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Summary: The first graphic adventure by Tim Schafer in 16 years, Broken Age began with the help of a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign. Broken Age is a timeless coming-of-age story of barfing trees and talking spoons. Vella Tartine and Shay Volta are two teenagers in strangely similar situations, but radically different worlds. The player can freely switch between their stories, helping them take control of their own lives, and dealing with the unexpected adventures that follow.
Developer: Double Fine Productions
Genre(s): Fantasy
Cast Credit
Peter Chan Additional Art
Tim Schafer Writer And Director / Designer
Peter McConnell Music: Guitars / Electric Violin
Peter McConnell Music: Orchestration
Chris Schultz Character Animation
Clint Bajakian Pyramid Creative Director
Khris Brown Voice Casting, Directing, Primary Editorial
John Cygan Voice: Dad / Spoon / Conductor
Nick Jameson Voice: Marshal Dune / Knife / Announcer
Nathan Stapley Lead Artist
Sheldon Brown Music: Bass Clarinet / Clarinet / Crumhorn
Scott Campbell Additional Art
Brian Min Sound Design / Studio Art Director
Lee Petty Art Director
Alex Rigopulos Voice: Alex
Stephen Dickson Recording Engineer
Peter McConnel Composer
Masasa Moyo Voice: Vella
Jane Ng Additional Art
Anna Kipnis Lead Gameplay Programmer
Mike Forst Second Engineer
Nicki Rapp Voice: Dead Eye Courtney
Ginny Westcott Voice: Dead Eye Dawn
Brandon Dillon Platform Programming
Joe Kowalski UI Art
Wil Wheaton Voice: Curtis
David Kaufman Voice: Marek
Catherine Cavadini Voice: Car'l / Twyla / Candle Maiden
Jack Black Voice: Harm'ny
David Gardner Animation Outsource Coordinator
David Gardner Character Animation
Justin Rice Animation
Brett Kelly Music: Orchestration Conductor
Elijah Wood Voice: Shay
Paul Du Bois Platform Programming
Levi Ryken Art
Dave Russell Technical Art
Camden Stoddard Lead Sound Designer
Bert Chang Gameplay Programming
Oliver Franzke Lead Programmer
Ray Crook Lead Animator
Derek Brand Art
Chris Lam Character Animation
Pendleton Ward Voice: Gus
Kevin McAlpine Assistant Engineer
Grey Griffin Voice: Levina / Drucilla / Yarn Pal 3
Irene Sazer Music: Violin
Terence Lee Music
John William Park French Translation
Sergio Giner Baguena Spanish Translation
Florian Obereder German Translation
Greg Rice Producer
Emily Johnstone Art
Elliott Roberts Character Animation
Lydia Choy VFX And Technical Art
Adrian Melian Technical Art
Marius Winter Animation Intern
Brian Correia Sound Design
Paul O'Rourke Sound Design
JP LeBreton Additional Designer
John Bernhelm Additional Designer
Ben Peck Gameplay Programming
Matt Hansne Executive Producer
Malena Annable VO And Localization Producer
Su Liu Production Assistant
Cory Schmitz UI Art
Paul Levering Producer [2 Player Productions]
Paul Owens Director
Asif Siddiky Director Of Photography
Morgan Tucker Audio Post Production
Ricahrd Horvitz Voice: Walt'r / Space Weaver
Kristen Li Voice: Rocky / Yarn Pal 1
Jorden Carlsen Voice Editing
Nick Bozzone Recording Engineer
Karim Elmahmoudi Music: Orchestration
Chris Lawson Music: Orchestration Sound Engineer
Nick Mierisch Music: Orchestration Sound Engineer
Haig Burnell Music: Orchestration Producer
Beth Custer Music: Clarinet
Matthew Eakle Music: Flute / Bass Flute
Darcy Rindt Music: Viola
Jessia Ivry Music: Cello
Andre Zweers Recording Engineer
Judy Kirschner Recording Engineer
Jeremy Engel Second Engineer
Michael Roache Session Producer
Andrew Burton Music: Celeste
Oliver Straus Recording Engineer
Alex Yao Additional Director [Super Genius]
Greg Savoi Producer [Super Genius]
Kayli Edwards Animation
Dennis Rivera Animation
Rob Bekuhrs Animation
Brice Anderson Animation
Danny Labrie Pre-Production Coordinator
Gustave Leber French Translation
Philippe Colin French Translation
Pascale Cognard French Translation
Massi Sacchi Italian Translation
Riccardo Lausdei Italian Translation
Elisabetta Corapi Italian Translation
Christina Antoniou Bruschi Italian Translation
Arthur Preis German Translation
Benjamin Ottenbreit German Translation
Marlon Martinez German Translation
Laura Garcia Spanish Translation
Jesus Robla Spanish Translation
Natalia Brines Spanish Translation
Jack Black Voice: Harm'ny
Jennifer Hale Voice: Mom
Elijah Wood Voice: Shay
Cree Summer Voice: Morelia / Drumstick Maiden / Teleporter
Hynden Walch Voice: Ch't / M'ggie / Rose Maiden
Kate Higgins Voice: Bottled Water Maiden / Anastasia / Yarn Pal 2
Jamieson Price Voice: Dialog Tree / F'ther / Brommel / Husker
Catherine Cavadini Voice: Car'l / Twyla / Candle Maiden
Michael Miller Recording Engineer
David Gardner Animation Outsource Coordinator
David Gardner Character Animation
Wil Wheaton Voice: Curtis
David Kaufman Voice: Marek
Grey Griffin Voice: Levina / Drucilla / Yarn Pal 3
Brett Kelly Music: Orchestration Conductor
Justin Rice Animation
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