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  1. Apr 30, 2014
    At least one perfect game in this year. You + your girlfriend + amazing story + worm, soft design. If you have problem with it, just go please and play TitanFall. Brutality awaits you.
  2. May 1, 2014
    Overall a good experience for $15.

    Difficulty is either too easy on "Normal" or an archaic grind on "Hard", where everything takes 5x as long because it's simulating the grindfest difficulty of something like the original "Dragon Quest". HP regeneration system out of battle could be better, can't use party members abilities out of combat to heal so left gathering wishes for maybe 10hp
    per plant or using your cursor to heal your character for 1% of their HP every 3 seconds.

    You only have two active party members during combat and a larger cast to choose from than the average "Final Fantasy" title (excluding FF6 here), so I think it would've been better if they'd bumped the party size up to 3 and added an extra enemy or two to make the difficulty scale.

    Graphics are gorgeous and so is the soundtrack.

    No world map to explore or shops to buy equipment/items in. Outside of the grindy leveling system (only if you're playing on hard) and the classic JRPG battle system with a twist, this is really just a lip-service JRPG with some modern 2d indie adventure elements thrown in.

    Every line of dialogue in this game rhymes, and more often than not the writing is cringeworthy because of this. It'd be different if they wrote it as a poem to make sense, as it is it's like they went out of their way to make everything rhyme, even if it didn't make sense, it just had to fit their agenda. It isn't nonsensical in a "Doctor Suess" way, it's nonsensical in an "average kindergarten student writes their first haiku" way.

    Not a "must buy" by any means, but if you're a fan of JRPGs it's worth checking out because not only do we rarely see games like this these days on consoles, we hardly ever get something like this on PC. Doesn't instantly make it an outstanding game for being a few drops of rain during a drought, but it's a welcome change of pace nonetheless.
  3. May 1, 2014
    WISH game maker made game NEW ideas, not just same game different background. and scenes and whole game too short for the money :( damn. maybe my disappointment is bigger because i waited this game. should had looked more .
  4. Apr 30, 2014
    Realmente este é uma das obras de artes da UBISOFT.
    Muito bem elaborada a historia em torno da personagem Aurora, por utilizar a engine de Rayman este faz justo tudo a beleza e ambientaçao mais bela vistas.
  5. Apr 30, 2014
    Wow here is a shining example of a game done right. Everything about this game from the story to the combat is simply a masterpiece. Let me start of by the saying the whole game has been hand drawn using the rayman engine which to me for a 10 pound game (UK currency) is simply fantastic. The amount of detail and craftsmanship that has been poured into this game is fa-nominal. The story is again scripted and planned out by absolute geniuses. The whole game and story is told with poetry though this may not appeal to everyone it still tells the story beautifully in my opinion. The game play is unique and fresh setting it apart from many other turn based strategy games. Overall the game is a masterpiece and I recommend it to be played by anyone and especially rpg fans. For 10 pounds this is a steal and is well worth the price. For anyone that has any doubts about buying this game please do its one that cant and shouldn't be missed! (My Opinion on the game, other peoples opinions may vary. Expand
  6. qtf
    May 2, 2014
    Boring, bland and no depth. they have ruined the jump n run aspect 10 minutes into the game by giving you the ability to fly. The rpg system is almost nonexistant, this makes look Mass Effect like BG2 (that means this game has no strategic depth). As others have said normal is way too easy and hard is just grindy, not actually hard. Combat system is stolen from Grandia with slight changes, e.g. making it simpler so people can pretend they are playing an actual RPG. This game has terrible rhymes and takes itself too seriously, considering the poor writing. The atmosphere and music are not half bad but this is supposed to be a game and not a children's tale or a heavy rain clone, right? Expand
  7. May 4, 2014
    Fantastic game for all ages. Well balanced game play, interesting graphics, and a sturdy plot.

    My 8 year old daughter and I play this game together. She plays all the main characters and I play the helpful faery(blinding and healing).

    Worth the $15 price tag? ABSOLUTELY!
  8. Apr 30, 2014
    Child of Light замечательная игра, такие игры большая редкость. Игра заслуживает наивысшего бала.
  9. Apr 30, 2014
    Child of light is a breath of fresh JRPG goodness that this genre needed. Graphics and Music alone have me engrossed into the world. The battle system is Turn/timed Based, currently I am playing on hard mode and it is hard not lying. Story follows a "Rhyme" format throughout the whole game, once you get into the game you get used to it.

    Overall, I can't put this game down at all. When
    this happens I pull out my 10/10 card.

    Awesome work Ubisoft!
  10. May 2, 2014
    The best gaming investment I've made this year. Reminds me of when games were actual "experiences" rather than simple entertainment.
    Always been a fan of the Studio Ghibli style -- this game does not disappoint in that regard.
  11. May 3, 2014
    Stunning graphics and breathtaking music. The game is short and I found it very easy, but those problems are completely overshadowed by the amazing storytelling told entirely in verse and the amazing, original ambient that makes the game an immersive experience. The story may be called clichè, but it's actually inspired by the original fairytales, so it obviously uses a lot of fairytales tropes.

    I give it 10/10 for the number of new innovations it brings to the RPG genre.
  12. May 2, 2014
    The storyline and platforming are god-awful but the combat brings some new twists to the genre that are enjoyable. Overall it's a meh experience.

    I'd honestly rate the game higher if it were just a series of back to back fights with no story or platforming in between them because those aspects of the game were just horrible. It's weird to me that the makers of Assassin's Creed could
    make such a sub-par platformer. Expand
  13. May 13, 2014
    Should you buy this game?
    Are you conflicted in how you feel?
    I think so, yes. At $15 it is a steal.

    The art style is homey as well as awing.
    The music, fantastic works of art.
    A fine RPG with interesting platforming.
    And not without story,
    A fight of light and dark.

    Don’t listen to the haters.
    Don’t listen to those bad men.
    Listen to me instead.
    This game is a 10/10.
  14. May 2, 2014
    Well, for a price of $15, its quality is acceptable. However, it brings nothing new to the table. I will not comment about the story and art style, as you will only either like it or not.

    It is really a strange idea to mix rogue platform jumper with turn based combat which appears in tradtional rpg. In the end, both edges of the corresponding genre just lose. As a platform jumper game,
    you will not have a chance to finish off opponenet by fast jumping and reflex action. As a rpg game, you miss the open world experience you will generaly expect.

    In the end, you are playing a platform jumper game only to solve puzzle without threat, and a rpg game progressing in a linear fashion. It is just too boring. Mixing genres of game may not always be a good idea if the elements in the genres can't resonate with each other. What a waste of potential.
  15. May 1, 2014
    Un RPG au gameplay rétro venant d'Ubisoft, juste une perfection. Tout dans ce jeu est parfait, la musique, les graphismes le gameplay, les personnages. Tout.
  16. Apr 30, 2014
    I saw the trailer on steam and I fell in love with the graphic style of the game, I read it was hand drawn and this is enough to buy it, it simply stunning.
    I've been playing for 3 hrs and it seems really good so far; however, in my opinion, it lacks some basic RPG mechanics, like equipment choice and a wider range of abilities of magics and skills, but i don't expect it to be very long,
    so this might not even be a bad thing. The trailer said it was a jrpg, but apart from the combats, which reminds me of some Final Fantasy games, CoL is just a simplified version of a rpg; still, the game strength lies in its beautiful graphic and in the rhymed dialogues.
    Is it worth 15€ ? more yes than no.
  17. May 2, 2014
    El mejor juego en lo que va del 2014. Como dijo uno por ahí, si no te gusta, volvé a jugar Titanfall. Este juego es como meterte dentro de un cuadro hermoso escuchando música genial y dejarte llevar.
  18. May 3, 2014
    The first great thing about this game is the artistic aspect. It was pretty obvious how amazing this was going to be even before this game came out and Ubisoft definitely lived up to my expectations. The artwork is very beautiful and very pleasing to the eye. You don't want to rush through but take time to enjoy the visual aspect of the game. The aesthetic side also extends into every part of the game, from the way the main character moves to the beautiful orchestral music. I definitely plan on getting the OST if/when they release it.

    The story is another amazing part of the game. I've read a few reviews that try to knock it because "its just a fairytale". While this is obviously true, it doesn't detract from the game in the slightest. Ubisoft does a brilliant job of telling a story that, yes, in its simplest, most watered-down form, is just your typical fairytale. There are no real plot-twists, or at least, there are none they try to hide from you. It does have the "evil stepmother" trope and magic and princesses and all the things fairy tales do have. The game, however, fleshes out the story so thoroughly and beautifully that the result is more than satisfactory. The characters are all developed as far as could be expected for the format of the game, and poetic telling of the story just adds to the overall effect. The only other game that is really similar is Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, another fairy tale beautifully told. In the end, the story is as satisfying as the artwork.

    The only thing I was worried about going into the game was the combat. I am not a fan of JRPGs or turn-based combat but I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the combat immensely. If I played it again, however, I would have played on the hard difficulty since the combat is rather easy and I only found it challenging once or twice. I never lost a fight and I only had a few characters die during a battle and that was only towards the end of the game during boss fights. If you dislike JRPG combat, don't let that stop you from enjoying the game...putting it on normal difficulty will allow you to enjoy the story without worrying about the combat. But if you like JRPG's or just want a challenge, definitely play on hard. You'll have to make more use of all the powers your characters have, especially their defensive and buff abilities. In addition, on a harder difficulty you will have to make more use of the gem system in the game, which provide passive abilities for each one of your characters.

    Overall, this game was well worth playing. It took longer than expected (10 hours) and was a beautiful and relaxing experience. It rivals Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons for the most beautiful indie game (yes, I know its Ubisoft, not technically indie) as well as my favorite indie game. It also shows what big gaming studios can produce when they try and hopefully points to a better future for gaming.

    And to anyone who decided not to get this game because of UPlay or because of "first day DLC". The only DLC in my opinion worth getting is the $2.99 one that unlocks the Golum character. His powers are unique and helpful so he is worth getting. Everything else is aesthetic or unnecessary, including all the little DLC's that give you find so many of them in-game, they're unnecessary. The experience of the game is complete even without the Golum so they didn't chop out a huge part of the game and then sell it to you as extra. Don't let it stop you from getting the game. And if you don't want to play it because of Uplay, I don't know what to say to you. You're just losing out on an amazing game because you don't want to deal with a piece of software that works pretty much smoothly and really causes no problems at all. At least, I've never had a single problem with them and I enjoy the rewards you can earn as you progress through whatever game you're playing.
  19. May 19, 2014
    An amazing game on PC... Crank that baby up to full graphical settings and it's absolutely gorgeous. A wonderful experience that I hope one day to introduce to my kids when they are old enough to play games.
  20. May 3, 2014
    HOW I RATE: 10-9 score: perfect or near-perfect don't exist; 8 score: one of the best games ever. Top score; 7-6 score: great but not one of the best; 5-below score: serious flaws.
    Bad PC optimization, cliche story. Gameplay wise... well I didn't get to it 'cus of the bad optimization!
  21. May 7, 2014
    i just finished the game and thanks for those who created this amazing stylish game and wonderful unique piece of art. dont ask me is it worth to buy but grab it
  22. May 7, 2014
    Jogo bonito, trilha sonora cativante, personagens carismáticos, poético e gostoso de jogar. Quebra a linha dos jogos de PC que basicamente se resumem a correr e atirar. Quem gosta de RPG e sente falta de algo do gênero no PC deveria jogar.
  23. Jun 14, 2014
    actually, if i were just score it's gameplay it would be 7-8 because there are some flaw, but the beautiful art and ost make up for it. first the gameplay, the gameplay looks like a japanese rpg or final fantasy game but there are few addition that make it more western, like the usage of mouse during battle, i think this battle style is very good because this is the first time i have seen in western game. though there are some flaw, like the max number of party in a battle is just 2 parties, it restricts the number of strategy you can do; and the skill tree is too simple i think, if it's more complex it will be more interesting. the art and the ost are very very beautiful, though some say that the optimization on PC is bad, but i'm not playing it on other rig and i think the art is good enough though it can be better Expand
  24. May 8, 2014
    Having played many indie games from Binding of Isaac and Bastion, to Mark of the Ninja and Dust an Elysian Tail, I've played the majority of the best indie games out there, so it takes a special sort of game to get me interested to begin with as you can imagine. Child of Light not only interested me from when i first heard about it, but it blew me and my expectations away after the first 5 minutes and every minute since. The beautiful watercolour art style, the gentle and mesmeric poetic story telling, the majestic sounds as you flow through different parts of the world, the variety of interesting characters and enemies, and the deep and refreshing combat system, these are what Child of Light brings to the table, the table where not only the indie games sit but so do the AAA games, and believe me when i tell you Child of Light puts all others to shame. Easily contender for Game Of The Year already and one of the best games i have ever played on any system. Expand
  25. May 5, 2014
    This is the one of the best Western JRPG I have played. What makes me return to this game again and again is not the story or the gameplay.
    The story of Child of Light is not that unique, but still engaging because it is poetic.
    Gameplay looks simple but don't be fooled. Don't just randomly click or press anything coz your timeline moved.
    You have to pay more attention to the timeline
    to avoid getting pushed back, unless if your characters are lucky enough to dodge the attack.
    The music is what makes this game more worthy than ever. I use to reload an autosave just to listen to the boss battle music forever.
    How about the art? It's beautiful and sad at the same time. But should I really write a game review in rhyme?
  26. May 7, 2014
    The game is a visual pleasure, one of the most beautiful games I have played in years. True, it’s not a perfect RPG but it does bring some fresh air to a gender that has lost the beauty of old times.

    Additionally, It is wonderful to see studios trying to produce good and different games. I salute them for trying something different and for not attempting to milk the player: like greedy
    Blizzard and its dreadful Diablo 3… Expand
  27. May 7, 2014
    Got this game on a whim and was absolutely not disappointed. Not usually a fan of 2D games OR turn based combat, but this game does turn based combat in a very fun way. The art style looks great, the dialogue throughout the game and rhyming style give the world a distinct feel. Soundtrack is great too.
  28. May 6, 2014
    Wonderful Game!
    This game throw me back to my youth but with a dark and deep magical twist
    I can say with confidence that the feelings that i felt while playing are worth more than the 15$ bucks
  29. May 7, 2014
    Fantastic indy game. Great atmosphere from graphic style and music/sound track. Interesting combat system and a good variety of ways to meet your play style (skills, upgrades, party members to choose from). The story is fairy tail based, but not childish, although this may not be for everyone. One of those games you can really get into the story/atmosphere if you try. Overall an extremely enjoyable game that makes you want to keep playing instead of giving you the frustration of just wanting to get through a certain stage or area, as can happen with side scrolling platformers. No complaints, wouldn't change anything about the game. Expand
  30. May 11, 2014
    I was new to this type of games when i think of buying this game i thought i was wasting my money but after playing for just 2 hours i was frozen.this is the type of game that i searching for soo long and said it was amazing .one of the best game of this yesr
  31. May 3, 2014
    Great emotional game, whit some really beautiful art and stunning landscapes. Hooked me for the whole day. Combat is good, but too easy, even on hard.
  32. May 3, 2014
    Definitely worth the $15.

    This game is an absolutely beautiful and enjoyable experience. Combine the amazing artwork, beautiful score, and the fact that it is ONE OF THE ONLY TURN BASED RPG's on the have yourself with a game that is more enjoyable than anything square-enix has put on the market in the better half of 10 years.
  33. May 5, 2014
    Muy buen juego, con un hermoso apartado grafico y diseño precioso. La musica espectacular y melancolica. Un juego muy recomendado si buscas experiencias y sensaciones nuevas. Si te gustan los juegos freneticos y acelerados, este no es tu juego.
  34. May 6, 2014
    Child of Light far exceeded my expectations and has now become one of my favorite games of all time. There is no better RPG on the market what this game offers for the price ($14.99) . This easily could have retailed for $49.99 and would be worth every penny still. The environment is lush , beautiful and the game play is seamless. I clocked in about 30 hours into the game making sure I was lv 50 by the end of the game, completed all side missions, found all the chests etc. The game is superbly scripted and for purists there is new game +. GOTY contender ! Expand
  35. May 7, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Un Faro nell'oscurita : questo videogame merita di essere giocato e amato, il gameplay è semplice e intuitivo, la storia non ha lacune di nessun'genere e ho trovato meravigliosi dialoghi in rima e gli scenari molto onirici e la caratterizzazione dei personaggi non è stata tanto superficiale, per questo do 10 e mi piacerebbe che molti prendessero spunto da questo videogioco per migliorare perchè ultimamente il livello dei videogame è calato rasentando la noia!!!

    A Lighthouse in the dark: this game deserves to be played and loved, the gameplay is simple and intuitive, the story has no gaps of any kind and I found wonderful rhyming dialogues and scenarios very dreamlike and the characterization was not so shallow, why do 10 and I'd vote that many would take a cue from this game because lately to improve the level of video games has dropped verging on boredom!
  36. May 19, 2014
    Excellent, beautiful game. Perfect to play with your children, it is a tale made videogame. It gives me that good old FFVII feeling. Good content for the price of it. A bit lacking pc optimizacion though, few ralentizations here and there. If you like hand drawn graphics and RPG, get it.
  37. May 9, 2014
    Child of Light will win you over with its beautiful hand-drawn and watercolor aesthetics, lush sound design and a subtle, yet lovely musical score. There's an interesting story to be told here, and some charming, if a little pretentious, writing carries you along throughout. The combat system does have a few interesting quirks and mechanics, but battles tend to drag on a little too long. Fortunately, there are no random encounters. Character development is straightforward. The skill point and Oculi enhancement system is shallow, but it does the job.

    Bottom line: Should you play it? Yes. Personally, I found it to be a nice change of pace, and highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering from PTSD due to the likes of Dark Souls and cookie-cutter FPS titles. It's a very pretty JRPG with a world that is easy to get lost in. Stay a while--it's like a nice warm hug rather than a ballistic round/battleaxe to the face.

    (Don't forget: my opinion doesn't mean anything--just like verything on this site. Cheers.)
  38. May 3, 2014
    Definitely has nice visuals and music. It definitely captures a somber fairy tale feel. However, the game is incredibly short for an rpg. The battles quickly become tedious and annoying. Because you level up almost every battle, you're practically forced to fight every single battle so that you're not under leveled for bosses. And the final boss fights were the easiest in the entire game. My least favorite aspect to the game was all of the leveling/skill/oculi. After every battle you had to deal with adding new skill points or managing your oculi which became incredibly tedious and frustrating. It broke up the flow of the game when you had to constantly stop to do maintenance. Expand
  39. May 11, 2014
    Great game. Took me some time to get into it but it was worth it. Interesting story, its like one of those fairy-tails told to kids. Your companions are great and there are many of them to chose from. Combat can get annoying at times. Bit on the short side for an rpg.
  40. May 4, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Full review here:

    *Personal Note:
    I had 0 (Zero) problems with the Uplay. Yes, it is annoying to install another game client but for me installing on Windows 8.1 had no problems. I was even able to play the game in Offline Mode so please give love to this game! Share it!

    +An excelent RPG
    +Music, Voice Acting and SFX are remarkable!
    +Colorful and dark.
    +Easy Learning Curve
    +Perfect for young and new audience of the RPG genre.
    +It's $15! Great value!

    -Only 8-12 hours for an RPG... but is more of a nitpick. You can play again on a harder difficulty with all your Skills.
    -Narration toward the end stops and leaves wanting more exposition of the world and the main characters.
    -Main characters interactions are minimal. Sadly you will only be attach to their skills and not their personalities.
    -It leaves you wanting more! The ending felt kind of rush.

    Comment, discuss, video response, we will talk about it... next time.

    Don't forget you can get your intro here on The Viewer by sending me a video response on YouTube! It's easier that way :D

    Check out my channel for more reviews!

    Follow me on:
  41. May 21, 2014
    Super fantastic game! Truly beautiful. Long time I don't play something so pure and beautiful. It proves that they still can create memorable games if they focus on doing it. Fans of true masterpieces have to play Child of light, a reincarnation of the old and good Rpg's!!!
  42. May 13, 2014
    estupendo juego no se por que le dan esa calificación tan mala pero
    creo que en todos sus apartados es muy bueno
    en música su banda sonora es epica
    en jugabiliadad bueno para mi es genial pero también hay que tener en cuenta que si no eres un jugador de rpg pues sera un poco raro acostumbrarse
  43. May 9, 2014
    i've been waiting for long time. this remind of me japanese role playing game i played when i was young.
    reasonable price. nice sound track, graphic..
  44. Jul 9, 2014
    Beautiful story, beautiful art, nice dialogues, good fighting system, AWESOME FLIGHT SYSTEM (seriously, ALL games should have a flight system. it makes everything so much more enjoyable!), good RPG structure. Definitely a must play and a must buy, barring uplay issues.
  45. Aug 1, 2014
    Child of light is very appealing to the eye, it's like a living, breathing painting. That is where the greatness of Child of Light stops. Everything else is simply not attractive enough to make me want to play, during my time with the game, I had to force myself to play it every time. The story is at first exciting and interesting, but falls flat very quickly. The actions, plots and twists of the story are too predictable, I wasn't at any point surprised. The gameplay is actually decent enough, just strolling around solving puzzles, fighting different type of monsters and exploring to find the next 'epic' chest. Then why a score of 3? It all becomes very repetitive in a matter of minutes and it is waaay too easy, no real skill is required to succed in the game at all. The different types of enemies are way to similar for my taste.

    I was dissapointed and I believe you will too, if you pay full price
  46. Jun 3, 2014
    A real artwork! An impressive masterpiece. One of those games you must play before you die. Beautiful story telling. Addictive gameplay. Extraordinary dialogues. Lovely characters. Loyal companions. There's so much to be seen and to be loved about this game. A real artwork.
  47. May 25, 2014
    We all have played rpg with turn-base gameplay, but this is not aything like traditional turn-base rpg. We all know this kind of games yet this somehow different and unique. The creativity is simply breathtaking and very soothing soundtracks. It nothing mumbo-jumbo or too superficial.

    Only one word is enough to describe this masterpiece "PERFECT"
  48. Jul 3, 2014
    At first I was unbeliever about this game, from the screen-shots looked like a game without substance and ordinary. But I was wrong, after playing two hours I was immerse in a fabulous fantasy game.
    The story is quite plain, but music and artwork make you really attached to Lemuria and all the characters who lives there.
    Give Child of Light a chance, but don't expect a Final Fantasy of
    Elder Scrolls, be realistic about low budget game. Expand
  49. May 24, 2014
    Child Of Ligth the greatest game ever i love it is awesome i cant wait for a DLC´s if theres one you have the luck to play as Aurora the princess how do you can dont like it!
  50. Jun 6, 2014
    One of the best classic Rpg style games i have played in a long time, With an amazing artistic style strong story, and catchy rhetoric story telling, this game hits all the right notes. Unique while being classically reminiscent.
  51. Jun 13, 2014
    There's something about Child of Light I just don't like. Really there's many thing I don't like about the game. I find it a very shallow experience for a Japanese-style RPG. It takes various element from far better games, but completely fails to emulate those elements and put them to good use. It's a poor replacement for the genre it attempts to mimic.
    The only positive thing I can say
    is that Child of Light is very pretty. If it was a visual novel and you're Japanese, that would actually matter. But in reality, pretty graphics don't mean **** So my one compliment was a back-handed one. This review is off to a great start.
    Everyone else's complaint is the rhyming . More me, it was the worst **** part of the game. I don't even mean from a literary stand point, I just thought it was **** stupid. It got to the point where I'd mindlessly press the spacebar without reading. The need to construct all the narrative and dialog as if it was poetry was very distracting and took me out of the experience.
    One thing I noticed about this game was it's similarities to Eternal Sonata in terms of the story. I'd rather not even talk about that game, so I'll just say: if you've played it you know exactly what I mean with a dying person's dream aspect. If you however have not played Enternal Sonata then good for you, and don't bother playing COL either.
    Combat and leveling are the two most important parts of any good RPG and COL is a mismatched of Final Fantasy X and Persona 3, but mostly FFX. In battle you have access to only 2 characters at a time. At the bottom of the screen is a bar with portraits of each of the combatants. Once one of the character's cursor reaches the red portion of the time bar you can make you commands. You can then attack, defend, use an item, or switch them out for one of your reserved party members much like in FFX.
    If at the same time an enemy is posed to attack you can shine you mouse controlled firefly to slow down their attack. If done correctly and you hit them first, the enemy will be interrupted. Of course your attacks can be interrupted also, so deciding whether attempting to interrupt them or if defending is a better option, seeing at guarding will decrease the amount of time before your next turn.
    The time bar and interruptions kinda reminds me of the knock down system from Persona 3 just not nearly as fun. It does add a level of strategic thinking and make the battles more intense, but I found it mostly annoying. It sounds cool and innovative on paper but in practice it's more of a chore.
    Another nod toward FINAL FANTASY X is COL's skill trees. Ok it's not really a tree and there aren't many skills. The board is mostly occupied my stat upgrades, much like FFX's sphere grid. But unlike Ten, when a character levels up, so does their stats, which makes assigning skill points more like a bonus. Which isn't bad, I'd just rather have access to more attacks and passive skills.
    There is also a rune system calls oculics. Basically you can attach the stones to one of the three slots on each character. Depending on which of the three you place the stone, their influence with change accordingly. Such as a red stone on a weapon causes fire damage while when in the armor slot increases resistance to fire. Pretty simple and basic, and boring. You can also craft the stone pieces into larger more powerful ones but wait until you got about 20 or so before you start **** with that.
    Since enemy during the 4th chapter will start having elemental abilities and weaknesses, it best to set up each member of you party to combat and resist a particular element. So make sure to keep multiples and leaving crafting until later.
    There are no random battle in COL. An enemy encounter is represented by a single enemy, much like the fore mentioned Persona 3. Also like P3 you can sneak up on the enemy by using your firefly to blind them to gain an advantage in the up coming fight. Or you could just fly over them.
    Now i'm just going to list some more of my gripes about this game before wrapping this review up:
    No weapons or armor to buy or find.
    Items still show up when you scroll through the list in battle, even when you don't have it anymore.
    The Puzzles are less puzzling then the praise this game gets
    It's boring.
    I just can't get over how lame this game it. It's so boring. When it's not boring it's tedious. And when it's not tedious it's boring. Jesus who's idea was it to make everything rhyme. I spent 4 hours with this game. The first hour I really gave it a shot. My entire first hour in up on youtube so go see if I'm gave this game a fair try. Because by hour 2 I was ready to stop. I don't really like to bring up other games in my reviews. I'd rather base my experience on the game at hand. But I just can't help it. COL takes ideas and mechanics from other games, leaving me wishing I was playing them instead.
  52. Aug 22, 2014
    I won't deny its visually lovely. But storyline is totally spoiled by atrocious rhyming conceit. Could have benefited from authors reading beautiful classics the Little Magic Horse during conception. Gameplay limiting, but ok. Music beautiful at first, but incredibly repetitive. Had people watching ask to turn it off. Sad, because this should be nice for viewers too... but they found the whole thing too repetitive. Tries to tell a story... fails in many ways.
    Wasn't enough in it for adults. Fight scenes would have benefited from indication of health of enemy. Overall, found it very intellectually dead. Great that female characters dominated... hate the only two archetypes available: simpering idiot ie Aurora and wicked stepsisters.
    Glad I paidfor it to see something different and interesting. I want to encourage this kind of experiment. Would still buy again. But REALLY sad that they buried that story in the awful rhyme. This is a story driven game and I was only surprised or interested at one point in the game. Other than that completely predictable.
  53. Sep 11, 2014
    A delightful, artful game filled with beautiful artwork, a really amazing soundtrack, thoughtful dialogue, and a compelling story. One of the highlights of the gaming year for me.
  54. Jul 31, 2014
    Pros: simple yet beautiful graphics; extremely well done sound tracks (emphasis on "extremely"); well-crafted characters that you will care about; innovative gameplay mechanics, namely firefly and interruption; well-written dialogue lines; low price (gotta list this out).
    Cons: cliche story;"puzzles" in the game require zero effort to solve (hence the quotation marks).
    about the
    difficulty of this game: at normal difficulty Child of Light is quite easy, you can almost avoid taking dmg completely as you will keep interrupting enemies from completing their attacks, I completed the whole story without breaking a sweat; on hard however the role between player and played suddenly changes, enemies are much faster and interruption have little effect on them, hence making them the ones to interrupt and outplay you. When fighting regular foes feel like boss fights, you know a game is hard.
    Overall Child of Light undoubtedly proves itself worthy of every gamers time and $15. Go ahead and pick it up.
  55. May 26, 2014
    There's a lot of interesting art and atmosphere, but the story is largely (though not completely) cliché and unexciting, and the inconsistent pacing between frustrating combat and kinda boring exploration just completely breaks any flow the game could have had. Not the mention that the poetry is excruciatingly forced and usually of pretty bad quality. I think it could have been much better with better gameplay-design and a consistent quality in the artistic atmosphere. Expand
  56. Oct 29, 2014
    The game is about a princess that saves her dad from her evil sisters and her evil step-mother, and is made by a French-Canadian studio. The story is a little boring, because is too melodramatic. And the rhyming is terrible! Battles sometimes could become too repetitive… The game looks like a water painting which is amazing. The game is made for those that love nursery rhymes, and I give it 7.5. Expand
  57. May 14, 2014
    Child of Light starts off as being Game of The Year that has one of the most superb accomplishments of trails in the RPG genre that essentially presents what all games have perfectly accomplished in a better way even, A game that I haven't been complaining upon the beginning. but unfortunately ends up towards a meaningful word of true disappointment - Avoids its gorgeous, overtakes saturation of balance; regardless.

    The great combinition Ubisoft Montréal has built with Child of Light of beautiful art design, wonderfully developed gameplay, music that plays up a game that obviously inspires sorrow emotions. A masterpiece given world to players that contains amazing fantasy creatures. Levelling up system which is sort of traditional of theory more than satisfying though. Crafting which I felt a bit of 'unnecessary much' from the plenty amount of same items encountered with each random and every chest. howerever, satisfying for a small add.

    Although Child of Light is great, recovers some elements of Journey and confidently overcomes games attempting to make this approach. but it doesn't seem that worth playing towards 'ending up' somehow unfortunately left me with disappointments that it can very simply avoid rather than. indeed.

    7.4/10 Good
  58. May 7, 2014
    Difficulty is either too easy on "Normal" or an archaic grind on "Hard", where everything takes 5x as long because it's simulating the grindfest difficulty of something like the original "Dragon Quest".
  59. May 15, 2014
    I really love the flying in this game.. the storyline is ok, the fighting/movements/puzzles simplistic and the graphics (while very pretty- this is coming from a watercolor artist) are basic... I'm not really sure what happened and why games are being shuttled into these simple graphics/characters that are so unsatisfying to play lately.. Maybe I'm a graphics ..searching for non-offensive term here.. um, buff--- but this just doesn't do it for me, too simple- found myself finishing a few chapters and quitting bcs it was just eh..when thinking about loading it up. Expand
  60. Jun 2, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I would give it a 10 if it hadn't been for two reasons
    1. Too short
    2. It's called Child of light, not Child of light that eventually grows up by some sort of power
  61. Jun 5, 2014
    I have to say the animation in this game is fantastic and yet so simple. It's quite entertaining but does get repetitive along the way. If you like games like A Tale of Two Brothers, this game is for you. I really like the small addition of skill points/tree and crafting system. Gives it a little hint of an rpg for such a simple game. Although it was quite short.
  62. Jul 16, 2014
    In just under 12 hours, Child of Light manages to do what many full price releases still struggle with, it remains entertaining and consistently surprising throughout. It’s hard to describe why, but there is a sense of mystery permeating throughout the entirety of the game, some unexplainable force that keeps you pressing onward. It was hard to put down, knowing that just around the corner was another beautiful vista or interesting companion yet to be discovered.

    + Beautiful and Charming Art Direction
    + Unique Combat System
    + Music

    - So… much… rhyming…

    For the full review go here:
  63. Oct 11, 2014
    Find the Sense of Life Advantages: Truthful story, all right told, perfectly painted and just conveniently assembled in the single project! Disadvantages: No, not heard. In the modern world is so little time for contemplation: few people can afford to stay and just listen to the silence, to look at yourself and your life's path traversed. To answer the question: why all this happened? ...
    However, the silence itself finds us through the art of artists and musicians. Good video game, of course, can be considered a real art. After all, it is intended to bring the light of peace and joy, at the same time, it must be clear and accessible.

    Honestly, I did not play the last five years. But the "Child of Light" - this is not the case: the music has brought me to this game. I was looking for some compositions in the social network, and suddenly stumbled upon the soundtrack of this unique game.
    I was so carried away by the fabulous world of Lemuria that almost design my own art for this game.

    Fortunately, many have already written a wide variety of game- play and reviews on the game world. But my heart can not be silent, seeing such beauty as the Child of Light. This music, these poetry, it is the Kingdom of Light ... Excuse me, but then I can not keep silent! Especially when there is a bright catharsis: with every victory in Lemuria the weather changes.

    What I have ever learned from the Queen of Light? She gave me the meaning of life, as I was looking for it last two years of study at the university. Already I tried to find it with someone 's help. And I found it!
    After the final scenes I was definitely clear why to live: I just put myself in the place of Aurora, and Lemuria in place of the world in which I am. "I'm not afraid of the threat of sleep" - as Aurora would told in my place. And I just somehow wilted ...
    Courage, here's what you need to overcome your difficulties in life. It would seem that this conclusion is trivial. But as well as it's beautifully illustrated and you offered to play, with the courage to pass all tests in Lemuria and come out the winner. In the first place, the winner of your fears. And when you see a little girl turns out to be more courageous than you, you want to be at least as she is.

    Thank you all for your attention
  64. Nov 14, 2014
    "This was a triumph; I'm making a note here: Huge Success. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction."

    Never thought I would get to use those lines from Portal 1's ending theme, but that's just the case with this game. I am thoroughly impressed with this game on so many levels. From the gameplay, to the music, to the art direction. Hell, to even the text in-game - iambic pentameter for
    most of the game? I see that as an exemplary amount of effort all around.

    It's a really long review though... So. TL;DR : Buy this game, it's cheap, and well worth the money. Unless, of course, you dislike the JRPG system, turn-based battle system, and the like.

    If you're willing to read, here goes:

    Gameplay -

    As far as game play goes, it's a typical RPG with turn-based battles. Pretty much like a traditional JRPG, I would say. In this game, your party comprises a multitude of characters, but you can only bring two (including your main character, the titular Child of Light). I generally enjoy the system, though, particularly the demand for quick thinking on higher difficulties, what with the time-bar thing that forces you to make snap decisions.

    I liked the rudimentary crafting system as well. Making tons of gems to boost my stats was relatively fun, but I am mildly disappointed by the lack of expansion. It wasn't a major concern however, given the fact there was so much goodness in other aspects to compensate for it.

    Music -

    I had always been a fan of Final Fantasy for a few reasons, one of them is the music. So when I started on this game, just in the title screen alone. Goodness gracious, I cannot believe I actually sat there just staring at the title screen because the main theme was so mesmerizing. Main theme aside, the rest of the pieces do not disappoint. The battle theme was sufficiently dramatic and engaging. The boss battles? Hell, it's epic.

    The musical themes for specific locations in the game world was also highly relevant. It did an excellent job of setting the right atmosphere as well. Uplifting themes for cheerful situations; depressing themes for situations gone awry. Makes it hard to leave certain locations at times.

    Story and Art Direction -

    Story-wise, this game's story-telling is definitely reminiscent of a classic fairy tale. It should be obvious from the very beginning, and even through the main character's name. I don't even have to say it.

    In any case, I had thought it would be a story that follows that fairy tale. I thought it was going to be something of the same as that fairy tale... And HA. I cannot express how happy I am to say it isn't. That said, I also greatly appreciate the faithful adherence to iambic pentameter throughout the entire game, from its narration to its character dialogues. Makes me feel like a sir, I would have you know.

    That said, I think the story is more nostalgic than it is stellar. Don't get me wrong, the story isn't bad. I just find that it doesn't exactly innovate enough to really appeal from that direction. Instead, it goes for feelings of nostalgia - something I really felt was very well enmeshed into the story-telling. Playing the game feels like reading a bedtime story - or having it read to you. Made even more amusing by the fact I mostly played it at night.

    Speaking of the story, I think it's important to also link it to the art direction. I really loved the art in this game. I'm no art critic, but I find it highly reminiscent of children's picture books. It further ties in with the element of nostalgia as well as the story telling style. So. Bonus compatibility points!


    And that's why I didn't spare the full marks. While there was room for improvements here and there, I do not consider them to be striking negatives. They're negatives, no doubt, but not to the extent that warrants a drop in the score.

    So. BUY IT.

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  1. Aug 29, 2014
    Every aspect of Child of Light has an unmistakably artisinal, organic feel to it.
  2. Jun 7, 2014
    Gorgeous and captivating with a great combat system. [Issue#249, p.57]
  3. Jun 6, 2014
    Gorgeous graphics combine with a fantastic combat system to deliver a pretty unique experience. [June 2014, p.60]