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  1. Nov 1, 2013
    COD Black Ops 2 is just a mediocre entry in the mediocre Call of Duty series. If this game was released as an original ip, making small changes to the storyline and multiplayer, it would have been a lot better and felt like an extremely well-made military shooter. The truth is that this is just feels like the same game as the rest of the modern COD series with extremely small tweeks, and is an inferior choice compared to some of the other titles in the series. Expand
  2. Nov 5, 2013
    Nothing New, but it was a great attempt.

    A unforgettable and emotional campaign, but a recycled multiplayer and Stagnant Zombies mode. this game had some good potential and a decent game to play on your spare time unlike other games out there. The Graphics improved. I admired the specular and the Antialiasing. one of the best looking games in the CoD Franchise.
  3. Oct 3, 2014
    It's not a terrible game. In terms of graphics it's pretty darn good. I wouldn't say this is the worst call of duty ever released, though it may not be the best.
  4. Dec 2, 2012
    I believe that first Black Ops was a great achievement, not in terms of graphics or something, but in terms mentality of atmosphere and game concept. That created an absolutely new idea and gave a game a new feel - a great schizophrenic experience when you play as a main hero, suffering from his broken sense of reality. Setting was also incredible - hard times all around, war is close to us, country leaders, great countries, everything worked well. I played all of CoD games, and Black Ops was an outstanding achievement - not just fun with a gun, but fun with a brain.

    So, when i heard new Black Ops is on the way i expected that another something incredible will be delivered. And, finally....
    It delivered but there's no nothing that can be described as "delivered". It has some cloudy connections with first Black Ops, but connections are just meaningless extras - you can remove them and game will be okay with out them because, as i said, they are so cloudy so just don't make any sense. You've got some storyline that too far from words "interesting" or "involving" because storyline is way too artificial and make sense just in case you have no another new game to play (my case). Graphics-shmaphics are okay, not better than first part and sometimes looks worse than first part. Militaristic future is boring and repeatable although Afghanian mujaheddins armed with power of horses against some Soviet forces (sorry for a rhyme) are just ridicolous. Main hero is radiating brutality and postive way of thinking, but i didn't get anything interesting from a character, he's more like a robot that go down by scenario. Okay, there're some moments you'll find catchy but not too catchy to get you play again.

    Et cetere, et cetera, i can call many other silly stuff. Game isn't worth money they are asking for that, time isn't worth to spend playing, go get first part and be really happy if you didn't have a chance before.

    I gave 4 only for time i spent, case another replica of that sort is on the way - i'm not going to buy it.
  5. Nov 15, 2012
    I'm giving this a 10 due to the people (75%+) that are giving this a 0 without even trying it and/or they are having connection issues or any other stupid reason.

    Modern Warfare 2 was a great game to me, Black Ops 1 was fun but very clunky and pissed me off, Modern Warfare 3 was just basically MW2 but an expansion and had more hackers and absolute GARBAGE maps. Also I do like
    Battlefield 3 and the halo series.

    I wasn't gonna buy this game not gonna lie but people said it was good and it looked different in a way... I have only tested the multiplayer and still have yet to test zombie mode and probably won't even consider the campaign.

    Gameplay: Very fun, seems a bit more smoothed out than black ops 1, has a nice new streak system as well as the pick 10 option really changes things to make it so people truly get their own unique builds. The new gadgets are fun and the maps are NEW, actual new maps that dont all look the same and you don't get stuck on everything like you would in MW3. This game is above all actually fun! (with the exception of a few buggy things but that happens to ALL games) 9/10

    Graphics: They don't look bad, there is nothing wrong with them ALTHOUGH this is Q4 2012 they could use a chunk of that amazing profit they make from this game to upgrade its system and stop pushing it toward 10 year old consoles. 6/10

    Sounds: The music, the explosions are all nice and I like it although the guns seem kinda quite and weak. 8.5/10

    Connection: Although they don't have the new dedicated servers by what people say I haven't ran into a connection issue once so for now (thoughts may change later) and maps take seconds to load.

    Anyways overall the game is fun and has new ideas but still isn't a brand new thing to the market shining with its glory and I'm judging strictly on Multiplayer since that's what most people buy this game for anyways. Overall Score: 8.5/10

    NEVER rate a game without playing it and just try it out, if it's not your type of game don't play it, don't troll, ignore it and go play your games.
  6. Mar 30, 2013
    As a (now former) CoD fan, I didn't enjoy BO II. The story was cheesy and unreasonable (it was very cinematic, though), and when you reach a moment when you can just RUN through the levels on any difficulty you can say the series reached a new low. Not to mention the MP is filled with idiots. Some of the weapons are overpowered, hackers can be found rather often, players are dumb and the killstreaks are extremeley overpowered. The zombies did introduce some new mechanics, but it takes the focus of the basic goal of surviving, so I enjoyed it much less. As a big fan of the first Black Ops, Don't bother buying it. Save those 60$. Expand
  7. Nov 13, 2012
    So what's new with this game? Apart from the fact it's masked by a different setting and time.....nothing. it just feels like another average COD game. We all know this though, it's traditional every single year Activision churn out the same garbage for the younger audience so the consumers can invest a lot of their time and money for the franchise. Sure it's a fantastic business and marketing tactic that Activision can dictate this and they make a lot of money from it. But how can we stop this garbage being produced? Simple really just boycott the game and DON'T buy it. However this is an impossible solution because the market is so huge for this type of game many of which will never be convinced otherwise that they are being robbed blind plus the fact most people hate change and as long as they're comfortable with the same thing year in and year out Activision will take advantage of that and continue "feeding the trolls" so to speak. I have to give Treyarch some respect though at least they aren't afraid of changing the timeline of a cod game and they want to be a little more ambitious with it. However this just doesn't cut it enough, what we need is a fresh new IP and most certainly a more up to date and more advanced game engine. Expand
  8. May 2, 2013
    Nothing new, another copy and paste from the CoD series. When will people learn and stop making this game the best selling series of this generation. The people who play this game are just sheep's that shell out $60 every year to play the same game and pay for 3 $15 map packs every time.
  9. Nov 16, 2012
    Same game, different year. This game is made for hardware that is 8 years old. The gameplay has not changed. Netcode is still for **** Maps are really really bad. Its just another console port.
  10. Nov 20, 2012
    This game doesn't deserve a 3, at the time of writing I have had no problems with this game and this is about a week after launch. They have done well do address a lot of the issues that had plagued this game and now it is most defiantly playable and enjoyable.

    The game does expand on all fronts. Single Player campaign adds some decision making and also squad commanding which does help
    to refresh all the constant run-and-gun, explosions and general high-paced action (which this game still has plenty of, of course).

    Multiplayer adds League play and revamped custom classes and still enjoyable. Zombies adds many additional features like bigger maps and so on.

    All in all, it's still a Call of Duty game, if you hate the series with a dire passion, this isn't going to change your mind. But the game is trying to be creative and evolve without losing what people actually like about the Call of Duty franchise and it has achieved something by doing so.
  11. Dec 15, 2012
    I've never played the original Black Ops, but I have played MW2 and MW3. As other people have said there is a lot of similarity in the campaigns of MW2/MW3. I think I like this particular version the best though as I like the storyline. I think this game did a good job telling a story unlike a lot of other shooter type games. The intro cinematic with the unforgettable "The NIght Will Always Win" sets up the story nicely. The fact your actions in the game change the trajectory of the story is a pro and con. Yes I like feeling my actions have some impact other than some predetermined storyline, but I also feel that to see the other alternate endings requires a bit too much tedious backtracking as you have to actually reverse your save game permanently to previous missions. You can't just select a previous mission, do something different and see the outcome. Some may say that adds to the replayability of this game, but I'm not sure single player campaigns are inherently very replayable. There is also very little prompting that you are making a storyline choice. I'm still a bit perplexed how to exactly get the "best ending."

    The deployment missions where you control a group of soldiers, drones, and/or turrets aren't very enjoyable. The interface just seems clumsy and overly complex. Not sure why they wanted to add an elemental of a real time strategy game into a shooter as it didn't work in my opinion. They also have limited attempts to them which makes them just stressful to complete. If you don't successfully complete all of those extra missions, then you won't get the best ending. I think the graphics are pretty good, and there are some levels that I felt were done especially well like the floating man made resort, and Afghanistan. The level designs apart from those deployment missions are pretty good, but linear. For the most part each mission was immersive, and enjoyable. There were occasions where I felt frustrated with the controls especially during parts of the game that involved things other than shooting (I.e. rock climbing, jet piloting etc)

    I don't play the multiplayer portions of MW games primarily as I think they are inherently imbalanced, and I probably lack the skill to compensate for that. I did however enjoy MW co-op missions which are noticeably absent from this game. The zombie add-on is pretty much an afterthought.

    Overall, I know this game probably doesn't have the freshest content out there, and yes I do take some objection to the price for previously used game engines, but the single player campaign is probably one of the best single player shooter campaigns I've played. I kind of felt like I paid 90 dollars for a very immersive and enjoyable movie with a good storyline where I had some control over the plot.
  12. Dec 5, 2012
    Call Of Duty : Black ops 2 provides nothing so spectacular to make it par...but still it has some good moments. The story is quite nice but the graphics hasnt improved a lot...there are unnecessary dx11 usage..and price of the game on itself is the feels sad when u pay a lot for something but dont get exactly what u pay this case u need to force ur self to like many users are saying " It's the same tired formula they used in black ops. " is mostly true... Expand
  13. Nov 20, 2012
    Call of duty series were good before they started making the same games over and over again and people buying the same game all over and over again expecting **** to change. Call of duty has yet chance to clear there made mistakes but i don't think they will realize that unless people will stop buying the games from them.
  14. May 19, 2013
    remember cod4? yeah it was awesome, right? something you want to remember, right?
    this is something you want to walk away from, the most unbalanced weapons, scorestreaks, (c4, jumping around/bunnyhopping, dropshots) and WORST LAGSERVERS, all just for the price of 110$, go ahead, buy it
  15. Nov 13, 2012
    Multiplayer is fun, pretty much same gameplay but with improvements here and there. Tbh its the best looking call of duty there is, and some things look decent, not the best but decent (maxed on PC). Zombies looks pretty much the same though, but the new tranzit mode is a lot of fun. The Multiplayer maps are well made, and over all is a fun game. Worth buying and i do not understand the negative reviews. I presume theyre coming primarily from people who hate CoD or MW3 players. Blops series has been better than MW series in my opinion. Expand
  16. Nov 19, 2012
    this game always arouses controversy but outside of the technical and graphics engine, realism, history etc always achieves the basic task of a game ... be fun and that's what matters Activision has a great challenge and make a better game of Cod ... so far only brings fun .... I hope in the future, when Activision releases new CoD with better graphics. a new level in technology for its flagship title that is as fun as these ... otherwise it will be worth it Expand
  17. Nov 14, 2012
    The is the best of the Call of duty Games in the franchise. Brilliant story line the best multiplayer around. Zombies is also another nice edition offering some of the best maps so far as well as the new transit mode. Overall this is an epic game that deserves praise for changing the series more than the any other call of duty games apart from Call of duty 4.
  18. Feb 23, 2013
    I hate new generation shooters with iron sights, auto restored hp and other stuff. but this one is worst of them. absolutely nothing new in this game, i cant feel difference between old MW and this one graphic and game play wise. Cod series must stop making absolutely same games every year, every one is fed up with this. Somebody should start new gaming era. COD, MOH and new age battlefield shooters must stop. Expand
  19. Apr 6, 2013
    Another example of a overselling yet terrible game which allows you to die in first person, go through a boring campaign with cardboard characters, and listen to raging kids. Nothing new is produced, so stay away.
  20. Nov 14, 2012
    I didn't purchae the game, getting my brother to blindly spend the monies on this crap as he still can't see the trees from the wood with this series. My expectations were spot on and after spending a few hours watching him play the game on the big screen tellie, occasionally having a go myself that this series is indeed hobbling along on its last leg. Graphics are sub-par, so much for making use of DirectX 11 on the PC as the game looks identical to the first Mondern Warfare from five years ago. Anyhow I am by no means the best person to judge this, as I quit after MW2 with the series, but if this is your thing, playing the same thing over and over and over and over ad nauseum again year in on out then by all means go for it else avoid like the plague! You can do much much better with your $60 of hard earned cash. Expand
  21. Nov 14, 2012
    Same old boring game as the previous ones. Why do I keep spending money on this franchise, I must be an idiot to keep supporting this company. It looks like I'm not the only one though, makes me feel better.
  22. Jun 17, 2013
    Who, how and why is comparing this game to Counter Strike? I bet most of fanatics of this game are children whom never seen different game then this one. No recoil, no objective, no point. Waste of time and money. Even as big fan of FPS I can tell, this game is not worth any attention.
  23. Dec 5, 2012
    This game should be a 10$ DLC instead of a full fledged 60$ game. I think if someone puts a screenshot of MW1 and Black Ops II next to each other, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. The one drastic difference would be the Strike Force missions, but the clunky controls and stupid AI means that I always end up soloing the entire thing. Kudos to Treyarch on promoting the wonderful values of RECYCLING. Expand
  24. Nov 17, 2012
    Why pay absurd prices for an annual update? Most games that come out brand new sell for around $30 on PC, yet Treyarch want $60! That is absurd, yet everybody falls for it. Call of Duty has sucked since Modern Warfare, yet you all keep making them the best selling games over and over. Go download Quake Live and feel what a real FPS is like, and save $60, as it is free!
  25. Nov 13, 2012
    Call of duty is here again promising a better campaign, larger multiplayer and improved zombies. It's not the case here. Graphics are like from dx9 and they dare say it runs on dx11? waste your money elsewhere.
  26. Feb 1, 2013
    Oh god make it stop. My problem with the game is not so much as there isn't anything new (although there isnt), but how lazily, sloppily, and crappily this crap box was put together. Rather than innovating a 'renowned' franchise and creating a thrilling sequel, they managed to do a minor UI change, switch around the guns, add a few maps that were mostly ripped off of the campaign, and slap together a rushed storyline to sell the multiplayer. And the multiplayer sucked anyway. You run around and spray bullets at random people that pop up while sprinting through pre-memorized paths. Trust me, I've played the Call of Duty series before, and while I did love Modern Warfare 1 and World at War, I simply cannot, in good faith, give this a good review. Time for a change, Activision. Expand
  27. Jul 4, 2013
    This game is broken, After 3 patches this game still crash for no good reason. I had unstable issue with the first black ops and now this piece of is unplayable. Treyarch is a ****ty developer and all they care is the Xbox 360 version. The PC and PS3 is a very ****ty port. I will never buy anything from them again.
  28. Apr 25, 2014
    SP is not enjoyable because you have to choose between AI that wont hit you even if you slowly walk up to them, or AI that will AimBot you the second you peek around a corner.
    The MP can't be enjoyed because it is based on chance, not skill. A game which makes noobtubes and running around knifing everyone even possible is a game that will be exploited by **** Normal players who want to
    play with skills and real strategy have no place here because the **** outnumber them twenty to one. Expand
  29. Jul 4, 2013
    I have to wonder why the directors of Black Ops 2 would make the campaign so unbearable that no one would ever want to attempt to play it again. The agony of sitting through boring and annoying story lines and constantly being stopped in action where you cannot control your character is beyond devastating. I hope no one actually wants to collect all the INTEL and obtain achievements because they won't let you go back and choose to replay the scene again. Even if you do, the pain of waiting on the stupid story to stop and start and stop and start again will most certainly remove any desire you had of wanting to play it in the first place. With that said, the potential is there to enjoy yourself as the campaign would be great otherwise. Too bad the people at Treyarch are not very smart and decided to be a-holes to the gaming community by wasting their time. I promise to never buy Treyarch products again in my lifetime if they do not add a patch to remove these story lines and just let up play the campaign as quickly as possible. I have combined about 400 hours on COD4 and MW2 single player campaigns because they are easy to enter and exit. I am at 9 hours with BO2 and only had 4 hours with BO. It is so difficult to enjoy something when idiots incorporate all the BS. Expand
  30. Nov 15, 2012
    Still the exact same gameplay as medal of honor which cod first tipped off 10 years ago.
    Stil the same flaws like the awful spawn system.

    No server browser, no more mod support, no rcon tools, narrow fov.
    The series has regressed since cod4 and deserves a score that reflects that, it was never a very good game but now it's a mediocre game with a lot of features missing.
  31. Jan 31, 2013
    I played every title, that belong to the CoD-Universe. Some I like much, some not. What I can sure say, the genre is going down the drain. The single player BO2 is better than the BO. Especially in Germany where no original sound is possible. The single-player from BO2 is a bit boring. To much cut scenes where you cant do anything. The multi player is like, respawn & die, respawn & die, respawn & die, respawn & die, almost instantly. Levels a very small and cheats seen to bee always on. Expand
  32. Nov 16, 2012
    It's that time of the year again folks. Treyarch proved themselves with Black Ops 1...proving they can make a better game than Infinity Ward can. Black Ops 2 is a great game. just not AS good as Black Ops 1. Unfortunately, they decided to abandon community run dedicated servers, which means no freedom, admins, etc. They also insist on making people use matchmaking with console style lobbies. They have also insisted in using "consoley ping bars" and not ping numbers; although I suspect this to be patched. The game still uses dedicated servers though, which is the main thing. For these reasons, Black Ops 2 falls short and does not score higher than it's predecessor. I really do not see why people dislike the game though. Treyarch have outdone themselves once again. They have proved to be better than Infinity Ward at making PC ports. Apart from the issues I mentioned earlier, It has all PC features you would expect such as a FoV slider, Lean, Dedicated servers(to a certain extent) and plenty of customisable options. All the control options are how they should be too - no lack of key bindings or anything like that. Black Ops 2 has a great Single Player storyline too with multiple endings, and actually has the best graphics in any CoD game to date. They aren't BF3 level graphics, but for a CoD game they are great. It even has the dismemberment system back from World at War/Blops so you can watch in pleasure as you blow off peoples limbs. The gameplay is FAR more varied and overall better than previous CoD's. The campaign now has "Strike Force" which is essentially an open ended skirmish game mode. (Its similar to BF2142 Titan game mode if you played that) The goal is to protect (depending on the mission) your HQ; you can either control your forces from a birds-eye view (RTS style) or control any individual soldier, tank, turret, walker, etc! It's a great addition that truly feels like you are playing a whole new game. The only issue with it is that the AI seems rather stupid at times. MP is what you would expect from a CoD game - fast and furious, except Treyarch have been brave and totally changed the way the unlock/equip system works. They have also added in a ton of new customisation, new gamemodes, and completely rebalanced the perks. The levelling system has also undergone and a few changes. The multi player maps are varied, and interesting because there are things to interact with in the environment. Example, you can operate machinery. The sound and music is once again very good - my only complaint being the weapon sounds are a bit too "bassy and muddy" however, they are loud and pack a punch, and the music is fitting. The animations have been drastically improved over Black Ops/WaW. Not only are they slick and punchy, but they are also accurate in 3rd person view now too. The best part of Black Ops 2 (for me anyway) is the fact that they have actually made Zombies it's own game now. Any WaW/Blops player will appreciate this, and this time they have actually made Zombies it's own campaign mode called "TranZit" They have also added in a few new game modes, such as "Grief" where 2 teams compete against each other in a desperate struggle to survive the zombie hordes, and classic "survival mode" which reflects the basic gameplay of zombies in WaW. The Zombies story has also been continued, which is pretty awesome. The only other bad point of Black Ops 2 is the steep price...not only do you have to buy the game, you gotta buy the deluxe editions, the season pass, etc. Although, in my opinion though, if your a Nazi Zombie fan , the Zombie maps ALONE in the DLC make it worth it. They put so much work into the maps, and are always adding new things. The performance issues which plagued some users in Black Ops 1 are also no more. Black Ops 2 is now running on DX11 - and is really well optimised. As a result, us PC users get to enjoy better visuals than the console people, and still enjoy smooth gameplay. Overall, great CoD game. Not as great as Blops 1 in some aspects, but better in others. Don't listen to the hate. This game is better than the "MW series (money wasted)," and Treyarch have proven themselves to be better than Infinity Ward. Sure, Treyarch have made a few weird decisions with this one, but no game is perfect. Expand
  33. Nov 19, 2012
    Alright ... i finished the story mode and played some Multiplayer.
    Indeed the game is full of bugs I laughed when I saw some of the same bugs of the previous CoD versions. I enjoyed a little the Single Player. The Multiplayer ... please remove auto-aim and make some new maps, I noticed some maps are the damn same. CoD, Y U NO BETA TEST !?
  34. Nov 13, 2012
    Never played a COD game before but after seeing multiplayer gameplay videos, I thought it looked good.

    Ignored COD-hating trolls and pre-ordered immediately.

    So now, played the campaign and found it to be a little above mediocre but not that great. But what made me buy BLOPS2 was the multiplayer and oh boy, it didn't dissapoint me. It's highly fast-paced. I was never used to that
    kind of gameplay(blaming other great shooters like BF3 and Counter-strike). I've seen previous COD gameplays but BLOPS2 is in a whole different level. I can't believe people are saying that it's the same COD game. Expand
  35. Nov 14, 2012
    Very good game like all call of duty very high quality video game with real Hollywood stars what can be better graphics are best so far i saw in video game, amazing game but everyone don't like it because its Call of duty its enough for them no matter how good or bad game so just ignore votes
  36. Feb 17, 2013
    One of the disappointments of 2012! Poor wherever you look: graphics, sound, gameplay, story. Very little or nothing to rescue.
    The greatest damage is in the graphics. Disastrous!
    A shame, it could have been a good game.
  37. Nov 19, 2012
    It's just more of the same: Shoot, run, done. Good storyline? Of course not, as usual. Uncreative games like that only sells because of the multiplayer. And the worst part is that I know people who keep buying, knowing that it will be the same.
  38. Nov 14, 2012
    Mediocre is the name of the game, I'm afraid. It seems Treyarch have tried to do their best with the existing recipe but the tired stitching of the call of duty franchise is really showing. I'm surprised how high a lot of the critics reviews are, especially considering how the recent Medal of Honor got a panning for doing the same old thing (admittedly more poorly executed than here). I worry that the fact a lot of the pre-release reviews were done at a special 'event' may have, unfortunately, influenced these. The cinematic story telling seems to hinder the action as your pushed from pillar to post with no real freedom. The 'choices' which are oft talked about seem very arbitrary and oh my the graphics are frankly terrible for such a hyped game (at some points I thought my game was bugged due to how shoddy some of the textures are). I'm sure the multi-player will be as successful as ever but for such an expensive game it really is just the same old tired formula. The Hollywood model or rinse and repeat has definitely become the standard in AAA gaming too. If you want an exciting PC shooter try something different like the free Tribes: Ascend. If you want this same old formula, I'd recommend picking up one of the older COD's for essentially the same experience. Expand
  39. Nov 13, 2012
    worst cod title to date.
    a lot of things are improved with this version, but more things are broken.
    yes, lag compensation is still in the game and worse than ever.
    lag comp is something that should never be implemented into a game that's geared toward competitive gamers.
    I'm going to try to get a refund now, I already know they wont change their netcode or fix the massive heap of
    broken things with this one. Expand
  40. Jan 13, 2013
    Barely made through it. The game is pretty boring and the plot is weak. The modern part however is the only thing that drived me most. I guess if they eliminated "back-in-time" part completely it could be a much better game.
  41. Jun 9, 2013
    ruined game. the first one was amazing, it was based on precision and skill in multiplier but now.... Even the zombie maps were ruined. all the maps look horrid, the background imaging is basic, and even the AI is terrible. the amount of money this corporation has they should be able to afford there own servers. not cheap out and use players as there servers. the fact the next game was announced a couple of days after the last DLC was made, proves how half ass'ed these are. small machine guns have more ammo, more damage, and better accuracy then an LMG. Great logic. Expand
  42. May 9, 2013
    STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM THIS GAME! First of all, to be honest, I have never played a single COD title, the only FPS I've played were Counter Strike. Having heard a lot of rave reviews from game critics, doing research on YouTube and so on, with many COD fanboys bragging about how superior these titles were compared to other FPS. It gave me the assurance, that this has to be the best FPS ever made, right? F**k no!!! Ok, at first BO2 may seem quite fun but for awhile, it won't take long before you realize that it's just stupid & mindless, you'll feel like a complete retard running around in circles in a freaking Michael Bay movie with a mass orgy of bombardments, getting killed out of no where. Can someone knock some sense in to me and explain how the hell did COD titles gets all the good reviews? how the hell is this even fun? I'm astonished! This game for me is a 4/10, TERRIBLE!!! I just don't get how COD titles are one of the best selling video games or why people are wasting money on this trash, one thing's for sure though, definitely the last time I bought any COD crap. Expand
  43. Jun 29, 2013
    Exactly the same as all other Call of Duties in history. The only differences are the maps, campaign and they have put in scorestreaks. But, it doesn't take away the fact that the multiplayer in this game is actually quite good if a bit laggy at times. I like how they have put in scorestreaks so you get good stuff for actually playing the objective instead of just killing people even though that isn't the aim of that game type. Aside from the quite good multiplayer this game is terrible, the campaign lacks a good storyline and Black Ops 2 struggles to bring anything new to the table. 5/10 Expand
  44. Aug 26, 2013
    Call of duty Black ops II is the same with other call of duty games.Big Battles, too many explosions make the game excessive.Its multiplayer is the same and the only things that changes it are scorestreaks,the new weapons and the new create a class system.The story of the game is good.What i can say about the zombies?In Black ops II zombies are very funny if you play with your friends.Unfortunately the maps are awfull.Too small that you can't move or escape from a zombie.Generally i believe that call of duty must change and they have to work harder and make a real call of duty game. Expand
  45. Sep 4, 2014
    The graphics of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 falls short, the singleplayer campaign is a bit short and the co-op mode isn't diversified but the multiplayer is very innovative, fun and balanced. I see Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 as one of the best in the CoD series.
  46. Nov 1, 2014
    - Really Fun Multiplayer
    - Tons Of DLC
    - Quick Scoping
    - Zombie Mode Is Boring As ****
    - Campaign Is Boring

    One of the best COD games of all time! Definitely one of my most favorite games ever.
  47. Nov 17, 2012
    Suprised that Treyarch did something different for a change? I am. Most of the Call of Duty games have had a terrible singleplayer experience with nothing new to add. This game may not be fanatstic, but actually made an attempt at something new for change that wound up having a fairly good singleplayer experience that is worth replaying. Get to pick your weapons before each mission and adds some customization and new light to a almost dead series of games. Expand
  48. Nov 23, 2012
    I give Treyarch credit for trying to push it in a new direction slightly with the single player and the multi player tweaks but the game is nothing special. The single player story is interesting. The multi player is ok but more of the same and some of the weapons feel really imbalanced. If you need something to pass time and have a bunch of friends to play with grab this game up otherwise.... Pass. Expand
  49. Nov 17, 2012
    The same game, but worst. Without AI, without graphics, This game in PC is simply bad. One year ahead, same game of 2004. In 2004 this game is an 8, now is a 3.
  50. Nov 15, 2012
    I haven't been a fan of COD in a long time the constant rehashing of the same with i tidy up and selling it back to their customers gets old fast. This time round nothing much has changed sure its the best looking cod and sure its had a face lift but its still more of the same. That said though isn't that what COD buyers expect these days and you know what its actually fun I am and have been enjoying it what possessed me to buy another cod game I will never know but I've played a good 10 hours now and I will play it again where as modern warfare 3 I stopped playing within about 3 hours. So far this game is a lot of fun and I don't regret buying it, would I recommend it to a friend my answer would be only if you like cod otherwise wait till the free weekends to give it a try before you buy. Expand
  51. Nov 13, 2012
    bad bad, i can't install the game beacuse the second disc is of mass effect 2 Played the single part and the zombie mod on pc. Trust me! Treyarch did absolutely nothing about the PC graphics part. DirectX11 is sure as hell no in this game. Nice marketing tric they pulled on the pc gamer
  52. Mar 6, 2013
    Another copy and paste from every other Call of Duty for the past few years. Basically milking you 59.99 for expansion content. Call of Duty use to be awesome...and then Activision came...This game offers NOTHING significantly new in terms of content and graphics etc......and is just a cash cow milking YOU, the consumer
  53. Nov 25, 2012
    The main issue with "blops2" is the game wants you to play it in a particular way. If you try and do your own thing, explore, look around or go somewhere the game doesn't want you to go, then you are simply killed off or greeted with a 'mission over' screen and forced to start from checkpoint.

    There was an awful lot of Ai glitches too within the campaign play through - portaling about,
    getting stuck in corners etc etc.

    The story chops and changes left right and centre and generally speaking I had no idea whatsoever what was going on apart from point and shoot.

    The little RTS style missions where good though, made a nice change
  54. Nov 27, 2012
    After Treyarch did the dirty on PC players with the no dedicated servers crap, did they actually expect people to like a MW3 clone? Call of Duty is dead! Thank you for nothing, Treyarch!
  55. Apr 16, 2013
    The problem with Black Ops, and most of the CoD series, is that there's no challenge in most of the series. It's extremely under-rated and the gameplay is just the same over, and over again. Most game developers would at least add something new to a game to make it that little bit extra enjoyable, but no, they decided to add zombies instead. Come on, this is 2013, not 2005.
  56. Dec 8, 2012
    Feels like the same old CoD all over again. Really disappointing graphics on the PC. Poor widescreen support and all for a hefty price. Wishing I didn't spend my money on this game now.
  57. Nov 13, 2012
    Same engine, Same formula, a few new guns... I'm not sold.

    How year after year people flock to the new edition of the call of duty franchise I'm not sure. The best Modern Warfare game was the original, since then the franchise has gone slowly downhill with each new installation. I would advise people to stay away from this one.
  58. Nov 16, 2012
    i am all about singeplayer and i must say its not good
    maybe if the graphics was up to date then my score was around 7
    i think that "medal of honor warfighter" did a better job not only with the graphics but with gameplay to.
    "medal of honor warfighter" sticks you to the chair.
    i think bop2 didnt need a sequel.
    so if want agood FPS go with "medal of honor warfighter".
  59. Nov 21, 2012
    Just another call of duty of the assembly line. They spent some time making new maps and then called it black ops 2, anyone who buys this game should really reconsider, just think you are paying $59.99 for download content. I for one will never pay $59.99 for download content.
  60. Dec 5, 2012
    For me, the best Call Of Duty since Call of Duty 4. Despite what others have said, the single player is far better than ANY other standard first person shooter I have ever played. While still a linear story, the game has far more replay value than any other Call Of Duty to date with key decisions affecting the story of the game. The multiplayer can be bit annoying due to the anti-lag countermeasure that seems to work against you but other than that it has been a really enjoyable game to play and finally a replacement for Call of Duty 4. There are dedicated servers - despite appearances, the servers are not run by players, and thus you can leave at any time without the hassle of a server host change. Finally Zombies is back with a transzit mode that adds to the stale flavour of the old hashed out Zombies. I am sorry to see so many people who hate the game simply because it Expand
  61. Jul 2, 2013
    Seriously... the game never changes, they need to do something different with the game. The battlefield series changes sooo much each time keeping the game fresh, why can't call of duty do this, its not only Treyarch doing it but also Infinity Ward. I would have rather paid £50 for Minecraft than £10 on this game. Overall the campaign was better than the multiplayer because at least the story line changes a bit however the online never changes and at least there is Zombies which may account for a bit of the game but overall the game is terrible. Expand
  62. Dec 30, 2012
    Boring as hell, multiplayer is dull too. Why o why dont you go back to Cod2 style multiplayer servers instead of restricting players to your **** lobby setup. Idiots at blizzard cant stop **** up games. Living off reputation of games made 3 years ago and producing utter ****e. Bring back the original development team of cod because whoever is running the show now is useless.........
  63. Apr 24, 2013
    gonna divide this is 3: - Campain: its painfuly booooooring, would be worst if it wasnt for Menedez. Also the decitions? thats the only choice it matters is the very last one the others are exuces. - Multiplayer: nothing really new exept for a few thing. - Zombies: fun as always and pretty inovative. the only thing that worths at all is Zombie mode and its not THAT good. you would get bored soon.
    Besides why wasting money in this game if they are already going to release a new one soon. dont give your money to them! use that money for a game that actually woth and has iniciative like Battlefield 3 or Uncharted 3
  64. Sep 7, 2013
    Definitely the worst game of the franchise as of now (but Ghost's trailers and gameplay videos show that Activision still has a lot of space to dig down to the bottom of this CoD'nfusion). The lame singleplayer with rubbish plot about cyberterrorists, the strike ops mode which was made only to be in the game. Zombies became silly and blunt with these new overtwist of plot and mechanics. Multiplayer introduced nothing new, except the bad "pick-10" and wildcards, imbalanced perks and weapons (which also sound like someone in the weapon is participating in the quick spitting competition, oh, and SMGs doesn't look to have recoil at all), etc. This list can be continued. Don't buy this game. RIP Call of Duty. Expand
  65. Jan 12, 2014
    The multiplayer is trash unbalenced, awful hit detection,lag, boring campaign , **** zombies, and all the dlcs were a copy from BO1 and the fact its the **** SAME GAME FROM COD 4!!!!!!!!
  66. Nov 13, 2012
    Just another mappack, thats how to describe this game best. Seems that activision is one of the few studios that can get away with just rehashing a game year after year and have people pay the full amount of 60 euros for it.

    This game is such a shameless ripoff to the previous that it's almost insulting to the gaming industry in general. The critic reviews are obviously paid reviews
    seeing as this game gets a 9 on average. In short this game doesn't do anything to revolutionize or even improve upon the existing FPS model. It doesn't even give you top notch graphics for the money you pay. Expand
  67. Feb 21, 2013
    I don't understand how these game sells so well. COD4 was the best and last great game in the series. BLOPS II is lackluster and the devs have no creativity as it shows in the maps. The graphics are dated and the console match making is lame. The only good thing about this game is that I didn't pay full price for it. BTW the latest MOH is better than this game. I will play it as a filler game and to play some Zombies. Expand
  68. Nov 18, 2012
    I would say this is a copy and paste game but they changed it up a little. Yet it's the same run and gun game as always just worst in a way. I find it hard to understand why people keep buying call of duty games when all they should do is keep playing cod4 or quit playing cod altogether. After each cod they get worst and worst. and just from the user scores before my score I can see the community agrees with me... Good luck to all past cod lovers, I am one of them but with these new call of duty's I have been nothing but let down.... so in closing think about how bad MW3 was and times it by 3 and you got BO2. good luck gamers Expand
  69. Mar 6, 2013
    Little to nothing redeeming about this game. It's the same rehashed crap that Activision keeps pushing onto weak gamers who think they need the latest CoD release. Quit funding these yearly releases and you might actually get a game worth spending $60 on.
  70. Nov 15, 2012
    I will start with the rating I would give this game: 8/10
    But I'll add two more points in a *futile* attempt to balance the haters.
    This is the best Call of Duty released since the original Modern Warfare. It is a lot better than the garbage Infinity Ward puts out every other year - those were the real rehashes, the real copy paste games (I'm talking about MW2 & MW3 of course).
    singleplayer in Black Ops 2 is quite enjoyable in my opinion - I really like that they went in a different direction with the way that the story unfolds, compared to the previous installments.
    Also the multiplayer is much, much better. The new Pick 10 system is implemented very well, and it certainly makes things more varied. Plus the scorestreaks encourage playing the objective instead of camping (which IMO is perfect in objective based modes).
    I haven't really gotten into Zombies, it was never my thing - but from what I have seen it provides what standalone games cannot.
    Overall, Treyarch really surprised me with this new installment - compared to the failures IW is pumping out. It's nice to have a small breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale franchise.
    As a side note to the trolls giving this game a 0:
    1) If you want to at least be credible, "review" this game on a single platform. Don't copy-paste the review on all the platforms the game has been released on. I doubt that you even bought the PC version, let alone ALL the other versions.
    2) Do you know who rates a game for graphics solely? Wannabe teenagers who think "omgzzz guys im playin on xbox, im soooooo nerdyyyy* makes them awesome. It doesn't.
    3) I bet you all here that 90% of the people who gave this game a bad score and stated in their reviews that they do not jump in capitalist bandwagons because they are smart and we who bought BO2 are not, are the same people you see in lines every time Apple launches a new product. Do you see the irony?
  71. Nov 13, 2012
    a disgrace to pc gaming, already returned the damn thing. even more unbalanced than mw3, same gameplay, bunch of stupid sh*t with camos and attachments. no 2 hit knife, just a bunch more lies game is loose but hole.
  72. Nov 13, 2012
    This game is complete trash, it's graphics look like Call of Duty 3, not Modern Warfare.
    Bodies have no weight, textures look like absolute garbage they are stretched and clipped on everything you can find.
    I wanted to get into this game I really did, but it was just disappointment after disappointment.
    You should pray all day and maybe maaaaaaaaay be you will get your money back from
    this spew of diarrhea dog console port.

    -When you knife people it seems to have no connectivity, their limbs just fly off to a cheesy blood effect that looks like After Effects Action Essentials blood.
    -The guns have the same exact sound for each shot, other games had at least 3.
    -The cast just jumps around left and right, none of the characters are memorable.
    -This is a direct console port to the PC, the graphics adjustments are so crippled you can't even adjust the model detail -_-. This game is playing in 480p or some terrible console quality.
    I would be able to tell if it was developed for PC, the text would be very high quality and clear like the other games but the text in this game looks like it was from a 4:3 800 x 600 monitor.
    -The main menu is sooooooo bad it is set vertical, has no icons, why would they downgrade their main menu wtf, the first black ops menu was perfect, it was interactive with a bunch of fun secrets but this is just some crappy graphics guy just hitting his watch in the same exact spot.

    Ranging from framerate issues and limited graphics, to the inability to crouch only when pressing the crouch button, both toggle to crouch and hold to crouch have the same exact action WOW.
    The guns do not make any impact sounds, from the beggining of the campaign I was just bewildered at the fact that they had to add so much gore up the ass, from burning to brutal murders. It is so unnecessary and it detracts so much from the story I don't even know what the characters are even arguing about half the time.

    I have played Call of Duty since Call of Duty 2, my favorite one being Modern Warfare 1.
    I'm glad Metacritic isn't paid off for it's reviews because this game really does deserve a 3.1.

    This game makes Soldier Front look like an 11 / 10.

    This is the summation of money hungry corporate pigs, movie licensed game, and paid reviews.
  73. Nov 14, 2012
    If you can see the comments of others, then you know what this game is all about. The game is possibly the biggest load of crap ever seen in modern games. Strangely this Call of Duty nonsense doesn't know how to stop and our majority of gamers and consumers are into nonsensical, repetitive, and worthless games. Clearly Treyarch doesn't appeal nor care towards players and only towards the money idiots throw at them. The game sadly lacks one of the useful features of gaming, dedicated servers. Without this how can you expect PC gamers to have any type of fun? With constant disconnections from servers and bad communities, I wonder how play this game. Not to mention how poorly coded and balanced this game is. Run and gun with a sub-machine gun, BIG **** WHOOPIE DO. Seriously, with a due respect, this game is not worth buying with It's same, non-changing gameplay with only meager, insignificant additions.

    How can other idiots, Yes idiots, commenting in Metacritic say people don't know what they are talking about this game score wise, anyway? Clearly, they have played it, hated it, and give their concerns to the community.

    Overall, this game is NOT worth your time and especially your good money. The game lacks core FPS elements and will be a waste. If I ask one person who is so madly in love with this game, I bet you he or she cannot give me a clear, descriptive and good opinion about the game. The game is a piece of **** this is one of the most banwagoned game which sole purpose of the creators is not to create a fun genre, but one to only gain profit. If you have the mind to read all of this, I sincerely commend you for your actions. I am not being a hater, but clearly there are so many bad, and unfixed points of this game that makes it a complete disaster. Remember, Treyarch wants to only make money not matter how badly a person perceives it. Please make a difference by not being one of those idiots who say MW3 (when it came out) or did you get Black Ops 2?
    The gaming community today makes me sick to see these COD only gamers.

    P.S. I played throughtout the COD series, So I KNOW where I am coming from.
  74. Nov 19, 2012
    Well, this is my first Call of Duty game since CoD 4 and I have to say BO2 is really good FPS (not realistic, but it's fun), however I think they should finally change game engine etc. Maybe they're afraid of massive failure?
  75. Nov 20, 2012
    I've only played multiplayer,but a lot of things seem like a rerun of the first Black Ops. Most weapons feel like a reskin of the ones from BO1,with a few new additions,the graphics are a bit above average IMO,but the optimization is horrible,considering that Hitman Absolution runs a lot better on my rig and the graphics are beyond comparison. You could think that after so many Call Of Duty games,which are basically the same since Modern Warfare 2,they would get the balance right already. Nope,it's still fu**ed. On the bright side,the new create-a-class system is definitely worth mentioning because of it's flexibility and the possibilites it gives. I haven't explored this game too much since I don't own,I only played on my friends account for about 2 hours,but I've played every other CoD and this one is no different,which is it's biggest flaw unfortunately. However,I wouldn't agree with the MasterOfMetroid,this one is a lot better than Modern Warfare 3 and if you,by some miracle,haven't played CoD,especially since Modern Warfare 2,it's worth trying out,just for God's sake,don't buy it before you try it. I'm just going to give it a generous 3,because I would be less dissapointed with it then with MW3. Expand
  76. Dec 5, 2012
    Nothing new, just for the guys who played black ops I and want to follow the story,i am a lil disapointed thou because i wanted more missions, its too short, the new and good stuff its that well you got different finales. Didnt like too much the gameplay, (compared to modern warfare versions, multiplayer its gayish with aaaalll those new gadgets but its funny thou with friends, its a different type of strategy. This Christmas if I choose between cod black ops II or Battlefield 3 I definetly choose Battlefield 3. Expand
  77. Dec 24, 2012
    Хорошая игра в серии,неплохой сюжет,интересный геймплей,но ужасная графика,мультиплеер затянет не на один десяток часов. Expand
  78. Aug 6, 2013
    Like all other Call of Duty games, they suck and is very unfair. This game for example, story mode is boring and stupid, multiplayer is unfair and poorly made, zombies is probably the only good thing in this stupid game
  79. Jul 21, 2013
    As well all know, Call Of Duty is the best game series ever created. The Big Daddy's paired with the Little Sisters is great and creepy combo. The atmosphere is that of a real warzone, with pace and action galore. I really enjoyed the partnership between Alyx and Gordon in the Half-Life series but that is just me. Call Of Duty: Black Ops II has some of the greates graphics on the PlayStation 2. Blending fast cutscenes with frantic fighting segments against, who else?! The Russians. Overall, The Last Of Us is a great game.

    Call Of Duty: Black Ops II gets: 10/10.
  80. Nov 7, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well, I'm actually surprised. I thought it was going to be terrible, because of all the reviews. Well don't listen to them!! I just finished the campaign and played a bit of multiplayer. The campaign was great. You go through emotions that you have never felt in a game before. The new engine has not a lot of changes, but you will notice them. The graphics are good, and works well with my terrible PC. And why does anyone care about graphics? It's all about the gameplay! The campaign was enjoyable and really active, there is not one part when you are not shooting enemies. The story is great; how an ex-ghost turns into the leader of a ginormous army that has took all of South America. You really got hit in the feelings at some points. Multiplayer is fun and enjoyable. Also the guns sound awesome! I have always dreamed of the guns in Call of Duty sounding like this! The voice acting, however is ok. Some parts their voice didn't match what they were doing. For example, Elias was shouting angrily, but he had no sign of it, no angrily shaking the chair he was tied up to. All in all brilliant game. Buy it if you enjoy a good fun game to relax! Expand
  81. Nov 1, 2013
    I can't believe how much they messed up black ops 2, no pro perks, the lag is horrible, unbalanced guns, you can just use a pistol and get up to 30 kills. this game sucks because of how unbalanced it is!
  82. Nov 28, 2013
    Like all call of duty games, the singleplayer is short and linear, and the multiplayer gets tedious and boring. However, Treyarch have at least tried to innovate, with adding choices to the singleplayer, and adding the strike force missions. None of the multiplayer maps are that entertaining to play apart from nuketown and with that map being previously available in Black Ops 1, Treyarch have failed to provide entertaining new maps. The game is OK though, and certainly is better than previous Call of Duty games. Expand
  83. Jun 15, 2014
    This game is almost perfect shooter. After years it looks and being played better than Battlefield 4, Titanfall and Ghosts. Fast paced, candy like, beautiful. Gameplay makes you obsessed. Impressive range of multiplayer maps. Interesting percs, wonderfl gadgets, really awesome weapons and personalization, large friendly community. I think Black Ops II is best multiplayer shooter ever.
  84. Jun 16, 2014
    All though this game was fun for a little, it went dull when I reached the highest level. Every month they come out with new stuff, which is very cool but you have to buy a "skin" for 5.00. Although call of duty is known for that it is just way to much. Aside all the money grabbing, this game had a good story and I enjoyed it.
  85. Nov 14, 2012
    the game is so ugly, the campaign is so scripted, the weapons sounds so bad. the only things that works is the mp. but even the mp is boring as hell. i'll stick with cod mw 3.
  86. Aug 12, 2013
    This is a very polished and smoothly running game. However, there is no point in playing it. Due to its netcode, skill or lag don't matter it's all about luck (e.g. see OvenBakedMuffin's YouTube video named BlackOps2 Misconceptions). In addition, the gameplay mechanics are quite broken. For best results, you should run around with a pistol. Do not attempt to play this game tactically. Don't worry if you completely suck at shooters this game is designed so that you will get kills anyway. Expand
  87. Nov 13, 2012
    This game is so BAD=Terrible that it feels like a free to play FPS.The developers drop the ball with this poor excuse of a game. I Want my $60 bucks back.
  88. Nov 15, 2012
    Non-multiplayer this game is beautiful! I love it. Great missions. But, lets be honest with each other this game is meant to be mostly played online multi-player over steam. It was the 2nd day I already found a handful of hackers with aimbots and it is growing every day. This was a huge problem in MW3 and steam and activation did nothing about it. I have to give it a low rating because they refused to do anything about hackers. I am shocked aimbots already playing in the 2nd day of release. I recommend buying this game on console only and don't waste your money on the PC version. Expand
  89. Nov 15, 2012
    This game is awesome. The only people crying are autistic kids who play terraria. Graphics 10/10. Story 10/10. Gameplay. 10/10. I spent 180 dollars on this game. I have a feeling its mostly poor kids crying also. Haha get a job losers. Anyone who gives this game below a 10/10 is a troll.
  90. Nov 26, 2012
    The single player campaign is OK. Nothing to write home about. I am fairly sure that it will get the same reaction as Black Ops. If you liked the SP in BO1, you'll probably like it in BO2. Multiplayer, though.. damn. It is HORRIBLE. Maps are retreads, graphics are mundane, sound is incredibly bad. BO2 makes no effort to address the same old issues that plague FPS games online. Camping is rampant, hit detection is atrocious, weapons are extremely overpowered (shotguns) or underpowered (ARs). The only positive thing I can say about the multiplayer is that the 9-point system can work, with a little tweaking. But since Treyarch obviously doesn't care about their community I do not see it improving. All Treyarch has managed to do, in my case, is make sure I never pay full price for one of their games ever again. Expand
  91. Nov 5, 2013
    Garbage. Not much left to say. Sick requirements, blocked FOV, broken preload, maps, graphics like in 2008 game, no changes in gameplay and no revolution in any way.
  92. Nov 18, 2012
    This game is terrible. Probably the most boring Call of Duty campaign yet. There's these side missions that seem to be worse than the actual levels too. Haven't even bothered with multiplayer, went in and it lagged like Black Ops 1 so I quit. Zombies was semi ok. Not really good enough still. Graphics are so bad. Terrible game.
  93. Nov 24, 2012
    Anyone who tells you this game is better than MW3 is a liar. This game just reminds me why i hate Black Ops and just Treyarch in general. They have no idea how to develop a map or put spawn points or even allow someone to knife. If you gave this game good map design and good spawn points it would be okay, but instead its basically a CF the whole entire game(CF is a Cluster **** if you didnt know)
  94. Nov 13, 2012
    Boring repetitive, played it at a friends house, thank god i didn't waste 65 dollars on this overpriced DLC! I guess some games are that gullible to keep falling for the same lazy tricks.
  95. Nov 20, 2012
    I'm not sure why the graphics are so bad all the time when Treyarch is involved. You would think someone could just at least rip off the ones being used in Modern Warfare. Is there just a outright lack of talent over there? This game seriously feels like something inbetween Counterstrike 1.6 and Counterstrike source. The sound is terrible, again, like in original Black Ops. For those who don't actually know this, a good sound engine mixed with good heaphones can be up to 30 percent of kicking ass in a FPS. This game just doesn't allow for it. It all sounds like a muddy mess mixed with fire crackers going off (grenades). Their vision of the the future is pulled out of some kind of 80's movie. I felt like I was playing a lesser version of Perfect Dark 64. Still give it a 5 because its a new game with new stats for me and I enjoy going 2.7+ kpd in peoples faces regardless. Plus my friends are playing it and I will just learn to deal until something else pops up. Expand
  96. Nov 4, 2013
    The game is horrible, its the same as it's previous games. Gameplay's the same, Game engine's the same, it aint DX11... its still DX9.0c.. no physics, nothing. The only good thing is that it runs on Intel HD cards. The future war of the game feels like a mix of Crysis and BF2142. The sound of the game is pants, bullets are more quiet than the soundtracks, and if you ask me, the soundtracks are really cheap! atleast the zombie mod is better than the previous. This game is just a marketing trick of Acitivision, same thing as EA or Apple is doing... marketing crap for high prices. It was nothing but a waste of my time! COD series is dead... Expand
  97. Nov 16, 2012
    This game is garbage. has decent graphics but you can't enjoy them because the game is so glitchy you can't aim your guns correctly. you can spray to get kills but nowhere near as smooth as borderlands or mw3. black ops 1 was the same one. is so disappointing that treyarch is still in business and that once every other year they get to put out a game from what has been the best series in the past.
  98. Dec 25, 2012
    Ignore all the negativity you have been hearing about this game. Actually, believe some of it. Call Of Duty Black Ops II is potentially the most hyped up game of this year and also one of the most hated. But believe me, if your friends are still complaining that this CoD is too similar to the rest then they will never be pleased. This is the furthest you can go from typical CoD gameplay without turning into a different game. Black Ops II does have a dramatically improved campaign with far superior gameplay and story to all previous iterations. Black Ops II also makes use of cut scene's which look great but feel awfully disjointed from the story feeling like some scenes are missing. The ending stages of the campaign are amazing compared to the first few hours but it is super short. They clearly ran out of resources and crammed way to much in too short of a period. Overall the campaign is the best in the franchise but it still behind the likes of Halo and Gears of War. Multiplayer is great seeing some balancing tweaks and new features like the pick 10. Which works wonders. However some balancing tweaks are rendered useless due to there still being a huge number of overpowered and underpowered weapons and equipment. Maps also feel a little crowded, maybe just on PC and spawns are dreadful. The Multiplayer is good and maybe the best to some. But for me its just getting worse on the multiplayer side of things. Finally Zombies is great and works a treat featuring new modes like transit. Transit basically only adds travelling between multiple map area's but it feels fresh and is a lot of fun. Overall there isn't a whole lot to complain about in Black Ops II besides the fact it should be just a tad better. I give them props for doing so much in a relatively small cycle but it may have been more then they could chew. I give Black Ops II 7/10 Expand
  99. Aug 25, 2013
    Black Ops 2 can be a good multiplayer game, if luck is on your side.
    Because luck is what you need to get a good game going in the multiplayer mode. Where previous CoD versions had good or even half decent lag compensation, this game falls flat on it's face in that regard.
    Too many times will you empty half a clip in your enemy only to have him turn around and drop you like a fat chick
    on an American Idol audition.
    Now, it is claimed that the PC version of this game runs on dedicated servers hosted by Treyarch but you wouldn't really notice from experiencing how horrid the netcode in this game is.
    Couple that with not so great balance between the guns (SMG's, shotguns and LMG's rule the roost) and you're left with a pretty frustrating online experience.
    Singleplayer is the same formulaic (and too often boring) CoD experience and the addition of horribly boring strike force missions doesn't help in this regard.
    Call of Duty is on it's last legs and it shows, the total number of players you will see online at the busiest time of the day is around 15,000, people are done with this game and so am i.
    Time will tell if Ghosts will be better, but i wouldn't pre-order it if i were you.
  100. Mar 10, 2013
    This game is the same year after year. Run, point, shoot, die rinse and repeat. And the campaign is the same as every year. Go to war. Kill the main bad guy. The end. I am really disappointed and wont buy CoD unless this changes

Mixed or average reviews - based on 11 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 11
  2. Negative: 0 out of 11
  1. Dec 30, 2012
    The Corn Flakes of multiplayer first-person shooters. We've been sick of eating it for some time, now. [Jan 2013, p.80, 81]
  2. 60
    Black Ops II brings evolution to the series unfortunately, the evolution that is incomplete. Only one part of the game deserves a top ranking – multiplayer. [Christmas 2012]
  3. Dec 12, 2012
    Call of Duty Black Ops II is saved by its multiplayer, as the campaign has surprisingly too many bad sections. Maybe now it's time to move on? [Dec 2012]