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  1. Feb 26, 2013
    Awesome style, epic music, brutal gameplay! That game is perfect, and not laggin textures, not promblems with animation in cutscenes can't change my mind. Wery good, and orginal multiplayer. THIS! GAME! IS PERFECT!
  2. Mar 17, 2013
    I honestly wanted to give the game a 10/10 on the base concept and the first trailer I saw years ago at a local gaming con even though it was console only back then, which meant I couldn't play it. Now it's out for PC and I started playing and got very confused. The setting, the characters, the story and the music is a unique combination, which makes it worthwhile to play through the game. Having a game, that is a tribute to the decades of great music that I love is incredible and that alone makes it worth the purchase.
    However in my opinion there are problems with core gameplay mechanics that drag the score down to a slightly above average 6. Namely the Deuce and the stage battles.
    The car itself caused me a lot of frustration alone. The way it handles (both with keyboard and my trusty gamepad) is just awful. When I start it up, it can't be turned, otherwise it'll turn 90 degrees around. Driving it through the obstruction filled landscape is hard, because when you reach a high speed it turns very slowly. It's basically a cool looking soap box. This made me loath every mission that included driving it (like when you have to follow the caravan AND gun down enemy bikers, or the time you had to trap fire beasts) and made me completely leave out the racing side missions.
    The stage battles are also a big minus for me. The first few aren't that bad, but the bigger the map gets and the more units you have, about Lionwhyte and onward, the battle becomes really chaotic and quite confusing. The selection of the solos and the units you want to make also feels a bit stiff. Many times I accidentally selected the wrong solo in battle and it caused me frustration. These factors make the stage battles harder than they should be and much less fun, even though I have to admit I love the units you can summon.
    All in all, I can recommend the game for metal fans, because they'll love the everything about the game's setting and the songs. It's worth enduring the frustrating problems, but those do bring down the score.
    Oh and there's graphics, Not cryengine or unreal 3, but I don't really care about graphics as long as the game has a good style and enjoyable content. and this one has even with it's flaws.
  3. Mar 11, 2013
    I WOULD NOT TRUST METACRITIC ON THIS ONE ....Is someone paying people to rate this game well? Not to mention only 17 actual USERS on PC took the time to review it. I got this game for free, and i don't know what to do... i really wish i hadn't even spent accepting the gift and installing it to my computer because it was NOT worth it, even for free. The game has NO replay value whatsoever, and not even any true game value either it is an over produced FLOP. THIS NEEDED TO BE SAID, AND I WILL BE VERY SUSPICIOUS (and probably not surprised) IF THIS COMMENT IS NOT ALLOWED OR TAKEN OFF. Expand
  4. Mar 16, 2013
    I would like to see more original games like this. This game is definitely unique. Graphics are quite decent despite reviews, just not realistically styled which there is nothing wrong with. Solid gameplay and storyline. I enjoyed the celebrities and the 80's Metal theme. I would have liked to see some more content and depth, but I cannot complain due to the genre and base price of the game. I forget that this is just an action game when playing it sometimes. The world is worthy of exploration. Well worth the price. No real complaints. Expand
  5. Mar 8, 2013
    It's an average button masher. Apart from the awesome setting, the insane music, the characters and humor i see nothing outstanding, nothing that would give this game a boost above games such as DMC or Darksiders. That being said, in a short period of gameplay i found quite a few bugs, artifacts and glitches. Nothing to cripple gameplay, mind you, but they annoyed the hell out of me. The gameplay mechanic is sort of clunky and unpolished, but it's a port so that was to be expected. It's a good game but nothing spectacular. Expand
  6. Feb 27, 2013
    This game is amazing. The soundtrack, the amazing music and the gameplay is just so much fun.
    There are a few bugs and a few unfairly difficult missions, but apart from that, it's a solid 9. Brutally good!
  7. Mar 13, 2013
    First and foremost this is a game by heavy metal fans for heavy metal fans. It takes a few different gaming elements, hack-n-slash, driving and RTS, and mixes them together with a healthy dose of attitude and playfulness. Sadly there isn't a single element in the game that hasn't been done better before but the end result is still very likeable, as are the characters in it. As for the music, well if you love metal it's just the best that's ever been featured in any game ever. If you don't then this game probably isn't for you anyway.

    I really like this game but can't honestly give it a higher score than 6. Consider it a sort of average. If you're a metal fan with a healthy sense of humour add 1-2 and buy it, otherwise take off 1-2 and stay away.
  8. Feb 26, 2013
    Realy great game!!! Metal Forever!!!
  9. Jun 26, 2013
    When I first got this game from a bundle, I looked at the metacritic score and it was decent. So I decided to play this since there were cards for it just released. I initially wasn't interested in playing as it was heavily influenced by metal which I'm not fond of. However, as I started playing right from the beginning, I totally liked the gameplay just 10 minutes in.

    I soon rushed
    the story in 10 hours, and got the hang of the game. Overall I would say this isn't a typical hack-n-slash but more of a metal-themed varied-gameplay Hack-n-Slash. The game is properly thought out and have various fun activities. Story line was okay IMO but the humour was surprisingly good. Voice acting was decent with dialogue from almost everyone. Expand
  10. Feb 26, 2013
    Finally, a game that is suppose to be FUN above anything.
    Very good humor. Very good graphics, the atmosphere is amazing, world is excellent, characters are fun, pleasent to look at and listen.
    Destructable environment, AWSOME MUSIC.
    Whats not to like?
  11. Mar 4, 2013
    Such a tragedy. I can understand all ratings between 0 and 7, but the 8-10 is just plain wrong. The game itself is bad. The Action parts are few and not outstanding, but still the best the game has to offer gamewise. The driving parts are horrible because the driving physics are the worst i have seen in ages. The strategy parts are a nice idea but the controls are garbage. Who wants to play a RTS where he cant control his units fluently? No one. Still the game has something that makes up for all the failures: The setting. Yes, I love Metal. And this game is such a great tribute to Metal, and it even does it in an intelligent way mostly. On Top of that the Characters are the best i have seen in Games for a while. A lovely bunch of Metalheads all around. I would give this a 10 out of 10 if it was a movie, but the actual playing part sucks so hard that it gets down to 5. And much difference to a movie isnt there anyway, since the game is only about 4-5 hours long. Expand
  12. Feb 27, 2013
    This game is somewhat original and very fun. Good story, awesome sound and music. The pricing is also acceptable. The downside is its graphic engine it is not terribad, but still bad. The fun part is that i get around 50 fps with everything maxed 1080p with rather powerful hardware which is strange considering actual rendering quality
  13. Jun 18, 2013
    It's a good game which is unfortunately held back by some rather bad and unintuitive controls for the RTS parts of the game. The last RTS fight was too much of a difficulty spike along with something of a "guide dangit!"-moment (tip: slowly build an army and after taking the first objective, suicidally rush the next objectives disregarding everything else)

    Buy it for being a fun RPG. Do
    NOT buy it to play the RTS part with friends, it is very lacking in this area. Expand
  14. Feb 26, 2013
    Easily one of the best games ever. Awesome soundtrack of the best metal songs ever, awesome hack n slash gameplay with platformer and RTS elements, amazing voice actors ranging from Jack Black and Tim Curry to Ozzy Osbourne and Lemmy. There's absolutely no reason not to play this game.
  15. Feb 27, 2013
    What they have done here is brought the platform game to the pc which in my opinion they should of done in the first place. if you love metal music you'll love this game and has jack black for comic relief.
  16. Mar 16, 2013
    Complete waste of money. Unbelievable heavy metal, Spinal Tap-esque game w/ Jack Black packaged in possibly one of the worst technical messes in history. Play a game like Arkham Asylum and get 60+ FPS at full max settings and then stare in utter and complete disbelief at this game which looks like something out of 2002 (literally) and has trouble running at 10-15 FPS. Your eyes will bleed at how badly this game runs. As bad as I wanted to continue the story I had to shelf this game after about an hour just due to how badly it runs. I had to lower this game to absolute minimum settings at -640 by 480- resolution to get anything playable and that is like 30-35 fps and needless to say it looks so bad it makes your eyes bleed. Maxing out the settings and it looks like something not bad out of say 2006 and runs at like 5 FPS. It seems the problem has to do with having a vast game world with all kinds of little things going on... in any case this for me, turned out to be a big waste of money. Art direction, music, writing are top notch.. but I wouldn't buy this game w/o trying a demo first unless you have no problems whatsoever with absolute minimum settings and running at 640 resolution like something out of 1999. Expand
  17. Mar 1, 2013
    Wonderful, delicious, awesome etc. licenced music with equally great soundtrack by Peter McConnell (just listen Raptor's Veld and Spirit of Bladehenge). Soundtrack features many genres, not just heavy metal gothic, black, fantasy, industrial (KMFDM, MM, Static-X for example) etc.
    Brilliant world (where else can you find a bass strings that were made from web of steel spiders?) and
    characters design. Graphics and visuals amazes me with many details and particles. Now it looks even better on PC with AO, AA and longer draw distance. Good and original sound, which consists of various guitar solos and noises, supplements a picture.

    Probably the weakest point of the game is gameplay itself. I mean it's fun, but from creators of Psychonauts i expected something more original, then gta-style slasher, even with some strategic elements.

    However i give this game 10/10, because i love Double Fine, i love Metal, and despite some minuses and several bugs, it's one of the best games that you simply can't miss.

    They can't stop us, let them try. For heavy metal, we will die!
  18. Mar 22, 2013
    Me want sequel now. awesome game, criminally underrated for its sheer awesomeness
  19. Mar 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I had been waiting for this game to come out on PC since I heard about it on console and expected it to be awesome and I wasn't disappointed!! I'm a HUGE fan of metal and this game conceptualised the genre very successfully and the selection of tracks was awesome to listen to while playing. Having been a huge fan of games like Darksiders (1 and 2), GTA3 and Giants: Citizen Kobuto I picked this game up fairly easily and got straight into the action. I found the Hack n' Slash elements a bit like Darksiders, the driving a lot like GTA3 and the RTS element a lot like the RTS element in Giants, just without the top down view, but Eddie can fly very fast so this makes up for missing the top down view just fine.

    I don't know why some people have given the graphics a poor review. I think the game had excellent graphics and the variety of environments matched the metal genre perfectly, especially the Black/Death/Doom side of things. The gameplay was incredibly intense and amazing amounts of FUN once I got used to it (Brutal Difficulty), especially during stage battles or hack 'n slash side missions and being able to do things like summon a Flaming Zeppelin using a guitar solo to kill enemies is beyond awesome.

    The Deuce is heaps of fun to drive once you get used to it. I don't understand why people said it was hard to control. It handled very similarly to the way cars did in GTA3 and if you're one of those people who wants to find a game with crap car handling to complain about, play GTA4. The jumps were tons of fun and also reminded me a bit of GTA3, just more metal! The story was great and the legends were awesome! It progressed at a decent pace, even with doing all of the side missions and gathering all of the collectibles in the game. Some people said the game was short and it's true (like many sandbox games) if you IGNORE most of it! I sunk 40 hours into this and all of those were incredibly fun. The voice acting is great. They got the big names and even characterised most of them in the game. This is a huge plus! When I first got the game, there were a few bugs that needed to be ironed out before I could play it properly (such as key rebinding issues and some save issues) but I posted these things up on the Steam Community boards and the devs took our issues seriously and support was amazing. The game engine was also really good. Normally console ports perform horribly on PC but I turned all the bells and whistles on with this one and never had anything but smooth game play the entire time, even in massive battles. As for controls, normally console ports are horrible in this arena too but Double Fine has really worked hard on making sure us PC users get a great experience. I would most definitely recommend that anyone play this, especially if you're into metal and even if you're not you still really should because it's so awesome and I really can't give this less than a perfect 10!!!
  20. Jun 7, 2013
    I just finished the game. Though it is a great metal tribute the gameplay feels really messy to me. If you don't expect it to be a great game you will have lots of fun.
  21. Mar 4, 2013
    Put simply, this is one of the finest games I've ever played. A solid third-person brawler with RTS and RPG elements, it tops off its winning formula with a killer soundtrack comprised of 70's metal and 80's hair band tunes that will be running through your head for hours after a play session. Look for cameos by major names in the music industry, including Ozzy as the Guardian of Metal! Main character Eddie, a rodie-turned-messiah, is voiced by Jack Black and is one of the most likable protagonists in years. The only flaw (and this is based on the PC version) is a wealth of annoying bugs, but the developers are working tirelessly to squash them. Expand
  22. Mar 19, 2013
    Played this for about an hour and uninstalled it... THought it looked interesting because I like this sort of music but seriously the graphics and gameplay are very poor... I don't know how this has scored so well...
  23. Jun 6, 2013
    I really enjoyed this game... for about two hours. The idea is fantastic, the humor is top-notch, the world is interesting and the voice acting is surprisingly solid (I fully expected someone like Lemmy to phone it in but he really doesn't). The actual gameplay, however, gets old very fast. Fights require little more than just button mashing, the whole RTS element just flat out doesn't work, the side missions will bore you to tears, the car somehow manages to be both slow and difficult to drive, and, worst of all, exploration is tedious since there's no minimap or compass (in fact, there's no HUD at all), and the main map isn't all that great either. There's just nothing good about the gameplay at all. It's the very definition of style over substance. And let's not forget how slapped-together the port is: right now the game has 14 updates, one of which supposedly increases performance by 20% (did anyone actually test this game?), and it still doesn't run all that great on my low-end machine despite the fact that it looks positively Medieval. A pretty big disappointment. Collapse
  24. Aug 12, 2013
    Setting, action, strategy and of course rock all tuned well. It's really the sum of it's parts that make this game such a joy to play individually they're average but together...together they make one helluva brutal legend.

    That's something I think a lot of the reviews here haven't taken into account, this is a huge mashup of genres and each part taken in isolation is worse then games
    focused entirely on them...that should be obvious...but apparently it isn't. The sum is far greater then it's parts though and well worth a buy. Expand
  25. Feb 13, 2014
    Brutal Legends greatest flaws are more based around poorly attempted RTS gameplay during massive battles as well as poor optimization and a bunch and a bunch of bugs, Yet despite all the flaws and sometimes flat dull humor the game manages to bring in this special kind of charming that compels you to continue playing with a very metal story line and great voice acting and cameos from some of the best well knowing metal artists, ozzy being one and having one of the BEST soundtracks ever created for a game, yet not quite as good as the soundtrack to hotline Miami i award Brutal Legend with a modest 7/10 for bringing back to the true Child of Stan for which i have kept buried until now. Expand
  26. Mar 5, 2013
    pure awesome and funny as hell, for every metal head its a must play.
    runs perfect on a pc and is playable with m&k and controller I use the Logitech f510.
  27. Mar 12, 2013
    Amazing game! The gameplay in all its aspects hack & slash, drive, exploration platformer & strategy) mixed with the great plot and (of course) the music makes this game essential to play.
  28. Mar 12, 2013
    The humor and music are just incredible, and the gameplay is a fun fusion of Action and RTS. I don't think any other game has left me with such a feeling of "HOLY COW THIS ROCKS".

    The PC port is really well done. Performance is great, controls are great, plenty of options to make it fit your PC. And at full HD with antialiasing, it looks so much better than the console version.

    thing you should know before playing: the game feels like a free-roaming sandbox at time, with side quests and exploration bonuses. Don't let that distract you; that side of the game isn't very rewarding. Just play the story and enjoy the heck out of it. Expand
  29. Mar 22, 2013
    This game is awesome. Great style, open world, epic music. 10 for being original and making me understand that there are still people there who respect and love metal.
  30. Apr 10, 2013
    Amazing! Good game, perfect ound track! Multiplayer is awesome! Jack Black are very crazy and this game is one of the bests! If you like rock'n'roll you need to play this!
  31. Apr 22, 2013
    Hi there, i really wished for this game for pc, im so into Double fine games and i like hard rock, however, it is a mixed bag: What's good: -Nice Graphics. -Nice Characters. -Nice Bandwidth. -Creative opening. -Nice Story. -A roaming world. -Creative enemies. -Some cameos and jokes are pretty funny. What's bad -A bit repetitive (specially secondary mission). -So so control.
    -Metal yes, but not enough hard to gets punk (it is my opinion).

    What's ugly
    -It is really hard to know what are my troops and what are the enemy troops.
    -Sometimes, it is really hard to know what to do.
    -The strategy part is a mess.

    However, sadly, the strategy part really ruins the entire game play.
  32. Apr 27, 2013
    Game mechanics? Well they're ok. Kind of like overlord but with driving and a bit more combat. But who cares! The setting is brilliant, the music is brilliant, the characters are brilliant, it's almost impossible to play this game without a grin on your face. Had more time been spent on the mechanics then this could have been a 10, as it is it's an 8 because it's an utterly ridiculous grin-fest!
  33. Apr 27, 2013
    Really awesome fun! Game play is about a 6 but the story, music and comedy make it so worth it! I haven't played a game this fun in a long time. Jack Black really made this character ROCK!
  34. Apr 30, 2013
    Absolutely brilliant game. Insanely good music, the world kicks ass and the combat is hectic. Literally the only downside is how poorly the Druid Plow steers. All praise to the Gods of Metal.
  35. Jun 29, 2013
    I really want to give this a higher score because there's so much to love but also plagued with other issues. Kind of a weird game genre wise; some Action, adventure, and RTS elements.

    Pros: As usual Double Fine absolute crushed it for originality, story and humor. This game couples all of that with great art and an amazing soundtrack.

    Cons: Short, took 9 hours and I did about 1/2 of
    the side quests (which get incredibly repetitive quickly). Had several issues during missions where the cutscene to advance would fail to proc and I'd have to reset from a check point. There's no minimap which ties into the next complaint. I love the idea for quest location tracking (huge spotlight) but in practice it wasn't very helpful. Would have much rather had a line system ala GTA.

    Minor personal complaints like minimap zoom resetting while driving (pretty sure it's caused by holding down gas which doubles as zoom in while opening map). No diagonal dodge, just Fwd, Back, Left, and Right. Driving controls are much less responsive than any other game I've played.

    Yet despite all those Cons, I'm giving it an 8 which should speak volumes about just how great the Pros are. Would love to see a similar concept kickstarted by Double Fine.
  36. Aug 7, 2013
    It has been a while since I do not play a game that has been so easy going, fun and funny. It reminds me very much of Heavy Metal F.A.K.K 2 released in 2000; carefree, upbeat, funny and easy to play. We need more games like this.
  37. Sep 22, 2013
    I would love to give this game a 10 score. The music, the setting, the incredibly fun story and great casting makes for a true masterpiece.

    However, the game fails in it's convoluted mechanics and controls. It's awesome to battle with axe and guitar, but the controls are clumsy. This goes especially for The Deuce (car), which is really hard to maneuver and outright frustrating in some

    Last but not least, the game gets really tangled in it's mechanics towards the end, in the stage battles and such. This overrall makes for a not so good experience.

    This game is worth every buck for it's story and tribute to rock n'roll alone, but let's not mistake it for something it isn't: the lack of polish shows.
  38. Oct 7, 2013
    Great game. I was impressed with the art-style. The graphics level is not super high, but it is good, and creates the mood and theme very well, It has a really satisfying battle and driving system, and it has a lot of variation in it such as: the strategy portion where you are the commander of a portion of troops, racing, and a beat them up in a open, WELL POPULATED world. The world is huge, but I never felt that it was a chore driving around. Although there are a few negative comments I have, which are: The initial part of the game is on rails ,which was hard to push through, and there are a few minor graphical errors where there is visual clipping in few cutscenes, but none in the gameplay that caught my attention, and that the opponent in the races does not seem to be affected by crashing into it. Expand
  39. Jan 7, 2014
    It's a good luck for me that I played that game. Action and Strategy mixed out well and gives you a chance to meet with rock universe. If you like rock music and metal also can play games, play it, you'll not be disappointed.
  40. Mar 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is great! I want a sequel! And the best soundtracks I've heard in games in the past 5 years!!
    Many thanks for the PC version of the game! You are the best!
  41. Mar 18, 2013
    I really was excited about this game after playing Psychonauts. Psychonauts was so weird and cool, and a metal game coming next?! It was a dream come true! I like Tenacious D and Jack Black playing the main character in Brutal Legend sounded cool; however, this game is no Psychonauts. It's strongly on rails, you go where the next quest is supposed to be, and you shoot stuff with your car. Yeah, it's that bad. The song that you're listening to is probably not even over when you get there. It has a good soundtrack. This game is basically a pile of dook, tho. Have fun! Expand
  42. Apr 30, 2013
    Well, I recently bought the game off steam last weekend and I have been thoroughly enjoying it thus far. I love the guest appearances by the legends of rock throughout the game; gives the game a nostalgic feeling. The story line is pretty decent for what the game is, which is; a battleaxe wielding guitar shredding bad-ass slaying demons, which if you've seen any of Jack Blacks' Movies you can pretty much see where ideas were pull from and then was placed into this game. The soundtrack is fantastic; there's nothing like beating down some legions and listening to Mötley Crüe or Manowar to get you in the mood. The game-play could use some work; I often find myself struggling to dodge while targeting and find this game at times to be more controller friendly even though it is on the PC. By dodging I don't solely mean the NPC I am on but other baddies around me as well. Upgrading Eddy was always fun to see the new abilities you would get and how that would affect you slaying the demons. I feel the same way about upgrading the Deuce. I do like the cut-scenes in the game, none of them got truly excessive and, if they were, they had a purpose to the game. The overall environmental and the blending of Rock attributes to the environment was fantastic, I mean exhaust pipe trees and spiders that spin metal guitar strings...haha awesome! Expand
  43. Jun 20, 2013
    Brutal Legend does a lot of things right. The visual design is great, the voice acting is nice, the dialogues are quite fun and the story is for the most part pretty good. Everything in the games presentation really screams out charming and the developers should have an applaud for that.

    The gameplay is however a little uneven. The gameplay can be divided into three different
    categories. Fighting, driving and rts.

    Fighting The fighting in this game works quite alright even though it never really shines. The presentation of it is quite nice,gorey and charming. The actual combat is however simply alright and perhaps a bit too simplistic. It is nice though that you can unlock new moves and the fact that you can battle with your guitar is a nice touch.

    Driving The driving looks really cool but the car doesn't really handle all that well. Which is a shame since the car looks really cool and its tough that you can customize it to your liking. I would also like to see more race missions since i found it to be pretty enjoyable to drive around the beautiful world despite the vehicle handling.

    RTS Doesn't really work very well. At first i found the rts-levels to be boring and a waste of time simply because of how easy they were. Later in the game however the difficulty goes up and short-comings of the entire systems becomes more apparent. Easy tasks becomes a chore because of the tiresome console rts mechanics. The stage battles are also extremely scripted, simplistic and lacks depth. This might be borderline acceptable on a console but its totally unacceptable on a pc. The games annoying checkpoint-system doesn't help either.

    Brutal Legend was for me despite its charm quite average. The games campaign is about 8 hours long and i would recommend it for a cheap price simply because of its great presentation and charm. People who are really into rock will probably enjoy it more than i. Be aware though that the gameplay could be a whole lot better even though it works fine for the most part.
  44. Jul 21, 2013
    If you don't look at this game as a serious action game you will love it. The classic rock audio really sets the mood and the humour makes it enjoyable.
    There is a story line that makes you want to complete the game. If you like rock/metal you will love this game.
  45. Aug 2, 2013
    Double Fine często zaskakuje nas pomysłami, tak było i teraz. Takiego klimatu Rocka może pozazdrościć nawet Guitar Hero, do tego świetnie wpasowany Jack Black, ta gra nie mogła się nie udać. Brutal Legend jest na prawdę ciekawą grą, wiele nawiązań do gwiazd rocka czy Rock&Rolla, fajny klimacik i główny bohater. Wszystko było by super gdyby nie to że Double Fine lubi kombinować, i w tym wypadku wręcz za bardzo przekombinował. Połączenie hack'n slasha z grą coś w stylu taktycznej to nie najlepsze rozwiązanie. Wiem że wiele osób może się dobrze bawić, jednak takie połączenie nie jest dobrze uznane. Do tego graficzne gra strasznie odstaje do konkurencji(tak wiem że nadeszło to dopiero po 4 latach na PC, ale czemu nie wcześniej? a nawet czemu DF nie poprawiło znacznie tej grafiki?), dochodzą do tego jeszcze nudne(nie wszystkie) misje po około połowie gry, po której twórcy zrezygnowali z większości poprzednich pomysłów. Widać bardzo nie wykorzystany potencjał rozgrywki jak i lepiej nie wykorzystany klimat Rocka. Moja ocena 7/10 Expand
  46. Aug 27, 2013
    Good music dont heal your frustration from bad game playing machanics when this game often ruins your hard try because it dont handle right. full of bugs
  47. Sep 12, 2013
    Apart from the music, this game is dreadful. The story is basically non-existent. The gameplay is clunky and the RTS elements are just confusing and detract from whatever game there is here. Would probably appeal to juvenile metalheads.
  48. Sep 12, 2013
    I recently got Brutal Legend for my PC after already getting it for my Xbox 360 back in 2009. This is a really good game filled with a great cast. The world and atmosphere is dead on perfect, it really feels like a world of heavy metal. The story is a bit confusing and may not appeal to some players but the game play well makes up for it. Defeating enemies with your guitar (as well as melting their faces) feels great! The driving and RTS segments are even used well and don't feel out of place. There are some highly memorable moments in this game (DECAPITATIIIOONN!!!!) and there are some really damn good boss fights.The only downsides are that once you complete it there is little else to do, it's only now, 4 years later that I'm playing it again. Also the online multi-player RTS is something I never had interest in but they could've not included this in the game at all so at least it's there if some people want it. Overall Brutal Legend is a visually stunning game with an ensemble cast that will keep you entertained for a decent amount of time. Highly recommended. Expand
  49. Sep 14, 2013
    If you have a single humorous gene in your body you will love this game, great fun, great soundtrack, great art. Loads of variety all packaged together with loads of style, humour and general cleverness
  50. Sep 16, 2013
    This is a VERY good game! I was slow to pick it up because, honestly, I didn't realize that it was a AAA title. Boy, was that a mistake! The soundtrack, even to a person who doesn't listen to a lot of metal, is amazing. We're talking like maybe 40+ licensed top 40 metal songs. The game features tons of professional voice work from Jack Black and other recognizable figures. The graphics are quite decent, the controls are great, and aside from the rather mediocre tower defense mini-games, the gameplay is fresh and amusing. This is a very good game! Expand
  51. Sep 25, 2013
    I like the idea of this game. The Developers did not have the same resources as bigger companies making sandbox games, like Volition, Rockstar Gaming or Ubisoft, and i actually think they knew that. What they've done with this game is trying to make it a little different from other sandbox games. For example you can do commands by playing guitar soloes, and if you fail the solo your command won't work. This idea is very good, and i haven't seen anything likely before. The way you pick your solo is just pretty clumsy, and when you're in a stressed combat you most likely hit the wrong command.
    There are different things in the game which i feel is a little clumsy, and the above is just an example.
    As i said earlier i like the idea of this game, but for some reason i don't really get catched by the game, and i don't really enjoy playing it.
    And considering what the game contains, i'd say the 19€ Steam price is pretty overpriced. Luckily for me i got it in a Humble Bundle. But if you can't get it on some kind of nice discount i'd recommend looking for another sandbox game. This site sells Far Cry 3 UPLAY code for 12€, which is a GREAT sandbox game
  52. Dec 7, 2013
    Interesting idea with mediocre execution. Trying to take in successful elements of other good games, but the team probably wasn't given enough time to work it through, and the end product is quite crude/simplistic in a lot of aspects. Also what I really dislike is the story-writing. Although I know Double Fine is a kind of known for focus on story, you just *can't compare big games with indie-games*, just like you can't compare Hollywood blockbusters with indie movies. In such kind of huge production, story is always the secondary element, and is probably rushed or hacked in order to fit some "gaming experience". At least in this story there exist quite a few inconsistencies/unsatisfactory plots that have sparkled debates online(well to me I think it's purely due to mediocre story-writing and nothing to be discussed seriously about). True, this kind of big game is mainly some entertainment product aimed at the mass market and is not intended to be treated as serious literature, but I still find the plot leaves much to be desired. Oversimplified progressions drive the story forward and the biggest plot twist is basically nonsensical and ridiculous. Also there is the thing that the ending is *clearly rushed*. I know that they have deadlines like we do and even the greatest RPG games suffer from similar problems, but it's still a kind of unfulfilling.

    With the above said, the overall the rock n' roll(specifically, heavy metal) feeling and so-called Double Fine humor(which I'm not really a fan of, as the same case in Psychonauts) is quite prevalent throughout. And if you are a fan of either of them this game is definitely worth trying. I actually find the game optimization quite acceptable. In my MacbookAir 2012 I can run the game quite smoothly with some of the special effects off.
  53. May 17, 2014
    It's a decent console port. While the game style isn't new, the setting is unique, which might or might not be to everyones tastes. I was actually more interested on the story and characters than the gameplay itself so I probably overlooked many details brought up by other reviews posted here. With that being said, I would say this is a fine game to play if you are into rock and metal music and you really enjoy the whole setting the game revolves to. Graphics are good considering the date the first version was released and how faithful they managed to portrait all known musicians/actors in game. Didn't bother with multiplayer. Expand
  54. Jun 10, 2014
    Pese a que tenía muy buena pinta creo que se queda lejos en todos los aspectos deseables de un juego que pretendía ser un AAA. A menos que te llame mucho, mucho la atención yo no lo compraría.
  55. Jun 16, 2014
    It´s Brütal Legends, its not GTA 3,4 5, or buckshot. And I like it, no, I love ! the humor of the figures , the enemies , the game-play, the real original and fantasy arts of Brütal Legends. I played around 5 hours, and made at that 2 or 3 steam-baskets. I wasn´t a meal freak, and Tim Schafer made and Jack Black made me one. Also I´m still wondering whether its the best metal game , or best game ever it for me. I guess metal hell doesn´t makes me weak ! Expand
  56. Jun 20, 2014
    I play both sandbox action adventures and strategy games a lot, and even though this should be a perfect game with the style and all that, it's just unplayable.
  57. Jul 19, 2014
    A Fantastic Heavy Metal Open World game, with famous cameos like Ozzy Osborne and many other heavy metal rockers, including also the infamous Jack Black, this game truly shows how much Double Fine know what they are doing
  58. Sep 2, 2014
    This game tries to fuse together something old and something new and the mix works great. This game also includes one of the best soundtracks of all time. There is some small glitches but nothing major and I know some people get turned off because Jack Blacks voice acting but I think it fits here perfectly. The humor in this game works and feels not forced at all and the characters are really well written. In some places this game is really underrated for some reason, it's not perfect but misses only nearly. If you like metal this is a game for you. Expand
  59. Nov 20, 2014
    Terrible RTS elements ruin what could have otherwise been a pretty good game. The hack and slash combat is good enough. Combine that with the rock soundtrack and famous voice actors and you have yourself a game destined to be popular. However, they added some RTS gameplay which takes up the majority of your time later on in the game and it's not fun and quite annoying. There is also a good amount of stability problems and framerate issues. A better tutorial to all the gameplay elements and RTS mode would have helped greatly. Expand
  60. Jun 6, 2013
    I really enjoyed this game... for about two hours. The idea is fantastic, the humor is top-notch, the world is interesting and the voice acting is surprisingly solid (I fully expected someone like Lemmy to phone it in but he really doesn't). The actual gameplay, however, gets old very fast. Fights require little more than just button mashing, the whole RTS element just flat out doesn't work, the side missions will bore you to tears, the car somehow manages to be both slow and difficult to drive, and, worst of all, exploration is tedious since there's no minimap or compass (in fact, there's no HUD at all), and the main map isn't all that great either. There's just nothing good about the gameplay at all. It's the very definition of style over substance. And let's not forget how slapped-together the port is: right now the game has 14 updates, one of which supposedly increases performance by 20% (did anyone actually test this game?), and it still doesn't run all that great on my low-end machine despite the fact that it looks positively Medieval. A pretty big disappointment. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 17 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 17
  2. Negative: 0 out of 17
  1. Sep 12, 2013
    If you look at its style and atmosphere, Brütal Legend is the amazing journey into the depth of the metal fan's soul. However, the game itself is not so special - stereotypical missions, not very optimized controls but mainly its malfunction game mechanics preventing Tim Schafer to reach the Metal Mount Olympus. Anyway, the game is working and entertaining at the same time. And that is the most important thing about this game title.
  2. Jun 10, 2013
    It’s like a frantic, crazy rock festival: you might have lost your shoes, you might have fuzzy recollections of vomiting, but you can’t wait to go back right in, as soon as possible. That’s what Brutal Legend’s all about. [April 2013]
  3. May 20, 2013
    I'll readily admit that I think Brutal Legend's style outweighs the substance of the game, but dammit, why should apologize for liking it more than I probably should?