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  • Summary: This new chapter in the Call of Duty franchise features a fresh dynamic where players are on the side of a crippled nation fighting not for freedom, or liberty, but simply to survive. 10 years after a devastating mass event, the nation's borders and the balance of global power have been permanently redrawn. As what's left of the nation's Special Operations forces, a mysterious group known only as "Ghosts" leads the fight back against a newly emerged, technologically-superior global power. The new Perks system has more perks than were previously available. Every perk has a value from 1 to 5, and you have 8 points to allocate. So for example, choose 4 perks each valued at 2 points a piece, or even 8 perks, each valued at 1. You could also choose to get rid of your secondary weapon and get up to 11 perks. Expand
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  1. Nov 12, 2013
    Though at the risk of overcomplicating things at times, its robust multiplayer gameplay, surprisingly fun co-op modes, and lengthy, challenging, and varied campaign makes Ghosts one of the best Call of Duty games to date.
  2. Nov 5, 2013
    If Battlefield 4 has only a terrific campaign, Call of Duty Ghosts is far more uniform. It's not such a beautiful game but the campaign is really breathtaking, and you have a large panel of ways to play online. For those who want to play together, there is Extinction mode ; if you're addicted, you can have your daily dose on your mobile ; if you're a noob, you will have the possibility to play with and against bots. A great and complete experience.
  3. Dec 30, 2013
    It's exactly what fans of the franchise have grown to expect. No surprises here, folks. [Jan 2014, p.90]
  4. Nov 6, 2013
    I don’t doubt that every gun, perk, and killstreak reward in Ghosts was implemented and tweaked with a fine brush, but painting in every individual eyelash of the Mona Lisa wouldn’t make it a better painting. That’s what’s been happening to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare since 2007—little bits have been scraped off and painted over again and again. With a broader brush, Activision and its studios might stop noodling around in the corners of Modern Warfare’s greatness and paint something actually modern.
  5. Nov 16, 2013
    Call of Duty Ghosts fires some rounds, hits the target, just not a bullseye.
  6. 60
    Nothing to see here in terms of innovation: the campaign is dull, the multiplayer fun. But this time, the air of sameness is a little bit too much. [Issue#236]
  7. Nov 11, 2013
    Most of the time it revels in being mediocre and cowardly by the numbers rather than outright terrible, though there are moments where it manages to be both. If this isn’t a wake up call, showing once and for all that churning out more or less the same stuff year after year only serves to dilute the quality of a franchise, then I don’t know what is. It’s completely shameless, and it’s undoubtedly going to sell phenomenally well.

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Score distribution:
  1. Nov 5, 2013
    Shame this game is getting slated for problems like needing to have 6GB of RAM and no FOV slider. Hopefully they bring out a patch to fix those problems. Ignoring those problems i've been really impressed with the game so far. The campaign has a good story-line as far as Call of Duty games are concerned. No mission is the same so it keeps it interesting.

    As far as multiplayer goes i'm enjoying it more than most of the previous games. The create a soldier and loadouts are really good and the maps are decent. I've not had any connection problems apart from some lag in the odd lobby.

    Overall the game is one of the best Call of Duty games so far, so I would say don't let the negative reviews put you off... I can understand why some people may be upset as there are some problems that may affect them but they should be patched soon. In the meantime there are 3rd party fixes like the fovely FOV changer which allows you to change the FOV in multiplayer. Fingers crossed the problems get patched soon because this is a great game that everyone should be playing.
  2. Nov 12, 2013
    Fun is the main goal of any game if you can not entertain the graphics story or marketing, are worthless or someone reminds crysis 3 Ghost COD style reminiscent MW3 game is fast and agile for that which compares with B4 COD is like comparing between mario & zelda both have their good points and bad points .
    Does CoD players expect the game to Batlefield 4 and those of Batlefiled4 be like call of duty ?

    zero rate means that has no good point and it is not, personalisar changes your soldier is very good and adopt styles ke games have not achieved in previous sagas the maps are better designed to previous

    negative point that must be corrected immediately dle optimization is the best game, the resources required against the performance of the game is ridiculous

    call of duty ghost is a good game (not excellent) but funny and true for what was created
  3. BFM
    Aug 15, 2014
    -Unplayable and unpleasant-

    So let's get that out of the way: The Singleplayer mode is quite entertaining.
    Nothing special, but better
    than in other modern CoD games. But the multiplayer is where all the problems are. - No real dedicated servers (You can't select which server you want to join, you can't rent them, can't modify them, cant moderate them, can't see them, can't feel them.) In this regard, Infinity Ward are plain liars. - terrible lags (I think others confuse them to be caused by lag compensation, but it's just regular good old lags. Get used to being shot dead at the frame you see the opponent the first time.) - umpleasant host migration - bad spawning position - prone is broken (You mostly can't go into prone or can't aim or move while in prone. Every small polygone around you seems to block you in this regard.) - losing complete conenction to a session (and by that all the unsaved kills and XP) - any teammate running near/next to you will block your movement, forcing you to go the wrong direction, simulating a really bad lag - your framerate can drop from a steady 90fps to a screen frozen for 3 seconds ramdomly at every moment - the "physics" are so bad, you constantly outcry in disbelief that what just happened made the the ragdoll behave like it did. Golden Eye 64 had more realistic looking deaths. - the Ripper (DLC weapon) feels like pay-2-win - your menu can have heavy, randome slowdowns - the audio is suttering - your mouse feels like it's skipping over the screen Even on a power-beast of a computer, this game runs like it's the leaked beta of Crysis 5. But the Graphics actually don't look that bad if you turn everything on ultra. It sure is o Battlefield 3, but I think it looks much better than Counter Strike : Global Offensive. It's really a shame, because if all those problems weren't, this game would have some nice multiplayer, and I would give it a 8/10. I really love the maps, the weapons and items, the mechanics and balancing, the game mods and timing. But it's just not playable. And Infinity Ward doesn't care about that. The game is out, they made some small patches, defended their lies and released some expensive DLC. Now they moved to their next project, leaving behind the idiots whom bought this game. This was the first CoD by Infinity Ward that I've bought. This was the last CoD by Infinity Ward that I've bought. I was an idiot. Expand
  4. Mar 13, 2014
    Alright, right off the bat this game is guilty of having the same problems like any other Call of Duty game. It requires little to skill to rack up kills, its not user friendly to beginners, and it has a very short campaign that has a terrible story that makes no sense. The campaign was only 3 HOURS! Its storyline didn't add up and the way the creators made it in the future to explain it just made it worse. The game play, just like any other FPS is a clone of its predecessors and the new "controls" were just awkward. The multilayer, oh the multilayer. Its the worst multilayer in the entire franchise. Its like they're go to thing; how could they mess that up? Just another terrible game they push forward in 11 months to get their quick payday from blind fans. Expand
  5. Nov 11, 2013
    Do not buy this game for PC. This is the buggiest game I've ever played. First I couldn't play due to a graphics card error which I was able to fix. Then it wouldn't unlock any loadouts for me to play the game, which is a known common error that they don't give a about. Expand
  6. uah
    Nov 5, 2013
    Worse graphics than the previous games but less performance and constant crash issues. The single player campaign is really bad scripted with horrible voice actors and has a 6Gb RAM requirement that is not really needed.

    The rest is the same as always.
  7. Nov 7, 2013
    The stupid game won't install, just because I don't have 6GB Ram!? Are those idiots or what!? I Run two SSD's and have a fast graphics card, I don't need more than 4GB! that sucks... Expand

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