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  • Summary: Build cities, shape a world.

    Cities XL Platinum lets you design, build and link up cities of all shapes and sizes around the Cities XL planet!

    Build more impressive cities than ever before! Cities XL Platinum offers a huge variety of over 1,000 buildings and constructions (including 50
    brand new structures), that you can freely place on more than 60 gigantic maps, offering varied terrain and an incredible level of detail.

    Take on the role of virtual mayor and find solutions to the problems faced by modern city planners like energy shortages and public transportation. Answer the growing needs of your citizens and find the perfect balance between various services such as housing, recreation, and employment. Specialize your cities and set up a trade network with neighboring towns to ensure large-scale financial success with an increasingly complex network of cities!
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  1. Jun 21, 2013
    i increased my score a couple point to try to offset the trolls and griefers that wrongfully malign this otherwise great game. and while its not worth a 10 its definitively not a 0!. i would say about a 7 and with all the stuff on perhaps an 8!

    please understand that this game has a bit of history. over 4 years ago a small company named monte cristo developed and released it as massively multiuser online game. unfortunately less than a year after they went broke due to low subscription rate and were unable to finish the game. soon after focus acquired the writes and reworked it as a single player offline game and released it. since then making minor fixes and about once a year they have been releasing new content dlcs.

    as you can imagine the people who originally purchased and subscribed to cities xl unlimited edition, the mmo version from the now bankrupt developer, are pissed off that they got stuck with a dead game after only being able to play with it for such a short time.

    so they troll steam forums and even this site complaining about the long defunct developers and about long ago fixed bugs and basically spooking people away from buying the game.

    many do not even own or play this game, they just own the other game and since the servers have all been shutdown for that game long ago can't no longer play it. yet they refuse to upgrade to this game, basically wanting the new developers to basically give them the new game.

    here check out the facts for yourself

    i own and play just about every city sims/builders that is out there

    this is great game, loads of fun, runs great, have played it for hundreds of hours.

    even better if you go to you will find hundreds of mods for it, everything imaginable and a very active community over 40,000 members!

    i also want to say that there is no serious memory leak or programming issue like some people are posting. what issue that people are having is that the game allows you to build huge i mean huge cities, ive seen some with population over 90M and basically they do not set limits other than the hardware you have. so as you add more and more buildings and roads and the cities get larger and more complex sure its going to use more and more memory until you run out of memory and until your cpu/gpu cant handle the size of the cities and complexity and the framerate goes down. It's hard to put in words just how large and complex your cities can get, they can look so real that you can't distinguish screenshots from real world images of some of the worlds largest cities. in fact i cant think of a real world single city that has a population of over 90M. so what you have a people with low end hardware trying to build cities they can't support. and since its a 32-bit application, like most games, the cities can only get so large and complex before you hit the 2-3gb limit that windows imposes. the trick is to balance city size and complexity and not try to build cities that don't make sense and would not be practical even in real life.

    so yes the game is a 32-bit game with the game logic running in a single thread, but most other games out there have the same limitations. the only difference between those games and this game is that this game does not impose limits on you like simcity or tropico or anno does. also this games lets u pack the density of the cities to real world levels and beyond. in this way its more a city builder than a sim i would say.

    having said that the game, like all other games and software, does have bugs and issues, but luckily they are for minor and can easily be ignore of worked around.
  2. Oct 20, 2013
    Cities xl is actually the most AWESOME city builder yet! but the thing is, people don't know there is MODS to make the game more awesome, they just go like: oh wow, the game's highway is boring, there isn't a lot of buildings in it, blah,blah,blah like that. Well did you know there was actually mods to make things better?
    are you just too lazy to Google" does cities xl have mods?" But yes, I have to admit, the memory leak is really annoying, but once you get a PC with a better Graphics card, it shouldn't be a problem
  3. Feb 11, 2013
    It is all true that cities Xl have memory leaks and only use a single core. However, I have to disagree with negative opinions posted here. Despite the problems the game has almost cult-like following and there are many reasons for that. Pros:
    - Vibrant online community ( provides hundreds of add-ons, mods and fixes
    - Memory leak issue is simply circumvented by periodic restarts of the game (go back to the menu and load the city again)
    - I have built cities of up to 2.5 million using this simple trick.
    - While it only uses a single core, my Athlon II X4 635, 4gb RAM, HD 7750, which is an economy rig handles it just fine with medium-high details.
    - nice and complex simulation of traffic, quality of life and transport
    - you can build truly beautiful stuff:

    Here is an example of a city with 15,000,000 inhabitants built despite the memory leak issue:

    - memory leak
    - uses a single core
    - no feature of filling a zone with single type of a building
  4. Sep 8, 2013
    first,without mod and ,i will rate it at most 5.0,it is just playable,the game default setting of placing the building is just brainless and useless.
    of course the biggest problem is the lag,Game optimization is like ****
    also,without mod,the plaza to build on the road side too few,and the fountain in the plaza is like paper
    also,the retail need of the game setting is very unreal,u think whole 20 buildings of residents can depend on one small shop to live?

    but ,thanks for it that can be modded ,and thank for that net ,this game become playable,of course,the lag problem is still here.
    but,with the mod,this game become much more playable and fit the real world.
    such as the basic mods :increase the retail needs,and one cheat building to make money(each one make 1 000 000(in real world i do not think city is just making money for Goverment)
    and also with the tree mods,u can put plaza or put trees by urself one by one.
    so it is not a bad game indeed,but because the game itself with the mod is bad,so it is only worthy to buy when 75% off.
    u also need some basics on city design if u want make the city perfect.
  5. Aug 8, 2014
    I can't recommend Platinum version to anyone who already has any previous versions of this game. They haven't implemented any performance improvements so the game still suffers from lag when you have a huge city. The only extras in the platinum version are a couple of new buildings.

    I've spent a lot of hours with this game but the performance issues eventually makes playing it a chore.
  6. X0R
    Feb 14, 2013
    Cities XL Platinum (bought via Steam) is a tough game for me to rate, I don't have any of the crashing or errors I've seen mentioned here at other sites. However, I'm not really impressed with it as a sim-game. Lot of neat details, things to do that improve on SimCity4 yet, it feels half-baked, not very deep, and/or at least kind of indie-ish, despite this being 2nd/3rd iteration of the line. Only played 8-hours so far, but keeps you busy until the next SimCity release Expand
  7. Feb 18, 2013
    Piece of crap. The sad thing is that the bugs present in this version HAVE NOT BEEN FIXED in 3 different versions 2011, 2012 and Platinum (I owned 2011 and upgraded to platinum for $5 with the hope they made the game more stable). I got it on Steam and their forums for this game are full of complaints about crashes instability. There is also a petition to ban the developer for repeatedly releasing "new" crap versions of this game with the same bugs. For example: Game crashes frequently during saves; game crashes if 'Escape' or other keys are pressed when certain cub-menus are open; many buildings don't have a title or description, but instead will say something like &123_title or &123_desc as if they forgot to replace string placeholders with actual text (wow... QC anyone?); and lots of small issues, like buildings getting randomly disconnected from roads (and having to be rebuilt), road junctions getting messed up completely when new branches are added, and decorations that flatten large sections of the terrain when placed. Expand

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