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  1. Nov 14, 2012
    The runs like butter, it has everything a PC gamer would want for a PC system. The game is really well done, they improved zombies, the multiplayer with the pick 10, and the single player is overall a different experience. The reason why I made my score a 10, is because this game is deff not a 3.1. Im not a COD HUGE FAN, I've only played black ops 1 & 2, and mw3. So far, if your asking about the differences between the PC verisons of mw3 and black ops 2, there is a lot. They added FOV up to 80, a patch coming to make it to 90. The controls are better, you no longer have to press spacebar to stand from crouching like in black ops 1. The graphics compare to the first black ops are so much better. The game runs like butter. They even added a FPS meter to display your FPS. The game is in 3 different .exe's. So you don't have to install the WHOLE game to play multiplayer, only the things you need. (You may need to download the single player, not sure, I installed them all).

    If these people are saying that the game is the same, and should be a low rating, they are wrong. This game does everything fine, and doesn't have any issues to have a low rating. The stuff they do they do it right.

    The pick 10 system allows for some type of loadouts we never have seen. This is awesome, black ops 2, now give you even more control with how you want to create your class.

    The league play works awesome. You gotta do 5 pre-games before you are ranked, then your placed into a certain rank, similar to Starcraft 2. Also, they've unlocked all items for loadouts of course.

    The game includes text chat within matches, and voice. (A lot of new games don't do this, specially the ones that are direct "ports", like everyone here is saying it is).

    The single player missions are REALLY well done. If you just start off playing the single player, your are constantly doing something different. Your not always just killing people, and once again the story is really well done.

    Hmm... the engine runs like butter on the PC.

    For the emblem system, they added (I believe) 32 layers for you to create something. Another amazing improve from the first black ops.

    They added two new modes including multi team (teams of 3, I think its 3 teams? Im not a big mult-team player). And they added hard point, which is like a king of the hill. --On top of the new modes, they changed the way 'fun modes' work. Like 'One in the chamber' or 'Gun game', these games now give you XP for playing them. So people that want to just level up by that way can!

    So far, with the online, The matchmaking system is working awesome for me. Treyarch, to me, did an amazing job with the online. It works perfectly fine, just as if your playing on a Xbox 360.

    Like there is just so many things they added to this game, its hard for me to even wanna type it all out.

    Its a great game, and doesn't deserve a 3.1. I never review games on metacritic, but I give credit, where credit is due. I believe black ops 2 is 10x better then mw3 for so many reasons, and if you can't see that, then I guess don't buy it.

    Rated a 9 for the PC verison.

    No elite on PC yet.
  2. Nov 15, 2012
    This game is awesome. The only people crying are autistic kids who play terraria. Graphics 10/10. Story 10/10. Gameplay. 10/10. I spent 180 dollars on this game. I have a feeling its mostly poor kids crying also. Haha get a job losers. Anyone who gives this game below a 10/10 is a troll.
  3. Nov 15, 2012
    Great game. I know 10 is essentially saying the game is perfect which it isn't, there are admittedly bugs but that will very likely be cleared up in an upcoming patch along with connection issues that can plague new releases. The move into a new era is bold and inviting. All in all. THREE THUMBS UP! :D
  4. Jan 6, 2013
    Odd, despite all of these negative reviews I must say that I really enjoyed the game and I played the first one as well. Good and interesting story. Great special effects and graphics. I've played a lot of shooter games, some good and some bad. This one is worth playing AND it has replay value. Oh well, I guess that I'm just easy to please, I suppose.
  5. Nov 15, 2012
    Great story, great cards, many of the best oruzhie.Odna chastey.Vse just velikolepno.Rezhim otpad.Dolzhen buy every zombie!It is a shooter game goda.Eto bright.
  6. Nov 14, 2012
    Very good game like all call of duty very high quality video game with real Hollywood stars what can be better graphics are best so far i saw in video game, amazing game but everyone don't like it because its Call of duty its enough for them no matter how good or bad game so just ignore votes
  7. Nov 15, 2012
    I will start with the rating I would give this game: 8/10
    But I'll add two more points in a *futile* attempt to balance the haters.
    This is the best Call of Duty released since the original Modern Warfare. It is a lot better than the garbage Infinity Ward puts out every other year - those were the real rehashes, the real copy paste games (I'm talking about MW2 & MW3 of course).
    singleplayer in Black Ops 2 is quite enjoyable in my opinion - I really like that they went in a different direction with the way that the story unfolds, compared to the previous installments.
    Also the multiplayer is much, much better. The new Pick 10 system is implemented very well, and it certainly makes things more varied. Plus the scorestreaks encourage playing the objective instead of camping (which IMO is perfect in objective based modes).
    I haven't really gotten into Zombies, it was never my thing - but from what I have seen it provides what standalone games cannot.
    Overall, Treyarch really surprised me with this new installment - compared to the failures IW is pumping out. It's nice to have a small breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale franchise.
    As a side note to the trolls giving this game a 0:
    1) If you want to at least be credible, "review" this game on a single platform. Don't copy-paste the review on all the platforms the game has been released on. I doubt that you even bought the PC version, let alone ALL the other versions.
    2) Do you know who rates a game for graphics solely? Wannabe teenagers who think "omgzzz guys im playin on xbox, im soooooo nerdyyyy* makes them awesome. It doesn't.
    3) I bet you all here that 90% of the people who gave this game a bad score and stated in their reviews that they do not jump in capitalist bandwagons because they are smart and we who bought BO2 are not, are the same people you see in lines every time Apple launches a new product. Do you see the irony?
  8. Dec 25, 2012
    The singleplayer portion of this game was absolutely amazing, the story more so than the gameplay, while black ops 1 had an amazing singleplayer too, black ops 2's campaign was just mind blowing. The multiplayer however, was new and somewhat fun, and it has stayed fun to this day, due to this being the PC version, there are much less issues with connection than the xbox360 version and therefore the online multiplayer mode is much better. The zombie mode was somewhat fun, but they didn't change it enough for me to consider it 'amazing'. Expand
  9. Nov 23, 2012
    Why is there so much hate towards BO2 (or CoD in general)?
    Unlike Infinity Ward, Treyarch actually adds alot of new features to the franchise:

    Black Ops 2 Versus BO1 / MW series & beyond:
    Better graphics, MUCH better sound, immersive campaign, scorestreaks system, 10-point loadout system , League Play, many more weapons and weapon attachments (i.e. Target Finder, Select Fire). Further
    Assist points are finally useful.
    10-point loadout system is fun to mess around with.
    (Deeper) custom emblem editor, also fun to play around with.
    Diamond camo's for the diehards!
    No more stationary campers thanks to new ghost perk !
    Much smaller hitbox for kniferunners!
    You can still quickscope, but that's a good thing cause of smaller maps and punishment for stationary campers.
    More interesting scorestreaks to choose from.
    Get a headset and notice the amazing soundquality. I tend pinpoint an enemy from hearing more than checking my minimap for any dots. Same applies to Black Ops 1 btw.

    There are no dedicated servers and it used to bother me. Actually, I'm experiencing minimum lag or interrupts.
    Also, I was worried about the graphics and gameplay. .until I played the game for the first time, I thought this game would be the next MW3 that I couldn't enjoy playing. I can honestly say that BO2 is kind of a mix between MW3 and BO1.
    There is still recoil, pushbacks, but less than in BO1.
    There are alot of close quarter maps like in MW3, but way better designed (imho).

    There must be more that I wanted to share, but nothing comes to mind right now.
    If you'll excuse me, I'm going back to play some more BO2 :))
  10. Nov 24, 2012
    i think that black ops 2 is the best of the frenchise (not like mw3 of last year that was suck.)a great gameplay,good story,awsome multiplayer,and zombies.this game is amazing and its have good content and its not feeling the same game i will give it 10/10.metascore whaere is the review of ign and the review of g4tv?,why do you dont write the best review in the critic review.
  11. Nov 5, 2014
    I dont understand other people opinion about this game. Theyre wrong about this game... Its the best game from Acitivision since Modern Warfare. The best graphic and okay! I agree that is old engine all the time... but the most important in game should be not graphic but only plot! Multiplayer have a lot of improvements in comparision with previous versions! New killstreaks, weapons, perks... All this things make that game a lot better! In my opinion this game is the best FPS shooter! Grpahics are amazing, optimization is very good and the zombie mode add to this game something which makes You: "WOW! Must play this!" and yeahh... this is true. Everyone must play this game and check it yourself! Dont listen opinions from Battlefield fans that this game is **** im not fan of COD but this title get 10 score from me and every really players on the world!
    +Music (amazing soundtrack!);
    +Multiplayer and zombie mode;
    +Scripts, scripts + scripts! Hollywood movie!;
    Ng1n3eR SCORE - 10/10
  12. Nov 14, 2012
    The is the best of the Call of duty Games in the franchise. Brilliant story line the best multiplayer around. Zombies is also another nice edition offering some of the best maps so far as well as the new transit mode. Overall this is an epic game that deserves praise for changing the series more than the any other call of duty games apart from Call of duty 4.
  13. Nov 17, 2012
    Um jogo que com toda a certeza merece ser jogado. As palavras para descrever o jogo só podem ser positivas, pois eles melhoraram muito a campanha desde o primeiro Black Ops. A trama está muito mais envolvente, sem perder o rumo. Os atores que interpretam os personagens melhoraram ainda mais as suas atuações. Os detalhes gráficos melhoraram muito, a jogabilidade também melhorou um pouco, o som das armas também deu uma ligeira melhorada, fora a quantidade que está ainda maior, com um arsenal incrível de armas novas.

    Bom, se há algo que eu melhoraria nesse jogo seria apenas a trilha sonora em algumas poucas partes que eu achei um pouco enjoativas e meio nada a ver com o que estava ocorrendo no game. Fora isso não precisa mudar praticamente nada. Bom, se fosse pra dar notas por partes acho que daria as seguintes notas:

    Som: 7,5
    Jogabilidade: 9,5
    Gráficos: 9,5
    Desafio: 8,0
    Fator replay: 7,5
    Roteiro/Enredo: 10
  14. Nov 15, 2012
    This Game deserves a 9 over 10 but because of all the improper, false, unrealistic, nooby made reviews i hade to give it a 10 to boost the overall all score. Black ops 2 is by far the second best call of duty since Call of duty 4: modern warfare. Single player offers so much as well as the multiplayer. Zombie mode has modes in them which gives it a much more lasting appeal. The game gives so much variety and fun. I undoubtedly recommend this game to any True FPS Fan. This Game Is truly what the fans asked for and Treyarch has given it to us. I was always an infinity ward fan but since West and Zampella left Mw3 sucked and Mw2 was a nice arcade style shooter But To Date COD4 Is still and most probably be The best call of duty in the series (especially on pc cuz of the mods:P) Expand
  15. Nov 14, 2012
    One of the Best Call of Duty games ever released. it might be the end of the black ops series in CoD. but never less i am a fan of Halo CoD and Battlefield and i think this game beat the rest of those series

    Go Call of Duty
  16. Jul 5, 2013
    Call of Duty Black Ops 2 reinvents combat in 2025 and defies the graphics of today's games, no matter on any counsel PC to Xbox from PS3 to Wii U Call of Duty Black Ops 2 makes a great game.
  17. Jul 8, 2013
    Amazing game if you have played call of duty black ops you will love this game the graphics are 100 times better and ever map is even more fun then the others so that's all i have to say I don't want to make this too long because no ones gonna read a whole 4 paragraph speech about this game so yeah awesome game if you want it buy it no need to rent you will love it, it may take a little time to get the hang of it but in the end it is a lot of fun!!! Expand
  18. Jul 21, 2013
    As well all know, Call Of Duty is the best game series ever created. The Big Daddy's paired with the Little Sisters is great and creepy combo. The atmosphere is that of a real warzone, with pace and action galore. I really enjoyed the partnership between Alyx and Gordon in the Half-Life series but that is just me. Call Of Duty: Black Ops II has some of the greates graphics on the PlayStation 2. Blending fast cutscenes with frantic fighting segments against, who else?! The Russians. Overall, The Last Of Us is a great game.

    Call Of Duty: Black Ops II gets: 10/10.
  19. Jul 22, 2013
    Yes you should not spend 60 bucks on the campaign alone but the multiplayer gives hours of playtime with a significantly improved system that lets you continually move up in the world rankings.
  20. Jul 27, 2013
    Game is fine... Probably most of you are console players... Games on consoles are always On the PC the game is fun! :P I don't see why people always about the graphics.. At least you can play the game on a 200 dollar laptop... And if you're on vacation and there is nothing to do at least your play the game. Common stop crying, if you don't like CoD then why you buy it? Same people all the time...

    1 Buy
    2 ****
    3 Cry
    4 Repeat step 1.

    Oh ya: 150 200 FPS. While recording /w fraps.
  21. Mar 5, 2014
    itrés bon jeux toute aussi plaisant je l'ai tester sur toute forme aussi bien xbox ps3 ect... rien ne change peut etre un meilleur graphisme mes sinon le meilleur qui et sortie de tous avec bo 1
  22. Mar 20, 2014
    Nice game with quite good graphics. You must have fast reflexes and smart playing style. If you like tactic playing, buy black ops 2 and enjoy ^^ Thanks ^^
  23. Jun 1, 2014
    The game is great. I've played all of the high rated CoD games and so far, BO2 is the 2nd best, right under MW2. The create-a-class system is well layed out, not as good as Ghosts (even though ghosts sucked overall) . The maps are all mediocre sized. The zombie game mode never loses its touch. The one thing I never understood is why people buy the game on console, rather than PC. The PC is the most powerful gaming console on the face of the planet, even more powerful than new gen consoles. Aside from the fact that it costs more, you get a much more smother gaming experience, The only 2 somewhat arguable facts that makes the console better is the fact that a console has a controller that people are comfortable using, despite the fact that both PS3 and 360 controllers (the 360 controller is preset up to work just like it does on the 360 for BO2 on PC). Last but not least, the smaller gaming community. It's only smaller because a powerful gaming computer is needed to run the game more smoothly. Of course, noob gamers are going cheap style with a console. Expand
  24. Jun 15, 2014
    This game is almost perfect shooter. After years it looks and being played better than Battlefield 4, Titanfall and Ghosts. Fast paced, candy like, beautiful. Gameplay makes you obsessed. Impressive range of multiplayer maps. Interesting percs, wonderfl gadgets, really awesome weapons and personalization, large friendly community. I think Black Ops II is best multiplayer shooter ever.
  25. Nov 1, 2014
    - Really Fun Multiplayer
    - Tons Of DLC
    - Quick Scoping
    - Zombie Mode Is Boring As ****
    - Campaign Is Boring

    One of the best COD games of all time! Definitely one of my most favorite games ever.
  26. Nov 13, 2012
    Multiplayer is fun, pretty much same gameplay but with improvements here and there. Tbh its the best looking call of duty there is, and some things look decent, not the best but decent (maxed on PC). Zombies looks pretty much the same though, but the new tranzit mode is a lot of fun. The Multiplayer maps are well made, and over all is a fun game. Worth buying and i do not understand the negative reviews. I presume theyre coming primarily from people who hate CoD or MW3 players. Blops series has been better than MW series in my opinion. Expand
  27. Nov 26, 2012
    This game surpassed all of the action and excitement in Black Ops I. The story line isn't unique, but it still holds your interest. The game play is great, with a large variety of weapons and platforms. My only critique is that there were too many lengthy cut scenes and flash backs and not enough sustained action, especially during the first half of the main story. Overall, this is one of the few games that, in my view, is worth the opening day price. Expand
  28. Jan 1, 2013
    treyarh brought the series to a new level. such work with the plot in shooters could only dream of, thanks to the nonlinearity you feel the main character. despite the old engine treyarh led process genre to new heights
  29. Nov 13, 2012
    Never played a COD game before but after seeing multiplayer gameplay videos, I thought it looked good.

    Ignored COD-hating trolls and pre-ordered immediately.

    So now, played the campaign and found it to be a little above mediocre but not that great. But what made me buy BLOPS2 was the multiplayer and oh boy, it didn't dissapoint me. It's highly fast-paced. I was never used to that
    kind of gameplay(blaming other great shooters like BF3 and Counter-strike). I've seen previous COD gameplays but BLOPS2 is in a whole different level. I can't believe people are saying that it's the same COD game. Expand
  30. Nov 13, 2012
    Its call of duty. You either love it or hate it. most people who are giving low scores right now probably dont even own the game this call of duty brings what we all love with some new improvements!
  31. Nov 13, 2012
    Single player is not worth mentioning, but multiplayer is where the game truly shines. It's worth every dollar if you like shooting other players in a fast-paced game of death.
  32. Nov 16, 2012
    I've never posted a review on Metacritic before, but felt compelled to after seeing so many troll/bad user reviews. It's one thing to play a game, review it objectively, and give it a low rating. It's another to rate a game a 0 or 1 without even playing it.

    It boggles the mind how people complain about how the game "hasn't changed" yet the very first aspect they criticize following this
    statement is "teh engine/graphics are the same!!11" People need to understand that a new graphics engine does NOT equal new gameplay. Medal of Honor: Warfighter has arguably the best graphics engine on the market right now (frostbite 2), yet the gameplay is incredibly dull and dated (aside from the car missions that I felt were neat).

    Now before playing a Call of Duty game, a prerequisite is required. By now, most people have played a CoD title at one point or another. You know the formula. So you can't rate the game low for being what it is: a highly scripted, fast-paced, blockbuster shooter. It's like giving Madden a 0 for being too much of a Madden game. It is what it is. CoD is NOT Battlefield, not Rainbow Six/GRAW, and it's not Brothers in Arms. If you go in expecting to fight in environments in size similar to Battlefield 3, expect to drive any vehicle you see in the map, or expect to micromanage your squad, you will be sorely disappointed.


    If you play Black Ops 2 expecting the same formula of Black Ops 1 (or MW3 for that matter, although that was developed by a different studio), you will be VERY pleasantly surprised. BO2 brings many new appreciated changes such as allowing you to customize your loadout before each mission (like primary weapon, secondary, attachments, grenades, and even perks), strike missions, and alternate story choices and endings. And in Call of Duty fashion, this is all tied together in a campaign that features a great score, compelling characters, excellent voice acting, superb facial animation, and thrilling scripted events all running at 60 fps.

    This time around, I really feel like they've struck a great balance between a compelling linear story line and player choice, both affecting gameplay (like loadouts and access to certain equipment and routes in the environment) and story (alternate choices and endings). Would I like more room to perform flanking maneuvers? Sure. But no CoD game in the series have ever really given me that, so I didn't expect it in this one and I won't fault it for that. Again, It think it's unfair to fault a game for not being what you want it to be. I can't fault CoD for not being more like Brothers in Arms. It would be the equivalent of faulting Gran Turismo for not being more open like Midnight Club Racers. Gran Turismo is not that kind of game and it would be unfair to judge it that way. GT must be reviewed as a circuit racer, just like CoD needs to be reviewed as a linear shooter with the likes of Homefront, Crysis 2, and Medal of Honor. That fact that Black Ops 2 offers alternate endings, optional missions, and custom loadouts earns it a lot of credit and differentiates Black Ops 2 from the "on-rails" shooter genre.

    I agree when people say "vote with your wallet." For me, I love the new changes to the Black Ops 2 campaign and have voted "Yes."
  33. Nov 24, 2012
    Stop saying that black ops 2 have nothing new. this game is really good, they added lot of new stuff. You can choose your loadout before the mission, new RTS gameplay missions, new stuff in multiplayer and the polished ''zombies''.... SP is not boring, i dit not find any lag or hackers on the multiplayer. Some players may say that the gameplay is the same because of the engine, but black ops 2 offers much more than other call of duties.... one of the best games of the franchise, its expensive, but its a must buy game. Expand
  34. Nov 24, 2012
    So, let starts from where we should. It's campaign, is great, based on 2025 and in the old times. Zombies, is zombies, like always, a great job. Then Multiplayer, it's not a "WOAAAAAAAAAAAAH", but it's fine overall, maybe some damn campers or knife runners but that doesn't ruin your experience. People that cries about graphics is just noob, tell me one game that doesn't reuses sound and models / textures. If you go crying around graphics but not gameplay then you need to kill yourself.

    Game is fine, it could've been better.
  35. Nov 24, 2012
    a fine direction to become the best from the franchise ever...
    +player choices
    +customized gear
    +multiple endings
    +strong plot and characters
    now the the minus
    -Strike Force mode is sucks
    -stupid A.I
  36. Dec 24, 2012
    Хорошая игра в серии,неплохой сюжет,интересный геймплей,но ужасная графика,мультиплеер затянет не на один десяток часов. Expand
  37. Jan 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Christmas, birthdays and Call of Duty come but once a year. Regardless of the gaming communities somewhat conflicted opinion on the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 offers a refreshingly futuristic look into what the series could offer. Not only does the 2025 theme complement the all out online warfare like a moth to a flame, but the campaign links beautifully with its predecessor and the infamous Zombies game mode returns packing even more of a punch!

    The campaign mixes both its 2025 outlook and flashbacks to the Vietnam days of the original Black Ops game to create a compelling and action packed storyline that will immerse you into the world of David Mason who is rivalled against an old family foe, Raul Menendez. To accompany both are an arrangement of cybernetic machinery and an army to operate it. The idea of combining flashbacks linked to the predecessor and the 2025 storyline was ingenious and kept the campaign uplifting. The ability to introduce an RTS aspect to the Call of Duty series made a surprisingly comfortable fit and would benefit future games of the series to explore this aspect further.

    The multiplayer side to Black Ops 2 is what many would class as the main attraction to any game within the series. Class customization, powerful weapons and no mercy killstreaks allow any soldier on the battlefield to rain hell from above. The all new create-a-class, or create-a-class- 2.0 as some are referring to as, allows you to fully customize your class to tailor your needs. Want 2 perks from the same slot? Go for it! Want 3 attachments to dominate the opposing team? Attach away with 10 points to appoint wherever you want them! With 14 multiplayer maps and an exclusive Nuketown 2025 map (only available with purchasing the Nuketown 2025 edition, Hardened Edition or the Care Package Edition), you can release carnage around the world!

    Treyarch have also taken action towards the community helping keep the game clean and enjoyable for everyone to play by incorporating a report system that allows players to report people during the lobby for inappropriate language, inappropriate emblem, cheating or boosting.

    The infamous Zombies mode is the home of guts, gore and all that is deemed gruesome and Treyarch have gone in all guns blazing with new maps, new guns and new game modes! The Grief game mode pits two team against each other who have the decision to work together against wave upon wave of zombies or to fight it out to be the last team standing! Tranzit takes you on a journey through 'Green Run' however the path you take is up to you. Walking would keep you fit and healthy to fight off masses of zombies but why not take the bus for a more pleasant trip to each of your destinations? The classic survival mode is also making its triumphant return due to it's addicting nature clearly proven from fans of the original Black Ops and with 4 maps to choose from, the zombies game mode in Black Ops 2 will suffice your entertainment needs!

    The graphics Black Ops 2 has to offer are pleasing to the eye. Being a PC gamer, the PC version like many other games allows you to fully customize the graphical side to make sure that the game runs as smooth as possible. An additional option to the graphical side is the Field of View adjuster, or FoV, which allows you to change how much you can see on the screen at any one time. In previous Call of Duty games, an external application had to be downloaded and used in order to change the FoV so it is nice that Treyarch have shown some dedication to its PC fans.

    Unfortunately, what prevents this game from a 10 is the ability for Treyarch to act upon certain annoyances which are shared throughout the community within the multiplayer side of Black Ops 2. Firstly, the effect of an EMP grenade on an enemy player is a ridiculous period of time, disabling the player from both their HUD and their killstreaks awaiting to be called in. Even with the perk 'Tactical Mask' which lowers the effect duration does not do a noticeable difference. Also, the reporting system can be used against a player for the simple reason of disliking them. The mode 'Ground War' is a 9v9 game mode and if an opposing team of 9 dislike a player, they can abuse the report system to suspend or ban an undeserving player.

    However, the negative points I hope will not dampen your opinion of the game too much as a fellow gamer who has been playing this game since it's release in November 2012, will fully commit to stating Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 as one of the best in series so far.

    Your move Infinity Ward.
  38. May 30, 2013
    Single player is unique to the COD games with the inclusion of an actually good story with critical player choices and engaging gunplay.
    Multiplayer provides a similar feel to previous games but with the inclusion of the pick 10 class system which is awesome for those who are creative.
    Zombies is the best its ever been, Tranzit is amazing, having a bus as a progressive and adventurous
    objective is some what extremely addictive and entertaining with a group of up to 3 people working together. It also offers a part collecting objective that rewards players with useful tools such as a Zombie Shield looks like a riot shield) or an AI controlled turret to assist you with surviving the ongoing waves of the undead.
    Black Ops 2 offers a unique and engaging experience for all three well developed aspects of the game. I commend Treyarch for trying something new.
  39. Aug 6, 2013
    New mode,New zombie map~,and special score steak in mutilplayer is better~!.
    Graphics Good in PC!
    But strike forces mission AI is bad and hard to order.
  40. Aug 30, 2013
    It should improve the gun sound. Now, it sound stupid :D
    like some sniper. some of it have ugly shape
    And make the gun look more realistic
    like in MW3 :D
  41. Nov 7, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well, I'm actually surprised. I thought it was going to be terrible, because of all the reviews. Well don't listen to them!! I just finished the campaign and played a bit of multiplayer. The campaign was great. You go through emotions that you have never felt in a game before. The new engine has not a lot of changes, but you will notice them. The graphics are good, and works well with my terrible PC. And why does anyone care about graphics? It's all about the gameplay! The campaign was enjoyable and really active, there is not one part when you are not shooting enemies. The story is great; how an ex-ghost turns into the leader of a ginormous army that has took all of South America. You really got hit in the feelings at some points. Multiplayer is fun and enjoyable. Also the guns sound awesome! I have always dreamed of the guns in Call of Duty sounding like this! The voice acting, however is ok. Some parts their voice didn't match what they were doing. For example, Elias was shouting angrily, but he had no sign of it, no angrily shaking the chair he was tied up to. All in all brilliant game. Buy it if you enjoy a good fun game to relax! Expand
  42. Nov 26, 2014
    Much, much better than its predecessor Black Ops. I love that it is variable and goes from 1960 to 2025. Another thing that I love is that the story has several endings.
  43. Oct 3, 2014
    It's not a terrible game. In terms of graphics it's pretty darn good. I wouldn't say this is the worst call of duty ever released, though it may not be the best.
  44. Nov 19, 2012
    this game always arouses controversy but outside of the technical and graphics engine, realism, history etc always achieves the basic task of a game ... be fun and that's what matters Activision has a great challenge and make a better game of Cod ... so far only brings fun .... I hope in the future, when Activision releases new CoD with better graphics. a new level in technology for its flagship title that is as fun as these ... otherwise it will be worth it Expand
  45. Nov 15, 2012
    I really dont know what people expect from call of duty series...Most of the people says that there is nothing new in this game but people are talking for non sense I think because COD is a shooter game with a perfect stories and they trying to put more and more actions in every game they made.what do people want from this game? solve riddles or someting like that? It is CALL OF DUTY! you must congragulate those people who made this game.Fantastic history, excellent actions and more...I just found a problem that is some of the missions are very repeatable, for example I couldnt swing the other side of the mountain for 6 or 7 times it was hard to do.But at the end its a good game and accept it Expand
  46. Nov 16, 2012
    It's that time of the year again folks. Treyarch proved themselves with Black Ops 1...proving they can make a better game than Infinity Ward can. Black Ops 2 is a great game. just not AS good as Black Ops 1. Unfortunately, they decided to abandon community run dedicated servers, which means no freedom, admins, etc. They also insist on making people use matchmaking with console style lobbies. They have also insisted in using "consoley ping bars" and not ping numbers; although I suspect this to be patched. The game still uses dedicated servers though, which is the main thing. For these reasons, Black Ops 2 falls short and does not score higher than it's predecessor. I really do not see why people dislike the game though. Treyarch have outdone themselves once again. They have proved to be better than Infinity Ward at making PC ports. Apart from the issues I mentioned earlier, It has all PC features you would expect such as a FoV slider, Lean, Dedicated servers(to a certain extent) and plenty of customisable options. All the control options are how they should be too - no lack of key bindings or anything like that. Black Ops 2 has a great Single Player storyline too with multiple endings, and actually has the best graphics in any CoD game to date. They aren't BF3 level graphics, but for a CoD game they are great. It even has the dismemberment system back from World at War/Blops so you can watch in pleasure as you blow off peoples limbs. The gameplay is FAR more varied and overall better than previous CoD's. The campaign now has "Strike Force" which is essentially an open ended skirmish game mode. (Its similar to BF2142 Titan game mode if you played that) The goal is to protect (depending on the mission) your HQ; you can either control your forces from a birds-eye view (RTS style) or control any individual soldier, tank, turret, walker, etc! It's a great addition that truly feels like you are playing a whole new game. The only issue with it is that the AI seems rather stupid at times. MP is what you would expect from a CoD game - fast and furious, except Treyarch have been brave and totally changed the way the unlock/equip system works. They have also added in a ton of new customisation, new gamemodes, and completely rebalanced the perks. The levelling system has also undergone and a few changes. The multi player maps are varied, and interesting because there are things to interact with in the environment. Example, you can operate machinery. The sound and music is once again very good - my only complaint being the weapon sounds are a bit too "bassy and muddy" however, they are loud and pack a punch, and the music is fitting. The animations have been drastically improved over Black Ops/WaW. Not only are they slick and punchy, but they are also accurate in 3rd person view now too. The best part of Black Ops 2 (for me anyway) is the fact that they have actually made Zombies it's own game now. Any WaW/Blops player will appreciate this, and this time they have actually made Zombies it's own campaign mode called "TranZit" They have also added in a few new game modes, such as "Grief" where 2 teams compete against each other in a desperate struggle to survive the zombie hordes, and classic "survival mode" which reflects the basic gameplay of zombies in WaW. The Zombies story has also been continued, which is pretty awesome. The only other bad point of Black Ops 2 is the steep price...not only do you have to buy the game, you gotta buy the deluxe editions, the season pass, etc. Although, in my opinion though, if your a Nazi Zombie fan , the Zombie maps ALONE in the DLC make it worth it. They put so much work into the maps, and are always adding new things. The performance issues which plagued some users in Black Ops 1 are also no more. Black Ops 2 is now running on DX11 - and is really well optimised. As a result, us PC users get to enjoy better visuals than the console people, and still enjoy smooth gameplay. Overall, great CoD game. Not as great as Blops 1 in some aspects, but better in others. Don't listen to the hate. This game is better than the "MW series (money wasted)," and Treyarch have proven themselves to be better than Infinity Ward. Sure, Treyarch have made a few weird decisions with this one, but no game is perfect. Expand
  47. Nov 19, 2012
    Мне игра понравилась гораздо больше, чем последний МВ 3. Свежие идеи в сингле, неплохая оптимизация, более чем вменяемый мультиплеер. Жаль, конечно, что до сих пор не перешли на новый движок, но зато люди, у которых слабый компьютер, смогут поиграть без проблем. Для меня идеалом мультиплеера до сих пор является МВ 2, как из нее смогли сделать такое непотребство, как МВ 3, не укладывается в голове, поэтому я очень рад, что Treyarch смогли сделать отличный мультиплеер, в который приятно поиграть.Не понимаю, как некоторым кажется, что Блэк Опс 2 похож на МВ 3, это бред, абсолютно разные игры!!! Твердые 8 баллов! Expand
  48. Nov 14, 2012
    After getting suckered by IW with MW3 I was a bit apprehensive about giving Activision any more money. The only reason I took a chance on this game was because I truly enjoyed Black Ops, which if you remember also got a crap load of unwarranted negative reviews, but is in my opinion the best in the series to date. On to BO2. The graphics are updated slightly, the game mechanics are solid and responsive, and the new weapons, perk system, and unlock system are brilliant. I have no doubt that after the initial rush of negative reviews filter their way through, the reality that this is a really good game will surface and the scores will even out. The single player campaign was a good 6 to 7 hours long, which is at the bottom of what I consider acceptable, and a hell of a lot better than the 4 hour scripted junk that was MW3. Yes there are a few bugs as there are in any new release but Treyarch did a fantastic job of patching the original BO so I have no worries they will also handle the new issues. I am giving the game an 8 because there is room for improvement but not much. Expand
  49. Nov 13, 2012
    Gave a provisional 8/10 based on a couple of hours of MP + SP - didnt try Zombies yet - I cannot say it looks any different than BlackOps 1 did - I did notice a Lens flare while looking at sun. Depth of Field is increased but I use it only on Low. This was a little disappointing as I was expecting more - The graphics options are as limited as always With that said, it looks good, levels are good as usual Kudos to the Level Designers, some of which come directly from the community of course! (at the exception so far for that Hollywood mansion, layout appears bad at first sight anyway). The levels I played were very detailed, each with their own animated props (like in BO1) which adds to the all experience - Sounds are good also, voices especially as muffle really works. The game runs very smooth, somewhat smoother than BF3 does for me but that can be explain by the smaller levels, etc.

    On the gameplay, its COD, to me its the same as all the recent instalments since MW2 so you like or you dont - Im in the middle. HC is where its at for me anyway as in Softcore its worse than ever HUD/gizmos - wise.

    Was really expecting a Server Browser but no such thing, its all lobbys - albeit running of dedicated servers we are told. Im not sure how it will pan out for clans to meet, etc.. overall joining a game was lightning fast - way under 20 seconds, 10-15 perhaps - impressive.

    Im glad they added a way to remove perks all toghether at the player's wish. Wish everyone would do that On the SP, only played the first 2-3 missions, good story so far - providing you know the last BlackOps SP - very much on rails however as usual and too many real time scene where you just spectate or maybe press "S" :/
  50. Mar 15, 2014
    Call of Duty game that actually tries to improve over previous ones, and does that pretty good. People giving it a low score expected...I don't know. Probably a completely different game than CoD is. We already got improved graphics, way better and more numerous killstreaks, bunch of interesting maps and futuristic theme to weapons and gear as opposed to modern theme. We got campaign with MULTIPLE FREAKING ENDINGS IN A CALL OF DUTY GAME YES THAT'S RIGHT. If this is not an improvement I dont what is.

    - Best (arcade) shooter mechanics out there
    - Deep customization supporting different combat roles (like sniper, rusher, assault, support, covert ops etc.)
    - Just enough unlocks to keep you from being bored
    - Campaignthat is pretty interesting with multiple endings
    - Graphical improvement over previous CoD games albeit not huge

    - Not everyone likes CoD's arcade style of shooting and for some that's a deal breaker
    - If you buy this for campaign, remember that it's only 7-8 hours long (seriously, buy this for the multiplayer)
    - It can get boring once you get to prestige once or twice
    - Greedy DLC policy with most maps unavailable unless you pay another 60 $ to activision

    This is the greatest CoD game since Modern Warfare 1, at least for me. Highly recommended to shooter fans. Don't listen to idiots who hate it because of their tiny genitals. Gets a nice 8/10.
  51. Nov 15, 2012
    Compared to previous installations of the series, which were effectively just clones of one another, Black Ops 2 stands out remarkably well, given the fact that it is still a Call of Duty game. As a PC gamer who's been on the market for a very long while, I have little love for the Call of Duty franchise, but Black Ops 2 pleasantly surprised me. Offering DirectX 11 support on PC, excellent optimization, smooth framerates, and brilliant eye-candy graphics, dodging around the schizophrenic quality hiccups of its predecessor, the game looks absolutely gorgeous. The audio design has also taken a step up, and unlike the last time around, most of the guns have some good clout to them. But all that should be par for the course - it's a little upsetting that things that should come standard are now viewed as assets for a new product. So let me talk about what's got me enjoying this game, and what really makes it a good game: the nature of the campaign. In previous CoD entries, the campaign is always dead linear and fairly short, starting you in the same spot with the same weapons and the same objective, the same every run through. But Black Ops 2 does something entirely unexpected: it adds a level of choice, giving a modern military shooter, a genre well known and hated for its linearity, a branching storyline. Choices you make impact not only the outcome, but the missions to come. Optional side missions provide a break from the main story, and directly affect and are affected by the paths of the main characters. Pre-mission prep screens give you the option to fully customize your loadout, enabling you to approach the upcoming mission in any of a number of different ways. This is no Deus Ex - hell, it's not even a Crysis 2 in terms of the player's freedom of action, but the addition of player choice turns a dull, boring shooter into something that I might come back and play through a second time. In conclusion, it's a Call of Duty game, and it will never escape from that, but given the recent path of the series, it's a breath of fresh air. I recommend picking it up, but I recommend waiting for a sale more. Expand
  52. Nov 13, 2012
    For all those haters out there, there just afraid of change. So there are no dedicated servers? Big whoop. So the unlock system is different? It makes it more fair than a noob getting on and right away getting the best guns in the game. So the graphics are bad? Why should it matter? If its a good game I couldn't care if it had Atari graphics I would still play it.
  53. Nov 27, 2012
    I don't know why peaople say that this game sucks and that it is awful. What did they expect?
    I really liked the game, mainly because MW3 was a piece of crap. It was boring, and exactly the same as MW2. Now here comes Black OPS 2, with some new elements, and people don't like it either. It was a pleasant surprise to me, because I thought it would be the same as other COD games, but it was
    something -partially- new. They didn't go too far with the future missions, but the past was kinda good as well.
    The graphics of course was not that big deal, but there WERE moments (not so many, though), when the game looked just beautiful. In conclusion, I liked the music, liked the plot, and the story wasn't that bad either, so I think it is enjoyable, and it is good, if not for else, but for relaxing.
  54. Nov 18, 2012
    Game is good don't expect any fireworks or fantastic graphics it is another call of duty a little better then other the multiplayer is awesome single is realy good a thats it .
  55. Nov 19, 2012
    Well, this is my first Call of Duty game since CoD 4 and I have to say BO2 is really good FPS (not realistic, but it's fun), however I think they should finally change game engine etc. Maybe they're afraid of massive failure?
  56. Nov 20, 2012
    This game is perfect its nonlinearity is already a miracle for this series.Appeared a lot of many things/ TREYARCH I am glad that brings a new try to do something as opposed to Atctivision.Music is very beutifull.Oh graphics too old but she is saved by design of Future.Story - 9. Sense with numbers somewhere go out.Reznov ..... so real or not.
  57. Dec 5, 2012
    For me, the best Call Of Duty since Call of Duty 4. Despite what others have said, the single player is far better than ANY other standard first person shooter I have ever played. While still a linear story, the game has far more replay value than any other Call Of Duty to date with key decisions affecting the story of the game. The multiplayer can be bit annoying due to the anti-lag countermeasure that seems to work against you but other than that it has been a really enjoyable game to play and finally a replacement for Call of Duty 4. There are dedicated servers - despite appearances, the servers are not run by players, and thus you can leave at any time without the hassle of a server host change. Finally Zombies is back with a transzit mode that adds to the stale flavour of the old hashed out Zombies. I am sorry to see so many people who hate the game simply because it Expand
  58. Jul 25, 2013
    Great game. Love it from head to tow. The campaign was fun and multiplayer is even funner. i also like how it brought us into the future with new weapons, traits and storylines.
  59. Sep 12, 2013
    Let me start off by saying the campaign was the first I went into and it was very satisfying indeed. It allows you to now customize your load out(weapons) before entering the mission along with choosing your perks. You can access areas in the missions that you wouldn't access without a certain perk so that's pretty cool. The game's engine does lack, but don't get me wrong, Activision isn't going to do whole overhaul on a game needs more changes they only want the game to be fun game play wise. Many people who complain still buy the game even when reviewing it badly so you can tell a game like this is definitely not bad. Multiplayer is great because of new kill streaks, perks returning, new weapons, new maps, and now you are limited to your customization so everyone has a fair chance. It now goes by score for the kill streaks as well. Now zombies is one of the biggest things about Treyarch side of CoD because zombies is just perfect explaining how awesome it is would just take a page or two so I will shorten it by saying that the story is perfect and the gameplay is awesome. Expand
  60. Nov 2, 2014
    This game is amazing, and in my opinion, the best Call of Duty. Most CoD games, I give up on within a few months, but I have stuck with this game for 2 years now. The PC port is really great, Multiplayer is fun and addictive as always, Zombies is great fun, and the campaign is not bad. Yes it has it's issues, but if you're going to buy a call of duty on PC, this is the one. If you don't enjoy CoD gameplay, don't get it. Expand
  61. May 24, 2014
    Alright,this game at least for me,was actually pretty cool. Over all thought: The single player. It was okay,not the best,but i did spend a lot of hours getting the best ending possible. Zombies, now this was just straight out awesome,i loved it. NUFF SAID. Multiplayer, so much hours spent,very face paced,fun and addicting. Pros: -Neat single player with different endings.
    -Improved zombies
    -Fun fast paced multiplayer


    -The big issue with it on PC is that it had some sloppy performance,and it does take quite the time to get it working at good fps so it is playable without any lag.
    -Graphics don't look that improved at all.
    -Although the multiplayer was fun,it was not that much different from the previous Call of Duty's.

    Overall Score:

  62. Sep 4, 2014
    The graphics of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 falls short, the singleplayer campaign is a bit short and the co-op mode isn't diversified but the multiplayer is very innovative, fun and balanced. I see Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 as one of the best in the CoD series.
  63. Aug 23, 2014
    Okay, okay, Hold on now. I know that a lot of poeple hate COD. And I understand, but there are EVEN MORE that like COD. So how to judge this game? By looking at its inovations or by blaming it for being the same s*** over and over again. Honestly I really enjoyed it. I think it is one of the best that COD has to offer. But it hasn't changed much. So if you own a COD and like that copy, just stick to it, becouse you get the same experience from this game. But who is out there looking for a good FPS, give this a try Expand
  64. Nov 17, 2012
    Suprised that Treyarch did something different for a change? I am. Most of the Call of Duty games have had a terrible singleplayer experience with nothing new to add. This game may not be fanatstic, but actually made an attempt at something new for change that wound up having a fairly good singleplayer experience that is worth replaying. Get to pick your weapons before each mission and adds some customization and new light to a almost dead series of games. Expand
  65. Nov 19, 2012
    I can guarantee that this review I'm writing is gonna have something like this: "Helpful? 12 out of 286 users said yes" just because the people who hate this game are gonna think "No, this guy is WRONG. The game sucked! End of story! Therefore this review is unhelpful!" I thought the game was unspeakably fantastic, but the flow of the story campaign felt very rushed and forced in some areas. The "future" weapons and devices are well done, as well as some of the gameplay elements that never appeared in any previous Call of Duty game. The multiplayer has some added spice to it, as does the well known Zombies mode. If you're an avid Call of Duty fan and/or enjoyed the first Black Ops, you'd be the making the worst mistake to let this game pass by. Expand
  66. Nov 15, 2012
    I haven't been a fan of COD in a long time the constant rehashing of the same with i tidy up and selling it back to their customers gets old fast. This time round nothing much has changed sure its the best looking cod and sure its had a face lift but its still more of the same. That said though isn't that what COD buyers expect these days and you know what its actually fun I am and have been enjoying it what possessed me to buy another cod game I will never know but I've played a good 10 hours now and I will play it again where as modern warfare 3 I stopped playing within about 3 hours. So far this game is a lot of fun and I don't regret buying it, would I recommend it to a friend my answer would be only if you like cod otherwise wait till the free weekends to give it a try before you buy. Expand
  67. Mar 6, 2013
    I don't play COD for the campaign, so I cannot rate that. Multiplayer is OK, but not as good as the first Black Ops. The maps aren't as unique, although pretty decent. No dedicated servers and not as much focus on Hardcore with different game types, which is the mode I like to play most. I feel BO2 has reduced features compared to the first Black Ops.
  68. Nov 20, 2012
    This game doesn't deserve a 3, at the time of writing I have had no problems with this game and this is about a week after launch. They have done well do address a lot of the issues that had plagued this game and now it is most defiantly playable and enjoyable.

    The game does expand on all fronts. Single Player campaign adds some decision making and also squad commanding which does help
    to refresh all the constant run-and-gun, explosions and general high-paced action (which this game still has plenty of, of course).

    Multiplayer adds League play and revamped custom classes and still enjoyable. Zombies adds many additional features like bigger maps and so on.

    All in all, it's still a Call of Duty game, if you hate the series with a dire passion, this isn't going to change your mind. But the game is trying to be creative and evolve without losing what people actually like about the Call of Duty franchise and it has achieved something by doing so.
  69. Dec 15, 2012
    I've never played the original Black Ops, but I have played MW2 and MW3. As other people have said there is a lot of similarity in the campaigns of MW2/MW3. I think I like this particular version the best though as I like the storyline. I think this game did a good job telling a story unlike a lot of other shooter type games. The intro cinematic with the unforgettable "The NIght Will Always Win" sets up the story nicely. The fact your actions in the game change the trajectory of the story is a pro and con. Yes I like feeling my actions have some impact other than some predetermined storyline, but I also feel that to see the other alternate endings requires a bit too much tedious backtracking as you have to actually reverse your save game permanently to previous missions. You can't just select a previous mission, do something different and see the outcome. Some may say that adds to the replayability of this game, but I'm not sure single player campaigns are inherently very replayable. There is also very little prompting that you are making a storyline choice. I'm still a bit perplexed how to exactly get the "best ending."

    The deployment missions where you control a group of soldiers, drones, and/or turrets aren't very enjoyable. The interface just seems clumsy and overly complex. Not sure why they wanted to add an elemental of a real time strategy game into a shooter as it didn't work in my opinion. They also have limited attempts to them which makes them just stressful to complete. If you don't successfully complete all of those extra missions, then you won't get the best ending. I think the graphics are pretty good, and there are some levels that I felt were done especially well like the floating man made resort, and Afghanistan. The level designs apart from those deployment missions are pretty good, but linear. For the most part each mission was immersive, and enjoyable. There were occasions where I felt frustrated with the controls especially during parts of the game that involved things other than shooting (I.e. rock climbing, jet piloting etc)

    I don't play the multiplayer portions of MW games primarily as I think they are inherently imbalanced, and I probably lack the skill to compensate for that. I did however enjoy MW co-op missions which are noticeably absent from this game. The zombie add-on is pretty much an afterthought.

    Overall, I know this game probably doesn't have the freshest content out there, and yes I do take some objection to the price for previously used game engines, but the single player campaign is probably one of the best single player shooter campaigns I've played. I kind of felt like I paid 90 dollars for a very immersive and enjoyable movie with a good storyline where I had some control over the plot.
  70. Dec 31, 2012
    not what I expect, Activision,Treyard gave less weight to online, for which it is famous. Single player(campaign) is better than multiplayer.We have a big development in Zombie mode
    Even there is no game so well made as much Modern Warfare 2.
  71. Nov 13, 2012
    First let me say i'm not gonna troll this game with a bad review. I do however have some major gripes about this. Yes people say it is dedicated server but, hello people, it's matchmaking just like what you get on console, not what you should get on pc. You cannot rent a server or choose from a dedicated server list as far as I know it's all just matchmaking. Oh man, don't get me started on how it's just like the console version. You have to listen to annoying people with mics unlike if I go back and play World At War. Granted I love being able to have full controller support for menus and gameplay so if I am sick of using keyboard and mouse that is a great option. To be honest I knew the zombies would be worth most of the money for this game and that is why I got it. I loved World At War Zombies. Honestly this is a great game with a huge but, in it. After playing the crap out of it for a while I may go back to World At War. Seriously you might as well be playing on Xbox 360 or PS3. Expand
  72. Nov 14, 2012
    Hello everyone,my comments about this game.Singleplayer graphic sucks,but multiplayer graphics are good.For singleplayer campaign,i give 3.Its very boring,POOR graphics even maxed out.Multiplayer is good,just bad thing that everyone takes smgs. as i said,multiplayer graphics are good,better than singleplayer.In this game DX 11 was a gimmick....I give for multiplayer a rating 8.Because of maps,graphics,sounds,and fun.Final rating : 7.Its an average game.But pay 69$ for this game... nah... Expand
  73. Nov 16, 2012
    This is essentially a multi-player review, because that's all I've played. Don't usually spend too much time on the campaign. Better gameplay and cool in-game features compared to Blops original, but took away key PC features. They removed some core PC functionality such as community operated dedicated servers. This was what created such a strong community in Black Ops and which created such a great online experience. There are still dedicated servers, but they are operated by Treyarch. Now if there's a hacker that fell through the cracks of VAC (Valve's Anti-Cheat system), there are no admins to ban these hackers. The crappy matchmaking is back, a functionality that PC gamers see as an abomination to online gaming. I don't see why they removed these features. They had them down pat and the PC gamers were happy. Why ruin it? Treyarch has continually released better PC releases than Infinity this a change of pace due to lack of sales and laziness?

    Bottom line: if you liked Blops for the reason I did, there's no reason to get this game. Continue playing Black Ops, and enjoy the community it has to offer. If you just want to hop in to a match casually like a console player, then this game will work for you.
  74. Dec 5, 2012
    Nothing new, just for the guys who played black ops I and want to follow the story,i am a lil disapointed thou because i wanted more missions, its too short, the new and good stuff its that well you got different finales. Didnt like too much the gameplay, (compared to modern warfare versions, multiplayer its gayish with aaaalll those new gadgets but its funny thou with friends, its a different type of strategy. This Christmas if I choose between cod black ops II or Battlefield 3 I definetly choose Battlefield 3. Expand
  75. Dec 25, 2012
    Ignore all the negativity you have been hearing about this game. Actually, believe some of it. Call Of Duty Black Ops II is potentially the most hyped up game of this year and also one of the most hated. But believe me, if your friends are still complaining that this CoD is too similar to the rest then they will never be pleased. This is the furthest you can go from typical CoD gameplay without turning into a different game. Black Ops II does have a dramatically improved campaign with far superior gameplay and story to all previous iterations. Black Ops II also makes use of cut scene's which look great but feel awfully disjointed from the story feeling like some scenes are missing. The ending stages of the campaign are amazing compared to the first few hours but it is super short. They clearly ran out of resources and crammed way to much in too short of a period. Overall the campaign is the best in the franchise but it still behind the likes of Halo and Gears of War. Multiplayer is great seeing some balancing tweaks and new features like the pick 10. Which works wonders. However some balancing tweaks are rendered useless due to there still being a huge number of overpowered and underpowered weapons and equipment. Maps also feel a little crowded, maybe just on PC and spawns are dreadful. The Multiplayer is good and maybe the best to some. But for me its just getting worse on the multiplayer side of things. Finally Zombies is great and works a treat featuring new modes like transit. Transit basically only adds travelling between multiple map area's but it feels fresh and is a lot of fun. Overall there isn't a whole lot to complain about in Black Ops II besides the fact it should be just a tad better. I give them props for doing so much in a relatively small cycle but it may have been more then they could chew. I give Black Ops II 7/10 Expand
  76. Dec 29, 2012
    I haven't played the zombie mode yet, but I haven't been a fan of that since WaW. Single player..... You've played it before, with hollywood cliche near misses all the way through. Even some of the levels look repetitive, it's just boring really. If you want CoD for single player go back to CoD4. Multiplayer has got me hooked though, especially the close quarter maps. It just feels like a fresh of breathe air on the series, some may like it, most probably hate it but that's fine. A big disappointment is lack of dedicated servers, but the auto find game thing is really fast compared to MW2/3. I like this, but not as much as the original black ops, if you have that, you basically have this game minus future weapons etc. Expand
  77. Jan 31, 2013
    After playing the game for a bit longer, I have decided that my review was a bit harsh. The storyline is honestly not that bad (look at every other Call of Duty game past Modern Warfare and you'll get what I mean), and although the combat is still generic, it's still a quantum leap from anything Infinity Ward has churned out recently. In short, good game ruined by little to no innovation. (Oh, and on a side note, the people posting 1-point reviews just want to look cool. Trust me, I was like this when I was a kid too.) Expand
  78. Jun 11, 2013
    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is a game which tries to be original but ends up being another good shooter.
    Concept: 6/10
    Graphics: 7/10
    Sound: 9/10
    Playability: 10/10
    Entertainment: 8/10
    Total Score: 7/10
  79. Nov 20, 2013
    Made good effort in optimizing for PC. Graphics outdated for PC though. Made new mechanics and added futuristic warfare that made the game unique. Much better than Ghosts.
  80. Oct 30, 2013
    Epic singleplayer story (starting in 4th level, until that level, its juat a crap), some minor changes to multiplayer which still plays great. Great survival maps (Mob of the Dead is the best). There is nothing new or special with the game but nothing really wrong with it too. Its good but Call Of Duty needs some serious changes.
  81. Aug 26, 2013
    Call of duty Black ops II is the same with other call of duty games.Big Battles, too many explosions make the game excessive.Its multiplayer is the same and the only things that changes it are scorestreaks,the new weapons and the new create a class system.The story of the game is good.What i can say about the zombies?In Black ops II zombies are very funny if you play with your friends.Unfortunately the maps are awfull.Too small that you can't move or escape from a zombie.Generally i believe that call of duty must change and they have to work harder and make a real call of duty game. Expand
  82. Sep 23, 2013
    I was very skeptical of this game after I did not like the story presented in Modern Warfare 3. This was not the case. I found Black Ops 2 very enjoyable to play. The story was up to par and the gameplay was there. I have never really liked Call of Duty multiplayer and this one made little effort to improve on the multiplayer. The pick 10 system is a great improvement though. The graphics are good but the audio drove me up the wall. The gun sounds are very generic and they sound underpowered. Expand
  83. Nov 23, 2012
    I give Treyarch credit for trying to push it in a new direction slightly with the single player and the multi player tweaks but the game is nothing special. The single player story is interesting. The multi player is ok but more of the same and some of the weapons feel really imbalanced. If you need something to pass time and have a bunch of friends to play with grab this game up otherwise.... Pass. Expand
  84. Nov 14, 2012
    Black Ops II is a good game. It certainly isn't a great game. It is just more of the same. The main issue I have is that the content is shifting towards unrealistic content. Basically, the developer tries really hard to create "uh" and "oh" moment, but sadly reality remains behind with this approach.
    From my point of view a saver is the Zombie add-on. It's fun to play! On the other hand
    the multi-player is stale and, luckily, I didn't even bother buying the $50 subscription for additional maps. Pricing for maps is moving towards being ridiculous by the way...
    Another positive thing is the graphics. They look greatly improved in comparison to the last release.
    Anyhow, my advise to Activision would be to skip a year and to go back to the drawing board. This release really looks like a yearly cookie cutter release with better graphics. I also think they need to re-think their DLC strategy. When I picked up my copy there was a long line in the store, but I only saw one person out of 20 buying the map subscription... I mean who really wants to pay the price of a full game for DLC?
  85. Nov 14, 2012
    CoD is CoD. The multiplayer is largely unchanged from MW3, beyond different maps, but the single player introduces some (relatively) new ideas. The story reflects some of your choices,or which objectives you accomplished, and for a CoD game this is pretty interesting concept. There's a semi-forced RTS thing similar to Nuclear Dawn, where you can direct units from an overhead view, then zoom in and take control of them during battle. Unfortunately, unlike Nuclear Dawn, it's not done well and playing it is pretty tedious - it's generally better to just tell all your guys to attack one target, then do everything else yourself. As far as zombies, I've been having a lot of connection errors with that game mode, and that game mode only, so hopefully there's a patch in the works. Expand
  86. Feb 24, 2013
    I´m pretty avid fan of Call of duty series dating back to their early releases. So i bought this game when it was released. Quick look into settings. Graphics are ok, bit stupid i get same game engine with little work done, gameplay is the same (Good thing) and all hands goes to multiplayer.

    Singleplayer review: Solid Call of Duty style, good plot twists, interesting characters and ton
    of action. (The start of campaing was very stupid so it took me 3 months to even start playing it)...Overall very good Cod campaing.

    Multiplayer: Same as BO1 and Mw series. I still rank MW2 as best multiplayer Cod to this date, in BO2 there are a lot of game modes...1-2 are good, rest are junk. There is no "OMG WAR" feeling to the game, unless you spawn into game where opponent has all 6 players aiming towards you´r spawn and all the time sky is breaking with missiles...Spoils all fun, but it´s war. I´d hoped they would make larger maps, larger teams and much more action. Sadly in standard 6v6 it takes too long to find an enemy. Overall this game suck´s when you compare it to releases done by same publisher. Atleast update the gameplay, graphics and atmosphere. Counter-Strike type games rock, because they are cheap, they got good perks and solid fanbase. Call of Duty delivers normal size maps, small teams and no action whatsoever. Perhaps it´s time for me too look over fence and take a better look at Battlefield series, since Call of Duty has been downfall for very long time.
  87. Nov 13, 2012
    Where are the dx11 graphics? Where are the dedicated servers? Couldnt find gamre in lobby in first evening!! STOP THIS LOBBY CRAP!!! Spray weapons overpowered.

    Nice zombie gametype, works nice(smooth)
  88. Nov 25, 2012
    The main issue with "blops2" is the game wants you to play it in a particular way. If you try and do your own thing, explore, look around or go somewhere the game doesn't want you to go, then you are simply killed off or greeted with a 'mission over' screen and forced to start from checkpoint.

    There was an awful lot of Ai glitches too within the campaign play through - portaling about,
    getting stuck in corners etc etc.

    The story chops and changes left right and centre and generally speaking I had no idea whatsoever what was going on apart from point and shoot.

    The little RTS style missions where good though, made a nice change
  89. Mar 9, 2014
    The reason for making a new version is to make it better than the first. This game is okay but I don't like it. It has nothing special unlike the first.
  90. Nov 15, 2012
    I'm giving this a 10 due to the people (75%+) that are giving this a 0 without even trying it and/or they are having connection issues or any other stupid reason.

    Modern Warfare 2 was a great game to me, Black Ops 1 was fun but very clunky and pissed me off, Modern Warfare 3 was just basically MW2 but an expansion and had more hackers and absolute GARBAGE maps. Also I do like
    Battlefield 3 and the halo series.

    I wasn't gonna buy this game not gonna lie but people said it was good and it looked different in a way... I have only tested the multiplayer and still have yet to test zombie mode and probably won't even consider the campaign.

    Gameplay: Very fun, seems a bit more smoothed out than black ops 1, has a nice new streak system as well as the pick 10 option really changes things to make it so people truly get their own unique builds. The new gadgets are fun and the maps are NEW, actual new maps that dont all look the same and you don't get stuck on everything like you would in MW3. This game is above all actually fun! (with the exception of a few buggy things but that happens to ALL games) 9/10

    Graphics: They don't look bad, there is nothing wrong with them ALTHOUGH this is Q4 2012 they could use a chunk of that amazing profit they make from this game to upgrade its system and stop pushing it toward 10 year old consoles. 6/10

    Sounds: The music, the explosions are all nice and I like it although the guns seem kinda quite and weak. 8.5/10

    Connection: Although they don't have the new dedicated servers by what people say I haven't ran into a connection issue once so for now (thoughts may change later) and maps take seconds to load.

    Anyways overall the game is fun and has new ideas but still isn't a brand new thing to the market shining with its glory and I'm judging strictly on Multiplayer since that's what most people buy this game for anyways. Overall Score: 8.5/10

    NEVER rate a game without playing it and just try it out, if it's not your type of game don't play it, don't troll, ignore it and go play your games.
  91. Dec 5, 2012
    Call Of Duty : Black ops 2 provides nothing so spectacular to make it par...but still it has some good moments. The story is quite nice but the graphics hasnt improved a lot...there are unnecessary dx11 usage..and price of the game on itself is the feels sad when u pay a lot for something but dont get exactly what u pay this case u need to force ur self to like many users are saying " It's the same tired formula they used in black ops. " is mostly true... Expand
  92. Sep 14, 2013
    The campaign isn't that bad, although not as epic as MW1. The graphics and sounds are okay, the playtime a bit sort, but offers some replayability if you want to get all achievements and endings. The gunplay, however, was a bit strange; I missed 2/3 of the time on moving targets, maybe due the fact that they turn 90 degrees instantly, or maybe the recoils were set higher than usual. The Strike Force missions were somewhat frustrating, the unit AI wasn't on the top, I almost lost them on most occasions. Anyway, it is an acceptable addition to the series and a buy at a reduced price. Expand
  93. May 15, 2013
    The game itself introduces nothing new, besides mission loadout and different endings, which is new to the Call of Duty series. Campaign is pretty mediocre, with it's good points and flaws. Storyline is simple and very Hollywood-like. You can spend some hours playing it with your friends chewing popcorn. Graphics haven't changed too much, though there's some difference between previous Call of Duty games. Multiplayer changed a little bit, maybe it became even more dynamical and it's sort of pick-up-and-play if you wish. But this game doesn't worth it's full price of 60$, as you can otherwise spend the money for something much more useful or just hang out with your friends. Expand
  94. Nov 14, 2012
    This game deserves a 6/10, nothing less, nothing more.
    Gameplay is the same - run, gun, jump, dive, don't aim, use same couple guns. The game is fun time to pass time if you want to play with your nephew/cousin/elementary school kid you picked up, or people who suck at games, because they won't feel worthless.
    If you take gaming seriously, wait a few months when this game drops in price.
    This game, like the entire franchise after COD4, is just another "expansion pack." You get new maps, some which are designed well (although anything looks good compared to the trash in MW3). Unlock scheme/classes are "different." Still, you get generally the same perks, guns etc. It's hard to differentiate between guns since they behave pretty much the same, and require little skill to kill anyone. This game doesn't deserve above a 6, because it is the same game that was released every year for the past half-decade, and will be the same game released for every year for the rest of this decade.

    It does not deserve less than a 6, because even though it is not remotely close to other FPS like CS or BF, it at least has a huge active community at each launch every year. Idiots will continue to buy this repackaged garbage every year, and it is always fun to ream them in multiplayer to accusations of "hacker" or "man this game sucks." **** on kids is always fun, and not many games require so little effort to give you this much chance **** on so many kids. Also, don't bother playing "League" matches unless you have 3 friends. The matchmaking is godawful. When I played with a team, 4/5 of our placement matches were against 4 non-friends, who rage quit 30 seconds into the round. Since the game was based strictly on a timer, we wasted 10 minutes per round just chasing 1 player around. Of course we got placed into "Gold," but at the cost of fun, time, and the other players. When I tried being placed solo, 3/5 matches I was left 1v4 in maps such as "capture the flag" or "domination." Even the for the most skilled player, it is impossible to win, although I at least top fragged (easy to do 1v4 as long as you always get a kill before you die) while completing the objectives several times. Still, I thought I deserved to be placed in Gold (playing against a gold rated clan in domination 2v4, and top fragging, top scoring, and most objective captures/defends), yet was placed in Silver.

    TLDR, this game is fun if playing with unskilled friends and taking care of stress against the multitudes of idiotic noobs who continue to buy this game annually. Don't expect anything new or challenging though.
  95. Nov 28, 2012
    Having played every COD to date and hating the last few, The multiplayer is definitely a downgrade from BLOPS1 as I was expecting. But I was surprised at how well done the single player campaign is in BLOPS2. Was expecting a constant over-the-top BS extremeness level throughout the whole campaign, but it was paced quite well with some slower stealthy parts, and I enjoyed the story more than BLOPS 1 and in fact every other call of duty so far. The motion captured animation and facial animation has a big part to play in this. The dialogue was also a big improvement.

    I think the real reason why I liked this was the believably "semi" futuristic setting and technology. I got a definite Deus-Ex:Human Revolution vibe from this game. The gunplay was solid/snappy, and the perks/modification system featured throughout the campaign, which lets you play missions with the weapons you want.

    Another improvement was that there weren't any more infinitely spawning enemies, There never was a moment where I grew frustrated merely from being overwhelmed by numbers or explosive spam, which was common in previous COD SPs.

    Graphically this game is really a step up, and there is a huge noticeable difference. They dont shy away from color, and the game looks very nice and detailed. I also thought the music was pretty decent. However, a lot of the guns sound the same (a bit tinny).

    But most people play COD for the Multiplayer and I have to say that it sucks. The good old MP days of COD 1, 2 & 4 are well and truly gone, as this is just another iteration of MP that has got it more and more wrong.

    The MP has been disappointing so far; Most weapons are simply too accurate and powerful, which boils down to highest rate of fire/mag capacity usually winning. Some of the perks and attachments are easily exploitable. The maps are also a bit too porous and very easily campable, and the spawning system is not ideal. The hit registration seems off/delayed. It is very clear that this is a casual shooter designed so that anyone can easily get a lot of kills, and the skill cieling is not very high.

    There is no server browser and the UI doesnt map well to PC in many parts. You cant see your ping, and servers are joined through matchmaking or partying. Half the servers I have joined have recurring lag spikes every 2 seconds, and I am not the only one experiencing this. Sensitivity settings are not fine-grained and low enough (no dev console), and FOV is capped at 90. However, there is greater weapon, perk and build variety.

    Overall this game has an engaging single player, but the multiplayer is lacking. If you are a fan of futuristically themed SPs, give it a try. However, if you are looking for a solid competitive FPS, you are better off looking elsewhere.
  96. Dec 4, 2012
    Solid overall, but not enough new features for a good review. This game is fun to play on multiplayer and zombie game modes. If you really want to you can play story mode, but it is like all COD story modes.... LAME
  97. Mar 22, 2013
    Treyarch know how to make games, unfortunately Activision don't give them enough time to make what they are capable of. Every CoD that Treyarch makes you see a spark of potential, which usually makes you wish they just quit and made something original. Although here we go again. Another year. Another CoD. I respect CoD to a certain extent. Call of Duty 4 changed the way FPS multiplayer games have been made to this day. The introduction of killstreaks, perks, custom classes. And ever since developers have been building off the same concept. Although I think we can all say. We need something new. Does Black Ops 2 give it to us? No, but it is another easy to pick up shooter that has the same feel and issues as the previous games. I enjoyed Black Ops 1, overlooking the glaring balance issues which is almost impossible to avoid, the multiplayer was fun. I liked the era and the fact that you could buy equipment with a currency. You could tell that Treyarch were trying to mix it up a bit, as Modern warfare 2's selling point was, "Hey we made some stuff in our last game that you liked.. here is loads more of it." So Black Ops 2.. well what can I say, it's CoD, semi futuristic weaponry and bland maps to use them on. The point streaks are a better way to do them, as the previous games consisted of an absolute cluster**** of stuff in the air. Thankfully this system actually does work, and you're able to run around freely with only having to deal with killstreaks that the skillfull players have acquired. The campaign is again linear and boring. With games like Tomb Raider and Dishonored that have so much variety and originality, it's hard to say that Blops2's campaign is anything but bad. Although can the game be saved from a 5 with a zombies mode. Sure. Just a little though. The zombies has been updates a lot since WaW, and it's pretty fun to play with a group of friends. This game is better played on the PC though, this is actually the first CoD game that has pretty decent textures. I think they may have gone all out with their engine and actually gotten something out of it for once. Modern warfare 3's graphics were abysmal, so It's nice to see they have made an effort with this one. But again you will only see the improvement if you are on the PC.

  98. Aug 25, 2013
    Black Ops 2 can be a good multiplayer game, if luck is on your side.
    Because luck is what you need to get a good game going in the multiplayer mode. Where previous CoD versions had good or even half decent lag compensation, this game falls flat on it's face in that regard.
    Too many times will you empty half a clip in your enemy only to have him turn around and drop you like a fat chick
    on an American Idol audition.
    Now, it is claimed that the PC version of this game runs on dedicated servers hosted by Treyarch but you wouldn't really notice from experiencing how horrid the netcode in this game is.
    Couple that with not so great balance between the guns (SMG's, shotguns and LMG's rule the roost) and you're left with a pretty frustrating online experience.
    Singleplayer is the same formulaic (and too often boring) CoD experience and the addition of horribly boring strike force missions doesn't help in this regard.
    Call of Duty is on it's last legs and it shows, the total number of players you will see online at the busiest time of the day is around 15,000, people are done with this game and so am i.
    Time will tell if Ghosts will be better, but i wouldn't pre-order it if i were you.
  99. Jan 11, 2013
    OK, so it looks beautiful, stunning graphics on pc. I dont really play much multiplayer i prefer the campaigns. So i cant really speak for the online game. However, the campaign is bloody infuriating! there are just so so many cut scenes and half the time you are being literally walked through the game by an NPC, if i wanted to watch a bloody film i would have bought one! Half the time all you can do is follow! Then occasionally you are asked to stab someone in the back _ hooray I can move my arms again! Sometimes it gets so boring I try to shoot at hostiles whilst hiding, but oh no, you cant bloody do anything, just walk walk and follow npc! Agghhhh! Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 11 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 11
  2. Negative: 0 out of 11
  1. Dec 30, 2012
    The Corn Flakes of multiplayer first-person shooters. We've been sick of eating it for some time, now. [Jan 2013, p.80, 81]
  2. 60
    Black Ops II brings evolution to the series unfortunately, the evolution that is incomplete. Only one part of the game deserves a top ranking – multiplayer. [Christmas 2012]
  3. Dec 12, 2012
    Call of Duty Black Ops II is saved by its multiplayer, as the campaign has surprisingly too many bad sections. Maybe now it's time to move on? [Dec 2012]