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  1. Jan 10, 2014
    I love how the graphics move so fluidly, and not stuttering. The setting, though to me it seems outside the Lovecraft Landscape, seems to fit in with the various creatures/enemies encountered during play. As some other people have said on different sites, the game ends far too soon, but replaying it doesnt seem to get boring. A limitation on the number of items you can carry does force the player to make do with what they have. I encountered a couple of crashes, though nothing critical (mostly when trying to retart a level immediately after launching the game). A minor annoyance is how the view re-focuses on the selected player following an action (in many cases, thats not a bad thing, but there are occasions when it irritates you (Ill confess, I havent really messed around much with any hotkeys, so there may be a simple method around some of my nit-picking). Overall, though, I really enjoy the game, and place it in the category of Torchlight. And, the price is definitely a bargain. Expand
  2. Aug 3, 2014
    A thrilling turn-based strategy/RPG based on Chaosium’s classic pen and paper game and set in the gripping nightmarish setting of WW1. You control spellcasters and soldiers intent on thwarting a mad scientist, Kaul, who seeks to build an undead army out of the war’s dead people. Some have made a fuss about its controls; however they are clearly explained in the game’s short tutorial.

    remarkable indie title that becomes even more worthwhile with Kaul’s Diary, a DLC (now integrated in the Steam version), which serves as prequel and in which you play the evil side! Expand
  3. Aug 23, 2014
    If you are old and liked D&D Tomb of Horrors buy this. Most will want to avoid. Unlike real CoC, you are in battle all of the time and there is little RPG to this.

    The setting is a WWI battlefield which I don't remember Lovecraft writing about. Also, you lose sanity every time you attack a supernatural monster, as well as lose health as you cross through areas of nerve gas. So, if
    the baddies don't kill you, the gas and loss of sanity certainly will.

    The game mechanic/engine has issues too... it's often hard to click right where you want to take action. Also, some clicks on the edges of the screen to trigger character actions/activities inexplicably go through to the map that's "below" (underneath) the user interface. I send several of my characters wandering in unhelpful directions before I learned to pay attention.

    Unfortunately, searching for a solid Call of Cthulhu is a bit like unicorn hunting. This game gets parts of the atmosphere right, but the parts that are lacking override the experience for me. If you are a die-hard pen and paper person, you'll probably want to avoid this one unless you buy it at deep discount for a "what they hey" deal.

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  1. Aug 31, 2012
    Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land is obviously a tablet game and if judged in comparison to PC titles, it falls behind in production values. This confirms the notion that tablet and smartphone games don't display the necessary depth to hold the gamer for long, however, when compared to the average tablet game, it really shines. [July 2012]