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  1. May 10, 2011
    What can I say, I love this game. Is it like any other game on the market? Bits from here and pieces from there. What is great about Brink is that it pulls in aspects from so many other games and puts it into an amazing package. Coming from a RTCW and ET background, no other game has come close to filling in the void that my first real game has created. Finally something has come to fit the bill. What you have here is a team based game. Maps are driven by objectives instead of kills and each person is vital in some way to the success of the team. Add in fast movements and actual gunfights that don't end from a single bullet and you start to see what Brink offers. Definitely a great buy for me. Expand
  2. May 10, 2011
    I played it. It's not as good as I hoped (the objectives are stupid--just walk up and hold down a button). But honestly COD has some REALLY STUPID stuff about it too. Like AIRSTRIKES in FPS Multiplayer! You don't put AIRSTRIKES in a competitive MP FPS game--it's not competitive FPS-wise. Brink reminds me of team fortress 2--i have not played tf2 but I saw a bit of video.
    I like Brink. I've
    only played single player offline. The computer is not that smart, but it's playable. I'd give it a 8/10 for now. If the graphics gets fixed to high-end PC standards, I'd give it an 9/10. Offline. I have not tried online yet.
    Really, the graphics look dated in actual gameplay. I already know PC will rule in graphics unless there is some kind of bug keeping the 360 from showing the graphics properly. Brink is supposed to have superb graphics and so for I only see that in the gun selection screen. Blame the limited 360 or a bug,--if it is a bug. Sad. Graphics affect the 'feel' of a game. It's all about sight and sound.
    The levels don't have as much verticality as I thought they would. It feels like BC2 but you can climb stuff. And yes, you do get stuck where you have to jump over things or climb a certain way. Not as in a glitch. As in, you cannot climb a corner-ledge in this one level. To climb you have to be facing head-on. As a medium or heavy you cannot run very fast. Feels like BC2 in the walking/running. A light weight can run a bit faster and climb better. You can run fast enough to escape, but not as fast as a 'parkour' or 'freerunning' game would inspire.
    Some of the guns don't feel 'heavy'. There really is no recoil except for sniper rifles. There is bullet spread. I see Brink as a game a certain group of people will enjoy--like the group that plays TF2. If it works online without the recently mentioned lag it will be decent (if they fix the graphics). It's just not what it was said to be. The levels often have small choke points! They should feel huge! I am ready for Next-gen gaming. Maybe I'll build a new PC...
  3. May 31, 2011
    If you liked Enemy Territory, avoid this game.

    I don't know what it wants to be but it certainly isn't working for pub playing. I spent 100s of hours in ET playing pub-only and had so much fun, but every single design decision in Brink seems to try to destroy pub playing. It SEEMS like anything and everything revolves around teamplay. That might be really great for clan players and
    competitive league gaming but it simply isn't working with 15 strangers on a server.

    The problem is if your team is bad, you won't have fun. There is no way to move something as a single player. Why is that? Because the game pretty much keeps you alive as long as possible.

    The weapons feel like a joke. If you loved the arcade-y feel of ET, don't play Brink. Unless you have all the powerups there are, command posts and the enemy has nothing, you don't really deal damage. It frequently takes more than a clip to kill someone. There is almost zero chance for you to win a gun fight vs. two people. That means a strong player can't really turn the tide. The guns feel incredibly weak most of the time. The recoil is horrible and random, I don't see how you can adapt to the pattern and get better (even when burst firing, mind you!) over time because there just is no way to predict the crosshair movement. Iron sighting or crouching doesn't seem to really affect the "precision" if you may even call it that.

    All explosives are NOT meant to deal deadly blows. The regular nades or molotovs deal damage but it won't kill anyone, they rather get knocked down.

    Talking about knockdown. You'd think sneaking up on an enemy and knocking him down gives you an edge but it rarely is. It feels like the enemie's crosshair immediatly jumps to you once you knock him down. Combine that with the low damage and even knocking an enemy down usually comes to a coin flip of who wins. Most of the time it's better to start firing right away.

    The classes are mostly fun on their own but thanks to the fantastic design decision of not being able to change characters, you mostly can't adapt to the game. A lvl20 character has barely enough points to cover 2 classes. Another point that destroys pub gaming. In ET I was constantly switching classes to adapt, because it was fun AND helping my team. If you don't have a lvl20 soldier, you still can switch to that class but lack all the skills. No problem in clan play with designated classes, but it breaks pub gaming.

    SMART was marketed as being awesome and fresh and stuff like that. In reality, it's boring, clumsy and slow. You won't avoid any battle using SMART moves because the time alone it takes you to pull up somewhere gets you almost killed off. Enemy Territory and almost any other id engine based game had way better trickjumping and it wasn't intentional nor was it marketed as such.

    Right now we're on the 3rd (or 4th, I don't remember) patch since release. The game itself was unplayable in its release state and while most of the performance problems have gone, gameplay-wise nothing has really changed.

    I could go on and on about the big and small flaws of Brink but my overall point is: This probably isn't the game you want to buy. If you loved Enemy Territory, ET:QW (from what I read, I haven't played it myself) - don't buy Brink, it's frustratingly worse than this simple, free game I used to enjoy.

    The future of Brink doesn't look too good. There is a free DLC coming out soon, but at the time of writing, there were only about half a dozen servers with good ping and players on it, early evening. Most of the early adopters have already moved on and I really doubt the situation is going to be better.
  4. May 11, 2011
    Brink has a lot of potential, but has not even come close to matching it yet. I'll list a few points that you should really consider before buying it.

    The Bad:
    -ATI Support, you WILL not experience good framerates with an ATI card unless you have very old drivers, my 5850 plays this game brutally even on low graphics
    -There is a known glitch right now that sound cuts out, thats right, you
    will have NO sound. The only way to fix it is to leave the server. This affects everyone FYI
    -Lag: Incredible amount of lag right now, to the point you will very frustrated
    -Server selection: There's a filtering system that really doesn't work, so you see EVERY server
    -No pre-game lobbies, you join a server and thats it
    -No real good way to join a group of buddies and join the same team for a server
    -Graphics, they look muddled, not great
    -Movement is sluggish and even glitchy at times
    -IMO heavy guns are underpowered, I don't see heavy classes played very often due to this.
    -Engineer/Medic are going to be far more played than Soldier, and WAY more than the Op (which really sucks imo)
    -Virtually no in-game stats, at the end of a match you don't even know how well you technically did beyond points and "awards"

    The Good:
    -Plenty of guns, plenty of different attachments for most guns
    -Lots of different combinations for customization, so your guy can look relatively different
    -Teamplay focused game

    It has lots of potential, but honestly I may be waiting until they patch this sorry excuse for an online game. The bugs are literally so bad that I get annoyed after playing for a few hours. I have about 10 hours invested into the game thus far.
  5. May 10, 2011
    It's not a perfect game, but hey not all games are perfect. The one thing I have the most hate for is the AI, and how derpy it is. I play on the highest setting and it still doesn't increase how smart they are or not.

    For gameplay, I love TF2, which made me love this game all the more. Objective based games are probably my favorite. The one thing that I didn't really like is there was
    no post-game score. I am curious how I did in the game, but I don't want to keep pressing "tab" to see my score, I won't remember to do it after every game. Sure it's a bit buggy, but the game JUST came out, it'll get it's fair share of patches (Hopefully fix the derpy AI) but I believe this game is pretty good for my tastes. Expand
  6. May 10, 2011
    Spoiler:--"Brink=>Multiplayer":--Spoiler. Think that those who are disappointed with Single Player mode of the game didn't watch a single one of the 1,214,634,372 Brink videos before the game's published. Also i know that they believe Black Ops is a better game than the Bad Company 2 because that the BC2 has a rubbish Single Player mode. What a pathetic group of people.
  7. May 10, 2011
    Day 1 and they already got game destroying bugs, wow. Apparently they didn't even bother to test their servers/steams servers/whoever runs the servers for the game (based on the games forum), pretty much everyone is having a "Server Not Responding." issue when trying to join a game with a friend (coop), from what I've seen/heard, the support for this issue is "Deal with it". The "120,432,530,020" ways to customize your character was obviously a lie (who thought that was true?), it's really just about ten suits you can customize the color of and about 30-40 guns in total that can have parts swapped around on (aka, different sights, magazines, grips, etc) I've played through the first six missions in about... 3 hours, completed all the "challenges" that unlock extra scopes, magazines, all that stuff, and I'm fairly sure that its campaign is made up for 8 maps that get played from both factions perspective based on what side you choose. Slightly confusing at first if you come from FPS games that you can kill someone in one or two bullets - you need about half a clip in this one, maybe it's just because almost every gun is a submachine gun *cough* --- If you've ever played Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (another splashdamage game), you honestly don't need to buy this, ET:QW is far cheaper. BRINK is NOT WORTH 49.99, maybe 20, 30 if you're desperate for something new, not really anything new though... "SMART" system is interesting and annoying at the same time, it's so angle dependent on whether it activates or not that it may get you killed in a split-second-choice situation. It's actual "campaign" really is a copy of ET:QW, it gives you a 20-30 second intro movie for each map, then drops you into the game and tells you to go change to X class, go assault/defend/destroy/hack/whatever Y, rinse & repeat for the entire "campaign". The games AI is generally poor in terms of Support, Combat Effectiveness is lacking, None of them actually complete objectives (none of the AI on your team, that is). After so many horrible FPS releases the past few years, I wanted BRINK to be able to restore some faith in such games. I question if FPS games are even worth having hopes for anymore. Expand
  8. May 10, 2011
    This is the game I want for a long time. You would only like this game when you know what will be expected and how the game is to be played. Unique art style, customizations and abilities, objectives with different classes. In recent years, most FPS games released are just like clones to each other. I can't deny that COD: MW has made a forward leap in FPS genre. Yet, with its success, all the other games start to copy its style. This is not the case for BRINK. No more TDM, no more one hit kills, replaced by team-based objective mode. In this game, skill of the player is not the paramount, but how the players work together for greater good. It Expand
  9. May 10, 2011
    All in all, I have to say I like it. The graphics are well done, the sound is spot on, the controls arn't horrible, and the gameplay is top notch. That being said, there are quite a few bugs that need to be worked out before I give it a 10. Sometimes sound will cease to work, sometimes there are graphical issues and freezing on menus. Also, there seems to be a bit more optimization on the 3d rendering code as Brink requires a top cost, hardcore, machine. Expect to be playing on default graphics settings until they work this out. My recommendation is buy this if you are chomping at the bit for a new FPS. If you arn't, I would wait until some of the kinks are worked out. Expand
  10. May 10, 2011
    Brink is one of the best games I've ever played. The game has bits of some of the best games in the world and It's very own uniqueness such as the SMART system and the ability to create your own unique character
  11. May 10, 2011
    Awesome game. Great artwork, smooth gameplay, focus on teamplay, SMART rocks... i really love it. I don't care that the KI is not that good or that there is no real singleplayer. This game has its focus on multiplayer/teamwork and that part is just brilliant.
  12. May 10, 2011
    Like all new games, Brink has it's share of problems. However, most of these are already being worked on to be resolved. But we're not here to discuss the release bugs; we're here to talk about the game itself.

    If you're looking for an experience similar to Call of Duty? This game will disappoint. If you're not a completely retarded fanboy, who loves team-based multiplayer mayhem, then
    Brink is most certainly a game you should be looking at getting.

    The game play is solid as a rock. You're not going to become a 1-man army, as there are rarely any one shot kills, and certain objectives which must be completed to win a map can only be done by certain classes. No more planting or defusing bombs as a medic, like you see in Battlefield. Accomplishing goals can only be done through good team work, as does destroying your opponents, as the more fire you have on a target, the faster it goes down.

    Splash Damage has even found a way to make an assist system that doesn't completely suck balls. Every other game with an assist system, requires you get past a certain damage threshold before you can be acknowledged for an assist, and ends up giving you less if you're not the one to finish the guy off. In Brink, all damage to enemies gains XP proportionally. If you do 75% of the damage to a guy, and one of your team mates does the other 25%, you, having done the most damage, get the most XP from it.

    The game highly encourages team play, because as I have said, it is very much required. Say your team doesn't have any operatives, but you need to hack a console to proceed. You won't be needing to shout at your team mates to switch classes just to get **** down, since your objective wheel will give you an objective to change class, granting you XP when you do, making it a great incentive to change to a different class, even if it is your least favorite.

    Everything in combat feels fluid and dynamic. You can jump, sprint, slide, climb, run on walls... And all while still being able to shoot your gun while performing any of these actions. It adds a lot to the depth of the game. Running across an open room and getting tore up? Just slide behind some cover. Sprinting down a hallway and run smack dab into a group of the enemy? Slide into them and knock 'em over like a bunch of bowling pins, then massacre them with SMG fire to their ugly faces. Enemy sniping you from behind cover? Toss a frag in there and knock him out of it, then give him a double tap to his nuts.

    Don't trust the haters. If you had an interest in the game before the reviews, there should be no reason to assume you wouldn't like it now.
  13. May 10, 2011
    Brink is exceptional at numerous things. The gunplay at this early stage feels balanced, the Story is weighty and backed up by an impressive multiplayer. The unique art style is incredible for such low specs, and can utilise the 360 game-pad for those either with a bad case of arthritis, or seeking a more powerful x360 version on a PC. Whilst the are GOOD things to be exceptional at, there is a minor bug issue. Remember folks, this IS splash damage making the game here. It'll get patched Whilst that may frustrate gamers that the game is 'broken', it is most certainly NOT. Its immersive, impressive and intellectual. The SMART movement system works, with a minor error or two. Brink seems to stand out between the more modern blood fests of FPS's these days. It doesn't punish you for not pushing the correct button at the specific time, or feature ludicrous areas where player input has no effect. No, Brink is colourful, a great experience online, doesn't feature and abysmal singleplayer, and wait for it... It's Fun. That's all that matters. Is it a FUN game. Yes. It is.

    (In case you can't read well, imagine BF:BC2 with Mirrors Edge agility, with the fun of TF2. A recipe for FUN)
  14. May 10, 2011
    Yawn. Nothing but a poor TF2 clone here with no originality. Cel shaded graphics are just a cover up for the poor bland textures and lack of art designer. There is no variabiton from character to character at all...using a shotgun feels just like using an assualt rifile. Objective based matches just turn into a clustered mess due to poor map design and just overall bad game design mechanics. The game oozes genericness in every way. Not even a rent. Expand
  15. May 12, 2011
    Brink isn't what people pretend it is. Brink has solid gameplay, but that's it. There's no real difference in playing one class or the other. All classes use the same weapons. Your objectives are different based on your class, but that's it.

    The HUD is always so crowded with everyone's health and information, so being able to focus on the little blur that is the enemy on screen becomes a
    bit challenging when 99% of your screen is shouting, "HEY LOOK AT ME!"

    The gameplay works, the SMART works, the customization is downright BEAUTIFUL! But the fun I had while playing it was severely limited due to little differentiation in classes, repetitive objectives, a bland story, and annoying habits the game would do.
  16. May 10, 2011
    I think this game is an ant farming simulator? Wrong game, you say? Well then why the freck are there so many bugs? The level of generic and uninspiredness rivals that of Black OPs. There is one gun total in the game. Well, there are multiple skins for the gun, but make no mistake, they all feel like the exact same gun. The "artistic" graphics are just a cover for "we didn't want to be bothered to make actual textures or a lighting engine". A "smart" button? Can it get me more dumbed and casualized than that? Why even have us hit buttons at all? Just make the whole game autopilot and we can sit back and watch. Bethesda obviously weren't watching Bioware's mistakes with Dragon Age 2, else they would have known that dumbed down "1 button=cool stuff whoa omg!" gameplay does not make for great games. Make no mistake, this game is a piece of hipster trash designed to cash in on the TF2 popularity. It is generic. It is ugly. It is repetitive. It is unfun. Expand
  17. May 10, 2011
    I waited and had this game preordered the first chance I could get my hands on it. I've been waiting and waiting for so long for a new fresh game to come and brink is truly that. Brink brings a HUGE mix of previous games into play and gives it own style. If you enjoy any of the following: TF2, CSS, BF2, BFBC2 you'll find some part of Brink to enjoy.
    Brink is a lot of fun with their
    S.M.A.R.T. system, and you can get some pretty cool combos going once you are running around. Leveling and ranking up in the system is not hard ANYTHING you do in the game counts towards your XP, so if you play offline, it counts, online it counts, you want to farm bots all day and night long and just power level, it counts.

    So single player/solo play is a lot of fun, but multi-player is what this game is designed for, and its also designed to play with your friends that have it. So here is the current issue and reason why I gave it a 9/10, is the fact that on launch day they've been hyping up dedicated servers for PC, and I help a game community run servers, nothing makes me more mad and annoyed than a company releasing a game with nonfunctional dedicated servers. Now there are SOME people I've seen been able to get them up and running, but there are so few servers online working it makes it almost impossible to join one without it being full or the host shutting it down because of lag or boredom who knows.

    Now I can only hope that Splash Damage will fix the dedicated server issues and also address and fix the local hosting ability for people so we can play with our friends those of us who don't wish or have the ability to host a dedicated server or want to rent one from a GSP.

    All in all, if you are looking for a game to play, I'd highly suggest thing if you are willing to suck it up with some online play issues and hope that the dev. (Splash Damage) will in the next couple days/weeks fix these issues. This game is really meant for online play and its a disappointment not to have that ability on release night/day.
  18. May 10, 2011
    This game is a welcome break from the shovelware FPS games that have flooded the market. Instead of just killing your opponents, the game is objective based. Supplying your team mates with ammo, weapon upgrades or health earns you just as many, if not more experience points. Capturing objectives, building obstacles for the opposing team and taking command posts are all important keys to victory, if your team just goes in blasting and can't work together, you won't get anything accomplished. The parkour is fun and can be useful as well. On the down side, there are a number of bugs that will hopefully be patched (server and sound problems), and a few balance issues that could benefit from some retooling. I really hope more maps and other unlockables will be added in the future and the bugs ironed out, but otherwise it's exactly what I've been looking for. Expand
  19. May 10, 2011
    Yes, there is a learning curve here, and yes, there are some bugs, but it's only Day 1. These kinds of things are expected, especially from something like this. But once you learn how to use the S.M.A.R.T. system and complete a few challenges, you'll come to absolutely adore this game. Also, could we please stop complaining about the bugs? Name one game that was released without a single bug.
  20. May 10, 2011
    Great game. Smoothest launch for a PC game in a long time for both client and server side. Amazing art style and great teamwork gameplay. I will be playing this for awhile.
  21. May 10, 2011
    I can start by saying if you're looking for an amazing single-player experience, this probably isn't the game for you. While it does have a very entertaining campaign, the aspect of this game that truly shines in the multiplayer. It's incredibly refreshing to play an FPS that returns to the genre's roots of actually requiring solid teamwork in order to succeed, making it difficult for the lone-wolf types to accomplish anything on their own. The game looks great (always been a fan of this particular artstyle), and the individual character customization is quite a lot of fun to play around with as well. Overall, if you're into strong team-based multiplayer, I'd say BRINK is definitely a game to try. It's not without its shortcomings, but they aren't enough to stop me from likely enjoying this game well into the future. Expand
  22. May 10, 2011
    It's fun to play and it adds some strategy aspect to the FPS genre which might make it less appealing to people looking for a dumb shooter like CoD. It's kind of like Borderlands with more content, better graphics and more exciting game play. I think most people are just comparing it to CoD which prevents them from being open to new ideas. It wasn't meant to be in the same category. This one is definitely worth a try! Expand
  23. May 10, 2011
    First off, I'm aware of that this game has some performance issues, especially with ATI cards but these are the kinds of things that will be patched soon enough because Splash Damage is a developer that takes care of its games

    While it does suffer from the above issues and some shotty AI, the gameplay here is something entirely original and what we should have had sooner. It is very fast
    paced and full of action thanks to the SMART system and abilities, yet it also requires a fair share of strategy and tactics to pull off a win because completing objectives is always key and the best way to handle these objectives is working as a team.

    This is because in this game, not only is there power in numbers, but team members can buff each other with health, ammo, and other such things to give them the tactical edge and help them complete the said objectives. While singleplayer is just kinda "okay", the mutliplayer is a unique experience that CAN'T be missed out on.
  24. May 10, 2011
    A lot of hype surrounded the SMART system, but movement in Brink will probably feel clunky and more than a little awkward to most FPS players. The overall feel of the game comes off as 'laggy', with a weird rubber-banding sensation affecting almost everything from movement to shooting. My first thought was that it was my connection to the server, but trying a few more revealed the same problem everywhere. My next thought was that maybe it was my computer or connection, but a quick poll of other players proved they were seeing the same thing. Top it off with the fact that the sound will just cut out almost completely on some maps for the entire round and the end result is a game that is playable, but certainly not pleasant...

    Also hyped was the customization options that were provided. There are a ton of options available to customize your character, giving you the ability to come up with some pretty unique looks. This is a strong point for the game, but I'd gladly sacrifice it for clean movement and the ability to have some precision when shooting... given that that's kind of important for an online FPS...

    The weapons themselves also have a number of customization options, but the end result is rather bland. You just don't end up caring, because in the end one assault rifle will feel like all the other assault rifles and one submachine gun will feel like all the other submachine guns. The only attributes you really care about are damage and the size of the magazine for the weapon; other than that, the handling and behavior of the weapons feel pretty much the same as any other in their class.

    Maps revolve around completing objectives, occasionally with certain objectives that can only be completed by a player with a certain class. It's nothing revolutionary, and doesn't really introduce any new dynamic that you haven't already seen in other objective-based team shooters. If you're like me and already playing one of those, whether it's TF2, CoD, or BF2/BC2, you're not really missing out on anything by skipping Brink that isn't already provided by any of those 3 games in a much better way. I'd say save your money for the next CoD or BF3!
  25. May 10, 2011
    To sum up brink in a catchy phrase. Half-assed console port ruins the day... AGAIN!. There is alot of potential in the game, plenty of good ideas , and some bad ones mind you. But all of it is totally undermined by a terrible port job. right out the door, steam will have difficulty decrypting the darn thing ( 1 hour down the drain) additionally pretty much every facet of the game's multilayer component is not functioning . Plus there seems to be no dedicated server option....

    this would be fine if the ai wasnt mind numbingly stupid. Every single fire fight will have your ai mates running out in the open walking willfully into the line of fire. three seconds later they are dead. other times they will , for no apparent reason, stop perusing their current objective to go runaround for a bit ( 94% hack on the objective any one? Pretty much every match is a mindless mosh-pit with only lady luck as the determining factor of who wins.

    to add insult to injury it is pretty much impossible to die as everyone has a generous re-spawn timer which even the slowest of medics ( and even the dumbass AI) can cater to. litterally there will be fire fights where you run out of bullets killing the same three guys in same hall way shoot out. It is Irritating as hell. you can shoot downed dudes to prevent this, but that usually takes nearly a whole clip as well. on the plus side the game looks great, there is a massive wealth of customization options and the voice acting is solid . i also really like the fluidity of the moment controls. Bottom line, wait until after the first 2 or 3 patches ( and maybe a price decrease) to get this game.
    a non functioning multiplayer component in a game that is 90% multiplayer is just all kinds of worthless.
  26. May 10, 2011
    I'll start of with the pros; the movement controls are nice and fluid, allowing you to vault obstacles and sprint at the same time with just one button, reminiscent of the 'free run' found in Assassin's Creed. The art style really benefits the feel of Brink with the over exaggerated realism that is brought out with beautiful graphics. The choice of weapons and their customization allows the player to experiment and adapt to his or her play style while also having different body types boasting abilities such as free running or more HP provides a unique customization feature where no one character will ever be the same.

    Now onto the cons; there is no story driven single player, but a mission to mission type of play that all too closely resembles the multiplayer (if not EXACTLY like the multiplayer) and has little to no intrinsic value except that you can play by yourself. The movement using sprint or 'free run' can cause some problems every now and then where you'll vault a rail you didn't want to vault or get yourself stuck in a hairy situation that leads to your untimely demise. Finally the objectives and game mode feel repetitive over time and the number of maps don't help lessen the repetitiveness where after about 3-4 hours of playing you've already seen all the maps, and with no map editor there is no hope for the community to be able to build their own maps and make Brink even greater than it is now.

    Overall Brink is a great game to play with friends for a short while, taking in all it has to offer, but it won't be something you'll be looking forward to get back to the next day.
  27. May 10, 2011
    Let me start by saying I wanted this to be as different as possible from the other cookie cutter shooters currently out there. It does achieve that with some revolutionary "ideas". Unfortunately it is the delivery on those ideas that fall short. It's hard to place this game in a genre as it is somewhere between a run and gun COD style and a Global Agenda hit point style game. As much as I wanted to love it the game feels off from the start and never seems to get comfortable. Hopefully other designers will take the ideas from this game and build something that plays as good as it sounds on paper. It gets a mixed rating from me. If it played as good as it sounded on paper I would have given a positive review. The opposite is true in that If it didn't have some fresh new ideas I would have given it a negative review based on the gameplay alone. Expand
  28. May 10, 2011
    good game, needs some work few bugs but overall nice change of pace. this game is about teamwork end of story. if they add some more maps,weapons,skills and what not it be awesome game. if the Dev gives it some more love it will be a shiny star.
  29. May 10, 2011
    Yes the Parkour is that awesome. Not clunky like some reviewers have said (Try not using the Heavy body type ;). Multiplayer may not have TDM or CTF and that is a downside =/ Think of the the MP as more like LFD2. I've played about 4 hours playing Challenges, and online Campaign. I've finished 3 mission for the Resistance and could play the same mission over and over. Servers are a bit laggy right now. But just remember the COD:BO launch. Nobody gave it a bad rating because it had problems at first (even tho COD is a piece of **** game). Overall I think it's a must buy for any fan of FPS games, or has friends that play FPS game. Because this game is centered around, and does this very well with the point system, around team-based playing and cooperation. Most addictive gameplay if played in a while. Expand
  30. May 10, 2011
    Brink tries to break that mold and does so in a number of ways while implementing some of those familiar ideas. It brings a freshness to the genre that pulls away from the lone-wolf, self-gratifying gameplay that we're gotten used to. It's a wakeup slap in the face that's needed and that takes away a lot while putting in your hands a lot more. It's not without fault, of course, but what it does right, it does it well.

    Basically, the game boils down in the use of your 4 main classes : Soldier, Medic, Engineer and Operative. Each have an ability that will support your team and a role in the objectives that will be provided on each of your missions. Soldiers will hand out extra ammo to allies as well as plant explosive to clear doors and other obstacles. Medics will keep the team alive and revive downed friends so they don't have to wait for the respawn wave. Engineers will boost allies' weapon damage and set up turrets, remove spotted mines and overall provide general fire support. Operative will disarm mines, hack into objective and bolster your command points' defenses while also passing as an enemy, if he can disguise himself as one.

    The two main features of the game are the SMART system and the customisation. The former allows for greater mobility around the level, to evade and reach higher areas with overall ease. Each body type will allow a certain degree of freedom using SMART with the Heavy type barely able to move over low walls and have slow mobility (in exchange for increased health and bigger caliber weapons) and the Light type that's basically a monkey on speed; the Medium type strikes the middle balance, giving good survival and mobility and access to most weapons.

    The customisation, unlike most current shooters, extends both to your character and the weapons you have unlocked as well as abilities. For one, you have quite a few options for customisation to begin with, more unlocked as you rank up and progress through the game. Each character can have a Security and a Resistance outfit ready, depending on which faction you happen to be playing as for the match. The changes are normally apparent enough to be noticeable (perhaps other than face scars) and while there is a good choice, it feels like there could even be more offered. Perhaps some will be available later with updates and/or DLC.

    Graphically, the game is eye pleasing; the character models certainly have a personality of their own while the environnements have more than mere shades of grey, green and brown. The Ark was a colorful place but even through its degradation, it still maintain a kind of life that isn't completely lost. The architechture of the levels is very nice with multiple paths leading to objectives and favorising each playstyle.

    In the sound department, the voice acting is pretty good, if a bit cliché with accents but you're not likely to be annoyed. Voice cues play as needed and automatically depending on the situation (like whenever you choose a new objective, your character voices it out to his allies) which is a nice touch that gives a bit of interactivity. Weapons sound mechanical and loud, something that most games tend to overlook; the fact that multiple samples have been taken for each weapon really shows and makes it one of the most appealing sound work in a FPS since Bad Company 2.

    An example would be to use the Soldier's molotov **** to knockdown enemies then finish them off with a burst of rifle. The knockdown will grant XP as will each connecting shot (a 30 XP bonus awarded even for 'grouping' shots in a burst) and the kill itself. Another would be to run around as a medic, boosting allies' health and bringing them back up. At the end of the match, what is important is the effort you've given toward your team's success... and that is why only the tallied score is displayed. Kills and deaths are transparent; victory is vital and thus, those who work best with their team will be taking the top of the scoreboard and not necessarily those with the most kills.

    This might be what drive some current generation gamers away; it takes time to get used to the fact that this is a team game and not a "Me, Myself and I" type of gameplay. The game will happily hammer you into oblivion for trying to take on more than 2 or 3 enemies all at once, making its point that this isn't as twitchy a shooter like Call of Duty might be. It's different, it's refreshing and it will definitively drive some people off... but those that'll take the time to learn the game will get enough enjoyment out of it to be a worthwhile purchase.
  31. May 11, 2011
    Pro's: - The gameplay itself is GREAT. - The customizations and leveling system works fine. - The "training wheel" keeps noobs on the objectives. - The S.M.A.R.T. freerunning system is rather fun and a great part of brink. Con's: - The game looks decent, but compared to other quake based games... this one runs like crap. (Seriously, the main menu lags on 1920x1080, meanwhile I can run crysis2 just fine.)
    - Most servers you get on lag more than your grandmother. - Various bugs that will no doubt be patched soon. I hope...
    - Theres actually only 8 levels. Thats right. EIGHT. Some reviews might tell you there are 16, but you play the same levels twice, once for Ark Security, and once for The Resistance. I would say this is the greatest draw back to Brink. If this game had closer to 20 levels this game would be getting an 8 or a 9. But its got 8... for now. (Lets hope they release the SDK soon, and maybe some free DLC's.)

    Summary: It's got a TON of potential, but it is only half done. Which is sad because the release game looks exactly the same as the demo everyone saw at QuakeCon 09. I guess splash damage took a two year vacation. Maybe now that they are getting paid they can finish the game.
  32. May 16, 2011
    I like Brink. There, I said it. I'm not in love with it as much as when I bought TF2, but I'm not as sour (not by a long shot) as the "ET" players.

    I love using the SMART system, and while the guns may be a bit bland here and there, the customization options for them are great. And while the bots are stupid, real players (usually) aren't. Again comparing it to TF2: the bots are there, but
    it's not what you come there for.

    My verdict so far: After seeing about 5 patches in release week that fix most of the problems I had with the game, I can say this game is for anyone who likes objective-based FPS gameplay combined with parkouring your way through the levels.
  33. May 10, 2011
    Horrid. Far to simple and key-presses are nowhere near what they should be. Too simple, had potential but fell flat. If the game had improved key presses and general gameplay, this game would be great. Though, the gameplay is horrid,
  34. May 13, 2011
    I had to wait several days before I felt I could give this game a fair review. The reason for this was due to the very large amount of hype Bethesda and Splash Damage attached to this game to the extent that in Brink's facebook page they heavily exaggerated the amount of interest in Brink at PAX East (I was there, which is why I know they weren't telling the truth) and the large fanboy following which is evident in many of the games positive reviews on here (the wording of the reviews, not the fact that they have positive reviews). The simple truth about this game is that even if you put aside the fact that there are serious lag and connection issues in multiplayer the game itself is barely mediocre and frankly wouldn't be one of the top games if it were released in 2004 let alone 2011. The ID tech4 engine (which was released in 2004) looks abysmally outdated even despite the changes they made to it for this game. The developers highly touted use of parkour for traversing terrain using their SMART (Smooth Movement Around Random Terrain) system would be an imaginative addition if the maps weren't so bland and simple. The weapons feel like blunt instruments not precision ballistics and the nades are an absolute joke, their trajectory doesn't look remotely bound by any rules of physics and the explosions are laughably bad. The plot and voice acting for the single players game and the multiplayers characters feels like something from a cheesy low budget 80s sci-fi movie. In multiplayer there are lag issues and issues where every player on a server will lose sound all at once (happens on multiple servers). I could go on but there's no need for me to completely bury this game. Without the multiplayer problems this game is no better than a 4, with those issues this game is a 2 but I'll give it a 3 under the assumption that future updates will fix the multiplayer bugs. A highly disappointing game. Expand
  35. May 10, 2011
    It isn't the best game but not the worst. Brink is for gamers looking for an objective type gaming society. The only way to get anywhere in multiplayer is with teamwork and communication. The customization of characters really isn't too exciting, you pick armor, and change the color really. But even with the color hanging, you only have about 5 color options for every piece and if you mix 2 colors your guy just looks horrific. So my message to all readers is get the game if you want a fun online experience that implements cool features with teamwork. But if you want to just be that campaign guy....DO NOT BUY! There is no campaign, it is actually just arenas that you can play, I Mean when you buy the game, you can play the last level first and work your way back if you wanted to. Expand
  36. May 10, 2011
    I'm liking the game after 4 straight hours of game play. I can tell that it will be a great game once a few issue get ironed out. The SMART system is nice but the animation could use a little polish. The AI is garbage. The objective wheel is a big help. Not only will it give you objectives according to priority but it will also highlight them on screen. This game has some real potential and I hope it gets the attention it deserves. Expand
  37. May 10, 2011
    I never write reviews but this game is getting allot undeserved flack and I don't want someone to think those reviews are valid. Brink injects some fresh blood into the stall FPS genre. In a market were every game is trying to be the next COD or Halo, Brink doesn't cave to pressure. Anyways the game plays like Global Ops, TF2 and Unreal. The movement is good and the damage seems just about right. Graphics wise its not going to win any awards but the art style makes up for that. Expand
  38. May 10, 2011
    I'm having a blast with this game. Graphics are nice and run smooth on my 460 GTX SE card, everything max at 1440x900. Looks like Borderlands but nicer. Not one CTD either. Game play is fun if you like teamwork, objective based missions. Sometimes it can be a bit hard too (which I like). There's no team death match and really no single player story driven campaign but I personally never usually play story mode. I'm in it for the multiplayer, which so far has been fun and mostly lag free. Normally I'd say this game is about an 8.5 but i'm giving it a 10 here to counter all the haters. Expand
  39. May 10, 2011
    The game play is fast and fun. Splash took the objective and class based game play that worked in "Return to castle wolfenstein: Enemy territory" and made a few changes/improvements.

    It would be a 10/10 if the had implemented some sort of party system to play with friends.
  40. May 15, 2011
    After a good amount of game-play i have come to the conclusion that this is a good game. I'm sure those who have marked it lower, including critics, have good reason. However i think this is a case of very high expectation and some features, that some people care a lot about but for many will be side issues, bringing the score down. The smart movement is fun, the objectives are good, the customisation is good, the maps are good and the setting, contrary to other reports about the story and art etc, has drawn me in. A lot of people have been concerned about the servers/lag etc and i am no expert on this so i defer to their judgement, however, again i'm enjoying the online experience and i have played a lot of games so it cant be a game breaker for the average gamer. I think this game does an excellent job of bringing the newbie up to speed too, as long as they put in the couple of hours asked of them. I think the challenges and the level up system is excellently thought out to get a good level playing field quickly.

    Smart Movement; I think the great thing about this is not so much the fact that you have one button that sprints, climbs etc. but that it opens up the map design. Soon you realise that the stairway/ramp you thought only had one way up, with smart, has other routes. This becomes an opportunity to surprise your enemies. Even if they know you can climb up, it is still a bit surprising in the heat of battle, simply because the ramp is a ramp, you expect people to run up it not climb up behind you.
    The best thing about this game is that it sets a hectic pace but maintains a clarity of purpose. You always know what you need/want to do. The multiple objective wheel is great and lets you know the primary objective but also other options. Finally; sliding around a corner and gunning down an opponent will never get boring.
  41. May 10, 2011
    Summing it up: A disappointment. Pros: Movement is very fluid. The players look pretty dynamic, fluid, and natural. Appears to be a wide variety of guns, along with gun attachments reminiscent of the COD Modern Warfare series. Meh: Environment isn't all it's played out to be. Climbing over things is fun, but you don't really get to monkey around obstacles as shown in many of the sneak peek videos that were released. The class options are sure interesting, but as long as you're a medic you're good to go in terms of points and XP grinding. Cons: Hmmm... Lots of these. The gameplay is barely acceptable. The damage is little or next to nothing. Headshots certainly do exist, but it seems mostly to be spray and pray, and this is coming from someone who has played CS for over ten years, and CSS since it was released, in addition to the COD series. It's not just me I swear. The multiplayer campaign idea, while different, is lacking. For some reason, the action just doesn't feel exciting. There's no comparison to a CS massive kill streak, or a good MW2 flank when you've gone around the enemy team and kicked some serious butt. You simply don't have enough bullets and don't do enough damage to make anything like that happen. While the game totes the 'freedom' of movement, players are too restricted by the campaign. If there's one thing this game is in DIRE need of, it's Team Deathmatch. Come ON! How can you make a multiplayer online FPS and not have a TD mode? The leveling up and the new perks, videos, and abilities don't really alter gameplay that greatly, unlike the abilities did in the COD series. It feels exactly like what it is: a grind! I am bored after a few hours, and probably won't pick up this game again. Expand
  42. May 10, 2011
    Another rushed, half-hearted port of a console game. Gameplay that doesn't know if it wants to be Call of Duty with team based objectives or Team Fortress 2 with modern weaponry. Either way it fails spectacularly in trying to be either. Add in a boat load of bugs from the rush job this game has become and you have a recipe for nerd tears.

    Is there a good game underneath all the issues?
    Maybe, but with all the issues who is willing to pay money to go digging for it when a solid FPS experience is already available in so many other games Expand
  43. May 11, 2011
    I've played about Brink on the PC about 6 hours now and it's better than Borderlands, Bf:BC2, and CoD BOps. The gameplay is what I was hoping for as a RTCW/W:ET fan. The movement speed certainly isn't as fast as those games, but the parkour movement adds a different movement dynamic since there isn't any circle strafe jumping. If you like having to work as a team and being rewarded for your ability to track players as well as twitch shoot, this might be a good game for you. The weapons are balanced well from what I can see but many CoD/BF players haven't learned to shoot from the hip at close to medium range. So far, most of what I see on the servers and in some of these reviews (day 3) is people trying to play TDM and people not understanding which class is important for which mission. This baffles me as the class selection wheel highlights the most important class. There are even tutorial videos! People are currently also only looking for the most direct route to the objectives and not exploring parkour routes. However, the game is not without some bugs. One map appears to not have sound (bug) and using s_restart doesn't work. To be fair, Borderlands, BF:BC2 (hit detection/MASTER server crashes), and CoD BlackOps had just as many and as severe bugs on release but weren't penalized in the reviews for them. And don't listed to the idiot that said the developers are unresponsive. I see posts from them every day. They are trying to identify the bugs and squash them as quickly as possible. Expand
  44. May 11, 2011
    Brink is a very different game. Stepping into it expecting your typical Deathmatch, CTF, etc. and a singleplayer campaign is what Brink isn't about. It ties the campaign levels into multi-player. Brink is all about having teams working together and movement. Freedom of movement in Brink is a welcomed feature (in my opinion) for the FPS genre. The game encourages players to take different routes and think of strategic ways to flank your enemies. This game is based on team work instead of kills. You don't even know how many kills you get, just XP. This shows how much the developers wanted people to focus on teamwork. Customization in this game is AMAZING. So much stuff to unlock, and you unlock it quick! No grinding and grinding for a gun or a item. Play for a bit and you'll get what you want. Each class has a set of unique abilities and perks to go with them. Such as the engineer building faster, Medic making regen health regenerate even faster or Soldier giving more ammo. There are so much different play styles and looks that it's hard to get in this one review. The flaws of this game are the weak single-player. While the tied campaign missions into multi-player is a good idea, I was expecting a single-player with characters and all that. But don't let this one flaw kill the game like it did for many other reviewers. This is the only flaw in this game that has bothered me. The game is smooth and very unique. Guns are a blast to customize and try. Have some friends play with you and you'll love this game. Don't let it's new ideas scare you away, you will love it. Expand
  45. May 10, 2011
    Nine out of ten simply for technical problems on release. I'll never give a PC game a solid ten unless it's released and functional for more than 75% of the player base. That's just my philosophy on the matter. Ignore the scores, though, what you want to know is how it plays, right? Well, it plays like Enemy Territory. With awesome guns and parkour. The story elements are not essential to the experience, but it's nice that there is an underlying point to all of it. The multiplayer might be some of the most fun I've had since Bad Company 2. If you've played any Enemy Territory game and loved it, don't even read the rest of this review. Buy this game immediately. It's a great addition to the game style.

    If you're the type of guy to religiously play the Call of Duty or Counter-Strike series, you might want to hesitate here. The game play is far more team oriented than any mode in Call of Duty or CS. The teamwork and objective-based play required can be daunting at first; it is more complex than most FPS games out there. However, if you could handle the assault game mode in Unreal Tournament 2004, or the PL_ maps of Team Fortress 2 (particularly playing Medic or Engineer,) you can handle this.

    The objective navigation menu thing is great. Playing medic? Set your objective to reviving team mates, and they show up as bright yellow icons with distance meters on them. Playing engineer? High light turret repairs. Assault? High light people with low ammo. It's great, it really helps communicate the team aspect to the players.

    The SMART key is pretty well implemented. While you're trying to figure out a good angle of attack, you can sprint straight up to something, jump, grab the ledge, climb on top, wall jump to the other side of a catwalk, or catch yourself before you fall off of a platform. Parkour being added to the Enemy Territory formula was one of the best ideas in gaming history (in my opinion.) It adds a great dynamic to game play, though it is slightly underused in some maps.

    The guns feel solid and are decently customizable. Add silencers, extended magazines, rapid fire, better iron-sights, and more to just about any gun you've got. You can even silence your shotguns, if that's your thing. I have no complaints what so ever about the guns. They feel good to shoot. A shotgun blast really feels like you just unloaded a mountain of death into somebody's face, and I really like that. Additionally, the melee is fantastic, ensuring that you get your kill if your quick enough to use it.

    So we've got great online game play, tasty guns, parkour, fun objectives (sometimes a bit silly, but it's a video game, and it's better than CTF or standing near a flag for a while,) and great customizations. So, besides some typical release day bugs, what's wrong with the game? Well, the single player. It's the multiplayer mode with some less-than-stellar AI bots. It's not a narrative driven story line. But, I don't buy games like Brink or Bad Company 2 for the single player. Some people do, and this should be a big, red warning flag to those people to stay away from this title. Do not buy it for single player. There are some challenges, though, to unlock weapons. You can play those alone or with up to four people. It's good stuff. Some of them are a bit tough when you are alone, though, so if the AI drives you nuts, get a couple of other people to help you. It's an interesting way to do weapon unlocks, and I think minus one or two situations, it works well. The ability tree is also a piece of nice work.

    Overall, I firmly believe in the score of 9/10 for this game. It's a lot of fun for those looking for their Enemy Territory fix. Additionally, some of those that enjoy objective-based multiplayer will find this game to be very satisfying as well. Just be aware that the game has it's flaws (like any other game ever made,) and temporary technical issues. Brink was a satisfying purchase (for $37.46 at Direct2Drive,) and I've already poured six hours into the game on release day. Thanks for reading this far.
  46. May 10, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Excellent game. I loved Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory. I was afraid there will be another game with few tricks, but without teamplay. Thank god I was wrong. Splash Damage knows how to create the game that required teamplay. SMART movement is nice addition and gameplay seems to be nice. Also, Splash Damage is listening community and its problems. Expand
  47. May 10, 2011
    I was pretty surprised how good this game was. Sure there is some performance issues, but I bet they get fixed. Not as good as Quake Wars was, but still, I'm very satisfied. But I have to warn, Brink isn't for every gamer. If you liked Enemy Territory/Quake Wars, I'm sure you will like it, but if you have played only CoDs, stay away, this isn't for you.
  48. May 10, 2011
    The game had tons of potential. You can see the free-running of Mirror's Edge, the class system of Team Fortress 2, the unlock system of Modern Warfare, and the gameplay of Killzone 2. Sadly, Bethesda has not fully utilized what they had. The juxtaposition of these elements is harsh and it just doesn't come together well. The game feels like it really belongs on a console and was ported to the PC as an afterthought. It even keeps the tutorial videos from the console version of the game. That being said, it still feels rushed over. The AI is mindless; the only thing that makes it difficult is the never ending spawning which supposedly is to make it feel more balanced. The campaign feels like there was no care in telling the story of the Arc which really disappointed me (especially when it comes from a company like Bethesda). It is a game that looks like it has plenty of potential and just never got completed. I would hope that Bethesda would become Valve-esque and release updates to make this game better, but I highly doubt that they will.
    It has it's redeeming features, such as the customization and the parkour, but that does not make up for it's flaws. It is a purchase that I regret.
    It doesn't feel completed. The campaign is laughable. It feels like it doesn't belong on PC.
  49. May 11, 2011
    How the game handles as far as basically everything outside of actual playing bothers me. There's no lobby system, there's no favorite server lists, there's no filtering on the servers you're looking for, and most glaringly my **** game goes to 4 fps on the server list screen. It's extremely minimal to a point just past annoyance. There's alot of features that we expect because they're not only in every game of this type, but useful. Now, as far as in-game goes. . . The weapons suck. They offer little variety, most of them are not satisfying to use, and it feels like an unpolished engine. That's not mentioning that it's far, far too easy to unlock them all, as well as attachments. It leaves nothing to work on but easily obtainable levels to unlock cosmetic appearance options for your character. I would rather have a vast arsenal of weapons, most with their own characteristics and feel, than what feels like the same thing but with minor visual differences. I would rather work to get my stuff. There's a sense of satisfaction and victory over working for 2 weeks to get to max level, getting a new, interesting weapon each 2 or 3 levels. Instead, I get everything in an hour, and from the looks of it, I could get max level in 2-3 days. This is problematic when I'm looking at the variety of maps. There's, what, less than 10? Each one being its own gametype, not customizable? Now I may be wrong in this as I don't know what the server and map options do to aid in this, but from how it LOOKS, I'm not seeing a lengthy future for this game unless they release constant content, or add a hell of alot more variety. Also, there's no reason to use any of the BR's. Or any other weapon for that matter. The SMG's are superior in the end. They're faster, they deal the same amount of damage, and they hold a hell of alot more ammo. Why should I use a boring, uninteresting weapon that handles exactly the same as the superior SMG I'm using? Hell, equip two of these things and you're golden. The only hope I have for this game is that it feels much more interesting and varied with individual class skills and mechanics when people get used to it in a few weeks, as well as get max level. Hopefully having more things to do class-wise, and having less derpy teammates will help with this extreme sense of dread I'm getting from these crap weapons. Lastly, and I really should not be making this comparison, the weapons need to be more like CoD. I don't really care for the franchise much anymore, but one thing they do right is the weapons. There aren't many that feel the same as others. For example: An AK feels vastly different than an Uzi. In comparison, a hard hitting BR compared to a fast little SMG in Brink feel damn near identical. The recoil is the same, the damage feels the same, hell they even **** sound identical. If I were to properly rate this game I would give it a 5/10. It has promise, but it also has many glaring issues that make me wary to even bother playing. It has some real good ideas, and most are implemented well, but everything else feels either rushed, or they didn't even try. I like the objectives, I like the class system, I like the customization. I hate the weapons, I hate the lack of progress at obtaining things, I hate the lack of variety between the weapons I already hate. That's double hate. Expand
  50. May 11, 2011
    First the good: it's a good fps game. Sure there are bugs, but I will ignore them for now and take the developers at their word on the patches coming down the line. Overall, it is smooth movement with nice interfaces. Group game play is promoted and in keeping with the original design philosophy. That part certain performs as the developers intended.

    The Bad: What's the point of
    parkour movement when you can't even see yourself pull off the moves? The reason why Assassin's Creed is so popular is because of how cool it looked when your character pulls off a neat stunt or combination. My problem with the mechanic is that I don't feel any different playing this game than any other FPS. I understand the SMART system is supposed to be revolutionary, but in the first person perspective, I just don't feel any different from other games within the same genre. Secondly, one button? That's it? No skill required, just hold down this one button? Couldn't they have at least made an attempt and making the player hit the button in a certain sequence. I mean, why bother having the button at all and just leave the feature turned on all the time? Think of it this way, I used to love playing Tony Hawk skateboarding games. Half the fun was in pulling of difficult stunts and getting to hard to reach places. The stunts required timing and several buttons hit in a certain sequence to pull off. I like to think of parkour in much the same way that I do skating. There is a difficulty involved that just is not reflected in the games controls.

    The game fails because it's touted gimmick is so unbelievably boring. Not worth $50.
  51. May 11, 2011
    Obviously the game has bugs, it's first day of release. Anyone who doesn't understand that must be one of those people who play Farmville and consider themselves hardcore.
  52. May 11, 2011
    well, this game is not as good as i expected.
    the first problem i encountered was the game engine itself: the idtech 4 is so outdated that this game has mobile phone quality graphics, and super low framerates. if you can get past this, you'll be pissed off by the fact that this game is only in english and that there are no subtitles. that may not be a problem if you speak english very
    well, but if you're like me and it takes you a long time to concentrate on what the characters are saying in order to understand the story of the game, subtitles, or localization are a needed.
    apart from this **** the game is decent, but not too original, it's just a regular shooter with classes and abilities.
    **** this **** what a waste of money
  53. May 29, 2011
    The game has flaws but if you can get past them you'll enjoy yourself. However, you'll find yourself time and time again being irritated by those flaws and sometimes pushing yourself to keep with it. Customization is nice but not as in depth as they made it out to be. Body types add some depth to gameplay, but a in many ways unbalanced. The maps are poorly designed with many of them being a campfest on the objective, and the attacking team having to push through it. The gunplay is severely imbalanced, not only by the skewed gun stats which favor some weapons, but also by the ability buffs of various classes which makes the weapon damage inconsistent and infuriating at times - ignoring this however, the guns still seem completely random in the amount of damage they do at times. The whole objective system isn't as influential as SD made out, with side objectives having little impact on the main objective or map play. The SMART system is very fluent though, and works very well. It creates some very fluent and fast gameplay and basically makes BRINK what it is, and worth your time. It's a shame that it's often wasted on corridor areas. Overall the game is worth your time, and you'll get a lot of enjoyment out of it - but it might only tie you over until the game you're waiting for is released. Expand
  54. May 14, 2011
    After playing Brink non-stop I'm starting to feel disappointed mostly on the terrible map design. The AI is like something of a joke and the overall feeling you get when playing a really good game isnâ
  55. May 10, 2011
    This game's terrible. I will never pre-order another splash damage game. I should have known better after they ruined the q3f mod for quake 3 back when. cons ===== - Terrible textures - Clunky movement - Gun sounds suck - Level design is bland - Horrible UI menu looks like its from 1995 - gain points for doing jack squat - thought the objectives would be more interactive, but they're not... boring - frequent server connection problems - frame rate issues between single player and multi player for no apparent reason. SP tells me I'm running at 60 fps yet it feels like 20. - SP is non-existant - horrible AI and the list goes on.... DONT BUY THIS GAME. Save your money. Collapse Expand
  56. May 11, 2011
    If you're looking for fun, play something else. The campaign mode is annoying on solo, you can't command your fellow fighters to do anything and don't expect them to cover you, follow you, or assist in any manner...they do their own thing while you get shot, sometimes they will toss you a revive shot. The SMART system they talk about is no big deal, wow one buttons lets me jump and climb...that's worth 50$. The unlockable weapon upgrades don't do much; like a drum magazine increases the ammo capacity from 23 to 45...seriously?!? How about 100 round drums, that's what they are modeled after. Why do red dot sights reduce the equip speed? Enemies can incapacitate you with one melee hit, while you can't do the same. Oh and good luck finding a server to play on.

    Run here while shooting, run there while shootin, press and hold F while getting shot, run here, run there, escort this, escort that, press and hold F. There is what you will be doing on every mission.

    If you want a fun pvp game play TF2, this game fails big.
  57. May 11, 2011
    This game definitely has a lot of potential. It is fun and a change of pace to your usual shooter. As long as splash damage can fix the sound problems and some of the bugs in a timely manner I think it'll do well. On launch night I was playing single player and the AI was pretty bad but last night it actually seemed better so I'm not sure if they hotfixed something in or what but it's fairly acceptable now. If you're on the fence about it, wait a week and see what splash damage does for fixes but overall I'm happy I bought it. Expand
  58. May 10, 2011
    So launch day there is a bug where theres no sound for entire servers so im gonna judge this game as presented. A game with no sound that isn't a horror game with a hearing impaired person is unacceptable. Im sick and tired of all these producers launching beta's as finished products. class balancing leaves a few things to be desired I.E operatives have no innate point generation like all the other classes. Really this is a par game with nothing new probably a 5 or 6 but with no sound its a 1. Expand
  59. May 10, 2011
    Absolutely the most fun I've had with an FPS since BF: BC2! The SMART mechanic is incredibly fun to make use of when trying to flank, out smart, or out run the enemy. The plethora of guns, abilities, buffs, upgrades, and additives make it easy for each individual player to find their place in the ARK universe. Anyone who doesn't like this game is probably a COD fanboy who spends their days hunting for heads and throwing knives (neither of which you do in brink).

    If you're looking to actually have fun with an FPS, get this game, and be sure to get some friends on board the ARK as well. Like it or not even the worst games can be fun with friends, that said Brink is not just fun with friends, its an unforgettable experience!
  60. May 10, 2011
    Fantastic game. Many of the negative reviews seem to come from people expecting a sequel to Call of Duty TF2, or for some impossible reason, Borderlands. However, SD decided to do the logical thing and create a spiritual successor to games they've already made, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

    There are some bugs in the game that can sometimes be remedied by
    replacing old drivers with new ones, but other than that, the game is solid and incredibly enjoyable for those who were hoping for a Splash Damage game filled with dynamic team play.

    GG SD.
  61. May 10, 2011
    Most disappointing launch since STO. Terrible weapons system. Clunky controls. Worst map design ever. No incremental spawning. Rubberband lag so bad it's unplayable. One of the worst games i've ever played. Typical match: sprint to spawn while holding "f" to buff players. Firefight while one guy holds "f" in place for a minute, everyone dies in 20 seconds, respawn at other end of map, sprint to objective/only bottleneck in map, firefight 20 seconds, die, spawn, sprint, repeat ad nauseum. EXCELLENT art, everything else is **** Expand
  62. May 11, 2011
    Let me start off by saying that Brink is a standout, excellent game. Its not for everyone though. If you want to go lone wolf, or get recognized for your kills, or play deathmatch style online games, go back to CoD. This is not your game. If you like objective style gameplay where teamwork is everything, you'll feel right at home with Brink. The SMART system makes it really easy to get around, and more skilled players can use it for much more than getting from point A to point B. There's really no game with combat that's quite like it. While objectives are not incredibly varied there are more than enough to keep you entertained for countless games. The maps themselves are not that varied either, but their large size keeps them fresh and since objectives are held is sometimes widely varied locations on the same map it can make one match seem like several. The guns handle nicely, and once you find one that is right for you they become oh so satifying to use. The sound work for the guns is excellent as well. This game isn't without its flaws of course, the maps all have certain choke points that all of the action seems to take place in, which could be off-putting to some. The biggest thing for me is that the game's shadows take issue with certain ATI graphics cards (like mine) and shadows must be turned off to achieve an acceptable framerate on any settings if you encounter this issue. The netcode is also laggy at times, but this has only affected me in a few matches. These problems could be easily patched though, and I'm sure Splash Damage is looking into it as I'm writing this. Overall I think this game is definitely worth checking out. If you like teamwork oriented online games you will likely find Brink to be an enjoyable experience. I cannot get my head around some of the bad scores some of the "professional" reviews have given Brink. IGN claims Brink is repetitive, while praising CoD. As someone who has put over 10 hours into Brink and much more into the latest installment of CoD, this just seems ridiculous to me. Black Ops is a much more repetitive game, Brink has a lot more variety. In fact, I haven't seen this much variety in an online game in a long time. Give Brink a chance, you'll probably be surprised how much fun you can have. Expand
  63. May 19, 2011
    The depth of my disappointment with the game cannot be overstated, but neither can its flaws. The primary issues are ones that relate to the elemental parts of a good FPS game. In these ways, Brink scores below average when compared to the benchmarks across the FPS pantheon (Planetside, Quake 2, Counter-Strike, Battlefield 2142 and BC2, TF2). Weapon Balance: Poor. There are two runaway favorites - the CARB SMG and the Revolver. Because their accuracy, operating range and damage are only barely worse than the next tiers of weapons (and because combat happens at close range most of the time), these two guns are the most common seen and the most effective. There are no appreciable advantages to the Assault Rifles or Heavy weapons. The rest of the SMGs are, simply put, worse than the CARB. Don't bother. Class Balance: If some maps didn't require Operatives and Soldiers then you'd never seen them. Medic and Engineer are very well rounded and their buffing abilities outshine whatever skills the other two classes have. This, keep in mind, with the Engineer's turrets almost entirely crippled by incredibly slow target acquisition. The body types are visual candy at best; the differences in health are negligible in firefights, leading more to choose the Light type due to its mobility. Note that the Light can use both of the superior weapons above. The twitchiness of aiming and movement make it possible to tank damage simply by moving quickly.

    Map Design: Consider that one map has no sound, another glitches all player models into invisibility and a third can have one team's spawn locked down within 30 seconds and you'll see why the map design is disappointing. There are no CTF or Capture Point modes (near-requirements in the FPS space), instead relying on repeated objective-based tasks governed by timers and checkpoints. These are poorly balanced, with the defending team almost always at an advantage. Controls and Movement: Possibly the worst part of the gameplay. Yes, you can jump over barricades and slide into corners, but your character will also get tripped up on ground debris (breaking sprint - argh!), twitch uncontrollably when up against cover and mercilessly hesitate when transitioning between postures, aiming and sprinting. The complete lack of polish in control ruins the authenticity of the gameplay and makes you feel more like a ghoul clumsily floating over the landscape, occasionally snagging your pants, rather than a mongoose-like soldier weaving your way through a battle.

    There are too many controls given what you can actually do with them. For example, two keys are required to deploy your base ability - one for self-use and one for other-use. In a game where you can express intent by aiming your crosshairs, you simply don't need two buttons. Press the key - are you looking at something? Act on that. No? Act on yourself. Brink is only vaguely molded and not-at-all polished. There's probably a good game lurking somewhere in the design documents, but the just-barely-thought-out customization and gameplay design choices all smack of trying to do too much. What concerns me most are the issues at the core levels of gameplay, specifically movement, ballistics and game modes. These are hard things to resolve with patches, yet the game desperately needs help in those areas and more. It's hard to walk away from the glitz of different colored shirts and a few parkour moves, but I recommend you do. Check back in a year - if there are still people on the already-near-empty servers, the price has fallen and the game cleaned is cleaned up in the ways that matter then, well, you might be in for a treat. Apologists will predictably quip, "I'm having a ton of fun; if you don't like it then don't play it" and "You just don't understand what kind of game it is; go back to CoD." To which I reply, "Just because you think it's fun does not mean it's good."
  64. Aug 7, 2011
    I'll be honest: as it stands, I'm going to say that this game deserves a better rating than it got. I totally understand that when you buy a product, you expect that product will hold up to the standards that you were sold. And when it doesn't, no doubt there will be huge disappointment. But with games nowadays, especially with PC games, the game you get on day one will definitely change to try to meet those standards when the situation calls for it. And looking at all the reviews from before, I can definitely say this is one of those cases. Brink is worth revisiting, especially if you can grab it on sale. In all honesty, the gameplay is great, the class and ability system is awesome, the customization has depth, so for me this game is definitely a 9/10. I've had a blast playing with it! Now should you get this game? Do your homework first: find out what bugs there currently are, and just make an informed decision based on that as best you can. I personally don't seem to be having any problems, certainly nothing game breaking, but just be informed before you buy! Expand
  65. CBZ
    May 15, 2011
    Brink is a great game full of potential, with excellent graphics and gameplay. The quick switch between objectives and the special abilities make this game really fun to play. The game has captured many good aspects from other games such as Team Fortress 2 (abilities and characters) assassins creed (parkour) and Call of duty among others (weapon customization) to create one great concept.
    I think the low scores are due to the high expectations of the players, however, it is true that the game needs some patching especially for the AI and the sound going away in MP. I recommend to wait a little until these issues have been solved for those who are hesitating on buying the game.
  66. May 15, 2011
    This game doesn't deserve these low scores, many games have bugs, many games have worse AI than brink has, it shouldn't just be reviewed by people after 1 hour of played time. Brink gives you a lot, allows you to be able to get out of spawn before dieing (Unlike one reviewer said), it gives you addictive and compelling game-play (Which many FPS games are not doing) - MOH, BFBC2 etc.
  67. May 11, 2011
    Brink is quite the game. It doesn't suffer many of the problems of it's console counterparts at the moment (most notably lag). It is relatively lag free, and is an absolute blast if you love to work with a team to complete objective. It's fantastic in that you can work together, but you cannot go lone wolf here, people who have a "Call of Duty mindset" beware that you cannot go it alone and expect to win. The AI bots are admittedly pretty boring to play with, but the goal of this game was obviously multiplayer, team-based gaming, and it completely nails that. That's what I bought it for, don't listen to people or sites that have reviewed only the 360 code of the game, as the PC version is a totally different breed! Expand
  68. May 14, 2011
    Good game just needs a bit of tweeking and it will be Great. I've already seen an improvement since day 1. This is my favourite fps game out at the moment but that could be because there is just a lack of good quality pc games. This is definitely worth a go if you are waiting for BF3. There are a few bugs but hopefully they will be sorted soon.
  69. May 11, 2011
    Great team based game, no more of this one army Call of Duty inspired BS. Seems like a TF2 but for the hardcore gamer. Only problems with the game are typical launch day problems you find with every game.
  70. May 11, 2011
    If you don't want to read my full review: Yeah this is a game worth buying. Why? Read the review :D Sooo, first review. You ask me why I just registered here for reviewing this game? Just because many of the so called "reviewers" here haven't played this game for a longer time or they are talking crap. First off: I played many FPS Games: BF-series, whole CoD-series (but BlackOps is probably the last game I bought from this series), TeamFortress 1-2, Quake, UT, CS and so on and so on. I tested the german version of Brink. On the PC for sure! (I don't understand why many reviewers post a review of the XBox or PS3 version in the PC section.. HELLOOO.. this is the PC section. Personal *break* Computer. Mouse+Keyboard. Get it? Thank you) So now I introduce to you: Brink. Gameplay: Intense. Fast. Teambased. And a bit freaky. I really like it that you can choose your own mission and go for that. Also you have to play as a team, all Call of Duty-fraggers have to rethink and get used to it, this game is no brainless "KILLEVERYTHING!!!11"-FPS. The maps are.. freaky as the whole game. Some are well structered, some are really messy. Not bad, just messy. But the mission marker will help to find your way. The weapons are too similar in my opinion, hopefully a patch will fix that. Most players use a SMG. There are 4 classes in the game: Medic, Engineer, Soldier and somekind of Spy. The medic and the engineer are very powerful and most played. You can make many XP points in a short time so they are a bit overpowered, this should be balanced. The Soldier is okay. Nothing special, just okay. And last and least: the spy. Okay, you need him in some missions but its a pain to play. He can get a disguise (but it will be dropped when you get hit or fire a weapon) and some other little perks, but nothing that can hold up with the other classes. The S.M.A.R.T. system is a nice feature but you really have to get used to it. For me its okay that you only have to press one button for this, 'cause a key for every single move would make it impossible to react in a hot situation. The only thing that me really disappointed is the wall run. Its nearly non-existent.. that makes me really sad. But the game isn't called Mirror's Edge, its Brink. PS: I won't write anything about the SP, this is a pure multiplayer game. Okay, just one sentence: The AI is unbelievable stupid. Not as stupid as the bots in BF1942 but.. stupid. Graphics: I really like the minimalistic menu and the comic look, but this is a personal thing! The graphics are pretty good, not mobile phone graphics that some people here are talking about. (Sorry, this really made me laugh and cry about the stupidity of some... okay, this shouldn't be in a review, back to topic) Nothing more to graphics, they are not Crysis like, but not bad. They are... pretty good. Full stop. Network: I personally hadn't the "Server doesn't respond" bug. But yeah, some servers are a bit laggy, hopefully will be fixed. Conclusion: This game is pretty good and its something new. It takes parts from many FPS Games and mix them up to a new game. I like it and I will have fun with it for many hours. Its something new, its freaky and its a more complex game than the most "KILLEVERYTHING!!!11"-FPS (CoD *cough*). This means that most kiddos won't play this and this makes me reaaally happy. :) So, this is a game worth buying :) PS: No, I don't hate Call of Duty. I played Call of Duty for a long time. But for me Call of Duty 4 was the last REAL Call of Duty. Personal opinion, please don't cry. PPS: Yes, this game has a few bugs. I don't like it that most up to date games are full of bugs, but okay. PPPS: This review should have been longer, but I'm ill and its short after midnight ^^ Greetings, ComboCraft Expand
  71. May 12, 2011
    It's wicked fun. It's very intuitive and everything is done well. Sure there are a few flaws of the game, but those are not gameplay, they are performance issues. As soon as AMD gets on their game and releases something other than a Hotfix, then I'm sure on AMD systems the performance will be drastically improved. It's not a game for campaign. The campaign and the multiplayer is the exact same thing. Its meant to be a MP game just like TF2 is an MP game.
    The weapons change drastically and realistically with the attachments you use as well choosing a specific weapon set is crucial for certain situations as well as the class and body type you are playing as.
    There are 4 basic classes just like every game. Medic, Solider, Operative, and Engineer. Each have their own specific abilities and objectives that are crucial to master and change up depending on the situation presented at hand.
    All four classes can be played in each of the three body types.
    The three body types are light, medium and heavy. They each can only use specific weapons out of your arsenal of over 40+ unique weapons, as well as a major difference is in speed as well as in the ability to beable to traverse areas using the SMART system. For instance, the heavy can lumber over objects, but the light can bounce from one, lightly run on the wall for about 4 feet, and leap off on the the ledge easily making evasive maneuvers from the enemy.
    As you can see it has alot going for it, but it could be slightly better.
  72. May 13, 2011
    There's a lot to say about the game, but I'll keep it short and sweet to avoid redundancy. Sure the game has some issues, but give it some time. As for the good: the classes seem very well balanced, with each class offering a unique play style, versatility, and variability. The movement is spot on, I have no issues with the SMART system. The campaign is fun, each level has numerous primary and secondary objectives encouraging teamwork. And lastly, the aesthetics, the game is very well done graphically, and just the overall atmosphere is exciting. Now the bad: virtually no single player. This however, is not problematic for me, as virtually all time spent for fps games is multiplayer anyways. As for the multiplayer, there are lots of bugs. But like I said, give it some time and these will be resolved. In sum, this game is fresh and creative. It offers lots of opportunities for fun and compelling teamwork. Just wait for a few patches to resolve the current multiplayer issues and this game will really shine. Expand
  73. May 14, 2011
    Really liked this game, its not about going around by yourself and kill everything you can, you need to stay with your team and focus on the objectives, the SMART works perfectly, the customization is great, the only bad thing is that the game has some bugs, which I hope will get fixed with time.

    THIS GAME IS NOT A 6.7 OR A 7.1, ITS ABOUT 9, not 10 just for the bugs.
  74. May 30, 2011
    I just signed up to this site JUST so I could Warn/Explain what a terrible game this is. I have never felt so disappointed about a game in my life. It's times like these I wish steam would offer refunds. At $90, it is a high price to pay for an unfinished, clunky FPS that offers nothing new, or extra for the world of gaming. On launch day this game was unplayable. Broken menus, freezing, save game loss no servers available on-line to play MP.
    But, I gave it a chance, a good 2 - 3 weeks in fact. The game was patched, but it was too late. Most PC players have given up on this game. Even if you find a server, chances are it will be empty or contain only one other person, desperately trying to force themselves to like this game.
    So, why not play single player you ask?
    Single player is simply multiplayer with AI, however. This is the worst AI I have ever seen!! Unless you constantly switch rolls to actually do all the objectives yourself. The AI might as well not even be there. They just wonder around aimlessly, dying. They don't help AT ALL, It makes the single player mode completely pointless and frustrating.
    With titles such as Battle Field (bad company), Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Call of Duty. All these games listed are half the price, if not cheaper! (Sometimes on special for $8). Why would you bother with such a boring, broken game.
    You want to dress your character up? Go out and buy TF2 and put some hats on him.
    Because what you are spending money on ladies and gentlemen is a $90 dress-up simulator with a terrible FPS attached to it.

    You don't want a hardcore competitive game like Call Of Duty, I get that. But go out and spend your money on Team Fortress or Left 4 Dead instead. In fact you could buy both at the cost of Brink.

    People rating this game positive either have never experienced a casual FPS outside of this game. Or are convincing themselves they actually enjoy this because it cost them so much money.

    Next time, I won't fall for clever marketing.

    Brink, more like Stink.
  75. Jun 10, 2011
    Brink started out great fun, but somehow became buggier the more I played. Enemies disappearing, sound entirely not working on some levels. A few patches on and nothing had really improved and last check only 2000 people playing on Steam at peak times. Feels dead right out the gates.
  76. May 11, 2011
    Not impressed at all. Terrible performance issues with ATI card users make the game almost unplayable. Also, several common resolutions aren't even supported. The graphics are pretty good but more importantly, the gameplay is nothing special and gets old quick. The character customization is fun in the menu but in-game, its useless as it's an first-person shooter and you rarely see your own character. I would not recommend this game in the slightest. Thorough disappointment. Expand
  77. May 14, 2011
    Game is fine. Im using ATI and with a bit of tweaking and rolling back drivers I achieve a solid 60fps on a 4 year old pc with a q6600 and a 5770. As for people giving this game "0" because of reasons not to do with the game need to stop posting - after all this for reviews, not opinions about the fact you live in Australia or wherever and can't buy the game at the prices elsewhere in the world.

    The game just needs a few bugs ironing out and to be fair to SD, they've managed to get a game out at release that is very much playable and fun.
  78. May 11, 2011
    This game is a breath of fresh air for shooters. Lets get somethings straightened out: (This is NOT a call of duty killer! It doesn't claim that what so ever. If you play this game like Call of Duty you will hate it. If you are looking for a epic single-player game this is not it. Clearly this is a Multiplayer game. If you hate Multiplayer look for another game.) Now that we got that straightened out we can now proceed. This is not a terrible game like many make it out to be (mainly because of the reasons above). This is a game about movement. You can essentially Parkour through out the map which just opened up the flood gates on what people can do in the environment. In a game like call of duty you where limited on elevation. With brink you can run/hop/slide/ and in some cased dive over anything. When you start up the game you are instantly given the choice on what side of this war you want to partake in. Now this isn't a permanent choice because you can make multiple characters for plenty of runthroughs. When you play the game you can choose what class you play. You can play soldier: heavy shooting, Engineer: builds gun emplacements, Medic: Heals fallen comrades, or Operative: covert class who mainly deals with sabotage. Each class can use nearly any gun so you are not stuck with a class that you hate based on guns like in other games. My only complaint is the story. I know from playing that this is a multiplayer game but the trailers showed what I thought would have a larger role. Aside from that this is a great game if your into multiplayer games. The in game menus show a option for DLC so expect more coming soon. Expand
  79. May 12, 2011
    Brink is an unique game that Combines First person shooters with the Free-running, I think this combination works well with the game. Also the this Game requires a good amount of Team play, So make sure you play with friends :)
    Also, this game has a solo mode, But sometimes the bots are questionable. Especially on the easier difficulties. Solid Game all and all. had lots of great moments
    with friends. Expand
  80. May 15, 2011
    I don't understand how this game got so many low scores. The textures are beautiful, the AI is sweet, the Campaign is, well, that's the worst part, and it's good overall, the character customization is EPIC, and the S.M.A.R.T. system is legit. The bugs are pretty much fixed now. I recommend this to EVERYONE.
  81. May 12, 2011
    In reality, Brink is an 8.5. Rounding down to 8 to be fair. Though i will say if you go into brink for a single player experience you will very disappointed. HOWEVER, If you got into brink for a multi-player experience that's different than say call of duty or battlefield... you'll get what you payed for. Brink's Multiplayer is better than any other game thats come out recently, Homefront, Crysis 2, Black Ops. Nothing brink brings to the table is all that "new", they just do a good job of combining it all. Once you pick it up you see elements of Halo, Borderlands, Team Fortress, Battlefield, Call of Duty. All these bits and pieces from other games make brink unlike anything else out there. If you enjoy team play style FPS you will love this game. Coming from a team fortress background, Call of Duty was always fun, but missing that team element. Brink NAILS the team play. Even more than team fortress does, which is surprising.

    So the moral of the story: If you are interested in Multi-player, get Brink, you wont be disappointed. If you want a single player game, dont get Brink.
  82. May 15, 2011
    Having played this game on multiple platforms the PC is clearly the best of the three the graphics really shine, the texture issues aren't there and it just flows. I had no issues with lag playing on Steam until the patch to fix lag came out. Hopefully SplashDamage will get this sorted soon.

    Mobility is an interesting new layer to the game, think Mirrors Edge with being rewarded for
    using guns. You really are rewarded for being on the move. The objective wheel gives you an easy way to see what needs to be done and rewards you for doing more then hunting down the other guys. Also interesting is the "body type" actually has a gameplay impact. Instead of being cosmetic a skinny character has increased mobility but less health and weapon choices, medium has a balance of the two while a heavy is fairly immobile but can heft very large very powerful guns.

    The AI does scale, while "Dumb" at lower levels it does smarten up as you gain experience (at least the enemy AI) though I did find friendly AI at times wanting but this will hopefully change as SplashDamage have said this was done deliberately and will be adjustable shortly. Now the campaign is fairly short, I have finished all campaign and "what if" scenarios but I have a feeling this will be a "living" game like Left 4 Dead where there's frequent updates. The ending does really set that up nicely.

    Any how, don't believe the hype, reading these reviews though I've come to the opinion dedicated PC gaming reviews are more necisary now than ever given the disparity in hardware between PCs and Consoles has crept up again and it appears that more and more games just play differently between the two (this had been a problem in the past but when the 360 and PS3 came out it had improved for a bit but we're back to the tech divide and judging a multi-platform game like this on one console's play through like Joystiq or G4 do is really not fair to the game or people who may be interested in other platforms.)
  83. May 13, 2011
    A great team based FPS shooter. I gave it a 9 , although atm it is a 8 , but after a few patches it will be a solid 9. Sure you might have read it has horrible AI and bugs but keep in mind this is supposed to be an multiplayer game and bugs are fixable and many have already been fixed. Some of the weapons do seem a bit too similar to each other , but it does really not bother me so much because this is not supposed to be an super realistic MW clone where you can be killed by a bouncing knife scratching your leg...

    So a solid team FPS that can only get more better by time.
  84. May 15, 2011
    I was, in a way, dreading release of this game, which was gifted to me on steam (as a Christmas present by my little bro!).

    However, I was pleasantly surprised! Brink is a very fast-paced game, more akin to TF2 than anything else. The classes and abilities are very similar - a lot of which must be earned through experience and level points a la Battlefield 2 style. Whilst the ability
    to customise your avatar is nice, for an old school gamer like me it's pointless gimmickry - I'd rather see more weapons and abilities!

    I'm still getting to grips with the parkouring abilities (you'll need to select a "light" body type to be able to, for example, wall-run), but I feel that having the skills to use this ability will lead to some stunning kills in MP matches!

    Single player can be fun - but it's blatantly tacked on to the main game and serves more as tutorial than a game in it's own right. Buying this game for the SP experience only is like buying a high-performance car and only taking it out to go get the weekly shopping!

    Multiplayer still needs some improvement - games can be somewhat laggy, but not horrendously so. I'm on a 3.5Mbps ADSL connection (slow compared to my previous 50Mbps cable!), but it's still been playable, without too much grumbling.

    On the whole, would I recommend this game? Yes! It's a good game - it'll be awesome once the MP lag issues are sorted!
  85. May 13, 2011
    It has potential, with patches, and a Mod tool kit, it should really open up the game. It feels old school like Quake 3 but with objectives and classes like more modern team based shooters. With some patches, and if they deliver the tools to mod it, I think it will kick ass. I find it fun, but it is pretty buggy, I thought the AI Was actually pretty decent compared to some games, they will do objectives and help out, but they also sometimes go off into la la land and forget about it. Expand
  86. May 11, 2011
    Brink is Amazing, Great graphics, great gameplay, Even on the lower end of min spec you can get away with great looking graphics, Multi player is one of the best iv seen, it takes what Killzone 3 did for the PS3 and intensified 5x and we get Brink, I can't wait for part 2. Story mode was fun and immersive, you really get a feel for how these people are struggling in the world they live in. Great Idea for brink, looking forward to the DLC. IMO Brink is a must buy for anyone who loves FPS. Expand
  87. May 13, 2011
    The only thing I was really disappointed about was the exclusion of free-roaming, because the game just seemed perfect for it. The world developed for Brink was imaginative, to an extent, and had plenty of potential to be explored a la Borderlands. Overall, however, the game is a worthy title that shamelessly "borrows" a few concepts from other IPs and builds on them, melding together a very decent shooter that, fortunately, isn't another CoD clone. Definitely worth at least an 8/10, and worth a try. Expand
  88. May 11, 2011
    It's a pretty solid game. There are a few issues, some of the early maps can seem overly hard, and it doesn't always do a good job of explaining which class is needed. The lack of subtitles hurts the game, too. But the customization is good, the core mechanics work well, and the maps are a great change from the typical stuff you might see. Parkour is solid, but it doesn't get much use in fights, so much as getting you to those fights faster, or through a safer route. Expand
  89. May 12, 2011
    Brink is one of those games where you don't look for complexity to play the game. While it was highly anticipated by the gaming community, the actual release turned out to be a let down to some people. Me on the otherhand find this game to be quite awesome. There are some problems with the AI, and multiplayer can be laggy at times, but the game over all is a great buy. Many features like weapon mods, and appearance customization lets you personally define your character with a unique look. The game's AI is known to be strange, often getting into the thick of a enemy group then finally attacking them only to be put down before any real damage could be done. The single-player aspect lacks a decent plot; with minimalistic cutscenes and dialogue. If you like a game that has parkour implemented into it as a aspect of play and tactics, you might like this game more than others. Having the ability to knock down opponents by doing a slide kick then taking them out is always a fun move; and climbing on ramps and up crates allows you to reach the top of places without taking a detour. Brink has some features in it that is seen in other games on the market, like Team Fortress. Howevwer, this game is nowhere near TF2's style of play. There are only four classes, and each class has thier own objective in the game. The medic has the ability to drop stimulants on fallen comrades to revive them. The other three classes are nice but my personal favorite is the soldier. There is a lot of perks for each class that can be unlocked, and each perk has benefits but can be countered by enemy perks. Overall this game has a lot of potential, the initial release should always be expected to have a bug here or there. These will probably be fixed on in the near future. I must also note that there is a shortage of multiplayer maps. Only 8 maps exsist in the game, and whether or not more will be made as DLC or as a free upgrade is beyond me. So my final rating is a 8/10.. Expand
  90. May 12, 2011
    SplashDamage has again succeeded in delivering a game that's different from the rest. It's all about teamplay. If you are a lonewolf you prolly won't fully enjoy the game but if you like teamplay Brink is THE game.

    Played it for about 10 hours now (coop, mp, solo, with and without friends) and enjoyed every minute of it!
  91. May 12, 2011
    I haven't been disappointed with Brink at all. Love the game so far. I've only played about 8-9 hours and it was on co-op campaign, so I can't say much about other areas of the game or longevity. For me it most resembles a FPS version of TF2, not a bad thing! I have primary been playing a Medic and have enjoyed it a lot, but certain aspects may need a bit of a tweak, for example adrenalin boost lasts a mere 5 seconds but these little things are somewhat expected at launch and will most likely get adjusted. Brink has done a great job of making teamwork important and the lone wolf style will generally not pay off. Collapse
  92. May 12, 2011
    THE game we were waiting for. Quake, Enemy Territory players, wander no more. Brink is our messiah ! I was doubtful at once but am now convinced. The game is extremely good right now and has huge competitive potential. A few things caused problems at launch, but most don't matter for the current pc release. Sadly, lots of negative reviews are because the game lacks a real "single player content" and an interesting "plot". BUT WHO CARES ? It's a multiplayer game, shooter feeling are great, movement is very nice, customization is very well done for both characters and weapons. Maps are awesomesauce.
    FPS players looking for a game rewarding SKILL should NOT miss this !
  93. May 13, 2011
    Brink is a genuinely fun game. It's been quite awhile since I've been hooked on a competitive multiplayer first person shooter (think Battlefield 2). It feels good to return to my PC gaming roots, Brink has a familiar feeling and I like it. I'm sick of the Call of Duties and the Battlefields of the competitive multiplayer FPS scene. I enjoy games that are clearly geared towards PC gamers, although this game is available on consoles, make no mistake, Splash Damage loves PC gaming and it shows in Brink. Brink is not without it's flaws, most of it's issues can be fixed via a patch and I faith in Splash Damage to deliver. Anyone rating this game a 10 is only fooling themselves, I'm infatuated with Brink but lets not get be silly here, no game is worth a 10 and definitely not Brink. Brink is a solid game worth your money if you want a competitive, team-base, class-based, MULTIPLAYER, First Person Shooter. Brink loses points for advertising as a Single Player/Co-op and Competitive Multiplayer game, in it's current state the only part worth playing is the competitive multiplayer. The bots in Brink are fairly useless. If you buy Brink for the single player, I feel for you but you should have done your research. Buy Brink for the multiplayer and you shall be rewarded with a great experience. Expand
  94. May 13, 2011
    As a Wolf ET and ETQW vet I can say the game is a lot of fun. As anyone remotely familiar with Splash Damage will know Brink like ET and ETQW is a team based, objective based class FPS. The main focus of Brink is teamwork with all 4 classes supporting one another to achieve the objective. Without going on to much I can say the game is very good, the guns/shooting customisation, visuals, the new SMART system are all top notch. The only negative was some tech issues such as no sound in 1 game and the game crashing once I first installed. Other than that it has run fine and considering most the tech issues will be resolved with patches I think it would be harsh to knock to many points off the score, therefore I give Brink a Strong 9.0/10 Expand
  95. May 13, 2011
    Great potential, but i don't know what's happened with the engine - there must be something gone horribly wrong. I like the multiplayer aspect with buffing mates, missions, storyline in multiplayer wich grants more xp than just killing stuff. The character class customization options are very good, the range of possible speccs makes this game a long-term fun. Many Weapons, "perks", (IMHO) good balanced maps, graphics with a unique atmosphere, well made interface for multiplayer action.
    But back to the Engine. All drivers up2date, gtx580 and i7 980x - and it's stuttering like hell. The FPS are good but every second it feels like it's freezing. Laggy as hell, too, but not as bad as PS3 and XBOX360 Players are reporting.

    For me it's definitely not playable, i hope there is a patch very soon. Don't buy it before someone reports the bugs as fixed. Save money and many frustrating minutes.
  96. May 13, 2011
    Love this game! Brink takes a number of great ideas and throws them together into one great shooter. Brink can be played offline, but is definitely better when played in coop mode with friends or in versus. I'd have to say I completely disagree with some of these reviews on this site and some of the professional reviews. Did that IGN reviewer even look at IGN's scoring guidelines before reviewing the game? I am sorely disappointed in him. Anyhow, I would say that the graphics are gorgeous and objectives make for a more fun experience than straight deathmatch games can deliver. The movement system is very fluid. Now I find myself wishing that all games had it. I love being able to advance my characters whether I play in SP, Coop, or Versus games. The game definitely rewards teamwork as you will find that players who are better team players will find themselves higher on the scoreboard than a lone wolf who just kills lots of things. Weapons are customizable and feel very responsive. The game does have a few bugs atm, but nothing too serious and patches are on the way. For some reason this game seems to be polarizing. If you look at the distribution of reviews here and around the web, it seems that some people hate this game, but many more love it. You won't find many in between. I've been playing this with a few friends since it launched and we all agree- Brink is a blast. If you like cooperative games, I don't think you should pass this one up. Expand
  97. May 14, 2011
    Well i've only played this game for about 3 hours but i can say its epic to the max. And Splash Damage is showing they're support releasing 2 patches in 3 days and making a DLC free
  98. May 14, 2011
    The singleplayer is really difficult due to AI issues on player's team. However MP is totally worth it. The hole idea of a team based game, where nobody can handle the match alone is awesome. Every game developer should keep that in mind.
  99. May 14, 2011
    Super fun game. Aside from the technical issues experienced on launch day (the devs have already released 2 patches within the game's first week which resolved most issues) I have had a blast with this game. It really reminds me of the character customization of an MMO + the character persistance and rewards of Team Fortress 2 + episodic mission structure of L4D2 + the teamwork of Bad Company 2. Honestly that's the best way I can sum up this game. There are plenty of weapons to unlock and choose from, and the character customization really is groundbreaking for the FPS genre. Also, I find the ability system very innovative for the FPS genre as well. You can purchase abilities for your class with "talent points". IE., if you are an engineer you can learn to build a turret, set landmines, or if you are a solider you can learn to shoot your own grenades after you have thrown them to make it explode when you want them to. And there are also passive abilities like: plus to healing, plus to armor, faster reloading, etc. There are tons of abilities to learn and it really keeps your character unique - not just in terms of aesthetics. The AI makes singleplayer challenging and there have been times where I honestly forget that I'm playing against bots instead of real players. But multiplayer is where this game really shines. The class design really encourages teamwork, and it actually works! Multiple missions can be active at any given time, so your team must communicate and work together to achieve multiple objectives at once. IE., there are escort missions where you escort a wounded NPC to safety, or maybe you need to break into the lab and steal some encrypted data and then make it to the transmission station to transmit the data back to your HQ. These are not just as simple as cap the flag or team deathmatch style found in the likes of Bad Company 2 or CODBOPS

    I upgraded my PC to a Core i5 2500k Sandy Bridge CPU and a GeForce GTX 560ti from a Core 2 Duo @ 3.6Ghz and a GeForce GTX 560ti and the game runs smooth as silk now. I have to say I'm extremely pleased with the performance as well as the graphics at this point. The art style is very appealing to me and is honestly quite a bit different than anything I have seen before. Also, the gun play is very fluid. I have been experiencing some strange bugs with the game's audio. For some reason the sound will mud out at times. But with as fast as the devs are patching bugs, I wouldn't be surprised if it's not fixed within a few days.

    Bottom line, now that the launch week technical issues have been patched and are behind us, you should have hundreds of hours of fun in Brink. If you like cooperative team-based game play with interesting objectives, NOT the plain ole team deathmatch, and persistent character growth that is rewarding and intuitive then get this game now.
  100. May 15, 2011
    Spot on game, Great graphics, amazing play, the AI could use a little more updating though its not as bad as when it was first released, levels = new outfits, challenges = new guns and accessory's. multi-player is very enjoyable and there is a fair amount of maps, there is no death match which would be pretty fun but it gets you away from all the call of duty bull. BRINK is very team based requires some skill which is why people do not like it. at first i'll admit i was not at all very good. after 7 in game hours i have become very good, i love the fact that they added in Park-lour (free-running) this is a good turn, and makes the game very fun indeed. Expand
  101. May 12, 2011
    I haven't been disappointed with Brink at all. Love the game so far. I've only played about 8-9 hours and it was on co-op campaign, so I can't say much about other areas of the game or longevity. For me it most resembles a FPS version of TF2, not a bad thing! I have primary been playing a Medic and have enjoyed it a lot, but certain aspects may need a bit of a tweak, for example adrenalin boost lasts a mere 5 seconds but these little things are somewhat expected at launch and will most likely get adjusted. Brink has done a great job of making teamwork important and the lone wolf style will generally not pay off. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 38
  2. Negative: 2 out of 38
  1. Oct 19, 2011
    Brink is destined to be a cult classic (on PC), for us fans of Quake Wars. Has no single player value but high entry difficulty due to tight team focus and sprawling maps. Good, but not nearly as damn good as Quake Wars. I like Brink but it is no wonder that most gamers don't. [June 2011]
  2. Jul 26, 2011
    Who would have thought that this highly ambitious concept would turn out to be such a bland game?
  3. Jun 24, 2011
    Brink's unique visual style and great customization options save the day. Although its core gameplay needs some polishing, it's a solid multiplayer-only experience nevertheless. [July 2011, p.81]