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  • Summary: Take it to the dirt in Colin McRae Rally - the off-road racing experience.
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  1. Aug 19, 2014
    Graphics aside Colin McRae Rally keeps the “realistic” handling of its day.
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  1. Aug 1, 2014
    this is a port from the mobile game for android, not an HD remake for the original CMR 2.0

    this is a disgrace, and shows what respect
    codemasters have for their fans. Expand
  2. Aug 1, 2014
    This game is a complete load of shame.

    They sell it to you, telling you that it is CMR2.0 in HD (one of the best rally games ever), but it
    is nothing like it. First of all, instead of making a true remake, they went for the Unity engine, why didn't they use the EGO engine, or the updated original one? Because it is the poorest port from a smart phone game I've ever seen. No multiplayer, no menu optimization (yes I mean you have a touch optimized menu on a computer), the original Martini Racing Ford Focus livery is not there, and crappy controls (some like accelerate and brake can't even be changed).

    Gameplay side, it has nothing to do with the smoothness of CMR2.0. Plug in a controller, and your joystick/wheel will feel like a button, impossible to go for soft adjustment of direction. Hell... Hitting a checkpoint panel completely ruined my car's body, and that I cannot understand... Talking about damage, engine, body, suspensions and brakes is the only ones your car can take (there was 10 impact points in CMR2.0 !!!!!). 4 cars in total (Focus, Impreza, Lancer, Stratos) unlocked by finishing rallies in a 1.5 hour long championship.

    Graphically, it is terrible... The blur effect is way too present, and seriously... Textures were better in CMR2.0... You can basically see the braking light sprite not fitting at all with the turned off light. And the inside camera is ridiculous, no wheel, no windshield impacts.

    And the sound is like the rest... They took the CMR 04 menu music, and made a 30 seconds loop out of it. Even with four cars, engines sound basically all the same.

    If you want a good rally game, Any Codemasters game prior to DiRT 3 is good (my favorite ones still are CMR2.0 and CMR3). This one is a 7€ smart phone game...

    Hi Codemasters, you ruined GRID already, made DiRT go away from rallies, so please leave CMR alone... We did not at all need this.
  3. Aug 5, 2014
    This game SUCKS. And that's a compliment! Forward facing sprites, horrible damage engines, and horrible designs should not be in games at this point in time. I would give this game a negative rating if I could. Do NOT buy this game! Expand
  4. Aug 6, 2014
    Its a port of the underwhelming mobile game. All they have done is changed the physics for the cars slightly and added a tiny bit more AA to the cars only.

    Its not an HD remake of Colin McRae 2.0, its not even an HD remake of the mobile game. Its an blatant port of a crappy game. It doesn't even model the inside of the cars like it actually did in CMR2. And it only has 4 cars.

    Avoid at all costs. If you are even remotely close to a copy of this game kill it with fire. Better off getting real racing 3 as a mobile racing game and stick to CMR2.0 on PC.