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  1. Ndi
    Jun 19, 2014
    What a shoddy build this is.

    Good premise, initially, but it feels like it's been built by a single kid in a couple of nights. Severely
    unbalanced gameplay is possible if you have unlucky draws, and, while such is the nature of the card game, nothing is done to mitigate this. I have lost as many as 5 matches in a row because the opponent simply drew like God himself.

    Several issues plague the game:

    * ONE SONG. The battle features a sum total of one song, on a loop. It's a good song, but nobody can eat a tub of icecream. Come on. 5 minutes in, I ended up cutting the music.

    * Stupid UI. The game has enabled a path for me to navigate, but it also enabled another, much higher path, unwinnable, frustrating. Guess which one was on screen and which one was off. Yes. Cue the frustration on the second battle of the game.

    * No difficulty curve. AI simply gets reversed in the tutorial, so it places cards the obvious wrong way. Then it is set to right side up, in which case it is darned easy to hit a killer opponent and smash into a wall. Wghich brings me to

    * No mitigation. For example, game got uninstalled because I hit an opponent that has a small, ~20 card deck, and almost half of it is rotating cards, and half is rare and epic damage cards. So, rotater in center, place-to-damage-opponent card in corners, wait. Rotater-damage-damage combo shaves 5 damage into a 7 health in the first 3-4 cards. That's it, lose, lose, lose. And because of linear progression, there is no way for me to improve my deck significantly.

    This is a frustrating mess of a game. Yes, if you get a good roll you're set. In which case, it's too easy. It has revive cards, but if your opponent has a good enough deck, those are a glass of water into a forest fire. AI can fire off a combo that does 3 damage, disables one card and rotates another, which is a ****** win. At the very best, you have 8 slots left, 2 health and nothing on the board. At worst, you have an almost filled and screwed board. And I've seen the computer do this 3 times in a row in the first 5-6 cards. So, nice deck.

    Story is weak, with silly characters, no depth and, worse of all, BY FAR, is that you kinda need to read the cheesy dialogue, because it tells you where to head next. Which means that you have to endure the mocking of a schoolgirl repeatedly because the RNG delt you a bad hand. You can skip and be sorry. Seriously, there are games that do this well, like Runespell: Overture. Pres "esc" to skip, even though the dialogue has options. Just keep hitting Esc and your character will lead you to glory. You don't want a story? Fine. Not here though. You can skip by tapping mouse, but that only skips one line, so you hammer it, and when dialogue is done, you've hit a button that pops without warning and fire it AGAIN!

    Oh dear. Poor resolution, poor mechanics, unconstrained RNG, cliff-class difficulty curve, no crutch mechanic or difficulty setting, heck, the only thing it has going for it is the price. Which, IMO, is not enough.

    If you live on frustration, and unequivocally LOVE card games, heck, it's 4Euro. Or 4$, because why not. Otherwise, there are way, WAY better games out there.
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  2. Feb 17, 2014
    this game doesn't have a story. but for not having a story, this game really sets the boundary for a card game! with its funny characters and witty dialogue, not only is this game fun, it is a game everyone can enjoy :) Full Review »