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  • Summary: Navigate a strange 3D database and work with other players to determine what happened when a secret signal from another appears. Discuss your way through fragments of found footage films, journals and documentary clips about space.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 7
  2. Negative: 0 out of 7
  1. Aug 20, 2014
    Not all of the acting is perfect, admittedly, and the audio presentation won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but when it works Cloud Chamber is an absorbing, massive, occasionally unsettling, but absolutely compelling experiment in community narrative investigation.
  2. Aug 8, 2014
    The result is both fascinating and frustrating, though the innovative presentation, in which the data points are rendered on a "landscape metaphor" that scatters them (elevating by importance) across through physical and abstract areas, keeps things on the positive end of the spectrum.
  3. Aug 12, 2014
    Right now, as it stands, Cloud Chamber is an impressively grand experiment that’s well worth your time and money. If this seems up your alley, don’t wait — get into it while the getting is good.
  4. Sep 16, 2014
    Cloud Chamber offers an unusual experience: the fulcrum is not the story itself, but the active collaboration between the users, that delivers a truly adventure MMO experience. Until the story will entertain the players, and the spoilers will be avoided, the game can be considered as a good experiment.
  5. Aug 26, 2014
    Another aspect that might not fly well is the fact that the game is overly reliant on peer approval, making it seem like more of a Kim Kardashian fan club than a crowdsourced mystery investigation from time to time, where everyone is saying something just to be a part of the discussions.
  6. Aug 14, 2014
    An innovative format for a mystery but lacking in story and performances, and overly reliant on peer approval.
  7. Aug 18, 2014
    There's just so little to do, and if you don't like commenting on videos you won't see anything here but a bunch of crazy confusing videos. Lovely idea, not for me or people like me, but a community of people already love it so feel free to ignore me and give it a go.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 16
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 16
  3. Negative: 1 out of 16
  1. Aug 20, 2014
    Uncomparable, indescribable
    This game is uncomparable in the form that it doesn't look like any other game.
    But it's good!!!
    This is a game
    that need to be experienced, because it isn't possible to formulate how it works.
    It's not an average game and you need to use your intellect when you're playing.
    I really don't understand why a game like this haven't been made before but I'm happy that its made in Denmark by a danish company, and i think that especially school pupils who's mother tongue isn't English (like me) will be boosted through this game because the game activates your brain, explains some astrophysics and forces you to express yourself in English in a extremely fun way.
    This game is full pros unlike many other games because you get something in return else than entertainment.

    This is a game everyone should try and it is worth both time and money.
  2. Aug 12, 2014
    After having spent over 40 hours playing Cloud Chamber and completing it, I decided it was time to write a more comprehensive review.

    basic premise is that you navigate through a three-dimensional representation of a database, investigating the actions of a scientist and her associates at a research laboratory based out of Denmark. As you discover more information and unlock additional sections or nodes, more questions and answers surface, building a massive web of evidence composed of screenshots, video diaries, e-mail messages, transcripts from scientists, and so forth.

    What is amazing about the story is that the science is all based on today's knowledge - it's not this unbelievable extraordinary science-fiction story, but one based entirely on science-fact, psychology, and philosophy. You don't collect data or evidence in a physical manner, but you do discuss what you've found with other players in the game, using an in-game forum where up and down-voting is encouraged. Contributing comments, new posts, or replies creates more discussion, and eventually through your contributions, you unlock new venues of information and evidence. As you progress through the 10 chapters, you weave through a complex web of information and clues that only serve to further your addiction and desire for more of the plot.

    I've been glued to Cloud Chamber since it released, and I've been highly engaged in the story line. Although I consider myself to have considerable knowledge of Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Particle physics, Cloud Chamber has given me new perspective on recent theories that the scientific community is encroaching upon. I've learned several new things, and it's been a real pleasure to carry on discourse with other players, like-minded folk, and those who are curious and want to learn more! As such, this is almost an educational title; I guarantee you that by the time you finish the main story line, you will have a much greater understanding of the micro and macroscopic (without providing spoilers).

    I was pleased to read that the developer was entertaining the concept of creating additional content, in the form of 'new seasons'. Once you finish the title, you definitely thirst for more! This title has been the best $17 I've spent on entertainment in years. The idea of an interactive feature-film with social network attached, is an insanely brilliant and novel idea!

    In regards to the production values and cast, I love all the actors thus far and find that the casting was executed perfectly for Cloud Chamber. They have believable reactions, emotions, fears, but behave as I would under their pressure. You really feel like you're a part of the story, and not just a spectator. Videos shot for the title aren't borne of shaky-cam sequences with bad audio; it's clear that the developer, 'Investigate North', hired a professional film crew with solid Directing and a strong Producer.

    I read in the game's official forums that the value you get from the game is quite high compared to the cost to the end-user. Essentially, you get the value of an IMAX Film with a bag of popcorn -- except with the ability to interact, reverse, rewind, fast-forward, pause, zoom-in and out, all the evidence to try to reveal far more info than you could from a 90-minute theater film, with which you can then discuss with people in almost real-time what you personally took-away from the scene, and see if your perspective and understanding matches those around you.

    Involving and integrating social media and discourse converts it from a 2 player 'Clue' game to a super-charged 50,000 player investigation game. If you're curious, aren't afraid to post your observations no matter how silly/simple or super complex and extraordinary they may seem, you'll get far in Cloud Chamber. The title rewards those that are curious, investigative, and contribute, and that can either be by posting your perspective, or commenting and up-voting someone else's opinion. Have no fear, new players coming-in today to the game won't be greeted by a game that "has already been discovered and spoiled", according to other negative reviews I've read elsewhere. Even if you've completed the initial story line, you can go back to the game to see what other ideas people have posted; to glean more info and perhaps formulate a better understanding of the 'end-game'.

    As for the Score, the soundtrack really made it for me; I was already glued to the story line, but the music just cemented the whole experience for me. A combination of Electronic, Trance, and Progressive from the likes of Burial, Trentemøller, Lulu Rouge, Nero, and many others; I desperately searched for an official soundtrack, but thanks to the developer and other players in the discussion forums, we were able to put a playlist together and I've since obtained my favorite tracks from official sources.

    This is one developer I'll be keeping tabs on!
  3. Aug 20, 2014
    Generally I fray away from the spoils the PC platform offers and I ask myself why I don't immerse myself in it more often. After hearing about the intriguing concept developer Investigation North brought to the tale with Cloud Chamber, a puzzle with little puzzles, instead asking you to follow a compelling narrative and figure out the science behind a sound coming from the depths of the universe.

    Once you do the usual housekeeping and finally boot up Cloud Chamber, you might find yourself a tad confused to what exactly it is, so much that it doesn’t even look like a game. There is a game there don’t you worry, one that fits snug in the bracket of virtual reality, where you must untangle the video, photos and scanned documents available to solve a mystery the Hardy Boys would scratch their heads at. The game offers a 3-D landscape featuring various nodes which are all connected but not in chronological order, each one offering information that unlike other mystery games is already at your fingertips. Navigating these nodes can be frustrating however, accidentally pressing the wrong node bringing you on a journey you just didn’t want to take. The overview of the chapter you’re in can also be stressful to use, not allowing you see all the nodes available, only the ones in the location you are.

    The story centers around a research institute run by Gustav Petersen that has seen better days financially. Petersen’s daughter Kathleen manages to convince her stone-faced father to create a documentary about the institute that will cater more to those wrapped up in today’s world of social media and technology. The institute has a grim history in which Kathleen’s mother died after discovering a mysterious signal that has been broadcasting from space for over 40 years, a signal which Kathleen and her documentary crew try to figure out in the present. Eventually it goes **** up and Kathleen goes AWOL when her and the documentary crew consisting of well-dressed Tom and the tech-minded Max attempt an experiment to find the secret behind this signal. Her team then upload all the files they’ve collected onto a fictional system titled ‘Crowdscape’, were people can help find out exactly what happened to her.

    The “found footage” scenes in particular are acted out well, on par with anything you see in your everyday mystery TV show, which is more important than you think, the information needs to be delivered perfectly to enhance your experience and Investigate North do just that. The developer didn’t hold back acquiring top-notch talent for Cloud Chamber either, with Gethin Anthony from popular show Game of Thrones and Jesper Christensen who starred in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace making the credits.

    While you have to look through all these files yourself, where Cloud Chamber gets really creative is when you interact with others who purchased the game, bouncing ideas around in a single web portal in a hope you might further the cause. This is where I got most of our entertainment, mingling with the community the same you would on social network sites like Facebook or Reddit, all working towards the same goal. The interface Investigate North designed for these brainstorms are understandable and easy to use, by simply pressing a node I was presented with a screen of information with either a document, video or photo present, accompanied by a message board where I could jot down my thoughts on and reply to comments my fellow posters created.

    Given the social aspect and the high volume of users interacting with each other you would expect a few disrespectful comments and the usual trolling to take place, but thankfully it stays mostly clean, with users only offering criticism to pointless questions non-related to the information on offer and usually in a very polite manner. If you do decide to share your thoughts then the community can reward you for your curiosity. Each player can make a name for themselves by taking part and is ultimately how you progress further in the game, with emblems accompanying each profile that can be ranked up, these range from “best comment”, “best eye” and “most replies”. Obviously the higher your stats on each emblem the more serious people will take you and what you discuss on the message boards.

    All together Cloud Chamber is a breath of fresh air for those hoping to take a story in without having to work your keyboard into overdrive to get to the next plot twist or ending. Investigate North deliver a compelling narrative that’s bolstered by some top-notch acting by all main cast, most notably the Cumberbatch demeanor of Thomas, played by Gwylim Lee. The mystery while not played out chronologically still manages to hold your attention, your curiosity to see what happens next fueling your need to keep playing. All together Cloud Chamber stands out and may suffer from a few mild interface issues but is ultimately dwarfed by you and the community’s need to find the truth.
  4. Aug 15, 2014
    Wow, this game rocked my world. Seriously, it is a breakthrough in gaming and something most of us have desired for quite some time. For the people that are thinking in buying it, buy it if you have the heart of a scientist! Seriously, the game touches subjects like Black Holes, parallel dimensions, signals from deep space, the big bang, stars, sound, light...come on, every astrophysicist would love to play this game. I'm no pHD but I do understand most of the stuff that's in the game, although I can't for my sake speculate on the truthfullness of it all. But thats what google is for I guess.

    Anyway, you are YOU, investigating what the hell happened in that institute and your partners are the other players. You will investigate, search, assume and follow guidelines given from other players and given by the game itself in the form of videos, photos, notes and subtle stuff you see on the way to the "end" of the game. I won't go into much detail here.

    Now, who cares if you need to install Quicktime?'s one of those things I couldn't care less about. The game was made by very intelligent people let me assure you. This is a step forward in gaming. Buy it if you love science! Buy it if you love to investigate and explore the social aspects of cooperation via internet. Buy it and you won't regret it.

    It is a privilege for me to play this game. I will surely keep spreading the word and show how wonderful this game is.

    The developers and all the team behind it are genius and that's that.
  5. Aug 12, 2014
    Cloud Chamber uses the interactive entertainment medium in an innovative way, blending high quality video, audio, images and documents with user interaction to create an interesting new way of storytelling. Expand
  6. Aug 13, 2014
    From the beginning Cloud Chamber has introduced me to a new form of gaming, it's an immersive play style that captivates its players into an intelligently designed world. The community as a whole is great, I doubt you will find many other communities that present themselves to be this "unified" and who have achieved so much in such a brief time.

    The developers (Investigate North Aps) have expressed a keen interest in involving themselves within the community, to the benefit of improving the game, through integrating the thoughts and ideas of community members. I was surprised that the development team did work so effectively and efficiently in such a short time to overcome any quandaries that community member have faced and have already began to make improvements to Cloud Chamber.

    The creative team behind all this is also very active within the community, answering questions, discussing improvements. I have found that they are not only working for the progress of the game, but also express an extremely friendly and dedicated passion towards the entirety of the community.
    Investigate North have proven that they are not money orientated nor avaricious, I truly get the feeling that they want to please us in any way or form they can and believe me, they do.

    The game can be slow or fast-paced, it's what you make of it. Whenever I find a new clue I'll drown myself into research about said clue, while others go through it at a much faster pace, you can play this game the way you like.

    The game can be slow or fast-paced, it can be tailored to your play style, and it's whatever you make it. For instance whenever I find a new clue, I'll drown myself into research about said clue, while others go through it at a much faster pace, you can play this game the way you like. That being said I find that the game urges me to play more and more as I progress, as with this type of game you would believe that it can become repetitive, however through every single event of playing Cloud Chamber, I have felt that the story has only pulled me in deeper and deeper.

    Personally I stopped reading comments from other players, first I write my own speculations down and only after that I start reading what other players have to say. Which is often jawdropping due to the higher levels of intelligence I have witnessed within the community. I have witnessed that everyone has their own unique way of developing and concluding the ideas and evidence they have found from the events within Cloud Chamber, not only this, but I find that it is beneficial being able to compare and contrast my ideas with that of others, making the communal aspect of Cloud Chamber an integral but also distinctive part of the game.

    This is not your average gaming experience, trolls, racism and swearing do not exist here, instead Cloud Chamber pertains to a much more mature audience, in which I can work together with people who also want to dedicate themselves to an enhanced gaming experience. That's something I rarely see in any type of game and it's what sets Cloud Chamber a universe apart(pun intended) from the rest.

    In the end I'd like to suggest this game to any person that likes to think, re-think and think some more. Space enthusiasts, Indie lovers, sci-fi fans, fantasy geeks, daydreamers, philosophers and just most gamers in general are up for a treat with this little gem.

    Storyline (so far) 9/10 (I'd love to give a 10, but there's always room for improvement in any game).
    Graphics/Visuals 8/10 Original, never seen anything quite like it.
    Audio 8/10 It's either your taste or it isn't, nonetheless it's great and really adds to the experience.
    Community 9/10 As mentioned before, the community is one of the best I've ever encountered.
    Innovation 10/10 For an Indie developer to take such "risk" shows balls, and it turned out they've put their money on the right bet.

    As a last note, the game requires Quicktime (mentioned on the storepage) which many people didn't realize.
  7. Sep 7, 2014
    The most heinous crime this game commits is the pseudoscience it teaches investigating players. Sound waves are sound waves, light waves are light waves, and never the two shall meet in science. After recognizing the violation of this basic premise of physics, I quickly realized that all the "clues" were just pointless time-wasters adding nothing to story or entertainment of the game. If anything, the clues only pile on the misinformation about the laws of physics, astrophysics, astronomy, and science in general; after walking away from this game I literally feel stupider for having played it. Expand

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