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  1. Aug 19, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Modern Warfare 2, while no doubt being a good game, is not nearly as good as Modern Warfare. The campaign was extremely good and very fun with some jaw dropping moments such as the invasion of Washington DC. The graphics are truly amazing with events such as said invasion of Washington DC looking hellish and very real with recognizable monuments such as the Washington Monument and the White House being partly destroyed. The multiplayer which, oddly enough, is the main attraction, is very fun, I found it extremely unbalanced at times and plagued with glitches. The new weapons, attachments, and perks made it much more fun. While not at the same level as say, Half Life 2, it still is a great game. Expand
  2. Nov 7, 2010
    Call of Duty is a game for pigeon, nag, no gameplay, bowling with a very repetitive very short life! Apart from the graphics is a waste, non-existent community, full of cheater, in short, I do not recommend at all!
  3. Jan 1, 2011
    This game is fun for 24hours every 3 months. They do a ban wave and all the cheaters go away. And then for a few hours I am a god. Then the cheaters have all bought new account keys or more likely used a key gen and made them from scratch and I am once again glowing on their screen regardless of camouflage, because they changed the skins. Likewise, they shoot through walls and terrain so cover doesn't matter either.

    I give it a 1 because the single player didn't suck. It was waaaay too short for multiplayer to be as useless as it is though.
  4. Aug 28, 2010
    I have always been a fan of call of duty games so i figured i would like this one. I pre-ordered the special edition and picked it up day one. I finished the campaign which was short but fun. I played mulitplayer which was also fun. For the first week. Then everyone was exploiting glitches, using the same over powered weapons and perks. It is a horrible multiplayer experience to this day. It only gets a 1 because the single player is decent. Expand
  5. Jun 12, 2012
    Well. Modern Warfare 2 was probably one of the greatest big online FPS games ever made. BEFORE ALL THE SMALL KIDS AND HACKERS TOOK IT. basically, the only thing MW2 needed was Dedicated servers. It was hard sometimes to play it the e-sport way (through ESL and such). But beneath that, it was great. The graphics, soundtrack, gameplay. Just wow, beautiful. But ofcourse got ruined when there were no support at all with hackers and patches. Great campaign too, shed a tear. Damn Soap Expand
  6. Jan 6, 2011
    I gave this game a 1, the storyline was just completely pointless, didnt make much sense, some parts were intense but this game seems like its one of those games you play at an arcade where you just shoot guys that pop up because you cant really go anywhere besides where the game developers want you to be. Also the multiplayer is just laggy and bleh, If you like FPS games, but want a more challenging multiplayer/bigger maps go buy Bad Company 2, its not as popular, but i think its just because Call of Duty is way to heavily advertised, the game developers just want our money, (also the price is rediculous, and they just use the same graphics animations and sounds as the other call of duty games just a little improved, and if you watch gameplay of the original call of duty when you shoot someone they do the exact same thing in this game) Expand
  7. Jan 4, 2012
    MW2 is a masterpiece, The best FPS EVER MADE! I have spent over 1000+ hours on this game it's absolutely amazing nothing more to say if you want a fast pasted action military shooter THIS is the game for you!
  8. Aug 23, 2010
    For the PC version well if it was rated just on multiplayer it would deserver something like -5 for the many glitches and hackers you find on the horrible IW net. It my work on the 360 and PS3 but the PC is nether. VAC is the worst security system for detecting cheats next to none at all. if your hoping that you will get a good game with a good connection hope will be all you have and the matchmaking doesn't even work quite right.

    The single-player is fun but nothing to special sticks to the same style as MW and WAW. you switch between two main characters that you play as. The storyline is still fun to follow and play along with.
    Co-op. this is probably the best part about MW2 the different modes with maps same as the singleplay putting on a new twist. Play alone or with a friend.
  9. Oct 8, 2011
    I have this game for XBOX 360, and it sucks.I would rather play Superman 64 or ET over this game. The reason I'm writing a review here on the PC section is because writing only one bad review does not accurately portray my hatred of this game. The multiplayer's perks are extremely unbalanced and basically have a ninja mode, there are no dedicated servers, cheaters are everywhere, lag abounds, and glitches are the main way I died. The single player's plot has more holes than the Columbine victims, but the set pieces look cool. I would reccomend this game to you if you were dumb enough to like Transformers 2. Expand
  10. Nov 14, 2011
    Disappointing rehash of an old, old, very old, franchise. Call of Duty used to feel unique but they have milked this cashcow to death a long time ago. Avoid.
  11. Nov 17, 2011
    Coming off a successful MW1, Infinity Ward brings a lot that is familiar back with some new twists. Unfortunately, what could have been a good sequel is plagued by hackers that have free reign on the system making it completely unplayable on the PC. I would have rated this game much higher, if I would have been able to actually play it. And no dedicated servers??? Really. Do any of these people even play games on a PC?? Expand
  12. Nov 18, 2011
    Essentially a map pack for MW2. It is fun, and a run-n-gun at it's core elements. I hope that they will support the PC version and the Call of Duty franchise will respect their roots. MW2 I think got only 1 or 2 patches before they abandoned it (on PC), leaving the community with imbalanced weapons and unstable online support & match making. So far im seeing a handful of issues with online play and connectivity. Survival is glitchy, often kicking your partner out of the game all together. Skyrim had a patch on Day 1, just saying. With the millions and millions of money that they made I hope they put some of it back into the community with patches and support. I would be willing to bump up my review if PC gets some patches from IW & Activision/Blizzard Expand
  13. Jul 28, 2012
    The single player campaign wasn't as long as Call of Duty 4's but was still amazing. It is hard to say which single player is better comparing mw2 to cod4 but the results would be pretty darn close. Special Ops was a nice edition, with enjoyable challenges and missions to complete. Multiplayer for this game was awesome but not as great as Call of Duty 4's multiplayer. The only issues making the game not fun and frustrating at times is the overpowered grenade launchers and one man army "the perk" that allows you to reload classes so you can gain back your grenade launchers for instance. And, sadly no dedicated servers, using the same system of online as the consoles. But forgetting these issues the multiplayer is a masterpiece. Well balanced weapons and superb map design. Hacking is also an issue. Challenge lobbies bringing you up to level 70 or max prestiges are hosted almost daily, along with those little noobs ruining matches using aimbot, godmode, etc. Expand
  14. Jul 9, 2012
    The game was one of the best Call of Duty games ever. The storyline was great althought I wouldn't mind if it lasted a little longer and the spec ops were pretty fun. The multiplayer mode was one of the best ever made. Great maps great server system with no lag and nice optimization. the only problem is the community which is not the games fault so I give the game a 10/10...
  15. Aug 6, 2012
    As someone who can only speak for the single-player side of things, this game was plenty enjoyable, if not particularly impressive. The campaign is fun and exhilarating--so long as you don't think about things too much--and the spec ops missions add additional SP fun. As with most tunnel-shooter games these days, it suffers from relatively poor replay value, but if you can pick it up on sale it's probably worth it. Expand
  16. Aug 14, 2012
    The PC version of Modern Warfare 2 is a little, disappointing. And I'm going to say why It is? It costs more, and It haves less multiplayer features than other PC shooters, exactly like GameSpot said. Still, this game stays fresh with the superb campaign and spec ops. 79 out of 100
  17. Aug 20, 2012
    I see a lot of negative user ratings and gasp. I understand why they exist, but people have to have a level of understanding. The campaign took me about 2 hours to complete, and it's exactly the same gameplay as any other Call of Duty Game (You know, you're in a spot and eliminate the enemies, move on, breach a few doors, infiltrate some secret location for intel, etc.). The Spec Ops levels were almost addicting as the player strives for high scores so that they can unlock more levels... At times, both the campaign and spec ops can be extremely frustrating, but once you beat it, it's rather satisfying. The visuals throughout the game are impressive and greatly customizable so that they run on low-end PCs and laptops... But then, there's the multiplayer. This is why people are critical of the game on PC. It's highly addicting and very simple. Many skilled gamers find this worthless and a waste of time, but most gamers like the fact that you can get fast, non-stop action without the use of too much skill. However, as in many PC multiplayer games, there are hackers. This is where many negative reviews come in. The hackers are not the fault of the game itself. It's the people who hack that make the game worse. The game itself deserves a high metascore for being an excellent addition to the series. The hackers deserve the lowest metascore possible. If you wish to enjoy the game without worrying about hackers, get yourself a MW2 Config program (search Google) and backup your stats! And, in reality, only about 1 person in 10 lobbies hacks, so that's 9 good games in a row, then all you have to do is quit the lobby and join another one, and you're set!

    Overall, this is a great game with intriguing (but Short) Single Player and fun Spec Ops levels along with addictive multiplayer that make any gamer want to strive to achieve the highest level while completing challenges and acquiring prestige. The graphics are good enough so that there is realism to the game but still customizable enough so that the low-end pcs can run this game without a problem. If you are careful, you can have a lot of fun with this game. BACK UP YOUR MULTIPLAYER STATS and you WILL have fun.
  18. Aug 24, 2010
    The multiplayer for this game is terrible. Graphics can be good but it is very toned down. It's fine if you want to join a game about to end repeatedly and try to leave a match only to be put right back in it. Also if you don't mind the constant stream of grenade launchers and very annoying things. I and many others have had random annoying deaths that weren't in the past CoDs. Also perks are annoying. Especially commando, being knifed from across the room is not fun. The singleplayer was good for but nothing special and nothing that will stick to you memory. All in all I give this a 0. The gameplay is plain terrible the the horrible anti-cheat, hackers, and down right annoying things. This game could have been good but its idea of making it "noob" friendly was its downfall. Expand
  19. Feb 12, 2011
    Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 is an action packed game full of gunfights, explosives and objectives. The problem I see with the game, is the unbalanced guns in the Multiplayer and the lack of features from the previous CODs (such as Zombies). Other than that, the game runs very well and will be fun for most people.
  20. Sep 2, 2010
    Call of duty MW 2 was the game that made me never to install an infinity ward game on my computer ever again. Now the single player story in MW 2 is okej but I like Modern warfare for its multiplayer. Which they manage to ruin in MW 2 here are some of the greatest points which made it rubbish 1.No dedicated servers, no need to say why this was a bad move.

    2.To many automatic shooting
    weapons, the only thing I was annoyed with in MW 1 was the chopper but it was manageable but its to much in MW 2 with 2 choppers one harrier and one automatic sentery can't ppl get frags on there own anymore?

    3.The chopper gunner and the AC-130 they were pretty cool when you first get to see them in the game but then you realize it was super easy with them I mean huge squeres where ppl are so you dont have to look around for your self where ppl are.

    4.there is no anti cheat, if you get a cheater on the server ther is no way to get rid of him unless you leave the server and join another, but here comes the funny part everytime i left a server becuse of a cheater and then join another server i always get send back to the same server becuse no dedicated server system so I hade to choose another game mode.

    5.We have to pay new maps, xbox players can buy with game points and we pc gamers have to pay 14 bucks?!

    6.Its a real noob game, I mean there is no challange the weapons are so easy to use.

    7.Prestige mode, it was okej 2-3 times but 10 times now that is just a desperate atempt to keep the game alive in the baddest boring. But most of the times you dont have to play so much becuse most of the times you end up on a hacked server which gives you an XP boost which makes level 70 right away.

    These are just the ones I can think of right now there are probobly more but they are enough for me to never play another Infinity ward or trayarch game ever becuse they have totaly backstabed us PC gamers with there no dedicated servers. So now I have started play Bad Company 2 and its great. 0.0
  21. Sep 3, 2010
    I'l give this game a 9 simply perfect online action and cannot wait for the new COD to come out!! Would be 10 if the single player gameplay was longer! but to be honest, who plays COD for single player?! think IW realised this after the success of COD2.
    Need its own personal servers online. no where to hide now so I wouldnt worry about campers.. cause everyone knows the camp spots and can
    easily kill the camping noobs!
    perhaps needs moderating for cheats, large number of aimbots.. boring people.
  22. Mar 26, 2011
    Great, though short, singleplayer, but it makes up wth the story. Multiplayer is VERY good, at least from the gameplay perspective. However, the game is irritating with the amount of name-calling from other players. Inexperienced player? get ready to her how much of a noob you are. A good player? The same. A very good player? probably a hacker. You managed to get a killshot? Don't be surprised if somebody makes a lewd reference to engaging in sexual intercourse with your mother. This is not the game's fault, but it does spoil the gameplay experience. Expand
  23. Dec 3, 2010
    Call of duty modern warfare 2 is the best shooting game in the world that I have seen especially when I kill a lot of people without dieing. The call of duty modern warfare 2 never can become bored ever when I am playing it I all ways playing it and I never get bored of it nearly at the time Iâ
  24. Dec 26, 2010
    While I hate FPS games, there's really no other franchise to go to if you like playing the same maps over and over during your free time for whatever reason you choose to do that. I like how rpg elements have crept into every genre, since you get feats and have to buy "loot" in the way of upgrades if you want to get anywhere. However, please get it on pc if you've played an fps game before, as I don't have to tell you how awful a joystick is for competitive fps games. Expand
  25. Mar 17, 2011
    Good evening. I had the good fortune to receive this game as a birthday gift from an elderly acquaintance at one of my champagne parties, and I found the game to be a rather splendid affair. Indeed, one would find this to be a frightfully realistic portrayal of conflict. Of course, like many other noble gentlemen, I've used a firearm many times in my day-to-day affairs, (although I might add that foxes and pheasants tend not to shoot back), so it is with some considerable difficulty that I completed the first "level" (is that what you young folk call a section of a computer game?) of this video entertainment, but jolly good fun it was! Bravo! (..and that's not "Bravo" as in "Bravo Two Zero", hur hur!).
    Toodle pip.
  26. Mar 1, 2011
    Unbelievably great storyline, graphics and possibilities in the SP. Just a few minor glitches I noticed (I didn't notice most of them when I played the game for the first time). I also love the fact that you can notice the difference between the easiest and hardest level (Recruit -> Veteran). Beyond question in the top5 games I've played. Despite the minor bugs it deserves a 10/10.
  27. Mar 25, 2011
    Gameplay - 9.5 , Graphics - 9.0 , Story - 7.5 , Playing time - 50+hours (MP includes). Very fun game. Graphically so well optimized. Improved multiplayer to COD4. However, the lack of dedicated server is annoying.
  28. Jan 5, 2014
    Honestly regardless of what people say MW2 is the best CoD out there, people say they had bad experiences with MW2 online..well if that's the case go play a Treyarch version "Black ops series". Then you will have the true definition of fail. Infinity Ward is the better developer of the two companies that battle back and forth developing the CoD series. I'm willing to bet that most people are not even aware of that, Treyarch gives Infinity Ward a bad name. Infinity Wards games; "MW1" "MW2" "MW3" are far better than any of Treyarch's "Black ops series" hands down. I have been playing CoD since the very first release several years ago back in the WW2 era of CoD. Most people didn't even start playing until the first CoD 4 Modern Warfare came out, the overall feel of MW2 is great, the physics are great, graphics sound are great. I feel that the multiplayer is very well balanced online, if it ran like then maybe your pc isn't up to spec?..if you bash the game saying its unfair or unbalanced maybe you should switch up your tactics a bit instead of raging around looking for that kill?..I have never had any issues playing this online..I always had a blast. I'm clearly reviewing this from a quality well the game play is designed, how well the game is structured. Bottom line MW2 to this day is still one of the best CoD games to this day. Expand
  29. Apr 26, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. geiles game die ki stellt sich garnicht mal so dumm an und die story ist mitreisend. Aber sie ist sehr kurts ich war nach 5 stunden durch -.- ich hoffe das der MP mehr hergibt. Spannend war die Spezialeinheit. Das war das beste an dem singleplayer. Expand
  30. Jul 26, 2011
    Short, lackluster campaign and broken multiplayer. The game just doesn't live up to modern day PC FPS standards, all while being overpriced. Don't give in to the hype, MW2 is a disappointment.
  31. Nov 8, 2011
    This is, in my opinion, the weakest of all of the newer Call of Duty titles. The Single Player storyline was laughable, and certain levels were annoyingly difficult. The Multiplayer mode was fun for a while, but it seemed almost in slow-motion compared to previous titles, which didn't seem to match it's arcade-like feel. The graphics were drab and bland, and the sheer amount of explosions, screen-wobble, red-out and debris gives you a headache, much like watching a Transporter or Bourne film. This game is saved from a yellow score by Special Ops mode, which is fun in short bursts and much more enjoyable than Multiplayer. Expand
  32. Nov 14, 2011
    If you like to watch jean claude van damme films and steven seagal films this game is right up your street, its basically shoot shoot shoot, reload shoot shoot shoot, it gets boring quick, the odd time u throw a grenade spices it up but yeah pretty boring no where near as good as cod 4
  33. Nov 18, 2011
    So its better than COD MW3 on PC IMO, as far as multiplayer goes. MP gameplay is fun, and challenging. That said, the cheating and hacking online are a complete joke, and have totally ruined the game for those who don't cheat. I have not seen any updates addressing the multiplayer cheating, and reporting offending players seems to do nothing at all.

    Avoid multiplayer, avoid a boatload
    of frustration. And FYI, ditto for MW3...hackers laughing out loud in MP on the very first day of release. Last purchase of the franchise for me, hopefully Respawn Entertainment releases something excellent soon. /end rant Expand
  34. Dec 25, 2011
    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove mw2 nothing else to say but hey haters gona hate love it even after 20 days of playtime
  35. Nov 19, 2013
    I Have all cod games that are available for pc, including the new ghosts. But the best is the Mw2, cause of that unbelievable genius multiplayer. I have played so much games with my clan, that i will remember that game forever. But it's true u can't really play it anymore cause of that damn hackers everywhere.
  36. Mar 19, 2014
    Amazing campaign. I wanna run it again and again and again. The multiplayer is great too by the way. And maybe the graphics aren't so nice, but who notices those little details anyway, the gameplay is terrific.
  37. Jun 26, 2014
    You wouldn't believe me if I said this was the best multiplayer FPS. The amount of stupidity and fun I had in this was overwhelming, despite all of the problems it had.
  38. Sep 4, 2012
    Single player is extremely short and feels like an interactive Michael Bay movie instead of a game. Multiplayer is a total mess, there are no dedicated servers, you spend more time in lobbies trying to find a game than actually playing it, the respawn system is terrible, the killstreak rewards are way too powerful and the list could go on... I only give it a 3 because I had some fun here and there, but my overall recommendation is: don't even consider buying this game! I was a great fan of the previous CoD titles but with MW2 and MW3 Activision managed to ruin this once great franchise. Expand
  39. Jul 1, 2014
    Nowadays, almost every PC server for this game and other COD games are hacked. It's horrible. Now, this game was decent when it cam out, but now, with some many hackers, it's really hard to enjoy. Your better off playing this on Xbox 360 or PS3. My score would have been 8/10... but hackers now... So, 5/10 for the time spent trying to find a normal server.
  40. Sep 5, 2013
    The single-player matters!
    You cannot release a game with a full single-player mode and then say: "It's all about the multi-player". Some people actually don't care about MP so you cannot be a unbiased reviewer and only talk about one part of the game.
    So let's begin with the single-player. It is a complete mess. The AI is beyond stupid, they will just run at you until gunned down. They
    won't use strategy, they won't use cover, they won't flank or even do much to kill you at all. The sound design makes the guns un-satisfying to use as they lack any real impact.
    The story is your usual "America good. Middle-East terrorist.". It's getting tiresome running around desert-filled streets shooting anything that isn't white. The story is presented in such a bad way that you have to piece together the whole thing by yourself. It took me more than one playthrough to even understand what was going on. Characters don't act realistically so you will never understand their motivations. It seems they came up with a half a dozen set-pieces and just built the story around them.
    In the first Modern Warfare it was shocking when your character died in a nuclear explosion so naturally, they thought that they would try to recreate that in this game. You are killed (as part of the story) about 4 times. I really hope that I misunderstood this because it's not surprising when you do it every 10 minutes.
    And speaking of minutes, there aren't that many in the story. The main campaign might take you 4 or 5 hours. This is unacceptable and absolutely pathetic.
    Alright, multi-player. It's broken. The weapons are so imbalanced that less than a dozen guns are actually used by players and if you try to use anything else you will be mauled to the ground like a baby by a dozen rabid pit-bulls. Rewarding kills with even more ridiculous ways to kill people is just plain stupid. If you are not extremely skilled at this game you will be killed repeatedly by the same guy and when you think you can kill him, he comes back in a chopper. And then he drops a nuke on you. The maps are awfully designed and don't encourage anything other than the run and gun technique. They are way too small and cramped and the amount of players on each server is laughable.
    You also don't have any dedicated servers, you can't kick/ban, you cannot choose maps and so on. The FOV is freaking ridiculous as well and it gives me eye-strain just looking at it for half an hour.
    This game is a mess and Activision must have been sucking off a lot of critics out there to recieve an 86 on Metacritic.
  41. Jun 26, 2013
    As a fan of earlier call of duty games this will be the last consider buying for sometime. The single player isnt the issue its action packed and has a few decent twists. The Mutlitplayer is another story, the lack of dedicated servers completely kills the game for me and the replacement often send you into rubbish servers. To add insult to injury the amount of DLC for this game means that every other map im kicked out of the server due to a map i haven't bought being up next.....if only there were dedicated servers so i could stick to a server that didn't use the DLC maps.

    If i could rate the single player and co-op alone it would receive a 8/10 its a little short but the spec ops makes up for that and some of the challenges and timed events are good fun.
    However the shocking multiplayer which would get a 0/10 drags the whole experience down, if the call of duty games didnt rely so shamelessly on multiplayer to be worth the money they cost maybe i could justify buying them.
  42. Aug 9, 2013
    Infinity wards "Modern warfare 2" is quite fun the campaign gets repetitive like any other game but the end of the world theme is pretty AWESOME! the fact that the Russians are invading the U.S is heart pumping at times but Russia for the villains is a bit overused for games such as these. IW has added a CO OP option which sets you in places from the campaign and offers a challenge like fighting off a bunch of solders in protective armor with only explosives or fight off hordes of enemy's in a building with you're friend even on veteran difficulty it's pretty fun. And the multiplayer is a mixed bag there is overpowered guns and killstreak and cheap death streaks such as you go into a last stand with you're pistol or when you die you drop a grenade and then there is One man army with it equipped you can switch to a different class at any time is people over use it and attach a grenade launcher on their assault rifle and every time they run out of ammo they switch over to their one man army and equips the SAME CLASS WITH A GRENADE LAUNCHER AND ONE MAN ARMY AND DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN! so would i buy it? yeah you can find it a gamestop for 12 or 11$ Pre Owned. Expand
  43. Oct 29, 2013
    When playing this I thought, it took a genius to make this. The amazing story line, short, but amazing blew my mind. Every aspect of this game is wonderful. Graphics, gameplay, etc. The multiplayer is a little bumpy though, but everything else is wonderful!
  44. Oct 20, 2013
    The campaign is awful. Gameplay is repetitive and only really fun with the snowmobile mission. Plot doesn't really make sense and the characters are hollow and cliché. As for multiplayer Halo 3 and Counter Strike are much better.
  45. Jan 27, 2014
    In its prime MW2 was Amazing, With friends it could of been the best fun you have ever had playing a PC game. But from 2010-2012 many hackers, Quickscopers and noob tubers made the game frustrating. Nowdays the game is still populated decetly and most of the Hackers have moved on to more recent cods. In 2009 i would of highly reccomended this game, But now you would probably not enjoy getting killed over and over if your a lvl 1. If you can find it for a cheap price buy it, if not maybe buy a recent shooter. Expand
  46. Feb 13, 2014
    I played every COD series over 100 hours.
    MW2 is not the best of the series. The level of completion is not so high.
    But it gave me lots of fun. More than other series.
    I still think MW2's multi-player is the best among the series.
  47. Oct 3, 2014
    I'm not much of a fan of Call of Duty, but this game, and its predecessor, stands out to me. I did enjoy the singleplayer, start to finish, and I replayed it several times going for the Veteran difficulty run. The multiplayer? Meh. I see tons of reviews bashing the community (which is horrible), but that's not the game's fault, so no points taken off for that. Balance, however, is a major issue. Most of the players use either the ACR, which literally has perfect accuracy, or an explosive weapon, which have earned their bad reputation. I'll take -2 off for that. And then, the latency issues. Even when my Internet connection is top notch, I still get the occasional 200+ ping while the host has 0. -1 for that. In the graphical sense, it actually strikes a nice balance between graphics and performance, and has given it a reputation of being able to run on nearly anything. I was able to run this on a Pentium core and a Radeon 4550 HD GPU, and the game looked quite good. If you are a fan of Call of Duty, get this game, but not for the multiplayer. Expand
  48. Aug 11, 2010
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 offers a very, very small portion of over-polished material. I was not impressed even for a moment with the glib single-player. The story was made for the express purpose of taking us from one location to the next and for creating moments that are supposed to be astonishing. But the truth is that every "astonishing" moment falls completely flat. With no connection to the characters and a nonsense plot, I felt like every "epic" scene was just a bad joke, such as the later D.C. level, the final showdown that made no sense, and the incredibly epic-fail, moronic "No Russian" level. Every time they went for that epic feel, I ended up saying to myself, "You're kidding me, right?"

    I do not mind the removal of prone in the latest military FPS games like MW2 and BF:BC2, because it is basically useless for the environments that the games take place in. But I ashamed that they have removed lean, which is used extensively in suitable combat situations in real life. I also do not like how the guns in the game feel like BB guns. They are too clickity-clickity. They do not feel like they have power and weight to them, nor that they are meant to kill people. BF:BC2 did a better job with the guns.

    The graphics are very consistent throughout, and they do look nice. But it is annoying knowing that they are so shader-crazy -- the textures and such are not nearly as detailed as you would think from looking at the game's bullshots. What I do like though is the game runs on the highest settings on my computer just fine, whereas BF:BC2 is so graphics-intensive that I have to set it to low to run it. So at least on my computer, MW2 looks a lot better, but if your computer can handle BC2 then it will look better on high settings, especially with DX11.

    The multiplayer is a style I do not like -- going solo usually, running and gunning, no squad system (or buddy system, as it should be for snipers), very arcade like. I prefer slightly more realistic (i.e. team-based) multiplayer shooters. This game makes it all a lot less realistic, because they want to maximize the fun, which does a major disservice to gamers by training them to think solo-minded. It trains them to think like noobs.

    Finally, the killstreaks are something that need to just disappear. They are more balanced here than in CoD4, but the problem with killstreaks at all is that they are inherently unbalanced. Giving hot-shot players even more firepower is just stupid, and giving those powers to those who are doing poorly wouldn't make sense either, so they should just be removed entirely.

    I have no comment on the lack of dedicated server support, except that I uninstalled the game and have no plans on reinstalling it unless there is an official patch to make the game friendly to hardcore gamers.
  49. Dec 27, 2011
    The lack of dedicated servers, LAN and mapping and modding support isn't going to make this game more epic, despite the continuation of better gameplay and the story itself. Also the map packs aren't free either as the usage of launching this game from Steam is getting on people's nerves.
  50. Aug 21, 2010
    Graphics and gameplay are smooth, but it's hard to say anymore good than this. No dedicated servers ruined online, some perks are just ridiculous, and the amount of hackers you come across isn't funny. Campaign is fun but short, not sure if it's worth buying it for it though. Spec Ops is fun with a buddy, but it doesn't come close to CoD;WaW co-op campaign. It's quite short and doesn't stay fun for long. It's just not worth it. Expand
  51. Sep 1, 2010
    Whinny children, OP weaponry and loads more **** MW2 has it all. The story line was great but I hardley at all got enough single player experience out of it. It felt like running through a multiplayer game with bots and the online enemies. Now the multiplayer, here is what ruined this game. Every time you buy a cod you think of multiplayer. You know what? Forget it. It has instant killing weapons to those who have played more then others, which is unfair to the new players. Say you have a weak weapon that takes 5 seconds of shots to kill, try attacking some one with dual abikos. To bad, he already killed you in one shot. All the disadvantages are are so easily countered by a perk or another weapon, did they even think? Things such as nukes just attact all the kids into this game. If you want a good, fun balanced multiplayer experience, then go for a game such as Team Fortress 2. Dont waste your money on such rushed crap like MW2. Ignore the damn critics, they dont know what a good game is. They think "Hey, its a gun. 10/10!" Dont buy this game unless you are a 13 year old looking for a game we have seen for years Expand
  52. Sep 3, 2010
    I'm not in to games that replicate real life war. I like to escape and be immersed in a world away from the one around us. So whilst I'm quite happy killing aliens and zombies in games, I tend to draw the line at 'war games'.
    However this is a really inventive game. Certainly the highly intuitive sequence as you climb a mountain covered in ice.

    The work that has gone in to this game is
    truly amazing. It's incredibly easy to pick up, even for non gamers. It starts with an excellent training system, and the levels are highly detailed and truly immersive. So as you play, your focus is very much in game. Add in some fine voice over talent and this has been a real eye opener for me.

    The game does go to length to let you know that some levels can be quite disturbing, and you can bypass them. One in my opinion is best avoided. Enough said, it's been well covered in the press already. The multi-player is one of the best out there today, for speed and smoothness, but unfortunately, too many players are too damn good online, and 10yr old American school boys were whipping my behind all too easily : )

    Again while not a fan of real war games, this has truly opened my mind to a genre I was closed too.
  53. Apr 14, 2012
    Multiplayer is tons of fun! Xp makes the game addictive so the game doesnt die after playing all the maps (i dont remember how many but i thiks its around 10?)
  54. Sep 7, 2010
    I though This Game was going to Be Great, But When i got it, I just saw something, The Story was BOORING,So i though the Mulitplayer was gonna be good, But All those Noobtubers and Those **** Crying and Whining, And WHAT?"! no Dedicated Servers no Custom Mods or Custom Maps?, WHAT THE F*CK!, people Playing this game Says it's the best Game ever, Trust me, GO and Play Some Team Fortress 2 or Call of duty 4 Expand
  55. Sep 11, 2010
    Take 59.99$ to buy a game ? Are you kidding me ? This game is so f******* on PC, want to play this game? Use 5ï¿¥ to buy a pirated optical disc ...........
  56. Sep 13, 2010
    This is horrible,bad fail project from IW. Getting rid for Dedicated servers and punkbuster Too much hackers in mw2 and too many crybaby about hackers and maps or anything
  57. Sep 21, 2010
    I felt Modern Warfare 2 had a total diregard for realism. It's as if Infinity Wars said, lets shove a load of action in and worry about storyline later. Even online is un realistic, what with money popping out your dead body and what's up with quick scoping? (like they do that in the army). However, multiple killstreaks was a sweet idea and with more perks, challanges and attachments the Call of Duties progressive system is even better. All in all I would say Modern Warfare 2 has a short, unrealistic campaign. The new spec ops only includes a few good missions. The online no longer has any realism to it but the addictive action packed fun Call of Duty is still there. So I would only buy if you do not already own Call of Duty 4. Expand
  58. Sep 17, 2010
    Worst game multiplayer game ever made for the PC. First and loyal PC gamer knew that VAC was a joke from back in the Counter-Strike days and Infinity Ward chose not to listen to there PC community. Now all you ever see in a match is some fool walling and aimboting and no way to kick the fools. Second IW took ideas from the PC moders and called it there own and didn't recognize these people for there work. Third the capped the Frames Per Second(FPS) at like 87 FPS which in turns makes the game laggy. Most PC gamers build there rigs to have the best performance and it gets shot down by this game. Take it from me or any other REAL PC gamer stick with Cod 4 or WaW as there are real ways to deal with hackers. All MW2 is, is a console port and IW laughed at there PC community. As long as the xbox360 and its old technology (which happens to be 7 years old) is around PC gamers are going to get the shaft...... Expand
  59. Sep 22, 2010
    I gave this one ten but really it at least 1 at most four. It needs to go up by a few points to reflect the hard work that ACTIVISION put into this game. I like how you can use aeroplanes. I play the single player campaign mission level up mode obsessively but cant find multiplayer? What, ACTIVISION cant include it anymore since they killed that one guy? Why I always have to play as Master Chef, I want to be man from 300. THIS IS SPARTA! :-) I like how you can shoot the chicken. Expand
  60. Sep 24, 2010
    This game is epic. The single-player is one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of playing and watching. Then when I get to the multi-player the game lets me down. It makes me want to sear my face off every time I know that there is a hacker and he will kick my ass every time I look at him. The lack of dedicated servers (WTF is up with that?) and the constantly hacked servers, that forced me to third prestige, just disappoint. Sorry Infinity Ward, this wasn't as much fun as anticipated. So, yeah, it's good epic and bad epic. Expand
  61. Sep 28, 2010
    Amazing part 2.Beautifull crafted wide array of weapons posibility of choosing your way non-stop action great comrades ai.Varied battlefields medium-long campaign.even the firs test in which you shoot targets is exciting.the story is ok and the final blow me away.PRICE.10
  62. Sep 26, 2010
    I must say MW2 was absolutely horrible. Let us first sum up the campaign. It was full of hollywood Cliche's, it was abysmally short, it was full of respawning baddies, the plot made about as much sense as a screen door on a has to be the worst story I've seen since high school. MP was functional, but still. IWNet? really? VAC as the sole anticheat? Spending more time in lobby than in game? Toobers? Honestly I feel sorry for anyone who has this tied to their Steam account. Including my friend, who bought it on launch and let me play it on his machine. Poor guy.

    In closing it was the worst game I've ever played in 20 years of gaming.
  63. Sep 27, 2010
    THE BEST GAME EVER MADE, 99999999999999999999999999999999999999/10, ITS the BEST GAME EVUR!, the Shooting is better than halo or half live 2, the vehicle action is more intense and fun than any better racing game ever made, the graphics are possibly the best graphics they will make in 10 years, not even crysis with 9 videographics card can defeat mw2 on graphics, the multiplayer is the best ever!

    9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/10 hands down
  64. Jan 18, 2011
    Beautiful, an epic masterpiece where action comes from the heart of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, I'm not in the mood for the multiplayer full time, I'm just in for the campaign, it really is long and powerful, but it just focuses too much on it's action, one minute it's a plot, next minute it's a shoot-and-kill game with no contagious plot fitted with it's objectives. Oh yeah, did I tell you, playing a game is enjoying it, not judging it, I don't care if this review is read by any other mental gamers, but gaming is fun, enjoy the game if you like it. Expand
  65. Jun 4, 2011
    I played through the single players and those weren't too bad. Thought the COD4 storyline was better. For multiplayer, it sucks! Boring, run and gun gameplay! Also, there is no server browser! This means I have to wait minutes sitting my ass in a lobby for players to join.
  66. Oct 8, 2010
    The single player was great, almost flawless. The multiplayer is the rip-off, aside from having no dedicated servers, a terrible lobby. This game is FULL of hackers, and IW will do nothing about it. Valve just says there are not hackers and your overreacting but google hackers in MW2 and you will find enough footage of hackers to make a movie. The sad reality is that IW gave up on this game awhile ago and this has made it a terrible game Expand
  67. Oct 9, 2010
    As an avid fan of COD4, I was disappointed with the sequel. A very erratic and sometimes confusing storyline (which didn't carry over from COD4 hardly at all- save for two recurring characters, one of which I feel should not have been brought back) coupled with the bastardization of the PC mulitplayer mode left me with a bit of buyer's remorse. It felt as though the developers focused too much on the visual aspects and not nearly enough on the contextual side. The soundtrack for the game was well done, however. Given my expectations, this game for the PC is only halfway there. Expand
  68. Jul 5, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'll make this short. I like fps games, but this one just doesnt cut it with me. The multiplayer section and team up games i have tried are very varied and good fun but not for very long. Its good to shoot people for a while but then it gets samey after about an hour playtime. The Single campain i played for a while but to be honest i just got bored even after the airport section where you kill dozens of innocent people in a terror attack.

    Visually it is a beautiful game, plot for me was a little incoherant in places. The sound and music was good. The biggest flaw to me is that the difficulty level for any new gamers will be astronomical, i even had some hard times on a couple of areas. Sure this game may be epic and the best game in decades but i just dont see why that is. I feel like i am playing a different looking version of Halo or Medal of Honour.
  69. Oct 10, 2010
    Single player ok. Online play really has no variety at all. same stuff over and over. too fast paced. playing online for someone that just got the game is nearly impossible.
  70. Oct 11, 2010
    Did not want to give zero, because the single player was good, except graphics which is polished for slow computers, to sell more and more copies with unrealistic warfare, and closing dedicated servers to save more money. Now they are selling maps for some dollars, when there are lots of companies which just updates their game for free. Absolutely rubbish.
  71. Oct 11, 2010
    IWNET is a joke - it should be renamed LAGNET. Other than that, the game is awesome. But I can't forgive the lack of dedicated servers; that's why I rate it 0.
  72. Oct 12, 2010
    The single-player was boring and felt like a Time Crisis arcade game. There was no freedom at all, just stand here, shoot those guys, move up 4 steps, shoot these guys, move up 4 steps, shoot these guys, do a scinematic jump to the helicopter...great...took about 2 hours to complete (could have watched a bad action film in the same time for the same effect).

    The multiplayer is
    horrendous. with no dedicated servers, there are no administrators to kick hackers, and VAC is a joke because every single match there are hackers. With hundreds of thousands of people playing at all times, you'd think you could find the occasional match without hackers in it, but you can't. Beyond the hackers, the kill-streaks completely interfere with the gameplay to the point where you can't play the is it "gameplay" if you can't play the game lol. The engine is liek 6 years old and it shows. yes, they have beautiful textures, but they're pasted onto big, flat objects...i love looking at a picture of a door on a flat wall hahaha. The dual-weilding of shotguns is hilarious, as nobody would EVER do that. knife lunging 20 feet in front of you while a guy shoots you in the face and you survive with the kill?-also terrible. The maps are pretty terribly designed, I think there's only one that I mildly like, and you can't chose which map you play because there's no server browser or uhh...SERVERS lol. this game is the biggest waste of time and money in the gaming industry i've ever seen. I wish they put the money for this into the black hole that was Duke Nukem Forever so that it never saw the light of day. Expand
  73. Oct 13, 2010
    This could have been a good game.

    The single-player campaign was really good. It was challenging, the levels were unique, and the gameplay was very original. The co-op missions were also a blast. The killstreak rewards are a major redeeming quality in the multiplayer. Getting a nuke, especially in an FFA, is the most satisfying experience I have ever had in online gaming. The
    developer really did a good job on this title. So why am I bashing the game? Read on...

    They took away everything that we took for granted. They took away the private servers and gave us these gawd-awful public servers. You get switched around from server to server mid-game, the latency in some games is terrible. There's no private servers with admins to get rid of the trash talking 12 year-olds. You can mute them, but that doesn't blur out their typed messages. I have seen some hackers, but not nearly as many as all the whiners (and OMG there are a lot of whiners!) say there are. There's no way to get rid of a hacker once you spot him, there's no report option or anything. Then they charge 15$ for 5 new maps, 30$ for both map packs. The maps are decent, but not great. 2 of the maps in both map packs are from the original Call of Duty: MW, so if you own that game you're in essence paying for maps which you already own. They're charging for content updates, something that has historically always been free, and is still free in the Battlefield franchise, their main rival. Here's my beef, Activision destroyed this franchise, literally. They drove out the heads of Infiniward, the real developers behind this franchises' success. All that Treyarch (their rival CoD makers) did was rip off the **** they came out with. You can clearly tell that it was a ripoff because everything Treyarch changed when they came out with CoD:WaW was bugged out and not working when their offering was released. I will not be buying another CoD game. Activision can go burn.
  74. Oct 16, 2010
    I am so sick of people complaining about getting killed by akimbo G18's or tubes. This game is fantastic. I dont use tubes or G18 myself but the only reason u guys are complaining is because u have no skills what so ever. Grow some ball and man up. Dont get angry just because u cant play a game. Though i will agree that the spawn system has some problems but it is a minor one. Overall this game is amazing and is worth every cent. I give this game 9.0 Expand
  75. Oct 24, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ta gra jest tragiczny MP przypomina CSa ta wyszukiwarka Iwnet tragedia nie polecam gry seria Battlefield jak zwykle rzÄ Expand
  76. Oct 23, 2010
    Single Player - This game would have been better if the story line was able to be followed. The voices come at you so fast you cant understand what is being said. I had to replay missions in a few cases so that I could get an idea of what the objective was. If you like to shoot and throw grenades without much point, this game might be for you. If this game had a better story line and some sensible dialog, it might not have been so bad. In one scene I was wounded and then an officer soaks you with gasoline and burns you by dropping his cigar on you.... I thought it was kind of retarded to have to fight your way through much of the game to die in such a sick manner. Blame the writers I guess. Expand
  77. Dec 8, 2010
    COD: MW2 is an excellent game; it's thrilling, action packed, fun, clever and has stunning visuals. MW2 is definitely not a combat simulator but rather the video game equivalent of an action-movie or, perhaps more accurately, one of the best action-movies ever. As a single-player game it deserves 9 out of 10 in my opinion, as a multiplayer experience it may or may not deserve a lower score but to me this is irrelevant; I don't play multiplayer first-person shooters on the PC due to the rampant cheating that occurs over the internet. Expand
  78. Jan 3, 2011
    ok, whoever says the multiplayer sucks in this game is wrong. they probably have bad connection or they just suck terribly. the multiplayer is unbelievingly fun, it has good maps and fun weapons. the ownly downside to the multiplayer is the undermounted launchers. the singleplayer is awesome and has an amazing story line to go along with good characters. co-op is fun to, it allows the player to go and do special missions from the campaign and eanr "stars" to unlock the next set of missions. overall it is an amazing game. Expand
  79. Nov 11, 2010
    Well, this game is...not very good. The singe player was enjoyable, however it overplayed the whole Russian evil stereotype, however it was still beautiful, exciting and engaging. However, the multiplayer is pretty much Call of Duty, and its very disappointing, especially considering the lack of dedicated server support. The real only thing that saved this game was the co-op missions, which where actually kind of fun, and the only reason this scored as high as it did, in my book. Expand
  80. Dec 11, 2010
    Still beats Black Ops' lag fest....
  81. Jan 1, 2011
    Once you eliminate Infinity Ward and Steam along with the poor hosting you have an awesome game here. The campaign was well thought out and had a pretty good story line. You maintain control of your player through out the game without worry of the game taking over for you. I only wish it was longer or had patches to extend it. Spec Ops is a great addition and having the two player makes it better. I liked it so much I would easily purchase additional Spec Ops map packs. Multi - This game has a great FPS multi player. What more could you ask for except some PACKS to add weapons or attachments to go along with the additional map packs. Outside of the fact that VAC is very bad at stopping hackers, Steam cannot find a host and the maps are too small, it is truly an awesome game. Movement in game is very nice and the game plays well on most PC's. Expand
  82. Dec 9, 2010
    Dont get convinced by the advertising, this new call of duty franchise is worse than an irradiated pile of **** and Black ops is an irradiated pile of **** with cat barf on it. It is absolutley nothing new, bad gameplay, its RUN N GUN, "OH I JUST GOT SHOT, LETS HIDE BEHIND THIS BARREL TO MAGICALLY HEAL MY WOUNDS" That is just a minor complaint. This game does not deserve 1/9 of the praise it gets. It is an average shooter released on a ****ty yet popular platform at the same time. Dont fall for this new franchise that rips you off blind. USE YOUR LOGICAL THINKING, its $60 For nothing new, just a new campaign and a few other nice features. Even after black ops has been released, this is STILL $60, can you believe that? What about somthing better? like? Battlefield Bad Company 2? That is a brilliant game, dont spend 3* more money on a pile of **** like this. You will regret it. I used to be a fan of the COD series until they started to rob my generation blind.... It is truly sad to see this happen... Expand
  83. Dec 4, 2010
    MW2's hay day is gone. Hackers have killed the game. Don't bother buying it unless you are buying the aimbot and wall hacks to go with it. The only thing worth playing on this game is the single player missions. Besides that I wish I could get my money back. To future studio's remember to protect you game from hackers or you may lose players.
  84. Dec 7, 2010
    bad game, a lot of cheaters and not update to remain this problem , single player is nice but multiplayer is bad because infinity ward think only dollars !
  85. Dec 18, 2010
    There's a decent singleplayer mode under all of the IWNet rubbish, and the 'Spec Ops' cooperative mode isn't half bad either. It's also far more optimised than Black Ops, and it's most definitely worth a play, albeit not at the price that Activision are asking for it, a whole year after release
  86. Feb 9, 2013
    As the first CoD I played I can't say MW2 looks like MW, however I didn't find impressive anyway. The campaign was the most boring I've ever played a 2 line story with no character development and boring missions and environment. Multiplayer was a pain in the ass, getting sniped by campers, being spawnkilled in the back and pawning noobs is not my idea of fun, not to mention the lag The only enjoyable part was Spec Ops with my friends and Zimmer's music. Expand
  87. Mar 7, 2012
    An excellent production single player campaign. Infinity Ward did a superb job at bringing detail and depth to every element that deserves a standing ovation. It is extremely detailed with tons of action. My biggest issue was that I found the story difficult to follow. It jumped around from country to country and person to person making it impossible to figure out who were the good guys and who were the bad guys and where you, the player, fit in. Regardless, the presentation and the execution are both top notch and very enjoyable. Throw in stellar graphics, quality game play, and a pleasing variety of equipment and missions. I cannot praise the single player campaign enough--a game that's actually worth its price tag. Expand
  88. Dec 24, 2010
    As has been said before, one of the key problems for this game was that it was little more than a console port. The single player was enjoyable, if a little short. The multiplayer however was terrible, no dedicated servers was a huge mistake from Activision/Infinity Ward, from a European point of view I always seemed to get sent to servers where my ping was huge and then get buggered by all the low ping players. the lack of leaning round corners was also a bit annoying - that's a feature I've always enjoyed in previous Call of Duty games over competitors - I expect it's due to it's console roots. As a long time Call of Duty fan (Call of Duty 1 is still one of my favourites) this was a massive disappointment - the jury is still out on whether I can bring myself to buy Black Ops after this, maybe Treyarch can get it right? After all, I enjoyed World at War, but Modern Warfare 2 had made me lose faith in the brand. Expand
  89. Sep 10, 2011
    Frankly the game's multiplayer was pretty crappy, but to be honest I think most of the bad scores came from Battlefield fanboys who troll all over anything faintly Call of Duty related. Single player was epic and awesome, never got repetitive in a single run although not as replayable as some other shooters (I played it over 4 times though), and the Spec Ops mode was a brilliant idea. Multiplayer was unbalanced but very ambitious as it added many new elements to CoD multiplayer. Spent a lot of time playing it (like around 300 hours), but to be honest it wasn't THAT good, although it is still decent entertainment. All in all it deserves a 9, and it is one of the best shooters I have ever played. Expand
  90. Dec 26, 2010
    When it reaches bargain basement prices it might be worth it for the singleplayer campaign. No dedicated multiplayer servers makes this part of the game an unpleasant experience. The whole tone of the multiplayer experience is cartoony and dumbed down. If you like how consoles handle multiplayer you might enjoy it. But in that case you buy the console version instead of the badly ported PC version...... All the other CODs were all entertaining so I purchased this one without any research or reading any reviews. I feel like I got ripped off. Expand
  91. Dec 27, 2010
    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG WHAT ARE TEH PC NARDS TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!! THIS GAME MAYT BE AS GOOD AS BLACKOPERASHUNS BUT THE GAME HAS AWESOME MAPS AND REALLY COOL WEAPONS LIKE:USP .45 · .44 Magnum · M9 · Desert Eagle · M1911 .45 Machine Pistols PP2000 · G18 · M93 Raffica · TMP Shotguns SPAS-12 · AA-12 · Striker · Ranger · M1014 · Model 1887 · W1200
    AT4 · Thumper · Stinger · Javelin · RPG-7
    Assault Rifles
    M4A1 · FAMAS · SCAR-H · TAR-21 · FAL · M16A4 · ACR · F2000 · AK-47
    Submachine Guns
    MP5K · UMP45 · Vector · P90 · Mini-Uzi
    Light Machine Guns
    L86 LSW · RPD · MG4 · AUG HBAR · M240
    Sniper Rifles
    Intervention · Barrett .50cal · WA2000 · M14 EBR/M21 EBR · Dragunov
    Frag · Semtex · Throwing Knife · Tactical Insertion · Blast Shield · Claymore · C4
    Special Grenades
    Flashbang · Stun · Smoke
    Riot Shield · Knife · Minigun · M2 Browning Machine Gun · M249 SAW · Breaching Charge
    Rapid Fire · Akimbo · Shotgun · Silencer · Heartbeat Sensor · FMJ · Extended Magazines · Grip · Tactical Knife
    Grenade Launchers
    M203 · GP-25
    Weapon Camouflages
    White Tape · Desert · Arctic · Woodland · Digital · Urban · Blue Tiger · Red Tiger · Fall
    ACOG Scope · SUSAT · Thermal Scope · Red Dot Sight · MARS Sight · Holographic Sight · Swarovski Scope
    Unused Weapons
    Remington 870
  92. Jan 3, 2011
    This really surprises me that there are so many dislikes. I love it. The reason I don't give it 10 is that there are no dedicated servers. And there are way too many cheaters online. But, the single player is great and I love it. Overall, the game just needs dedicated servers. I'd suggest it, but not for $59.99.
  93. Jan 1, 2011
    This review is of the SP only.

    I played the SP campaign expecting a good long game. This is what I got: in 5hrs you're done. What a joke. The special ops extra míssion is just something that belongs in an expansion, not in the actual game. The voice acting is really good though and the graphics and overall gameplay is also very good. The way you move and shoot and the
    shouting of orders is well made, but better performed in CoD4. The story however is a joke, something a 12 yo could have come up with and the maps are very linear and repetitive. We've seen it all before and as a standard schwarzenegger shooter it's good, but waay yoo short. Don't waste your cash. Expand
  94. Jan 3, 2011
    i have a great connection and i am playing bad company 2 that is supposed to be "Heavier" than Cod...Bad company 2 is realistic you can blow up walls and demolish whole buildings so you cant hide like in cod!! omg a wooden house is stronger than an Bazooka? if you'll play Bad Company 2 you will throw away this garbage called Call of duty!!the single player is playable but the multi is even worse than the first counter strike!! Expand
  95. Jan 3, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Great Game!
    From last 10 years i have been playing Quake, Unreal, Half-life, Battle Field and many FPS, but most of time Single Player.
    Now with COD MW and COD MW2 i have started playing on-line and i can't stop!
    Great game, even without server, if you have many friends from the same region you will won't experience great delays or lags (But this happen some times :-(
    This game could replace counter-strike in a future :-)
  96. Mar 8, 2011
    I used to love the Call of Duty games up until the industry decided that PC gamers just don't buy games anymore. Now many of the game designers just make games for underpowered and overpriced console systems, and younger PC gamers don't have a clue what PC gaming used to be like or what they are missing out on. Now we all get stuck with overpriced console ports that look like they have the same graphics that games on PC had 3 or 4 years ago, as if the PC version is just an after thought and a way to make some extra cash. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one of those games. The first Call of Duty games were well known for their single player mode, and in Call of Duty 2, the MP was quite good for its time. I bought MW2 when it went on sale (which is not very often for this greedy company- it's still $60 on Steam even AFTER Black Ops came out!). I refuse to pay $60 for a PC game that is simply an after thought, and originally intended to be played on a limited console. First off, I wasn't very impressed at all with single player. It was short, and the story was very boring, as if it was just thrown in there to justify the price. Multiplayer was fun for a little while, but again I got bored because it seemed like there was the one or two guys on top that had the higher ranks all the time that would just blow the crap out of everyone else because they had the better weapons, etc. It didn't look to me like there was much of any match making built into this game, or, if there was, it sure didn't seem to work very well. As I got better guns and skills moving up in the ranks, things did get better for me and less frustrating, but it still got boring after awhile. Zombie mode was fun for a little while, but again it gets boring after awhile when you have no real goal except to see how long you can stay alive the next time you play. There are no dedicated servers in this game, which is just poor, but then this was just a console port and the PC version was an after thought. A couple of DLCs were released for the PC, which were just maps and priced at $15, which to me is just a ridiculous price for a map pack with no added features. What really bugs me is that people will actually pay that high of a price for a map pack! I mean come on, are people THAT stupid!? No wonder they don't give a crap about making a quality game, because no matter how **** they make it people will line up to buy it! Now COD: Black Ops is out, and I refuse to once again pay $60 for that game, after being disappointed with this. Even though Activision must have realized too late what they were missing out on when Steam announced they made a billion dollars selling PC games online, and added dedicated servers to black ops, I think it's too little too late. Activision, has alienated this PC gamer, but they can probably count on the sheep who like the abuse to keep buying your Call of Duty titles for a little while longer, until finally even they will get tired of it. And for years to come they'll have console geeks buying up overpriced games that have no clue what PC gaming is really like. Let us know when you have decided to care about us PC gamers again, Activision. I'll be first in line when a title that is actually worthy of $60 is released by your company-- even at the sale price I bought MW2 for, I feel like I was cheated. Expand
  97. Jan 8, 2011
    Since this was my first Call of Duty game, il give it a break.
    The campaign is great,theres awesome moments,sad ones,epic ones and bit of everything.
    But your allies never do anything but shout "Ramirez,shoot while we scream!!" or "Roach,rush trough a favela full of 2000 angry miltia guys with rpgs,ak47s and mini uzis!"
    The multiplayer is average,with the typical elite noobs
    quickscoping and spraying bullets with akimbo pistols then comes the hearbeat noobs,OMA noobtube;g18 akimbo noobs;commando noobs;ump45 noobs;claymore spam,wallhackers;aimboters and killstreak whores;noob host with instead hitmarkers while the rest of us are lagging like hell and missing every shot
    .You can´t play a single game without these things happening to you
    My advice is to either burn the CD,or go to nearest gun shop purchase lots of ammo and use the CD as a target while pissing on Kotick.
  98. Jan 31, 2011
    Modern Warfare 2; the game that made sure CoD will never use any new content and didn't revolutionize anything. Let us begin with the campaign. The characters of the campaign are forgettable and you probably won't remember them for too long because they are uninteresting and boring. The only character anyone ever seems to remember is Ghost, whom in reality is also a boring character but appeals to younger kids because of his "cool" skull mask. Nothing really interesting, though. The game also has a story to it, but it's so disorganized and poorly written that you probably won't care much for it either. At some parts, it sounds like the developers just asked their 4-year-old children to write a few lines, "Then they go down a big big hill, oh and there's also a bunch of trees that they're going by and then there's a guy in a snowmobile going "pew pew" at you with his guns then he hits a rock and it's like BOOM! then you're going down in the snowmobile too still and you go by a tree then you're on the big slope then you're launched in the air and fly thousands of feet!" ... The campaign is very ugly and mediocre. It has decent to nice graphics, though, but it can't save the game. Moving on to the multiplayer, the multiplayer of MW2 is probably the most unbalanced multiplayer you will ever play. The premise of each round is that you're going to get killstreaks, but the killstreaks are so hideously over-powered that you will literally become an invincible time bomb just ticking away to see how long you get until someone gets lucky and manages to pop one in you if you don't kill the entire team first. You earn one killstreak to kill a few people, which leads to another killstreak that continuously branches off to more and more killstreaks; you pretty much get a bonus to kill more people for already killing people. It's a hideous idea that should never be done in a game and if it does it should at least be done well and balanced, which Infinity Ward failed at doing with the multiplayer. Neither the campaign nor the multiplayer are any good. The single and only redeeming factor about Modern Warfare 2 is the Spec Ops missions, which after a while will become boring, and even then they aren't too great. They are, for the most part, the only little interesting parts from the campaign pasted into one montage that you can play with your friends.
    Don't buy this game, you're only wasting your money.
  99. Feb 23, 2012
    Absolutely fantastic singly player campaign mode. The story and gameplay were spectacular to say the least. I don't care about multiplayer so if you don't either, you will thoroughly enjoy this game.
  100. Feb 5, 2011
    Both this game and Black Ops are probably the most unbalanced shooters I've ever played. What kind of game has guns with amazing rates of fire and insanely great accuracy, or super powerful shots and super reload speeds... It's not how you make a game! The guns should be balanced - if you start this game later than majority of people, you're pretty much in for a **** time, because you can't compete without spending hours upon hours to reach the next stage of multiplayer gameplay. And how do most do this? Camping. It's pathetic - it's like the MAPS WERE DESIGNED FOR CAMPING?!

    Same goes for Black Ops... And my God the community, all these nooby gamers who think they're the **** because they get 10th prestige, yet they don't have the slightest clue about REAL GAMES.

    I did however give this such a generous score because of the fairly O.K graphics. Really though, this is just another mainstream pump-out putting shame to the original C.O.D games. I feel sick just thinking about these games whilst games like Half-Life aren't even heard of by half the idiots who play CoD 6 and Black Ops.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 40 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 40
  2. Negative: 0 out of 40
  1. 91
    The PC version of Modern Warfare 2 is identical to the console versions in almost every way, and that's actually the problem. PC gamers have a certain expectation for online shooters. Removing dedicated server and user mod support from a game that's already $10 more than its predecessor seriously hinders the long term appeal for me.
  2. Modern Warfare 2 will leave you breathless.
  3. It looks better, it plays better, the story is more intense and the multiplayer is more inviting. And with the inclusion of SpecOps, the longevity of this game is sure to have increased as well.