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  1. Nov 10, 2010
    Single player is horrible with same generic linear gameplay trying to tell a strory, but it falls in horrible ai and lazily scripted event with not even close ot enough triggers to make gameplay fluent and ai teammates to feel real. This is which breaks the flow of the game and cant really get into it no matter how hard i try. Same problems still exist to every cod game after COD2. Teammates keep emptying clips at visible opponents without actually killing anything until player finds the trigger which gets the teammates to move forward.

    Multiplayer is very normal cod quality though making snipers unusable makes the game faster which is better in arcade shooter like this. The new game modes are fun but not enough to merit buying this if you already own mw1, bc2 or even mw2.
  2. Nov 10, 2010
    Truely awful. Any critic that gave this a good review should hang their head in shame, this game is a disgrace - the multiplayer is completely unplayable. Played every COD game since release, enjoyed MW2 despite it's short comings - this just takes the biscuit though.
  3. Nov 10, 2010
    Completely crap game. This is a 60 dollar beta, and nothing more. More than 90% of the online features either don't work or they are extremely buggy. Nobody in the entire pc gaming community can play a coop game of zombies. Half of the times, the attachments that you put on your gun don't carry over to your next game. The SP is incredibly short and there are absolutely no reasons to justify a 60 dollar purchase for this game.

    Things that don't work"
    Zombies Coop
    Theatre and filesharing
    Multiplayer as a whole [Incredibly laggy on all servers]

    Do not buy this game. Boycott bad producers who think little of their customers, and have the nerve to sell a beta to the public as an actual retail game.
  4. Nov 10, 2010
    Overall I am very disappointed and I feel like I should have never fallen for this trap. At the end of the day Activision wants to make money and that is exactly what they are doing by releasing sub-par, unfinished console ports each year.
    I honestly didn't think they could make a game worse than modern warfare 2 but alas they have. The game feels like a copy of butchered call of duty 4
    and is nowhere near finished and if I could I would return the game to steam. The main issues I have with the game right now are: The server browser, very poorly designed, you can not filter by ping e.g. ( Expand
  5. Nov 10, 2010
    Even without all the lag, it's blatantly just another console port and a bad one at that. For one Treyarch should have had an open beta a couple of weeks before release. This game needs an overhall, bring COD back to it's PC roots for the love of god!
  6. Nov 10, 2010
    So, the server browser only shows about 10% of the total amount of servers out there, making it hard to search for servers with your friends. Joining your friends via the browser does not seem to be activated yet, so you must wait until one buddy finds a good server and then invites you. The game will grab onto and hold most of your CPU resources making the game lag something fierce in MP and somewhat less in SP. This seems to be an issue for the majority of the players and a quick search on the web confirms this. My score is based on the SP part since the MP part is unplayable and would have to be given a score of 0. Once the emergency fix/patch is released, Black Ops will probably be a decent expantion for World At War. Expand
  7. Nov 10, 2010
    It's obvious that none of the critics played the PC version of this game. I bought the game specifically for multi-player, and the stuttering/lag makes the game nearly unplayable. How did Treyarch allow this game to be released for PC with all the lag/graphics/freezing problems? They're so obvious that a drunk and retarded monkey would notice them in the first 5 seconds of playing! My only hope is that people stop buying this game until the developers fix this disaster. I wish that I had never bought this game, nothing but a disappointment. Expand
  8. Nov 10, 2010
    I'm a very positive person, but this game is utter trash. The single player is pretty neat, but if you're looking for multiplayer at all, don't waste your money. I feel like I just gave $60 to a bum to buy a hot meal and watched him spend it on crack and OD. It makes me so mad that companies can release pieces of trash as buggy as this. The game lags no matter how good your internet/computer is. There is NO FEATURE that allows you to play with your friends. The server browser that shows your friends game is broken and there's no steam integration. The only way to get in a ranked match with your friends is through the in game invite system and once you're you can't pick or switch teams! Are you *@#*(&ing kidding me?! Did anyone playtest this game? I literally would have felt better about flushing my $60 down the toilet and punching myself in the genitals. Expand
  9. Nov 10, 2010
    THE GAME WAS RELEASED IN A NONE WORKING CONDITION! How the hell can Activision spend millions on marketing and yet not find out about this bug through testing? I want my money back dammit! Treyarch you should be ashamed of yourselves releasing this game in the condition it is in. Seriously, an unplayable game? WTF is your testing team smoking over there? I will never purchase a game from Treyarch again! Expand
  10. Nov 11, 2010
    I guess they just had to release this title before the big Christmas sales in order to cash in. This big a problem, being the incredibly laggy and buggy multiplayer AND singleplayer with issues, should have and must have been tracked down and resolved after proper testing. They might fix this fast, and with a proper patch this will be a very entertaining title in both mp and sp, but Treyarch and Activision (and Steam?) deserve a "Boo!" on another failing opening week, especially on the poor quality of the PC edition. Expand
  11. Nov 11, 2010
    Quite the most awful game release Ive seen in a long time. Obvious money grab from Bobby Kotick and his thieves.

    Awful Graphics. Awful Sound. Full of Bugs. Dont buy. Its shocking that The reviewers are lying about it, but then again maybe Kotick has their families held hostage, I wouldnt put it past the slimeball. Activision is the enemy of gamers everywhere. Boycott their crap until
    Kotick gets the boot. Expand
  12. Nov 11, 2010
    This looks as thoe it could be a great game, the levels look gorgeous, but everything is so choppy and stuttery even on a high end pc....they just need to sort out the pc version and fast...! its just disgusting how they have let this version out after having a year of testing it....Hopefully there is a patch very soon.... :(
  13. Nov 11, 2010
    Do not buy this game.

    Treyarch again show how bad they are at making games. This is a copy paste of MW2 and WaW and half of the glue didnt even work. What has resulted is a deeply unsatisfying game. There are HUGE technical issues making the game unplayable at release. Footsteps are too quiet, killstreaks are boring, guns and equipment are poorly balanced....there is NO innovation...i
    mean i remember thinking WaW was a bad WW2 mod of MW2, Black Ops is just a disaster.

    The only way this game will be good on PC is it can provide GOOD servers and there is a promod released that can make the game play competitive.
  14. Nov 11, 2010
    Another pathetic money grab from activision. There's nothing innovative or fun about this version don't bother. Why on earth wasn't infinity ward used on this version? Treyarch is terrible. Remember when they released World At War?
  15. Nov 11, 2010
    A money grab that doesn't do anything more than the last billion versions of Call of Duty. They are all playable games in their own right but that doesn't mean you should buy every new rehash of the same game. It's just like Madden, they are all identical...
  16. Nov 11, 2010
    I don't understand why they have to change a system that's been working fine for 10+ years.Don't mind then putting steam in place so people don't crack the game.But why cant it just work like Counter-Strike servers.I know the rating should be about the single player. But 80% of games today buy a game for the MP , when is there going to be an critic rating on online game play!!!! The game is completely unplayable.So disappointing.I should have learned my lesion with Modern Warfare 2. I'll never buy a Cod game again. They really ruined their own brand with 2 really shocking releases in a row. Expand
  17. Nov 11, 2010
    I bought this game more for the multiplayer than anything else. All of the previous and trailers showed some real promise for a great multiplayer experience. What a disappointment. All of those great ideas ruined by terrible implementation and what appears to be a complete lack of beta-testing on the PC. This game is completely unplayable on the PC. Given the chance to do it over, I wouldn't waste my money on it. Save your money. Play something else this season. Expand
  18. Nov 11, 2010
    I don't want waste my money on this creepy peace of code. Fps freezing all the time. Foolish storyline and bugging multilayer. Even Moh looks better...
  19. Nov 11, 2010
    Some people are commenting about "no innovation" but I think they're doing a good job with the campaign and the zombie mode -- it's very creative. However, there are very too many game-breaking issues at launch for this game to deserve a decent rating. Perhaps the console versions are okay, but the PC version is buggy beyond being enjoyable. Nazi Zombies game lobbies close with "Game is no longer available" or "Party is no longer available" if just one person quits. No matter who the host is, if one person quits, the whole lobby goes down. Multiplayer suffers from serious spawn issues. Half of the maps are small (some extremely tiny -- Nuketown). In these small maps, you might spawn and then move 10 feet off your spawn -- guess what? -- an enemy spawns right where you left and shoots you in the back! Squad-based spawn with bases in safety areas that enemies cannot enter (ala Battlefield/Bad Company) would be nice. But currently, the game suffers from several issues that simply shouldn't have been present at launch. Thus the incredibly low rating. If these issues are rectified with patches, I will adjust my rating accordingly. (P.S., we prefer to get several small patches as soon as they are tested rather than one large unweildy patch that has too many things for Treyarch to test.) Expand
  20. Nov 11, 2010
    Released way too early, or they had lousy testing and quality assurance. There are too many bugs to make this game enjoyable, unless you're playing the campaign on a quad core with this year's video cards.

    Nazi Zombies lobbies crash all the time when people leave. Lobby leaderboard filter doesn't default to "Lobby". You can't change the filter directly on the lobby page -- sub-dialogs
    are annoying! The flashing explosions and lights video plays every single time the lobby crashes. Every. single. time. Spawning in multiplayer is ridiculous. You spawn, then you move, and an enemy spawns where you just were and shoots you in the back, especially on the smaller maps. Nuketown is an awesome concept, but it's too small! Expand
  21. Nov 11, 2010
    MP is nothing but LAG LAG LAG, Hold them account for the crap they send out! I wish this game was more like Modern Warfare 1. You could pick a server and not have to worry about lag. You had the chose to down load Mods custom maps if want. Why change what was a great think. I hated MW2 because of the changes and Black Ops does not seem to be much better!
  22. Nov 11, 2010
    Graphics sucks, game play sucks. The graphics looks like a dx8/9 title from the late 90s, the game play and mechanics as well. Take a close look at the gaming sites that raved about this game (such as GameSpot) and remember their names since they sold you out.
  23. Nov 11, 2010
    They promised dedicated servers but what they didn't tell us is that only 1 company without the infrastructure to handle this task would be doing it, so now all it is, is a console tittle in disguise.
    i enjoyed the MOH beta more then Black ops full release. @#$% this game.
  24. Nov 11, 2010
    I regret ever hearing about this game, so badly the overall lack of quality strikes at me. I'm hugely disappointed in the single player, which is just a bad action movie on triple speed. The story is non-existent, audio badly worked, the engine is buggy, maps very railroaded and scripted, bad playability and just not fun in any way. I won't even bother to try the multiplayer, being aware of the issues. I wish I had saved my self from the disappointment. Expand
  25. Nov 11, 2010
    I own every COD game. I can say without a doubt that this is the most inexcusably awful COD game ever released, including the very disappointing MW2. Treyarch willfully released a broken PC game while at the same time shamelessly trumpeting their dedication to creating a proper PC FPS. Treyarch failed to perform seemingly rudimentary QA and fixes to this abomination of a game. This game is an embarrassment to Treyarch and Activision, an insult to PC gamers, and a waste of my money. And- as usual, the paid game review rags appear shamelessly oblivious to the obvious shortcomings of this awful game. Expand
  26. Nov 12, 2010
    Another fine example when the critics got it wrong and while genuine good games with original ideas get stuck with scores of 70 or less this poor copy paste of MW2 got an unbelievable 90+ , game is buggy and just not fun to play online or single player. While other COD games leaves an impression many hours after you turn off your PC, I almost forgot that i had this game Installed ,it's that boring.While single player is at best average, multiplayer gameplay is just without any mojo if you manage to ignore the bugs first.

    Bring back Infinity Ward and save the genre or it'll be another MOH type series.( 7 bad, 1 good release)
  27. Nov 12, 2010
    HAHAHAHA what a pile of garbage this game is, ps3 port, terrible graphics, lags like a **** same old same old. I really wish people would stop buying these games and then they might actually have to make a cod game for pc, and make it good, instead of giving us the crap that console idiots lap up as they don't know any better
  28. Nov 12, 2010
    Another pathetic money grab from activision. There's nothing innovative or fun about this version don't bother. Why on earth wasn't infinity ward used on this version? Treyarch is terrible. Remember when they released World At War?
  29. Nov 12, 2010
    Poor graphics, unplayable multiplayer; what is there to like? These CoD games are just rushed out, to try and gain as big a profit as possible; and they succeed, unfortunately, due to blind idiots/fangirls running out to buy it because its 'cool to have.'
  30. Nov 12, 2010
    Utter crap game. Writing a lengthy review of all the fails in this game would be a massive waste of time. Despite the unplayable MP part, who wrote the SP story of this game? Dolph Lundgren? Stephen Seagal? Uwe Boll?
  31. Nov 12, 2010
    For 2 Days I have been battling the DirectX error, still can't get past the menu screen with little to no support. I exceed the minimum hardware requirements along with the most current drivers. By far, this has to be one of the most pathetic attempts ever witnessed at a PC title, and by far one of the POOREST blatant xbox ports being pushed on the PC users. Stay Clear of this one ....
  32. Nov 13, 2010
    it is a very poor release, it looks worse than WAW and plays woefully. the graphics are worse than bio shock and that was released 3 years ago and built on the UT2 engine!! The single player crashed constantly, just things going wrong with it like sound errors cut scenes that stop etc. The guns sound very lack luster and no difference between types. MP is a joke the hit register fails to work at the best of time its laggy and glitchy again. MW2 was a sellout for computer users but it is better than this. If you own an Xbox 360 or a ps3 hire the game for the week end and you will be over it by the end. Expand
  33. Nov 13, 2010
    Multiplayer is intolerable to say the least.Lag lag, and more lag.Graphics are eeehhh at best.Maps are too damn camper friendly.Treyarch hasn't even acknowleged that there is a problem.I would like my money and Time back.MW2 is hands down the better game.IW is no more, they have reformed under the name respawn. They will be making a new kick butt game.
  34. Nov 13, 2010
    Zombie mod is not working, it says session no longer available. Multiplayer was ok, lagged a little but otherwise was ok. UNTIL IT WORKED. Now it just keeps saying connecting but nothing happens. I can't believe I payed for this crap. Should have learned my lesson from MW2.
  35. Nov 13, 2010
    60 euros for a game like this lol. how can all these official reviews be so wrong? maybe because they are on the take. poor performance on old engine
    poor mp
    6 hour sp game
  36. Nov 13, 2010

    Let me tell you a story about a company called Treyarch, they promised the PC-Gamer community all the support and even more for their PC version of Call Of Duty Black Ops. Now turn the clock back to today's date, they have not been keeping their promise at all.

    The game has major issues in preformance both in
    Single-player and Multi-player. Framerate drops and lag-spikes fly all over the place. Now I do know issues can arise as PC's are different, but stuff like this SHOULD be catched by the QA team if they even had any.

    While we are at it, the so-called Community Manager, does not inform the Community about anything, and uses his day to brag about placing this and that on Zombie-mod, whilst the lead designer even have the nerve to say that the issues PC-Gamers have at the moment are but of small grain of the community.

    Do yourself a favor and stay away from this product and any other Treyarch project in the future, the costumer support is horrendous and you will not even be informed when everything goes wrong
  37. Nov 13, 2010
    activision must be hiring a lot of whores for these professional game critics.
    just look at the discrepancy! and even metacritic is tooting their horn by prominently displaying only that score. man, another 60 down the drain. i shoulda waited for the torrent to finish.
  38. Nov 15, 2010
    COD: BlackOPs is an absolute disaster of a game. Technically speaking the game does not work. It's broken, there are numerous bugs, many of which make the game completely and totally unplayable, the game will crash unexpectedly, it lags constantly, the number of hoops you have to jump through to make this game work are so many that it's simply not worth the effort in the end. For instance: Activision suggests (from their web site) that you reduce your screen resolution to 1024x768, reduce your audio card performance to basic, turn off antivirus and turn off any non windows services using msconfig. The fact that you need to use msconfig at all is a major red flag here. No normal game player should ever use msconfig as it's a system tool that can completely crash your OS if used incorrectly. In addition to all of the steps above you need also update every single driver for each piece of hardware on your system. DirectX, VideoCard, SoundCard all to play this game.

    The fact that you need to adjust any system preferences is an indicator of just how bad of a job Treyarch did in programming this game and there's no guarantee that doing so will make the game work, goes to show you just how god awful of a game this really is.

    Do not buy this game, you have been warned. This is not a review so much as it is a gigantic danger sign. If you buy this game you will be disappointed. Fact.
  39. Nov 15, 2010
    It;s probobly the worst cod game ever. I honestly think, that one studio can't made all worst games in series byt I was obvusly wrong. The singleplayer is short, the multi is worst that this in modern warfare 2.
    But the most important- THIS GAME DID NOT WORK AT ALL!
    It's just beta stage. And I have to pay for this.
  40. Nov 15, 2010
    This game is just plain bad. The multiplayer is beyond laggy, to the point where the lowest ping wins. It appears the only graphics they've updated are smoke effects. The single player mode is not very fun, and the game is severely unbalanced. Modern Warfare 2 is better than this. This game is worth no more than $15. I strongly recommend you do not buy this game, it truly is a waste of money.
  41. Nov 29, 2010
    This game is one of the worst in Call of Duty history, it's not polished and the lack of effort Treyarch have put into this game really shows how terrible it is, the so called 'Community' they were listening to were the XBOX360 Community while PC were abandoned with a poor sluggish console port, never in my life have I seen a cheap un-stable release. I feel like such an idiot for wasting 59 bucks on this, The Single Player is extremely short, boring, and repetitive, I feel like I'm playing World at War, simply because they haven't changed the engine much. This game should be worth $4.99 otherwise, it's not worth buying, save your money, wait for the next Call of Duty, read some feedback from the COMMUNITY, not BS reviewers bribed to give high scores, then decide whether you're ready to waste the next 365 days of your life. Expand
  42. Nov 18, 2010
    potentially worse game than mw2... seriously it gives me a migraine everytime i finish playing the multiplayer.. the amount of lag and bull-sheet that goes on is increadible.. 18 man FFA are you kidding me? TDM i spawn beside my enemy and get shot in the back.. Commando knifing default for eveyone.. isnt this a gun game? why does it make knifing so easy? hit detection is fail... they say the guns need more skill to use but i always get sprayed down by noob enemies who blind fire their weapon with extended mags, hip firing and random spraying.. worse thing of all i get headshotted.. they say mw2 was broken? well it was but at least it was fun, the graphics were smooth. obviously black ops is better in certain ways because Treyarch just reversed any mistakes that IW made with MW2.. the bugs such as terrible spawns, lag issues, freezing in single player, NUKETOWN, commando lunge default knifing just kill this game.. seriously, i have watched youtube and people are raving about blackops on the XBOX. Has activision ditched the PC community yet again? so what about dedicated servers, IMO the online experience has taken 2 steps back with the bugs and lags. Expand
  43. Nov 17, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I simpily say : I wanted Military Game - Not a Action Game.
    And say : I don't wanted WASTED my money.
    and I also wanted one of the solder in the battlefield - Not a Action Hero.
    and I also also wanted good optimization.
  44. Nov 18, 2010
    It if far from playable and has to many bugs to list, multiplayer is full of hacker and stuttering even with high range hardware. It is using the same engine as COD 4 and WAW but slitly modified but still looks like something from 2006. Treyarch keeps promising a patch but regardless of if they fix some issues game should not be released in conditions like this. Most PC gamers would agree we paid $60 for a beta key. Expand
  45. Nov 20, 2010
    Another poor excuse for a game. I don't enjoy being played by the computer. I've even seen a video on the internet that shows doing the whole Cuba campaign on hard without firing a shot. Why do developers make their games so easy? What's the point? They've all sold their souls to corporate.

    What is it with the cut scenes? I actually want to play the game? If I wanted a movie I would watch
    a movie.

    Another terrible console port. Unhappyface.
  46. Nov 20, 2010
    I'd love to make a proper review about this game but unfortunately it is completely unplayable for me, it's been two weeks since the game was released and yet there still hasn't been a patch released to fix the stutter problem plaguing the PC version of this game; this sort of business practice is completely unacceptable and I will be demanding my money back.

    Definitely not recommended by me.
  47. Nov 23, 2010
    The single player is the shortest story I've ever played through, clocking in at just under 8 hours at top difficulty. With MP just short of unusable, this game is a complete and total waste of money.
  48. Nov 24, 2010
    This should be called Call of Duty: Serious Sam edition. Seriously, it's pathetic arcade shooter masked (not very good) as something else. Pro's - i liked the zombies mode, the weapons physics and the fact that the game handles very well on my average rig (at least after the hotfix..) on maxed gfx.
    Cons - everything else.
  49. Nov 24, 2010
    Worse excuse for a PC game, ever. The game is filled with lag due to unoptimized netcode and horrendous hitching that bottlenecks even the best of systems.
  50. Nov 24, 2010
    The game is broken and unplayable on the PC, at least for me an a large number of other users. In multi-player it crashes, lags, and freezes. In single-player it works, but it just plain boring.
  51. Nov 25, 2010
    After 2 weeks the game was released, IT STILL UNPLAYABLE FOR ME!! The pathetic developer's update is USELESS!! I still have DirectX error, freeze when I play neither single or multiplayer (DX and driver already update). I CAN'T BELIEVE Treyarch create a 60$ TRASH! I'll never buy any series of Call of Duty. For those who is considering buying this game, DON'T BUY IT !! Save your money!!
  52. Nov 25, 2010
    The game causes BluScreens. Google it. Lots of Bugs. Stutter on Intel i7 Extreme @3.8GHz, 6GB RAM, Dual GTX460. Everything runs above 70FPS all settings high and this POS will stutter and drop to 5 FPS. This is just inexcusable.
  53. Nov 25, 2010
    I play CODs for the multiplayer since the campaign may have been "acceptable" in the previous installments of the game this campaign is boring, uneventful and even somewhat frustrating at parts. I cruised through it while watching Psych on my other monitor, and honestly if you are given the choice between COD BO and any season of Psych, take Psych, at least it's guaranteed fun for at least 16 hours (+ the DVD extras), not 4 hours of 3D duck hunt. Like said before I play COD solely for its multiplayer and since COD BO lacks a functional multiplayer then it already loses 75% of the possible points it could have scored. This game gets 10%, not even for the effort cause honestly no effort was put into this seeing how they didn't even test it on at least 2 PCs... The 10 percent is for the fun and entertainment I've had bashing the game and it's developers. Expand
  54. Nov 26, 2010
    Zero, Zero, Zero. Why? The game is buggy, over hyped, and single player sucks. And, the high-rated reviews here are coming form Treyarch employees trying to boost the average scores. !
  55. Nov 27, 2010
    I consider myself a casual gamer. I love FPS games, going back to Counter-Strike. I played most of the Call of Duty games, including MW2. I was really looking forward to Black Ops, thinking it could only improve on previous titles. If it was just MW2 with dedicated servers and a better use of the VAC anti-cheat system, it couldn't fail! I preordered the first day it was possible to do so. After an endless wait, I finally played the game, and within the first few minutes, I was hugely dissapointed. The game released with major technical problems, including constant studdering on even the best machines, major lag issues for random people at random times, freezing for 5-10 seconds during gameplay, and random crashing. Those issues can eventually be fixed, though they already have my money and since I can't get a refund, there is nothing forcing them to do so. But, it was far worse than that. The rank system, using a combination of money and exp seems to trip over itself. Eventually the money becomes totally worthless and just builds up forever, as there is nothing to spend money on once everything is unlocked. The dedicated servers all have their own rules, such as "no claymores" (which is the only usefull equipment), "no rc cars", "no second chance perk", etc. You can't change your class once you get in a server, so if you use any of these things you basically have to find another place to play. There is no way to play with your friends. Almost every COD game in the past had this. Even if a friend joins the server you are in, there is no way to change teams, so you often end up opposing eachother. Many players, including myself, play with friends over Vent or other voice programs and like to play together tactically, which is impossible in this game. There is no co-op for the campaign. The single-player is far too short. The only thing I like about the multiplayer over other COD games is the face paint. There are many, many other things that seem to go back in time for PC gamers. We lost so much that we have gained over the years. I have since went back to MW2, which is full of hackers and noob tubers, but is still far better than Black Ops. Expand
  56. Nov 29, 2010
    Pathetic example of a over hyped game. Its very obvious the developer did not beta test this game. People using high end gaming computers that are way over min spec can't run the game without massive amounts of stuttering/lag. Activision really let its fans down with this one. 2 patches later and they still have not figured out the problems. Activision needs to fix Black Ops and do it quickly. They've already lost alot of COD fans and I doubt that I or my friends will be buying the next COD. Expand
  57. Nov 29, 2010
    When I heard about CoD BO, I was saying to myself "Hmm Treyarch did an amazing job with WaW in my opinion, This one should be more balanced and more fun than MW2"
    Seems like I was wrong.
    First of all, FPS drops and freezes on high-end PC's, As most of you probably know.
    Then, The Multiplayer is more balanced, But its just not fun at all. A average number of hackers.
    The single player is
    simply horrible. 80% of everything is scripted in the campaign, Overuse of unrealistic events, And above all, Very short campaign.
    I remember playing rare games on the N64, These games took minimum 30 hours to complete at 100%. Even now, Several old FPS game had a lot of re-playability, Such as DOOM, Half-Life 1 and more. I still play these games even after ten years!
    Black ops is 4-5 hours max to complete the campaign, And the zombie mode is not entertaining at all.
    Multiplayer takes around 15 hours to get to max level, And I don't waste time on prestige because I play games for fun, Not for ranks.
    I'd rather do the Vice City or San Andreas campaign once more than play this game one more minute.
    Activision, You have ripped me off for the last time, I will NEVER buy a CoD title again in my entire life.
    This game get a big 0.
  58. Dec 7, 2010
    It states that critics gave this in the 80's but look, i dont see any of their reviews. all i see are users reviews bashing treyarch. i dont blame them, i paid for an expensive game and this game doesnt even work, its broken. multiplayer experience is terrible. lags and stutters all the time, even with a powerful gaming desktop. piss on you treyarch you should be sued for robbing pc gamers.
  59. Dec 8, 2010
    More of the same ol crap from Actard. Horrible, horrible, horrible, thats all I have to say about this. 150 char
  60. Dec 12, 2010
    While the singleplayer provides some rather limited amount of fun, the multiplayer, which has always been the main selling point of the series, is broken beyond belief across a wide range of computer configurations, from minimum reqs to cutting edge hardware. The multiplayer component is plagued by bugs ranging from hideously bad performance, to impenetrable transparent surfaces, to broken killcam mechanics, to truly hilarious hit detection for sniper rifles.

    Considering the price of the game, the content offered, its quality and the complete lack of interest in the PC community on part of the developing studio, the bottomline is quite simple - do not buy this game.
  61. Dec 12, 2010
    Black-Oops is the correct name! A GREAT BiG EPIC FAIL!! BlackOps would have been the best COD game released, had they spend more time working on it. It appears Treyarch was in such a hurry to release the game, they forgot to check to see if it actually works Much to the gamers delight, ..... the game is plagued with excessive lag, freezes, glitches, and an occasional computer crash.
    It's what every gamer want from a $60 investment.
    But wait, there's more,...
    how about a menu that doesnt show your friends in game, or an invite menu that doesnt work until you press it 20 times.
    Can't find your favorite server? Simple solution
    Press the refresh button 50 times, it's bound to appear sooner or later (maybe)
    Better yet, just click on browsing servers and watch your computer freeze for about 90 seconds.
    Just the thrill of not being able to control your computer is enough to make you want to
    how can I say this....

  62. Dec 15, 2010
    Leider hat mich das Game schwer enttäuscht. Serverabstürze, Verbindungsprobleme, Lags und Crashes sind an der Tagesordnung. Liebgewonnene Klassen aus den Vorgängern sind mitunter nicht mehr Spielbar: Der Sniper hat das aimen verlernt! Der Sound klingt dünn. Gegner sind nicht mehr lokalisierbar. Das Spawnsystem funktionniert nicht. Die Grafik läà Expand
  63. Dec 15, 2010
    sigh after world at war the series went spiraling down the **** doesnt even work. **** this never buying a cod game again. im goin to go play battlefield now.
  64. Jan 24, 2011
    This is another stereotypical US/UK vs terrorist threat game, Counter-Strike would beat this game due to better game-play and variety then this piece of crap.
  65. Jan 1, 2011
    Well after spending a minimum of 12 hours trying to get this game to run smoothly and a further period of time reading Forum posts(including one where someone could not get it to run, without judder, on a 16 core machine !!!). I simply gave up and took it back to the shop. I got my money back by claiming it was a defective good. I have a high spec dual core machine and the patch to improve performance on dual core simply did not work Expand
  66. Jan 6, 2011
    Do yourself a favor, and don't buy this game. Its just another Call of Duty game that is created to suck our wallets dry, with little to no new upgrades to the series, Multiplayer is just stupid, if you want to play a good FPS just go buy Bad company 2, its better and you can save $40 in the process...
  67. Jan 7, 2011
    The graphics haven't changed, the story is simply fight club done through the vietnam war and the campaign is absolutely god awful., There is absolutely no flow and no level of enjoyment. You go from frustrating, single path, uncontrollable levels that last only about 20 minutes to annoying cut scenes that are the same thing over and over again,. A huge disappointment.
  68. Jan 9, 2011
    The worst and most frustrating Call of Duty title to date. If you like running around aimlessly firing from the hip then you will enjoy this game. If you like tactics and strategy elements then go for BFBC2. The Black Ops maps are far to small. The re-spawn mechanics are shameful, re-spawning you in amongst groups of enemies or in a location where enemies spawn behind you a few seconds later and shoot you in the back. Quick scoping is not possible and the maps have very limited locations for snipers to be very effective. Added to that fact; once you do make it into position the enemy know where to find you. Still bugged and laggy even after the patch. Battle Field Bad Company 2 is a far better and far more enjoyable game. I un-installed Black Ops and won't be playing it again. A complete waste of money. If I could get a refund I would and to think this game sold $360 million in North America and the UK alone on its first day. Shameful, shameful, shameful. I will never by another Treyarch product as long as I live. Expand
  69. Jan 22, 2011
    People buy CoD for multiplayer. New CoD game is released. Servers migrate to new CoD game. Old CoD game unplayable. Everyone buys new CoD game. Wow. Is that it? This is a pathetic money-grab scam fitted with a hashed-together single-player campaign. It's virtually a subscription fee. Paying £40 a year so you can still find a server to play on, if you can even play the server and ignore the ridiculous lag that renders the whole thing pointless anyway. Load of **** Expand
  70. Jan 22, 2011
    Unforinutelly I can not return my money I spent for this poor designed and developed game. Never will bye any game from Activisition and Treyarch. Good advirtisment, bad game.
  71. Jan 31, 2011
    unplayable even on the newer pc's, developer is of no help in trying to fix any of the your money!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!! Waited for a long time for this and it's horrible. Pretty much a peice of crap.
  72. Feb 4, 2011
    this is kinda fraud.Activision does not care pc gamers.This game contains no fun but full of bugs

    YES it is tru they have been releasing patches oh useless patches nothing to improve the game.Please don't waste money.You better buy something more productive instead.
  73. Feb 9, 2011
    Activision is yet again milking the call of duty franchise for as much money as possible. lets face it, they will never achieve a perfect balance that cod4 had.
  74. Feb 11, 2011
    This installment is so pathetic i feel they owe me the $59.99 for having to play it. The cinema ticâ
  75. Jun 18, 2011
    Horrible game for PC. It's like Activision isn't even focusing on their original community anymore. Sure the game has dedicated servers but there are so many bugs and faults in the game it's hardly enjoyable. One bug for example makes the game run like udder crap. I can run Crysis on full settings and get a solid 80 FPS whilst on this POS I get 30-50. The singleplayer was a laugh like any COD and the multiplayer balance was stupid. Not to mention the joy os using an L96A1 AWM was ruined because the nerfed it to the point where I would get a hit marker to the face almost every time. This game wasn't even worth $20 with so much problems occurring. the nutshell: An over all POS shooter that will only interest n00bs and 12 year olds on xbox. Expand
  76. Feb 23, 2011
    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME : The worst first person shooter ever created. If you want hours of frustration, misery and rage while playing online with the biggest collection of hackers, cheats and abusive scum ever to gather in one place buy Black Ops. If you want a great, balanced and good fun shooter buy Battlefield Bad Company 2 or Medal Of Honour. Black Ops is a disgrace. The maps are too small, spawning is the worst spawn mechanics I have ever experienced in a game. Die, spawn in amongst the enemy and die immediately. Spawn move from the spawn point and within a couple of seconds enemies spawn behind you and shoot you in the back. Watch blatant hacking and aimbot users not getting kicked off the server and ruining the match. Observe kill streak hacks that send a constant stream of Chopper Gunners and Attack Dogs being sent your way. Watch is complete awe as Treyarch completely ignore the complaints of their customer base and forum community liason employees act with complete contempt on the forums. Activision I will never buy a Call Of Duty game again. Treyarch stole my money and are completely useless load of money grabbers. Do yourselves a favour and get rid of them. Expand
  77. Feb 24, 2011
    A pathetic money grab by activision... close to unplayable and not worth the insane price its being sold for
    I should of just set my money on fire, that would of been more fun
  78. Mar 9, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. haha 60â Expand
  79. Mar 25, 2011
    Isn't this the SAME game I've already played like, 3 times? And even if it is the same game, couldn't they have at least TRIED to fix bugs, glitches, and game balance problems? Couldn't they have fixed these game breaking problems after THREE TRIES? I just wish some of the non-user reviews were more honest. I don't understand how they can ignore the fact that the game barely runs, even on consoles. Expand
  80. Mar 20, 2011
    Not. Fun. At. All. The campaign, while it has a half-decent story, is filled with stupidity like infinitely respawning enemies or broken control systems. If you like Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer, you'll hate Black Ops' multiplayer. The game seems to always put you in the path of a sniper or noobtuber, resulting in instant death. The only map relatively safe from spawncamping is Nuketown, and even then it's worse than other games. Local bot AI is horrendous: I can run up in front of them, knife them in the face, and they won't make any attempt to shoot me. Graphics quality took a step down from MW2, so that the game looks like it was made in 2006. It's a good thing my friend bought it before I did; this would be an instant return for me. Expand
  81. Mar 28, 2011
    Reskin the models, rename protagonist and antagonist, rewrite location names, replace the wood barrels add draw roads here and there and voila new game to make moar $$$. COD: Ripoff of the century. It's linear, it's cliche and it has ancient graphics. It doesn't deserve a dime.
  82. Mar 26, 2011
    I bought this game in NOV of 2010 and unistalled it 3 weeks later. This game bar far is pure trash! The multiplayer is junk every map looks the samel. Everything is build around metal walls that have vertical lines going throught it. Every maps is the size of a sardine can! I wouldn't suggest this game to my worst enemy! It is JUNK! Small maps! Every maps looks the SAME! Stop buying into the hype and the marketing of these games! The COD series is DEAD! Stop buying the name brand, and stop buying the COD series it's JUNK! They make sniper rifles in this game for what? To shoot in a sardine can? Bunny hopping, knifing loser all running through LAG! COD IS DEAD! Don't buy this game it's JUNK! Expand
  83. Mar 30, 2011
    Sorry for the last 10/10 reveiw that was a baaaad misAKE i really meant 0/10 for utter crap in activisions sucsessful call of duty series allthough any MODERN warfare that will come out will sure to be a top buy!
  84. Jul 16, 2011
    Crysis runs a good 45fps on nearly max settings on my PC. This game runs around 15-20 with everything set to low. It's like they got a load of chimps with terminal brain diseases to optimize the game. Can't really comment on it, as it's just flat-out completely unplayable. If you like blurry slide-shows, then this is for you. Goes to prove that you shouldn't rely on hype. Pick up a great little indie title today and do some of the more decent developers a favour.

    (And wow, I just pushed the score up by accidentally giving it a 10. Sorry, everyone!)
  85. Apr 17, 2011
    I used to be a great fan of the COD series, but however, even though the first few games where great titles, activision now just spits one out year after year as fast as they can to make profits, the overall gameplay hasnt changed much after an almost decade of the series, with insignificant things like zombies and currency thrown in every few titles to try to keep it fresh, Black ops itself has a short singleplayer with a more or less confusing story, and multiplayer gets boring extremely fast, I am now looking forward to the battlefield series where innovation and gameplay is key Expand
  86. Apr 18, 2011
    I just signed up and made an account on this website purely to leave this game a negative review. I got this game for my birthday a couple days ago hoping to play online as a replacement game for counter strike. The online experience has been god awful, i drop every game "connection Interrupted" error. The main menu looks like it was tailored a console game as you have to use your wasd keys to navigate threw it. Single player isn't horrible if your into that sort of thing. But for i'd say 80% of the online FPS community we want to be playing online. Overall this game is bad SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!! Sincerely
    Unsatisfied Customer
  87. May 26, 2011
    The game was broken release with lag, crashes and all sorts of other issues. The PC version was a clear port done very badly. Tried it the other day after reinstalling for the first time since Novemeber, it still crashes. I will never buy a Treyarch or Activision PC Game again. Especially COD as from MW2 it was also obvious the PC version had been crapped on.
  88. Apr 23, 2011
    As you can read before me, this game a total money stealing. I bought when it came out on steam..... well which problems should I mention first..., first of all on windows 7 if you dont have a jerk 10.000 dollar game rig then you will be forced to change back to windows xp,as I did, by the way my computer is: gtx460 1gb, 12 gb ram, amd phenomII T 1090, so pretty much this should way outperform the needs on the highest settings, but in this game not, its on windows xp I still have 91 fps, in actions I usually get a 1 sec suddenly fps drop/freeze and cant shot the guy what I would like to (and of course I get killed :D) and this is just the graphics, the game play is really annoying too, the most annoying is that the game spawns the enemy in your back, you cant go on the map like, in a good teamwork , you clean an area on the map and heading toward, there will be always somebody in the cleaned are who gonna shoot you in the back and you will go nuts, another thing is the knife kill, its just soo unbelievable ridiculous, that is already hurt, first of all the knife kill have too big range, I mean you can knife or can be knifed from too far, on the killcam is seems like the guy just suddenly teleports there and knife you, really annoying, also when you already hit the guy really badly shooting his face, his monitor looks like all blood and than he just knife you, really annoying in close combat, I mean its good that you have a chance to take down the enemy fast with 1 slash, but when you shoot the guy's face and than he just beats you with a knife kill.... you gonna push the ESC button and click on the "exit game" option :D, second with marathon pro (unlimited run) and a ballistic knife (2 knife in hand, and you can shoot 1 out for further kill) you can actually run trough the hole team and kill everybody with it, which is funny , but for only 1 person, thats actually on "small" maps. Maps: all the maps are small, the hole game everytime is just all about that you run in circle and circle again on the map and kill people, you just chase the people in circles on the map nothing alse just shoot, which after a while will be boring, yeah you can earn killstreaks, like RCXD (which is actually really fun), chopper gunner, or be a pilot in a chopper and than shoot the **** out of the gamers for like 30 seconds or until they not shoot you down, but there is nothing any different thing what you can do, just run and shoot..., the game made for maniacs, its ridiculous, they made the prestige system (unlock things, weapon create slots, and face paints, logos, etc....) for jerks, to unlock all the 5 remaining weapon slot, you should restart the hole stuff what you can earn in the game 13 times , perks,money, everything what you can unlock, weapons, awards, its just the most ridiculous thing what I have ever seen, the last homeless wants to start the game 13 times, they think about gamers like brainless idiots who just play all the time, dont have life.... for 60 bucks the game should be more entertaining then annoying! For 60 bucks you cant put for example a silencer on a gun and a shotgun attachment, is that in real cant happen or what...? Treyarch is the worst game developer what I have ever seen, the prestige system pointless, the graphics disappointing, the single player have more guns, than the multiplayer, sweat guns what you can have in multi, you have a fairly big variation,but it feels like they dont give you all of them, lot of gun which is popular and famous its just not included in the game, which is again a big bull****ting against the gamers, for 60 bucks!!! (and another 15 for the DLC :/). There is a ping thing here too, if the guy have 10-20 less ping then you, you can count on it, that he gonna see you faster when both of you look over the cover. There is "no" headshot, in hardcore mode people get the headshot, but actually in hardcore mode all person is 1hit, in standard mode if you shoot 2-3 times in head the guy still didnt die, just after that, and really really hard to shoot headshot, most of the times is just lucky shot or push the botton skill..., which is you know what it is..., not worth the 60 bucks at all. I whish i could get my money back, but steam dont give money back..., anyway a big disappoiting. The only thing why I bought it, because the Modern warfare 2 was awesome and I thought the next generation of call of duty could be more awesome, a HUGE mistake, I usually read, watch gameplayes after the games what I planning to buy, I believed in call of duty that they gonna overawe every of their game, enormous mistake, dont buy it, my last words! Expand
  89. Apr 26, 2011
    I was one of the first (couple thousand) people to play Black Ops, being in Australia we had a good 8 hour headstart on the Americans, I had the game installed and "running" by 12:18 am. To start off, even the menu was buggy as hell on my gaming PC which is way over the requirements for this game. a few of my friends were asking if my main menu was working properly, as many of theirs only had black screens. The multpilayer wasn't playable at best, as every single server in the world was american run, we're talking 400+ ping minimum. it took another 2 days for the serveres to become local. The Campaign was forgettable and utterly disappointing. It wasn't a twist, it was a WTF?! my first thought was "REFUND!" even after the local servers came online, game play was still extremely buggy. guess thats what you get for not beta testing hey? only the promise 0f patches and updates kept me from returning to the store, alas, they only proved to be further disappointments. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME ON PC!!!
    Vanilla rating: -5
    Patched: 2
    Xbox: 7
  90. May 1, 2011
    Highly unoriginal. A LARGE waste of money considering all the games in the past that are just like it. If you have lived under a rock for 5 years and missed the games that this clones, Id give it a 6. The solo missions are neat climatically if you ignore all the blood on the screen and superhuman feats that jon Mclain would laugh at, but the gameplay is just terrible. People have been saying it for years. Then they forgive it for its decent multi player (far to fast paced and ramboish for my tastes. Do the history of gaming a favor and SKIP THIS!! Expand
  91. Feb 19, 2012
    There is no way for me, to play the bought DLCs. The maps are no longer played at the servers. An the german version ist only german with bad sync.
  92. May 14, 2011
    BTW i forgot to mention. GRAPHICS was stlll way better in COD WAW and have you heard the gun sounds of COD BO? sucks as hell. counterstrike gun sounds sounded better that COD BO. and also, compare the sounds of BO to the 3 year old BF BC2. BO graphics was degraded. the sounds were still unrealistic as hell. and when I've never heard of US ARMY, US NAVY or any military association use bomb rigged RC and explosive arrows in operation or in war. WTF IS THIS? HALO? i wont be surprised if next COD will have aliens in it and LASER GUNS and PORTAL GUNS Expand
  93. Aug 29, 2011
    For me this is the worst Call of Duty ever. I have played it on PC so and game was so laggy and so porly made so that made me thinking that Treyarch was rushed to finish it for relase date and because of that gave us bad game. Graphics are same as Modern Warfare 2 and I would say ugly and bad, but Black Ops lacks good story and amazing cut scenes. Characters in the game are simple and forgivable so when some John Doe dies in action you will not care, friendly AI is retarded and sometimes you will think you are in Section 8. Story is about Black Ops member john Rambo, I mean Alex Mason who is talking to his torturers about missions he has done to protect USA against evil Russians. Singleplayer is all about "Get on that MG Mason" or "You first Mason" but it suffers from low FPS and lag so it is unplayable. Multiplayer is full of lag and for God sake why, but why you need to be online for combat training. If you want this game be sure to get it on Xbox 360 because on PC you will do exactly what I have: trade it for something else. Expand
  94. Jun 27, 2011
    No mods, no public server files, boring single player. Weapons arent balanced, **** optimalization. Only thing that is good in this game is zombie mode, but with paid DLCs it becomes frustrating too.
  95. Jul 14, 2011
    The Call of Duty Franchise, the most unchanged franchise in the world... what do I mean? what I mean is that they only change the game-play and the weapons, not realistic, people hack to get to get to the 70TH level, Guess what? this is the big word: Call Of Duty 4 is the game, while the other games in the series: "JUST ONE BIG DLC"
    So in order to finish this review, Battlefield vomits all
    over the Call of Duty series. Expand
  96. Jul 16, 2011
    This game sucks. Heavy Graphics and bad graphics. I want my money back. Overrated review everywhere and all I notice is that users are hating this game. They bribe reviewers or this reviewers are so frustrated dreaming being military man... because most recent FPS war games its awful.
  97. Jul 19, 2011
    This is the first COD title I bought...well, original ones anyways. I was really looking forward to the multiplay. However, Treyarch ruined it all. The multiplayer is seemingly crashing for no reason. I've tried contacting the support and they close my case indicating there is nothing they can do about it. Developers are not taking any measures and they even confirmed by publicly announcing they are not looking to fix the issue. Unless you don't mind the performance issues and random multiplayer crashes, the single play still offers "some" fun but nothing compared to COD:MW series. Expand
  98. Aug 7, 2011
    out for 9 months, still hasnt been fixed.
    many of the day 1 problems are still in the game. im surprised its not illegal what activision's done, selling a broken piece of soft ware that will never be fixed.
    i plan on pirating mw3 for hacks and lulz, but i doubt that will be playable as well.
  99. Aug 9, 2011
    By far the worst gameplay of any FPS I know of. Nobody uses mics and a FFA match lasts about 1:30 due to campers. Dont even consider thinking about wasting your money on this enormous pile of dog feces.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 29
  2. Negative: 0 out of 29
  1. Jan 29, 2011
    Its duffer solo moments are masked by imaginative and visual whizz-band-fizz. [Jan 2011, p.100]
  2. Jan 26, 2011
    This score will likely come as a shock to many, but this game suffers from pathetic frame rates at times, both on console and on PC.
  3. Jan 12, 2011
    Black Ops is one of the best first person shooters this year, and is a obviously must have for any action fan. Intense, gory and quite brilliant, maybe it's not refreshing but at the same time its a stunning game.