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  1. May 25, 2011
    Caesar III is from the moment you start playing a captivating game. While not everone will agree with me on this, it's difficulty curve allows for both beginner and veteran citybuilder sim enthusiasts to enjoy the game. Despite this it is still a thoroughly complex and challenging game. It appeases both the general and the city planner in all of us through it's 'peaceful/aggressive' design of level selection. This same design also allows for a degree of replayability in a game. Although even without that aspect, the game is so entertaining and provides so much choice in how to design and manage your city that it would still manage to keep me immersed for far longer than most citybuilders. A feature which I believe is often underrepresented by game critics is that of music, and in this area, as well as any other, Caesar III excels. The music doesn't distract, keeping a largely ambient feel; yet it is sufficiently 'epic' to give to the experience of being a general/governor and eventually Emperor. I could continue talking about this game for an eternity, and still not do it justice. Regardless of whether you like or hate this style of game, I would fervently advise giving it a decent try.

    finally, while I may well gather a lot of opposition for this statement, I feel that Caesar III can unquestionably be called the Citybuilder upon which all future Citybuilers should be measured.
  2. CBZ
    May 1, 2013
    Excellent game,even today (after so many years), it's much better than many city building games.
    It's a pity they didnt do a good job with C4.

    The economy, society and military aspects are very well achieved in this game.
  3. May 19, 2013
    Its a great game. The visuals are good and the sounds are just enough for you to not notice them. Game play is that of sim city. Its a shame that is predecessor didn't do as well. If you like simulation builders this game is right for you.
  4. Jul 21, 2014
    Caesar III is a truly amazing game even for people who are not into city building games, given that you learn quickly. It is designed to try and test almost every single quality known ever. It requires your creative skills for the city designing, your logical and mathematical skills to calculate the demand, supply, services n products, blocks of land space, your emotional intelligence like patience, anger management and ability to focus is tested by the ever present unexpected problems and needs of the citizens and the Caesar along with the ratings that just wont budge up and the smallest changes that destabilize the whole city, and above all your ability of multidimensional management is tested by making all these things work together spontaneously. As and after thought, it may even improve psycho-motor fine movements ability as you build the city with your mouse! :P So its an engrossing and captivating game employing all the areas of your brain and comes with great music and visuals of working industries and houses that start from a small tent and build up to palaces as you provide more goods and services to them. As a non builder person myself, Ive enjoyed this game thoroughly and still continue to do so... Expand

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