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  • Summary: Chessmaster 9000 builds on the strong foundation of its predecessors by adding many new tools to help players master the game of chess, including a new course on the Psychology of Competition by International Master Josh Waitzkin, a new Endgame Quiz from five-time chess champ and Grand Master Larry Evans, and a new Blunder Alert feature that immediately notifies players of better moves when they move their pieces into danger. Additionally, new online features include a free matchmaking service via ubi.com, special chat events, and rated games online. [Ubi Soft] Expand
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  1. The details are staggering - if you want any possible path into the world of chess, this is your definitive portal.
  2. From the standpoint of a tutorial alone I believe this game is worth the price of admission.
  3. 88
    While there are a few small issues with the game, you're not going to find a better chess player -- or tutor -- on the market. Add to that all the options you're given, and Chessmaster 9000 is the perfect product for new players and veterans alike.
  4. Features a bundle of high points to turn any casual player of chess into a pro.
  5. It clearly remains the best chess game on the market, bar none...With few new features, though, where's the series heading? [Dec 2002, p.104]
  6. No other product delivers the ease of use and instructional value of Chessmaster 9000.
  7. It's biggest strength is its tutorial and teaching ability. The sheer knowledge of chess that can be gained by moving through the tutorials or by simply playing against the computer is amazing.

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  1. JoannisR.
    Dec 12, 2002
  2. [Anonymous]
    Jun 9, 2004
    The computer is the true chess expert... not me.

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