures in this game are kind of blurry, even the gun textures that you'll be looking at 24/7.

    There aren't many music tracks in this game, but the few you get aren't bad at all. Even the background music you hear all the time doesn't seem to get tiring, for me at least.
  16. Jul 9, 2013
    This Review is for gamers who are looking for a fast game with some experience. First, to explain why I have given this game such a low score is based on what I could quickly complete. I am a gamer that buys used games and returns them in a week instead of buying games to keep. I heard that Borderlands was a great title and decided to look into it. This game's intro is very similar to that of Fallout New Vegas. You are in the middle of the desert and need to do several grind missions in order to get to the juice of the campaign. After playing for about 2 hours and doing grind mission after grind mission, I attempted to purchase a weapon, and all of my money disappeared from my inventory but the weapon never showed up. Now, I know that was most likely just a game glitch, but for someone who hated Fallout New Vegas that is persevering a hard intro in order to get to what I have heard as such a good game, that piece was too much to handle. That is why my review is used as a warning. I don't want to rate this game so low with only 2 hours of actual gameplay, but I want people cautious about this game to see my review and be warned that the intro is very long. Expand
  17. Jul 5, 2013
    This is by far the best fps I've ever played, the random item and weapon system makes the game very addictive. I played this game the games I used to play were like Diablo 2 and somehow they found a way to mix those rpg elements into a very action packed fps. Your character develops and levels up through the game and the attributes you choose to build and the weapons you choose to wield define your character. This is the game that got me hooked on the fps style gaming. If you like rpg games and have even an interest in fps games you will definitely love this game. Expand
  18. Jun 24, 2013
    Borderlands is a really well made game, but only if you play with your friend(s). It could be really boring if you play alone but this is a Co-op experience. With the awesome guns, the catch-a-ride, it's unique graphics it is a must play Loot-filled adventure.
  19. Jun 15, 2013
    This game is the definition of tedious. You know how they made enemies more difficult? They gave them bullet proof armour, that’s it. They made you click the fire button more at that enemy than at this other enemy. Some people seem to relish all the loot and finding a gun that deals a few extra points of damage, alas I am not one of those people. Especially when the menu system is unchanged from the console version and the mouse handles terribly just like many other half-assed ports. This might be acceptable on a console, but it fails on the PC. 3/10 for some of the humour. Expand
  20. May 18, 2013
    If I had to say anything about this game, I would say meh. That's exactly what this game makes me feel around every corner. For the first few hours, you will be fighting nothing but bandits and skags (dogs) and the only difference is one dog would run at you while the other would jump at you, then breathe fire at you. The enemies take too much damage, even for an RPG, It would make more sense for a pistol to kill in one clip if its equally leveled with the bandit than it taking like 7 clips. The elemental guns are okay idea, not properly implemented. Some normal bandits will carry them, and when you are fighting a group of them then suddenly one pulls you a fire gun, then you start taking super high can get a little cheap when you die. Which brings me to my next problem: When you die in borderlands you will go into this mode where you are on your knees and have to kill another enemy to get your "second wind" When down, you cannot aim down the sites. That sounds great on paper, but now when I'm taking too many hits I just almost kill an enemy so when I go down I can get right back up with half health. The 100,000+ guns are just re textures of the same 20-35 guns, with the occasional effect added on to it. Expand
  21. May 17, 2013
    One of the game I really wanted to like but eventually gave up on halfway through. While it has some originality and appeal, the game-play is highly repetitive to the point of being a boring grind. Them 'RPG element' is half-baked at best and while it does boast a lot of guns, you soon realise that all are just minor variations of a theme and are randomly generated. Also the auto respawn of enemies in cleared areas soon becomes very tedious. Perhaps this would be of more interest in multiplayer. Expand
  22. May 12, 2013
    The good things: Borderlands! The most badass action game I've ever played! There is a huge open world with a lot of different areas and a lot of different missions! You come in level and can even make your character better! Buy weapons to him for the money you either find or get to cope missions. You can run in different cars which can also shoot and blow a lot of air. The
    game is fun though there is a lot of violence, so when that comes bosses say just something fun about the boss. I could not help the game! I bought the "Game of the Year Edition" and has played more than 50 hours and still have not done it! FAR from.

    The bad: The only thing I can say that is bad is multi player. There is no on and tedious, but it's probably because it is old and Borderlands 2 is out!

    If you are into something far and game that you will never forget? Buy Borderlands It is something for almost a worth skyespils love!

    Hint: Start by buying the '1 'even after the 2nd movie because there's a story!

    Just bought Borderlands 2 and can not wait to play through it until I falderi asleep in front of my keyboard.

    chri529r out
  23. May 10, 2013
    The funniest shooting game I ever played. I loved the art, the humors, and guns. For some reason I can overlook the lame-story telling in this game, which is quite uncommon (I normally rate game based on how good is the story overall). I had the GOTY version and played the game with a buddy and we kept laughing at all small funny things here and there.
  24. Apr 28, 2013
    Borderlands is one of the best games I have ever played, It is simply Legendary. Those who gave bad reviews probably never gave the game a chance and only played maybe a few hours of the game and gave up looking for more excitement. Borderlands is boring at first, But once you level up your character and start playing your character the way you want, It becomes so much fun, especially with friends. Side quest and main quest are repepitive and doesn't hold that much story, but that doesn't hold the fact that this is a loot drop game, Everybody will always be looking for the best weapons and upgrades. .ALL the time. Bosses in the game are very very well introduced, some are generic and some are awesome doesn't help the fact that fighting them is amazing and well rewarding with the loot system. The animation in the game is amazingly addictive for me. The cartoon style artwork with the enemies just blends in so perfect because of the arcade like combat. It blends in and a perfect mix to change your mood of this game. The combat is very very fun and getting critical is just a warm feeling in your tummy. The lines of your character is different for each of them and can be very funny, specifically when the berserker goes Berserk and starts to scream out randomly, It will always make me laugh. Borderlands is the ultimate RPG Shooter and will forever be in my arsenal. Just watch out, most of the players i've been with in co-op are hackers and have unlimited shields. Expand
  25. Apr 26, 2013
    That game is weird, stupid, pointless and looks like "backyard game". Why so good scores? I bought at steam and couldnt play more than 2 hours, really.
  26. Apr 6, 2013
  27. Mar 30, 2013
    Borderlands is fun. I think it's the best game of it's year. It's addictive, the story is pretty good, the graphics are nice. Basically, I agree with everything Syrik said. Only, I think it deserves a higher rating than he gave it. There was a time when I was obsessed with this game. But then I beat the campaign and 2/3 DLC (this is excluding Moxxi because that's more of an arena thing to play with friends) I found it hard to get back into. It starts of pretty boring, then it gets great and fun, but the end is horrid. But that's all I have to add, Syrik said the rest.
    "This game is a very fun shooter, but with flaws. I'll go over the good first. The combat is entertaining and a touch different than other shooters. You get to tweak your character with different abilities to make unique builds which change how your character plays. The game randomly generates weapons so everything that drops is unique and a possible great find, it keeps you looking for loot. These things make it fun to play and the graphics are done in an art style like animation cells which I really like, it looks superb. The bad things bring it down however. The game scales terribly. As you do quests and gain exp. you will level too fast and quickly become too powerful, tearing through groups of enemies far too easily. A second play through with tougher enemies is possible, but not fun. You will start much higher level than foes and there is no challenge. The game is lacking several graphics controls on the options menu, which is stupid because the devs put the coding for the controls in the files, they just didn't make buttons. You will have to edit the .ini file yourself to turn on things like v-sync and get a widescreen point of view. Very lazy on the devs part there. Instructions for doing this are easy to find and it's not hard to do, but I shouldn't have to. So, overall Borderlands is a fun game that ends up being far too easy to play and has some basic setup options missing, but obtainable with manual editing on the users part." -syrik, Sep 8 2011 (rated 4/10)
  28. Mar 26, 2013
    I found Borderlands to be a very fun FPS, and I especially enjoyed the various RPG elements. I am a big fan of the leveling system, the skill trees, and the sheer variety of items and guns. The art style of the game is another huge plus, giving Borderlands a unique and distinctive feel. Combat itself works well, even if it gets a bit tedious and repetitive over time. In fact, I would say the overall "grindy" nature of the game was its biggest negative for me. I simply didn't sink the hours into this that I have into comparable games, and only ever bothered playing one of the characters through the story (the soldier). Still, Borderlands is fun, and well worth playing for fans of the genre. Expand
  29. Mar 20, 2013
    This game is one of the most entertaining FPS games I have played. The comedy, action, thrill are really great. But the problem is that you can become too powerful the game becomes boring but regardless it was my fault because I concentrated on getting the best guns. Still I wish they placed some mechanics to balance the game a little bit. Either way I love this game so much I have in both in Xbox 360 and PC. Expand
  30. Mar 7, 2013
    I generally suck at first person shooters but this game gave the opportunity to see where are the bullets coming from, and that's why i really liked it. Also love the loot hunting games with random stats just like Diablo.
  31. Feb 28, 2013
    A boring, shallow experience that is only made tolerable if you play it with friends, online. If my group is not online, I don't even bother running it. The kind of pedestrian thing like Diablo, World of Warcraft and such.
  32. Jan 24, 2013
    There is quite a bit of content in this game, especially if you have purchased the four DLCs which I would consider more like expansion packs. Gameplay is pretty standard for an FPS with RPG-like upgrading of your character, story is all right but keeps you on track regardless. What made it stand out for me was the game's blunt humor, the millions of guns (love procedural generated loot!) to choose from and best of all, co-op. It is best played with a friend or three since the game gets tougher but the drops from enemies get better.

    I would recommend playing this start to finish before jumping into its sequel.
  33. Jan 23, 2013
    FUN as it is. Shoot, ride, blast, kill, enjoy.
    Hack'n'slash system works better than in first Mass Effect, and, personally, better than in classic hack'n'slash ARPG-s, because of the fact that this is freaking shooter.
    Plot is a bit dim and spread in the game in some very strange proportions, providing long and boring corridor to the final boss. The thing is - this game is not about a
    plot, in cooperative you won't even hear half of the the monologues behind the voice of your mates.
    Graphic style - just excellent. Game-design - solid, but with strange moments like passive rakk hive boss or same NPC appearing in different locations simultaneously.
  34. Jan 17, 2013
    Disappointment. I've played this game with great expectations, due to friends feedback and online reviews. In the beginning is funny to play, but then it become boring and repetitive. The plot is banal and bad narrated and seems generally only a mere trick to push you to play it. I've abandoned it after 15 hours, because I've read that it takes 25-30 hours.
  35. Jan 8, 2013
    Review By CDO............. PRO'S, Borderlands is without a doubt utterly revolutionary on their graphical uniqueness. But what catches your eyes is the way the comic style mirrors an almost indistinguishable reality, that slowly stops looking so comic style and merges into a state that you forget your playing comic artwork. The amount of customization is purely jaw dropping, from an almost limitless amount of different weaponry. You just keep finding that one gun that clearly rivals the one in your possession. Shields, mods, revolvers, sniper rifles, machine guns and pistols, rocket launchers, grenades, must I go on. The scale of items is so enormous and likable to the extent you become so addicted at finding the next weapon, that you don't really care about a bandit shooting you in the back of the head. As you gaze at a luminous and vibrant green revolver.. To explore it all and do the DLC's you are looking at about 44 hours of game-play, so short is not in the equation and I love it because of that. You can play several different characters, all with their unique abilities and because of the unique characters it gives the game a lot of replay-ability. CONS- Borderlands has a lot going for it, and a lot pulling it back. First off, most notable is the major glitches and I mean major. Bounty boards are scattered throughout Borderlands for you to make money and gain experience, but their are some bounty boards that appear on your map that just aren't their, actually no where. It's just like someone decide to put a town on a map and you get to the spot only to discover a boulder. This is borderlands... During mission like scavenging for parts for a machine gun, it will tell you that a piece is in a certain spot, the only problem is this. Lets say you pick up a different piece to the machine gun, instead of the one highlighted, at this point the one highlighted will disappear or it will appear on your map as if it is their, but it wont be. Now pretty much you have to scavenge the area in hopes in finding the piece wherever it now has been randomized. This can be difficult, when you just keep wanting to go where the arrow is pointing and knowing its not their. Missions that involved with a man named scooter is the most major problem in the game, if for some reason you do not help him right away like I did, you will return not able to talk to him. Yet the robot through the rest of game will harass you that scooter needs you for a little something something and will not drop it until 20 hours later when you beat the game. Yet no matter how many times you stop at scooters place, the robot will not stop telling you that he needs your help! Some glitches and hiccups in the game that I thought would have been patched, considering the game has been out for three years. Didn't this company look at their own map in their own game and go this isn't right. Or how about allowing the player to make a beacon on their map would be map making 401 for me. Borderlands gets repetitive, but really minor with all the gun fights. CONCLUSION- Borderlands by 2k is a remarkable start to a franchise that I look further into investing my precious hours. But the glitches are a shame to how long the game has been out, this should have been a problem addressed and fixed as soon as possible. But to leave it go after 3 years just because your developing the sequel is irresponsible. Nonetheless i had a lot of fun, awesome boss fights and killer weapons create a trifector of no nonsense yes I want more attitude. Borderlands for $5 dollars is a steal and I would have paid $40 for it, bottom line, it gets a 7.5 out of 11 for CD0...... Expand
  36. Jan 5, 2013
    Were there something more to this game then just a shooter with arcade-feeling, despite the story lane, the game would probably be really awesome. Just not in it's current state.
  37. Dec 13, 2012
    A post-apoc "dungeon crawler" with countless randomized (and unique) guns. Fantastic when co-op with friends (or even with random people online since there is a lobby system) but boring as hell solo. With a lengthy main campaign, a multitude of sidequests, and a variety of character kit customization options, the core game will keep you occupied for a while. 4 DLCs (of varying quality) add significant gameplay changes and offer loads of new toys to collect. Definitely a lot of bang-for-your-buck considering how cheap it is now! Expand
  38. Dec 5, 2012
    This is one of my all-time favorite games after 2005, and that's really saying something.
    This game is really great, it sort of has this old school feel to it with FPS like Doom but still maintaining some new gen mechanics. Fighting many monsters with big epic guns and explosions with additions of RPG elements to it with many skills that for the most part are nice but are mostly kind of
    boring with skills like: more damage, faster reload, etc etc, but you have a main action skill for each class which doesn't suck and adds a lot to the game, the main action skill is really fun to play around with and you can upgrade it with not only other skills but also making it elemental. It also has some elements from dungeon, hack and slash games such Diablo and Torchlight such as picking a class that has different abilities and killing a lot of enemies that might drop a new gun, shield, grenade mod and money, loot loot loot! Grab it all and sell the remaining to a store for extra cash. Pretty cool main quests although the storyline itself isn't that great and not so interesting but really, with a game like this, storyline is almost optional. You also get side missions for extra loot and EXP and some are really interesting. The amount of guns in this game is really large! Each gun has different damage, accuracy and fire rate, so you will go through many guns finding the one that suits you the most. Another thing I want to talk about is boss fights, how often do you see nowadays FPS with a boss fight that has a health meter? Not much, but Borderlands has it and it does a well job with it. The level design is also a pretty bright thing in the game, it's incredibly well done and don't even get me started on Pandora itself, IT'S MASSIVE! The level design is so well done it actually allows for secrets, which again, is one of the more old school elements in the game and a fun to find while happily exploring the game. The game also has CO-OP, find some three more friends and have an absolute blast with this game, lots of laughs and fun is always nice. Overall the game is a near masterpiece with some very minor down sides to it, get the game and start firing away! Expand
  39. Nov 30, 2012
    I played a lot of FPS games and still I was addicted to Borderlands. I thought I was playing an MMO with all the loots, missions and RPG elements. It is worth playing.
  40. Nov 25, 2012
    I'm not really a fan of FPS games in general, but this is one of my favorite games of all time. Skill-based critical hits are a new thing for me, but I have to say I like them. It was really the off-beat humor combined with just enough RPG elements for a fan of the genera like me that kept me coming back for two full playthroughs (1 to 50). You might think that it's out of date, but when you can buy copies for yourself and three friends for $15 on steam (when it goes on sale), you can easily find out what a difference the amazing co-op mode makes. PS: there are SO MANY GUNS! Expand
  41. Nov 24, 2012
    If they made Diablo II into a irreverent post apocalyptic first person shooter with tons of sidemissions, they would call it Borderlands. Think about it, everything people liked about Diablo II, save for the storyline, is present in Borderlands. You play in large part for the awesome loot that falls. The more people who play the harder the enemies and the better the drops. You will replay certain areas and missions over and over because they have the best drops. There are multiple kinds of character that have linear tree builds that give your character a customized feel, but at higher levels your build doesn't matter as much because it's more about the loot. There are hours upon hours of excellent gameplay, the downloadable content is fantastic and as soon as you beat the game with one charachter, you look forward to playing through with the same character again or trying out a different character. I picked this one up real cheap on a Steam holiday sale and it was a steal. One of the best games of the past 5 years. I reserve 10 out of 10 reviews for games that are not only great the first time you play them, but are great a few months later or a few years later and which are as fun the second time through as the first. Borderlands is a 10 all the way. Expand
  42. Nov 21, 2012
    Compatibility issues. Compatibility issues? Really? Borderlands was an interesting, albeit slow paced experience, from what I've played. Then, shortly after updating cpu drivers(as one should regularly), TADAAAA! "Borderlands has stopped Working" Now, this is not an issue of files installed incorrectly due to a pirated copy, so all you white knights and internet police officers calm down. It's that the game surprisingly enough can only run at all using dx9, or setting affinity to one singular core with updated drivers. This is a very prominent problem among Steam users as well, who have not seen any response at all from Gearbox on the issue. Besides the obvious problems of the game not working though, the gameplay was painstaking. GO HERE. COLLECT THAT. SHOOT FOUR F*CKING PEOPLE. Mission Completed! And the setting. Grey grey grey grey gray brown grey light brown grey yellow gray grey rust gray grey grey. The graphics? For a game made quite some time ago it lags, even with sub-par graphics that it has on low or high alike. Sure, the cartoony feel to it is appealing for some, but aesthetically, it does not work. And customization of characters is limited. And 3 hours of gameplay gets you nowhere. NO. no no no no no. Go buy S.T.A.L.K.E.R., or Fallout 3. Just stay far, far, farrrrr away from this poorly made rpg regurgitation. Expand
  43. Nov 21, 2012
    Boring repetitiveness and the graphics absolutely suck. Somebody commented "fantastic art". Lol. Sure, if you never graduated from crayons as an art medium.
  44. Nov 14, 2012
    Enjoyable game with a decent story and great look environment. Co-op is great and the overall game is good however weapons and quests get a bit repetitive as the game goes on.
  45. Nov 14, 2012
    I can't say enough about this game- it's fun to play by yourself, but it's fantastic to play with friends. The game can be pretty easy during certain parts of the game, but certain bosses will be challenging. My brother and I are currently playing through endgame DLC content and we're having a blast while being constantly challenged. The only downsides to the game is that the plot is weak and not well distributed throughout the game and that there are very few customizable items outside of guns (just shields and character items). The talent system is great for creating diversified gameplay, but at the higher levels, you have pretty much every talent that you want maxed out- I wish there were a few more 'choices' you made that would have a significant impact on your character. I consider this game to be a must-buy if you have a friend you could throw down with, and a strong-buy if you're just playing by yourself. Expand
  46. Nov 11, 2012
    Never really got into the first one but this game is great. I would recommend bringing a friend or two along for the ride though. I think it is a lot more fun with friends and maybe a little easier too.
  47. Oct 17, 2012
    This game is like a dungeon crawler with guns and landscapes. Very RPG minded, but the action is very satisfying. Definitely more fun to play co-op, as the action can get a bit repetitive without somebody else in the mix to play strategies with. I would rate it higher, but the story line was so uninspired and convoluted, it actually took away from the game. They would have been better served not constantly barraging you with uninspired and cliche voice overs and keeping it simple. I just didn't feel the plot, regardless a fun game! Expand
  48. Oct 14, 2012
    A great game, but i found it very difficult to beat the game unless i had one other person helping me. aside from that this game was almost flawless with plenty of things to do in the open world.
  49. Sep 28, 2012
    Quite possibly one of the most overrated games of all time. I really don't find the entertainment value in this game. Perhaps I am crazy, or it's an issue with today's common gamer. This game is simply boring. There's nothing fun about it. That's a very bold statement, but I stand by it. The game treats you like you're a child with ADHD; there are flashy graphics, constant drops of items and loot, and oh so silly jokes that would keep only those who find shows like Family Guy entertained. The game is an insult to my and, I would hope, most other gamer's intelligence. Yes, there is a lot of loot. And I found myself changing weapons and all my gear so quickly it'd make my head spin. The time I finally got a weapon I enjoyed using, another one would drop which was objectively better. This would happen throughout the game and it would happen multiple times in one hour. This leaves the whole looting system lose it's charm. While some would call it a rewarding system, I would argue it's the exact opposite. While it does make you feel good to upgrade a weapon, it happens so often that it just becomes a pointless mechanic. The game's humor is that on a 13 year old's who first started using curse words in front of his friends. The jokes are just dumb. Literally, just dumb. The multiplayer is just that, multiple people playing the same boring, dull, repetitive, and half-witted game. I am glad I got the game for free, but it's unfortunate I cannot get a refund. What a joke. Expand
  50. Sep 25, 2012
    I was lured by the beautiful graphics and the fantastic settings, only to realize halfay trough that this game is just an empty grindfest. It plays nice, the mechanics are fantastic, very well done game, but it was meant for co-operative play. Don't even try to play for the story, and I do not recommend solo mode either.
  51. Sep 20, 2012
    It's really great game at all ! But some issues like lag in multiplayer or that it's just port from consoles makes the game only 9/10 in my opinion.
  52. Sep 17, 2012
    Fun game but do not expect something good like Rage. If you want good shooter play Rage instead because shooting is kind of silly here. If you want PRG ... Well, play something else because here just like inn Rage just slight elements of RPG. But instead of that nice time killing fun game!
  53. Sep 11, 2012
    Love this game. Guns, loot, comedy, what more could you ask for? It obviously borrows from several other genres, but it gets it right and makes for a great time.
  54. Sep 1, 2012
    Excellent game at the core, but a very poor job porting it to PC by Gearbox. It's great fun by yourself or with friends - enemies scale based upon the number of players present which is very nice to see. I did notice a lot of FPS lag in numerous areas of the game though, the UI was also very blatantly brought from a console. Could have been a fantastic game if more time was put into making it run well on PCs. Expand
  55. Aug 31, 2012
    You have to understand what type of a game it is first before playing it. It is as much of a RPG as it is a FPS. You are going to have to kill a lot of random animals and other pests that attack you constantly (which respawn constantly as well) in an open world. The gunplay is so much fun. Amazing variety and a great feel for shooting each gun. You are not given straight forward missions. You are given the availability to accept as many missions into your "quest log" as possible and then "activate" any of those quests in any order you want to prioritize to complete them. So do you see? It is an RPG as much as it is a FPS. It is MUCH better at being a FPS but the RPG is really fun as well and it is no drag. 9/10. Expand
  56. Aug 24, 2012
    Yes the game has some shortcomings. However it is highly enjoyable. If you love loot grabbing, guns blazing, with slick humor then buy this game.

    I see too many bad reviews here because of the graphics or the randomization system. Yes, even I wish the system was better. However the graphics were intentionally done this way - it makes the game look unique and very cool. When you see
    screenshots of this game you know its Borderlands and not another game.

    The second game is coming out. If you are thinking of getting it BUY THIS GAME FIRST AND PLAY IT. The 2nd will be better and would spoil anyone who would go from the second game to the first.
  57. Aug 20, 2012
    I really enjoy this game and I've played so many hours of it but it's ruined once you get t0 around level 45 or so because the enemies do so much damage that you have no choice but to hid and pop out and shoot them, then wait for your shield to recharge. It ruins the fun of the game at the end which makes it not fun to play at the end of the second play through and subsequent DLC.
  58. Aug 17, 2012
    Just the worst game I've ever played. BL is an example of anti-game. Not fun. Not entertainment. The idea was great, but in the end is just one more in a million.
  59. Jul 31, 2012
    I bought the game, tried and hated it twice and let it collect dust. Two years later I gave it another go and I finally got into it with one simple change. DISABLE MOUSE SMOOTHING. I cannot stress enough how important that is. The game has some problems like Gamespy, mediocre writing and story and poor animations/physics. With bad mouse lag (think Bioshock, but worse) they are glaring. With sharp, accurate controls they are easy to ignore and make the good stuff like loot, large world and equally fun single player and co-op stand out. Unconditional recommendation once you edit the input confit file. Expand
  60. Jul 31, 2012
    In 1-Player mode, is an extremely bored and repetitive game after only a few hours of gaming. Surely, it gains a lot of interesting features if played in coo-op mode.
  61. Jul 29, 2012
    This game is everything I love about first person shooters and rpgs, and this is what they call a RPS, roleplaying shooter, the game has awesome stylized graphics, the story is somewhat there, but you are more immersed in intense difficult arcade style battles. The rpg element works like a standard open world map, as you play, you kill stuff, gain experience and weapons, and level up throughout the game, as you progress, other areas open up and as you explore certain areas, just like an rpg, there are enemies that are difficult to defeat because of their higher level and you have to come back only when you are leveled up enough to battle them. Overall fun game, the Co-op is what makes this game shine, otherwise it is utterly boring and hard as hell by yourself. The DLCs add on extra value to the game and the world that you explore. Expand
  62. Jul 22, 2012
    Ist zwar ein gutes spiel wird aber irgendwann langweilig ._.''
  63. Jul 21, 2012
    It's a fun game. Grapics are okay, but the *design* is actually really good: original, never got old for me. I enjoy the balance between complexity and simplicity of the skill system: you only have on real skill, but how you spec it out, and how you use it, is still quite interesting. It has a lot in common with Diablo, the addictive nature of the loots gathering, but it's maybe more engaging, because of it's FPS nature. I would call it almost perfect, for what it is: a relatively mindless (because it doesn't require deep strategies), but not at all easy, very addictive game. It's between an 8 and a 9 for me. I'll go with 8, because it gets a bit too repetitive after a while: enemies look to similar, and they're not acting very smart. If Borderlands 2 has more varied enemies and a more complex AI, it can be a 9, and become *the* perfect addictive game, even beating Diablo. Expand
  64. Jul 19, 2012
    I've had more fun playing this game than I have any other FPS style game ever. The humor is campy which I love and the cell shader art is excellent. It also has some of the best music I've heard in a game and it fits the style perfectly. The DLC's are great too! The Zombie Island DLC dialog is genius and made me burst out laughing several times. Borderlands 2 is out soon and I hope it can live up to its little brother's fun factor. Whoever said this game is like FPS Diablo with guns hit the nail on the head. Good times! Expand
  65. Jun 17, 2012
    I don't know what so special about this game. I just feel this game is fun. I have all four characters got to maximum lvl. I enjoyed playing it. Worth playing!
  66. Jun 14, 2012
    This first person shoot-n-loot ARPG brims with a charm and humor that are complimented by an engaging combative exploration experience and hindered only by an unfortunately flawed PC port and multiplayer connectivity issues.
  67. Jun 3, 2012
    Pros: great guns, great graphics, multiplayer, arenas, dlc's, lots of action

    Cons: the storyline and missions are not engaging, the best guns are too hard to get (random system) without hacking.
  68. May 24, 2012
    After the initial coop fun wears down you realize that the entire game is an insanely repetitive mmo styled shooter. However the first play-through is tolerable because of the interesting setting and ability to play with friends.
  69. May 24, 2012
    Very good game, worth buying. I gave it only 9 because of minor technical problems ( had to reinstall graphics driver ) and repetitious music ( game deserves much more wild west like ambient ).
    Concept is definitely the best i have seen for a long time in games.
  70. May 20, 2012
    Diablo with guns and a sense of humor. The landscape and the enemies can be a bit repetitive though the DLCs go a long way towards adding much needed variety. Vehicle combat while interesting isn't the greatest. Characters and weapon variety are some of the best you can find. This game shines best on multiplayer. It is easy enough for casual players to pick up and the random item generation is highly addictive. If this included alll the DLCs, the game is worth a 9/10. Expand
  71. May 10, 2012
    Yes, it's flawed - The AI is terrible, the fetch quests can be dull, etc. But the charm, backdrop, story, and undeniable fun of looting and shooting make this a great entry into the shooter genre. The depth of the characters you'll encounter alone make this game fun enough to play.
  72. Apr 22, 2012
    Amazing cartoon game style, one of my best purchase, co-op system to up to 4 players a lot of weapons and enemy to kill, some extreme vehicles which you will love to drive around the giant maps of the game while playing with a friend, lots of achievements and a nice stories, plus DLC's which add a lot of new content, looking forward to Borderlands 2.
  73. Apr 19, 2012
    Damn epic Mix of RPG, FPS and a true open World where you can do anything. (Open World is like that of Elder Scrolls and Fallout). Only annoying aspect is when your try and play with your friends online, once in a blue moon the game disconnects you and when you restart a online game it is in at the nearest station that you used not the zone where you ended. But over all a VERY SOLID GAME. P.S. has a damn good story as well. Expand
  74. Apr 13, 2012
    I got quite surprised when I started to play this game: it's nothing new in the fps area, but it still delivers what many shooters don't: a lot of content. First of all, you got 4 classes to choose with 3 talent trees to choose, which actually can vary the gamestyle (but not a lot, and I will explain in a minute) Each class have an inventory which you can carry quite a lot of weapons (So far, I can carry over 30 of them), but also grenade's mods, which will change the property of your grenades, and also class mods in which you'll obtain various benefits and bonuses for specific talents and skills. Honestly all of this is very well though because mods are very handy and the talents can make things go better if you have a proper grenade mod (like dispersion, or sticky), but still I gotta admit one thing: the talents aren't a big deal. They differ the gamestyle yes, but still they aren't a BIG difference: each class can equip any weapon for example and even if a soldier has more bonuses while using shotguns and rifles, you'll be free to use any other weapon as you want, because the bonuses aren't a HUGE bonuses: they feel more like "useful perks". On the other side, you can only use the "perk'd" weapons and forget the rest: you're good with those basically, and the only benefit of using many weapon is that the more you use an SMG, stronger the damage you'll do...but it's not, again, a big difference, and there's too much freedom in my opinion. The rest of the talents are handy, but I still haven't seen any proper difference, except for the main skill, which are the main and biggest difference among the 4, and I apologize for the abuse of the words "difference", because that's what I felt while playing.. The game is structured like a RPG due to the levels (50, 69 with the dlc), loot system (with color-based grades), quests, dungeons and a plot, with respective end bosses and so on, All of this is actually fun to do because it's not linear and you can also re-do the dungeons for more weapons, and the quests are kinda quick and easy to do. The plot however is one of the biggest trolls I've ever seen (but I dare to say in a good way). The areas are many and actually huge and in fact you'll use vehicles very often to travel in order to reach the next points,although the driving sections are a bit clunky and hard to drive at times. The online co-op is nice but it lags a lot on my computer for some reasons and I never managed to make it work properly (it is the only game i own that lags this much online, so it's not me!). I should mention also that the DLC are actually more like "expansions": they add new areas, new weapons, new vehicles and one of them adds also more levels, and the prices for them were very good (I hardly buy DLCs, but these were a very nice addition). I honestly hated the first points I mentioned, because it doesn't make you replay another class due of their lack of "differences", but except for that I really have no complains: it's probably one of the longest and actually content-filled shooters I've owned, and even if the flaws I've mentioned are a bit annoying the game still remains huge for a shooter (i've finished it in about 20-30 hours, plus 10 hours more for levelling and doing the dlc's). Definitely a good shooter with a very high longevity, worth a good try if you ask me. Expand
  75. Apr 5, 2012
    I really enjoyed this game. The characters were so different from each other, you could play each of them and it would create a completely different experience. Yes, the game play is grindy. But for a game based on the premise of you being a mercenary searching for treasure on an alien planet that was sparsely inhabited, what more do you expect? Still, the missions require more than standing around shooting at things and the frenzy at which they throw things at you in different ways require that you change things up or die. Also, the weapons create a different play style based on who you are playing and what you find. If you find a gun that is really accurate and has a really high firing rate, it completely changes what skills you put your points into and how you play as opposed to finding a power house that blows people away but takes a long time between shots. The game is very good and the DLCs are fun. Playing co-op is the way to go in this game! Expand
  76. Mar 18, 2012
    Nice concept with a really fun co-op part that can lead to some intense fights due to the difficulty of the game scaling with the number of players. Great for 2/3rds of the way with a tiresome final act.
  77. Mar 15, 2012
    I don't know why I bought this game because i hated the graphics and I only play single player games. But anyway, I gave this game a chance and still hated the graphics and single player mode was a joke.

    I know i should not write this review because this game is mainly multiplayer games but lets this review be warning for people who is thinking to buy this game because of the single player mode.
  78. Mar 3, 2012
    While the music and cel-shading graphics are top notch, the gameplay itself is nothing new (it's a sci-fi version of Diablo from first person) and the ending is pathetic. Not to mention the game was hideously buggy on release.
  79. Mar 2, 2012
    Borderlands is a tricky game to nail. When I was first playing it - I was loving it. The inventive look, feel, combination of diablo and halo, the style, the humor. Even while playing the game for extended lengths I felt so incredibly comfortable mindlessly ticking off quests and collecting loot. It's a very simple and primal game. Looking back on borderlands leaves less of an impression than actually playing it however. The game has a kind of emptiness to it. A void that leaves no impression. For me emotions leave the strongest memories (I don't know if it's just me?) and the generic nature of borderlands story and quests makes the game feel a lot like high powered junk food. You enjoy it while you are munching on the fat and sugar - you feel kind of depressed and regretful after. My time in borderlands was fun - however fun itself is not exactly 'meaningful' in the same way discovering a talking dog in skyrim was, or experiencing a betrayal in the witcher 2, or choosing between destroying a colony or saving it in mass effect. If borderlands had more meaningful quests and a story - it might have left a mark. A fondness. However I can't give a game a 9/10 or a 8/10 if it simply fills my time, nomatter how mindlessly entertaining that filling was. I need something more. I hope borderlands 2 finds more of a compromise. Expand
  80. Feb 24, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have this really bad habit of writing reviews really late in the game. I suppose I gotta do Borderlands since its sequel is coming up soon. Now, Borderlands. This is a fantastic game until about level 25. There are many things this game did right to start off with. You immediately pick up its visual style. The cell-shaded look they go for here is awesome, it looks like you're playing a graphic novel of sorts. Secondly, they thrust you into this foreign world without much plot to go on except some hints about a treasure buried somewhere there. It's all very intriguing, and I loved it. It goes downhill from there unfortunately. The starting zone is great, but once you move on to some of the later areas, for some reason they just didn't click for me. Some of the later level areas especially got really drab and monotonous, and getting around was a chore, since you get the World of Warcraft wading-through-mountains-of-trash-mobs syndrome. Here's where I'm gonna get really spoilerish, not that it matters since this is a 3-year-old game anyways. The final boss completely disappoints. They set up the entire game getting you to anticipate this Vault they keep talking about with its treasures and such. You beat the final boss and you don't get anything. You never open the vault, you don't don anything with it. You don't even get a cool weapon for beating the final boss. It just ends. All you can do is go back and start the game over to try and hit level cap on a second playthrough. And they didn't even incorporate that into the story well. They hinted a couple time throughout the story about a bit of time travel and an enormous wink when your bus driver at the beginning says "I'm sure we'll be doing this all over again really soon." But instead of incorporating that restart into the story, it's just kinda there. So I guess if you like a cool graphical style and some cool FPS/RPG hybrid stuff, then this game is pretty good. The DLC added some interesting adventure as well, but for me, I really liked all that stuff, but in the end it just wasn't enough to get this above a "good" rating. It is definitely still worth trying if you haven't played it. Expand
  81. Feb 10, 2012
    I think it's a fairly enjoyable game when playing with friends. It's quite reminiscent of an arcade shooter, but it's executed well and has some interesting RPG elements to it. Some of the quests are fun and interesting, some are boring, repetitive quests that you would expect. I don't really like the loot system, the online lobby system is absolutely terrible, there are a lot of bugs, and it gets awfully repetitive at times. But at the end of the day it's a fun game to play when you have time to get your friends together. Expand
  82. Feb 5, 2012
    One of the most fun games I have ever played. Can't wait for Borderlands2. The Multiplayer aspect is incredible. About 15 of my friends bought this game on a Steam Sale...played it for months. Lots of different ways to play the trees, classes etc.

    This game is all about intese battles....bullets, blood, and lots of it.

    The only time that I didn't like the game was when
    someone would join your game with a character much higher level than yours and would go around killing all the enemies on you...or if you were playing with someone who would run ahead of you (easy to do with Beserker/Siren) and steal all the loot. The quality of this game is unsheathed by the quality of people that you play with.

    A must buy. A "wish I had bought the game the day it came out" game.
  83. Jan 21, 2012
    When I first started playing this, it seemed like Fallout 3 but more cartoony to me. But pretty much everything other than the environment was different. I found the main quest quite fun, but once I got to the side quests, it started to get boring because one after another, it was either kill this guy, or kill this guy and bring back this item to me. And it kept getting boringer ang boringer until I couldn't take it more and just totally stopped. I found the game enjoyable, but it just got old after the main quest. Overall, if you like just playing the game's main quest or just enjoy repetitive side quests, then you would probably enjoy this game. Expand
  84. Dec 30, 2011
    Although fairly lengthy and fun, Borderlands quickly starts to feel worn out and repetitive. Its a good mix of FPS and RPG elements with exploration but ultimately falls into the common trap of simple 'get mission, read mission, do mission' (which usually involves you whacking some thugs anyway). Nevertheless, it seems to have a good replay value attached to it, and a good fun to play with others. Beware of getting bored FAST. Expand
  85. Dec 25, 2011
    love this game. enormous world, endless play-ability, tons of enemies, an infinite amount of guns, (no joke, the game uses a script to randomly generate guns with different specs) plenty of hilarity and bad humor to go around, and quite the frontier game for going with the cartoon-y graphics. i have a copy of this game on my PS3 and the PC, and it is beyond amazing, i have yet to finish every DLC and every side mission with a single character, although i have played parts of it with different characters here and there. the class customization and variety are plentiful, and if you buy this game, you are bound to NOT be bored by it's repetition, because it contains none. Expand
  86. Dec 25, 2011
    A 4-person co-op FPS with RPG elements, in postapocaliptic-sf, Mad Max-like setting, with interesting, cell-shaded, sketchy graphics and nicely designed characters. It's main flaws are as follows: becomes too easy about halfway past the game, boring-ass when played alone, Knoxx is the only good DLC.
  87. Dec 24, 2011
    borderlands is one of the best games out there, buy it you wont be disappointed, RPG and FPS work very well together, super addictive and excellent graphics, a good buy for any gamer.
  88. Dec 20, 2011
    Borderlands has a rather unique feel to it. It's an RPG adventure FPS, taking the player to an entirely new and unknown planet of Pandora. The planet for the most part is a desert wasteland, and so the common areas tend to be junkyards, rural towns, plains, canyons of various sort, but later on, towards the end, you do get a bit of a mountainous snowy areas too. Borderlands is fun in many different ways. First of all, it has very unique graphics and this somewhat of a cartoonish style really really fits the general feel and humour of the game. Secondly, the game has RPG elements, so you get to unlock new skills as you progress through the game and face harder enemies. Thirdly the game has a massive variety of guns. The guns could come with all sorts of different stats, and you do often find good ones. You can play Borderlands with any of the four characters, each having a unique special skill and a slightly different gun proficiency to the others. Borderlands doesn't have much of a story, but it still is there, and it greatly picks up at very late stages of the game. The game is full of humour and generally gives off a laid back vibe. It can be played single-player or co-op. It's really up to you. The game might seem a bit repetitive due to its "do this quest, then do that quest" approach, but the sidequests do vary greatly between each other, each time offering a new challenge, so it's all great fun. I'll briefly mention the DLCs too. I've only tried out 3 of them so far, and all in all I felt they weren't as good as the original game. Dr Ned's Zombie Island was pretty good, but shooting zombies in dark woods does get repetitive after a while, and so gladly this expansion wasn't too long. The Underdome was terrible. It's just an arena, so I didn't like that one at all. General Knoxx's armory was sort of OK. It's nice to drive huge distances and all and having a huge map, but it's very frustrating when you respawn back at your original outpost after you exit the game. They should've placed more outposts in that one. I have not tried the Robot Revolution yet. To summarize, Borderlands is a fun FPS, so I'd highly advise it, especially for those who like FPS games with RPG elements. Just don't be put off early on. It might seem a tad boring in early stages, but it does pick up very quickly. Expand
  89. Dec 15, 2011
    Everything about Borderlands was brilliant, artstyle, gameplay, humor, characters, story and the amount of weapons. Can't really think of any real cons. The base campaign plus DLCs is about 60h long, but achievements and walkthrough 2 (hardmode) will keep you busy even longer. Definetly the best RPG-FPS to date.
  90. Dec 12, 2011
    You play this game in 1st person, but its truelly an RPG and feels that way. Play as one of the four classes available, Really recommended to play co-op with your friends.
    Visually this game looks really artistic with all the hand painted textures, the enemies all fit right in and overal it kinda feels like a comic book (in a GOOD way).
    Cause of the random weapon generation system
    litterally thousands type of guns can drop.
    The quest require you to do all kinds of stuff for lazy ass questgivers like any RPG.
    Fun enemies, fun quests, great graphics, awesome world.
    Must have if you enjoy co-op RPG's
    I would go with a 10 if it wasnt for some pesky console remnants
  91. Dec 11, 2011
    I almost didn't buy this game, and what a mistake that would have been! The trailers and screen shots don't do it justice. Never mind for now about the look of the game or any of the details. Bottom line: this game is FUN! You can play it for hours or just pop in for 10 minutes. How you play it, how long you play it, where you go... it's all under your control. And it's not just fun, it's also funny. You can try not to laugh, but they'll eventually throw something at you that will crack you up. It's been said many times, but one of the great things about this game is the almost infinite selection of gear. You often have to pick between two very similar items that trade off one advantage for another, but often enough to keep you interested, you come across that item that outshines everything in its class and you go, "Oh, yeah, baby! You're all mine!" The world is so rich in loot that you're guaranteed to run out of inventory space and shed a tear as you leave behind a shiny new Vladoff that you could have sold for a small fortune. I usually hate cartoonish games. Except for masterpieces like Machinarium, I find that they detract from the atmosphere of the game. But Borderlands got the semi-cartoonish look so right that it feels like living inside a comic book. If you get this game -- and great Scott! why wouldn't you? -- do get the DLCs also. "The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned" DLC turns this into an awesome and bizarre zombie shooter that easily doubles the value of the game all by itself. I'm probably not the first to say this, but graphics aside, Borderlands is what I had hoped that Rage would be like. Expand
  92. Dec 7, 2011
    This game is a blast! I love that you can use your single player character on multiplayer servers so your character progression is consistent. I would have given this a 9 or 10 if they had a cover system. You have to hide behind something or strafe left and right in order to dodge or lack there of.
  93. Dec 4, 2011
    Played it through with a couple of friends. With one friend it was fun up till level 14, after that it's the same crap over and over. You notice the story element and interaction of your muse completely disappears after level 13 or so and it's just shoot, find weapons, rinse repeat. Many of the quests are broke when you try to play together so it's hard to sync up where you should play together unless you do literally every quest together.

    End boss is a joke, it shows how they put all their ideas and development into the first 14 levels and after that got under a production timeline and had to squeeze it out.

    Lots of profanity so not good for little ones and clearly a console port game if you are getting it for the PC be prepared for clunky menus and interactions.
  94. Dec 3, 2011
    This game was fantastic. The online modes are fun, the game itself is addictive, non linear, and open world (to an extent), and the enemies are fun to fight. All this, and them... boom. It was crippled by the absolute worst ending that I have ever seen in any game, book, movie, TV series... it was an ending that made me visibly mad at the developers. Even though I still had quests I could do, the online modes are still fun, and I could see this game having replay value seeping from all parts, I have not been able to bring myself to play it since I beat it and experienced... that ending... It's worth buying, especially since it goes on sale every month on Steam, but prepare to be more disappointed than you have been with any game you have ever played. Also, some glitches here and there, a couple of story holes, and the fact that shotguns are just random damage generators irked me a little throughout the game, but not too horribly so. Expand
  95. Dec 3, 2011
    This is one of the best coop games out there.. to me it is the best we have had 400 hours of game time and still go on. The single player is fun and challenging and there are visrtually no bugs in the game. whoever tells you this game is flawed is a moron.. period. you will enjoy everty minute from the fps to character build and NPC's in the game. the goty edition is the way to go. This game is in no way shape or form like Fallout your moron. i have every game in the Fallout series and how you compare them is insane. Expand
  96. Dec 1, 2011
    I do not like this game due to the fact that it's a complete rip off of the Fallout Series created by Bethesda. When I first played it I thought it was a pretty good game, it felt great playing it until I realised I liked this game because it was exactly like Fallout but then I realised of how a true rip off it was, it's terrible compared to Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas! How people call this game a good game? It's a complete rip off and I don't reccommend it to ANYONE but I wouold recommend the Fallout series to ANY gamer. Expand
  97. Dec 1, 2011
    Borderlands tries to be a great game, and it comes pretty close. The game creates a whole world for people to explore, its what I consider to be semi-open world. There are lots of places to explorer, but those places revolve around some kind of quest. As hard as Borderlands tries, there are still some bugs and issues, such as the mic being always on in multiplayer. Why couldn't the developers make the mic push to talk like other games? The weapons seem underpowered at times. Why does it take several headshots to kill an enemy? Single player gets boring after awhile. If you want to get the most out of Borderlands, play some multiplayer with friends. The cars are a really nice feature - 1 person drives and another person gets to use the machine gun or rocket launcher. A wider range of enemies would have been nice, it just seems like I am killing the same types of enemies over and over. The graphics are a nice change. What I would have liked to see is a wider range of enemies, more NPCs, maybe dynamic weather of some kind. If you catch Borderlands on sale, I think its worth playing. Expand
  98. Nov 30, 2011
    Gearbox does it again! Surprisingly fun game with over 24 hours of pointless, meaningless (unless murdering things is like, something super enjoyable, you freak) fun! plus, the dlc's such as mad moxxi's underdome or jakobs cove increase the fun!
  99. Nov 11, 2011
    "Borderlands" is a game that is more of a FPS than RPG. The graphics aren't the best, but it's solid to entertain your eye. The missions are too repetitive and monotonous, which deducts the value of RPG. The variety of weapons and its uses, however, was the star of this game. There are MILLIONS of weapons that range from a pistol to a sniper. They all have diverse weapon stats, which is very fascinating and awesome. Overall not the best product of a RPG+FPS game that can be made, but enjoyable. Expand
  100. Nov 9, 2011
    Great game hands down. If you love RPGs and want more shooting action, then this will fit you perfectly. Though the game can obviously improve on things, this game is pioneering its way for a new genre in the gaming industry that makes it look really promising. All the elements and new ideas are brand new and something to appreciate and enjoy. There is nothing cooler then blasting enemies with your friends for awesome loot and let me tell you.. the weapons and gear are NEVER seem to be the same. Every single item is always slightly different. Though the few bugs and short comings are apparent you cannot deny this game's innovation. 8. Expand
  101. May 17, 2011
    This game brought in a lot of old ideas, added some new ones, and threw in coop. If there is one thing that I love, its coop. The story line is original but does not play a big part in the actual game. The biggest aspect of this game is the coop and the mass amount of guns. Oh there are so many guns. Add the DLC on top of that with even more guns included, and by the end you have closer friends and an arsenal. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 37
  2. Negative: 0 out of 37
  1. 88
    It's something action role-playing game fans looking for an experience more up-close and brutal than genre entries of the third-person variety should have a blast with, and one of the more memorable products of 2009.
  2. With tons of weapons to find, a great co-op system, fantastic art, and a whole bunch of exploding bodies, Borderlands is worth your money. Even when I feel that the game is starting to get repetitive, there's something about it that keeps me playing.
  3. I think you'll agree that when you've got guns blazing from four players at once and loot is flying everywhere, Borderlands easily makes up for any perceived shortcomings.