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  1. Sep 19, 2013
    One really has to both commend Treyarch, as well as bewilderingly question how they managed to make a AAA-budget Call of Duty title, look, feel, and play like a low budget Call of Duty clone.
  2. Mar 7, 2013
    Hated MW2. Hated MW3. I was able to try this one for a short time. Couldn't wait to get angry and start raging on how bad this series is, and so off I played. After playing for 2 days of experiencing and trying basically enough, I have to say has improved. It hurts me to say, but it has few improvements over the previous games. First of, I liked how the perks are extremely few and unlike the previous, which many were useless and only few were good, now we get few perks and almost none are that useful and actually work as "perks". Instead, some of the "old" perks are now some sort of "attachments" to weapons which are unlocked by using them more often, and in here we also get the levels for weapons, which is a nice addition. They tried hard to balance the game, even by limiting our perks, weapons, attachments and everything with a limit of 10...which balances things....I guess? Weapons are still rather similar but they TRIED to make them different this time and I noticed few differences while using some of one would give less recoil...another would do more...but the same damage...? Arenas have improved as well: we get colors! Few, but it's so great to find more than 2 colors in an arena, without mentioning that I haven't played that many matches with campers (there were, but nothing impossible to counter). And jokes aside, they tried to make most of the arenas trying to be careful on blind corners...which unfortunely still are present, showing either that it's programming fault or their own choice. People will either think I'm joking or being serious but to be honest, the answer is just one: this game is still horrible, and that's no joke. While it has improvements over the others, it's still not worth a single cent on this game: weapons are still too similar and have the biggest fault of having no need to aim at all: just shoot and you'll kill (you might need to aim only on long distances); arenas, while cured a little more, show how graphics are HORRIBLE and simply unacceptable and while I accepted the graphics of the previous games, this one is totally unworthy of attention. And campers are still around in some arenas, so it's not fixed yet; balancing of the classes is still far from being even remotely good, letting us customize with just tons of useless perks (even if fewer than previous games) and overpowered killstreaks, which works with points instead of kills, but still can be a gamebreaker pretty easily and without letting you escape. This game is just mediocre, like the previous games, and while it may be a good purchase this time, the game is still expensive like day 1 and, in all honesty, you can spend those euros/dollars for much better games (and cheaper as well). If you ever find this game on discount (not gonna happen) you might give it a try and maybe even having fun until the next installment arrives (after that, this game literally dies). But seriously, if you want to play an arena based fps, with lots of weapons, with very low graphics, no real physics and simply fast pacing either Quake 3 arena or Unreal tournament. Expand
  3. Jan 5, 2014
    Black ops II, um no thanks. Not a fan of Treyarch developers period. If you want a real good CoD game stick with Infinity Ward developers..the original developers since the very first CoD. Black Ops games use a modified version of the IW engine, and personally they really screwed the pooch altering it. The last good CoD games are the original Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2. Treyarch just doesn't do a good job in balancing mechanics, maps, physics, etc. It feels odd and blah compared to Infinity Ward's design, it feels cheap. My recommendations for a CoD game for multiplayer..MW1,MW2,MW3. Stay away from black ops, that's coming from a person that has played them all completely through online. Expand
  4. Jan 31, 2013
    I played every title, that belong to the CoD-Universe. Some I like much, some not. What I can sure say, the genre is going down the drain. The single player BO2 is better than the BO. Especially in Germany where no original sound is possible. The single-player from BO2 is a bit boring. To much cut scenes where you cant do anything. The multi player is like, respawn & die, respawn & die, respawn & die, respawn & die, almost instantly. Levels a very small and cheats seen to bee always on. Expand
  5. Apr 23, 2013
    Black Ops 2 uses recycled ideas of sci-fi that Battlefield 2142 already accomplished back in 2006. This game is way too late to a series that is burning out fast. Same engine, done future weapons, simple level design, arbitrary recycled level-up system. Pass it, demand something fresh than the same tweaked recycled game every year. Baaaa Baa sheep.
  6. Nov 5, 2013
    Garbage. Not much left to say. Sick requirements, blocked FOV, broken preload, maps, graphics like in 2008 game, no changes in gameplay and no revolution in any way.
  7. May 2, 2013
    Nothing new, another copy and paste from the CoD series. When will people learn and stop making this game the best selling series of this generation. The people who play this game are just sheep's that shell out $60 every year to play the same game and pay for 3 $15 map packs every time.
  8. Apr 5, 2013
    This is the worst FPS I have ever played. I was expecting it to be bad, but not as bad as this. The campaign is rubbish, the AI are retarded, and everything was buggy. I couldn't get past the first level because nothing wanted to work and all the enemies ran towards you despite a ton of allies nearby. Multiplayer is slightly better, but nothing new. Maps are generic. Zombies is the only step up. Much more stuff in it and better maps. Tranzit is pretty cool. The graphics are crap. Absolute crap. It looks like the kind of game that was released in 2005 (Im playing on High graphics).
    I am very disappointed, what a waste of money. I guess it would be better for consoles, since it has lousy graphics. If you want a FPS game that's has graphics, a campaign and guns, get this.
  9. Mar 6, 2013
    Another copy and paste from every other Call of Duty for the past few years. Basically milking you 59.99 for expansion content. Call of Duty use to be awesome...and then Activision came...This game offers NOTHING significantly new in terms of content and graphics etc......and is just a cash cow milking YOU, the consumer
  10. Jan 6, 2013
    If this wasn't a call of duty game, no one would have cared. The single player campaign is one of the most generic piles of manure I've had the misfortune to play. It's a shame because I actually enjoyed BLOPS1's single player campaign. The multiplayer is what you'd expect for a Call of Duty game. After nearly 5 years, not much has changed. Hopefully this franchise will die soon.
  11. Mar 16, 2013
    I was going to buy this game for sure as I really liked BO1, but after the release before I got to a shop several my friends advised me not to buy this game as it's totally sucks... I usually don't take anything on trust and usually recheck the info by my own, but after my bro said it sucks, I decided not to buy and wait until the game fully patched. And several months after on Steam I had possibility to try the MP during weekends. I tried... Maaaaaa, what a facepalm: graphics sucks totally, weapons suck, maps nothing special, and... already up with cheaters... Cool... I played 3hrs and deleted it without any doubt. After that I decided to look at SP, of course I had to pirate it, a there's no demo, and MP showed the game sucks totally. SP I deleted even not finishing first level same graphics (OMG ITS 2012 already, even MW3 has better graphics than BO2 how can it be?!!), stupid uninteresting plot for 9-year old kids, control sucks. So after all I'd like to thank my friends for warning, Steam for free ability to see there's nothing to lose even in MP. I really love CoD series since first MW (I had no possibility to play earlier CoD games), but BO2 is a big leap back to the 90s, the game sucks totally.
    0 score is max for the game.
  12. Mar 15, 2014
    Call of Duty game that actually tries to improve over previous ones, and does that pretty good. People giving it a low score expected...I don't know. Probably a completely different game than CoD is. We already got improved graphics, way better and more numerous killstreaks, bunch of interesting maps and futuristic theme to weapons and gear as opposed to modern theme. We got campaign with MULTIPLE FREAKING ENDINGS IN A CALL OF DUTY GAME YES THAT'S RIGHT. If this is not an improvement I dont what is.

    - Best (arcade) shooter mechanics out there
    - Deep customization supporting different combat roles (like sniper, rusher, assault, support, covert ops etc.)
    - Just enough unlocks to keep you from being bored
    - Campaignthat is pretty interesting with multiple endings
    - Graphical improvement over previous CoD games albeit not huge

    - Not everyone likes CoD's arcade style of shooting and for some that's a deal breaker
    - If you buy this for campaign, remember that it's only 7-8 hours long (seriously, buy this for the multiplayer)
    - It can get boring once you get to prestige once or twice
    - Greedy DLC policy with most maps unavailable unless you pay another 60 $ to activision

    This is the greatest CoD game since Modern Warfare 1, at least for me. Highly recommended to shooter fans. Don't listen to idiots who hate it because of their tiny genitals. Gets a nice 8/10.
  13. Mar 9, 2014
    The reason for making a new version is to make it better than the first. This game is okay but I don't like it. It has nothing special unlike the first.
  14. Feb 5, 2013
    Excluding single, multiplayer mode is something for 3 year olds. Only thing you have to do is press w and left mouse button. This comes to me really ridiculous and childish. It being so simple makes me feel bad when 3 year olds shoot down you. I totally regret wasting my money on this noobish game. I look for a game which needs skills, and something for grownups, not for babies.
  15. Mar 21, 2013
    This is my review -
    Story 0 4
    Graphics 0 1.5
    Multiplayer 0 2.
    Co-op 0 2
    Other Modes 0 0.5

    So story is a 1-4 Graphics is 0.5 1.5 Multiplayer is 1.5-2 Co-op is 2-2 there isnt other mods soo im add 0.5
    The total is 5.510 I mean this game is not that good dont buy it it crashes all the time on Pc for me.
  16. Apr 16, 2013
    The problem with Black Ops, and most of the CoD series, is that there's no challenge in most of the series. It's extremely under-rated and the gameplay is just the same over, and over again. Most game developers would at least add something new to a game to make it that little bit extra enjoyable, but no, they decided to add zombies instead. Come on, this is 2013, not 2005.
  17. Mar 26, 2013
    Guys guys guys THIS GAME IS NOT OPTIMIZED.
    Runs quite badly on a HD6850 and an AMD Athlon II X2 255 3.0 GHz Dual-Core and 4 GB of RAM and in some crappy laptop of a friend that can barely run TF2 it runs great. Unbelievable.
  18. Jun 17, 2013
    Who, how and why is comparing this game to Counter Strike? I bet most of fanatics of this game are children whom never seen different game then this one. No recoil, no objective, no point. Waste of time and money. Even as big fan of FPS I can tell, this game is not worth any attention.
  19. Apr 30, 2013
    This isn't a game, this is a bad joke. Another console on the PC. No gamesave only control points, so if you die, you have to watch all the cinematics allover, because there's no skipping... And play the last 10-15 mins over again. But I don't want to replay, I want to play!! If it freezes, and it does, you have to start the whole chapter again. Sometimes, you just don't know what to do like the russian tank vs. horse scene. You smash the buttons in vain but for no avail. The controls were left on the consoles... That's where I left the game. There are so many other out there. I swore many times never to buy a game before try it out because I think many game companies just sell sh*t and lie about it. And after you've bought it there's no help (see the shameless Crytek-EA, too). Games like these make pirating stronger, because nobody would want to pay for sh*t like this... So I'm off for pirating from now on. I'll be only paying for games that worth it. So should you. Expand
  20. Dec 8, 2012
    Feels like the same old CoD all over again. Really disappointing graphics on the PC. Poor widescreen support and all for a hefty price. Wishing I didn't spend my money on this game now.
  21. Jul 5, 2013
    Bought this game on release date to this day i still havent played one single online match due to constant disconnects this is the very very last time i ever buy anything todo with call of duty ever again i seriously will have nuthing todo with anything call of duty do not buy this game under any circumstances just look at the user review scores save urself the money and go buy sumthing else
  22. Feb 2, 2013
    This game isn't anything special. The graphics are okay and the engine has a nice tiny change to it. But a really bad part is no console commands. The game runs at a maximum of 60 fps, which just makes the whole game hard to play, with such low fps. The campaign is honestly, very boring. I absolutely cannot attach myself to it, no matter how much I try. The zombies was a part of the game I was really looking forward too. But I was actually very disappointed. Tranzit introduced a new way of playing zombies, traveling by bus to all the locations in the map. It was a good idea, but Tranzit honestly just doesn't define it will. The gameplay is very slow and boring. Then the Survival maps you get play on, are just different sections of Tranzit, so in total you get only 1 map. But the Grief mode actually is quite fun, but barely anyone plays it sooo...... The multiplayer is okay. The maps I have to admit are well done, but like mw3 there are lots of OP guns which makes the gameplay get very old FAST. They did also make entering Prestige Mode actually "Worth" it now that they tweaked it. But the multiplayer is just designed for a bunch of 10 year old kids on their little suckbox consoles. Expand
  23. Nov 24, 2012
    Anyone who tells you this game is better than MW3 is a liar. This game just reminds me why i hate Black Ops and just Treyarch in general. They have no idea how to develop a map or put spawn points or even allow someone to knife. If you gave this game good map design and good spawn points it would be okay, but instead its basically a CF the whole entire game(CF is a Cluster **** if you didnt know)
  24. Dec 31, 2012
    not what I expect, Activision,Treyard gave less weight to online, for which it is famous. Single player(campaign) is better than multiplayer.We have a big development in Zombie mode
    Even there is no game so well made as much Modern Warfare 2.
  25. Jul 29, 2013
    LOL, its obvious that Activision, Treyarch, and Infinity Ward has bought critics to give them positive score. Just LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL..........
  26. Dec 5, 2012
    Call Of Duty : Black ops 2 provides nothing so spectacular to make it par...but still it has some good moments. The story is quite nice but the graphics hasnt improved a lot...there are unnecessary dx11 usage..and price of the game on itself is the feels sad when u pay a lot for something but dont get exactly what u pay this case u need to force ur self to like many users are saying " It's the same tired formula they used in black ops. " is mostly true... Expand
  27. Nov 27, 2012
    I don't know why peaople say that this game sucks and that it is awful. What did they expect?
    I really liked the game, mainly because MW3 was a piece of crap. It was boring, and exactly the same as MW2. Now here comes Black OPS 2, with some new elements, and people don't like it either. It was a pleasant surprise to me, because I thought it would be the same as other COD games, but it was
    something -partially- new. They didn't go too far with the future missions, but the past was kinda good as well.
    The graphics of course was not that big deal, but there WERE moments (not so many, though), when the game looked just beautiful. In conclusion, I liked the music, liked the plot, and the story wasn't that bad either, so I think it is enjoyable, and it is good, if not for else, but for relaxing.
  28. Dec 25, 2012
    The singleplayer portion of this game was absolutely amazing, the story more so than the gameplay, while black ops 1 had an amazing singleplayer too, black ops 2's campaign was just mind blowing. The multiplayer however, was new and somewhat fun, and it has stayed fun to this day, due to this being the PC version, there are much less issues with connection than the xbox360 version and therefore the online multiplayer mode is much better. The zombie mode was somewhat fun, but they didn't change it enough for me to consider it 'amazing'. Expand
  29. Sep 14, 2013
    The campaign isn't that bad, although not as epic as MW1. The graphics and sounds are okay, the playtime a bit sort, but offers some replayability if you want to get all achievements and endings. The gunplay, however, was a bit strange; I missed 2/3 of the time on moving targets, maybe due the fact that they turn 90 degrees instantly, or maybe the recoils were set higher than usual. The Strike Force missions were somewhat frustrating, the unit AI wasn't on the top, I almost lost them on most occasions. Anyway, it is an acceptable addition to the series and a buy at a reduced price. Expand
  30. Sep 3, 2014
    For me this game was second CoD i played. The first one was CoD 2, so i cant say if this game is copy paste from past CoD games. The game as whole is good, i really dont get the bad score, the single player is solid and multi player is not bad either. The main problem in single player are the past missions, witch are boring, the sci-fi missions are good, but i dont know why they made these flash back missions. Expand
  31. Nov 20, 2012
    I'm not sure why the graphics are so bad all the time when Treyarch is involved. You would think someone could just at least rip off the ones being used in Modern Warfare. Is there just a outright lack of talent over there? This game seriously feels like something inbetween Counterstrike 1.6 and Counterstrike source. The sound is terrible, again, like in original Black Ops. For those who don't actually know this, a good sound engine mixed with good heaphones can be up to 30 percent of kicking ass in a FPS. This game just doesn't allow for it. It all sounds like a muddy mess mixed with fire crackers going off (grenades). Their vision of the the future is pulled out of some kind of 80's movie. I felt like I was playing a lesser version of Perfect Dark 64. Still give it a 5 because its a new game with new stats for me and I enjoy going 2.7+ kpd in peoples faces regardless. Plus my friends are playing it and I will just learn to deal until something else pops up. Expand
  32. Nov 17, 2012
    I bought this for the multiplayer and I was disappointed to see that the promised dedicated servers are not in the game. Apart from the awful matchmaking experience and laggy game sessions, no anticheat and no server admins the game has been a fun(ish) experience so far but I would not recommend playing Black Ops 2 competitively (if you play for a clan for instance), as it will only annoy. With aimbot/wallhack videos up on Youtube already it's clear that the PC community has been ignored entirely by Treyarch, which is a shame.

    I have to mention also that their preorder offer of a free map (Nuketown) has already created a subclass of players; those that have the map and those that don't. I remember the days when Infinity Ward and Treyarch used to give their players free maps and didn't try to wring every last penny out of us. Day 1 DLC is not the way to win fans.

    It has always been a popular franchise and they will always sell copies - I myself have played all of the games since the original CoD, but since the game started to be made primarily for consoles it has gone downhill on PC to the point where this will by my final CoD game.
  33. May 10, 2013
    The most biggest steaming piece of S*** I've played for a long time. Campers & Hackers that's what this game is about. I'm never going to play this garbage ever again and i recommend that no-one should try it either.
  34. Nov 5, 2014
    I dont understand other people opinion about this game. Theyre wrong about this game... Its the best game from Acitivision since Modern Warfare. The best graphic and okay! I agree that is old engine all the time... but the most important in game should be not graphic but only plot! Multiplayer have a lot of improvements in comparision with previous versions! New killstreaks, weapons, perks... All this things make that game a lot better! In my opinion this game is the best FPS shooter! Grpahics are amazing, optimization is very good and the zombie mode add to this game something which makes You: "WOW! Must play this!" and yeahh... this is true. Everyone must play this game and check it yourself! Dont listen opinions from Battlefield fans that this game is **** im not fan of COD but this title get 10 score from me and every really players on the world!
    +Music (amazing soundtrack!);
    +Multiplayer and zombie mode;
    +Scripts, scripts + scripts! Hollywood movie!;
    Ng1n3eR SCORE - 10/10
  35. Nov 4, 2013
    The game is horrible, its the same as it's previous games. Gameplay's the same, Game engine's the same, it aint DX11... its still DX9.0c.. no physics, nothing. The only good thing is that it runs on Intel HD cards. The future war of the game feels like a mix of Crysis and BF2142. The sound of the game is pants, bullets are more quiet than the soundtracks, and if you ask me, the soundtracks are really cheap! atleast the zombie mod is better than the previous. This game is just a marketing trick of Acitivision, same thing as EA or Apple is doing... marketing crap for high prices. It was nothing but a waste of my time! COD series is dead... Expand
  36. Nov 18, 2012
    Game is good don't expect any fireworks or fantastic graphics it is another call of duty a little better then other the multiplayer is awesome single is realy good a thats it .
  37. Aug 15, 2013
    While this game is very addicting, I give this game a 3 for the fact that it's essentially the same game just with a twist. Still raging 12 year olds on MP after you kill them, same perks and killstreaks that just cause frustration after you've worked so hard to get then just to be killed by a camper. The weapons are all the same, they just all shoot really fast, hell, the shotguns can kill long range.... LONG RANGE FOR A SHOTGUN! And the snipers are even better at close range. And referring back to the kids screaming on the mic, on all of the servers I played on, they were saying that this is the most realistic game on the market, if you want realism in a military game, play ArmA 2! How is this game realistic? The die if you get knifed in the foot, no bullet drop, what so ever, perks that let you reload faster and not appear on a UAV, only 2 attachments allowed for your gun, the list goes on. This is possibly the most overrated game I have ever played, some how being more overrated than Zelda and Halo. Do not buy this game, spend your money on a good game like Half Life. Expand
  38. Nov 19, 2012
    There are some welcomed changes and fun moments in this game, but for the most part it's still a heavily scripted spunkgargleweewee.
    Some of the future missions are fun to play through. But there are still a lot of heavily scripted encounters that will screw you over if you don't do it the exact way the developers wanted you to. On top of that there are still some bugs in single player at
    the moment. Expand
  39. Nov 20, 2012
    This game is perfect its nonlinearity is already a miracle for this series.Appeared a lot of many things/ TREYARCH I am glad that brings a new try to do something as opposed to Atctivision.Music is very beutifull.Oh graphics too old but she is saved by design of Future.Story - 9. Sense with numbers somewhere go out.Reznov ..... so real or not.
  40. Dec 1, 2012
    Writing a review for this game is lost time: I must say the same things as any other post-CoD4 Call of Duty: bad graphics, bad gameplay, bad multiplayer.. we are in 2012 but still stuck at 2007. Nothing new, nothing positive.
  41. Nov 24, 2012
    So, let starts from where we should. It's campaign, is great, based on 2025 and in the old times. Zombies, is zombies, like always, a great job. Then Multiplayer, it's not a "WOAAAAAAAAAAAAH", but it's fine overall, maybe some damn campers or knife runners but that doesn't ruin your experience. People that cries about graphics is just noob, tell me one game that doesn't reuses sound and models / textures. If you go crying around graphics but not gameplay then you need to kill yourself.

    Game is fine, it could've been better.
  42. Nov 24, 2012
    a fine direction to become the best from the franchise ever...
    +player choices
    +customized gear
    +multiple endings
    +strong plot and characters
    now the the minus
    -Strike Force mode is sucks
    -stupid A.I
  43. Nov 28, 2012
    Having played every COD to date and hating the last few, The multiplayer is definitely a downgrade from BLOPS1 as I was expecting. But I was surprised at how well done the single player campaign is in BLOPS2. Was expecting a constant over-the-top BS extremeness level throughout the whole campaign, but it was paced quite well with some slower stealthy parts, and I enjoyed the story more than BLOPS 1 and in fact every other call of duty so far. The motion captured animation and facial animation has a big part to play in this. The dialogue was also a big improvement.

    I think the real reason why I liked this was the believably "semi" futuristic setting and technology. I got a definite Deus-Ex:Human Revolution vibe from this game. The gunplay was solid/snappy, and the perks/modification system featured throughout the campaign, which lets you play missions with the weapons you want.

    Another improvement was that there weren't any more infinitely spawning enemies, There never was a moment where I grew frustrated merely from being overwhelmed by numbers or explosive spam, which was common in previous COD SPs.

    Graphically this game is really a step up, and there is a huge noticeable difference. They dont shy away from color, and the game looks very nice and detailed. I also thought the music was pretty decent. However, a lot of the guns sound the same (a bit tinny).

    But most people play COD for the Multiplayer and I have to say that it sucks. The good old MP days of COD 1, 2 & 4 are well and truly gone, as this is just another iteration of MP that has got it more and more wrong.

    The MP has been disappointing so far; Most weapons are simply too accurate and powerful, which boils down to highest rate of fire/mag capacity usually winning. Some of the perks and attachments are easily exploitable. The maps are also a bit too porous and very easily campable, and the spawning system is not ideal. The hit registration seems off/delayed. It is very clear that this is a casual shooter designed so that anyone can easily get a lot of kills, and the skill cieling is not very high.

    There is no server browser and the UI doesnt map well to PC in many parts. You cant see your ping, and servers are joined through matchmaking or partying. Half the servers I have joined have recurring lag spikes every 2 seconds, and I am not the only one experiencing this. Sensitivity settings are not fine-grained and low enough (no dev console), and FOV is capped at 90. However, there is greater weapon, perk and build variety.

    Overall this game has an engaging single player, but the multiplayer is lacking. If you are a fan of futuristically themed SPs, give it a try. However, if you are looking for a solid competitive FPS, you are better off looking elsewhere.
  44. May 25, 2013
    Meh... They've tried to do something, but it's the same thing over again. Old graphics. MP is boring and almost exactly the same, small generic and boring looking maps with campers and annoying people. Campaign is just...just *BLARGH* The same cliche American soldiers saving the world crap. Zero innovation. If you want a FPS experience, go find a good ol' fashioned copy of TimeSplitters or a copy of BF, Perfect Dark, 007:Nightfire (GCN). Seriously, I don't expect anything from this series anymore, not even their next-gen title Ghosts. 3.5/10: Awww JEEZ!!! You really cannot give us the same crap 3 years in a row Already removed from my Hard drive Expand
  45. Dec 4, 2012
    Solid overall, but not enough new features for a good review. This game is fun to play on multiplayer and zombie game modes. If you really want to you can play story mode, but it is like all COD story modes.... LAME
  46. Dec 5, 2012
    This is the first Call of Duty game I bought since COD 4 and will also be my last. First, lag in multiplayer is unacceptable. I've been a PC gamer my entire life starting with the Quake/Doom days and never seen multiplayer lag this horrible. It seems to punish fast connections and being on a 100mbit fiber line, I always feel like I'm getting screwed over every fight. They forgot to calibrate the compensation because its a POS. What a waste of money. Single player is a joke. Acting is laughable and missions are boring and the graphics/sound are way worse than multiplier. Action is high but over the top insane and it there is really no point to it all. Game is now uninstalled. Expand
  47. Dec 5, 2012
    Nothing new, just for the guys who played black ops I and want to follow the story,i am a lil disapointed thou because i wanted more missions, its too short, the new and good stuff its that well you got different finales. Didnt like too much the gameplay, (compared to modern warfare versions, multiplayer its gayish with aaaalll those new gadgets but its funny thou with friends, its a different type of strategy. This Christmas if I choose between cod black ops II or Battlefield 3 I definetly choose Battlefield 3. Expand
  48. Dec 7, 2012
    The same thing again!!! Anything new in multiplayer, and the single player whit dx11 grpahics,.. well i dont know where... it seems that the game was made in a hurry! If you buy only because the multiplayer, and know no one more go play mw3, buy this crap!
  49. Dec 8, 2012
    I bought the game for 95 złotych it's like 33 US $. Good price so I started playing the campaign and it felt terrible. Bugs, glitches not running smoothly on my PC. I have a i5-2500, GF 560, 8 GB Ram Win7 and the game was running like crap. BF3 on highest runs well this crap uses the same engine since CoD4 and I can't run it properly ... stop playing after 6 missions.
    Then there is
    the Multi... cheaters, laggs all the time and even more glitches. Got to the first prestige but you can't play without lags gor 20 Mbit Internet Connection and I have lag... ALWAYS! No problems on BO1, MW3, MW2 or BF3 only on BO2. The game is a huge let down. Don't buy it it's a waste of money. for 59$ you can get BF3 Premium much more worth it! Expand
  50. Mar 25, 2013
    Call of Duty PC=a big load of donkey Sh*t. There's nothing more to say then that.
  51. Dec 24, 2012
    Хорошая игра в серии,неплохой сюжет,интересный геймплей,но ужасная графика,мультиплеер затянет не на один десяток часов. Expand
  52. Aug 25, 2013
    Black Ops 2 can be a good multiplayer game, if luck is on your side.
    Because luck is what you need to get a good game going in the multiplayer mode. Where previous CoD versions had good or even half decent lag compensation, this game falls flat on it's face in that regard.
    Too many times will you empty half a clip in your enemy only to have him turn around and drop you like a fat chick
    on an American Idol audition.
    Now, it is claimed that the PC version of this game runs on dedicated servers hosted by Treyarch but you wouldn't really notice from experiencing how horrid the netcode in this game is.
    Couple that with not so great balance between the guns (SMG's, shotguns and LMG's rule the roost) and you're left with a pretty frustrating online experience.
    Singleplayer is the same formulaic (and too often boring) CoD experience and the addition of horribly boring strike force missions doesn't help in this regard.
    Call of Duty is on it's last legs and it shows, the total number of players you will see online at the busiest time of the day is around 15,000, people are done with this game and so am i.
    Time will tell if Ghosts will be better, but i wouldn't pre-order it if i were you.
  53. Dec 29, 2012
    I haven't played the zombie mode yet, but I haven't been a fan of that since WaW. Single player..... You've played it before, with hollywood cliche near misses all the way through. Even some of the levels look repetitive, it's just boring really. If you want CoD for single player go back to CoD4. Multiplayer has got me hooked though, especially the close quarter maps. It just feels like a fresh of breathe air on the series, some may like it, most probably hate it but that's fine. A big disappointment is lack of dedicated servers, but the auto find game thing is really fast compared to MW2/3. I like this, but not as much as the original black ops, if you have that, you basically have this game minus future weapons etc. Expand
  54. Jan 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Christmas, birthdays and Call of Duty come but once a year. Regardless of the gaming communities somewhat conflicted opinion on the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 offers a refreshingly futuristic look into what the series could offer. Not only does the 2025 theme complement the all out online warfare like a moth to a flame, but the campaign links beautifully with its predecessor and the infamous Zombies game mode returns packing even more of a punch!

    The campaign mixes both its 2025 outlook and flashbacks to the Vietnam days of the original Black Ops game to create a compelling and action packed storyline that will immerse you into the world of David Mason who is rivalled against an old family foe, Raul Menendez. To accompany both are an arrangement of cybernetic machinery and an army to operate it. The idea of combining flashbacks linked to the predecessor and the 2025 storyline was ingenious and kept the campaign uplifting. The ability to introduce an RTS aspect to the Call of Duty series made a surprisingly comfortable fit and would benefit future games of the series to explore this aspect further.

    The multiplayer side to Black Ops 2 is what many would class as the main attraction to any game within the series. Class customization, powerful weapons and no mercy killstreaks allow any soldier on the battlefield to rain hell from above. The all new create-a-class, or create-a-class- 2.0 as some are referring to as, allows you to fully customize your class to tailor your needs. Want 2 perks from the same slot? Go for it! Want 3 attachments to dominate the opposing team? Attach away with 10 points to appoint wherever you want them! With 14 multiplayer maps and an exclusive Nuketown 2025 map (only available with purchasing the Nuketown 2025 edition, Hardened Edition or the Care Package Edition), you can release carnage around the world!

    Treyarch have also taken action towards the community helping keep the game clean and enjoyable for everyone to play by incorporating a report system that allows players to report people during the lobby for inappropriate language, inappropriate emblem, cheating or boosting.

    The infamous Zombies mode is the home of guts, gore and all that is deemed gruesome and Treyarch have gone in all guns blazing with new maps, new guns and new game modes! The Grief game mode pits two team against each other who have the decision to work together against wave upon wave of zombies or to fight it out to be the last team standing! Tranzit takes you on a journey through 'Green Run' however the path you take is up to you. Walking would keep you fit and healthy to fight off masses of zombies but why not take the bus for a more pleasant trip to each of your destinations? The classic survival mode is also making its triumphant return due to it's addicting nature clearly proven from fans of the original Black Ops and with 4 maps to choose from, the zombies game mode in Black Ops 2 will suffice your entertainment needs!

    The graphics Black Ops 2 has to offer are pleasing to the eye. Being a PC gamer, the PC version like many other games allows you to fully customize the graphical side to make sure that the game runs as smooth as possible. An additional option to the graphical side is the Field of View adjuster, or FoV, which allows you to change how much you can see on the screen at any one time. In previous Call of Duty games, an external application had to be downloaded and used in order to change the FoV so it is nice that Treyarch have shown some dedication to its PC fans.

    Unfortunately, what prevents this game from a 10 is the ability for Treyarch to act upon certain annoyances which are shared throughout the community within the multiplayer side of Black Ops 2. Firstly, the effect of an EMP grenade on an enemy player is a ridiculous period of time, disabling the player from both their HUD and their killstreaks awaiting to be called in. Even with the perk 'Tactical Mask' which lowers the effect duration does not do a noticeable difference. Also, the reporting system can be used against a player for the simple reason of disliking them. The mode 'Ground War' is a 9v9 game mode and if an opposing team of 9 dislike a player, they can abuse the report system to suspend or ban an undeserving player.

    However, the negative points I hope will not dampen your opinion of the game too much as a fellow gamer who has been playing this game since it's release in November 2012, will fully commit to stating Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 as one of the best in series so far.

    Your move Infinity Ward.
  55. Aug 16, 2013
    This is a really bad game and marks the death hopefully of COD as we know it dictating a total revamp of the series. I got halfway through the campaign and even though I usually finish most games couldn't drag myself to the end of this and uninstalled it. Skip all the annoying Strikeforce missions which just detract from a nonsensical and poorly written story in the campaign. The campaign is tedious and just over the top and missions consist of you running around in overblown Hollywood epic cutscenes and your interaction with the story/mission is minimal. The first Black Ops although not requiring any intelligence (but then you don't play these games to further your intellect) was at least an enjoyable romp through bits of history. The flashbacks to the 80s are the only mildly entertaining aspect of this game, the action set in 2025 is just boring and often confusing, it would be nice if you could skip it and just play the 80s missions. Pick it up for $5 in a sale but otherwise DO NOT pay $60 it is DEFINITELY not worth it Expand
  56. Jan 31, 2013
    After playing the game for a bit longer, I have decided that my review was a bit harsh. The storyline is honestly not that bad (look at every other Call of Duty game past Modern Warfare and you'll get what I mean), and although the combat is still generic, it's still a quantum leap from anything Infinity Ward has churned out recently. In short, good game ruined by little to no innovation. (Oh, and on a side note, the people posting 1-point reviews just want to look cool. Trust me, I was like this when I was a kid too.) Expand
  57. Jan 14, 2013
    I am VERY disappointed at this game, it's the same trite formula with no to very little innovation. I have only played it about 5-6 hours total between single player, multilayer and zombies(which is actually okish) and wished I didn't waste $50 on this garbage. I have gone back to playing Modern Warfare 3. Multilayer is probably the part I hate the most, the maps are tiny! everyone just runs around shooting from this hip and it is cheap deaths around every corner. Zombies is the only redeeming feature of this game, it is ok, but not amazing. I DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING THIS GAME! Expand
  58. Jan 13, 2013
    Barely made through it. The game is pretty boring and the plot is weak. The modern part however is the only thing that drived me most. I guess if they eliminated "back-in-time" part completely it could be a much better game.
  59. Jan 11, 2013
    OK, so it looks beautiful, stunning graphics on pc. I dont really play much multiplayer i prefer the campaigns. So i cant really speak for the online game. However, the campaign is bloody infuriating! there are just so so many cut scenes and half the time you are being literally walked through the game by an NPC, if i wanted to watch a bloody film i would have bought one! Half the time all you can do is follow! Then occasionally you are asked to stab someone in the back _ hooray I can move my arms again! Sometimes it gets so boring I try to shoot at hostiles whilst hiding, but oh no, you cant bloody do anything, just walk walk and follow npc! Agghhhh! Expand
  60. Feb 25, 2013
    Lawl it's ridiculous how i'm always hearing people say whenever there is a new Call of Duty game that its awesome, but whenever I go up sites like these I see terrible scores. Me personally don't hate or really enjoy playing black ops 2, I don't care about graphics, it looked pretty much the same from Bo1 which was decent. The single player was fun, I didn't care that it ended stupid, I just enjoyed all the action and plots. The multiplayer I felt wasn't special so I got bored of it quickly it was like bo1. The Zombie tranzit mode has got to be the best that will keep curtain people playing bo2. Mw2 was just alot more addicting for me, now I wish they can stop making Cod games since it's pretty much over. The're other games other then Cod that people need to discover. Expand
  61. Jan 19, 2013
    Total disappointment. MULTIPLAYER and co-op were my biggest reasons for getting this game, and it has been a horrible experience. The lag compensation will show you shooting dead on and getting a miss or shooting air and getting a kill. Not to mention, you will see yourself getting up to 4-5 shots off on your screen, but the killcam shows you didn
  62. Jan 20, 2013
    After 5 games with the same story, same online, same co op i am tired of the same thing every time.

    Call of dury has more then 10 games so people is getting tired of it. 5
  63. Jan 22, 2013
    I was very excited about this game when I saw it at E3. Yet, to my disappointment, I found this game to be only mediocre. The graphics had absolutely no upgrade, and the multiplayer was just plain bad. The only fun thing you'll find in this game is the zombies mode, which I loved. everything else...well, just not the best COD game.
  64. Jun 21, 2013
    GOD THIS GAME IS BORING. The single player is just your generic shoot everything that moves and the multiplayer is so simple that playing it causes your brain cells to die. There is no punishment in the multiplayer so you never really feel like your being challenged and you will quickly get tired of the small and simple maps.
  65. Feb 24, 2013
    Incredibly boring, with a story so derivative it's insulting, BLOPS2 is yet another serving of the same mediocrity by a studio devoid of originality. I'm falling asleep writing this re
  66. Jun 2, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well, lets see, the system requirements went up, but the graphics got worse. The campaign is stupid, no focus on Reznov after the "Reznov is dead or is he?" code in Black Ops 1. Depending on your actions, Mason may show up years later with no explanation as to where he has been for like 30 years. The rest of the campaign is just full of boring futuristic stuff. The multiplayer had awful maps, there weren't really any irritating weapons except for a handful of things that could lead you to mistake for hacks. The game was generally boring and was a terrible follow up to Black Ops 1. Expand
  67. Feb 14, 2013
    the only reason i bought this game was for the zombies but it lacks the humour the waw and bo1 zombies because they changed the characters the single player was tolerable and strike force was a step in the right but the multiplayer feels unbalanced so if treyarch wants me to come back to this game they need to nerf some stuff but overall an ok game
  68. Jun 3, 2013
    Call of Duty: Black Ops II is one of the worst game I've ever played in my life. Well, I am one of the most stupid person alive right now. I paid 120 bucks for this game. Spent 250 hours of IN-GAME time on this bullcrap. Until I met Battlefield. I run my games on a 3470 and 7970, so don't compare your "lousy cod graphics" to at least the Crysis (1) back in 2007. This game lacks the diversity of new things, and each year i am basically buying back the same game OVER AND OVER AGAIN. With just some newer (and boring) things over and over again.

    I love the irony in the Xbox ONE live reveal show, I spent 3 hours of my life hearing to TV shows, how to navigate with the Xbox one, then comes the Call of Duty: Ghosts reveal.

    Mantling like in BF3, slide like in Crysis and swim through fishes like in Mario. Like seriously, the engine is still the same f*cking engine. No way on Earth am I purchasing the game if it doesn't have a bigger fanbase in my region.


    (Btw guys, don't ever listen to critics like IGN, you hear it from the majority of the players (us) in the community and User section of this website. They are paid to give higher ratings. 9.3 from IGN for CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 2??!! WHAT A BIG FAT LIE)
  69. Mar 23, 2013
    Isn't it high time we boycott this franchise? Yes, gamer, don't return slavishly to the call of doodoo! Especially if you are a pc player. Why? Just to to name a few reasons: -Cheese ridden arcade twitch game-play -Cynical monetization -Unassailable firewall btwn player and dev community -Ugly tendency in the online community, if you are not one for hostility toward the other. Perhaps it follows from the model they've set up here.
    -Claustrophobic maps with no sniping but action sniping. No real tactics (flanking etc) but nonosecond tactics.
    -Ubiquitous hackers

    Really that last one should do it, even if you care not for of the concerns above it. I concede that the game feel is unparalleled, but we can't allow them to ride that crack appeal forever, releasing as they do the same uninteresting game over and over. Compare to Madden. To see it done right, look no further than the roadmap for Planetside 2, itself a great game with much in the way of strategy, wonderful comm, tactics, stealth and sniping. In short, get your head out of the CoD and into the real game right, right?
  70. Feb 23, 2013
    I hate new generation shooters with iron sights, auto restored hp and other stuff. but this one is worst of them. absolutely nothing new in this game, i cant feel difference between old MW and this one graphic and game play wise. Cod series must stop making absolutely same games every year, every one is fed up with this. Somebody should start new gaming era. COD, MOH and new age battlefield shooters must stop. Expand
  71. Jul 4, 2013
    This game is broken, After 3 patches this game still crash for no good reason. I had unstable issue with the first black ops and now this piece of is unplayable. Treyarch is a ****ty developer and all they care is the Xbox 360 version. The PC and PS3 is a very ****ty port. I will never buy anything from them again.
  72. Mar 10, 2013
    I believe it's a great game. The new zombies maps are awesome! You can run in between maps or take a bus, just don't knife the bus driver in the back of the head or he will force you out of the bus and lock the doors. In my opinion it could be a lot better if the KAP-40 had more ammo. Also the snipers are great. I like to use the DSR-50 but there's also other good ones. Also what ever you do do not take the War Machine in zombies. That's all. Expand
  73. Mar 10, 2013
    This game is the same year after year. Run, point, shoot, die rinse and repeat. And the campaign is the same as every year. Go to war. Kill the main bad guy. The end. I am really disappointed and wont buy CoD unless this changes
  74. Mar 12, 2013
    Was fun for a bit. Got to max prestige in two months. I hate the exclusivity crap for 360. Also I didn't like having to wait until 3AM (I'm eastern time), to play on release. I would have liked to play right after it came out. The game became very melancholy very quick.
  75. Mar 30, 2013
    As a (now former) CoD fan, I didn't enjoy BO II. The story was cheesy and unreasonable (it was very cinematic, though), and when you reach a moment when you can just RUN through the levels on any difficulty you can say the series reached a new low. Not to mention the MP is filled with idiots. Some of the weapons are overpowered, hackers can be found rather often, players are dumb and the killstreaks are extremeley overpowered. The zombies did introduce some new mechanics, but it takes the focus of the basic goal of surviving, so I enjoyed it much less. As a big fan of the first Black Ops, Don't bother buying it. Save those 60$. Expand
  76. Sep 1, 2013
    On consoles its just okay but on PC its horrible. The campaign is as bad as ever but even bloody worse than the 360 with bugs that weren't in the 360 or even PS3 versions are less buggy and the zombies mode and multiplayer is bad because of no split-screen and online its totally for n00bs and no dedicated servers on a PC game WTF and i bloody payed £40 for it
  77. Jun 9, 2013
    ruined game. the first one was amazing, it was based on precision and skill in multiplier but now.... Even the zombie maps were ruined. all the maps look horrid, the background imaging is basic, and even the AI is terrible. the amount of money this corporation has they should be able to afford there own servers. not cheap out and use players as there servers. the fact the next game was announced a couple of days after the last DLC was made, proves how half ass'ed these are. small machine guns have more ammo, more damage, and better accuracy then an LMG. Great logic. Expand
  78. Apr 16, 2013
    Making BILLIONS every year. But this poor Bobby Kottick is too preocupied in the law sues against him and fu***ng gamers by behind to upgrade his game.... And it seems they like it, since they keep buying.

    Making BILLIONS AND BILLIONS, but can't invest 1/4 of that money back into the game just to make it better.... no no, can't take this risk, just copy paste and change the singleplayer

    Anyone calling themselves gamers and still plays this crap should be a shame of himself and you are contribuing in shutting down the gaming industry.

    1 of the worst call of duty. always going downhill. Making billions, but still only put 20 millions to make the same old game. but stupid fake gamers still cum on this and praise him.... I have no faith in the future of gaming, thanks to yall kids.
  79. Mar 30, 2013
    Just an absolutely horrible game I cannot find a single thing to appraise MW3 better, MW2 better, BO1 better battlefield series way better. I have played three previous versions something like 3-400 hours and found them enjoyable but the controls in this is just plain frustrating, no one is playing I would probably declare this the death of the franchise unless they step up in the next release
  80. May 9, 2013
    STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM THIS GAME! First of all, to be honest, I have never played a single COD title, the only FPS I've played were Counter Strike. Having heard a lot of rave reviews from game critics, doing research on YouTube and so on, with many COD fanboys bragging about how superior these titles were compared to other FPS. It gave me the assurance, that this has to be the best FPS ever made, right? F**k no!!! Ok, at first BO2 may seem quite fun but for awhile, it won't take long before you realize that it's just stupid & mindless, you'll feel like a complete retard running around in circles in a freaking Michael Bay movie with a mass orgy of bombardments, getting killed out of no where. Can someone knock some sense in to me and explain how the hell did COD titles gets all the good reviews? how the hell is this even fun? I'm astonished! This game for me is a 4/10, TERRIBLE!!! I just don't get how COD titles are one of the best selling video games or why people are wasting money on this trash, one thing's for sure though, definitely the last time I bought any COD crap. Expand
  81. Sep 18, 2013
    One of the worst shooters I've ever played. I'm extremely sorry I got this even on sale from Steam. It's the exact same as every other Call of Duty game with nothing that makes it stand out as worth the money.
  82. Apr 6, 2013
    Another example of a overselling yet terrible game which allows you to die in first person, go through a boring campaign with cardboard characters, and listen to raging kids. Nothing new is produced, so stay away.
  83. Apr 8, 2013
    An average game with low graphics and a horrible story. The single player is dull. Perhaps the only thing saving this game is its stable player base and competitive multiplayer. I advise all of you if you really want cod, play on console.
  84. Jul 25, 2013
    Great game. Love it from head to tow. The campaign was fun and multiplayer is even funner. i also like how it brought us into the future with new weapons, traits and storylines.
  85. Apr 19, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Expand
  86. Apr 24, 2013
    gonna divide this is 3: - Campain: its painfuly booooooring, would be worst if it wasnt for Menedez. Also the decitions? thats the only choice it matters is the very last one the others are exuces. - Multiplayer: nothing really new exept for a few thing. - Zombies: fun as always and pretty inovative. the only thing that worths at all is Zombie mode and its not THAT good. you would get bored soon.
    Besides why wasting money in this game if they are already going to release a new one soon. dont give your money to them! use that money for a game that actually woth and has iniciative like Battlefield 3 or Uncharted 3
  87. Oct 21, 2013
    Disgusting animations, horrible sound effects, terrible graphics, short campaign, outright boring multiplayer, guns feel like airsoft guns, community mostly consist of retarded 8 year olds, zombie mode if you want zombies play L4D2, it's way better), this game is 60€ and the game hasn't changed at all so you might as well buy CoD 4 which is basically the same game.
  88. May 10, 2013
    Lets start the story, first i love fps games, but since CS i stoped play. Last year I buy BF3 and CSGO, but I was willing some COD, becouse that franchise are so famous.

    This weak i play this game for free, and cant belive why people buy so much this game. The gameplay are horrible, the character moviment is a joke. The animations is like games from 10 years ago.

    The weapon is so
    artificial, Battlefield is so much professional than COD. COD has the worst fake gameplay ever. Dont buy this game just becouse that is famous. Expand
  89. Aug 6, 2013
    Like all other Call of Duty games, they suck and is very unfair. This game for example, story mode is boring and stupid, multiplayer is unfair and poorly made, zombies is probably the only good thing in this stupid game
  90. Nov 3, 2013
    The game itself is great. Campaign is pretty good, looks good (I have no idea why people complain about graphics) and it runs very smoothly. The reason I gave it only 5 points is because I ran into some strange checkpoint bug where the game autosaved at the exact moment of my death and when I reloaded it I just died instantly and since you can't just load a save before that I was forced to restart the mission from the beginning wtf? Anyway good game. Cant' wait to try out CoD: Ghosts. Expand
  91. May 5, 2013
    What’s good 1) good story 2) possibility in multiplayer to change equipment and weapon at slots.
    3) Personal weapon camo good idea.
    Problems 1) cheaters 2) to many cheaters 3) not banned cheaters 4) no working ghost perk second name of the game shooting UAV 5) awful by the balance and only small “3 passes” maps 6 some camo for children instead of the fact its game 18 7)
    only 6 players in hardcore team. 8) all time connection to losing team what’s the point in losing winning score Expand
  92. Sep 26, 2013
    Bad and repetitive multiplayer but awesome single player. The single player is superb. For those of you say that the single player sucks, look at BF3. It's even worst. Admit it.
  93. Jan 4, 2014
    This game is horrible. Black Ops 2 is almost like an overpriced DLC for MW3 or BLOPS 1.
    Treyarch still decided to go with the same ugly engine from Call of Duty 4, the single player campaign is very repetitive with a boring story and the multiplayer doesn't have any dedicated servers and isn't any better. The textures look awful and the game is a really bad console port. The Call of Duty
    series have since a long time died and this is probably the last time I'll buy a game from the franchise. Expand
  94. May 11, 2013
    After playing this during the free weekend, I can tell you that this game is nothing special. If they dropped the price to $20, it would better reflect the game's value.

    Not much has changed here, you could go back to the old MW games, and see the same gameplay. The unlock system is confusing... I unlocked something I have to unlock? Talk about annoying.

    The graphics are nothing
    special either. You actually can't hear footsteps very well (this is playing with $80 razer headphones). There were quite a few times where I would get stuck on objects, or other players as well. Also, why do we still have maps that have areas where you can kill yourself by jumping off the map? Seriously? If I wanted those kind of maps, I'd go play an old quake or Unreal tournament.

    Will not be buying this game. I already have 2 others JUST like it.
  95. May 12, 2013
    Call of duty black ops 2 is probably the most disappointing game in call of duty series, which I otherwise hold a lot of. They have made a campaign that is strange and you do not understand why they are there.
    They make too much out of muliplayer and too little out of the campaign that I would always buy a game. There is almost no one on mulitplayer over the computer. Everyone plays the
    same so after a few hours it will be too various forms.
    COD: Black ops 2 is probably the baddest game in the series ever ..
    The game is a waste of money.
    I'm a huge COD fan, but I do not even know if I will buy the new COD: Ghost
    Fingers crossed for you Infinity Ward!
    Now create a good game so I do not regret my purchase once more.
  96. May 12, 2013
    Prior to the release of this game, Treyarch was my favorite game maker. I am a COD fan but this game has made me take a step back and re-think that. BO2 was a huge step back from 1. If you make a game for the pros and You Tubers, then those will be the only gamers that will buy your game. Definitely not pre ordering another COD game until I've played it. Sorry Treyarch. Bring on more Blizzard games Expand
  97. May 23, 2013
    How can we juste accept it. Same game than all others The game is actually outdated, the community is bad mostly 8 years old players for a +18 game I can't understand people who buy it
  98. Jul 16, 2013
    Bad game Be ready to run across the map in 5 seconds becouse autistic cod kids need to be shooting every second else the game sucks Weapons sound bad graphics still suck maps still suck unrealistic wep camos lower the score by 2
  99. May 31, 2013
    So, let's start from a 10 and reduce it by it's flaws: Overused series with no change -3 Poor engine (bugs, horrible sound and graphics) -2 Easily hackable multiplayer -1 Unoriginal campaign with stupid and hard to control gimmicks -1 Boring gameplay -2 So in the end, I would say it deserves nothing more than a 1/10. Even then there's a lot more flaws; DLC with very little content for HUGE price
    Horrible fanbase (greatly affects multiplayer)
    Server problems (different players not in sync)
    Lack of response from Activision (has there been any patch? If yes they didn't fix anything)
    60$ price for a game which relies only on the multiplayer (without good solo, should be about 40$)

    So if you are looking for a FPS, don't waste your 60$ on this, you will get very little satisfaction.
  100. May 10, 2013
    Black Ops II is NOT a bad game. Let me just establish that from the start. Contrary to popular belief, BO2 brings many new innovations which the franchise has been lacking since Modern Warfare 2. The campaign is very different in its story. Zombies has been expanded beyond anyone's imagination. And multiplayer has received a complete overhaul. With a great selection of game modes, weapons, perks, equipment, scorestreaks, customisation options etc. as well as League Play where everything is unlocked, it's hard to fault it. However, I can give many reasons why this doesn't make the game exciting at all. Sure, create-a-class offers total freedom without pre-set restrictions, but in reality your playstyle is not respected within the game itself. While the weapons are generally balanced, the sheer pace of the game means shotguns and SMGs have the upper hand in most situations. Whilst the choice of weapons and class options are there, barely any of it is actually useful. With all the new stuff I feel that the game is too cluttered. There is a lot of rubbish around, yet the game doesn't feel fresh or exciting even though it's almost completely different. The controls feel somewhat odd relative to the pacing and map design, so it's not like previous Call of Duty games where all class setups would be appropriate for all maps. The multiplayer is fun for about an hour, after that it's plain boring, not satisfying at all. Campaign is commendable for trying to bring new ideas but ultimately fails to deliver compared to Modern Warfare 3's campaign. BO2's campaign is not only unnecessarily complicated and difficult to follow, but the gameplay in it is very boring and not intense even on Veteran difficulty. Zombies has gone completely mental. No longer is it a simple horde mode in confined areas; rather it's more about finding easter eggs and following lengthy guides just to figure out where you can buy a perk or upgrade your weapon. Overall, Black Ops II seems self-defeating in a way. It aims to create a competitive multiplayer yet provides anti-competitive tools rather than focusing on pure skill, regardless of choice of class. Yet with zombies, it's clearly aimed at little kids who enjoy bragging about finding new stuff in a game. I must say, I'm disappointed that even a CoD game which brings so much new stuff fails to be more exciting than Modern Warfare 3. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 11 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 11
  1. Dec 30, 2012
    The Corn Flakes of multiplayer first-person shooters. We've been sick of eating it for some time, now. [Jan 2013, p.80, 81]
  2. 60
    Black Ops II brings evolution to the series unfortunately, the evolution that is incomplete. Only one part of the game deserves a top ranking – multiplayer. [Christmas 2012]
  3. Dec 12, 2012
    Call of Duty Black Ops II is saved by its multiplayer, as the campaign has surprisingly too many bad sections. Maybe now it's time to move on? [Dec 2012]