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  1. Apr 30, 2011
    Beautiful game. The hand-drawn environments show a sense of care to 2D games that only a few other devs have matched (Braid). It is very rare to feel like you have been drawn in rather than just watching your character do things on the screen, but the Alientrap devs have gone above and beyond this. The short little tutorial at the beginning is straightforward and controls are easy to grasp after a little practice. Sometimes the controls can be a little tough if you aren't quite used to them yet, though they become second nature in time. The game introduces new elements very straightforwardly, allowing you to figure out what they do on their own rather than telling you, which keeps the element of discovery fresh in every level. They use this same concept for the enemies.

    The level design is great, providing secrets like in retro 2Ders to discover which will give you a buff or extra life. There is no map or compass, adding to the genuine "Lost and stranded" theme of the game.

    If this wasn't enough to convince you to grab it, go check the demo out on Steam!
  2. Apr 30, 2011
    Nice little indie platformer. The graphics and music are cool and original, the guns are neat, and it's overall a nice package. It's only 5-6 hours long for the main game, but that's typical for a game of this genre and this price. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone who likes 2D platformers. Check out the demo on Steam and check the forums there if you want to know more before buying. The developer is active on the Steam forums and already working on patches etc., which is a big plus. Expand
  3. Jul 6, 2011
    What a wonderful little game. Appropriately challenging, and moderately addicting. Great art direction. Great atmosphere. Hostile world that feels scary despite the somewhat pleasing ambiance of it. Unique and beautiful.
  4. Sep 8, 2013
    In the first few levels, this game is what you'd expect. It's an action platformer, where you shoot aliens as you grapple from platform to platform. Simple enough. Then you get to level 6. After this the difficulty shoots through the roof. Pretty much anything can kill you in 2 or 3 hits. There are traps left and right, with no true way of solving them. You have to use this game's clunky grapple system to utilize items to get your way through these poorly designed puzzles. And then there's the enemies. The enemies become smaller. And smaller. And smaller. Until they become almost impossible to shoot. This game becomes a living nightmare to play, and brings no entertainment value whatsoever in the later areas. It wasn't worth it at all. Expand
  5. May 9, 2011
    Fun, it's the best word to describe this game with. The beautiful graphics lend themselves perfectly to the physics engine, one of the better indie games this year.
  6. Jul 16, 2011
    This wonderful little platformer is very enjoyable. I really dig the atmosphere, sound, and feel of the game. Itâ
  7. Dec 25, 2012
    Perhaps the game's most redeeming qualities from my view are the fantastic soundtrack and very unique style of graphics. When combined, those two qualities give a nice, atmospheric feel to the game and you do truly feel like you're on another planet. I also enjoyed the impressive arsenal of weaponry that the player can use throughout the game, as each weapon was unique and interesting. The enemies were somewhat diverse and interesting as well. Having said all that, why a score of 7? Well, despite these impressive qualities, Capsized has a few noticeable downfalls. First and foremost are the controls. Most of the time it was impossible to actually -control- the playable character the way you wanted to. Whenever you moved, it seemed like he'd always glide, slide, or float away. I know the setting is a planet with a low gravity, but still, when I want him to stop, I expect him to stop, otherwise moving around and especially aiming at the enemies becomes a nightmare. And yes, aiming was already tricky to begin with since the crosshair's sensitivity is strange and some of the time it blends in with the background, so you don't even see where you're shooting until you start seeing your bullets fly out of your gun. I tried to play with a gamepad as well, but that doesn't make it any easier. Another issue I want to tackle is concerning the gameplay. I noticed the difficulty was a bit unbalanced. The first 2-3 levels were really easy and then suddenly on the next level after that the difficulty goes way up. Most of the challenge seemed to involve you taking a step into a wide open area only to suddenly be swarmed by dozens of enemies from all sides, one of which would always grab you and drag you to another corner of the map, making sure to aggravate every other enemy on the map in the process. I admit that can be fun at times, especially if you want to mess around and see how many enemies you can kill before they grind you into pieces, but that doesn't really translate to a good gameplay. And lastly I'll also mention that for some unknown reason the game crashes when I try to load the final level. Everything worked perfectly and the game played fine in the first 11 stages, but the last stage consistently crashes to desktop whenever I try to play it. I checked for some fixes online, and I saw that there were other people who had the same issue as well, but so far no solutions whatsoever. Overall Capsized is not a bad game. It's well worth a try, because it does not fail to deliver on the fun aspect (even if it is short lived), and apart from the campaign, there are also other features, such as deathmatch against bots, and so on (although you have to unlock those features by doing well on the campaign), but despite having a good presentation and basics of gameplay, there is nothing much else to the game. If you're expecting miracles or hours of gameplay, you won't find them here. Expand
  8. Jul 3, 2011
    This game is a beautiful 2D indie game, every part of it is hand-drawn, it eschews bright, flashy colours in favour of blues, greens and subdued yellows and combined with the soundtrack it comes across as sombre and haunting. Without requiring dialogue it portrays in comic strip panels a group of astronauts who crash land on an alien planet and must struggle to survive an environment that is hostile to them in every way.

    It is also intensely atmospheric, as you take damage the screen cracks, there is no regenerating health bar so it stays that way until you find a medkit (or several). The puzzles are physics based and are not exceptionally challenging, the combat is robust and the selection of hi-tech weapons are fun to use, each with their own different alternate fire mode. Power ups and secrets scattered throughout the levels change the game significantly, from a swarm of nanites that attack onscreen enemies, to anti-grav boost, or a super shield that provides invulnerability to non-self inflicted attacks to regenerating jetpack fuel.

    The enemies are also diverse and often camouflaged as part of the scenery making it even more surprising when they leap out at you. Levels where you navigate alien tombs filled with Indiana Jones-esque traps are exciting, and the spore levels where the gravity is much lighter keep things enjoyably fresh. It's a short game (maybe 5-6hrs tops) but encourages multiple playthroughs to attain better scores on each level and achievement unlocks. You can also play it co-op - which is a rarity these days and there are a variety of modes including death match, survival and others for those that want it.

    I didn't get much replay value out of it personally, but it left a strong impression on me. It's a cheap game, well worth the $10 USD it normally sells for, even for a single playthrough. The developers have made a solid game that is short and sweet, if the developers released DLC in the form of a level pack or more challenges, I would definitely purchase them. But their core product proves that less is more, and by not over-complicating things you can get noticed and make an impression. Buy this game.
  9. Apr 22, 2012
    The game is beautiful. But if you are looking for something more than visuals - look somewhere else. This game is a simple sidescroller - nothing more unfortunately, even if you factor in the physics engine. Weapon system is awkward - why make it so hard to choose a weapon? Unlike BRAID - this game is just a sidescroller with pretty graphics.
  10. Jun 23, 2012
    I bought this game back when it first came out and I feel compelled to write a review now, over a year later, because of the sad fact that I have yet to be able to play it. I have spent several hours attempting to get this game to run, only to have it crash before loading every time. I have tried to run it on 3 separate computers, all of which are well above the system requirements and have hit the same problem every time. None of the "fixes" on the Steam and developer forums have helped at all and the developer seems to have given up on this well-known issue. Avoid this game and this developer! "Indie" isn't an excuse for releasing a sub-standard and non-functional product. Expand
  11. Mar 9, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I would give an easy 7.5 for this game, but (SPOILERS AHEAD SAILOR!!!!) the final boss made it go down to a 6.

    Only made an metacritic account because of the final stage of this game. It's final boss it's absolutelly ridiculous. It feels like they didn't play it themselves. First of all, the "no gravity" factor it's cool, but the whole game you been trying to master the maneuverability of your character and that counts for NOTHING on the final level/boss. The scenary you are at is also not suitable for a boss fight of this proportion. The dude is huge and the place doesn't give you space enough to try and dodge his attacks been forced to either throw em back or wasting your flamethrower's secondary fire. Also, he "hides" behind the maps structure, where you cannot hit him. He just stops there and start spaming minions and, btw, that is the only time you can actually do damage to him (on the second creature that is). The last form/creature exploding projectile is a bad taste joke. You can't barelly pick it up, he is already tossing another one at you.

    Okay, overall, I had fun. The 3 first stages are bloody easy, and then it suddenly got realy hard. It's ok, I like hard games, i'm a battletoads fan, but, Capsized makes me feel like, doesn't matter what I do, I will need luck to beat the final boss, not skill. It's hard to say good things abuout this game been so mad at it as I am right now, but it deserves some credict on a phew aspects. The enviroment is AMAZING, Until you get used to the surroundings, you start shotting everything that moves, 'cause everthing feels hostile in this planet. Which is good in my opinion, because, well, it's an unkown alien planet, it SHOULD feel that unpredictable. The music is also cool, although after a while I got tired of it, I think it might please most of the people who play the game.
    Weapons, well, they are cool and I can't say that they don't serve different purposes, but I used the first weapon through most of the game (it's secondary fire is amazing).

    Well, it's an nice game on the visuals, but kinda "ok" on the gameplay on my vision. One thing I am sure of: I am NEVER EVER buying a game from Alien Trap again because of that enerving boss fight.
  12. Jun 20, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It's a good looking game. Cool ideas for weapons and power-ups. Physics are fun at first but became awkward pretty quickly. Forgot to use the jet-pack half the time, didn't really need it with such low gravity
    Controls were difficult to get used to.


    Didn't complete the game because of it. Maybe I'm just not good enough, either way it took away from the experience.
  13. Jun 13, 2011
    what small explanation: nostalgic game-play bla bla... It´s not at all commercial trash! It´s really hard competition to play !) Somehow Capsized has soul and a lot of fun & amazing! music ! & sounds. I ´m very positive with the control for the Xbox pad, which makes the movings very fluently good looking . Worth every Cent & tHanX to the 2 developers...Hope for more of ´em... Expand
  14. May 3, 2011
    Review in french: Super jeu! Moment très fun passé sur ce jeu qui se joue et se rejoue! Jeu de plate-forme 2D, jeu d'action, la prise en main est un peu difficile au début, puis une fois qu'on maîtrise toutes les subtilités, c'est génial!
  15. May 27, 2011
    Capsized is a seriously artistic game. The visuals are amazing, and I can't help but play the campaign over and over because it's so addicting. Not unlike games like Braid and Machinarium, I feel like I'm playing a giant painting when I play this game. Bravo.
  16. Nov 1, 2011
    Using the engine and also spawned the free game called Soldat, Capsized offers immense graphics and action along with customized music to create a whole new perspective. Whereas the game's difficulty can be quite deceiving and the monsters quite aggressive. Capsized will continuously test you throughout the immersive campaign, and thus offering considerable challenges to those who are looking for them. Expand
  17. Aug 26, 2011
    Be aware that the game's music does not work for me, and for some others (check the Steam forum). It seems to also prevent the game's end credits from being displayed. It's a good game, but those two music related bugs are too serious to overlook. Despite that very serious bug, Capsized manages to charm with its artwork and action packed levels. It is of adequate length, without getting too repetitive. The physics of the game, in addition to the artwork is also a memorable highlight in this indie title. It took me about 6 hours to complete. Expand
  18. Dec 28, 2013
    A fun little game, I just wish it were longer (took me about 2.5hr to complete). It has well balanced difficulty and (partly granted because of its short length) new things to introduce pretty consistently throughout the game. It has a cool concept and is a good game to get if it's on sale, and you don't want to commit too much to playing through a long and tough game. I got it on sale so it was a good buy, if it's full price I may say to skip it, since it's just not enough play time for $9.99. Interesting story though, and definitely was enjoyable while it lasted. Expand
  19. Apr 4, 2012
    Unplayable. I've been trying to get it to work for hours, but it does nothing but crash to the desktop. A quick look at the Steam forums shows it's an all too common event with no fix in sight from the developers. Unacceptable, but at least I didn't spend too much to find out the developer is inept.
  20. Aug 8, 2012
    Even though the physics-based gameplay can be clumsy or frustrating at times, Capsized still offers an enjoyable platforming adventure. Local co-op/deathmatch and Steam achievements leave much more to do after the 6h completion time.
  21. Nov 25, 2012
    Terrific little game. Atmosphere is terrific, soundtrack is perfect, guns feel fun to use and art style is great although does get repetitive and could have used some variety towards the end. Fun gameplay with varied enemies. One of the better indie games Ive played, definitely recommend.
  22. Jul 6, 2014
    This looked like an awesome game, and I bet it is an awesome game full of fun and wonder, but sadly, two things absolutely ruined the entire experience for me to the point where I had to turn off the game.

    1. Enemies relative to your surroundings - Look how long I played this game. At the time of me typing this, it was 26m. In 26m, I felt so incredibly disoriented whenever I had an
    enemy near me in side of a wall or a cave in a fairly dark place, and yes, WITH THE FLASHLIGHT ON, and I could never see where they are due to foreground objects of them looking just like the scenery. It's not fair to have tiny enemies with giant foreground aesthetic bullcrap covering them! There are also plenty of ranged enemies that get an unfair shot at you before you even know they're there and give you no time to react to a shot coming from seemingly nowhere. It's ridiculous!

    2. The controls - The enemies were one thing, but the controls is the sole reason I cannot recommend this game to anyone, and the main reason being that you have 3 "Up" or "Ascend" commands. You have "Jump", "Up", and "Jetpack". One thing to keep in mind for game design is that "Jump" and "Up" are NOT the same command, yet unfortunately for me, Alientrap Games disagrees. So, when I'm trying to, say, go up in a manner that doesn't involve jumping, I obviously hold up (the original jump control, which I mapped to spacebar, along with the Jetpack), only to realize, oh right, jump and up are the same button. The jetpack is another thing that's an absolute mess because typically in games, jetpack is a form of "secondary jump" or activates from a "double jump". Having it be its own button is very awkward, so I set it to jump. Alright, no biggie. Every time I want to jump or use the jetpack, it's just the same button now. But no! The fact that Up and Jump are the same button not only makes me use jetpack fuel every time I want to go up or jump, but also does the reverse when I just want to jetpack lightly, I'll go rocketing upward because it makes me jump when I'm too close to the ground, and if jump isn't mapped to the jetpack, the entire control scheme feels incredibly awkward.

    A dishonorable mention I'd like to finish my negative review on is the jetpack itself. Level 1, you're given a jetpack that has unlimited fuel, but can only be used in short bursts then needs to recharge. Completely understandable and a good mechanic, but, oh wait, now I start level 2 and I have no jetpack? Oh, I find jetpack fuel and... ... it doesn't replenish...? WHY would you introduce a "recharging" jetpack mechanic in level 1 if in the VERY next level (that didn't pull a Metroid Prime of "you lost your jetpack") would you make me need to continuously collect fuel?! That's so stupid! I don't know if you get an unlimited jetpack later, and frankly, I don't care. If you do, it cancels out this last paragraph, but it's downright insane to introduce "recharging" to immediately say "lol jk now collect fuel".

    Now onto the positives: The atmosphere and visuals are absolutely beautiful and stylized. Similar to Metroid, you really get the feel that you're alone on this alien planet looking for your crew (at least that's what I got from playing 4 levels). Honestly, when I wasn't getting screwed by the aesthetics with enemies blending into it, I was stunned by how gorgeous it looked. On top of that, the soundtrack is a joy to listen to and further emphasizes that you're on some uncharted alien planet, full of vegetation and whatnot.

    Overall score, I'd have to give it a 4, which is for the gameplay, music, and visuals, while the controls and blending-into-the-scenary-enemies cuts down a lot of points. If the controls weren't half-broken, I'd probably give it around an 8, give or take the 7-9 range depending on what's to come. Sadly, because the controls feel so crippled, I'll never know what's coming up.
  23. Jul 30, 2013
    Oh look, it's a platformer! Just one more indie game to follow the trend. Platformers are cheap to make and don't require a lot of investment. What sets this one apart are the great graphics and music. Otherwise, it's just a platformer like all the other ones that came before it. And many will probably follow.
  24. Jun 20, 2013
    Got it on steam from a Bundle and it is a very nice surprise for me.
    I didn't finish it yet but so far it's quite fun, rich gameplay mechanics, very good music and a very enjoyable atmosphere.
    If you like adventure and explorations games, and sci-fi universes, I totally recommend it!
  25. Jun 10, 2013
    Capsized in an exceptional platformer with well integrated exploration and plenty of alien blasting. The game is also extremely well done on iOS and mirrors the play of the PC version very well. I highly recommend the game it hours and hours worth of great gameplay.
  26. Jul 20, 2013
    What stands out in Capsized is the joyous, bouncy locomotion through multiple means (running, jumping, grappling, jetpacking) that all blend together seamlessly, with surprisingly easy control. This is only hampered by a few moments of frustration where precision is required of the player than the system can provide. Level design, these moments aside, is solid, although secret areas could have been handled better. Finding entrances to these requires exhaustively shooting walls over a wide area.

    The structure is interesting in that equipment is crucial but none carries over between levels, making each a mini exploration quest of its own.

    The hand-drawn backgrounds impress, while the game graphics underwhelm with poor animation & visibility issues. In presentation, the soundtrack really shines, succeeding better than any other aspect at keeping up the pace.

    Combat is fun where aggression is rewarded & thus it integrates smoothly with locomotion, but in places where more caution is required, the enemies' own lack of aggression shows. The AI is negligible: flying enemies don't pathfind, getting stuck behind walls more often than not; an enemy with LOS to the player stands in one spot shooting forever; enemies routinely kill each other with friendly fire as more an oversight than actual mechanic.

    Overall a decent little package, with emphasis on "little".
  27. Jul 21, 2013
    OK. First of first this is a good action platform game, but not an excellent one.
    It has an awesome soundtrack and a great art design which create the feeling that you are truly on an alien planet.
    On the other hand the game suffer on gameplay part. The control of the character is difficult most of the time and it can become frustrating sometimes. Also the aiming has the same issue. I
    always have the feeling that the character is very....."slippery". But you have a nice weapon collection you can use to pulverize any form of life on the damn alien planet :)
    The story is almost absent and the game is extremely short.
    So, I think this game should be played for the most part by side-scrolling-platform-action fans.
  28. Aug 4, 2013
    Reminds me a lot of the old flash game heli-attack only with a great soundtrack and beautiful backdrop, however using green enemies on a green background with clunky controls make this game feel like doing chores at an art school gallery 6.5/10

Generally favorable reviews - based on 19 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 19
  2. Negative: 0 out of 19
  1. Dec 21, 2011
    Capsized is a surprise. A good and unexpected indie suprise that shows great art with a captivating gameplay without forgetting a great co-op. It may be a little bit too short or too difficult for some less experienced players.
  2. 80
    Brilliant independent platformer excels with its hand-made graphics, atmospheric music score and sophisticated physics. [July 2011]
  3. Jul 10, 2011
    A beautiful and rewarding action adventure. [Aug 2011, p.65]