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  1. EMG
    May 9, 2014
    I stopped caring when the same reviewers who are bashing this game give the likes of every Call of Duty every year a 10/10 and the likes of Diablo 3 a 10/10 praising it for I have played 3 hours so far, and honestly it is a bit rough around the edges and is in no way GOTY but it is FUN for me at least, the game is simply enjoyable if you go into it with the right frame of mind..."professional" reviewers are just people except they either have biased towards a game or were not paid enough :) 10/10 for keeping me engaged. Expand
  2. May 9, 2014
    A nice and fun game, it isn't skyrim or dark souls but it's a nice enjoyable game and good at what it does.
    Could use a patch or two.
    I don't get all the negativity really.
  3. May 9, 2014
    i have the game on PS4, its nice to have an actual RPG to play along with the MMO FF14. so here's the deal, i'm a huge RPG fan, so take my score with a grain of salt. my fave RPGs are PSO, elder scrolls franchise, dragon age origins, basically anything bioware etc. i came to metacritic to check out a review right after my girlfriend bought me a copy today and was freaked out to see a 4 out of 10 from one of my fave sites, Polygon. (but they also gave ESO a 6/10 so guess i'm not surprised).

    i immediately thought to myself, "maybe i shouldn't open the packaging and take it back?"

    im so glad i didn't!!!!

    BbF is a great RPG!!! the GFX don't "scream" next gen, but they're def NOT old gen!!! in fact i'm very anal about frame-rates and textures/lighting/anti-aliasing, what have you, and i'm very happy with all of the above. it also needs to be noted i'm not one of those RPG, or to be precise, "JRPG" fans who complain about western localization/voice-over as opposed to having the japanese voices that are ultimately the most obnoxious aspects of all RPGs, ever, lol. meaning as long as voices are semi-professional i have NO issue what so ever with them. i mean japan INVENTED obnoxiousness, come one. i say that lovingly, it was japan who delivered me to my love of RPGs in my childhood with the likes of dragon warrior, phantasy star and final fantasy!!!

    the story works great. let me elaborate... when i say works, i'm not a story snob as far as games go. so many people hold their nose up at stories that aren't the next "memento" of games... i feel as though if the story has interesting lore, and it supports the game play, it "works". i play games for the fun of the gameplay, the story works for me if it doesn't interfere with the fun i'm having.

    the combat in BbF is so good. i was, again, blown away at how well this aspect of the game was handled. and the way you advance your character lets you choose whether you want him to be a warrior, ranger (rogue) or mage. and depending on how u spend your points, 2 skill points per level and 1 feat per level makes tweaking your character fun. it kind of reminds me of dragon age here, where in DAO ur skills kind of handle some of the esoteric features of gameplay.

    there are so many times i played this game and felt references to RPGs that have come out in the past few years, and here they are, i hope this helps u make a decision to purchase this game if this is what you enjoy.

    i sensed the new game of thrones RPG right off the bat, now i agree that game isn't as good as it could be, but it had great ideas with simply poor execution. where BbF shares any similarities here i said to myself "this is what GoT the RPG, SHOULD have been".

    another game i felt it resembled early on was DA2s weapon type attacks. but bound by flame has all active combat the really trumps DA2, even though i am a huge fan of DA2 (being a bioware game as well)

    and most importantly, i kept getting a nagging feeling about a game from my past that this game really felt like... i couldn't remember and then it hit me 3-4 hours in, this is a new age Jade Empire!!!

    it has map setups just like JE. now i know thats not the most promising aspect here, the maps in bound by flame ARE NOT open world. they're not even as large as Dragon Age Origins, but they are very fun to explore and find loot for upgrading, crafting. there's tons of nooks and crannies and the character/item/skill advancement is SO much fun, the maps don't detract AT ALL!!! in fact, they really are large enough in the cities and wilds to keep the combat to explore ratio perfect!!! and you never tire of either, that's probably the best thing i can say about bound by flame!!!

    so for those of you who made it this far, i just wanted to say, i wrote this HUGE obnoxious review because so many times i have been curious about a new game, and i have come to metacritic and been disappointed by a lack of info in the areas I'M interested in. i don't care how the story of a new game starts, how reviews are so apt to talk about them for paragraphs, i want to know how the game "feels" in my hands.

    hopefully, if your an RPG fan like me and your on the fence, you will have enough info to decide if Bound By Flame is the game for you. either way, i hope this all helped, cheers.
  4. May 9, 2014
    Bound by Flame could have easily been just another fantasy RPG clone that we see hit the market every few months, which is honestly what I expected it might be. But it wasn’t, instead it’s flames shined brighter than I could have ever imagined it could. Highlighted by a thrilling story and fun strategic combat, Bound by Flame should be a game everyone plays.

    For a little context, The
    world in Bound by Flame has been forced into chaos and ruin by the Deadwalkers, an army of rotting, deformed, and downright disgusting zombie-like creatures. The Deadwalkers were summoned over 150 years ago by the Lords of Ice, who are hell-bent on conquering the world. The Lords of Ice are a circle of mysterious immortal necromancers who have been successfully leading their legions of undead in the extermination of all other known races.

    By the time your quest begins, most of the sentient lifeforms have been wiped off the map and have unwillingly joined the Deadwalker army. You enter the story as Vulcan, an upstart human mercenary with a bad attitude and a whole lot of sass. Disaster strikes while protecting a group of mages and Vulcan accidentally ends up on the wrong side of a Demon summoning spell and becomes possessed.

    As the fight against the Lords of Ice and their Deadwalker army wages on, Vulcan is constantly tormented by the Demon, tempting him to give up his humanity in order to gain unheard-of levels of magical powers. You are given several chances either take up the demons offer, or preserve your humanity, which can significantly change the story outcome and Vulcan’s appearance.

    Spiders did a fantastic job at establishing both compelling lore and an awesome story. I found myself talking to every single character, while making sure to investigate all dialogue options so as not to miss any of this rich story. Most of the story is told through these dialogue investigations, so if you decide to skip them you will surely miss out.

    One aspect that sets Bound by Flame apart from other fantasy RPGs is that it doesn’t bother overloading you with thousands of meaningless sidequests. I will admit, I was once a gamer obsessed with finishing every single sidequest in every game just to say I did it, but that is not the case anymore. I simply do not have the time or the patience to spend hundreds of hours completing fetch quests and other throwaway chores for characters you will never speak to again.

    I was able to complete both the main questline and the majority of the sidequests available in just over 25 hours. Even if you take your time and dive even deeper into the story that I did, you will still only clock in about 30-35 hours. This is the perfect length for a great fantasy RPG and I commend Spiders for hitting nail on the head.

    Bound by Flame looks absolutely gorgeous. Spiders built a world of incredibly diverse environments. However, when comparing Bound by Flame’s unique art style to that of other games in the genre, it doesn’t quite compare the the photorealism that many games have achieved in recent years.

    The voice acting in Bound by Flame was far better than what I had expected. But sometimes you will be taken out of the experience because the lip syncing is basically nonexistent. This can be annoying if you are paying close attention to a character’s mouth, but honestly it is not that big of a deal when very few studios actually get this right.

    The most common question I have seen asked about Bound by Flame has been, “What is the combat system like?” Well good news, it is fun. However it can be a little difficult and will require strategy to get through most fights. This is not a game where you can run into a large group of enemies and just hack-and-slash your way to victory with no second thought. In fact, that is the easiest way to find yourself dying quicker than the amount of time it took you to run into them.

    The strategy required to defeat the many different beasts and Deadwalkers increases tenfold when you encounter a boss fight. Spiders did a great job when designing their terrifying set of bosses. Not only are each of them horrifyingly creepy looking, but they also all have completely new styles as well. If you are anything like me, you will find yourself dying several times on every boss encounter until you can finally develop a well-oiled strategy.

    Bound by Flame is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise crowded genre. Spiders has achieved what many developers fail to ever do by creating a beautiful world with an incredibly deep and interesting history while also including a rock solid combat system. I was very glad that I didn’t have to be bothered by all of the silly distractions that are in most triple a RPG’s on the market today. Hopefully this is a step forward in getting rid of fetch quests just for the sake of making a game longer. Bound by Flame was everything I wanted it to be and then some.
  5. May 9, 2014
    This game strikes me as something like a B movie version of Kingdoms of Amalur mixed with The Witcher 1.

    Storywise it's a kind of dark fantasy dark that's reminiscent of Dragon Age's you're the chosen one go save the world. Except that your character is a foul mouthed mercenary idiot, so it's kind of funny watching him spout really strange lines completely inconsistent with the
    atmosphere of the game.

    Your companions have enough character to make them interesting but not really that compelling. At the very least though they're more interesting to listen to than your main character.

    The demon aspect is a little underplayed but what is there works well enough.

    Gameplay wise- it's like an inferior version of Kingdom of Amalur's sort of scrappy skirmishing with deadliness more in vein with Darksouls. It's clear that Spiders didn't really take the time to balance it out as the skill trees are only worth investing into the Ranger mode and Pyromancy since their combat's interrupt mechanic makes anything slow a death trap.

    Graphics: They tend to vary from pretty nice to something cheaply off.

    Music: Actually pretty good, the vocals do a really good job without sounding too generic.

    Overall I liked it for what it is, a cheap B-movie worthy Fantasy fare RPG. It's functional but never brilliant. With a larger budget and a better writing team it could have been phenomenal instead of a good time waster.

    In a lot of ways it really does reminds me of the Witcher 1 before it received an overhaul patch which replaced the dialog to make it less silly and tonally weird. I think that's the kind of thing this game needs along with combat re balancing. If they could deliver it in the form of a patch it would go up 1-2 points easily.

    I only paid about $27 for it and I feel that's a fair price. Any higher though and I might have felt ripped off for the quality delivered.
  6. May 9, 2014
    I thought this game was crap. Thankfully, I did not listen to the bad reviews and played it myself... okay I admit, the graphics suck, technically its a bit of a mess and the voice acting is really bad sometimes, but I like the gameplay, the story and the characters. This is not a hack-n-slay game, you have to think in battle, otherwise you die very quickly. If you think this plays like DmC or something, go look elsewhere. This game is like a snack if you are hungry. It will not completely satisfy you, but you will be happy until the next big meal comes along... Expand
  7. May 9, 2014
    Bound by Flame is much better than the "pros" are leading you to believe. It is not perfect by any means, but it is still a damn good action rpg. The combat takes some practice but it is actually very engaging as has a lot of depth that the reviewers are just not bothering to learn before reviewing. The story is decent, but the english localization does lead to some strange dialogue. The visuals are fantastic, one of the better looking games this year. Expand
  8. May 9, 2014
    Dull dialogs, bad vocalizations, bad map designs, not an open world , bad combat , unnatural animations etc. etc. etc.

    The year 2014 , and we have a 6-7gb files of this game ... Don't expect too much...
  9. May 9, 2014
    A mediocre game in all aspects. Visually it is awful. The music is fine, although the voice acting is painful. The story is absurd, childish and poorly led, on the other hand, it seems that the script is written by a 14 year old boy, full of expletives and cheap swagger like something out of DmC. All characters have a cocky, shameless and sassy attitude, like stupid clones.

    Luckily, the
    gameplay gets saved, thanks to a relatively interesting battleplay but burdened by a rough and robotic movements and animations, plus a bad control. The customization system by crafting is simple but interesting. Partners give a little sparkle to the fighting. Expand
  10. May 9, 2014
    Great game and fun what is most important

    This game do not deserve a score like 20 or 40!
    Really GOOD game, from me 9 because some pathetic score who think that this game want to be comparison with Dragon age 3 or Witcher 3
  11. May 9, 2014
    No idea why this is getting such low reviews from people. This is a fun RPG aimed at adults. I'm not very far into it, but so far I've found nothing to complain about. Most of the bad reviews seem to stem from strange complaints such as "Well the combat system could have been more like this other game I like... etc." If you're on the fence and you like RPG's definitely give it a try. I'm going to write a better review once I complete it, but so far I've been having fun. Expand
  12. op8
    May 9, 2014
    I felt I had to write a user review to shed some truth about this game. (FYI, I've played for 13 hours, not finished yet tho).

    With influences from The Witcher (but with better combat and the ability to walk through doorways without any issues) and with a third of the budget, it manages to string together a very enjoyable dark fantasy. The combat is fast and tactical, not at all like
    the Souls games but can be quite punishing on the hardest difficulty.
    The skills and leveling up gives you the satisfying feeling you are getting stronger and more powerful. The crafting (upgrading) and loot is decent and suits the game. It has a good musical score and the voice acting is actually pretty damn good, apart from a couple of unimportant characters (tho the script is a bit dodgy sometimes).
    The only thing that doesnt work well is the lip syncing, but I don't care too much about that. You could say the art style is similar to Dark Souls, and the graphics are fine and exactly what you'd expect from a mid budget game.

    Honestly, its an above average ARPG, and if you luv this type of game you should enjoy this.

    The ultra low scores given by some of the gaming press, are shameful and disgusting considering the stupidly high scores they give out to shoddy AAA games all the frigging time.

    *solid* 7/10 (taken budget into consideration)
  13. May 9, 2014
    Игра не шедевр, но очень хороша. Из плюсов + Не плохой сюжет и диалоги + Просто отличный саундтрек и музыкальное сопровождение. + Хорошая графика и оптимизация. Из минусов - Управление, мягко скажем так себе - Интеллект напарников, несмотря на широкий спектр возможностей по управлению напарником, их AI оставляет желать лучшего и требует доработки. - AI врагов далек от идеала. В общем всем любителям Ведьмака, DA и Fable рекомендую, игра определенно стоит вашего внимания, но особых чудес от нее ждать не стоит. Expand
  14. May 10, 2014
    These so called professionals are starting to become a bad influence and are ruining the gaming industry with their dismissive and arrogant analysis. A lot of good small developers are getting hurt by these reviews, as you can see by the user score 7.1 is a good score, and to the critics who give it a 4 out of a ten really are a joke and haven't got a clue obviously what a fun game is and always looking to try and be clever and balanced, but instead come across extremely pretentious and fussy, ridiculing something if it's not up to their so called expert standard.

    I wish people wouldn't trust their opinion so much, as like with this game, people are missing out on a lot of fun. That is why we play games is to have fun right? Trust me this game has its flaws, but it's also has a lot of good in it. We're not reviewing a new strategy to successful language learning or finding ways to combat road congestion. we're talking about a game, which you play in your spare time. Don't let these reviewers ruin your fun people, check out some YouTube videos and speak to people and judge for yourself because these gaming critics can no longer be trusted to do something so easy as writing a game review.
  15. May 9, 2014
    Bound by Flame is a nice and challenging RPG. Detailed graphics in 1080p, fun and strategic combat, and a good amount of loot and exploration to be had.
  16. May 9, 2014
    Its Good Game
    +Its have very good dark story
    +You feel the weight of your hero when you fight
    +Good Graphic on pc

    -Voice acting
    -Sometimes bugs
  17. May 9, 2014
    I feel many of the reviewers didn't even want to give it a chance or just flail around wondering why things feel clunky. When you are doing things right everything feels very nice so much so I would say that I feel like I am playing another game than the one they did.
    People need to stop mashing buttons and click as animations are ending for a nice barrage of attacks and time dodge/parry
    not just hold it or mash. Timing it gives counterattacks.
    So far the game has been a blast. Combat is very fluid and animations are really nice if you slow down and don't spam. This game asks you to really use all your tricks to stay alive. You need to make the weak companions attack from a distance, go defensive and heal.
    -The graphics are great and too many people are spoiled. This indie studio pulled off some pretty nice work.
    -Voice acting was really good but indeed awkward in many spots.
    -The sound track is very nice and really set the mood for the game.
    -Character customization is fairly limited but you do get different looking armor and you may begin to look more demonic depending on what you did.
    -It also has a nice tutorial as you go that you can disable if you like and you can hide the mini map from the ui too.

    Impressed from the leap they mad in game play since previous titles. A great rpg to have in my collection and for the 19 dollars on gmg I am more than happy. Even then for 33-39 dollars I would have been happy still.
  18. May 9, 2014
    It's disappointing to see so many negative reviews, which clearly stem from a lack of patience and unrealistic comparisons to other, higher budget games. Bound By Flame is it's own game, with plenty of fun and charm. When you go in with an open mind and enjoy the game for what it is, you'll be happy you did.

    The story is interesting and not entirely unoriginal, like many would have you
    believe. There is nothing dull or stale about it. You feel like you want to stop the bad guys, because it's important. What's even more interesting is HOW you stop them, based on decisions that will impact your character, and the story itself.

    The variety of NPCs and companions is also really nice. There's a huge range of personalities and the unfiltered conversations/banter is refreshing. Some of the voice acting leaves something to be desired, but overall it's done well enough, and seems more realistic in it's raw, unrefined state. There are plenty of laugh out loud moments, which I highly appreciate in these types of games. A little humor goes a long way.

    The combat is fluid and feels "right" when you get the hang of the controls. Don't expect to blindly button mash your way through the game -- you'll die, a lot. The three skill trees are all useful, but definitely consider going heavier in one over the others for your main play style and damage output. The more you play and develop your skills, the more you'll feel like you're actually getting stronger.

    The music in this game is actually one of my favorite things about it. It's absolutely beautiful, and gives the game a very good vibe.

    The graphics are good. They're nothing crazy or jaw dropping that will push your PC over the edge, but it would be somewhat trivial to ask for anything better. There is plenty of variety in environments, characters, equipment, and weapons -- plenty to look at and enjoy.

    Overall, I simply do not understand how anyone can think this is even remotely a bad game. If they gave it a real chance and took their time playing, I believe they'd have a very different opinion after a few hours. Anyway, if you're still on the fence and ABSOLUTELY need some kind of comparison, I'd say it's like a mix of Risen, The Witcher, and Dragon Age 2. Although seriously.. It really is it's own game, and it's a lot of fun! Don't let the bad reviews scare you away. I truly think it's worth the purchase, especially if you can get it at a discount, which we all know there are plenty of these days. :)
  19. May 9, 2014
    Game is fun for RPG fans. Music is amazing....still, the game has a lot of faults--perhaps the most bewildering is Spiders decision to have major characters talk like drunkn frat boys with bewildering frequency. Combat is hard, but not in a good dark Souls way. Just poorly designed. And yet...its clear Spider loves the spirit of RPGs and really tried to infuse this game with as much RPG love as they could. Personally, I'm enjoying it. Expand
  20. May 9, 2014
    I went directly from Dark Souls 2 to this so do keep that in mind for this review. I rated it higher than I felt I should based solely on that reason. Bound by Flame is an indie game that isn't trash, it's rough around the edges but it delivers a promising experience that could have easily been a nice treat inbetween big game releases. Sadly it made the mistake of releasing within Dark Souls 2's time frame. The combat it simplistic but "tactical", which is an odd mix. I don't care for it much but others might find it more welcoming, it just feels shallow some how and enemies seem to take longer to kill than they rightfully should(on the second difficulty). A critical flaw with the game is that cutscenes cut(pardon me) into the pacing a lot, I read that the story was pretty poor but I wouldn't know because I was hammering that skip button so hard it might have been gentler to use an actual hammer. I'm surprised the B on my 360 controller didn't get ground into atoms. To cut it all short for those ADHD readers: The music was a solid A+, I enjoyed it very much, but the gameplay and combat were lacking, the graphics were acceptable for an indie game, but pretty visuals and nice music alone a game does not make(In this gamers opinion). Expand
  21. May 9, 2014
    this game is awesome...and i really dont care about what gamespot,ign ...etc have to say about this game..all i know is they dont know to write reviews because they give dark souls 2 10/10 and skyrim 10/10....with those crappy combat and no cinematic but when it comes to bound by flame which is better than those two in all aspects they give it so poor score....
    if you are a dragon
    age/witcher game fan then you will surely love this game...i bought this game and i can say it was worth it Expand
  22. May 9, 2014
    This game is better than the reviews it gets. I play on PC, the graphics seem fine, not the greatest, but theres certainly nothing that would hinder me. Its true, that the game isnt easy, but it has a unique combat style, you have to plan the attacks, not just run into them (the AI of the companions is a bit strange I agree with that). It also has a nice crafting system with variety, skills enough to make experiments and maybe multiple playthroughs for those who wish it(decisions also affect the game, that could make it interesting too).

    Negatives are the chaos how side missions are handled (very little instructions on how to do them), and the map is also hard to figure out sometimes. Characters (at least the protagonist) sometimes wants to be too lazy. I also missed in deep character customization, as I think its vital for a good RPG, to feel the char. as my own.

    All in all, I think its worth a shot, and if its too hard, just drop the difficulty or try to refine your combat mechanics and strategies.
  23. May 10, 2014
    I guess new trend is giving low scores to non AAA games. Yes, it's not a great game, there are some problems but NO WAY it deserves a score like 40-50. Graphics, musics, dialogs are fine, not great but fine. Characters and story are not bad too. Ofcourse after playing Dark Souls 2 you don't like combat system but how many games features a combat system like Dark Souls? None, Dark Souls have the best combat system and most of the RPG games including games like Witcher and Skyrim is bad at combat too. I mean Skyrim, it sucks at combat, Bound by Flame's combat system is much better than Skyrim's and no one talks about Skyrim's combat. Don't get me wrong, Skyrim and Witcher are great games, GREAT GAMES but they have their flaws too.

    Usually i really care about reviews but this time i ignored those and bought this game and i'm glad i did. Don't worry about reviews, if you like RPG games, buy it. Ofcouse it would be better if you wait a little after playing Dark Souls.
  24. May 11, 2014
    Oh, I was so hungry for a decent RPG game ... and the sudden appearance of Bound By Flame was a pleasant surprise! I'm in the midst of my 2nd playthrough, and having the kind of fun not too dis-similar to my past new-game-plus for Mass Effect and Dragon Age series. Sure, this is an Indie title, nowhere near as polished as the aforementioned AAA titles, but I'm enjoyed the story and am still having fun building my character to both have romance and conquer the world! :) For $33, I learnt to ignore the poor facial character animation and focus on what positives it had offered - absorbing soundtrack, a decent story that catches my attention, sweet NPC options I can romance, pretty nice graphics at 1080p60fps on my PC and engaging tactical battles. Its nice to have this title to tide me over till DA:I hits in October, but for others who're less keen on RPGs, this title may be worth only $20 to you. For me, it was $$$ well-spent as it gave me a good time when I needed it. While this title is probably a 6.5/10 in reality, I think the effort and timing of the release of this kind of title deserves more support. Expand
  25. May 9, 2014
    Story: If you are into lore and a good story with twists in the plot this game is for you. I would say the story is on par with Dragon Age 1/Witcher 2. You will not be able to see any of these twists or make choices that effect your world until chapter 2 of the game. With that said, it takes a bit to really start the story. The characters scripts are adult themed with cursing. The interactions between hirelings interrupt and talk to your character occasionally during dialog moments with NPC's. Choices you make effect your hirelings and can also change the story. 9/10 for the lore junkies.

    Hack and slash: Well, if your main focus is a Diablo like game you wont like it. There are plenty of monsters to fight but it is story driven. The monsters do respawn over time in zones and reset when you zone. But it will get very repetitive if you are a person who skips the dialogue and just want to run through quests and kill monsters. 3/10 I just want to kill ♥♥♥♥.

    Strategist: If you like playing the game on the hardest difficulty this game is for you. It is very bland if you play on normal or below. When you up the difficulty when you get hit, you get hit hard. Soon you will have to learn how to counter each attack and have to learn what each monsters attacks are. The bosses are unique and have unique attacks also and will take a few retries to figure out how to kill them. If you are a person who spam attacks you wont make it in this difficulty. How you spend your skill points will matter here. 8/10 I will analyze your every attack and figure out how to counter you or your group.

    Combat: There are plenty of attacks and class swaps to keep you busy on the hardest difficulty. But if you play on easy none of this is needed. The controls feel very fluent and smooth. Most of it makes sense. You can lock view on targets but it is not required to hit them in melee. Animations are decent and feels polished but nothing ground breaking. 7/10

    Explorer: The game is extremely linear at the first chapter minorly opening up in chapter two. You are following a story line. In chapter two starts to be many side quests which lets you go back into zones to finish them following the main story lines quest. In chapter two I think its about 3 or 4 zones big. If you want to explore far off distances and run around in an open world this is not for you. 2/10 for my explorer's.

    Character: There is only one of me is not the case in this game. Character creation is very vague and doesn't give you many options. But you can be a male or female. Along the tree line there is only three skill trees with not soo many skills inside them. Most of the points you get will be you upgrading these skills instead of unlocking them. It only really matters what you do towards the beginning of your journey. After that, it is more forgiving to putting points into something you are not specialized in. 6/10 I want to be a unique play style ranger or warrior.

    Loot ♥♥♥♥♥: If your main focus is running around and finding new armor sets and weapons you will find your self getting bored quickly. There are a variety of items but you come by them slow. Most of these are from merchants, quests and crate finds. The uniqueness of these items come from how you imbue them, which they call crafting. Most of the loot you find off mobs are ingredients to imbue your items to make them more powerful. These imbues are not unique like Elder Scrolls, they have preset stats and names for each imbue type. But each piece you imbue does in fact give the item a new unique appearance on that spot of the item. 5/10 for items.

    Crafting: Crafting is very linear. Every mob you kill has a chance to drop components. These components you use to make imbues for your items. You will have to combine these components to make different components for your imbues. If you do not have the components you can automatically buy the base ones from your inventory with gold. It is much easier and cheaper finding them. You can not craft weapons or armor, you can only imbue them to change there stats. You can also craft things like bolts for your crossbows or traps you may lay out and have your enemies run over. Or you can buy them from a merchant, along with potions you can craft. The only real unique thing about the crafting is that each piece you imbue on an item changes its looks. You will not be able to create a unique imbue. Each item as a preset of imbues you can choose from. You only need to find the ingredients or buy them from your inventory and make them for the imbue. If your looking for something like elder scrolls crafting system look away. 3/10 I just upgrade my items when I need to whether it be instantly purchasing the ingredients or finding them.

    Graphics: I will say this is not ground breaking. It is much better than Dragon Age 2 but quite a bit less than Witcher 2 (for pc). It doesn't feel like you are playing an old game but it definitely is not going to awe inspire you. 8/10
  26. May 10, 2014
    Overall (6/10): Combat starts off challenging, then certain upgraded traits make them a cakewalk. Enemies only increase in HP, not in tactics or difficulty. Crafting is upgrades-only, no actual equipment is made, but only found. Story is straight-forward, but unfortunately with no surprises. Most characters aren't well-developed, with some bad-voice acting making it worse. Wait for the price to go down, or for the next RPG to come out. Bound by Flames is a decent RPG experience, somewhere about 30-40 hours to complete.

    Story (6/10): We don't get closure on all characters, a certain sorceress is notably missing in the epilogue, and some members of your initial mercenary group are unaccounted for. There are WILD leaps in logic during some story segments, most notably the one by your Captain near the end of the 2nd act (the Elven City), and character development is spotty with most of the characters, with the Knight (Randval) being the worst. The ending is, sadly, disappointing.

    Gameplay (7/10): The beginning is harder than the end, where it boils down to attack-attack-dodge-attack. Once certain traits are upgraded, you can follow that pattern ad nauseum. Enemies don't change tactics when you increase the difficulty, nor do they have much variety. In the end it's a matter of wearing down their HP bars (and those bars get HUGE in the last act). The crafting system is quite simplistic, with upgrades to equipment allowed, but crafting actual gear is not. Instead, gear is found and can then be upgraded.

    Visuals/Audio (7/10): Music fits the atmosphere, but is generic, and forgettable. Visuals remind me of a cross between Dragon Age Origins/2. Hilarious glitches where a character constantly/suddenly changes between standing/sitting, and having companions stand idle in the background while you fight a boss, are quite entertaining, but immersion-breaking. The voice-acting is serviceable in most of the game, but with some hilariously-bad exceptions.
  27. May 9, 2014
    This game is so bad, don't waste your money. In Short: bad voiceacting / dialogs, unprecise combat, absurd and unclear doging/blocking mechanisms or not even there (dodgeroll), unimersive world (when you put in your name everybody goes ahead and calls you vulcan).
  28. May 9, 2014
    This game is so bad. Awkward unplayable combat, terrible dialogue, cheesy characters (objectified females of course), subpar graphics. It is a huge wast of money and not worth getting at all. The worst part is all the obnoxious fanboys swearing up and down how amazing this game is. This game is bad, don't waste your money.
  29. May 10, 2014
    First off I'd like to say that the critics seem to be viewing this game all wrong. It's not meant to be a triple A title. It's made and sold by a studio that isn't a huge power house developer. Mars War logs got bad reviews, but was unwarranted also it was very good for what it was.

    Now BBF is made very well game. I would describe the game to be a low-budget Witcher 2. I'm not the
    first to make this comparison, so you can imagine it's relatively accurate. I'm playing on the PS4. While it does have some issues with its graphical fidelity; it still stands out as being a very beautiful and detailed game. The fighting system could have been better if a combat roll had been introduced, but even without that the game still excelled at what it is.

    If I had to put a numerical evaluation of the game I would say 7.5 - 8. I say that, qualifying it first by giving my score of the Witcher 2 as a basis. (8.5 - 9) so take that for what it's worth.

    Before you pass judgment for the game, go out and try it for yourself...
  30. May 11, 2014
    I buy Dark Souls 2 and hate that **** game on many ways. Really bad sound effetcs etc... I buy this and get over 20 hour gameplay now when im on act 3.

    For me this game is good! The story is interesting even for me some dont care so much about story in games.
  31. May 10, 2014
    Man I dont get why ppl are so keen on hating this. Professional reviews are just crap in most sites these days anyway so I suggest everyone to theyr own research and try games out them self to get the real taste. This game us not a masterpiece or anything, but its solid. The combat is ok and similar to Witcher. Story is ok too and the graphics are way above average. Yea the dialog is kinda cheesy and weak from time to time but hey this is not a full price game anyway. This game does not deserve scores under 5 in my opinion at all. I played this for 6h now and Im gonna play more for sure. Expand
  32. May 12, 2014
    Как жаль ,что такой отличной задумке и потенциалу игры не хватило денег. Обладая бы "Spiders" большим бюджетом BBF смогла бы переплюнуть и Witcher 2.Темная фэнтези с гнетущей атмосферой и потрясающей музыкой.В некоторых местах сложнее чем DS.Всем любителям RPG обязательно к ознакомлению.Самое главное начать и дальше игра вас не отпустит.
    Большое спасибо Spiders!
  33. May 10, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Firstly i will jsut say, ignore all the metacritic reviews etc, they are disgusting. So far i'm 2 hours into the game so this is not a full review but how i feel ont he game in short so far.

    The story and lore so far seem to be pretty decent with a dragon age style lore book to read about all the chars etc making it pretty deep with understanding on each person or monster.

    The graphics on ps4 are pretty dam good, ive not yet compaired them to PC but id be supprised if they were lower at all, there was sometimes a slight bit of FPS lagg in a few small areas like with lots of smoke etc, but maybe this can be patches or become less of an issue later on, but th egame runs really good so far.

    Voice acting is actually pretty funny and good, its by no means super bad like people have said, i like the swearing randomy as it reminds me of much how english people speak in past and present.

    The armour looks really cool and the crafting allows you to upgrade your e.g. chest with shoulders and belt and tassets to look cool and unique, same with weapons 3 upgrade slots on weps to customise theirs looks well.

    Here is a video i made on my PS4 to show a bit of gameplay and gfx, 720 so not the in game 1080p and there are some story spoilers in the cutscene after the battle be warned -[...]

    I would give the game on my first 2 hours 9/10 and worth buying.
  34. May 10, 2014
    In an industry that is anything but shy a few fantasy adventure/rpg games, its nice to see a developer still willing to do something different. While Bound by Flame is not anywhere near perfect, its a nice refreshing game offering new elements while still feeling like something familiar.
  35. May 10, 2014
    The goods: + awesome crafting system, equipment can be upgraded on the fly and change visually with every upgrade. + nice music + good UI + bugs are few and non game breaking, nothing that can't be easily squished with a patch or 2 + 3 skill trees, mix and match for some customization.
    The bads:
    - Generic story, predictable and unoriginal. Lore and motivations of different factions are
    not developed. Nothing to write home about.
    - poor dialog and voice acting
    - average gameplay, clunky combat consisting of mashing 2 buttons from start to finish with the occasional flame spell and trap thrown in, lack of tactics as all encounters plays the same.
    - bland "hero", one liners that felt forced and lack of charisma made me indifferent about the protagonist
    - companions are useless in combat, forgettable, and have no depth and characterization. You can solo the game and not miss anything of note.
    - lack of a credible antagonist, just witless undead, no Irenicus or Saren here, move along.
    - unpolished, stiff animations, but can't ask more from a relatively small studio.
    - plastic graphics that breaks what little immersion I tried to have. again Bound By Budget.
    - Ending is rushed and quite frankly as insignificant as the rest of the game.
    - short campaign with no replay value (13 hours on highest difficulty, with all side quests done, most are fetch quests)
    Overall not impressed. Can hold some interest if lower your expectations, you don't mind spending $40 on an average game and have nothing else to play.
  36. May 11, 2014
    I am not a paid journalist, or a member of the programmers, but i can tell you, this is an awesome game.
    We have a very inspired and engaging storyline, and on the top of that, this is the first game after the Mass Effect trilogy, where you starting to care about your teammates. The game is quite challanging even on normal difficulty, so you need to fight with cool head, or you will die
    within seconds. I am satisfied with the enemy variations, you need different tactics to win against each type. Sometimes you meet some really evil combinations of them, and... you will die. And die again...

    But i think, it is worth it. I like the graphics style, it is exacting, we have a good look overall, however you can see some glitches sometimes. I am very very impressed with the sound design. The voice acting is great. All of the sounds are good, and the game itself sounds very good. But the Music. Okay, it is very subjective, but we have some really great score here. Absolute professional, and very good, in my opinion. This music has so much tension within, and works very well in all combat, exploring, and cutscenes.

    So i am very impressed with this game. The fights are quite challanging, the story is interesting, and the companions are a real individuals with great personalities, imo. The game has a great "feeling".

    It has its fails compared to an AAA product, but hey, it is a 40 USD game, and it is worth it in every aspect. Its defenitley not for the boring COD fans. I like RPG's i played all the BG,IWD,NWN and DA games, and have to say it is a good and interesting RPG for the price, with nice replayability. It is at least one instant replay after you finished.
  37. May 13, 2014
    I will start by saying that I love this game a lot. I bought "Bound by Flame" Day 1 for my PS4 and started playing it. I loved the story it was a B-movie plot and had some great characters like B-movie's have. The music selection was Superb in all regards and the gameplay and RPG elements were very well done I thought.The Boss battles were executed perfectly. The only gripe I have is the AI companions can be crap a lot of the time but sometimes they do alright they are best put into tank mode to take a beating while you kill enemies. I don't know why all the negative reviews I believe it's because it is definitely a hard game when put on normal or above. I beat the game on normal and it took me just shy of 17 hours to beat and I try to beat games quickly. I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys RPG's that don't hold your hand in any way. Expand
  38. May 10, 2014
    A nice and fun game.
    strategic combat
    lore and a good adult story...

    Visually it is awful
    worst dubbing the dialogues
    no open world........
  39. May 10, 2014
    Well for a action rpg it s not bad it s more like kingdoms of amalur mixed with the witcher graphics normal as well as expected combat is well made once you get the hang of it music is average throught the story it has it s flaws but it manages to leave a spark
  40. May 10, 2014
    I'll admit I had some high expectations for this game to be honest. It didn't deliver to them at all
    Pros!: Funny dialog, I had some funny moments in this game, some moments your siting there and just laughing so hard at the stupidity of it you just cant help. (I played this with 4-5 other people at the same time.)
    Demonic morality mechanics: This is where it had the most fun with my
    friends, we would vote for every choice to make, and some funny things happened some no so... and the whole turning into the demon if your evil enough is quite fun.
    Now the cons:
    Romance: it would have been better to just not include it. for me it was kinda random, one moment I'm looking that this relic of power talking with my companion and the next thing i know I getting a make out scene and then a fade to black. I didn't even think i was romancing my companion!
    Combat: For the love of god this has to be the biggest killer for the game in my opinion, The warrior stance tree is useless, You have no back step or anything similar, Ranger stance tree is nothing but just mashing back-step and tapping right click for uncharged heavy attacks. Pyromancy tree its only useful with the Ranger stance, Your fire skills aside from flaming weapons and the fire armor skill are useless for the most part.
    Graphics: They look pretty good. I'd compare them to Mass Effect 2 as far as quality goes. Though there's a big problem with the quality of the maps structure, mapping and attention to detail, The first 2-3 areas are wonderful looking. (The mountain side, Swamp, and parts of the frozen city.) Then there are other places that are just copy and pasting of props and such.(Blackfost Domain)

    But in light of all of its short comings If you can get your hands on it for 20-30 bucks its worth checking out, Its a type of dragon's age/kingdoms of Amalur cross over with some demon morality mechanics.
    It;s a good game to play in your off time with a bunch of friends to play around with, Don't take the game seriously or you'll be let down.
  41. May 12, 2014
    In Bound by Flame you play as Vulcan, a Mercenary of the Freeborn Blades possessed by a 'Flame' Demon.

    The story is quite well thought out and was compelling enough to keep me playing till the end, now on my second play-through. With a few large-impact decisions to make, the game adds a quite a little replay value to it. There are also a horde of optional side-quests for you to
    complete; which I completed all that I could find, i probably clocked around 17-18 hours of gameplay. I will not elaborate on this any further for risk of spoilers, but it does keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what's going to happen next.

    The graphics is beyond a doubt, quite beautiful, despite minor glitches, such as NPCs (Non-Playing Characters) disappearing prematurely or even whilst talking to them, but we have to keep in mind their limited budget for this game and it isn't exactly game-breaking. The layout of the map isn't always convenient or elegant, but it's not too linear or dull either. My only complaint is on Act III, when you find yourself in a labyrinth of corridors and continuously running up and down to reach your destination, having no town portals or anything related to quick-travel. Having to constantly check your map to navigate to certain areas can give you a small headache. Luckily, Act III appears to be the shortest.

    With a compelling and engaging storyline and decent graphics, comes the game's downfall: Gameplay and Combat. Despite the default and standard UI (User-interface) which is pretty easy to understand, the combat and camera can be just dreadful at times. With a lock-on system that annoyingly seem to miss some targets after one is killed, having to keep locking on can be tedious. Among that keeping an eye on targets can be difficult with the way the camera controls. It can take some getting used to, especially for those without patience; but after about 2 hours you'll be dodging and parrying like a pro; which can be repetitive at times but still; the addition of slow-motion effects for critical hits makes up a little. The Warrior Stance seems to be completely useless as it feels so slow and out of place I immediately switched to Ranger. Annoyingly, dodging is also limited to the Ranger's class, which makes the Warrior Stance an even more bad choice. In my experience, the Crossbow is also irrelevant as later on it does very little damage, even after upgrading it. The game also suffers from some imbalances, as just after the Prologue I was shooting fireballs like there was no tomorrow, one hitting all enemies from close range through Act I and even most of Act 2. I was able to get most of the Pyromancer spec just by playing the Prologue. Despite these quirks and issues, once you get the hang of the Combat it can become mildly addictive and fun.

    The game has quite an elegant crafting system, in which you can use ingredients looted from enemies and chests to craft exploding traps (which i rarely used), bolts for your crossbow, and health and mana potions. You can also combine certain ingredients which can then be used to upgrade every piece of equipment you own, except your helmet afaik. Gear can also be dismantled for certain ingredients, which I personally felt was more fruitful than selling them. Upgrades on gear are also seen visually on your character. All in all a nice addition to the game.

    NPC's are a huge part of the game, as it should be in an RPG. Hundreds (if not thousands) of voice-recorded dialogues are available should you care to listen to them. I, of course with my OCD, exhausted nearly every option there is. Companion NPC's don't exactly have the highest DPS, but they serve as a decent distraction which can sometimes allow you to get in that killing blow from behind. They have their own spells which they cast autonomously, some heal and some damage. You have the ability to configure their behaviors somewhat, but I found that it doesn't really matter all that much.

    The soundtrack, if I'm not mistaken, changes between Acts, although if you listen to every dialogue like me, listening to the same ambient sound can drive you mad. So a little repetitive, it still captures the environment to a point of satisfaction.

    I would have hoped for a longer and more concise ending cinematic, but considering all the other cinematics throughout the game I can't complain too much. The animations in the cinematics are really good, seeing Vulcan busting out some Bruce Lee moves is really entertaining to watch. The speech animation is awful, however. I find that every time someone speaks I'm yelling "Enunciate!!". Still the rest of the animations are pretty decent.

    So despite some quirks and problems with the Combat system, Bound By Flame throws you into an entertaining and beautiful world with a decent plot and quite memorable characters. If you are an RPG fanatic like me, and still waiting for Dragon Age: Inquisition, I would definitely recommend Bound By Flame.
  42. May 13, 2014
    This game just works for me. I really like it. The good things are much much much more, than the bad things. I think 8 is a fair valuation for this game.
  43. May 10, 2014
    Awesome for an action RPG. Typically I dislike the genre, because most games are too light on the RPG side. Here I found a quite in-depth RPG system, augmented by crafting. There are 3 paths available: warrior, rogue and mage. A combination of these is needed to fight through most encounters. Equipment can be upgraded, there are plenty of skills and traps to deal with enemies.

    are tough, so mastering the combat system results in satisfying fights

    While the game does not have an open world, and the levels feel like console, I found that enemies and battles are pretty fun.
  44. May 11, 2014
    I read these reviews (the professional ones) friday but decided to get the game anyway. I'm SO glad I did. Most of these professional reviews do not even relate to the game I just played, to an embarrassing level.

    After playing I'm forced to conclude that the reviewers gave most of the game a token glance while staying on the rails of the main quest, or copied off each other, that is
    the only explanation as to how he could get such a false impression. Everything from the crafting system to the combat to the story and dialogue is engaging and fun. Heck, I started friday and I hardly put it down since. It's one of those games that will keep you up till 2 am and you'll think it's still 10 o'clock. Honestly, if I hadn't set an alarm I probably would have missed picking up my mom on mother's day.

    At high difficulty levels the combat is challenging and rewarding. Whenever I died or had to load it felt like it was my fault, not bad game design, but at the same time getting through especially tough fights felt like an accomplishment. Exactly what a good RPG should do. Learning how to parry and riposte properly is the difference between success and frustration.

    The thing they got right on their negative reviews (and I mean the ONLY thing) is that this game didn't have a AAA budget and it shows. Dialogue that sometimes doesn't add up due to not having the budget to re-record, areas that are a bit too small, and all the other little things that come with not having a 20 person QA department. What these guys did with a small budget is extremely impressive. It's a solid 7/10 game, but I'm giving it 8/10 for doing so much with so little money. I'm going to go dive back in for another playthrough.
  45. May 12, 2014
    The game has a lot of potential bud sadly a lot has been rushed. Biggest issues include, bugs, under developed npc companions, clunky combat at times. The story is decent and could be developed into something better. ACT I is really good but the game just goes downhill from there.

    I feel the game is decent. SPIDERS is a small studio so I wasn't expecting a game like the Witcher or
    Dragon Age. It's enjoyable. Only that. Expand
  46. May 12, 2014
    Before I begin I must say the critics score for this game is just ridiculous. 50 or even 20?! Really?! It's just sad, not that I ever trusted them much, but from now on I just don't care and will strongly recommend everyone to stop even reading ones like VideoGamer (and Hardcore Gamer Magazine gives it 40, when it gave 90 to DS 2 crappy PC version?!).
    First, let's look at the technical
    side. What can I say - it's near perfect. The game runs very smoothly, no bugs, no fps drops, no nothing. And it looks gorgeous. Maybe not on Witcher 2 level, but come on, my PC couldn't handle Witcher 2 maximum graphics, yet it handles maximum of Bound by Flame with ease, so guess which looks better for me in the end. Many have already mentioned music, and I can only agree it's really good. Though I also like vocalization, don't know what it is others don't like about it.
    Gameplay. Well, it's classic ARPG, except fighting is really tough, tactical and makes you think instead of spamming right-click. It's not Dark Souls hard, but it is hard, and I like it much better than DS, because in this game you will actually become stronger and really FEEL it. In DS you can still die to any low-level mob anytime which I personally find frustrating. Also crafting - I thought it would be too complex after some trailers, but in reality it's not, it is very interesting, like a mini-game and helps you to create a very unique look and properties you need.
    Story-wise there are some flaws, but it is still interesting. You have plenty of unique companions and so far I can say (I'm in act 3) your choice matters. In fact it matters in such a way it can give you some unpredictable results, so be careful ;)
    All in all, very good game, first real RPG after so long (I don't really consider DS an RPG), not perfect, but I just must give it 10 to compensate for some biased reviews (yes, people, it's perfectly normal everyone keeps calling you Vulcan despite the name you put in yourself, it is explained that Vulcan is you NICKNAME, please pay attention before complaining).
  47. May 12, 2014
    while its lip synching and friendly companion a.i. are not very good, bound by flame is still a fun action rpg with fun strategic hack and slash combat with a great crafting system as well
  48. May 12, 2014
    I've really enjoyed my time with this game. Though it's ambitious, overstretches its reach in places and also rough around the edges, it's still one of the better rpgs out there.

    The graphics are decent enough to provide a good atmosphere, with a more adult, gritty feel than say, Kingdoms of Amalur. Animations are good as well as the combat effects, magic etc.

    The voice acting is
    inconsistent with a handful of decent ones and the rest ranging from bad to mediocre. The script itself is also of varying quality, but is good enough to be genuinely funny at times and also of a decent enough level of quality to keep yo engaged when it matters most. The style is more Game of Thrones than Lord of the Rings though, so be aware there's bad language to be heard everywhere.

    The soundtrack is, overall, very good, with some atmospheric ambiance tunes as well as some decent pieces of more dramatic music.

    The combat system itself is above average, with two main fighting styles supplemented with traps and magic (again, somewhat like The Witcher) and requires you to switch between them based on the type of enemy you are facing and their numbers. You'll probably need to play a higher difficulty setting to enjoy this facet fully though since an easier setting will allow you to simply click your way through. As with the rest of the game though, it can be rough around the edges.

    There's an upgrading system for weapons and armour which is nice and adds some customisation both in effects and visualisation but it's not particularly deep. Still, it adds rather than takes away from the game so it's definitely good to have.

    The U.I and menu's are straightforward and easy to use.

    The story is a blatant melange of a currently popular fantasy tv show and other recent movies but is delivered sincerely enough, with enough heart and backstory to hold your interest, even if it doesn't last long in the mind. The choices you make also feel as though they matter, even if the actual impact within the game world isn't particularly strong.

    The more I write, the more I realise how much it reminds me of the original Witcher in terms of game mechanics, style and ambition. It's a game which is very good despite needing a bit of forgiveness for some of the design elements and uneven quality, though it must be said I still enjoyed the original Witcher substantially more.

    Surprised at some of the really low, 4/10 or worse, reviews out there. I'll be cheeky and make an assumption and say that if it was a game from a big publisher you could add 2-3 points to those low scores.

    As for myself, I couldn't find a way to do decimals and 7 seems just a bit too low. A 7.5 rounded up then :)
  49. May 12, 2014
    Bound of Flame is a mix of The Witcher, Dragon Age, Kingdom of Amalur. These low scores do not match Bound By Flame. The only problem with this game is coming at the wrong time. To go up against Dark Souls II is difficult. The graphics are very good as well as sound and music (dubbing a bit weak). The gameplay stands out for crafting system. The fights are cool too. We can not take the merits of the game by making comparison to the Kingdom of Amalur combat system, since the proposal of the game is much higher than that of Amalur. Expand
  50. May 13, 2014
    Another user here that created an account just to counter the blasphemy "professional" reviewers are spewing on about this game. It may not be the biggest hit this year (and we all know their budget wasn´t that big either), but it certainly is a very good game that at times borders on brilliance.

    First and foremost, the combat! It is my favorite combat system in the past few years,
    within the ARPG genre mind you (Im a 36 year old gamer, and have been since the Atari days. RPG´s are my thing).

    Just like in the Souls series, what I find fascinating about the fighting is that it drives the gamer to adopt a truly balanced approach to each encounter, but in a very organic manner. It doesn´t feel like there´s an omniscient game developer forcing you into this playing way though; the balance is achieved from having to put equal effort into attacking as well as defending.

    Motion captured (what seems like...) animations add to the system as they carry the flow of combat almost into choreographed territory. Counter parries, flurries, stabs and slashes, they all look realistic by human ability standards, which is also something I like a lot, even in a fantastical setting.

    The story is typical fare in terms of fantasy. Yet that is exactly why I like it. No need to reinvent the wheel, just make it spin well. Honestly can´t see it being any worse than Skyrim´s or Dragon´s Dogma´s, and I´ll even go as far as saying that the story in Bound by Flame is by far more ambitious than what you´ll find in the aforementioned.

    Just like I felt when playing the Witcher 2, I would love for the world to be a bit more open, if only for the sake of exploration, which is where I feel the game is lacking since you really cant do much of it. I´ll admit that after 10 hours I haven´t advanced into the second half of the game yet, but from what I can gather so far, levels have a clear linearity to them in a very fable-like way, offering very little in the way of alternate paths or secret areas.

    Ive read elsewhere that later on the game opens up a bit more. We´ll have to wait (hope) and see.

    Moving on to more of the typical stuff these reviews have to touch upon, the soundtrack is very good too. It is evident the music was meticulously written with each specific area of the game well understood, and it makes the gaming experience feel cohesive in ways only the Divinities and Gothics (all of them made by small european developers) of old managed to achieve... in my opinion at least. With this i am not suggesting these are the most significant soundtracks in the genre, but they were very good and had similar budgets behind them (in context of course).

    Keeping up with the trend, I´ll say the graphics (at full detail) are also quite good. The art style is dark and gritty, and even when the subject matter it deals with could be deemed as generic, it manages to bring enough personality to stand on its own. Hate the cover though.

    I play on a powerful gaming PC, so honestly the experience has been very trouble-free from a technical perspective. No bugs so far; something which many so called "triple A" developers can´t say about their products at launch, yet many manage to scratch a 9 or an 8.5 out of the top leading gaming sites on the net.

    As a gamer, I am repulsed by the unfair bashing Bound by Flame is receiving. It is truly a very good game, and one that I am sure will build up a loyal, if not perhaps cult-like fan base (myself included) that will support this effort and defend it passionately....and I truly understand why; it has a charm that´s missing from many if not most of the games it competes with. A charm that can´t be produced by million dollar artists charm.

    If you consider yourself a gamer who amidst the horde of review sites on the net, still has the ability to form his own opinion, then by all means do yourself a favor and check this game out. You might just find something that surprises and eventually stays with you even after the controller is put down. I give it an 8.5.
  51. May 12, 2014
    Pros: Combat - whether it's with your 2-hd. weapon, or daggers, it's a riot to parry/riposte, or block your enemies. Crossbows, traps add some variety to the melee and of course the Pyromancy skills are good fun to use. Dialogue - love it, there's a lot of humour in this game and the voice acting is actually well done. Music/ambience - love it, sets the mood nicely. Thankfully there's no rock/roll or hard metal crap, to get in the way of a good game.

    Camera - at times, the targeting and/or camera can be a little wonky, however it's brief and you'll manage and worth with it. I'm sure patching could help here. Minor actually.

    Maps - Ok, could use some more variety here just to change things up. Although pretty in areas, at the same time, it can be bland.

    Graphics - this game has it's own art style and while the aliasing could be better, you'll have so much fun with the combat you won't really notice. The character modelling is pretty good. Yet the rocks/ground etc. could be touched up.

    -Keep in mind, I got a decent sale on this game, to bring the price down a good notch and considering I've spent over 30 hrs. thus far, I also expect to do another play-through using a different fighting style.

    -Give it a try, I'm sure you can find a discount somewhere. Like I said the combat and dialogue,ambience is really good.

    Ignore those who score the game incredibly low, they're either just trolls, or they live and breathe every video game ever created, and hold this game accountable for every minor flaw. And believe me - the flaws are minor.
    I hope they make DLC or another Bound by Flame sequel, I enjoy it that much.
  52. May 22, 2014
    I was excited about this game but now it just pisses me off. The environment ist bland and most of the time you are staring at walls. Feels like a corridor FPS. The combat is floaty as hell. The difficulty is far far far too high on the easiest difficulty level (my biggest complaint). The animations and character models just stink. The NPCs and the ambition behind this game are the only redeeming points.
    I'm almost at the end of it. Then I can finally wipe it of my drive and forget about it.
    At least it's not buggy...
  53. May 12, 2014
    Ok, first off, the game isn't BAD... just...troubled.

    I'm gonna break it down into sections so you can understand easier. Also, gonna draw a lot of comparisons so you can see where this fits within the genre as a whole.

    Graphics: Pretty damn good actually, not SUPER realistic, but they fit the fantasy vibe, and the textures are GREAT, I'd put it about half-way between Dragon Age 2,
    and The Witcher 2.

    Sound: The soundtrack is GREAT. A bit repetitive when you spend so much time in one area, but what game isn't?, besides it's soothing. The sound effect are passable, though the fire spells could use a bit more bass-level oomph to em.

    Gameplay: Again, not bad. Repetitive combat? Sure, at times, one way around this is to max one of the Melee skill trees and get really good at dodging (daggers), or parrying (2-hander), It feels like a stepped up version of Dragon Age 2. Simple, but with a few little tricks here and there.

    With one problem: It's stupid hard. No, not just "hard", Dark Souls is HARD, this is STUPID. Enemies can make attacks that you can't, can stun-lock you (being knockdown, pushed back, and then clobbered over the head is just dumb when you cant do the same to the enemies).

    I know it sounds like a cheap way out...but just play the game on the lowest difficulty. There's no reason not to, and it seems to actually put the enemy damage on par with your own.

    The crafting system, is great too, everything is upgradable, and changes appearance with each upgrade. You have to pay attention though, cause certain upgrades aren't available on every piece of armor. So you have to decide if you want the armor that you can upgrade to increase your protections, or do you give some up for a piece of armor with bonus fire damage upgrades?

    Voice Acting/Writing: ...... ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Ok... The voice actors themselves, aren't BAD, in fact I've noticed a few recognizable voices in the game too (Felicia Day, Claudia Black, a few others). The actual voice acting is... sub-par, it justs sounds like it's lacking production value, and sounds like it's phoned in a bit. People are harping on the female leads voice actor, and yea, it's weird, sometimes she sounds like Laura Bailey (which i can't confirm if it's her or not), but sometimes she sounds....drunk, is the only way I can put it, there's this weird slur she has in random scenes, that just sounds out of place.

    I'd say the biggest problem though, isn't the voice actors, but the writing.... holy **** A lot of the dialog is just FORCED, with meaningless (and weird) swearing. Right in the beginning of the game, the male protagonist will say "Caught with our asses hanging out", which makes sense... but then the female protagonist says "Caught with our asses in our hands"...uh what? Shouldn't it be "...with our dicks in our hands?", or be the same as the male protagonist?

    There's also a LOT of lines, that I know are suppose to be snarky and sarcastic, but the way they come off, is just weird, like when actors take their roles just a bit too seriously, even though they're playing in a comedy.

    The writing is probably the biggest complaint I have, but honestly, if you can put up with the writing and voice-acting from games like Risen, or Dragon's Dogma (which, let's be honest, the voice acting in those games...wasn't very good...) Then you'll be fine here.

    Speaking of which, I'd say the overall feel of the game, is very much Dragon Age 2 crossed with Risen. If you like those, give this a try, the game isn't perfect by any means, and there's definitely some noticeable... errors, in it's production value, but it's not BAD.

    Besides, except for Dark Souls 2, what other Action RPG/ Dungeon Crawler can youn play right now, until Witcher and Dragon Age 3 come out?
  54. May 11, 2014
    General Impression: Bound by flame is a decent skill based action RPG. It won't set the world on fire (no pun intended) but it is still a decent game that is mostly hindered by its rush to market and limited funding. It is very underdeveloped but is most interesting for its entry as a new IP (great atmosphere), combat mechanics, difficult but not unfair rule set (yes, you will die A LOT), and decent but not incredible graphics rendered by the proprietary Silk engine. I should also mention that if you played Mars War Logs and either liked or hated that game, your reactions to this game are bound to be identical as they are VERY similar.

    Character Development: 1 - One of my biggest issues with the game is that Vulcan (they always refer to him as Vulcan, just like Commander Sheppard is always Sheppard) is NOT a likable character no matter what you do. He is, frankly, a complete **** no matter what. I suppose that is a design choice but a very poor design choice in my mind, as when I act as a hero my actions need to reflect that role. In Bound by Flame that is not possible. That may be due to the demon that is your new room mate, but if I am struggling to keep my humanity it needs to be worth my time to do so and that means being a person that I can like - a decent human being. Otherwise I may as well just be demon and let it take over and blame being a complete **** on my new found soul possession. This is where Spiders really missed the boat.

    Story: 4 - This is where I care the most and unfortunately I found that I didn't care about the story because I hated my character. The story is full of cliche but has moments of originality. The conversation trees are occasionally interesting and the lore is pretty expansive. Vulcan was such an over the top **** that I just wanted him to shut up and stop with awkward and painful dialog. Overall the story is okay and not earth shattering by any means and suffers from inconsistent writing and dialog.

    Voice Acting: 5 - The voice acting is extremely variable - ranging from cringe worthy to above average even within a single actor's performance. The Captain is the best of the voices followed by Randval but the rest of the cast is uneven at best. For example Vulcan, the main character, is at times spot on but when the dialogue is awkward, which is more often the case than not, his (I played the male version) voice acting makes it even more awkward with a tone of "you really want me saying this?" under the poorly written and painfully delivered lines. Sybil is the WORST voice with a slight Valley Girl inflection and is so amateurish that I found it painful to complete dialog with the character.

    Combat: 7 - The combat system is interesting in its reliance on the three varieties of skills and you MUST become proficient, at a minimum, with 2 handed weapons dual wielding. The game is NOT forgiving for button mashing in a Diablo-esque manner and requires timing like Ryse or in some sense Dark Soul 1 & 2. Patience is REQUIRED. You cannot button mash through encounters, particularly boss fights. If you do you WILL DIE, repeatedly until you change your tactics. In that sense it is very much like Dark Souls and you are left with knowing that it is not the game that unfairly killed you but your own mistakes that killed you.

    Game play systems: 7- The lock on targeting is awkward and at times will drop off completely for no reason or will switch to an off screen enemy making it frustrating to work with. Companion NPCs are varied in their usefulness but are clearly meant to complement your main playing style. Traps are useful and add a great strategic twist to the game when dealing with groups of enemies. Conversation trees are a nice touch though not well developed.

    Crafting: 7 - Crafting matters and plays a role in the game as it is the edge that you will need to overcome certain encounters. The crafting system is well done but the resource access errs on the side of being too scarce.

    Customization: 5 - Very limited character creation but crafting provides a decent level of customization.

    Sound: 7 - Decently developed sound but not incredible.

    Soundtrack: 9 - The best part of this game is its soundtrack (with the exception of the intro score that I did not care for) is excellent and the best part of the game.

    Overall score: 5. If Spiders had more resources and spent more time in development - particularly writing and voice acting - this game could have easily hit good instead of passable and been in the range of an 8. I do think that Spiders has tremendous potential as a company and with better access to capital and other resources could become a strong indie developer.
  55. May 12, 2014
    This is not a 10/10 game, undoubtedly and I just want to help the game but be sure that it's more than a 7/10 game. This time I agree with Gameinformer which gave it 8 out of 10. I just installed the game and played it for a few minutes and guess what! I loved the atmosphere of Vertiel. I like everything except voice acting which can be neglected for a low budget game.
  56. May 15, 2014
    I hoped that this game was going to be good, but didn't dare... I was positively surprised by Spider this time. The game is not a AAA game, so if you were expecting that you need to look elsewhere. If you are a person that can look past a few tech faults like lip-sync then this is the game for you.

    The characters are fun, the voice acting is moderate but good for a game of this
    caliber. The story is interesting, the impact of having a Demon inside you and how much of your humanity you want to sacrifice for power is well done, and you will die a lot more that you first thought you would. It's not evil to its players like Dark Souls, but it doesn't make it easy for you, tactical combat becomes important.

    I like RPG games and this has annoyed me in later years since there are som many being pumped into the marked and most of them are mediocre to appalling. This is NOT one of those games.
    I had great fun playing it and i think most of you will enjoy playing Bound by Flame.
  57. May 11, 2014
    Boring game with a bad voice acting, bad combat, story was so-so, main theme music is fantastic. Whats the point of entering your name or choosing a gender when nobody notices it?
  58. May 9, 2014
    In Short: bad voiceacting / dialogs, unprecise combat, absurd and unclear doging/blocking mechanisms or not even there (dodgeroll), unimersive world (when you put in your name everybody goes ahead and calls you vulcan). And some things more, which made me stop playing this game for the moment and once again showed that you should not prepurchase anything.

    Some things extended: I guess
    coming from Dark Souls franchise, esp. the latest DSII which i played a lot, from the trailers and dev. interviews i expectet a "casual" Dark Souls and i was proven wrong. So the voiceacting, the dialogs, the graphics are not very good and the story is quite predictable some hours in to the game, but what threw me off the most is the "clunkie" combat, its not precice and feels unresponsive, meaning you take damage but you can not see or hear form where or maybe it was the smash to the ground 10 meters behind you which you didnt hear as well. So as said im used to hard combat but it has to be fair. Also the dodging/blocking mechanic is unpleasant, you can only jump back and block, but you have not a shield, whish there were more options and clarity on how to block / doge things. Expand
  59. May 13, 2014
    Great atmosphere, diverse characters, interesting storyline with fun choices. Really smooth combat! It feels like Witcher 2 and Reckoning came together and had a baby. A bad ass baby, that knows how to have fun! It's not a perfect game, but for some reason I really like it. It's somewhat linear, but that has the positive effect of making the story told much tighter.
    I recommend anyone who
    likes fantasy RPGs to try it out. There is a lot of satire in the dialogues, so make sure you bring your sense of humor. Expand
  60. May 17, 2014
    Just like other games by Spiders, if you can get past the chunkiness of the character movements you'll find a very detailed world and that give hours of nice entertainment. Gameplay is good and and story is very complex and interesting.
  61. May 17, 2014
    This game is far too underrated. Sure, it isn't perfect, but it is still better than some of the 'great RPGs' like Gothic 3 or Gothic 4. The soundtracks and sound effects are great, the gameplay has its flaws, but it is enjoyable. The story isn't that special, but it isn't dumb either. 9/10 for me.
  62. May 15, 2014
    What to say? Simple horrible. The combat system is ridiculous cheap and broken, not challenging like DS. The animations, camera, lore, story, pathetic sexual content only help to bury this thing in a barrel of ****
  63. May 11, 2014
    That this game is getting mixed reviews is just a sign of how ridiculous, out of touch, bought-and-paid-for, and OLD the majority of video game reviewers are. This whole game is really solid, looks amazing even on lower end hardware, has good active combat, all the rpg elements you'd expect (including full voice acting)... the only problem with Bound By Flame is that it's too short! Hopefully they'll create more installments / addons or whatever, I would play a sequel and then some. If you love RPGs (ie you don't -only- play the "AAA" titles that worst-company-in-america-2-years-in-a-row EA puts out), you will get your money's worth out of this title.

    To put it more succinctly: just look at the review distribution. Critics: 2 positive, 14 mixed. Users: 120 positive, 16 mixed.
  64. May 18, 2014
    Once you get used to the combat system, this game is a solid 7, an 8 if you get into it. I would recommend to start out at the least difficult setting to get into it, because combat can be very frustrating if you don't know what you are doing. Last boss is a troll boss, be prepared to do a 180 in how you have handled fights up till then.

    - Gender choice, big thumbs up.
    - This games is
    not a very long game I did 2 full runs (good/evil) and I'm at 27 hours (short), I did find it very fun though. Second time I just blasted passed enemies.
    - Voice acting is on par with other games (not that great), but I didn't mind it much.
    - Crafting is as it should be, it's solid.
    - The companions aren't useless, they are your tanks and healers. They make those 4 against 1 fights manageable.
    - This could have easily been a very larger and longer game, but it was worth the $40,- At least for me. Nice game, good rpg's are few and far between these days and this is one of them. I'm thinking of doing a third run. Mostly for story reasons.
  65. May 18, 2014
    Is it really difficult to enter the twisted mind of professional reviewer. This time I really can't understand why they felt the need to bash such a nice and entertaining game. Bound by Flame is a nice, very nice action RPG that everyone should try.
  66. May 12, 2014
    juego infravalorado siendo este un muy buen juego, le faltan algunas cosillas pero aun así esta de diez. Me gustaría que tuviera éxito comercial para una secuela
  67. May 11, 2014
    I was really dissapointed when I saw the score on metacritic. I was not sure if I should give Bound by Flame chance or leave it and finally I decided to give it a go.

    The first impressions of game: The voice acting is really bad, optimization is also not the best tried to run it on ultra settings on high end PC and all I got was 20-40 FPS (which is a joke since I could run 2x BF4 maxed
    on my machine and still I would have some free resources), lowering few options from Ultra to High did the job and I got solid 40-60 FPS. The combat system in this game is just nightmare, it feels so uncomfortable not to mention that blocking enemy attacks is just nearly impossible and it takes ages to kill group of enemies even on LOWEST possible difficulty. Graphics are not bad but game looks ugly in some areas. Companions in this game don't do anything besides dying and trying to kill single enemy... in that case they fail too.

    + Graphics
    + Boss design

    - Optimization
    - Voice acting
    - Combat System
    - Lore
    - Companions / Generic Enemies
    - Difficulty levels
  68. May 11, 2014
    This is an action RPG that focuses a lot on combat. Problem is, the physics engine is a huge disaster. Just go behind your opponent and stab him in the back several times with the ranger style and you're done.
    Graphics are OK, sometimes. Some places don't feel as polished as others. It goes from al most nice to plain ugliness. No refresh rate settings in the video options. Kinda cool in
    2014 to play in full screen 24HZ when you have a R9 290X and a TV...
    This game lasts about 10 hours and to me it is just not Worth it. What it lacks most is identity. It really feels like a bad copy of Kingdom of Amalur/The Witcher 1 in a world where heroes have no charisma at all... a huge disappointment... You'd rather play those old games if you haven't by now. They're way better and cheaper.
  69. May 12, 2014
    First of all most ppl compare Bound by Flame to Mass Effect or some other more famous game which is kinda wrong considering difference in budget of those game. If it can be compared to anything it is to its predecessor Mars:War logs and must say that there are some improvements like bit better story telling and actually bearable voice over.

    But regarding combat game have same issues
    which leads me to believe it has to do with their game engine. Controls are bit clunky at times but once you get used to them game is actually enjoyable. And while talking about combat there comes next problem, difficulty curve is static with rather nasty jumps at certain points in game but it starts rather high on beginning of game regardless of difficulty that you chose.
    Which has probably turned off most ppl but once you get few levels, upgrades and what not, game becomes better if you manage to hold your interest in it that long.

    I have finished the game twice and actually had fun with it but it would be a lot of better if they rebalanced game as there are balance issue in skills as well. Especially underpowered feels warrior stance because its slow thus making you easy to interrupt.

    Other then that i only wish that 'world' maps ware bit bigger as they are used for all side/main quests in area but at least the recycling part of old maps is not as bad as in Dragon Age 2. Basically you clear one area do some progress in story and then move to another. Main story does it job serving as distraction so the feeling of deja vu does not lurks around of every corner.

    My score is 6/10 with some rebalance patch that could easily be 8/10 so if you love rpgs and even more Bioware type of rpgs then its worth buying or at least waiting till its on sale or something.
  70. May 15, 2014
    It is not like the professional reviews are telling! Don't trust them!
    This game has a enormous potential, it's like a jewel in these days of poor games that show us only graphics and CG.

    Well... This game doesn't have a perfect graphic, but is good enough. It's light and works very smoothly on a simple GTX 660 Ti in the ultra settings with 45~60 FPS. I have a SLI GTX 670, but i've
    tried to run it with only one GTX 670 and works really well on ultra settings: 50~60 FPS.

    The combat is better than The Witcher 2 and is very fun. You will never be tired of slashing your enemies.

    The storyline is what really make this game awesome, thanks to dialogues options that has an impact in the relationship with your followers and your Captain, and, of course, the Demon inside you!

    I think it's worthy for RPG lovers. This game is a great jewel and surprise me very much!
  71. May 20, 2014
    It's actually a very good game. Resources and gold isn't abundant so it requires some sensible management. Side quests are the most fun I have seen in an RPG. They are not boring or tedious. The combat system is probably the strongest selling point and the crafting is done quite well. Haven't finished playing yet but I can't seem to stop. And that's from someone who has been gaming for years and easily gets bored by even so called triple A games. Don't know why it's got many negative reviews on other sites. I highly recommend. I created an account on metacritic just to let you guys know it's actually a very good game. Try it for yourself. Expand
  72. Jun 27, 2014
    This game is actually pretty good. It's like a mix of Mass Effect and Skyrim but you can tell the devs are an indie group.
    The dialogue is a little awkward, the voice acting could have been done better, the customization is not very impressive. That's all the negatives.
    The game is a solid 14-20 hours of an interesting story and a fun combat system (seriously, very different combat
    system). The graphics aren't bad, not that anyone really plays a game solely for graphics. Expand
  73. May 15, 2014
    An unpolished and clumsy game that had great potential. I spent more time imagining what this game could have been than actually enjoying the game for what it was. The art direction is fantastic, and the soundtrack is amazing. Although it 'shines' every now and then, Bound by Flame is a subpar game that tends to be extremely tedious, and shallow.
  74. Jun 4, 2014
    A very decent CRPG. Writing and voice acting vary wildly in quality, but the main conceit with the hero's inner demon is quite well done, if not original, and combat and crafting are satisfying. Exploration could be better developed with more complex maps and movement abilities.
  75. Jun 15, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Oh man...It's them again...I mean, what's there left to be said? Should i talk about the squandered possibility for a good game, hell, a coherent plot to emerge from all of this? Maybe about the lackluster graphics, the weird, rigid battle system and confusing menus? Same as "Of Orcs and Men" and "Mars War Logs", the story gets lost in stupid, STUPID dialogue. The characters are boring and possibly bipolar, their voices void of any semblance of emotion, but somehow chock full of unnecessary curse words and something that can only be described as unwarranted "gritty epicness". They constantly spew exposition and make you feel like you're on the outside of a really fun, engaging inside joke. There's a really ridiculous moment, when your character is possessed by an unknown force and manages to beat a huge boss, after which they go from deathly frightened and confused to cocky in two lines of text. Spiders should seriously try and get better voice actors. I don't believe preschoolers read this badly. The plot is basically every fantasy RPG you've ever played. There's some GoT elements here and there, a little Dragon Age, Witcher, in short, it's appears to be a love letter to current popular trends with the purpose of reaching a wider audience and confusing all of them. You should play this game as just for the sake of experiencing it. It's like a B movie that you can play. Expand
  76. May 31, 2014
    I enjoyed playing this very much. Nice ethical choices that lead to different game twists. Graphics and gameplay are more than decent and character evolution and abilities are very satisfying. All in all a very good fantasy action RPG.
  77. Jun 26, 2014
    I decided not to inflate the scores for games to compensate for lower scores. I just give them what I thibi they worth. This game is a solid 9. Dont underestimate it - it is a quality game, you could even mistake it for bioware game. Seriously.

    See, you are a mercenary, hired to protect the group of mages performing a ritual, in the world being slowly consumed by the undead. Enjoy
    fully voiced dialogues and characters of each npc, member of your company and your hero. See, as a mercenary, you talk like one, behave like one and fight like one! You feel like a "sellblade" in this game. You feel right in the game from the moment you start playing. You can alsonplay as a female, and this adds another layer to your interaction with other characters.

    Fights are glorious - you choose your stance, either tactical, powerful and on the slow side warrior - with two handed swords and axes, crushimg shields and interrupting attacks, or fast jumping in and out with crazy fast dagger attacks - choose what you like most! I advise playing the game at least twice to try these both distinct styles of play. You cN also augment your attacks with Pyromancy - think flaming weapons, fireballs and even summoning the fire spirit. Graphics are beautiful, brave devs even nailed the jungles - hardest environment to do in such games due to all the rendering on leaves and grass.

    So, if you are looking for an RPG game, driven by a strong narrative, with the fast reactive combat, crafting and loads of weapons - look no further. This game builds on the foundation laid by Spiders previous RPG - Mars: War Logs(decent game, but overshadowed by this one). Great effort. 9/10.
  78. May 22, 2014
    Completed the game a couple nights ago. Overall a pretty good game, and definitely significantly better than most of the idiot "gaming media" and a lot of these idiots in here would have you believe. Don't listen to the nonsense. Try the game for yourself, with an open mind. I did, and I enjoyed it a lot as a result.
  79. Jun 7, 2014
    Very enjoyable game with nice graphics, a must see for rpg fans. To bad that the professional reviewers rate it so low, that may stop some people from even trying it. We need to support such rare rough diamonds or else we are doomed to play more and more simplified versions of the rpg genre. Pros: Nice graphics Very smart and interesting dialogues Well worked and deep characters(including your companions)
    Decent leveling system
    Good crafting system
    Fast, and at the same time deep and complex battle system that its not all about mashing keys
    A great variety of weapons armor etc
    Interesting quests that bounds well with the time and place of each area and with the main scenario
    Your char has to do with a number of moral decisions throwout the game
    Big booty ****


    Small variety of enemies
    Small variety of different environments
    Not possible to customize the gear of your companions
    The maps are a bit simple( and strictly quest oriented so the game looks a bit too linear some times(more or less like witcher 2 but better than dragon age 2).

    Influenced by:

    Witcher 2
    Mars war logs

    End of line: Give it a change
  80. May 9, 2014
    Wish I could give this game a good rating, but I can't.

    So, starting the game, you face some cutscenes that talk about the story. I admit it's not too inspiring, and I felt forced to skip them all. The graphics are outdated, but that generally isn't enough to let me down.
    Several minutes later you start fighting. Well, that should've been awesome, should have. The combat doesn't flow
    well. Sometimes the enemy will block your attack and punish you, but seems unfair that they can recover so fast after getting their attacks parried.
    Let's not forget you can't dodge. Yeah, if two enemies are attacking you at the same time, you will have a hard time repositioning yourself by just wakling.

    Sadly, I just quit the game before finishing the tutorial. The story may get better, but it started so badly that I didn't even bother myself to find out what happens next. And the most important thing for me, gameplay, is flawed.

    In the end, it's just a subpar game in every aspect. I don't like this comparison, but Dark Souls is less expensive and much much better
  81. May 15, 2014
    I am playing this game and having a blast finding out what happens next.
    1. Dialog Choices for your character that MATTER and effect NPC interaction, Game development and outcome
    2. Great action RPG with crafting of weapons, mixing of ingredients for potions
    3. NPC have depth as you get further in the game and interact with them
    4. 50+ hours gameplay (I am playing "Captain"
    difficulty, the hardest and it is DIFFICULT!!) Expand
  82. May 20, 2014
    Bound By Flame is an ok RPG that comes handy at these times of RPG cravings. No dark souls II is not an RPG. Voice acting, the ending, narrative, everything is mediocre at best, but combat is fun and some visuals are stunning. overall it was a pleasing experience for me that could even top dragon age if the ideas were executed properly and the game was no notoriously short.
  83. Sep 12, 2014
    i´ll give this a 10 because of all the strange votings around here - somehow you have to keep the score balanced ..

    however, i like this game. i even like it a lot. no - it is no AAA title. but the story is a lot better than most of the critics say. the gameplay is not polished, but hard and fun. frustrating sometimes, but always rewarding, when you finally master a difficult scene ..
    voice acting is ok - at least in english - the german one is horrible. however, i truly recommend this game. as i said - i give it a 10 to raise the score. in my opinion it is a clear 8/10 Expand
  84. May 11, 2014
    Dark Souls II makes this game look like total garbage. The visual is decent but that's it. Combat mechanic - bad; Voice acting - terrible; Story - didn't get it. Overall, wouldn't recommend this as an action RPG (or any game genre this piece of trash is considered to be)
  85. May 16, 2014
    the game is overall is good and enjoyable but it always have annoying feeling that it could have been better . i hope they patch it soon to improve the AI or companion interaction .other than that the game is fun to play .the grapchic are very good really the game play is decent .overall its very fun game to play . its will be hard for her to be goty.. but agin who care .don't take reviewers seriously at all specially those who are from IGN. they would a recycled game like cod 9 or 10 ....but they gave games like bound by flame or outlast wistleblower dlc low score for being "repetitive" ..i guess they didnt get paid enough ...if u liked games like the witcher you will diffidently like this one Expand
  86. May 18, 2014
    I played through all the game and definitely this is a not buy.
    The combat can be fun but at times it will get frustrating, some of the hitboxes or FX of some of the spells of they enemies are horribly displayed, archers can and will fire when you are right behind them facing away from you which I found stupid.
    Lip sync was horrible, in the end I would just read the subtitles rather than
    look at the character models wiggling their mouths in weird ways.
    Huge amount of backtracking from one quest to another without the world being open or adding a decent amount of optional quests to make up for it.
    Graphics were enjoyable, lightning was good, I really enjoyed the music but I must say the changes from tracks at the final area with the final boss were really bad and confusing.
  87. May 20, 2014
    I pre-ordered this game expecting it to be fun, it had a lot good ideas (not original, but good). I normally don't buy a game before I see a review and this game has reinforced doing that practice. What a disappointment!

    Every single aspect of it is poorly executed: the characters, the voice acting, the development of the story, the GAMEPLAY! This game is the definition of mediocre at
    it's best. One thing that particularly annoyed me was that fact that the theme track keeps playing over and over, both in menus and in game.

    If you want an immersive, flexible, good story, good gameplay western RPG, play Kingdoms of Amalur instead. Bound by Flame is pretty much a failed version of it.
  88. May 22, 2014
    Horribly clumsy combat, robot like movements, the same annoying sound at the beginning, and visuals that really don't represent next gen. I played about 2 hours and then put it back in the box and sent it back. The only reason i even scored it a 2 is because i rented it. If i had bought it, i would have scored it a 0.
  89. Jun 18, 2014
    Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap. The combat in this game sucks SO fiercely that it completely destroys anything else good it possibly had to offer. Having a combat system based completely on dodging and interrupting attacks may seem like an "interesting" or "good" idea, right up until the end of the game when there are so many monsters on the screen that it lags to the point it won't take your controller input in combat and then you die. Good job guys, you ruined what could have been a great game. Expand
  90. Jun 22, 2014
    This game is great, not good but great. The combat is challenging and fun. Enemies are varied and interesting. The story is good, and the graphics are pretty great other than the rare bug. The character development is a lot better than most reviews claim. The game does a really good job developing the main character and that's all that is all that really matters. It would be really boring having to listen to your sidekicks life story.
    The voice acting in this game is great. Unfortunaetly some people criticize the voice acting as soon as they hear an acent even if it is done well. Other people critice voice acting immediatly just because they want to say something negative and blaming the voice actors is universal thing that they can always say is bad. So for the record the voice acting is great(lip sync is still bad), and everything is voiced so you don't ever need to read volumes of text.
    So people say that the game is overambitious but I say that it is important to be ambitious. If games where not ambitous then we would never get any good games. Overall I think the game is an 8.6/10 but I gave it a 10 to help balance the scales.
  91. Jul 12, 2014
    I really don't understand people who rate this game under 5, it's a solid 8 for me.
    I'm having more fun than I thought I would.
    The highlights being the dynamic combat feel and atmospheric music.
    Well done Spiders for a solid effort with a small development team.
    I look forward to bigger and better games to come.
  92. Sep 9, 2014
    I really don't understand why so many people didn't enjoy there play, because this game has everything a good game has to have. Maybe it is short, but for me as a hard core gamer it was a lot of fun to play this game. In my opinion it is good that not every game is like a AAA title or in this case like Skyrim, It would be boring if all games would be the same.
    In short this game is worth
    the money and worth the time! Expand
  93. Jun 29, 2014
    I persevered with this game a lot longer than I thought I would, and a lot longer than I SHOULD have.
    I reached level 25 and now I've pretty much given up on this game, because what little it has going for it, is just overwhelmingly drowned out by the disastrous combat mechanics.

    The combat is terrible, slow, clunky and imprecise. The AI is utterly dreadful. Your companions are
    virtually useless in combat and you have remarkably little control over them, also probably because the AI is just terrible.

    The graphics are dated. The voice acting is mediocre. The RPG elements are superficial at best, and the 'choices' presented to the player largely don't have any agency whatsoever on the progression of the story.

    Probably the biggest let-down is the story. It's basically all filler. Complete and utter guff.
    The amount of coherent lore in this game could be squeezed, succinctly, onto one sheet of A4 paper.

    At times this game reminded me of Dragon Age 2, but in retrospect that's really unfair on Dragon Age 2. This game is so much worse, I personally wouldn't pay $5 for it, having played it.
    It's possibly the worst RPG I've had the misfortune of paying good money for.

    My advice is to save your money and play Skyrim or Witcher 2 again. You won't find anything good here.
  94. Jul 6, 2014
    I would say the game is medicore in every possible way. Okay graphics, passable story, hard combat system with okay mechanics. The demon possession thing was done before (and I think better) in Dark Messiah. The music is good, but the voice actors are mostly terrible. Since it was done by a small studio and I had some fun with it and since thankfully I waited for a sale I would rate it slightly about 5... Expand
  95. May 18, 2014
    Pros: + Great Music + Companions + Crafting + Graphics are ok on max settings + Stable release day one (very rare nowadays) Cons: - Horrible,clunky and unfair combat system - You cannot knock down enemies - You cannot grab enemies - You cannot roll or jump - Enemies can knock you down in single blow - When enemies knock you down your collision is always on,so you get hit again until you die
    - Unbalanced classes (Healer is the best)
    - Unbalanced shop prices (Healing Potion 40 Gold and Mana Potion 150 Gold !! )
    - No Co-op or Multiplayer (Why not? There are six characters)
    - The Replay value is questionable as your decisions dont change the story or levels much.
    - Despite the 7 Ice Lords several times mentioned in the game,you will see only one of them. (I get it, if the base game sells well,we will see DLC with the rest)

    Average Hack-and-Slash game for one player only. If you like games like Hunted: TDF or LOTR: War in the North,this game might be for you. Wait for sale.
  96. Jun 9, 2014
    I had some fun with this game but it's been a drag mostly, with no incentive to finish it.
    I think the worst part is the writing and the story - characters feel flat and silly, including the PC.
    PC is a big problem, because well, he's a dimwit. You usually play smart guys in cRPGs, that are sly and cunning. Well our main hero aka the random mercenary with nopersonal story tries to be as
    well but (probably unintentionally) he often comes off as mentally challenged compared to other characters that literally have to explain him what's happening. This and other issues made it impossible for me to hook up on the story and actually care. World development was such an issue - do we get a world map, a travel system, some nice books with lore ? No, nothing - just your imagination and best guess to guide you through this shallow world.
    The combat is the strongest part of the game, it requires a bit of thinking, looks good and controls feel responsive. Skill trees are another strong part, they are pretty well designed and you can specialize into 2h weapons, two daggers or fire magic, although you will be able to almost max out two of the trees if you do side quests.
    It has a lot of flaws but some well done parts too, so it would be unfair to say it's a bad game - it's not a good game either, just an average 5/10 title.
  97. Jun 5, 2014
    Despite it's rather unflattering reviews I decided to give this game a chance. I'm glad I did, it's fun and pleasing to look at. Is it hard? Well, that depends on your difficulty settings and the difference between easiest and second easiest (couldn't remember the names of the settings at the moment) is huge. I played on the easiest setting because I didn't find the combat as rewarding as it easily could've been. By that I mean that the actual combat mechanics is interesting enough, it's the lack of interesting enemies that limits the system completely. The story is fairly decent and the game does have a small degree of replay value. Once or twice, perhaps. I usually play only once and I feel that my decisions matter on the story, on a second playthrough this may change but since that's never going to be an issue for me either way, I'm quite pleased.

    This is not a GOTY contestant in my opinion, but worse games have won before so nothing would surprise me. This game got less freedom than Skyrim but overall Bound by Flame is a better game on every other account. I give Bound by Flame a score of 7.
  98. May 21, 2014
    Good game , bad rap... definitely a well used format no argument there, but I liked it.
    It ain't no Skyrim or Witcher but should be given honest due....One of my favorite movie reviewers gave The Big Lebowski ( one of my all time favorite movies) a thumbs down when it first came out and since then I've givin' up on taking reviewers opinions as the final word don't be a sheep try
    it out for yourself. Expand
  99. May 23, 2014
    Everything says that this game is a piece of crap, but i played it and i liked. It isn't the most original game of the market, but it has a lot of things that i liked. I really enjoyed it and i liked the abilities, and the personality of Vulcan. I prefer other games, but this game surprised me a lot, and i encourage other users to play it.
  100. May 24, 2014
    You are paying 40 dolloars for a 5 or 6 hours' short disaster (thank god~) There is no reason for u to play this game second time because of the boring combat poor weapon armor collection meaningless upgrades boring storyline and there is also nothing to enjoy in the first place.Everything is familiar from other great arpg games u ve played and in this game its much lot worse than u think the way they should be. So plz donate ur money to poor kids who cant afford meals and dont waste ur time and money on this garbage. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 42
  2. Negative: 13 out of 42
  1. Jul 25, 2014
    There is potential in Bound by Flame but I can’t review this game without using some harsh words. It’s linear and clichéd, combat should be better and many elements could be more complex. Still I believe that with more money, people and time Spiders would be able to play in the major league. [07/2014, p.54]
  2. Jun 12, 2014
    French indie developer tries to engage adult audience with this RPG. Too bad the world is generic and script is dull as a wooden blade. If you show a few tits and curse like a sailor, that don't translate to a game for adults. On top of that the game mechanics are dull and repetitive. You don't challenge Witcher with this kind of setup. [June 2014]
  3. Jun 7, 2014
    Ugly, stupid and riddled with cliche, Bound by Flame has car crash fascination but little else to recommend it. [Issue#249, p.62]