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  1. Dec 12, 2010
    Best CoD game by far! Only issue i have is incomplete server browser upon refresh. Game runs great. No stutters, lag, crashes or freezes like some are complaing about. Some tweaking is required to maximize performance on PC. Intel Quad cores, especially i7's, will benefit from this game. If you have an Intel i7 with a decent ATI card, you should NOT be stuttering or freezing at all!!! If you are, you need to optimize your PC b4 saying the game is broken for you. Haters will always be haters Treyarch. I still enjoy your record breaking release. Good job Treyarch! Expand
  2. Dec 13, 2010
    I've red some reviews, and found out that most of the time the writers are complaining about laggy gameplay. I haven't experienced any lag yet, so let me tell you how the game is without any lag. The single player is absolutely AWESOME. Especially the story has been improved. Good plot and stuff. Now about the multi player. The system of earning XP and unlocking weapons and stuff is the same, but some has been added to it. CP. With XP, you unlock weapons, attachments, emblems, layers (talk about that later) and lots of other things. With CP you buy it. This new system gives some variation in the Call of Duty series. Also there are wager matches. You wage your CP. If you become the first till the third player, your CP will increase. You lose, you'll lose all your CP. Also Combat Training has been added. It's a training with bots fighting against you, you can adjust the difficulty of the bots. And the emblem you have in the multi player, is custom. You choose layers, give them a colour, adjust size and make an emblem. cool isn't it? Zombie mode is also included with Black Ops. Long story short, a lot of new stuff. But now, the downside of this beautiful wonderland. Again, in this game (just as in MW2) there are some overpowered weapons + attachments. The flamethrower for example (yes you can use a flamethrower as attachment) is way too strong. Just one second on fire and you die. not fun. The killcam, as smooth as it was in MW2, now lags as **** Whatever you do, how amazing your computer is, the killcam will always lag. Just at the end, when the kill is being made, you only see three frames of a weapon firing and then the killcam's over. not satisfying if you made the final kill. It only works in combat training. There isn't really a graphic improvement, but that's not really a problem. It's about the game, right? Overall, this game is good if you have some sort of super computer (which i have). But with a regular computer, you're FPS will always stay under 15. Until Treyarch comes with a patch, this game is only fun for the people with a really good computer. My suggestion: buy this game when it has been patched, unless you think you're computer can take it. The score i give this game is based on the experience i had without having lag. With lag, my score would be around a 4.0, since the single player still makes up a lot. Expand
  3. Dec 14, 2010
    I've read some reviews, and found out that most of the time the writers are complaining about laggy gameplay. I haven't experienced any lag yet, so let me tell you how the game is without any lag. The single player is absolutely AWESOME. Especially the story has been improved. Good plot and stuff. Now about the multi player. The system of earning XP and unlocking weapons and stuff is the same, but some has been added to it. CP. With XP, you unlock weapons, attachments, emblems, layers (talk about that later) and lots of other things. With CP you buy it. This new system gives some variation in the Call of Duty series. Also there are wager matches. You wage your CP. If you become the first till the third player, your CP will increase. You lose, you'll lose all your CP. Also Combat Training has been added. It's a training with bots fighting against you, you can adjust the difficulty of the bots. And the emblem you have in the multi player, is custom. You choose layers, give them a colour, adjust size and make an emblem. cool isn't it? Zombie mode is also included with Black Ops. Long story short, a lot of new stuff. But now, the downside of this beautiful wonderland. Again, in this game (just as in MW2) there are some overpowered weapons + attachments. The flamethrower for example (yes you can use a flamethrower as attachment) is way too strong. Just one second on fire and you die. not fun. The killcam, as smooth as it was in MW2, now lags as **** Whatever you do, how amazing your computer is, the killcam will always lag. Just at the end, when the kill is being made, you only see three frames of a weapon firing and then the killcam's over. not satisfying if you made the final kill. It only works in combat training. There isn't really a graphic improvement, but that's not really a problem. It's about the game, right? Overall, this game is good if you have some sort of super computer (which i have). But with a regular computer, you're FPS will always stay under 15. Until Treyarch comes with a patch, this game is only fun for the people with a really good computer. My suggestion: buy this game when it has been patched, unless you think you're computer can take it. The score i give this game is based on the experience i had without having lag. With lag, my score would be around a 4.0, since the single player still makes up a lot. Expand
  4. Jan 1, 2011
    NOTE: To anyone browsing through reviews for this game before buying like I was, please READ THIS before paying attention to all the other 0's and BS scores on here. It's really sad how the PC community has devolved into a bunch of spoiled brats that can't accept the fact that some people like an honest review about a game they might actually LIKE.

    I'll say it first and straight up, YES,
    at the moment Black Ops is still very much a broken game right out of the box for many people. That said, if you are willing to put in the time to look around online (have any of these "0" reviewers ever heard of google?) like I was, the majority of your freezing problems can be solved using simple tweaks or adjusting settings. For me, the magic solution was turning off anti-aliasing and setting the game to run with desktop composition turned off. Until Treyarch releases another patch, many of us will be forced to browse forums online looking for a solution.

    Performance-wise, i'm not sure why so many people on here are saying you need a supercomputer to run this game. I'm running it on a 2009 macbook pro, 2.6ghz intel duo core/ nvidia geforce 9600m gt/ win 7 64-bit/ 4 gb ram. As you can tell, this is no supercomputer. I currently am running the game on high settings, (textures on High, full AF, full FOV, native 1440x900 res) with AA, shader warming, and shadows turned off. I get anywhere from 45-65 fps in the game and in my opinion it is completely playable (and looks damn good, too). As far as gameplay goes, I will focus only on multiplayer in this review, as that is what I bought the game for and i'm sure the same goes for many others on here trying to decide whether or not to pick it up. Many reviewers have cited the Black Ops' similarity to MW2 as a primary reason for their low scores. While I agree the the overall gameplay is the same (after all, what COD since MW1 has really been all that different?), there are many customization options which make Black Ops stand out for me. First off, the COD points idea is awesome and I hope it becomes a mainstay in the franchise. The ability to buy crucial attachments such as red dot sights for new guns right off the bat rather than tediously leveling up with each weapon is a god-send. Also, the emblem system adds a whole new level of personalization to multipayer. The layered system and ability to modify the shapes and position of different symbols truly allows the player to create anything their imagination can think up. I believe the perks in multiplayer are also superior to those of any in the MW/WAW games. Mortars, Napalm Strikes, remote controlled car-bombs, and the Huey support chopper are all excellent additions and really add a sense of immersion and realism to the game that just was not present in MW2 (LOL @ Tactical Nuke).
    So far I have logged about 45+ hours in Black Ops multiplayer, and I can definately say that the maps do feel a bit smaller than MW2. However, they also feel a lot more realistic thanks to real-world settings such as Saigon, Hanoi, the jungles of Vietnam, Havana, etc. Simply put, I believe that Black Ops succeeds where MW2 failed miserably: in creating a believable an atmospheric environment to wage video war in. The original COD 1,2, and 3 were all based around historical events, and the relevance to real life conflict created an atmosphere which to me (maybe because i'm a history buff) really elevated what was actually a simple and generic gameplay formula. Black Ops returns to the COD tradition of focusing on historical events, rather than crafting some ridiculous WWIII scenario (the White House and National Mall looking like the front line at the Somme..... come on, really Infinity Ward?).

    All in all, I would give the game an 8.5, but unfortunately Metacritic's scale doesn't allow decimal points. Without the bugs and technical issues currently present in the game however, I would undoubtedly give Black Ops a score of 9-9.5. My final advice: if you are a long-time fan of the COD series and were disappointed in MW2, then by all means I would recommend buying Black Ops to get back into the series. However, if you're one of those people who are on the fence and still very much enjoy MW2, I would say hold off until a price drop, or at least until Treyarch releases another patch or two. I hope that this review is able to help some of you in deciding, and possibly will stand out among the biased and ridiculous reviews i'm seeing for the PC version of Black Ops. One more thing: DEDICATED SERVERS RULE and blow the crappy IWnet matchmaking out of the water!

    Hope to see you guys in-game. Enjoy.
  5. Feb 9, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. i think black ops for the pc first sucks very hard(lags and everything but now its a great game. no lag (by me) and every thing works fine, maps are great and much new futures!! zombies is great and dead op is very funny ! Expand
  6. Feb 16, 2011
    Score: 8.0

    Call of Duty: Black Ops is like an action movie. Not everyone will like it, and some may despise it for being 'crude', 'unintelligent', or 'simple.' But If you enjoy it for what it is, you will have a blast.

    What it is, is a game that does not focus on innovation, or an immersive world of believable characters. It's a game that focusses on fun and adrenaline packed action.
    Here are the points I liked about black ops:
    -The Multiplayer is well-balanced, there is no one thing dominates all others.
    -I have heard about alot of problems in multiplayer, but so far I've not had ANY lag whatsoever.
    -I love the cold war setting. This might be trivial to some, but I like the looks of it, and it's not seen much in video games.
    -There's more variety in making your own class, for me it's very addictive to keep reiterating my class and tweaking it.
    -There's a game mode for everyone. I myself play hardcore search and destroy, which does not allow you to respawn untill the next round. I find that this requires a little bit of patience, and that wards of any players who just want non-stop murder. This improves the experience so much.

    And here are the negative points:
    -The game still costs â
  7. Mar 1, 2011
    its a pretty good game, but the only sad part is that the campaign is so short...... i prefer call of duty 4 and 6.
    they have good campaign and good multiplayer. black ops has a good multiplayer , i enjoy it. black ops shouldn't be the price it is right now, it should be lower, but i guess its already bought
  8. Aug 23, 2011
    Now that the appropriate patches have been made for the PC version, CoD:BlOps is one of the best online multiplayer shooters on the market. The single player has an engrossing story and exciting gameplay, even if it is short and linear and is basically a training mode for the multiplayer but with a plot. Zombie Mode is back from World at War and better than ever, with plenty of humor and witty dialogue to accompany the addictive zombie killing fun. Obviously the multiplayer is where it's at, and Black Ops is online fragging at its finest, with new weapons and modes and a new currency system to keep players coming back until the next installment. The graphics and sound are top notch, with environments and characters looking great, an excellent soundtrack, Hollywood-quality voice work and fantastic sound effects for weapons and explosions. Overall, this is another great CoD game, with every base covered to ensure a high quality, exciting and downright fun shooter experience. Expand
  9. Apr 8, 2011
    Nice long campaign (better than Modern Warfare 2), good graphics, better multiplayer. There are some annoying bugs like getting stuck or AI shooting at you when you are behind the wall. Optimization isn't good, game is stuttering sometimes. Anyway the game is fun and I enjoyed it.
  10. May 19, 2011
    my score of an 8 is a reflection of the entire game. If i had to grade the parts of the game individually, I would have graded the multiplayer as a 8, campaign should be rated as a 5, (because it kinda sucks), but zombies is a 1000000. Black ops zombies is the greatest invention in the history of video games.
  11. Jun 3, 2011
    Now ill be honest, this is not the best CoD out there. Treyarch may be a good developer, but their version of! the only reason i bought this was the Zombies (who doesnt love zombies).
  12. Aug 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This review is for the single game-play only as my multi-player skills leave much to be desired. The first thing you notice is those annoying numbers and their meaning. If I understood the premise of the numbers they are locations in the US for sleeper cells, however to Mason they have a more sinister meaning as it is implied that he was involved in the Kennedy shooting. All the missions are told in flashbacks and the game starts at the Bay of Pigs and goes on from there where you will do everything from black covert ops to recon. The mechanics of the game are the usual fare for COD game, however the controls, for some reason feel tighter in the XB360 edition as the PS3 felt kinda mushy to me. The gameplay is solid and the aim-assist can help you, or hinder you depending on the way you loo at it. For the most part the graphic are good except for one or two missions which look like the first gen XBOX, but other than that it is pretty good. As far as the story and game-play, I enjoyed it and it can take anywhere from 6-18 hours depending on how good or how much you play. Expand
  13. TTT
    Aug 19, 2011
    Not bad game . But you must have a good computer and a good internet connection . For the PC it's good , but the game it's realised fot XBOX 360 and PS3 . Zombie mode save this game to the 6 . For me Treyarch take a 8 for Call of Duty Black Ops
  14. Sep 6, 2011
    the multiplayer is fair and and has less tuber and noob weapon like g18 in call of duty 6,the game is much better but the ping is really bad,why these guys give it such a low score?like tuber?if that is ture these guys are sick.the single player is not very good ,not the real thing ,but still i like it ,i think if we dont mind the ping,cod7 is the best cod multiplayer game,call of duty 6 is good but has too many unblanced weapon Expand
  15. Nov 8, 2011
    Well, uh, I had the privilege from good old steam to play "Call of Duty: Black Ops" multiplayer until to Saturday of that week. So I gave it a try, and it wasn't so bad after all. The sound designs are impressive as well as the currency system, which makes you more immersive to the game. Sure, the graphics are kinda outdated but think about COD:WAW and compare this to it. Feels better, doesn't it? Overall very well made, enjoyable, and addictive. Just find some healthy servers and this game will be the masterpiece of your life. Expand
  16. Oct 26, 2011
    On the MP side of things, BO definitely an improvement on the disaster of a game that MW2 was, unfortunately it's still not quite the game MW1 was (and still is). The maps have been expanded a decent bit, there are very cool customization options that help you give a personal touch to virtually every bit of gear right down to the totally unimportant player cards. Graphics are really good but only due to the excellent art design, if you start looking you will find signs of serious graphical fidelity the engine has experienced over the years. Sounds are also a definite improvement over previous cods as well as animation, all together these help to make the campaign quite memorable, no matter how confusing it gets at times. One downside of the multiple characters thing is that you don't leave hating the antagonists enough, otherwise as a whole it is quite varied and fast paced with some welcomed breaks in between stages. Camp-fests are virtually none-existent now and the killstreak rewards aren't particularly overused and OP either, leaving much of the fighting in infantry CQC form. Unfortunately Treyarch has yet to nerf the two most OP guns in the game (roughly a year after release o.O), which has put me off for a bit due to recent overuse by the community. The MP as a whole I prefer outright over MW2, and it's minor issues are overshadowed by this fact. Expand
  17. Nov 14, 2011
    I have been playing this game for a good year now ,While playing 1 player which was ok but very forgetable, i stuck with online multiplayer , I can safely say this is where my good money was spent , ffa on nuke town , Ive got my moneys worth here alone :) Excellent map !!
    The hit detection can sometimes be a bit ropey but you get your good and bad games where pings go up and down .
    still play it now , but it seems if most are the players are deserting black ops , which is a shame .
    Anywaysa good game while it lasted .8/10
    The game loses a few points because theres not much new here from previous cod,s + hit detection sometimes lets the game down online.
  18. Nov 8, 2011
    Call me crazy, but I've been a fan of Treyarch's additions to the Call of Duty series, and this is no exception. An interesting Single Player storyline that is reasonably long (compared to Modern Warfare 2) was refreshing to play, and the graphics are astounding. The Multiplayer was short-lived, for me, as the maps grew old quickly and prestige got annoying. The Zombie mode is what keeps me coming back to this game time and time again, with some excellent novel ideas brought in to mix it up. Great DLCs were brought out too, which I think justifies me spending almost £100 in total on this title. Expand
  19. Dec 21, 2011
    I'm giving this game a undeserving 10, as I'm back on Black Ops versus the mw3 which I gave a zero score. THIS is the difference in gameplay for me and even after all the months of patches to finally get the game to work properly on MP. This will for me, remain the best shooter game up to date as most of us are only interested in seamless multi palyer gaming. Who really cares about single player? Like I said a lot of us waited months after purchase to even be remotely able to play, but as it stands today, (including the misconception of development staff as to requirements for this game) it is a great multi player game. They might have found a winning formula here and I do hope the dedicated servers stay around for good.
    The only unacceptable issue I have with Back Ops is the steam cloud they use which in turn use VAC as their hacker police, and we all know that VAC is BEYOND useless. VAC can't catch the a$$ end of a joke if you pointed it out to them, let alone hackers. This means the Black Ops MP will ALWAYS have hackers on. Since they now mainly use enemy position hacks, and VAC is still looking blindly at wall hacks, it means: chances are your lovely game will regularly be spoiled by players blatantly using these hacks on a daily basis and nothing is done to this.(probably a "we dont care as we already have your money" attitude.
    While the prestige really matters among players, it only becomes bragging rights at Prest 15, and the gold guns look really good, compared to other games. What makes it even more impressive is the different attachments in the same classes which if they expand in later releases will definitely win my max rating vote.
    On second thought, I'm stripping that 10 rating to 8, simply thanks to the hacking which I mentioned earlier. Thank you USELESS VAC.
  20. Dec 13, 2011
    Not a bad game. Don't care for the limited dedi servers, but hey at least they are there and ranked. The game play in MP is fun. Graphics are old. Let's get real here folks...The CoD as we know it is gone. Play MW3 and this game shines all the more...
  21. Nov 24, 2011
    Black ops had it's flaws at launch (pc performance and 5 second pauses).
    I decided to wait and went back to MW2 until these problems were sorted.
    I came back to Black ops finding a very smooth and enjoyable experience, the main issue with lag is users having low powered cpu's as this game taxes the cpu more than your graphics card.
    I ranked all the way up to 15th prestige and can now
    say that this game is definitly worthy of a blast through.
    It's multiplayer is it's best part for sure as i tend to go straight for multiplayer on these type of games soley.
    I am giving this game an 8 out of 10 due to it's bad start but now without bugs it is a great game for multiplayer gamers.
  22. Mar 27, 2014
    Je ne comprends pourquoi ce jeu est si mal noté. Je suis d'accord que la campagne n'est pas fameuse mais le mode zombie reste quand énorme ! Essayer de survivre avec des amis à des hordes de zombies c'est quand même extra, et même n'ayant pas les DLC y'a de quoi s'occuper. De ce qui est du multi, certains modes ne sont pas vraiment excitant, mais il en reste un qui vaut vraiment le coup d'essayer c'est la R&D. Il faut vraiment survivre et avoir de bon reflex si on ne veut pas mourir dans les vingts premières secondes et devoir attendre la prochaine manche.
    N'essayons pas de voir que les mauvais côté du jeu, il reste encore de l'espoir.
  23. Mar 1, 2012
    why so many people think it is bad,maybe ping is too high,but it is a fair game,almost no bug ,not like mw3,mw3 is completely a rubbish,bo is much better ,not likie mw,it is the call of bug,iw "s death
  24. Mar 9, 2014
    Black Ops contains many things enough to have a good time. A good campaign. A great multiplayer. And a maniac addictive zombies mode. I don't want to go to work today. Let's play zombies.
  25. Aug 13, 2012
    Black Ops haves an addictive multiplayer, and a memorable story mode. Zombies is a blast fun that you will have, but the problem are the glitches and some complicated controls. But, impressive is that the PC version haves great graphics. Overall, the game is worth buying, and, for sure, I recommend for everyone, especially for the fast paced gamers. 80 out of 100.
  26. Nov 13, 2012
    Didn't expect that ending! I've never played Call of duty for the story, but I actually liked this one. Really enjoy playing this game.
    To bad for the obvious trolls who try to lower this game good ranking.
  27. Nov 13, 2012
    The best Call of duty since Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare.
    Cool weapons, great multiplayer maps. The solo campaign is ok, but as usual now, it's the competitive multiplayer that takes this game to a new level.
  28. Jul 5, 2013
    Call of Duty became recently such product which let out every year and it brings in to founders the stable income. Unfortunately, almost all parts left after the first Modern Warfare didn't possess anything, except a usual redoing of old ideas and their delivery for new, even a cursor never changed, and this CoD too works at an old cursor. I everything say it to that no hope that this project becomes something being remembered or interesting existed, besides Modern Warfare 3 which have left before it was deification of nonsense of founders of game and as perfectly I showed crisis of ideas which began even earlier, but is most of all noticeable in that ill-fated part. After I passed couple of missions I understood that it something new and founders actually became reasonable and do excellent game, I only hoped that further game won't go on nakatanny down, and will be at the level of the first missions. I was mistaken as further BO 2 me I disappointed. Expand
  29. Jul 8, 2013
    One of the best Call of Duty games made, for once in a while it was something new, often people overlooked it due to the storyline anc campaign not being brilliant but lets be honest, which call of duty campaign is actually "Brilliant" this game has an intense multiplayer experience, servers are good and guns are balanced and the people who play it tend to play with decent weapons (apart from the few noob toobers and the occasional AK74u rapid fire) the best Assault Rifle in the game is either the M16 or the AK47, for once they got it right, it is the perfect original AK47 that people know and love complete, with wooden stock and undercarriage. I Rate this Game an 8/10 due to the bad sniping and below average campaign. Expand
  30. Oct 23, 2014
    I have to give Call of Duty Black Ops a positive review as it is one of the most memorable and best games available to console in the Call of Duty's Series. This game has provided hours and hours of fun for me and my freinds as it has awesome multiplayer gameplay, fast action on Nuketown and Fireing range, and overall a good killstreak system. I loved the various weapons in which were available to you and how the interface worked in order to select primary, secondary, lethal, tactical, perks etc. This Game is a big success in the COD series and honestly implemented a completely different feel to Multiplayer and Single player gameplay, the Zombies is also great and i love the Resurrection DLC in which adds the old World at War zombies maps such as Deir Rise and Shino Numa, as well as moon in which gives a different take on Zombies. Good work Treyach and Activision on this release as it is a game in which can be played and played over and over and give the user an overall wonderful exsperiance in which a FPS should have Expand
  31. Dec 26, 2010
    1) Cinematic sequences have already been seen in Modern Warfare 1 and 2 and in my opinion were better realized (with more suspense and heroicism).
    2) The soundtrack is very good, but the problem is the sound itself. I have not even read somewhere a comment on the weapon's sound, which is too "dry" (without reverb in indoor sequences and echo in semi-open levels such as roads). Also, many
    samples are recycled from old CODs (PPSH 41 and MP40 have the same sound of COD2). Even support for surround 5.1 is not so good. Bad Company 2, enabling the appropriate option, is in another galaxy.
    3) Black Ops graphics are a scandal nowadays. The game almost looks like Modern Warfare 1, which was nothing special. Particle effects are not so good and textures are low res. Level backgrounds are still horrible. This is because the graphics engine is very old. Even UE3 can do better.
    4) 6 hours to complete singleplayer
    5) Scandalous AI. Teammates do not defend us and just move from cover A to cover B.
    6) Still too many scripts and infinite enemy troops respawn.
    7) Too accurate enemies at high difficulties (they can easily hit us from far distances)
    8) Awesome plot and lovely flashbacks
  32. Dec 1, 2010
    IMO 2. best FPS of 2010 after BC2. I haven't had a single problem with performance, even though I think is one of the worst providers of all time. Camping is absolutely no problem in this game, the only people who even remotely suceed at camping are people with ghost, and even then just getting blackbird will solve that problem. I really love seeing all those goddamn campers with >0.50 score. The game is overall fairly balanced, there are a couple of the weapons that suck hard, but the rest are more or less equally strong, with the exception of the knife of course. Noobtube is no problem, flak jackets does a great job of making noobtube entirely useless, which I think is pretty nice :) Expand
  33. Nov 15, 2010
    Call of Duty I like, but this part of my heart. I imagined the game differently. Dead Ops Arcade is very funny. It does not change my view of the game. Black Ops is a cheap substitute for Modern Warfare 2, but good remake World at War
  34. Nov 10, 2010
    Black Ops single player is far from a perfect experience. While it does have some truly stand out moments which help its case. The whole interrogation portion of the main story is jarring and inconsistent; this caused me never once to feel connected to anything that was going on in the game nor with any of the characters. It also should be noted that playing this game on anything more than Normal mode is purely an exorcise in frustration. There are times when you'll receive no updates as to that you're objectives are at all causing you to die repeatedly while trying to reach your way-points. Only after stumbling across them blindly do you get any sort of a hint as to what you should be doing. Your team AI is also absolutely incompetent, there were many times where you could be following one of your AI companions and they'll totally ignore rushing enemies only to have them appear next to you.and then melee you to death. This brings to mind the recent relaunch of Medal of Honor. Many times during the single player experience in that game my AI squad mates would call out enemy locations "Enemy at 4 O'clock, second story" which would in turn lead me to scope out that area and down the bad guys. This never happened at any point in Black Ops. If anything I felt they simply got in my way.
    By the end of the game I just wanted it to be over and I found myself only playing more to unlock the next Achievement and in my mind thats not a very good reason to play games. The multi player component of the game is where it really comes into it's own and is the main reason I gave Black Ops a 7/10
  35. Nov 10, 2010
    I have a Q6600 at 3.4ghz and a hd5870. I can play the single player no problem. Just passed it on veteran. (theres a bit in Vietnam that was insane.) Went to try multi player and it was a joke. Was quite excited for a cod with dedicated servers after the mess that was mw2 multi player. I connected and found it un playable. Massive lag spikes where I would accelerate or slow down then get shot. I understand it has just been released and may need a patch but has it been tested at all? Honestly don't buy it for multiplayer untill it gets fixed, If you do like me your waisting your money. I haven't posted here before and gave it a 10 by accident last time. Its a 7 at best. Only because of single player being a 8 hour long michael bay movie. Multi I give a 4 because it is un playable. Good Ideas but a joke. Expand
  36. Nov 11, 2010
    Just know when you play this game on a PC you need the right PC a DEDICATED GAMING MACHINE large quad cpu (Phenom OR i5) or better, 4 gigs of ram or better a 64 bit (Windows 7 or XP - NOT vista!) and a multi core Graphics card is recommended. The gaming engine is so demanding that lesser computers have no playability in this game. DUAL CORE MACHINES NEED NOT APPLY.
    I'm' dead serious
    this game was stressing my phenom x 4 965 OC'ed to 3.9ghz and the 9800 geforce to the limits of performance on MODERATE graphics. I built this gamer machine a year ago with the best, at this rate I will need to build another just to play the next installment. By dedicated machine I mean dedicated: no Anti virus: no video ripping: NO ITUNES. so don't go downloading porn.
    when you have the RIGHT machine this game has ASTOUNDING GRAPHICS .. full stop-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    I own all the call of duty games in the series for PC. Played them til my eyes crossed at times. The single player game was fantastic challenging without being too frustrating, astounding plot, phenomenal graphics, compelling characters. It felt like a six and a half hour interactive movie. Single player campaign was miles above MW2 in my opinion, and I thought MW2 could not be topped. The Multi-player has a very WAW fell with modern weapons even some that did not exist in the time frame of this game setting, but I'm glad they stretched reality there it makes for a better experience. Updated but not revolutionary is the best way to describe multi-player. The co-op portion was very disappointing, I like the zombies don't get me wrong but I wanted the co-op experience similar to MW2. Not to mention just endless waves of zombies gets old quick. The co-op in MW2 had hours of excitement for me and my friends. We had to function like a small Spec-ops team to complete the maps. You needed: communication, precision, and teamwork to do the missions. Not like Multi-player where no matter what organization an communication you try to establish everyone runs around and does there own thing. There is a "Combat Training" mode you can play privately with your friends, but event the AI runs around like decapitated chickens. If they offered non-zombie co-op maps in the future maybe ill buy them (maybe) or hold my breath waiting for it to return next year. Overall a great game. I'm glad to see the franchise grow and improve. It would be a perfect 10 but multi-player did not blow me away like COD4 & COD6, and no good co-op which makes the game playable again and again.â
  37. Jan 5, 2011
    Besides not being anything new the multi player is unplayable due to disconnects. I mean it, UNPLAYABLE. Unplayable MP, stuttering like mad on C2D 3.0 with 4gb and 9800GTX card...even on lowest settings. Then there's lag issues, CTD get the picture. Stear clear from this junk until it's fixed.
  38. Nov 18, 2010
    My review is based on Single play(SP) as I never play Multiplay(MP). The game is quite enjoyable and sucks you into a curious story of adventure, thrill and drama. If you enjoyed the story lines of other COD games this one [while not a continuation of MW due to a different developer] is quite interesting. My personal issues with the game are checkpoint saving which I detest [as previous COD games had], far too much random flashing images due to flashbacks, really not to my taste. Some minor issues with scenes in Vietnam, the caves the developers made for the Vietcong were too big (wide), and yes I have been there and have personally been in the caves, the game scenes made it feel like a cake walk, imagine crawling on your stomach in some parts, wider parts just barely enough room to crouch walk (with bats flying by lol).

    AI is all right but I get tired of enemies breaking rank and running straight for me around a large group of "friends" and being ganked while my friends watch, many parts of the game I was unsure what I was supposed to be doing, objectives weren't so clear. I spent a fair amount of time tossing out colorful metaphors at my monitor dying and not sure what to do. All in all a worthy sequel to the COD series and if you play it for the SP then don't be afraid to check it out. I will enjoy replaying through SP. As for MP, well, I will let other reviewers comment.
  39. Apr 4, 2011
    The series is starting to become somewhat stale and Black Ops is evidence of that. This game does not do enough new things to earn a very high rating and yet it is not bad enough to be given a shocker. The positives are that the single player storyline is engaging and easy to follow, something which is a big improvement on Modern Warfare. However, the actual play itself remains linear and uninspiring at times. The multiplayer seems to have stagnated. It was done really well in Modern Warfare but I just found things lacking in this respect with Black Ops. Finally, the graphics engine is in major need of an overhaul. Crysis 2 has demonstrated what can be done in this day and age. The CoD series needs to catch up. Expand
  40. Dec 13, 2010
    Game was on sale so I ignored all these reviews and bought it anyways...

    Simply put the single player is the best single play FPS ever. It's like a great action movie.

    MultiPlayer was unplayable, my computer would just freeze for a second every time you see someone. Turning off Vsync resolved my multiplayer performance woes. The match finder is complete junk it will join you to
    servers with stupid rules like only crouching allowed... ugh.

    There is no real match maker it just dumps you into a dedicated server... Dedicated servers can be nice but they are a double edged sword... lots of servers only cycle 1 map, they have dumb admins etc etc.
  41. Dec 12, 2010
    Black Ops is a let down after the Modern Warfares of the last few years. Some interesting plot devices and nice set pieces but it leaves you feeling Treyarch did just enough and no more.
  42. Dec 18, 2010
    I installed this game on my laptop. It stuttered to infinity. I installed this game on my gaming desktop (overclocked i7, 6GB RAM, 4890) and it stuttered less so. Several released patches indicate they're trying to get it to how it should've been at launch. The stuttering is slightly easing up with the patches, and under all of the problems, there is a fair game waiting to break free.
  43. Dec 30, 2010
    The story on which is based the game is wonderful, but the game is too buggy: I had to restart it several times each mission to complete them all. I think it's better to play it in a PlayStation or XBox, because the hardware prerequisites are too high, and people will not buy a new pc only to play this game. Eventually, the multiplayer is not as great as the MW2 or MW, but i think this is much more personal. Expand
  44. Jan 2, 2011
    I must say this is the best Singleplayer of the Call of Duty series ever, i know this game had lots of bugs. The first time i played Black Ops was on the release date at a friend, it had some laggs in both SP and MP i decided to buy it a month later and i had no any problem with laggs and or bugs, i played Singleplayer and Multiplayer without any problems and with 100% fun. So stop complaining if you got laggs, learn to read the requirements before buying a game, otherwise get a console. Expand
  45. Jan 7, 2011
    Not a bad game. sure there are a lot of things im not fussed about, like the fact that you don't get time to think in the single player campaign because it is constant action and the random lag spikes in multiplayer for the first month or so was really annoying, but it was fun for a fair while and i got about 50 hours out of the game before i moved on.
  46. Feb 5, 2011
    This game is not what is different from the previous part, but this game potresla me his story. Each level is somewhat reminiscent of the real world ...

    In this game you can play for hours!
  47. Feb 17, 2011
    Only good once you're in a multiplayer game.
    Menu is clumsy, not attractive/intuitive at all.
    Campaign is too short, game is buggy, and there was no answer from developpers for weeks and weeks.
    There's no innovation ... What a pity ...
  48. Feb 16, 2011
    merhaba, suana kadar gordugum en iyi senaryoya sahip call of duty oyunu. Modern warfare 2 bile geride bırakıyor senaryosuyla.Treyarch firmasını tebrik ediyorum bize boyle muhtesem bir oyun sunduklari icin.
  49. Feb 17, 2011
    Everything outside the in-game multiplayer experience sucks. Terrible single player game, clunky shell (menu system), bad online server list interaction... Once you're in a multiplayer game, it's great. But everything else makes you think it was done by a different, tragically underskilled team. It's not flawed enough to make you want your all your money back, but it's flawed enough to make you think the price tag was an insult. Expand
  50. Feb 24, 2011
    Decent, at best. The Call of Duty franchise has grown in the past few years to one of the most selling games out there. The graphics are in no way shape or size an improvement, they just put a different graphic style that looks worse than MW2! At least try to compete with all the masterpieces coming out in 2011. The gameplay is the same old **** nothing new except for a game mode or two and the new currency system, and the currency system sucks! Either use the ranking system OR the currency system NOT BOTH! The story is new and unique but it is too all over the place! They had an opportunity to make the missions at different times and different places, but they over did it! At least have SOME structure. The multiplayer is fun at times and zombies is a really good time with three of your buddies so its not all bad. The replay value is dependent on the person, for me no so high, considering that i sold it :P Expand
  51. Mar 10, 2011
    I am quite pleased with this call of duty. certainly better than WAW. Despite half of the weapons in the game being non existant at the time, ie the ak74 being developed and made in 1974 and being given to the vietcong in the 60's.... The graphics are great, but could be upgraded slightly i think, i played on a DX10 card on full spec. the weapons are amazing exept the ak47 was far too rapid in my opinion, felt like 800 rpm. The story was rich and touched my inner fellings at some parts. The game play WASNT short as i got a good 6 - 7 hours out of it. Runs great on my pc no crashes ingame from an entire playthrough and the variety of weapons is just impeccable. I still dont like that cheap specular lighting thing that makes the characters glow silver still. Overall this game hasnt been so bad as some people make it out to be. But i am quite annoyed how they design the damn game on computers but end up porting it from consoles to the computer. Expand
  52. Mar 23, 2011
    Pretty good Campaign mode, great story and fun scenarios. I didn't play the multiplayer, which is probably the main point of this game, but i suspect it to be the same as MW:2 in that aspect, as in I don't enjoy it much. Too many snipers and not enough tactics turns this game into a "hide from snipers" experience which means there is no real way to develop any form of fighting against them. The only way to win is to become a sniper. Try BFBC:2 or BFBC2:Vietnam if you want some real game play online. 7 only for the single player campaign Expand
  53. Apr 24, 2011
    Really can't see where all the negative comments come from with this game. Personally ive never had any trouble with glitches or bugs, game rund fine 99.9% of the time.

    Very similar to the previous games in the franchise, a bit more variaty would have been nice to see.

    Single player campaign is rather short (between 4-6 hours depending on how you play it) some more effort in this
    area would have been nice to see. Multiplayer is excellent as per MW2/MW etc....

    Over prices DLC is this games MAJOR flaw in my opinion. £11.49 for what is essentially 4multiplayer maps is ludicras.

    However a good addition to the COD library, cant understand peoples frustration.
  54. Apr 25, 2011
    The amount of 0-4 reviews is quite ridiculous. The game is not perfect. That being said, the game is also not so ungodly bad that it deserves a 0-4. The Single-Player is absolutely amazing. The story is compelling, as well as the characters, and there are many twists and turns. It's indeed short at about 6-7 hours, but worth the play.
    Zombies is...Zombies...bad, overrated, and generally
    boring. There's nothing new in this game, and there won't be in future games with such a "great formula."
    Multiplayer is good. It's nothing amazing, yet nothing so terrible you wish you'd never bought it (see Crysis 2). The customization isn't nearly as deep as I'd like to see, but it'll do.

    YES, the game was laggy at the start, but now I'm getting comparable performance to WaW with the recent patches. Is the game worth $60? Yes. For singplayer. Is it worth it for zombies? Absolutely not. Is it worth it for multiplayer? No, maybe $35.

    I'd say get it. It's a good package, and if you can get it on sale, it's even better.
  55. Apr 28, 2011
    This is my first "new generation" Call of Duty game since Big Red One on my GameCube and I return to the series with mixed feelings. To start off, the single player campaign with it's adrenalin packed missions and bad-ass cut-scenes is allot of fun to say the least. However, those of you who like their FPS games to be drawn out in campaign length may be disappointed here. As I beat the entire campaign over the course of a weekend playing on and off. With regard to PC performance, the game's engine is poor optimized and I could see it giving some people problems. I have a mid-range 1 GB DDR3 GeForce GT 240 and i can run the game quite well with no problems at about 1280x720 res. with around 40+ fps on the norm. I'm new to Call of Duty multiplayer and Black Ops, again, has left me with mixed feelings. MP gameplay is fast-paced and seemingly geared towards camping, a style that Battlefield vets such as myself might not enjoy, appreciate, or immediately be successful with. That being said, very little is used in the way of strategy besides repetitive actions and tactics. Black Ops operates in conjunction with Steam if you didn't know and I have had no problems there. However, about 30%, if not more, of the games I join in MP are riddled with lag that destroys the experience. Also, if you're like me and do not plan to fork out $15 per DLC, than the MP experience will be cut up by the lack of the maps. I have an average connection and I constantly encounter lag. Before you buy this game please look at what you're getting into. While the game is fun it still has its issues. Issues that would be easily fixed if the dev had spent more time on it. Black Ops gets a 7 out of 10. Expand
  56. Jul 1, 2011
    Despite all the hate this game got, I loved it. In some ways it surpasses Modern Warfare 2, and in other ways, it doesn't. I do realize that this game doesn't give the best performance for even the best of PC's, but I still liked the game despite all that. The single player was absolutely brilliant, you can tell that Treyarch was trying real hard to step out of Infinity Ward's shadow. I would choose Black Ops multiplayer over MW2's any day. Expand
  57. Jul 25, 2011
    I have to say, although a lot of people apparently disagree, that black ops is one of my favorite call of duties. Black ops tries to be what everyone have been waiting to get since call of duty 4. It has great balance compared to the previous installment modern warfare 2, which looked kind of rushed on many points. That said, black ops still has some balance problems, but it is not as bad as in modern warfare 2. Everyone knows call of duty, and everyone also has to face the fact, that it is the multiplayer which sells. Although black ops has a very interesting story, it is the multiplayer which is important to the game. Treyarch did a lot to make this the best call of duty so far, but there are a feeling its just the same old game with some improved graphics. What Treyarch really needs is innovation, yes they removed stopping power, and they balanced out a lot of things, and thats great, but we really need something NEW to keep buying these call of duties. Zombies is another nice thing in Treyarchs call of duties. I myself did not enjoy the zombies part that much, and prefer to play games like killing floor and left 4 dead, although i am sure that zombies is a fun thing to play for a lot of people. Call of Duty: Black Ops is overall a very good game, it has the hectic call of duty gameplay, which gets you right into the battle, and the sweet perk and killstreak systems, which varies combat a lot for you, but it still needs that little twitch that call of duty 4 and even modern warfare 2 had. Another thing which is a major downside is, that a lot of computers which should be able to run the game. I myself have a VERY powerful machine, but sometimes i still get a drop to around 40 FPS, which is just unacceptable for a game like this. Expand
  58. Aug 4, 2011
    Call of duty Black ops is by far the worst Cod of the lot, the story line wasnt great because it never felt like you were actually in the Cold war, your always stuck in a damn chair going to flash backs. The multplayer was a complete mess, the spawn points are terrible, becuase if there is a gunner in the sky, theres pretty much no point coming out from hiding until its gone. Treyarch have tryed too hard to get rid of the camping problem, but instead actally made it worse for players becuase you cant actally spawn safely without dieing on the spot. Obviously Treyarch have looked at Infinity Wards Modern Warfare 2 and seen that camping was a huge promlem, but Treyarch just thought to hell with the players lets give everyone heart attacks. They bacically kept all the campers and added bad spawns near big groups of enemys. The game is still a Call of duty, and i really enjoy them, but the spawns are a problem wich need to be addressed, another point is that Black ops didnt have any good effects, like rain and stuff, the boring graphics the just plain ugly to look at, and the maps are really bad. I like Treyarch, the did a good job of WaW but Black ops was just a little dissapointing. I still play Black ops because under all the crap its a pretty good game. but its just not what we expect from other Call of Dutys. Expand
  59. Nov 1, 2011
    Ok first off i am not going to rate this game for MP but i will say it worked fine for me. I have no other C.O.D. title to compare to or go by as this is probably the only one i will ever purchase partially due to the fact they hardly ever have sales for it and since they have so many titles i just don't see the point. there are so so many other games out there to play. That being said, i really like Black ops one of the best newer Fps i've played but its on the lower rung. too long of cut scenes in single player and the story was ok with fairly smooth gameplay. it's a decent shooter but i believe if youve seen one C.O.D. youve seen them all. I found the Multiplayer to be quite enjoyable though i have to say they fell way short of BBC2 witch completely rocks C.O.D.s' socks off sorry i just had to say that lol.. this is a good game imo but not worth the price. Also i almost forgot to mention the main reason i chose this C.O.D. title was for the fact it seems it has the most to offer out of all of them. The arcade mini top-down zombie game is awesome and the fact they brought the zombie mp mode back is worth mentioning and fun as well Expand
  60. Nov 12, 2011
    Not as succesful as MW 2 but I prefer it. Good story, good gameplay, good graphics; a good game.
  61. Dec 23, 2011
    The single player was OK, but I liked the multiplayer. I do not however like the constant maps that we have to buy....remember when we got that stuff for free?
  62. Jul 12, 2012
    Limited edition is over priced, and the DLC doesn't provide as much as other games. Runs worse than other games even on low settings. However Zombies is really fun, and the gameplay in multiplayer would be worth playing if I had no lag.
  63. Aug 8, 2012
    After playing call of duty black ops on Xbox360, I played it on PC and the connection is definitely so much better, the dedicated servers make it so there is almost no lag at all as long as you play in your correct region. Although the gameplay still isn't exactly top notch, and Call of duty 4 is still better for me.
  64. Jun 2, 2013
    I actually don't mind this game at all. I liked the campaign for what it was. It wasn't too long and not too short. Zombies was especially dead ops arcade. I also like Ascension. That was my favorite zombies map in this game. Moon in my opinion was too much. I like how they brang back the classic maps. Made me happy. The multiplayer as is, is what it is. It's not as bad as I initially thought it was at first, but I got used to the graphics as they were not the greatest graphics ever, but I managed. Overall, I like this game. Expand
  65. May 24, 2012
    While the game itself has an epic story and lots of flashes, the main issues of playing this game all goes with some rare bugs, glitches and server issues. Also the graphics are outdated. Even playing the zombie or skirmish modes require Internet access and that's unacceptable. Overall, a decent game that shall require lots of improvement to be made there.
  66. Nov 15, 2010
    @ smith, Comparing WaW to MW2 is complete **** There was much less problems with WaW than MW2, and even asking why Infinity Ward did not make Black Ops is a no-brainer; 2 lead executives were fired from IW then over 20 people left to work for EA at the new studio that the executives went to. Do you really want a IW to make Black ops when there is no one left?? All you people who love IW are idiots, go figure out what your talking about before posting. Expand
  67. Dec 19, 2010
    If you are a fan of infinity wards COD games i recommend you avoid this game, it just missing so much and has more in common it seems with Modern warfare 1 then 2, The spawn system in multilayer is horrible, you will die a lot from being shot in the back by an enemy who spawns right behind you after you take a few steps. After playing the great games made by the creators of call of duty (infinity ward) this game is just a huge let down to me. This is an indication to me that this will be another game series that Activision will drive into the ground because they want to shoot one out every year to make the most money out of the series like they did with the tony hawk series and what there doing with guitar hero series. The single player is alright, its pretty much like a Michael Bay movie, lots of explosions. If you liked modern warfare 2 I would recommend not getting this game, you will be let down, like i was. Expand
  68. Nov 22, 2010
    So I'll have to edit this later probably as I havn't played the SP of this game yet. The MP is the selling point of any COD game and 90% of FPS games so I'll make my comments on that.

    The gameplay is decent...I wouldn't say great. I think my clan is behind this game (i cant figure out why, other that the nostalgia of playing a cod title (we loved cod4)) so I will keep playing it.

    graphics are VERY dated and the engine as a whole feels like a mixture of Doom64, CS:S and WaW, which were all good when they were launched but this took the worst parts of each with the bouncy avatar movement, TERRIBLE textures, and overall cartoon-ish and cheezy graphics. It is so distracting at times that I have trouble playing when i have to stop and ask "is this really the texture of a bush????a GIANT blob of green????no details whatsoever??? after games like BC2, MOH, Crysis, COD4, and Ue3? (yes, i just said COD4 and UE3 games have better graphics, which i thought was impossible from a "new" game).

    This game is a MOD that you have to pay $60 for. There's NOTHING new about it, and it isn't worth that. It looks like MW2 in videos, but it plays better than that thank god. It plays more like WaW, but with worse visuals. If they make MOD tools, maybe some modders can make better maps for this thing, but the ones I've played so far are very unimpressive. I gave it more than a 3 because the gameplay isn't terrible and there are HOPES of mod tools. Also, it's a backwards step from MW2 back towards allowing the PC aspects of a game to exist that we all love. It also, sadly, took steps back in technology and visuals. I don't know how they managed to make it look worse than their own game that launched 2 years ago, but they did. My only hope is that maybe with this step backwards, we can now head in a new "forward" direction and make better PC games learning from the mistakes of the past....hopefully anyway
  69. Nov 16, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This title is copping some seriously jaded uses reviews. But I hope this honest opinion may help the decision, whether to purchase this title.

    Multiplayer: If you've played a COD title in the past. You'll find the same formula here. It hasn't change much at all. Yes there were issues at initial release. But Treyarch have as always been ready to listen to concerns. And do what they can to rectify them. The wager modes of gameplay are nice. Good to see the borrowing them from other titles ie: CS and Quake etc...
    Theatre mode looks to be a nice addition. Although still in BETA.
    Coop: Zombies are back
    Singleplayer: Probably the only thorn in this titles side, for me. Was the total lack of authenticity in equipment used in it. This game spans from 1961-68, with a memory sequence in 1945. Sadly most of the weapons in it are not 60's era related. Many of which didn't go into production til the late 1970's. But it's a personal thing. That I admired about the franchise. Other than that, it's a sci-fi feel game(especially with the mini-gun sequence like in PREDATOR. If your looking for more of the same COD multiplayer your used to. Or a member of a Gamerclan then I'd suggest it. But make sure you can return it if you change your mind
  70. Nov 9, 2010
    The first honest review on here so far:
    To start with I DESPISED was literally the worst thing to ever have the CoD name splattered on it.
    I bought and played a few minutes of BO today (needs a patch to fix the lag issues before I can really play it) and it's better than MW2..but not by much. I'm bummed that the maximum ranked server size is only 18..but I can get over that
    considering how small the maps are.
    But I was at least hoping they'd have the firearms right. A vietnam-era M16A1 used 20 round magazines and was full-auto/semi-auto. The M16A1 in BO has 30 rounds and fires burst only. And as an amusing anecdote some 12 year old on the server I was on was flaming me and trying to tell me that I was wrong..that made my day.
    Planning on checking out the SP later tonight when I get the chance.
  71. Nov 9, 2010
    There is no was that the Critics played the same game that I am now. Black ops is playabe to an extent, but its a very broken game. I cannot get the zombies to play in Co-Op at all, most of the servers lag out and there are multiple graphic glitches, the single player looks exactly like World at War. The multiplayer is fun when it works, but there must have been no beta for this game at all for this many ungodly problems. OK game if it worked, but I've never seen a **** release than this. Stick with MW2 for a month or so and buy this later when it works. Expand
  72. Nov 10, 2010
    Im writing this because of all the miss information in previous posts. Infinity ward were developing this game, but it was handed to Treyarch because Activision Fired all the Bosses (and original owners) at IW and most of the dev team quit to join a law suit against Activision for all the bonuses they were promised for MW2.

    IW is owned by Activision but none of the talent works there

    Look at Treyarchs back catalogue, this game was always going to be sh!t. FACT

    Game review:
    Single Player: Surprisingly i enjoyed this, Good storyline, nice moments but too short (5 hours to complete it is a joke).
    Good but dont buy it for the Single player alone.

    LAG, They bring back dedicated, but only with a provider with a poor record, more money grabbing.
    Balance? Fantastic scope for griefing with the new Knife, but we shall have to see as more hours are clocked
    Fun? Yea damn it its still fun
    On the premise that they will fix the lag issues, this game gets 6/10
  73. Nov 11, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. To experience the game at quality graphics you will probably need to build a new computer, with the most current graphics and audio card. My Duo-core 2 Ghz processor and GeForce GTX 465 had just the bare minimum to play the game in Lowest-setting graphics at somewhat choppy 40 fps. Trying to play the game in Normal settings made the game stutter and unplayable. Even at lowest graphic settings I still experienced occasional stuttering in some heavy scenes. I also experienced stuttering audio about every 5 seconds during the movie sequences, but I was using USB headphones so it is forgivable. I can't help but feel that the coding is somehow off for the PC version, given that the quality of the graphics comes at such a huge cost. Yes, the things like motion capture and such are revolutionary, yet I feel the implementation was done with a sledgehammer instead of with a precision instrument. The game is very taxing on absolutely everything, perhaps the coding was inefficient in general?

    *possible spoilers*

    The game plot was interesting and I did enjoy the story. Towards the end, however the plot quickly comes to its end leaving you wondering and perhaps wishing for a bit more. Ethically, I had a small problem with how some of the criminal masterminds seemed to get off easy considering their war crimes. Take for instance, one scene where you see an innocent victim experience a gruesome death after being exposed to Nova-6 gas. You see him die a slow painful death- his skin boils off, his eyes pop out of his head, and he's throwing up screaming in agony. Later, there you hear someone acknowledge that they tested the stuff on newborn babies. The criminal mastermind responsible for this heinous act gets off way too easy in comparison, with such a relatively quick and painless death that it's almost an injustice to the plot. I would have liked to seen at least the Lead Scientist behind it all 'accidentally' have his gasmask come off in a room full of Nova-6. Character development I would give a D-, it could have been better. The hero NPC's have a predictable bio that you've probably seen in movies many times over. Pretty much zero character development on them, you don't even know their histories just that they are on the same team. Relavetively little character to character dialogue on a personal level, 100% of the talking is mission oriented. If you see a comrade die, you feel very little for them other than the fact you now have one less gun watching your six. I did find it interesting that much of the dialogue in the foriegn (Non-English speaking) NPC's was conviently in English. Take for example a part of the game where 2 Russian prisoners speak to eachother in English inside of a Russian prison. The plot suffers as a result. Overall, copy and paste characters in this game. The only character I found interesting was the protagonist due to the mystery surrounding his memories.

    That Spec Ops feeling that some people are looking for does exist in some parts of the game. It was a refreshing change compared to other war FPS.

    The game is graphical eye-candy if you have the system to play it. Just be willing to pay for it. You buy this game for the great graphical violence and the Spec Ops nostolgia, not for all the great things you see in other games.
  74. Nov 11, 2010
    Imagine yourself in a toilet. Now imagine wiping your butt before you actually poop. That is sort of what Back Ops is like. A rather pointless exercise. Stick with Modern Warfare for your fix, it is a shame that although this would have been amazing if Activision took their eye off the profit margins and truly turned to innovation.
  75. Nov 14, 2010
    Ive always been a fan of treyarch releases. I enjoy their games being that tupically they are more balanced. Though this game fixes alot of the game-breaking elements introduced into MW2 (not a tall mountain to climb as many know) it fails to come anywhere near COD4 and WaW. Treyarch made some much needed adjustments and removed alot of the frustrating elements that outright ruined MW2. Sadly they played it TOO safe and in the end made a bland game. I was very happy to see the unholy trinity of martyrdom, juggernaut, and stopping power removed completely. This could have been enough to make the online leaps and bounds more playable than MW2 but, put simply, the included perks are boring, recycled, and unimaginative. It was also refreshing to see Treyarch practice some sanity by removing dual-wielded shotguns (really Infinity Ward? REALLY??) and issuing major nerfs (handicaps) to the grenade launcher and assault rifles. Hit detection is as abysmal as any cod game so cant count them off there. the weapons are incredibly balanced each with a relatively different play-type leading to more diverse games where not everyone is using the same thing (I'm talking to you famas, m16, SCAR, .50cal, dual rangers). It was nice to see more than one semi-auto rifle but they are much too weak to compete in a fully automatic world. Another issue is snipers were pretty much written out when it came to map design and balancing. Sniper rifles are difficult at best and just dont pack enough punch to be useful. Sniper Players may find themselves snagging some assists but thats only if they can post up long enough to pick off ignorant and unaware players before getting gun down from behind by a newly spawned player. That brings me to BO's next downfall. The spawning is abysmal. You can game confidently knowing that you will have enemy players spawning behind you. around you, and sometimes even right next to you. Very frustrating when you journey to a quiet corner of a map to drop a carepackage or other dropped killstreak. There is a complete absence of a "front" so be prepared to scramble, keep moving, and watch your back (even if it placed securely onto the edge of the map).
    Moving to the customization. its safe to say Treyarch was intentionally vague and misleading on the amount of customization. im sure i was only one of many that were disappointed to see that you could not, in fact, change many aspects of your character. It was nice, however to see perks actually affect the way the character looks (ghost, flak jacket, lightweight, etc). Though some may be sold on adding a happyface to their reticle or sculpting male genitalia out of the hundreds of playercard symbols provided, one could not help be feel how absolutely superfluous it all was when there were guns, perks, and killstreaks to buy. The campaign was solid. it didnt break any ground but it was no more superior or inferior to the last 3 COD campaigns. Most dont purchase Cod for the campaign so i wont go into it
    The crown jewel that has come to be associated with Treyarch releases is the acclaimed Nazi Zombies. Treyarch has outdone itself again with much more complex maps and even 2 separate "storylines" You have the ww2 cast of characters from WaW and a new cast of which i will not disclose. The new cast is hilarious and the voice actors are excellent. Its much more challenging. Zombies fall out of the ceiling, leap through windows instead of climb, and there is even a new very dangerous breed of zombie of which ill let you discover for yourslelf. The mystery box moves much more often (averaging 4-5 uses before whisking off to a less defendable room). Treyarch also included a competitive top-down arcade zombie killer that is amazingly fun and good for hours of replay with up to a team of 4. Overall the game is solid and offers an amazing amount of content in terms of maps, zombies, killstreaks(trust that if this had been an infinity ward release you would be shelling out some extra dosh for alot of it). Though it seeks to fix what mw2 broke it just doesnt offer enough NEW items to make people drop MW2, and WaW to make the $60 switch. See you in two years treyarch, better luck next time.
  76. Nov 24, 2010
    It's pretty obvious why Activision flew most reviewers to a Hotel in Europe to play the game: because using a real world Internet connection, the game is unplayable. The lag is shocking, and the hit detection is garbage. Needs a major patch.

    The real disappointment for me was the single-player though - not only was it buggy, it was poorly-paced, and a blatant rip-off of the Manchurian
    candidate. One of the things Infinity Ward does well is keeping you in the action. Treyarch kept tearing away player control for no valid reason.

    And what was with Sam Worthington's accent? I'm Australian and I found it grating. Why didn't they do additional takes?

    Good sound track though.
  77. Dec 16, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. yo todavia creo en este juego. soy fanatico de COD SERIES y espero una mejora considerable con la llegada de las nuevas actualizaciones... y que es un juego con excelentes graficos y jugabilidad.... voto posicitvamente... Expand
  78. May 2, 2011
    I used to love Call of Duty. It used to be a landmark in the genre of FPS, but in 2010, it has become so massively popular, that it's not even funny, there is an overdose of these games.

    Activision has decided on the terrible marketing strategy that they would release a new CoD game every year, and while this works, this shows on the games.

    Black Ops is a very polished, excellently
    crafted game. But that's about it. It feels like it's a giant retail patch for the previous CoD games, rather than a title on it's own. It has what it takes to be a good game, but it doesn't offer anything new, different , spectacular, it does the exact same thing that many other FPS can do, and could do for a while now.

    And for that, I can't give it a green score, because that territory is reserved for games who beg to differ, or try the hardest to outshine their competition, with something daring that works. Yes, daring. Activision is known for pushing for financial safety with their rehashed flagship franchises. But the games achieving the most success have always been the ones who took some kind of risk, and did their best to make something new work.

    And by now, the CoD fanbase has been "trained" to behave the same way, and buy the new CoD, because that's guaranteed to be quality, and they have stopped to buy unique games, because it might be a bad game.

    I do not ask Treyarch, to reinvent the wheel. Just try to spice it up one way or another. Shoving in new multiplayer modes is a good idea, but that's not the entire game.It's worth a purchase if you really (REALLY) want to keep up, but there are currently more exciting choices.
  79. Feb 17, 2011
    If you own Call of Duty 4, you'll probably feel a little cheated when you play Black Ops multiplayer. There are very few new features or innovations and the gameplay is exactly the same. The coop zombie survival mode is a good addition and the single player is decent, but considering the steep price tag, it's difficult to justify a been there, done that game.
  80. Dec 27, 2010
    Call of Duty: Black Ops basically continues the trend for Treyarch thus far: copy the previous game, but be sure to change the time period, modify gun and perk names, write yet another fairly uncreative story for the campaign, and make an addition or two to multiplayer, like emblem customization. I would have given it a much lower rating about one or two months ago, before the numerous bugs were fixed, but now that many glitches that have caused the game to crash or freeze have been straightened out, it is a better game. However, this does not change the fact that it is very similar to its predecessor. Let me organize this in a good/bad list. The good: 1. Cool main menu 2. elimination of stopping power perk (now the perk 2 slot will see some variation compared to before) 3. elimination of tactical nuke 4. return of zombies 5. increased multiplayer character customization (outfit, emblem, and red dot and reflex sight aiming reticule). 6. The adoption of use of CoD points (you can buy attachments now instead of getting 6 million kills for something like extended mags) 7. wager matches for those who like to gamble The Not-So-Good: 1. character outfit in multiplayer is based on perk 1, not how the player wants their avatar to look 2. aiming reticule and emblem require cod points to modify (and have no combat benefits) 3. level up a little too rapidly 4. no way to tell if the gun you are purchasing has the attachments you desire available 5. sleight of hand pro no longer affects sniper rifles (no quick scope!) 6. loss of machine pistols and shotguns in secondary weapon slot 7. no new game modes 8. no improvement in graphics 9. $60 for more MW2, but different 10. fewer perks 11. skimpy selection of shotguns, sniper rifles, and LMGs (3 out of 5 primary weapon categories) 12. fewer killstreaks. So, if you liked MW2, but are annoyed by the stopping power perk a lot and would LOVE to customize your emblem and aiming reticule, and maybe want a little variation in guns and maps, the CoD: BO is worth about $30-$40. Unfortunately, that could be a while, since MW2 hasn't decreased in price yet. It might be something to pick up while it's on sale for, maybe 50% off. This game isn't really an upgrade or downgrade from MW2; it's more of a sidegrade, which is not worth $60. Expand
  81. Dec 27, 2010
    In all honesty, if reviews are meant to review the vanilla, unpatched version of a game, this deserves a 1 or 2 at best. When Treyarch released the PC version of Black Ops with NO, read it, NO BETA TESTING being done for the PC version, you knew there would be trouble. Lo and behold, framerate issues, and lag issues not only in the MP facet but also in the SP, Zombie mode, AND on the menus caused such a great stir in the community that I nearly returned the game. But after seeing Treyarch was working on a patch (one redeeming quality they have - they listen to the community), I decided to hold onto it. What resulted was a game that was solid. Not great, but solid.

    The SP story was forgettable and really...just too much. It was hard to get a grasp on what was going on so often because there was just way too much going on on the screen at once. Too many explosions, to many expletive laced, non-witty comments, forgettable squad-mates (yes even Reznov was forgettable in this story), disjointed story (I know they intended that, but it worked against them), and overall just too claustrophobic. The ending had a twist, but I could have cared less about it. The campaign honestly was about a 3 or 4 out of 10 for me.

    The MP is fun for the most part, and I have much more fun playing in the HC modes, and being on the PC, server customization really is a huge plus. The level of customization for your guns, character, emblem and what have you, is a really enjoyable feature Treyarch put a lot of effort into. But despite the balance, and the deep customization system built in the MP, the replay/fun factor for me is quite low. I feel I get bored too often in the MP. I honestly had more fun in MW2 - yes with OMA + Danger Close noob tubers and all. Zombie mode is the true redeeming quality for me with Black Ops. Everything is is either blandly average, or well-below average. No matter how you cut it, there is just no way you cannot help but have a blast in zombie mode. Plain in simple it is the reason why I'm giving this game a 5/10. The graphics are dated, the SP campaign and story is confusing and laughable, the MP is good but just plain Jane good and not fun, the sound effects are rather poor (too many explosions and LOUD white noise) and the musical score is blandly average. Zombie mode? Awesome.

    Overall this is a game I would have much rather waited for in the bargain bin, but it is still a somewhat enjoyable experience. If you truly want well-thought out stories, stick to RPG's and adventure games (ME 2, RDR, Bioshock, Fallout, TES). Solid and replayable MP? BC2. Fun and frantic MP? MW2 (despite the bugs). But Black Ops unfortunately does not stand out and is blandly middle of the road.
  82. Jan 1, 2011
    Increibele modo multijugador, mucho stipos de armnas, diferentes accesorios para cada arma, camuflaje tanto par aarmas como para la cara de tu jugador, etc. Al basar el juego en niveles hace que sea mas adictivo, pero todos sabemos que cuando el año que viene saquen otro juego, este se quedara obsoleto...

    El modo historia esta un poco descuidado. El juego actualemente tiene
    bastantes fallos, los cuales han intentado solventar con un parche a finales de diciembre. Expand
  83. Jan 2, 2011
    This is not the best COD in it's franchise but it definitely isn't the worst. The single player isn't the most thrilling either. It's your basic America number 1 and save the world idea. This game excels in the online game play. There are the same mission types as before but just with different kinds of weapons based in the 1960s to the 1980s (which is cool) You can customize your gamer icon for players to see your art but you can also at art to your guns and customize the reticles. This game isn't crap, but it isn't anything "intense" worthy. The online is what keeps you coming back, it's a fun no brainer shoot em up kinda game. Hopefully they go back to ww2 in the next one. I'm tired of the modern stuff.... Expand
  84. Jun 3, 2011
    This review is for multilayer only since that is all I played over the free weekend on Steam. PROS:
    -Dedicated Servers -Bigger teams -Some new stuff -No quick-scoping(?) -You can now lean to peak around a corner -Lag? Well it's less laggy than MW2. -Zombies -You can play against bots. -Maps have trains that go by and other stuff, which I think was neat. -Less wait time between
    CONS: -The maps I played pretty much suck, most are too small for bigger teams (are there even that many included?). -Graphics don't look as good as MW2 for some reason even on high settings (isn't it the same engine?) -Overpriced map packs that you pretty much have to buy or you get rejected or kicked by most servers (well at least I did). -What happened to all the secondary weapons (I didn't see any machine pistols; did I miss something)?. -Interface takes some getting used to, seems a little too busy (why spend so much time redoing it?). -Why rename things in the game? Call them the same as they were called in MW2 -Why can't I change up my classes between rounds or look at new stuff I unlocked anymore? I have to exit the server/game I'm in just to do that? That is just dumb. -Sound effects seem cheap and poorly done (MW2's sound is so much better)...everything sounds almost muffled. -Weapons just don't feel the same as they did in MW2...overall it just feels like a cheaply made game. -What's with the long load times? MW2 didn't take nearly as long to load maps....there is always this hang time when the loading bar is at 100% for like 2-4 minutes.
    Overall the game is OKAY at best so I'm giving it a yellowish rating. It doesn't deserve an extremely low rating and it certainly deserves nothing in the greenish zone. This game is overpriced at $60, and even with the sale price on Steam over the weekend for $40, it's still overpriced. Given the fact that the game is not well made, it should have been priced at around $30-- especially since they price map packs at $15 that you pretty much HAVE to buy if you want to continue enjoying the game. Thanks for the free weekend Activision, but I'll save my money for a better game....MW3 maybe? Well given the fact that it just seems like Activision sees the COD franchise as a cash-cow now because fanboys will buy up any trash they spew out with the words "Call of Duty" on it, I won't hold my breath.
  85. Aug 19, 2011
    makes me laugh the fact that Treyarch ALWAYS tries to copy directly what infinity ward does.

    But at least this time they actually put some kind of "recoil" (just a little bit) in this version, in mw2 recoil doesnt exist at all in any weapon!And besides there are those damn global servers designed for retarded ass console gamers that doesnt care of what they play.

    Besides the good things
    comes the bad ones: the maps... oh god they are designed from a 2 years old child that only wants to camp, and whats the deal with all these DLC's? 4 DLC's that costs 15 euros each???

    Treyarch WTF?
  86. Feb 5, 2011
    Black Ops, what to say? Treyarch made it half-assed. They more or less copied and pasted MW2, made it look a lil older, made the graphics a lil more uglier and wah la Black Ops!!! First off, pretty much every gun and perk from MW2 was moved to Black Ops, where they were "polished" as Treyarch had said, so more or less changing the abilities of a few perks, changing their name. Look at the guns, same guns as in MW2, Treyarch had released a statement that the guns were suppose to "prototypes" to the guns in MW2, basically an excuse to not have to design very many new guns, just copy and paste :) Equipment was very naive......Claymores? In the 60's? I highly doubt they had lasers powerful enough to be small enough to fit in a claymore, come on Treyarch at least try... The CEO of Treyarch had also removed QS'in because he said "Its a cheap, underhanded tactic." Excuse me? You took out something many people loved, but you left in noob toobs and claymores? Right. Black Ops felt alot like a crappy update on MW2, could even be called a Mod. They used the same engine as WaW, Treyarch was insanely lazy with this game. In-fact, they released a statement a few days ago saying "The biggest problem is -negative- players." Well, if you had actually TRIED to make a CoD game, instead you chose to do a few updates and set the timeline back 50 years. You think you can get away with making a half assed game, just cause CoD is the cash cow it is (which they obviously did). That said, lets talk about the PC Conversion. The game was made on a PC, so why would they convert it to a piece of crap console, and then convert it back to PC in the most **** way possible? Treyarch has made many unfavorable choices in the making of this -once again- half-assed game. But there are a few things........that just made me smile uncontrollably, i mean your blood really starts pumping when you shoot a dude 15ft infront of you with a freaking knife-gun known as a Balistic Knife, or you break out a crossbow with plastic explosive on the tip....... Then you have Customization, making your own emblem, around a good 15 or so camos for guns, face paint. Somehow, when you sit down and play Black Ops, and you just.....get into your gaming mode, you forget about Treyarchs failed turn at the CoD franchise, no you only focus on the guy you just shot in the forehead with a balistic knife. In the end, Black Ops is playable, and indeed enjoyable. What would i like to see Treyarch do in the future? Update your Engine, actually do Beta's, and listen to the players, oh and is having a whole new set of guns and perks and attachments too much to ask for? Black Ops isn't worth $60 but, if you can find it on a sale, or get a good deal on it, take it. Expand
  87. Feb 8, 2011
    Black Ops for the PC is a unique game. Before you purchase this game you should probably pray to whatever deity you believe in, that this game can run on your gaming rig. If you have an i7 with a nVidia 480gtx x 2 in SLI, prepare to feel like you've wasted your money on upgrading your machine.


    It's not your computer, its this poorly optimized, xbox 360 port of a game. This game
    runs terrible for many people, and if you're one of the lucky few who can truly run this game without FPS drops, than thank God. Besides the sluggish performance, the game continues in the path set by MW2.. that is, over powered weapons, unbalanced game play, and overall same ole, same ole bs that we're all used to. If you loved being torn down in MW2 by a silenced UMP wielding super kid with marathon and stopping power, than you'll love Black Ops' AK74u and Famas. Honestly their is absolutely NO point in using any other weapons besides those... Balance... Does not exist in this game... Person with the best weapon wins, always...

    If you love being killed by a marathon running, no scoping, sleight of hand pro kid with a sub machine gun at their waist, than this game is for you. If you love playing on a really small map, because most servers only play "Nuketown", Black Ops smallest map, than this is the game for you.

    If you love sluggish game play, 12 year olds, and overpowered sub machine guns, this game is for you.

    Other than that, this Call of Duty will surely not be missed, save your money for developers who truly pay attention to the PC community, and who can develop a suitably decent game.
  88. Jun 12, 2011
    For starters, I'm not here to bad mouth the CoD franchise, I have many good memories with the games in the past, but Black Ops simply doesn't lend to any of those good memories. In short, the game is forgettable. Visually, nothing here is really stellar, it looks very similar to World at War which came out a few years back. Another underwhelming aspect that I haven't seen many people mention is the audio. Guns sound like deadly popcorn makers. But the game does have an excellent selection of original pieces and music from the 1970's era in which it occurs. Single player is enjoyable until you get into the convoluted ending, but there are some excellent moments, my favorite being the mission where you are driving a PT boat and in the background "Sympathy for the Devil" begins to play. Multiplayer is another big let down. No longer is there a "SpecOps" mode, one of my favorite features of MW II. I know, it's Treyarch, but still,, Zombies just doesn't feel fun in the BO setting (even in the special unlockable mode). Also, the competitive portion is made obnoxious due to the currency system. Expand
  89. Mar 4, 2011
    The game itself technical issues aside is great. No real huge innovations other than Wager Match (and even there they simply copy from other games *counter strike*) but still the balance in the game is great, the customization is fun and the game play is solid. Technical Issues... just kill it. The first month after release the game was an epic disaster both on the server side and the client side. A bunch of patches later and we still get micro stutters, server crashes, and lost stats. The game to this date is still not 100%

    With the quote by fourzerotwo of Infinity Ward saying that "building a new engine would be counter productive", O_o, I think that CoD is now a paint by numbers franchise and it is only 1 or 2 games before CoD goes the way of Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero. In Battlefield 3 we Trust.
  90. Mar 16, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is either a love or hate game. There are lots of problems in the game. The black ops servers are totally messed up. Pings are base jumping. Finding a server with good ping is almost impossible. The graphic for this game is really a problem when it comes to playing. You need to have a good cpu to run this game. A intel i3 or a duo core isn't good enough. The only way you will enjoy this game is having a good CPU and finding a server with good ping. Multi player game play is even worse, remember when you always complain about the terrible spawn points in mw2? well, black ops is even worse. Capture the Flag, i just spawned in my base and this guy with the flag knifes me in the back.Also The amount of bullets taken to kill a player in black ops is just unrealistic, 2 shots in the head? in real life, it hardly takes two shots, and that is shooting at the chest. Players in black ops dont even shoot people with guns, they go around the place with a ballistic knife and starts stabbing people. What makes them do that? Treyarch increased the melee range, it is like having the commando perk in mw2 but it is automatic. but there is a good change, you cant replenish tube ammo, which means less noob tubers. The creat a class menu , you have to reach a lvl to unlock the gun, and then you have to buy it also. why not you get the gun when you reach that lvl? Instead of unlocking and buying, but the good thing Treyarch did was that now you can buy the attachments instead in mw2 unlock them. There is another problem that i noticed in the attachment combination, why cant you put a grenadier with another attachment? Also why cant you put duel mags with extended mags? you can tape two extended mags together you know? Good thing are there are a lot more customization in black ops than in mw2, like the emblem for example, you can creat your own emblem. Instead of using the default ones. Also the red dot sight and the reflex sight attachment, you don't always have to have a red dot as your sight, you can now select one from the list. there are loads of good ones and funny ones. if you want to buy this game, the things you have to consider is:
    Do you have a Good CPU?
    Do you have a Good Graphic Card?
    Do you have Good internet access? If you dont have all three things above, then dont buy this game.
  91. May 20, 2011
    Call of Duty: Black Ops is a fast-paced, arcade-style first-person shooter. Being extremely hyped-up for it's 2010 release it looked to be a step-up from Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare series. Overall the multiplayer is quite similar to earlier Call of Duty's only with surprisingly worse graphics, and the return of dedicated servers. The maps are overall pretty small and have a very non-realistic, static like feel. When playing the game it almost feels identical to Treyarch's earlier game, Call of Duty: World at War, with practically identical, shoddy, game engines, and graphics. Treyarch and Activision knew this game was mostly hype and that's one of the reasons no BETA was released. Although i rated this game a six, compare it to my Modern Warfare 2 rating of 7, and my Battlefield: Bad Company 2 rating of 8. I don't think Treyarch will get away with making a game this far below par again. So go out and buy Black Ops for $60, when you could buy a far better Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for $20. Expand
  92. May 24, 2011
    This review is only about single player. I didn't have eny big expectations , and I though that I will hate this game. And I was wrong, the story certainly not a mind blowing experiens with thrilling twists but for a night of playing it will do. I compered the plot of this game with 80-90's action film a lot of explosions killing cool gays with wepons, you iven can change the name Alex Mason with John Rambo nothing will change. Even the villains are stolen from J.Bond movies. And hau you can forget Victor Reznov this guy become my favorit game character, for now ; ). Eas he shauts a lot, but still I get the chils when I hear " I'm Victor Reznov and I will have my revenge!!!!" Now that is BAD ASS.
    So my verdict the single player campeign is't great but not but. I'f you like a lot of explosions and shooting give it a tray
  93. Jul 7, 2011
    Black Ops certainly has reached where the developers want it to be POPULAR - that doesnt mean its without fault or even good and I certainly think the developers have made it popular at times at the expense of being good (or better). For instance the graphics do have high production values and may look realistic but they lack originality or style, Wind Waker will continue to look great in 10 years but will CoD? While many hate and argue about many things - that it should not be an annualized property, its a stale formula, the single player is a big explosion but lacks real substance, that Modern Warfare 2 is better, there is one thing that CoD does have going for it- its value for money. There is indeed very high value for money in Black Ops having very high production values, content and game play throught out its many modes, maps, and many hours that can be spent in its games. Its without doubt. The single player campaign was only ok but leaning to forgettable which is a big missed opportunity; the multiplayer does feature a lot of fun gameplay, personally I found the Zombie maps the most fun. CoD has to change a few things for it to reach a good Esport game in multiplayer, and I do really wish it would change its philosophy to its single player story. Black Ops has its good parts and its lame. Lets hope the next CoD will take many of these improvements on board, but I doubt it.â Expand
  94. Aug 9, 2013
    The single player gameplay is all right, the zombie mode is fun, but just as with World at War the multiplayer has a bad feel to it, its lacking the smoothness the MW titles had, but new features such as combat training and CoD points makes it stand out from other Call of Duty titles.
  95. Aug 8, 2011
    A decent game. It's not extraordinary or anything, but it's a fun enough game. At release it was ridiculously buggy, but it's gotten a lot better since then. Most of the bugs have been patched up, and the irritating mouse lag that existed for quite a while after release was finally fixed.

    The single player campaign was alright. It was at least decent enough for a single play through, but
    every time I try and play through it a second time, I switch it off soon after. The multiplayer is where most of the fun is. Even the multiplayer falls short after a while, unfortunately. Personally, my biggest issue with the maps is how cramped most of them feel, especially compared to World at War. All in all, Black Ops is just ok. It's not horrid, but it's not great either. Definitely not worth a $60 + $45 price tag. Expand
  96. Dec 21, 2011
    Black Ops is nowhere near the superb Call of Duty 4, but is still slightly better than Modern Warfare 2. The main reason is that PC players atleast got a server browser. The singleplayer campaign was interesting, but not as good as the modern warfare counterpart.
  97. Apr 9, 2013
    Graphics: 8/10 Gameplay: 6/10 Story: 5/10 Enjoyment: 3/10 Value For Money: 6/10 5.6 (Average)
    I do not understand why there are so many 'awful' reviews... I do not play/or enjoy the Call Of Duty series and even I haven't give them an 'awful' score!
    This is an average game, an average game with an average (yet short) story and an average multiplayer. Also in this review does not include
    'Zombies' because... I do not intend to play that part of this game! The Multiplayer is the average "shoot that guy who is trying to shoot you because he wants XP and he has nothing better to do" and the story is the "Let's get a piece of and polish it with a short story line"...
    If it was up to me, do not buy the Call Of Duty series new when the come out, wait for them to be pre-owned and buy them for £2-6...
  98. May 26, 2013
    Not bad, not perfect. It does have a large variety of weapons, great situations, a great ending and so on, but why hate it? Yeah, its not the Holy Grail of gaming but its fun! Just because its a Call Of Duty game doesn't mean its going to be yet another terrible game, and I admit Nazi Zombies, World at War etc are better, but this has a smooth feel to it and isn't cheesy like other Cod games. Multiplayer is messed up beyond repair through little kids raging, cheating and being damn annoying, but Singleplayer Campaign is complete with a good story and a kick-off to the Black Ops series. Try it, but no promises you'll like it. Expand
  99. Jul 17, 2013
    I find the game a fair FPS, however, it is not too special. In my opinion, it is the worst of the main Call of Duty games. Now, I will admit that I like the Call of Duty games, but this is one that is mostly mediocre to me. The campaign was very stereotypical and did nothing spectacular except for the Vorkuta and WMD missions. Also, the multiplayer made almost no improvements from MW2 which had made major improvements over the past CoD games. To make matters worse, they had added the CoD points system which I absolutely despise. If I unlock a gun when I level up, I want to be able to use it, not have to buy it. However, this game does have some positives that make up for these mistakes. I found a lot of the map designs unique which set them apart from the others. Also, I found it cool how you could customize your soldier with face paint and change their appearance based on the first perk. Lastly, the Zombies maps were very enjoyable and put a good conclusion to the Zombies story. You may not agree, but I think this is a fair rating for an OK FPS. Expand
  100. Oct 20, 2014
    This game is great because of the Zombies mode. If Zombies had its own review page I would give it a 9/10. But for the Campaign and Multiplayer I would give it a 2/10 because I quickly got tired of it and the Campaign was so awful it made me cringe. Well, what's to expect from a Call of Duty Game these days.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 29
  2. Negative: 0 out of 29
  1. Jan 29, 2011
    Its duffer solo moments are masked by imaginative and visual whizz-band-fizz. [Jan 2011, p.100]
  2. Jan 26, 2011
    This score will likely come as a shock to many, but this game suffers from pathetic frame rates at times, both on console and on PC.
  3. Jan 12, 2011
    Black Ops is one of the best first person shooters this year, and is a obviously must have for any action fan. Intense, gory and quite brilliant, maybe it's not refreshing but at the same time its a stunning game.