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    Do yourselves a favor and continue to keep this as far away from your hard drive as possible. Even the most world-weary of trash and simulation enthusiasts should only give this a go if they're in desperate need to get rid of 20 bucks and the window is either broken or not in reach.
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  1. Apr 2, 2013
    An engaging little game that makes little fuss, but drawed me completely. I've always found constructing things rewarding, and building a bridge that works, and can stand up to trains, winds and earthquakes gives you a huge dollop of satisfaction when you complete a level. I keep coming back to this game, by playing it in windowed mode in the corner of my screen, it makes no fuss, just letting me dip in and improve my design every time I think I have figured out a way of improving and drop out to something else as I please.

    The only criticism I would have is at £16 its a little more expensive then it should be for a fairly short indie game. That said, I don't begrudge a penny, as I have certainty extracted my monies worth.
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  2. May 17, 2014
    I do not know what to say about this game It is both repetitive, pointless, boring, and ... that's it. It takes a lot of games that have already done, the construction of bridges, in a simulation. This is absolutely not exciting. Go his way is the best solution, especially for the price too expensive ! Full Review »
  3. Mar 1, 2014
    Not the worst bridge building game, but a variety of issues keep it from being more than average. On the plus side, it's the prettiest of its genre that I've seen. On the negative, the maps aren't that challenging, the physics simulation is temperamental (re-running the same simulation can often have very different results), and the hydraulic mechanics are similarly afflicted.

    It can be a fun distraction, and none of the levels are impossible, but it gets incredibly annoying having to re-run the simulations several times per build to get around the physics related bugs.
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