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  • Summary: Behind the barbed wire fence of Tweedy Farm, Ginger is a chicken with a mission. Fearing for the lives of her friends, she is determined to escape to freedom before it is too late. To do this she enlists the help of Rocky, the smooth talking, flying Rooster ... or is he? [Eidos Interactive]
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  1. Call it Chicken Gear Solid! A 3-D action game with "Metal Gear Solid"-type sneakiness, chicken-style.
  2. 71
    Released with the fanfare of a new Yanni album, this title will likely exit stores as quietly as it tiptoed in. And while the masses won't mourn its passing, those in search of a fun, short-lived action adventure cum platform game should (find it).
  3. Experienced game players picking up this program will soon discover that the yolk ... er, joke is on them.
  4. Unfortunately, neither experienced gamers nor fans of the film will find much in the game beyond a quick, light diversion.
  5. Sadly, as egg-cellent as that premise sounds, thanks to some monotonous gameplay and a lazy job of porting it from the PlayStation, Chicken Run ends up being merely medi-yolk-re.
  6. The all-too-forgiving AI, the no-brainer puzzles, the watered-down adventure elements and straightforward mini-games combine to create an experience that'll only last a scant three hours for experienced players, which is nearly unforgivable when you consider its $29.99 price tag.
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  1. Gavin
    Apr 5, 2006
    I completed it and have the following opinions: avg graphics but interesting puzzle stealth type action that is accompanied by innovative side games and "boss" levels. Movie clips straight from the movie. Voice acting is above avg. Quick diversion of kiddy-type fun for the young at heart. Expand