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  1. Positive: 10 out of 21
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  1. Improved menus and controls make it rather less intimidating, and the open-ended nature of the game and the massive range of units, buildings, technologies and strategies on offer means this is one game that you can play time and time again without ever repeating yourself.
  2. 87
    Perhaps the largest impediment in Call to Power II is the build tree, which would more accurately be described as the "build pick-up-sticks."
  3. Hard-core "Civilization" buffs will probably be disappointed in CTP2's lack of evolution of the Civilization series and some of its unbalanced units.
  4. An ideal game for the 4X gamer who prefers managing armies over micromanaging cities. It doesn't quite have the panache of "Civilization II" or the drama of "Alpha Centauri," but it's colorful, relatively fast-paced, and it has that "one more turn" addictiveness that will keep you burning the midnight oil.
  5. Doesn't innovate enough to ever be considered a new classic. Still, it's worth playing while we wait for "Civilization III."
  6. A good Civ game, not revolutionary but more evolutionary, although even at that it seems to pale against the more refined "Alpha Centauri." CTP2 has its charms and if Alpha Centauri alienated you, CTP2 is worthy of any Civ gamer' s time.
  7. A far better game pound for pound that any other Civilization game made. But for a gaming paradigm that has been around for almost ten years, there's no reason for the genre to still be stumbling over the same problems over and over, and that's exactly what's happening here.
  8. Daily Radar
    It offers more than "Civilization 2," but not a lot more. Fighting has been expanded in strategically interesting ways, but additions to diplomacy, technology and interface are primarily cosmetic and flat.
  9. It may not sport the graphical quality of Microsoft’s "Age Of Empires II," but still has all the elements of a good program, built to be user-friendly.
  10. Da Gameboyz
    Everything improves slowly, and so those who do not possess patience should find another outlet. Only the most patient and capable of leaders will emerge as the supreme ruler of the planet.
    What the original was intended to be - but it's still no "Alpha Centauri." [Feb 2001, p.78]
  12. This sequel doesn't bring anything revolutionary, but it certainly leaves an impression of a completed project. I believe that the authors meant to make the first part look like this.
  13. An interesting take on a classic concept, but as with many reinterpretations of canonical standards, it isn't better than its source material.
  14. Spank!
    Nothing particularly innovative, but like an old joke we've heard many times before, its familiarity is rather comforting.
  15. Vastly improves on the original "Civilization: Call to Power" but still falls far short of the original, original "Civilization" series.
  16. It has an intuitive interface and eliminates the time-consuming micromanagement within each city that made every other game in the series so drawn out.
  17. CNET Gamecenter
    It still feels like a "Civilization II" knockoff at times, rather than its own game. As such, it should pacify fans until "Civ III" comes out.
  18. Simply too little, too late... When compared against some of the established leaders in strategy games, Call to Power II falls glaringly short and if you're looking to purchase a new strategy game, your money would probably be better spent elsewhere.
  19. 60
    I'm not too excited about it, but there's enough going on for me to keep it on my hard drive past the time spent reviewing it.
  20. 60
    Simply lacks the focus and emotional engagement that would lift it out of mediocrity.
  21. Activision has copied the gameplay of Civilisation, but the designers just aren't good enough to infuse it with the magic. Even if they had done, enough already! Do something new!
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 16 Ratings

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  1. Dec 15, 2015
    This sequel to Call to Power 1 adds more units and more features to the game but doesn't fix the almost gamebreaking flaws of the originalThis sequel to Call to Power 1 adds more units and more features to the game but doesn't fix the almost gamebreaking flaws of the original (overpowered ranged units in army battles, overpowered special units), resulting in another average Civilization-inspired 4x game. Full Review »
  2. Ben
    Aug 18, 2001
    I like it. Any lover of civilization would really love it.