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  1. Sep 30, 2012
    this game is the very essence of good idea, poor execution. the idea of a combined action-rts game set in a huge open world with the objective of complete dominance is brilliant, and would make for a great game.. if done right. unfortunately, carrier command does not do it right.

    to begin, you have 2 types of units, one aircraft and the other a tank-style vehicle, of which you can have
    a maximum of 4 each. you have the option of selecting one vehicle and piloting it yourself action game style, while the others can "assist" you using the AI. or you can use the game's map to plot courses for all your vehicles, RTS style. here's where the game's biggest problems come in. firstly, the controls are clunky. you would expect the controls to be more responsive, and on par with other action games. secondly and most importantly, the AI is downright idiotic. the path that the AI selects at times takes your vehicles as far off course as possible. sometimes, the pathfinding routines will change mid-travel, and result in the vehicles driving around in circles. on several occasions, AI controlled allies continued ramming into destroyed enemy vehicles until they exploded.

    the enemy AI, as well, is fairly stupid. at times, they would completely ignore you while you drive over them. their range of detection is abysmal, oftentimes not detecting you until you are directly in front of them. the AI also does not use any tactic other than attempting to swarm you with large numbers of cannon fodder.

    bottom line with this game is, wait for a patch. as it stands, it's a jumbled mess. this game had potential, and an interesting premise. but the poor execution and horrible AI make it almost unplayable.
  2. Sep 30, 2012
    Game was a nice idea, seemed kinda promising, initially had the awkward controls but i got over but, but I only have one comment for this game, the AI, IS, F**KING, STUPID

    And it completely ruined the gameplay, not worth your money, dont buy it
  3. Sep 30, 2012
    The Idea behind the game is great and the graphics are very good, however the playability is almost non existent. This is all down to the poor AI that seems to have come from the 80s where it was still being developed. The enemy's AI is nearly perfect but your own isn't even able to tell the difference between a road and a wall. It has a hard time hitting the enemies with certain weapons or doesn't fire at them at all. Path finding its poor, it likes to get stuck on rocks, trees, walls and even take the longest route it can find. It also struggles to can line-of-sight on the enemies it targets, especially with the mantas air units. It will just hover in one spot with a wall in the way rather than move to the other side and begin shooting. It often floats above the targeted unit, where its unable to shoot it. This isn't a problem for the enemy AI which can shoot you from across the map.

    The interface for the game needs work as well. The ability to send units to different location is good, if it didn't get confused with whether its sending all of them, some of them, or not going to until you execute the command manually. You can dock all the units very easily in one press, but can not dock a single unit with out "going around the houses" to do so.

    Graphics are very good though, not the best but are still good to look at. The trees, water and land are detailed well. The units all have good details to them. Difficulty of this is debatable. Some times it is so easy you and just go through it with your eyes shut. Other times it is near impossible with enemies having weapons and armour FAR in advance of your own, even when the island says its weak defence.

    Story to the game is alright, nothing too hard to understand. You start as a first person shooter, which is very easy to deal with, but only plays a small part of the game. The game introduces new elements when going to each island, so learning curve is good.

    My conclusion is that although the idea behind the game is fantastic the AI is so poor that you will probably stop playing after 6 hours. If they can fix this to correct the errors in path finding and attacking then i would rate this game at around the 8 or 9 mark. But until then it is nearly unplayable.
  4. Dec 30, 2012
    I've been watching this since it was first announced. I noticed it on steam today and downloaded the xbox 360 demo mission to give it a whirl. I love strategy games and I wa shoping this would give me something to do when I wasn't in the mood for Empire Total War or Halo 4. No. So first the good

    The concept is fun incarnate. You travel a world with a futuristic aircraft carrier
    launching military assaults on enemy strong holds. Sweet. The Bad (and boy there is alot)

    I made a metacritic account because when I first saw the metacritic review there was only the one user review rating this a 9. No way. This game is fundamentally broken. The controls feel awful to start with. They somehow manage to feel jerky and unresponsive at the same time on the Xbox 360 version. Maybe its a bit better on PC. FPS mode is the worst. I just sprayed and prayed for the most part. Perhaps thats what they made the enemy foot soldiers so weak. If they had any amount of health you would never be able to kill them. The tanks and mantus planes aren't much better despite being a larger segment of the actual gameplay. The physical layout of the controls on the 360 controller is beyond unintuitive. I've played the 360s arsenal of strategy games, from Halo Wars to EndWar to Tropico 3 and 4. The controls never feel as fluid as they do on PC but I never expect them to. In all the above cases the developers managed to create a controller scheme that at least made sense and functioned even if it wasn't as good as a keyboard and mouse. In this case I constantly found myself button mashing looking for things as silly as select (who makes select down on the d pad instead of A. A has been the default select button for every game I can think of for xbox since the early 2000's why change it now?) In short even when you can find the controls the results will be less then steller.

    The voice acting was garbage. Some parts were narrated in a very bland uninspired manner other parts were just text blocks (glitching maybe). Theres nothing else to say about it. At a time when video games are getting orchestras and professional voice actors a game with the voice acting quality of the original Starcraft (generous example) in just unnaceptable. The graphics are nothing to write home about. At the end of the console life cycle and considering what we've seen Mass Effect 3, Skyrim and Halo 4 do on the 360 there isn't any reason for this to look like a 360 launch title graphically. I know a console isn't a PC so I don't expect PC style graphics but this is beyond rediculous. The enemy AI is terrible. But since your AI allies are equally as bad the playing field is somewhat levelled. Enemy AI shows up in the same place no matter how you approach (is it too much to ask for slightly less then on invisible rails AI in 2012?) Your own AI needs constant direction in order to operate. I don't mind directing forces but so far as I can tell you can't even tell an ally to advance to an objective and engage along the way. Instead you tell them to move in spits and spurts every few seconds with you. I consider a game that functions but isn't fun a five. I consider a game that functions but isn't to my taste a 6-7 and above. To me below 5 means the game is fundamentally unplayable. In this case 20 minutes into a game I was quite excited for I threw down the controller in disgust and signed up on Metacritic to help save someone else from playing this. While you could certainly force yourself through it (with a lot more will power then I have) I would never pay to play it. I'd never play it for fun. In short the less then stellar graphics and voice acting combined with sloppy frustrating controls and inexcusably bad AI all adds up to turn a game that with only one or two of these problems could have been a servicable 6 or 7 into a pathetic 3.
  5. Oct 22, 2012
    Once again another franchise destroyed by a developer not really willing to put the time into it.

    If you were to get past the awful, tear-jerking pathing of your tanks - which are a huge part of the early game - which I know MANY people are complaining about and thus leave the game at this point.

    However, you would NOT get past the fact that the game crashes constantly which as you
    know in an RTS which only saves at the start of each mission (island) can lose you an hour of gameplay at a time.

    Completely unforgivable treatment of this old franchise.

    Having gone to the forums of this company to complain I was also greeted by a so called "moderator" who locked the thread after trolling it himself - the worst customer service on the planet.

    Give this one a miss I am sad to say.
  6. Sep 29, 2012
    While the graphics are mediocre at best what truly makes this game miserable is the AI on your team.
    You would think a simple command like assist would tell your other tanks to well assist... I have one derp tank 600 meters away rolling into a wall, one is doing circles because some troop popped out of a barrack, and one tank is actually doing what its supposed to.. but then it tries to
    get updated route instructions and fails. The game also seems to pride itself on repetition. Never in my life have I seen a game repeat objectives so quickly (go hack this... but wait... there are 2 gate consoles that must be unlocked at the same time). I finally just said forget this game, guess I wont get my moneys worth and un-installed it. Expand
  7. Oct 13, 2012
    I can only say; DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! IT IS NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY! AI does not work, you send an unit and it gets stuck somewhere 99% of the time.. I want my money back!
  8. Nov 10, 2012
    This game seriously sucks. It looks promising, and the idea was brilliant, but the AI is incredibly stupid. It cant even understand simple orders like "go here". I tested this by pointing a tank in the correct direction manually and telling to drive 100m down a straight road. Instead it did a left turn and rammed into a wall, backed up, and continued to run into the wall for 6 minutes, when i got bored and manually drove it to its destination. The comcept is good, but the game itself needs a LOT of work. Definately not worth $49.99. Also a little variety would be appreciated, after 5 missions you get a serious sense of deja'vu because theres only 2 or 3 different sets of objectives. This was an extremely disappointing game. Expand
  9. Oct 13, 2012
    After playing the game further, I have noticed that the game has no ability to discern missions, and after revisiting and earlier area later in the game, I heard all the mission text and my units wouldn't work properly. Shortly after this, the game simply crashed. I've had repeated CTDs, and I spent most of the campeign trying to chase away an enemy carrier from my islands (it doesn't play by the same rules, so it's virtually impossible to even really slow down). It was from attempting to recapture earlier islands that I found the aforementioned bug. Pros: Game style, GUI, concept, game setup
    Cons: Horrid AI, engine, campaign errors, frustrating missions (due to stupid things, not difficulty), no Multiplayer, confusing combat (again, not in a good way)

    3DJuegos said it best: The game has fantastic ideas, but they are all extremely poorly implemented.
  10. Nov 30, 2012
    Appreciate the mix of tank, aircraft, FPS and RTS play, if.. You have the patience to get there. Animation is outdated by 15 years at least, worst AI EVER !! Totally recommend to AVOID THIS GAME ! Don't even try it for free, it pissed me off more than I had fun.
  11. Oct 8, 2012
    After seeing this in its development phase on vid clips i was quite looking forward to it..... i cant help but feel slightly disappointed by the finished product. I dont usually part with the price they are asking for this on steam, but i gambled and i didnt come out on top. The good points - interesting concept if you havent come across it before mixing RTS style with first person perspective. pretty nice graphics on high-ish settings, environments look quite nice and reasonably enjoyable play for the first few hours. Now the bad points, yes, not many good points i know - An interesting concept but pretty poorly executed in the sense that you cannot just concentrate on RTS side of it for instance, even thou they claimed you would be able to, as like other people have said the AI is shocking. units spinning, getting stuck in pretty darn stupid locations like an odd tree by the side of the road, hits it, reverses to turn around.... nope forward again hitting the tree, again and again i timed it at 9mins and had to intervene. Also sending my units back to the carrier and they decided to take the long way round the island, change their mind and decide to go through an enemy base aaaand you have another 4 walrus's in the building que. this in itself spoils the very essence of the gameplay. Its a great concept but it is un finished. alot of polishing to do, they must of known about this issue as its pretty major. so dont get why they would release the product in this state just to patch it after, dont release it in the first place until its fixed. It also gets a bit repetitive for my liking, dont get me wrong the campaign is pretty interesting but its the same sort of thing for every island and because AI is not as it should be it takes the depth out of the game. It also jumps to elements of FPS like in the first mission, big no no for me the FPS side of it really could of been left out. The voice acting is a bit poor too, bit corny for my liking.

    Summary - Interesting concept but extremely poorly implemented and executed, it is not worth the money it is on steam and for the price i want to get the most out of the game and im afraid you cant. but like i said it was good for a couple of hours but i haven't played it since, wait a while for the price to fall, for the bugs to be fixed and the AI and i would recommend it, right now thou i would use your money on something else.
  12. Sep 22, 2013
    I really wanted to love this game, but sadly i cannot. This game looks great and feels fun, but that's where it ends. AI is so poor it makes it almost unplayable at certain points. In many missions you are required to rely on AI support but most of the time they will either fire upon YOU or drive of into nothingness. Its a shame, but this game requires so much AI support it is too hard to play with such poor execution Expand
  13. Oct 3, 2013
    Well this game had potential, it could have been great but it was killed by poor path finding that will drive you mad and voice acting that will make you cry. I don't always look for brilliant voice acting in a game but I at least expect something that is half decent. This game is barely playable because of the frustrating AI I wouldn't recommend it at all.
  14. Oct 29, 2013
    A really bad game, I must say. I am struggling to find what things are good in this game.

    The tutorials are there, but it's not explaining enough. To control 2 units, you need to have the 2nd unit somehow "follow" you, which they do stupidly. They will stuck in things, or fight things you should avoid. I think there's no logic also why it needs two APCs to fix something.

    The only
    great thing in this game is only its concept. And its unit graphics. The carrier looks fantastic, the APC and the fliers looks great, but the game is not. Expand
  15. Sep 10, 2014
    I was very enthusiastic about this game, having played the original when it came out.

    While the overall application of the game has been performed well and the graphics and interface are all good, my game experience was ruined by the AI. The pathing has a lot of problems and the combat AI is very unreliable.

    An example of the combat AI. Having 4 mantas (with machine guns) and 3
    walruses (lasers and grenade launcher) I sent an armoured walrus into a base to draw out enemy. A single grenade walrus was in the base so I lured him out. The other vehicles watched while it destroyed the lure vehicle, even as it drove straight passed them.

    After being fired upon for a while the walruses decided to move about a bit, rocking in little circles until they where all destroyed.

    A big shame, as otherwise this game could have been great.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 23
  2. Negative: 3 out of 23
  1. 76
    A.I. problems and hollow FPS segments aside, CC:GM offers a kind of gameplay that we don’t see that much these days. It remains faithful to the original Carrier Command, modernizing the basic recipe with an improved interface and meticulous tutorial, and grants complete freedom to the player, in game-changing decisions. [November 2012]
  2. Jan 23, 2013
    The patch fixed the awful route AI, and now the game is OK'ish, but somewhat bland. What it still most needs is more speed, both for the game and vehicles, and much less waiting. The FPS parts are as awful as Mr. Myrik's nasal British accent. [Jan 2013]
  3. Dec 17, 2012
    Terrible AI, poor controls and questionable design decisions. [Jan 2013, p.66]